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Full text of "Catalogue of officers and graduates of Columbia University from the foundation of King's College in 1754"

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3 1833 00861 7299 

Columbia ®nibersiti> 
in tfje Citp of iSeto ^orfe 














Prefatory Note 5 

Historical Note. 


Abbreviations 12 

Governors of King's College 15 

Regents of the University as Trustees of Columbia College 18 

Trustees of Columbia College in 

Chairmen of the Trustees 23 

Clerks of the Trustees 24 

Treasurers of the Corporation 24 

Presidents of the College 24 

Provosts 25 

Officers appointed by the Trustees of Columbia College, 1754-1912 27 

Graduates in Arts ( Columbia College) go 

Graduates in Arts (Barnard College) 207 

Graduates in Medicine 237 

Graduates in Law 410 

Graduates in Applied Science ^^6 

Graduates in Fine Arts (School of Architecture) 596 

Graduates in Political Science 604 

Graduates of Teachers College 5o8 

Graduates of the College of Pharmacy g^q 

Masters of Arts 5^2 

Masters of Lavi^s 723 

Doctors of Letters 724 

Doctors of Philosophy 721; 

Recipients of Honorary Degrees 746 

Locality Index 77 j 

Alphabetical Index of Graduates q8o 


The 1912 edition of the Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Columbia 
University is the fifteenth which has been published. The first was issued 
in 1774, and subsequent editions appeared in 1815, 1826, 1836, 1844, 1865, 
1868, 1871, 1876, 1882, 1888, 1894, 1900, and 1906. Since the publication of 
the last edition, the Committee has communicated with all graduates of the 
University whose addresses could be ascertained, and every effort has been 
made to secure complete records of changes of address and of deaths of 
alumni. Much information has been obtained through the Alumni News, 
and the office of the Alumni Council has been of the greatest assistance. 

The large increase in the number of graduates of the University has 
expanded the Catalogue to such proportions that it has been found necessary 
to condense or eliminate personal records, but much of this information 
can be obtained by reference to earlier editions. Particular care has been 
given to the locality index, in order that it may serve as a directory for 
non-resident alumni. 

A catalogue of this character cannot be strictly up-to-date. Though all 
changes have been noted to the time of going to press, doubtless mistakes 
have been made, and any one discovering an error will render a favor by 
calling attention to the fact in a note addressed to the Committee on the 
General Catalogue at the University. 




Committee on General Catalogue 
Columbia University 
June 30, 1912. 



A royal charter to "The Governors of the College of the Province of New 
York in the City of New York in America," passed the seals October 31. 
The Rev. Samuel Johnson, D.D., was elected President, in anticipation of 
the granting of the charter, and was at first sole instructor. The first class 
met for instruction July 17 in the school house of Trinity Church. 


An additional charter passed the seals May 30, providing for the appoint- 
ment of a Professor of Divinity of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. 

A device for the College seal was adopted, the same in all respects, except 
the name, as that now used. 


The corner-stone of King's College was laid July 13. The building stood 
on what is now Park Place, near West Broadway. 


The first Commencement was held in St. George's Chapel on Wednes- 
day, June 21, when the first degrees were conferred. 


The first building of King's College was completed and the students began 
to lodge and mess therein. 


The Faculty of Medicine was established. 


In April, 1776, at the request of the Committee of Safety, the College 
was prepared for the reception of the Continental troops ; the students were 
dispersed ; and the books and apparatus were removed to the City Hall. 
During this interval the exercises of the College were suspended. 




An Act was passed confirming the royal charter, but changing the name 
of the corporation to Columbia College, and placing the College under the 
charge of the Regents of the University (Laws 1784, chapter 51). 


An Act was passed reconfirming the royal charter designating the cor- 
poration "The Trustees of Columbia College in the City of New York," and 
appointing trustees to manage the same (Laws 1787, chapter 82). 


The Medical Faculty was reestablished. 


A Course in Law was established. 


The charter was amended and again rc-cnactcd (Laws 1810, chapter 85). 


The first scholarships were established, and the right of nomination was 
conferred upon the Alumni Association. 


The Medical Faculty was merged in the College of Physicians and 


The College was removed to Madison Avenue and 49th Street. 


The School of Law was established. ] 


The College of Physicians and Surgeons became the ]\Tedical Department 
of Columbia College, by agreement. 


The School of Mines was established. 



Fellowships were first established, viz. : a fellowship in literature, and a 
fellowship in science. 


The School of Political Science was established. 


The Department of Architecture was established in the School of Mines. 


A Course of Collegiate Study for Women was established. 


The Course of Collegiate Study for Women was discontinued and Barnard 
College was incorporated, with the approval of the Trustees of the University. 


The Faculty of Philosophy was established. 

The University Council was established as an advisory body. 

The DaCosta Laboratory of Biology was established. 


The College of Physicians and Surgeons was consolidated with the Uni- 
versity (Laws 1891, chapter loi ; Laws 1894, chapter 97). 


The Faculty of Pure Science was established. 

The University Council was enlarged and reorganized with certain defined 

The Trustees contracted with the New York Hospital for the purchase 
of four blocks of land on Morningside Heights, bounded by ii6th and 120th 
Streets, Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway, as a new site for the University. 


Teachers College became, by agreement, associated with the University, 
the latter assuming charge of all courses of study leading to a degree, and 
conferring degrees. 

The Columbia University Press was incorporated with the consent of 
the Trustees. 



The University acquired title, on July i, to its present site on Morningside 
Heights by purchase from the New York Hospital. 


The corner-stone of the Library was laid. 


The Trustees authorized the designation of all the departments of instruc- 
tion and research maintained and managed by the corporation collectively 
as "Columbia University in the City of New York," and of the "School 
of Arts" as "Columbia College." 

The site was dedicated on May 2, and the corner-stones of Schermerhorn 
and Fayerweather Halls were laid. On November 4, the corner-stones of 
Havemeyer Hall and the Engineering Building were laid. 


The removal of the University from 49th Street and Madison Avenue to 
Morningside Heights was effected, and educational work in the new buildings 
was commenced on October 4. 


Teachers College became by agreement a part of the University, the 
President of the University being ex oiHcio President of the College. 


Barnard College became by agreement a part of the University, the 
President of the University being ex officio President of the College. 
A Summer Session of the University was established. 


An endowment for a School of Journalism was given to the University. 

A Summer Course in Engineering was permanently established at Morris, 

The University purchased, on October i, two blocks of land, known as 
South Field, adjoining the University Quadrangle, as an addition to its site. 


The College of Pharmacy was affiliated with the University, by agreement 
of March 15, the President of the University being ex officio President of the 

An Act of Benediction was performed on the site of St. Paul's Chapel, 
September 28, by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 


The One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the foundation of the 
College was celebrated October 24-31; and the corner-stones of the following 
buildings were laid : St. Paul's Chapel, Hartley Hall, Livingston Hall, and the 
School of Mines. 


The corner-stone of Hamilton Hall (Columbia College) was laid Sep- 
tember 27. 

An agreement was entered into between the Prussian Ministry of Educa- 
tion and the University, providing for an interchange of professors. In 
accordance with this agreement the Theodore Roosevelt Professorship of 
American History and Institutions in the University of Berlin, and the 
Kaiser Wilhelm Professorship of German History and Institutions in Colum- 
bia University, were founded. 


The Faculty of Fine Arts — comprising the schools of Architecture, Design, 
and Music — was established, in co-operation with the National Academy 
of Design. 


St. Paul's Chapel was dedicated and Hamilton Hall. was formally opened. 


Alumni representation on the Board of Trustees was established. 


The corner-stone of Kent Hall was laid on October 4. 


The corner-stone of the Philosophy Building was laid on July 11; and 
Kent Hall was formally opened on October 29. 


The corner-stone of the Avery Library was formally laid on Commence- 
ment Day. 


The School of Journalism was established, and the corner-stone of the 
Journalism Building was formally laid on July 2. 

The corporate name was changed by order of the Supreme Court to "The 
Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York." 





Insurance Agent 












Counsellor at haw 










































Oflficer of Corporation 






Real Estate 








Railroad Officer 








Settlement Worker 








Social Worker 










Hotel Proprietor 



C.C.N.Y., College of the City of New York; H.M.S., Horace Mann School. 

The figures in parentheses following the name of a Governor or Trustee 
indicate the date of his graduation from King's or Columbia College. 

A star (*) after a name denotes that the individual is deceased. In every 
case in which the year of the decease is known, it is indicated at the right, 
together with the age at time of death. 

before a name indicates that the accompanying address is either old or 
indirectly supplied. 

In the case of an alumnus who holds more than one degree from Columbia, 
the full record and address are given only under the school from which he 
was first graduated, the name and first degree only being given in the records 
of subsequent degrees. Exception has been taken to this rule in the records 



of the school of Political Science and in the records of the Masters of Arts 
and Doctors of Philosophy. However, the school and class under which the 
full record may be found has been indicated in each case. 

An effort has been made to list the graduates in Arts (College and Barnard) 
and the schools of Engineering according to class affiliation, the year in which 
the degree was conferred being inserted in brackets immediately following 
the graduate's name. 

In the case of married women graduates, the name under which the degree 
was received is given first, with the married name immediately following in 
parenthesis. In the records of subsequent degrees, in the General Index, and 
in the Locality Index, the graduates are listed under their married name, 
with the maiden name immediately preceding. For example: Class List inser- 
tion — May Jane Smith (Mrs. John M. Jones). Subsequent degree insertion — 
May J. Smith Jones (Mrs.), A.B. 1900. 

Wherever no word (Ave., PI., Rd., etc.) appears after a name or number 
in the address, Street is understood. Wherever no city is given after the 
street address. New York City is understood. 







(known as king's college) 

named in the royal charter of 
OCTOBER 31, A.D. 1754, 


The most Reverend Father in God, Thomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury; 

and the most Reverend the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury for the time 

being, ex oiHcio. 
The Right Honorable Dunk, Earl of Halifax, First Lord Commissioner for 

Trade and Plantations ; and the First Lord Commissioner for Trade and 

Plantations for the time being, ex officio. 
The Governor of the Province, ex officio. 
The eldest Councillor of the Province, ex officio. 

The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature of the Province, ex officio. 
The Secretary of the Province, ex officio. 
The Attorney-General of the Province, ex officio. 
The Speaker of the General Assembly of the Province, ex officio. 
The Treasurer of the Province, ex officio. 
The Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
The Rector of Trinity Church in the City of New York, ex officio. 
The Senior Minister of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in the City 

of New York, ex officio. 
The Minister of the Ancient Lutheran Church in the City of New York, 

ex officio. 
The Minister of the French Church in the City of New York, ex officio. 
The Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation in the City of New York, 

ex officio. 
The President of the College, ex officio. 



[The names of those who at various times attended meetings of the Gov- 
ernors, by virtue of their office as above, are: 

John Chambers, Second Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province. 
William Kempe, Attorney-General of the Province. 
Abraham De Peyster, Treasurer of the Province. 
Edward Holland, Mayor of the City of New York. 
Rev. Henry Barclay, Rector of Trinity Church, New York. 
Rev. Joannes Ritzema, Senior Minister of the Reformed Protestant Dutch 

Church, New York. 
Rev. John Albert Weygand, Minister of the Ancient Lutheran Church, 

New York. 
Rev. Joannes Carle, Minister of the French Church, New York. 
Rev. Samuel Johnson, President of the College. 
John Cruger, Jr., Mayor of the City of New York. 

Daniel Horsmanden, Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province. 
John Taber Kempe, Attorney-General of the Province. 
Benjamin Pratt, Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province. 
Myles Cooper, President of the College. 

Rev. Samuel Auchmuty, Rector of Trinity Church, New York. 
John Cruger, Speaker of the General Assembly of the Province. 
The Archbishop of Canterbury (by proxy)]. 

Archibald Kennedy Declined to qualify 

Joseph Murray Died April, 1757 

Josiah Martin. .Removed from Province between March, 1761, and Oct., 1764 

Paul Richard Died between July, 1756, and March, 1759 

Henry Cruger Retired subsequently to 1780 

William Walton Died July, 1768 

John Watts Retired subsequently to 1780 

Henry Beekman Resigned 1770 

Philip Verplank Resigned 1770 

Frederick Philipse Retired subsequently to 1780 

Joseph Robinson Died between May, 1755, and March, 1759 

John Cruger Retired subsequently to 1770 

Oliver De Lancey Retired subsequently to 1780 

James Livingston Died 1763 

Benjamin Nicoll Died June, 1760 

William Livingston Declined to qualify 

Joseph Reade Retired subsequently to 1770 

Nathaniel Marston Retired subsequently to 1780 

Joseph Haynes Died between March, 1758, and Jan., 1762 

John Livingston Retired subsequently to 1780 

Abraham Lodge Died between June, 1760, and Jan., 1762 

David Clarkson Retired subsequently to 1780 

Leonard Lispenard Retired subsequently to 1780 

James De Lancey, Jr Retired subsequently to 1780 


Appointed subseqivently, by virtue of the power vested in the Governors 
by the Charter: . 


1759 Samuel Auchmuty. Becoming Rector of Trinity Church, Resigned 1764 

1759 Gabriel Ludlow Resigned 1770 

1761 Edward Antill Did not qualify or serve 

1762 John Chambers Died April, 1765 

1762 Henry Cuyler Retired subsequently to 1770 

1762 James Duane Retired subsequently to 1780 

1762 William Alexander, Earl of Stirling. .. .Retired subsequently to 1776 

1763 Charles Ward Apthorpe Retired subsequently to 1780 

1764 Beverley Robinson Resigned 1770 

1764 John Provoost Died between Aug., 1767, and March, 1770 

1764 Thomas Jones Retired subsequently to 1780 

1764 Archibald Kennedy Retired subsequently to 1780 

1770 Roger Morris Retired subsequently to 1780 

1770 John Ogilvie, S.T.D Died 1774 

1770 Samuel Verplank (1758) Retired subsequently to 1780 

1770 Goldsborough Banyar Retired subsequently to 1780 

1770 William Walton Retired subsequently to 1780 

Charles Inglis, S.T.D Retired subsequently to 1780 

Henry White Retired subsequently to 1780 

Peter Middleton, M.D Retired subsequently to 1780 

Jacob Walton Retired subsequently to 1780 

John Harris Cruger Retired subsequently to 1780 

John Maunsell Retired subsequently to 1780 

In a petition to the Legislature for a new charter, dated March 24, 1784, 
and now in the State Library, the following are also described as Governors 
of the College commonly called "King's College" : 

George Clinton Retired subsequently to 1780 

Samuel Bayard, Jr. Retired subsequently to 1780 

Richard Morris Retired subsequently to 1780 

Gerard Banker Retired subsequently to 1780 

Egbert Benson Retired subsequently to 1780 

J. H. Livingston Retired subsequently to 1780 

Samuel Provoost Retired subsequently to 1780 

John Rodgers Retired subsequently to 1780 

John Morin Scott Retired subsequently to 1780 



To whom the government of the College, under the name of Columbia 
College, was committed by an Act of the Legislature of the State of New 
York, passed May i, 1784: 

The Governor of the State for the time being, ex officio. 

The Lieutenant Governor " " 

The President of the Senate " " 

The Speaker of the House of Assembly for the time being, ex officio. 

The Mayor of the City of New York " 

The Mayor of the City of Albany " 

The Attorney-General " 

The President and Professors of the College " 

The Secretary of State " 

Brockholst Livingston 
Robert Harpur 
Walter Livingston 
Christopher Yates 
Anthony Hoffman (1760) 
Cornelius Humphrey 
Lewis Morris 
Philip Pell, Jr. (1770) 
Christopher P. Yates 
James Livingston 
Abraham Bancker 
John C. Dongan 

Matthew Clarkson 
Rutgers Van Brunt 
James Townsend 
Thomas Lawrence 
Henry Wisner 
John Haring 
Christopher Tappan 
James Clinton 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Caleb Smith 
John Williams 
John M'Crea 

And the following appointed by an Act of the Legislature passed Novem- 

ber 26, 1784: 

John Jay, LL.D. (1764) 

Samuel Provoost, S.T.D. (1758) 

John H. Livingston, S.T.D. 

John Rodgers, S.T.D. 

John Mason, S.T.D. 

John Gano 

John Daniel Gross, S.T.D. 

Johann Christoff Kunze, S.T.D. 

Joseph Delaplaine ^ 

Gershom Seixas 

Alexander Hamilton, LL.D. 

(Entered 1774) 
John Lawrence 
John Rutherfurd 
Morgan Lewis 
Leonard Lispenard (1762) 
John Cochran, M.D. 


Charles McKnight, M.D. 

Thomas Jones, M.D. 

Malachi Treat, M.D. 

Nicholas Romeyn, M.D. (Entered 

Peter W. Yates 
Matthew Visscher 
Hunloch Woodruff, M.D. 
George I. L. Dole 
John Vanderbilt 
Thomas Romaine 
Samuel Buel 
Gilbert Livingston 
Nathan Kerr 
Ebenezer Lockwood 
John Lloyd 
Herman Garrison 




Appointed by an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York recon- 
firming the original charter with amendments, passed April 13, 1787: 

James Duane Resigned 1795 

Samuel Provoost, S.T.D. ( 1758) Resigned 1801 

John H. Livingston, S.T.D Retired 1810 

Richard Varick Resigned 1816 

Alexander Hamilton, LL.D. (Entered 1774) Died 1804 

John Mason, S.T.D Resigned 1788 

James Wilson Retired 1788 

John Gano* Retired 1788 

Brockholst Livingston, LL.D Died 1823 

Robert Harpur Resigned 1795 

John Daniel Gross, S.T.D Resigned 1787 

JoHANN Christoff Kunze, S.T.D Resigned 1792 

Walter Livingston Died 1797 

Lewis A. Scott Died 1798 

Joseph Delaplaine Declined 1787 

Leonard Lispenard (1762) Died 1790 

Abraham Beach, S.T.D .- Retired 1813 

John Lawrence Died 1810 

John RuTHERFURDf Retired 1787 

Morgan Lewis Resigned 1804 

John Cochran, M.D Resigned 1794 

Gershom Seixas Resigned 1815 

Charles McKnight, M.D Resigned 1787 

Thomas Jones, M.D Died 1798 

Malachi Treat, M.D Died 1795 

Samuel Bard, M.D Resigned 1804 

Nicholas Romayne, M.D. (Entered 1774) Resigned 1793 

Benjamin Kissam, M.D. (Entered 1775) Died 1803 

Ebenezer Crosby, M.D Died 1788 

And the following subsequently elected : 
1788 William Samuel Johnson, LL.D Resigned 1800 

1788 Richard Harison, LL.D. ( 1764) Died 1829 

1789 John Watts Resigned 1816 

1790 William Moore, M.D Died 1824 

1793 Edward Livingston Retired 1806 

1793 John McKnight, S.T.D Resigned 1795 

1794 John Cosine Died 1798 

1795 Cornelius L Bogert Resigned 1823 

1795 John M. Mason, ST.D. (1789) Resigned 1821 

179s Samuel Nicoll, M.D. (1774) Died 1796 

*This name does not appear in the list of Trustees after March 15, 1788 
tThis name does not appear in the list of Trustees after May 20, 1787 


795 Edward Dunscomb (1774) Died 1814 

796 George C. Anthon, M.D Resigned 1815 

797 Philip Livingston (1760) Resigned 1806 

799 John Charlton, M.D Died 1806 

799 John N. Abeel, S.T.D Died 1812 

799 James Tillary, M.D Died 1818 

801 Charles H. Wharton, S.T.D Resigned 1801 

801 John H. Hobart, S.T.D Died 1830 

802 Benjamin Moore, S.T.D. ( 1768) Resigned 1813 

804 Egbert Benson, LL.D. (1765) Resigned 1815 

804 Johann C. Kunze, S.T.D Died 1807 

805 Gouverneur INIorris ( 1768) Died 1816 

805 Jacob Radcliffe Resigned 1817 

806 Samuel Miller, S.T.D Retired 1813 

806 RuFus King, LL.D Resigned 1824 

807 Nicholas Evertson Died 1807 

808 Oliver Wolcott Retired 1816 

809 John B. Romeyn, S.T.D. (1795) Died 1825 

8x1 William Harris, S.T.D Died 1829 

811 Robert Troup, LL.D. (1774) Resigned 1817 

812 Peter A. Jay (1794) Resigned 1817 

813 Clement C. Moore, LL.D. (1798) Resigned 1857 

813 Charles Wilkes Resigned 1824 

815 David B. Ogden, LL.D Died 1849 

815 William Johnson, LL.D Resigned 1842 

815 John Wells Died 1823 

816 Thomas Y. How, S.T.D Retired 1818 

816 William Henderson Resigned 1823 

816 Edward W. Laight (1793) Resigned 1851 

816 John R. Murray Resigned 1835 

816 Wright Post, M.D Resigned 1828 

817 Beverley Robinson Resigned 1854 

817 Thomas L. Ogden ( 1791 ) Died 1844 

817 Nicholas Fish Resigned 1833 

817 James Renwick ( 1807) Retired 1820 

818 Samuel F. Jarvis, S.T.D Retired 1820 

818 John T. Irving ( 1798) Died 1838 

820 David S. Jones, LL.D. (1796) Died 1848 

821 GuLiAN C. Verplanck ( 1801 ) Resigned 1826 

822 Pascal N. Strong ( 1810) Died 1825 

823 James Kent, LL.D Resigned 1823 

823 Peter A. Jay, LL.D. (1794) Died 1843 

823 John Duer Resigned 1830 

824 Benjamin T. Onderdonk, S.T.D. (1809) Resigned 1853 

824 Lynde Catlin Died 1833 

824 Jonathan M. Wainwright, S.T.D Resigned 1830 

824 Philip Hone Died 1851 


1824 John Watts, M.D Died 1831 

1825 Charles King Resigned 1838 

1825 James M. Matthews, S.T.D Resigned 1830 

1826 Samuel Boyd ( 1787) Resigned 1835 

1828 William Creighton, S.T.D. (1812) Resigned 1840 

1830 Gardiner Spring, S.T.D Died 1873 

1830 James Campbell Died 1848 

1830 William D. Snodgrass, S.T.D Resigned 1833 

1830 John L. Lawrence (1803) Died 1849 

1830 William A. Duer, LL.D Resigned 1842 

1830 John Ferguson (1795) Died 1831 

1831 Edward R. Jones (1803) Resigned 1838 

1832 William Berrian, S.T.D. (1808) Died 1862 

1833 Ogden Hoffman ( 1812) Died 1856 

1833 Thomas W. Ludlow ( 1811 ) Resigned 1836 

1834 Samuel Ward Died 1838 

1836 Samuel B. Ruggles, LL.D Died 1881 

1836 John Knox, S.T.D Died 1858 

1837 Thomas L. Wells (1819) Resigned 1859 

1838 William R. Williams, S.T.D. ( 1822) Resigned 1848 

1838 William H. Harison ( 181 i ) Died i860 

1838 John B. Beck, M.D. (1813) Died 1851 

1840 Hamilton Fish ( 1827) Resigned 1849 

1840 William Bard (1797) Died 1853 

1842 William Betts, LL.D. ( 1820) Died 1884 

1842 Nathaniel F. Moore, LL.D. (1802) Resigned 1851 

1843 Benjamin I. Haight, S.T.D., LL.D. (1828) Died 1879 

184s Gerrit G. Van Wagenen ( 1821 ) Died 1858 

1848 John L. Mason (1815) Resigned 1853 

1848 William H. Hobart, M.D. ( 1824) Resigned 1855 

1849 Edward Jones ( 1830) Died 1869 

1849 Robert Ray (1813) Died 1879 

1849 Gouverneur M. Ogden (1833) Died 1884 

1849 Charles King, LL.D Died 1867 

1851 Hamilton Fish, LL.D. ( 1827) Died 1893 

1851 Henry James Anderson, M.D., LL.D. (1818) Died 1875 

1851 Gerard W. Morris ( 1818) Resigned 1855 

1851 George H. Fisher, S.T.D. ( 1821 ) Resigned 1855 

1853 George T. Strong (1838) Died 1875 

1853 Jonathan M. Wainwright, S.T.D., J. CD Died 1854 

1853 Edward L. Beadle, M.D Died 1882 

1854 George F. Allen ( 1829) Died 1863 

1854 Horatio Potter, S.T.D., LL.D., D.C.L Died 1887 

1855 Alexander W. Bradford, LL.D Died 1867 

1855 Mancius S. Hutton, S.T.D. (1823) Died 1880 

1856 Martin Zborowsky ( 1828) Resigned 1869 

1856 John Torrey, M.D., LL.D Died 1873 


1858 Thomas De Witt, S.T.D Retired 1874 

1858 Lewis M. Rutherfurd Resigned 1884 

1859 John Jacob Astor, Jr. ( 1839) Resigned 1869 

1859 John C. Jay, M.D. (1827) Resigned 1880 

i860 William C. Schermerhorn (1840) Died 1903 

1862 Morgan Dix, S.T.D., D.C.L. (1848) Died 1908 

1864 Frederick A. P. Barnard, S.T.D., LL.D., L.H.D, D.C.L., Ph.D.. Died 1889 

1867 Samuel Blatchford, LL.D. ( 1837) Died 1893 

1868 Stephen P. Nash, LL.D Died 1898 

1870 Charles R. Swords ( 1829) Resigned 1877 

1871 Martin Zborowsky ( 1828) Resigned 1872 

1872 Anthony Halsey ( 1837) Died 1879 

1873 Joseph W. Harper (1848) Died 1896 

1874 Cornelius R. Agnew, M.D. (1849) Died 1888 

1874 Evert A. Duyckinck (1835) Died 1878 

1875 James W. Beekman ( 1834) Died 1877 

1876 A. Ernest Vanderpoel ( 1867) Resigned 1889 

1876 Charles A. Silliman (1850) Died 1906 

1877 F. Augustus Schermerhorn (1868) Resigned 1908 

1878 Gerard Beekman ( 1864) 

1879 John J. Townsend ( 1841 ) Died 1889 

1879 Abram N. Littlejohn, D.D., LL.D Died 1901 

1880 W. Bayard Cutting (1869) Died 1912 

1880 Edward Mitchell ( 1861 ) Died 1909 

1881 Talbot W. Chambers, S.T.D Died 1896 

1881 Seth Low, LL.D. ( 1870) 

1882 George L. Rives (1868) 

1883 Lenox Smith (1865) 

1884 George L. Peabody, M.D. ( 1870) Resigned 1890 

1885 John Crosby Brown ( 1859) Died 1909 

1886 Charles M. DaCosta (1855) Died 1890 

1887 Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D Died 1908 

1889 William H. Draper, M.D. (1851) Died 1901 

1889 Marvin R. Vincent, S.T.D. (1854) 

1890 John B. Pine ( 1877) 

1891 Cornelius Vanderbilt Died 1899 

1891 George G. Wheelock, M.D. ( 1864) Died 1907 

1893 Frederic R. Coudert, LL.D. ( 1850) Resigned 1901 

1894 Hermann H. Cammann 

1894 William G. Lathrop, Jr. ( 1862) Died 1896 

1896 Edward B. Coe, D.D., LL.D 

1897 William Barclay Parsons ( 1879) 

1897 Frederic Bronson ( 1871 ) Died 1900 

1899 George G. De Witt ( 1867) Died 1912 

iQOO Francis S. Bangs (1877) 

1900 Benjamin Aymar Sands ( 1874) 

1901 Abram S. Hewitt, LL.D. (1842) Died 1903 


1901 Edward L. Trudeau, M.D. ( 1871 ) Resigned 1904 

1902 Nicholas Murray Butler, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. (Oxon), (1882) 

1903 J. PiERPONT Morgan Died 1913 

1903 John S. Kennedy Died 1909 

1904 Timothy Matlack Cheesman, M.D. (1874) 

1906 Horace W. Carpentier ( 1848) 

1907 Marcellus Hartley Dodge ( 1903) 

1908 William T. Manning, S.T.D. (1905) 

1908 David H. Greer, S.T.D. ( 1904) 

1909 Benjamin B. Lawrence, E.M. ( 1878) 

(Alumni Trustee, 1909-1915) 

1909 Willard V. King ( 1889) 

1910 William Fellowes Morgan, E.M. (1880) 

(Alumni Trustee, 1910-1916) 

1910 Stephen Baker 

1912 James Duane Livingston ( 1880) 

(Alumni Trustee, 1912-1917) 
1912 Frederic R. Coudert ( 1890) 



The Governor of the Province, or person next in rank, 
or Senior Governor 


The Chancellor of the University, or Vice-Chancellor, or Senior Regent 



1787 JAMES DUANE Resigned 1795 

179s SAMUEL PROVOOST, S.T.D Resigned 1801 

1801 JOHN H. LIVINGSTON, S.T.D Resigned 1810 

1810 RICHARD VARICK Resigned 1816 


1823 RICHARD HARISON, LL.D Resigned 1823 

1823 WILLIAM MOORE, M.D Died 1824 

1824 NICHOLAS FISH Resigned 1832 

1832 PETER A. JAY, LL.D Died 1843 

1843 DAVID B. OGDEN, LL.D Died 1849 

1849 EDWARD W. LAIGHT Resigned 1850 

1850 BEVERLY ROBINSON Resigned 1854 

1854 JOHN KNOX, S.T.D Died 1858 

1858 GARDINER SPRING, S.T.D Resigned 1859 

1859 HAMILTON FISH, LL.D Died 1893 





of the board of governors 
Lambert Moore 

OF THE board of REGENTS, 1 784- 1 787 

Robert Harpur, A.M. 



1787 Robert Harpur, A.M Resigned 1795 

1795 Abraham Beach, S.T.D Resigned 1811 

181 1 William Harris, S.T.D Resigned 181 1 

181 1 John B. Romeyn, S.T.D Resigned 1815 

1815 Clement C. Moore, LL.D Resigned 1850 

1850 William Betts, LL.D Resigned 1874 

1874 Anthony Halsey, A.M Died 1879 

1879 Gerard Beekman, A.M., LL.B Resigned 1891 

1891 John B. Pine, A.B 


1775 Leonard Lispenard, A.B Resigned 1784 

1784 Brockholst Livingston, LL.D Died 1823 

1823 Nicholas Fish Resigned 1823 

1824 William Johnson, LL.D Resigned 1833 

1833 John L. Lav^rence, A.B Died 1849 

1849 Gerrit G. Van Wagenen, A.B Died 1858 

1858 Gouverneur M. Ogden, A.B Died 1884 

1885 John McLean Nash, A.M., LL.B 


under the royal charter 

1754 SAMUEL JOHNSON, S.T.D Resigned 1763 

1763 MYLES COOPER, LL.D Retired 1775 

177s BENJAMIN MOORE, A.M. (pro tempore, in the absence of the 

President) Resigned 1776 


1787 WILLIAM SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D Resigned 1800 

1801 CHARLES H. WHARTON, S.T.D Resigned 1801 

1801 BENJAMIN MOORE, S.T.D Resigned 1811 

1811 WILLIAM HARRIS, S.T.D Died 1829 

1829 WILLIAM ALEXANDER DUER, LL.D Resigned 1842 


1842 NATHANIEL F. MOORE, LL.D Resigned 1849 

1849 CHARLES KING, LL.D Resigned 1864 


D.C.L., Ph.D Died 1889 

1867 HENRY DRISLER, LL.D. {pro tempore, in the absence of the 

President) 1867 

1888 HENRY DRISLER, LL.D. {pro tempore, in the absence of the 

President) 1889 

1890 SETH LOW, LL.D Resigned 1901 

1899 JOHN HOWARD VAN AMRINGE, Ph.D., L.H.D., LL.D. {pro 

tempore, in the absence of the President) 1899 

1901 NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, Ph.D., LL.D., D.Litt. (Oxon.). 


1811 JOHN. M. MASON, S.T.D Resigned 1816 



The following list includes in alphabetical order the names of all 
persons appointed by the Trustees since the foundation of King's 
College in 1754, with the exception of those appointed only for the 
Summer Session or for Extension Teaching. The record includes 
only those appointments in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Barnard College, Teachers College, and the College of Pharmacy in 
effect during the period of union with Columbia University. Fur- 
thermore, as the junior officers in Teachers College and the College 
of Pharmacy and the clinical assistants at the College of Physicians 
and Surgeons are not appointed by the Trustees of Columbia Col- 
lege, their names and records do not appear in the list. In the case 
of those officers who hold degrees from this institution, the first 
degree only will be indicated, further information being available 
later in the volume under the course and year to which reference 
is thus made. In the case of officers who do not hold Columbia 
degrees, the academic records are given here in so far as possible. 
In many cases, however, the Committee has been unable to obtain 
this information, and it is requested that any further details which 
may be known to readers of the volume be forwarded to the Com- 

Those who are interested in the historical development of the 
several professorial chairs and departments of instruction should 
consult also the General Catalogue, editions of 1900 and 1906, in 
which there are separate historical records for each grade of in- 
struction and for each professorship. Considerations of space have, 
unfortunately, rendered it impossible to reproduce the record in the 
present volume. 

The abbreviations used are as follows : 

Asst., Assistant Adj., Adjunct 

Assoc, Associate Res., Resigned 

Lect., Lecturer Ret., Retired (term expired) 

Insfr., Instructor Emer., Emeritus 

Demonstr., Demonstrator 

The present system of academic grades was adopted in December, 
1890. Previously the terms Assistant, Tutor, Lecturer, and Instruc- 
tor, were used more or less interchangeably. 


TRUSTEES 1754-1912 

Robert Abbe, M.D. '74 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '70 
1898 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Herbert Vaughan Abbott 

A.B. Amherst '85 

1898 First appointment (T. C), 1904 
Adj. Prof. English (T. C), Res. 1905 

Nathan Abbott 

A.B. Yale '77, LL.B. Boston '93 

1906 First appointment, 1907 Prof. 
Law — 

Theodore Jacob Abbott, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard '96 

1907 Demonstr. Physiol., Ret. 1908 
1912 Asst. Dis. of Children — 

H. T. Abrams 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. (June) 
191 1 

Hanford Curtis Adams, E.E. 

A.B. Wesleyan 1905 

1908 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1909 

FeHx Adler, A.B. 'yo 

Ph.D. Heidelberg '73 

1902 Prof. Social and Polit. Ethics— 

Robert Adrain, LL.D. (Hon.) 'i8 

18 13 Prof. Math, and Nat. Hist., '20, 
Math, and Astron., Res. 1825, Died 

Vanderpoel Adriance, M.D. '93 

A.B. Williams '90 

1896 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1897 

Eugene Ewald Agger, Ph.D. 1907 

A.B. Cincinnati 1901; A.M. 1902 

1907 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Economics — 

Cornelius Rea Agnew, M.D. '52, 

A.B. '49, A.M. '80 

1867 First appointment, 1869 Clin. Prof. 

Dis. of Eye and Ear, Died 1888 

1874-88 Trustee 

Hugh Aikman 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Fred Houdlett Albee 

A.B. Bowdoin 1899, M.D. Harvard 1903 

1908 First appointment, 1909 (Jan.) 
Instr. Orth. Surg., Res. 1911 

Archibald Alexander 

A.B. Princeton '75, A.M. '77 
1877 First appointment, 1881 Prof. 
Philos., Ethics and Psych., Res. 1889 

Luther Herbert Alexander, Ph.D. 

1911 A.B. Toronto, 1883, A.M. 1885 

1 9 12 Instr. Rom. Langs, and Lits. — 

David Gordon Allen, M.D. 1903 

1907 Asst. Bact. and Hygiene, Ret. 1909 

Henry Butler Allen, Met.E. 191 1 

1911 Asst. Metallurgy, Res. (Oct.) 191 1 

Robert Lawrence Allen,A.M.'87 

A.B. '86, E.E. '88 

1S86 Fallow, Asst. Astron., Res. 1888 

Frank F. Almy 

1909 Lect. Physics, Ret. 1910 

Edgar Altenburg, A.M. 1912 

A.B. 1911 

191 1 Asst. Botany — 

Alexander Pierce Anderson 

B.S. Minnesota '94, M.S. '95, Ph.D. 
Munich '97 

1 901 Curator Herbarium, Ret. 1902 

Benjamin McAlester Anderson, 
Jr., Ph.D. 191 1 

A.B. Missouri 1906, A.M. Illinois 1910 
191 1 Instr. Economics — 

Henry James Anderson, M.D. 
'24; A.B. '18, 

A.M. '21, LL.D. '50 

1825 Prof. Math, and Astron., Res. '43, 

Emer. '66, Died 1875, 1851-75 


Grace Andrews, Ph.D. 1901 

A.M. 1899, B.S. Wellesley 1890 
1900 Asst. Math., Ret. 1902 

William Claflin Andrews, E.E. 

1898 (Feb.) Asst. Physics, Res. 1900 

Charles Anthon, A.B. '15 

LL.D. (Hon.) '31 

1820 First appointment, '30 Jay Prof. 
Greek and Latin Langs, and Lits., 
'57 Jay Prof. Greek Lang, and Lit., 
Died 1867 

William Arnold Anthony 

Pb.B. Yale '56 

1898 Lect. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1899 

Morton Arendt, E.E. '98 

1902 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Elec. Eng. — 




Addison Cooke Armstrong, C.E. 

1908 Asst. Civil Eng., Res. 1909 

Henry Newton Arnold, A.M. '99, 

LL.B. '99, A.B. Harvard '96 
1912 Lect. Mining Law — 

Morris Le Roy Arnold, Ph.D. 

A.B. Minnesota 1904, A.M. Harvard 1905 

1907 Asst. English, Ret. 1908 

Henry V. Arny 

Ph.M. Phila. Coll. Phar. '89, Ph.D. Got- 

tingen '96 
igii Prof. Chem., Coll. Phar. — 

Robert Arrowsmith, Ph.D. '84, 

A.B. '82, A.M. '83 

1883 Asst. Modern Langs., Ret. 1885 

Sidney Gillespie Ashmore, A.M. 

A.B. '72, L.H.D. Hobart '87 
1876 Tutor Latin, Res. 1881 

Hugh Auchincloss, M.D. 1905 

A.B. Yale 1901 

1905 Demonstr. Anat., 1906 Asst. Clin. 
Path., Ret. 1907, 1909 Instr. Surg. — 

James Cook Ayer, M.D. '95 

A.B. Harvard '86 

1904 First appointment, 1906 Instr. 
Clin. Surg., Res. 1909 

Charles Sidney Aylmer-Small, 
E.E. '99 

1899 Asst. Elect. Eng., Ret. 1901 

Charles Hamilton Ayres 

A.B. Harvard '98, LL.B. 1905 

1906 Lect. Law, Ret. 1907 

Daniel Roe Ayres, M.D. 1909 

A.B. Harvard 1905 

191 1 Instr. Gynecology — 

Harry Morgan Ayres 

A.B. Harvard 1902, Ph.D. 1908 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. English — 


Eugene Howard Babbitt 

A.B. Harvard '86 

1891 Instr. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 
Res. 1 90 1 

Henry Grinnell Babcock, C.E. 

1908 Asst. Drawing, Ret. 1909 

Henry Michael Bach, A.M.1912 

Chem.E., 191 1 

191 1 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1912 

Richard Franz Bach, A.B. 1909 

1910 First appointment, 1912 Curator 
in Arch. — 

Gorham Bacon 

A.B. Harvard '75, M.D. Bellevue '78 
1904 Prof. Otology — 

Frederick William Baeslack, 
A.M. 1905 . 

A.B. Amherst 1902 

1904 (Apr.) Asst. Botany, Ret. (June) 

Elijah William Bagster-Collins, 
A.M. '98 

A.B. Brown '97 

1897 First appointment (T. C), 1910 
Assoc. Prof. German (T. C.)— 

Frederick Randolph Bailey, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '92, A.M. '93 
i895_ First appointment, '04 Adj. Prof. 
Histology and Embryology, Res. 1909 

Pearce Bailey, M.D. '89 

A.B. Princeton '86, A.M. '89 
1894 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Prof. Neurology, Res. 1910 

Richard Bailey 

1792 Prof. Anat., 1793 Prof. Surg., 
Died 181 1 

Joseph Hershey Bair, Ph.D. 1903 

Ph.B. Grove City College '99, Ph.B. 

Michigan 1900, A.M. 1901 
1902 Asst. Anthropology, Ret. 1903 

Franklin Thomas Baker, A.M. 

A.B. Dickinson '85, A.M. '89, Litt.D. 

1892 Prof. English Lang, and Lit. 

(T. O — 

George Hall Baker 

A.B. Amherst '74, A.M. '78 
1884 First appointment, 1889 Libra- 
rian, Enter. '99, Died 191 1 

Harry T. Baker 

A.B. Syracuse 1904 

1906 Sec. Earl Hall, Ret. 1908 

Charles Sears Baldwin, Ph.D. 

A.B. '88, A.M. '89 

1889 First appointment, 1894 Instr. Rhet- 
oric, Ret. 1895, 191 1 Prof. Rhet. and 
Eng. Comp. — 

Elizabeth G. Baldwin 

1898 Librarian (T.C.)— 

Alonzo Brayton Ball, M.D. 'Gt, 

A.B. Yale i860 

1870 Lect. Dis. of Kidneys, Ret. '76, 

1884 Lect. Med., Ret. '88, 1897 Prof. 

Clin. Med., Enter. 1905, Died 1908 

Margaret Elizabeth Ball, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1903, A.B. Mt. Holyoke 1900 
1904 Asst. English, Ret. 1906 



Frederic Bancroft, Ph.D. '85 

A.B. Amherst '82 

1S89 First appointment, 1895 Lect. 

Amer. Hist., Ret. 1897, 1898-99 

Lect. Diplomacy 

Adolph Francis Alphonse Ban- 

1904 Lect. Amer. Archsology, Ret. 

David Bandler, LL.B. '94 

A.B. '92 

1894 Lect. Law, Ret. 1897 

Charles Everett Banker, M.D.'96 

A.B. Williams '93 

1900 Asst. Histology, Ret. 1908 

Harold Purdy Banks, E.M. 191 1 

A.B. 1908 

1912 Assistant in Metallurgy 

Samuel Bard, M.D. (Hon.) 1768 

M.D. Edinburgh 1765, LL.D. Prince- 
ton 1815 

1767 Prof. Theory and Prac. of Med., 
Ret. 1776, 1770 Prof, of Midwifery, 
Ret. 1776, 1784 Prof. Chem., 1785 
Prof. Nat. Phil, and Astron., Res. 
1786, 1786 Prof. Chem., Res. 1787 
1792 Dean Fac. Med., Res. 1804 
1787 Trustee, Res. 1804 

Henry Bargy 

B. es L. Paris '90, Licencie es Lettres '93 

1898 First appointment, 1905 Instr. 
Romance Langs, and Lits., Res. 
(Dec.) 1908 

Frederick Augustus Porter 

A.B. Yale '28, A.M., LL.D. '59, LL.D. 

Teff. Coll. (Miss.) 'ss, S.T.D. Univ. 

Miss. '61, L.H.D. Regents Univ. N. Y. 

State '72, D.C.L. King's Coll. (Nova 

Scotia) '87 
1864 President, Died 1889 

Frederic James Barrett, M.D. 

1908 Asst. Clin. Med. — 

Frederick Barry 

A.B. Harvard 1897, A.M. 1909, Ph.D. 

191 1 
19 1 2 Instr. Chem.^ 

Frederic Huntington Bartlett, 
M.D. 1905 

A.M. '98, A.B. Harvard '95 

1909 Instr. Dis. of Children — 

Simon Baruch 

M.D. Virginia '62 

1907 Prof. Hydrotherapy — 

Walter Arthur Bastedo, M.D. '99 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. '94 
1903 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Pharmacology and Therapeutics — 

Clifford Rush Bateman, LL.B. 

A.B. Amherst '67 

1 88 1 Lect. Adminis. Law, '82 also Instr. 
Hist., Died 1883 

Ernest Sutherland Bates, Ph.D. 

A.B. Michigan 1902, A.M. 1903 
1907 Tutor English, Res. 1908 

John Seaman Bates 

A.B. Acadia 1908, B.Sc. 1909 

191 1 Lab. Asst. Eng'g Chem., Ret. 1912 

Albert Philip Baumann, E.M. '99 

1899 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1900 

George Strong Baxter, E.M. '68 

A.B. Williams '6c, 

1868 Asst. Gaol., Ret. 1869 

George James Bayles, Ph.D. '95, 

A.B. '91, A.M. '92, LL.B. '93 
1897 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Ecclcsiology — 

Hal Trueman Beans, Ph.D. 1904 

B.S. Nebraska '99, A.M. 1900 

1903 First apointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Chem. — 

Jesse E. Beans 

1910 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Drawing — 

Charles Austin Beard, Ph.D. 

A.M. ipo3, Ph.B. De Pauw '98 

1904 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. Politics — 

Gilbert Addams Beaver 

B.S. Pennsylvania State '90 
1904 Sec. Earl Hall, Res. 1905 

Alexander Otto Bechert, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits. — • 

Frank Chester Becker 

A.B. Wesleyan 1905 

1907 Asst. Philos., Res. 1908 

1912 Lect. Philos. — 

Frank Edwin Beckwith, M.D. '71 

A.M. Yale '8i 

187s Lect. Dis. of Children, Ret. 1876 

Alfred Lockwood Beebe, Ph.B. 

1 88 1 First appointment, 1884 Tutorial 
Fellow Chem., Res. 1887 

William Henry Harrison Beebe 

1890 Secretary to the President, '95, 
Secretary of the University, Res. 
1902, Died 1906 



George Louis Beer, A.M. '93, 

A.B. '92 

1894 Lect. Hist., Res. 1898 

Christopher Mildeberger Bell, 
M.D. '65 

1870 Curator Museum (Medical), Ret. 
1 87 1, Died 1902 

Alon Bement 

191 1 Asst. Prof. Fine Arts (T. C.)— 

George Bendelari 

A.B. Harvard '74, A.M. (Hon.) Yale '88 
1894 Lect. Romance Langs, and Lits., 
Ret. 189s 

Andrew Bender 

A.B. Lebanon Valley Coll. 1906 

1912 Instr. Anal. Chem. — 

Stanley R. Benedict 

B.A. Cincinnati 1906, Ph.D. Yale 1908 

1909 Assoc. Biol. Chem., Res. 1910 

Charles Prentice Benns 

M.E. Stevens '89 

1897 First appointment (T. C.) 

1908 Supt. Bldgs. and Grounds (T. C.) — 

Walter Bensel, M.D. '90 

1910 Assoc. Hygiene and Preventive 

Wray Annin Bentley, B.S. '98 

1900 (Jan.) Instr. Metallurgy, Res. 1902 

Benjamin H. Benton 

1867 Registrar School of Mines, Ret. 

Albert Ashton Berg, M.D. '94 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '91 

19 10 Assoc. Clin. Surg. — 

Henry Woolfe Berg, M.D. '81 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '78 
1902 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Dis. of Children — 

William Nathan Berg, Ph.D. 

B.S. 1904 

1904 First appointment, 1907 Tutor 
Biol. Chem., Ret. 1908 

Henri Bergson, Litt. D. 1913 

Professor of Philosophy, Coll. of France 
1912-13 Visiting French Professor 

Frances Campbell Berkeley, 
A.M. 1904 

A.B. 1902 

1902 Asst. English, Ret. 1904 

Charles Peter Berkey 

B.S. Minnesota '92, M.S. '93, Ph.D. '97 

1903 First appointment, 19 10 Asst. 
Prof. Geol.— 

Richard Walter Berliner, 
Mech.E. 1904 

igo3 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1904 

Abraham Charles Bernheim, 
Ph.D. '85 

Ph.B. '83, LL.B. '83 

1888 First appointment, 1894 Lect. 

Polit. History State and City N. Y., 

Died 1895 

James Fuller Berry, A.M. '96, 

A.B. '94 

1894 Asst. Math., Ret. 1895 

Felix G. Berteau, LL.B. 

1839 Prof, of the French Language, 
Ret. 1856 

Beverley Robinson Betts, A.M. 


A.B. '46 

1865 Librarian, Ret. 1883 

William Betts, A.M. '23 

A.B. '20, LL.D. '50 
1848 Prof. Law, Res. '54, 1842-1884 
Trustee, Died 1884 

Warren Stone Bickham,M.D.'87 

Ph.M. Louisiana '86 
1900 Asst. Instr. Operative Surg., Res. 

Marshall Spring Bidwell 

LL.D. Union '43, Yale '58 
i860 Lect. Law, Died 1872 

Maurice Alpheus Bigelow 

B.S. Ohio Wesleyan '94, M.S. North- 
western '96, Ph.D. Harvard 1901 
1899 First appointment (T. C.) 
1907 Prof. Biol. (T. O — 

George Patten Biggs 

M.D. Bellevue '89 

1897 Demonstr. Path. Anat., Res. 1904 

Dino Bigongiari, A.B. 1902 

1904 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Charles Earl Bikle 

A.B. Dickinson '86, A.M. '89 
1897 Adj. Prof. Math. (T. C), Res. 

John Shaw Billings 

A.B. Miami '57, A.M. '60, M.D. Ohio 
Med. Coll., LL.D. Edinburgh '84, 
Harvard '86, Buda-Pesth '96, Yale 
1901, Johns Hopkins '02, M.D. Mu- 
nich '89, Dublin '92, D.C.L. Oxford 

1883 Lect. Sanitary Engineermg and 
Hygiene, Ret. 1893 

Arthur Walker Bingham, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '96 

1903 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Physiol, and Asst. Dis. Children — 

Ben Hinman Bisbee 

C.E. Cornell 1901 

1903 Tutor Civil Eng., Ret. 1904 

Walter Stanley Biscoe 

A.B. Amherst '74 

1886 Lect. Catalog, and Classification, 
Ret. 1890 



John Bisset 

1795 Trof. Rhct. and Belles-Lettres, 
Ret. 1799 

Wilhelm Friman Bjerknes 

Professor of Mechanics and Math. 
Physics, University of Stockholm — 
1905-06 Lecturer in Math. Physics 

Adolph Black, C.E. '94 

1804 First arpointment, 1906 Asst. 
Prof. Civil Eng. — 

Hugh B. Blackwell 

M.D. Virginia 1901 
1909 Instr. Otology — 

Edwin Mortimer Blake, Ph.D. 

E.M. '90 

1891 Asst. Mech. Eng., 1893 Asst. 
Math., Ret. 1895 

Joseph Augustus Blake, M.D. '89 

A.B. Yale '85, Ph.B. '86, M.A. (Hon.) 

1909 . „ ,. 

1891 First appointment, 1903 i rot. 
Surg. — 

William Blancard, M.D. 1904 

1907 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Genito-Urinary Dis., Ret. 191 1 

Arthur Horace Blanchard, A.M. 

C.E. Brown 'go 

19 II Prof. Highway Eng. — 

Julian Blanchard, A.M. 1909 

A.B. Trinity (N. C.) 1905 

1906 CFeb.) Asst. Physics, Ret. 1909 

191 3 Lect. Physics — 

Edwin H. Blashfield 

1898 Advisory Committee on Art — 

Francis Blossom, C.E. '91 

1891 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1892 

Thomas Monahan Blossom, A.B. 

1870 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1872 

Edward Thomas Boag 

1868 Clerk, School of Medicine, '92. 
Registrar same, 1900 Asst. Registrar 
of the Univ., Died 1909 

Franz Boas 

Ph.D. Kiel '81, LL.D. Clark 1909 
1896 First appointment, 1899 Prof. 
Anthro. — 

Helene Boas, A.M. 191 1 

A.B. 1909 

191 1 Asst. Botany — 

Marston Taylor Bogert, Ph.B. 

A.B. '90, LL.D. Clark 1909 
1894 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Organic Chem. — 

Myrick N. Bolles, Ph.D. 1903 

B.S. So. Dak. Agric. Coll. '98 

1903 Tutor Metallurgy, Res. 1905 

Henrv Carrington Bolton, A.M.j 

A.B. '62, Ph.D. Gottingen '66 
1872 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1877 
Died 1903 

Stanley Frank Bond, E.E. 1907 

A.B. Middlebury 1904 
1907 First appointment, 1908 Tutor 
Elec. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Frederick Gordon Bonser, Ph.D. 

B.S. Illinois 1901. M.S. 1902 

1910 Asst. Prof. Indus. Arts (T. C.) — , 

John Harvey Borden, M.D. 1903^ 

A.M. 1903, A.B. Yale '99 

1904 Asst. Bact. and Hyg., Ret. 1905 

George Willis Botsford 

A T? V/^Kracl-a 'Ra A.M. '89, 

A.B. Nebraska 
Cornell '91 

1902 First 




David Bovaird, Jr., M.D. '92 

A.B. Princeton '89 

1901 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Clin. Med.— 

John Bowden, A.B. 1772 

1 80 1 Prof. Moral Phil., Died 1817 

Henry C. Bowen 


1877 First appointment, 1891 Tutor 
Quant. Anal., Ret. 1897 

John Gabbert Bowman 

A.B. Iowa '99, A.M. 1904 
1905 First appointment, 1906 Tutor 
English, Res. (Feb.) 1907 

William Ballantine Boyd, M.D. 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '97 

1911 Asst. Appl. Therapeutics — 

Bayard Boyesen, A.B. 1904 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
English, Ret. 191 1 

Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen 

1881 First appointment, i8go Prof. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits., Died 

Albert Clarence Boyle, Jr., A.M. 

B.S., M.E. Utah 1906 
1909 Asst. Geol., Ret. 1910 

Alexander Warfield Bradford, 
LL.D. (Hon.) 1861 

A.B. Union '32, A.M. '35 
i860 Lect. Law, Ret. 1867 

Clement S. Brainin, A.B. 1908 

191 1 Asst. Physics — 



Lilian Brandt 

B.A. VVellesIey '95, M.A. 1902 
1908 Asst. Social Econ. — 

John Winters Brannan 

A.B. Harvard '74, M.D. '78 
1894 First appointment, 1897 Instr. 
Gen. Diagnosis, Ret. 1900 

Laura C. Brant 

A.B. Brown, 1908, A.M. 1909 
191 2 Asst. Physics — 

Wilhelm Alfred Braun, Ph.D. 

A.B. Toronto 95 

1900 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Prof. Germanic Langs, and Lits. — 

Joseph Valentine Breitwieser, 
Ph.D. 191 1 

B.S. Central Normal Coll. (Ind.) 1904, 

A.B. Indiana 1907, A.M. 1908 
1908 Asst. Psychol., Res. 19 10 

Edward Christopher Brenner, 
M.D. 1908 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1904 
191 1 Asst. Clin. Med. — 

George Emerson Brewer 

A.B. Hamilton '81, A.M. '82, M.D. Buf- 
falo '84, Harvard '85 

1892 First appointment, 1903 Prof. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Alice Dorothy Brewster, A.M. 

A.B. 1906 

1908 Asst. English, Ret. 1910 

William Tenney Brewster 

A.B. Harvard '92, A.M. '93 
1894 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
English and (1910) Provost of Bar- 
nard Coll. — 

Robert Wesley Briggs, A.M. 

C. E. 1 9 1 1 

191 1 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1912 

Nathan Edwin Brill 

A.B. C. C. N. Y., '77, A.M. '83 
M.D. N. Y. Univ. '80 
19 10 Prof. Clin. Med. — 

Nathaniel Lord Britton, Ph.D. 

E.M. '79, ScD. 1904 
1879 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 
Botany, Emer. '96, Res. 1908 

Jean Alice Broadhurst, A.M. 

B.S. 1903 

1902 Asst. Botany, Ret. 1903 

Frederick John Brockway, M.D. 
'87 % 

A.B. Yale '82 

1 89 1 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Died 1901 

George Livingston Brodhead, 
M.D. '91 

1895 Instr. Obstetrics, Ret. 1897 

Jason W. Brodhead 

189s Registrar School of Arts, Ret. 1896 

Philip Ernest Brodt, A.B. '97 

1897 Asst. Rhet. and Eng. Comp., Ret. 

Harriet Brooks 

A.B. McGill '98, A.M. 1901 

1904 Tutor Physics, Res. 1906 

Alfred Jerome Brown, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '99 

1909 First appointment, 1912 Instr. 

D. Tilden Brown 


1867 Lect. Psychol. Med., Med. Juris., 
Ret. 1868 

Francis Brown 

A.B. Dartmouth, '70, A.M. '73, B.D. 
Union Theol. Sem. '77, Ph.D., 
Hamilton, '84, D.D., Dartmouth, 
'84, LL.D. 1901, LL.D., Yale, '94, 
Glasgow, 1 90 1, Williams, 1908, Har- 
vard, 1909, D.Litt. Oxford, 1901 

1908 Pres. Union Theol. Sem. with 
seat in the University Council — 

Harold Chapman Brown 

A.B. Williams 1901, A.M. Harvard 

1903, Ph.D. 190S 
1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 


Robert Merida Brown, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard 1901 

1908 (Jan.) Asst. Surg. (1909) Clin. 
Obstetrics, Ret. 191 1 

Thomas Clachar Brown, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1905, A.B. Amherst 1904 

1905 Asst. Palaeontology, Ret. 1906 

Warner Brown 

A.B. California 1904, A.M. 1905 

1906 Asst. Philos., Ret. 1908 

John Aaron Browning, A.M. '79, 

A.B. '75, A.M. (Hon.) 1907 
1881 Tutor Latin. Res. 1883 

Everend Lester Bruce, A.M.1912 

B.Sc. Queen's 1909, B.A. 191 1 
191 1 Asst. Minerology — ■ 

Albert Ferdinand Brugman, 
M.D. '83 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. '79 

1908 Asst. Dis. Children, Ret. 1909 

Frank G. Bruner, Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. Indiana Normal Univ. 1896, A.B. 

Nebraska 1903 
1903 Asst. Psychol., Res. 1905 


William Sohier Bryant 

A.B. Harvard '84, A.M., M.D. '88 
1903 Instr. Otology, Ret. 1904 

Walter C. Buchanan 

1808 Prof. Midwifery, Ret. 1S13 

Albert Henry Buck, M.D. '67 

A.B. Yale '64 

18S8 Clin. Prof. Dis. of the Ear, Res. 1904 

Robert Allyn Budington 

A.B. Williams '96, A.M. '99 

1900 Asst. Demonstr. Physiol., Res. 1902 

Ralph Edward Buffington, M.D. 

1902 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1903 

William Tillinghast Bull, M.D. 


A.B. Harvard '69, A.M. '72 
1880 First appointment, 1889 Prof. 
Surg., Emer. 1904, Died 1909 

Dudley B. Bullard 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Hermon Carey Bumpus 

Ph.B. Brown '84, ScD. 190=;, Ph.D. 
Clark '91, LL.D. 1905, Set). Tufts 

1905 Seat in Fac. Pure Science as Di- 
rector Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist, Res. 

Freeman J. Bumstead 

A.B. Williams '47, LL.D. '79, M.D. 

Harvard '51 
i866 First appointment, 1867 Clin. 

Prof. Ven. Dis., Ret. 1871 

Thomas Hamilton Burch, Jr., 
Mech.E. 1905 

1905 Asst. Drawing, Res. (Jan.) 1906 

Henry Jagoe Burchell, A.M. '93, 

A.B. '92 

1894 First appointment, 1900 Tutor 
Classical Philology, Ret. 1903 

Charles Gillette Burd, A.M. 1912 

A.B. Amherst '98, B.D. Union Theol. 

Sem. 1901 
19 12 Instr. English — 

Francis Marion Burdick 

A.B. Hamilton '69, LL.B. '72, LL.D. '95 
1891 Prof. Law, '92 Dwight Professrr — 

John William Burgess 

A.B. Amherst '67, A.M. '70, LL.D. '84, 
Ph.D. Princeton '83, Ph.D. (Hon.) 
Leipsic, 1909, Jur.D. (Hon.) Berlin 

187s First appointment, 1876 Prof. 
Pol. Sci. and Const. Law, 1904 
Ruggles Prof. Emer. 1912 — , 1890 
Dean Pol. Sci., 1909 also Philos. and 
Pure Sci., ign also Fine Arts, Res. 


Charles Howard Burnside, A.M. | 

B.S. '98 

1909 First appointment, 19 10 Asst. 
Prof. Mechanics — • 

Freeman Foster Burr, 

S.B. Harvard, 1900, 1912 Lect. Geol.^ 

William Hubert Burr 

C.E. Rensselaer '72 
1893 I'rof. Civil Eng. — 

Russell Burton-Opitz 

M.D. Chicago '95, B.S. '98, M.S. 1902, 

Ph.D. '05 
1902 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 

Prof. Physiol. — 

Wendell T. Bush,, Ph.D. 1905 

A.B. Polytechnic Inst. '89, A.M. Har- 
vard '98 

1905 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Philos.— 

William Henry Bussey 

A.B. Northwestern 1900, A.M. Harvard 

'02, Ph.D. Chicago '04 
190:; Tutor Math., Res. 1907 

Arthur M. Buswell 

A.B. Minnesota, 1910, A.M., Maine, 
191 2 Lab. Asst. in Chem. — 

Nicholas Murray Butler, Ph.D. 

A.B. '82, A.M. '83, LL.D. Syracuse '98, 
Tulane 1901, Johns Hopkins, Prince- 
ton, Yale, Pennsylvania 1902, Chi- 
cago 1903, Manchester, St. Andrew's 
1905, Cambridge 1907, Williams 1908, 
Harvard, Dartmouth 1909, D.Litt. 
Oxford 1905, Jur.D. Breslau 191 1 

1885 First appointment, 1890 Dean 
Fac. of Philos., Res. 1902 

1895 Prof. Philos. and Educ. — , 1902 
President of the University, 1902 
Trustee — 

Norman Franklyn Butler 

A.B. Amherst 1906 

1906 Asst. English, Ret. 1907 



John Cabot, Jr., E.M. '99 

1902 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1903 

Mariano Velasquez de la Cadena, 

1830 Prof. Spanish Lang, and Lit., Died 

Linus Bertram Cady, E.M., C.E. 

1877 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1878 

Frederic Augustus Cairns, 
A.M. '7s 

A.B. '39 

1873 First appointment, 1877 Instr. 
Anal. Chem., Died 1879 




Roland Calberla 

1908 (Feb.) Asst. Electro-Chem., Res. 
(June) 1908 

Armour Caldwell, A.B. 1901 

1903 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
English, Ret. 1906 

Hugh Harris Caldwell 

A.B. Davidson 1903 

1909 Asst. English, Ret. 1910 

Gary Nathan Calkins, Ph.D. '98 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '90 
1894 First appointment, 1907 Prof. 
Protozoology — 

John Gurney Callan 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '96 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. (Feb.) 191 1 

Robert Peyton Calvert 

A.B. Oklahoma, 1909, A.M. 1910, S.M. 

Chicago, 1911 
1912 Research Asst. in Chem. — 

Charles N. B. Camac 
M.D. '95, 

A.B. Pennsylvania '92 

1910 Asst. Prof. Clin. Med. — 

Alonzo Clarence Campbell, E.M. 

1869 Asst. Gen. Chem., Ret. 1870 

William Campbell, Ph.D. 1903, 

A.M. 1905 

B.S. Durham Coll. of Science '98, Sc.D. 

1905, M.Sc. Royal School of Mines 


1904 First appointment, 19 10 Assoc. 
Prof. Metal. — 

George Folger Canfield 

A.B. Harvard '75. LL.B. '80 
1892 First appointment, 1894 Prof. 
Law — 

James Hulme Canfield 

A.B. Williams '68, A.M. '77, LL.D. '93, 

Litt. D. Oxon 1902 
1899 Librarian, Died 1909 

Harold A. Caparn 

1910 Lect. Landscape Arch., Res. 1912 

Ira Detrich Cardiff, Ph.D. 1906 

B.S. Knox '97 

1904 Asst. Botany, Res. 1906 

Philip Greenleaf Carleton 

A.B. Harvard '99 

1899 First appointment, 1906 Tutor 
English, Ret. 1901 

Lewis Buffett Carll, A.M. '73, 

A.B. '70 

1891 Asst. Math., Ret. 1892 

Gaston Arthur Carlucci, M.D. 

1 91 2 Asst. Clin. Path. — 

Charles Churchill Carmalt, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard '87 

189s Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Died 1905 

Francis Xavier Carmody 

A.B. Notre Dame '99, LL.B. Brooklyn 

Law School 1903 
1903 Lect. Elocution, Public Speaking, 

Ret. 1905 

Charles U. Carpenter 

E.E. Princeton Mech.E. 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

George Rice Carpenter 

A.B. Harvard '86, D.C.L. Univ. of the 

South 1907 
1893 Prof. Rhet. and Eng. Comp., Died 


Roswell Hitchcock Carpenter, 
LL.B. '78 

1878 Sec. School of Law, Ret. 1879 

William Henry Carpenter 

A.B. Hamilton '81, Ph.D. Freiburg '81 
1883 First appointment, 1895 Prof. 
Germanic Philology, 1902 Villard 
Prof. — •, 1909 Assoc. Dean Faculties 
Pol. Sci., Philos. and Pure Sci.; 
also (jgii) Fine Arts, Res. 1912, 
1912 Provost — 

Matthew Lawrence Carr, M.D. 

A.B. Wake Forest '89 
19 10 Instr. Otology — • 

Herbert Swift Carter, M.D. '95 

A.B. Princeton '92, A.M. '95 

1909 First appointment, 19 10 Assoc. 
Clin. Med.— 

Joseph J. Casey 


1866 Asst. Drawing, Ret. 1867 

Charles Edward Caspari 

A.B. Johns Hopkins '96, Ph.D. 1900 
1900 Asst. Organic Chem., Res. 1901 

Edward Howard Castle 

A.B. Denison '88, A.M. Harvard '94 
1S94 First appointment (T. C.) 
1897 Prof. Hist. (T. C), Res. 1910 

John Henry Caswell, A.B. '65 

1868 Asst. Mineralogy, Metallurgy, 
Ret. 1871, 1874 Asst. Mineralogy, 
Ret. 1874 

William Halsted Caswell, M.D. 

A.B. '61, A.M. '64 

1900 Instr. Neurology, Res. 1901 

William Ledyard Cathcart 

U. S. N. A. '75 

1899 Adj. Prof. Mech. Eng., Res. 1903 

James McKeen Cattell 

A.B. Lafayette '80, A.M. '83, LL.D. 

1907, Ph.D. Leipzig '86 
1890 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 

Psychol. — 



Russell L. Cecil 

A.B. Princeton 1902, M.D. Univ. Coll. 

of Medicine (Va.) 1906 
191 1 Instr. Clin. Med. — 

Robert Emmet Chaddock, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1906, A.B. Wooster, 1900 
1907 Lect. Pol. Econ., Ret. 1909 
191 1 Asst. Prof. Statistics, 1912 Assoc. 

Porter Flewellyn Chambers 

A.B. Emory '73. M.D. Bellevue '76 
1907 Prof. Clin. Gynsecology— 

Victor John Chambers 

B.S. Rochester '95, Ph.D. Johns Hop- 
kins '01 

1901 First appointment, 1907 Instr. 
Organic Chem., Res. 1908 

Hardee Chambliss 

M.S. Vanderbilt '99, Ph.D. Johns Hop- 
kins 1900 

1900 Asst. Oiem., Res. 1901 

Charles Frederick Chandler, 

LL.D. 1911 

Ph.D. Gnttingen '56 (Renewed '06), 

M.D. Univ. of New York '73. LL.D. 

Union '73, Sc.D. Oxon. 1900 
1864 Prof. Chem., 1904 Mitchill Prof., 

Emer. 19 10 — , 1864 Dean Fac. Mines, 

'97 Fac. App. Sci., Res. 1897 

Frank Wadleigh Chandler, 
Ph.D. '99 

A.M. '96, A.B. Brooklyn Polytechnic '94 

1901 (Feb.) Lect. Comp. Lit., Ret. 1904 

William Henry Chandler, A.M. 
(Hon.) '73 

A.B. Union '61, Ph.D. Hamilton '72 
1868 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1871, Died 

Chauncey C. Chapin 

B.S. Iowa College 1904 
1906 Asst. Physics, Res. 1907 

Stewart Chaplin, LL.B. '86 

A.B. Brown '82 

1898 Lect. Crim. Law, Ret. (Feb.) 1899 

Walter Franklin Chappell 

M.D. Toronto '79 

1906 Clin. Prof. Laryngology — 

Elie Stacey Charlier 

A.B. Yale '79 

1880 Tutor French, Res. 1882 

George Chase, LL.B. 'yx 

A.B. Yale '70 

1875 First appointment, 1878 Prof. 

Crim. Law Torts and Proced., Res. 


Lewis Nathaniel Chase, A.M. '98, 

A.B. -95 

1899 First appointment, 1901 Tutor 
Comp. Lit., Ret. 1902 

Timothy Matlack Cheesman, 
M.D '78 

A.B. '74. A.M. 'yy 

1888 First appointment, 1893 Instr. 
Bact., Res. 1899, Trustee 1904 — 

Albert Huntington Chester, 
Ph.D. '78 

E.M. '68, A.M. Union '71, Sc.D. Hamil- 
ton '91 

1864 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1869, Died 

Edward Taggart Child, A.M., 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 191 1 

Arthur Smith Chittenden 

A.B. Yale '96, A.M. '99, M.D. Johns 

Hopkins 1900 
1902 Asst. Path., Ret. 1904 

Jonathan Brace Chittenden 

M.E., C.E. Worcester Polytechnic Inst. 
'88, A.B. Harvard '89, A.M. '90, Ph.D. 
Konigsberg '93 

1895 Tutor Math., Res. 1900 

Russell Henry Chittenden 

Ph.B. Yale '75, Ph.D. '80, LL.D. Tor- 
onto 1903, Sc.D. Pennsylvania '04 
1898 Director Physiol. Chem., Ret. 1903 

Elihu Cunyngham Church, A.M. 

C.E. 1904 

1907 First appointment, 1908 Lect. 
Civil Eng., Res. 191 1 

Alfred Daniel Churchill, Ph.D. 

E.M. 'So, A.M. and M.S. elsewhere 
1 88 1 Instr. Drawing, Died 1896 

Alfred Vance Churchill 

A.M. (Hon.) Oberlin '98 

1897 Prof. Fine Arts (T. C), Res. 1904 

John Herbert Claiborne 

M.D. Virginia '83 

1896 Instr. Ophthalmology, Res. 1903 

Alonzo Clark, M.D. '35 

A.B. Williams '28, LL.D. Vermont '53 
i860 Prof. Path, and Pract. Medicine, 

Emer. '82, President Coll. P. and S. 

1875-84, Died 1887 

Charles Washburn Clark, Ph.D. 

A.B. Yale '83, A.M. '84, J.U.D. Got- 

tingen '86 
1883 Lect. Comp. Adminis. Law of 

Europe, Ret. 1884, Died 1906 

Ella Hazel Clark, A.M. 1911 

A.B. Illinois 1905 
1912 Asst. Chem.— 

Ernest Dunbar Clark, Ph.D. 1910 

A.M. 1909, A.B. Harvard 1908 
1910 Instr. Biol. Chem., Res. 1912 



Henry J. Bowie Clark 

1910 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Herbert A. Clark 

B.S. Kansas State '98, A.M. Nebraska 

'90s . ^ ^ 

1908 First appointment, 1909 Lect. 
Physics, Ret. 1910 

John Bates Clark 

A.B. Amherst '72, Ph.D. '90, LL.D. '97, 

LL.D. Princeton '96 
1895 Prof. Pol. Econ. — 

T. Wood Clarke 

M.D. Johns Hopkins 1902 

19 10 Asst. Dis. of Children, Res. 1910 

William Cogswell Clarke, M.D. 

1901 Asst. Normal Histol. Ret. 1903. 

1905 Instr. Surg., 1908 Assoc. Surg. — 

William Cowles Clarke, E.M.'92 

1900 Asst. Metallurgy, Res. 1901 

Franklin Morris Class, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard 1903 

1910 Instr. Appl. Therapeutics — 

Samuel Clossy, M.D. (Hon.) 

A.B. Trinity Coll. Dublin 1744, M.B. 

1751, M.D. 1755 
1765 Tutor and Prof. Nat. Philos., Ret. 

1776, 1767 Prof. Anat., Ret. 1774 

Bertrand Clover, A.M. '83 

A.B. '81 

1881 First appointment, 1882 Instr. 
Italian, Spanish, Res. 1890 

Virg-il Coblentz 

A.B. Wittenberg (Ohio), Ph.G. Phila. 
Coll. Pharmacy '82, Phar.M. '94, 
Ph.D. Berlin '91 

1904 Prof. Physics, Chem. Coll. Phar- 
macy, Emer. 191 1 — 

William Cochran, A.M. (Hon.) 

Trinity Coll. Dublin 
1784 Prof. Greek and Lat. Langs., Res. 

Gerhard Hutchison Cocks, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '99 

191 1 Instr. Clin. Laryngology — 

Jules Auguste Coelos, C.E. '04 

1904 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1905 

Morris R. Cohen 

Ph.D. Harvard 1906 

1906 Lect. Philos., Ret. 1907 

Adolphe Cohn 

B. es L. Paris '68. LL.B. '73, A.M. '74 

1882 Instr. French, Res. 1884, 1891 
Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Henry Cohn, A.M. '70 

A.B. '67 

1869 Inst. German, Ret. 1870 

Albert M. Cohn-McMaster,A.M. 

A.B. 1910 

19 1 2 (Feb.) Lect. Romance Langs, and 
Lits., Ret. (June) 1912 

Charles Edwards Colby, E.M., 

1885 First appointment, 1890 Adj. 
Prof. Org. Chem., Died 1897 

Frank Moore Colby, A.M. '89, 

A.B. '88 

1892 Lect. Hist., Ret. 1895 

Frank Nelson Cole 

A.B. Harvard '82, A.M., Ph.D. '86 
1895 Prof. Math. — 

James Bruce Coleman 

B.S. South Carolina 1906; A.M. 1910, 
1912, Asst. Physics 

William Bradley Coley 

A.B. Yale '84, A.M. (Hon.) 1910, 
M.D. Harvard '88 

1898 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Clin. Surg., Res. 1909 

Julia Nelson Colles 

A.B. Wellesley '97, A.M. Smith 1900 
igoi Asst. Physics, Died 1903 

Howard Dennis Collins, A1.D.'93 

A.B. Yale '90 

189s Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Res. 1904 

1907 Instr. Surg. — 

Charles Adams Colton. E.M. '73 

1873 Asst. Mineralogy, Res. 1882 

Stephen Sheldon Colvin 

Ph.B. Brown '91, A.M. '94, Ph.D. 

Strassburg '97 
Prof. Psychol. Univ. of Illinois — ■ 
1912 (Feb.) Lect. Psychol,. Ret. (June) 


William Williams Comstock, 
A.B. '98 

1899 Asst. Physics, Res. (Feb.) 1903 

Henry Dunning Conant, E.M. '86 

1892 Asst. Mining, Res. (Mar.) 1893 

Daniel Dale Condit, A.M. 1910 

A.B. Ohio State 1909 
1910 Asst. Geol., Ret. 191 1 

Abraham Bogart Conger, A.M. 

A.B. '31 

1831 Tutor, Ret. 1833 

Dudley Steele Conley, M.D. 1906 

B.L. Missouri '99 

iQio Instr. Clin. Surg. — 

Hewlett Ralston Connell, C.E. 

1891 Asst. Engineering, Ret. 1892 

1893 (Mar.) Asst. Mining, Res. (May) 



Karl Albert Connell, M.D. 1900 

1903 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1904 
1909 Instr. Surg. — 

Charles Lewis Constant, E.M., 
C.E. '77 

1880 Asst. Assaying, Res. 1881 

Elizabeth Christine Cook, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1902, A.B. Smith '99 

1909 Asst. English, Ret. 1912 

Walter Wheeler Cook, LL.M. 

A.B. '94, A.M. '99 

1894 Asst. Math., Ret. 1895, 1898 
Asst. Math., Ret. 1901 

Anna Maria Cooley, B.S. 1903 

1910 Asst. Prof. Household Arts (T. C.) — 

William Forbes Cooley, Ph.D. 

B.S. New York Univ. '78, M.S. '92, 

B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 1907 
1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 


C. E. Coolidge 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Frederic Taber Cooper, Ph.D. 

LL.B. '87, A.M. '91, A.B. Harvard '86 
1891 Asst. Latin, Ret. 1894, 1906 
Lect. Latin, Ret. 1907 

Myles Cooper, LL.D. (Hon.) 

A.B. Oxford 1756, A.M. 1760, D.C.L. 

1762 Fellow, Prof. Moral Philos. and 

Asst. to Prest., 1763 President, 

Ret. 177s 

Harvey Wiley Corbett 

B.S. California '95, Diplome, Ecole des 

Beaux Arts, 1900 
1907 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 

Arch., Ret. 191 1 

Joseph Siebert Corbett, A.M. 

A.B. 1909 

1909 Asst. Math., Ret. igti 

Grace Cornell 

191 1 Asst. Prof. Fine Arts (T. C.) — 

Henry Bedincjer Cornwall, Ph.D. 

A.B. '64. A.M. '66, E.M. '67 

1864 Asst. Gen. Chem. and Metallurgy, 

Ret. 1866, 1868 Asst. Gen. Chem., 

Ret. 1870 

Arthnr Sherwood Corwin 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. '08 

1903 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1904 

John Jacob Coss, A.M. 1908 

B.A. Wabash 1906, B.D. Union Theol. 
Sem. 1909 

191 1 Asst. Philos. — ■ 

Edward Livingston Coster 

1898 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1900 

William Co wen, M.D. '83 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '80 

1896 Instr. Otology, Res. 1903 

Kenyon Cox 

A.M. (Hon.) Yale, 1910 
1 90S Prof. Painting — 

Rowland Cox, M.D. '98 

190S First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Surg. — 

Edwin Bradford Cragin, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '82, A.M. (Hon.) 1907 
1898 First appointment, 1899 Prof. 
Obstetrics and (1904) Gyncecology — 

C[harles] Ward Crampton, 
M.D. 1900 

igoo Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1902 

Henry Edward Crampton, Ph.D. 

A.B. '93 

1893 Asst. Biol., Ret. '95, 1S98 Lect. 
Zool., 1904 Prof. Zool. — 

Walter Richard Crane, Ph.D. 

A.B. Kansas '95, A.M. '96 
1905 Instr. Mining, Res. 1908 

George Waldo Crary, M.D. '85 

1897 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. 1901 

Paul Drennan Cravath,LL.B.'86 

A.B. Oberlin '82, A.M. '92 
1886 Prize Tutor Law, Ret. 1889 

John Crawford, Jr. 


1903 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1904 

John R. Crawford 

A.B. Allegheny 1906, A.M. Harvard 

19 1 2 Instr. Roman Archaeology — 

Earl Willis Crecraft, A.M. 1911 

Ph.B. Franklin 1907 
1 91 2 Instr. Politics — 

Abbot Morgan Cregier, Mech.E. 

1901 First appointment, 1903 Tutor 
Drawing, Res. 1904 

Francis Bacon Crocker, Ph.D. 

E.M. '82 

1889 First appointment, 1893 Prof. 
Elec. Eng. — 

Ebenezer Crosby, M.D. 

178s Prof. Midwifery, \Di(?d 1788 
Trustee 1787-88 



Edward Nicoll Crosby, A.B. '87 

1887 Hon. Fellow, Asst. Greek, Ret. 1888 

William Henry Crosby, A.B. '27 

1859-60 Prof. Latin Lang, and Lit. Ad 
interim (during Prof. Drisler's ab- 
sence), Died 1892 

Frederick Van Dyke Cruser, 
Ph.D. 1906 

B.S. 1903, A.M. 1905 
1903 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
Anal. Chem., Ret. 1906 

George Miller dimming 

A.B. Harvard '76 

1880 Tutor German, Ret. '81, 1891 
Prof. Law, Res. '97 

John William Cunliffe 

B.A. London '84, and '86, M.A. '88, 

D.Litt. '92 
1912 Prof. English and Assoc. Dir. 

Sch. of Journalism — 

Richard Hoop Cunningham, 
M.D. '88 

M.D. Med. Coll. of Virginia '86 

1895 Asst. Demonstr. and ('97) Demonstr. 
Physiol., Ret. 1898, 1902 Instr. 
Electro-Physiol., 1903 Instr. Neu- 
rology, Res. 19 10 

Carlton Clarence Curtis, Ph.D. 

A.M. '92, A.B. Syracuse '89 
1892 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. Botany — 

Edward Curtis 

A.B. Harvard '59, A.M. '62, M.D. Penn- 
sylvania '64 

187 1 First appointment, 1873 Prof. 
Mat. Med. and Therapeutics, Enter. 


Harold Bartlett Curtis 

A.B. Cornell 1907, Ph.D. 1910 
19 10 Instr. Math. — 

Henry Skillman Curtis, A.B. '92 

1892 Asst. Math. ('93) Physics, Ret. 

John Green Curtis, M.D. '70, 

LL.D. ic)04, A.B. Harvard '66, A.M. '69 
1870 First appointment, 1883 Prof. 
Physiol., Emcr. 1909 — 

Harrv Alonzo Gushing, Ph.D. 

A.M. '94, LL.B. 1901, A.B. Amherst '91 
1895 I^ct. History, Ret. 1900, 1901 

Lect. Hist, and Const. Law, Ret. 

1903, 1907 Prof. Law, Res. 1909 

Matthew Gushing, A.M. (Hon.) 

A.B. Harvard 1739, A.M. 1741 

1763 Headmaster Gram. Sch., Ret. 1775 

Alexander Ramsay Gushman, 
Ph.D. '80 

Ph.B. '78 

1890 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1897 

Holbrook Gushman, A.B. '78 

1890 First appointment, i8gi Instr. 
Physics. Died 1895 

Edward Cussler, M.D. 1904 

1907 Asst. Clin. Path. — 

William Dick Gutter 

A.B. Yale '99 

1899 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Ret. 1901 

Leonard Cutting, A.M. (Hon.) 

A.M. Cambridge 

1756 Tutor, Res. 1763, Died 1794 



Charles M. Da Costa, A.M. '58, 

A.B. '55 

1888 Lect. Law, Died 1890 Trustee 

Ernest Daenell, Litt.D. 1911 

Prof. Modern Hist. Univ. of Kiel— 
1910-11 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 
Hist, and Institutions 

Edward B. Dalton, M.D. 

1868 Lect. Dis. of Nervous System, 
Ret. 1870 

John Gall Dalton, Jr., LL.D. 
(Hon.) '87 

A.B. Harvard '44, M.D. '47, LL.D. 
Princeton '86 

i860 [1855] Prof. Physiol. Micros. Anat., 
Hygiene, Res. '83, Enter. '89, Died 
1889, Pres. Coll. P. and S. 1884-89 

Charles Patrick Daly, LL.D. 
(Hon.) '60 

i860 Lect. Law, Ret. 1875 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

A.B. Harvard, 1903, A.M. 1904, Ph.D. 

1912 Instr. English — 

Lucetta Daniell 

1898 Social Director (T. C.) — 

Winthrop More Daniels 

A.B. Princeton^ '88. A.M. 'go 
1912-13 Lect. Economics 

Charles S. Danielson 

1907 Bursar — ■ 

C. Otto von Dannenberg 

B.E. Union 1906 

igo6 First appointment, 1907 (Feb.) 
Tutor Elec. Eng., Ret. (June) 1907 

George Henry Danton, A.B. 1902 

1902 Asst. Comp. Lit., Ret. 1903 



Joseph Louis Danziger, B.S.1902 

1902 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1903 

Lorenzo Da Ponte 

1S26 Prof. Italian Lang, and Lit., Died 

Chester Arthur DarHng, Ph.D. 

A.B. Albion 1904, A.JL 1906 

1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Botany — 

Edward Albert Darhng 

iSgo Supt. Build, and Grounds. Res. 
1899, Died 1908 

Mrs. Edith Romeyn Darrach 

1900 Adviser Graduate Women Stu- 
dents, Ret. 1 90 1 

WiUiam Darrach, A.M. and 
M.D. 1901 

A.B. Yale '97 

J903 First appointment, 1906 Instr. 

John Frederick Dashiell, A.M. 

B.S. Moores Hill Coll. 1908, B.L. 1909 

1 910 Asst. Philos. — 

Harold Sidney Davidson 

A.B. Acadia '94, A.M. Princeton '98, 
S.T.B. '98, Ph.D. Leipsic 1906 

1907 Gustav. Gottheil Lect. Sem. Langs., 
Ret. 1909 

Charles Davies 

U. S. M. A. '1=;, LL.D. Geneva '40, 
Union '41, L.H.D. Univ. State N. Y. 
'74 ^ 

1857 Prof. Higher Math., Emer. '65, 
Died 1876 

Bergen Davis, Ph.D. 1901 

A.M. 1900, B.S. Rutgers 1896 

1900 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1901, 1003 

Tutor Physics, 1909 Asst. Prof. 

Physics. — 

Clarke Edwin Davis 

B.Pd., Mich. State Normal Coll. 1909; 

B.A. 1912 
19 1 2 Lab. Asst. Chem. — 

Mrs. Estelle H. Davis 

191 1 Lect. English, Ret. 1912 

Fellowes Davis, Jr., M.D. '99 

1908 Assoc. Clin. Obstetrics — 

Herman Stearns Davis, Ph.D. 

A.M. '94, A.B. Princeton '92 
1895 Tutor Astron., Res. 1899 

William Harper Davis 

A.B. Princeton 1900 

1900 Asst. Psychol., Ret. 1903 

William Watson Davis, A.M. 

B.Sc. Alabama Polytechnic 1903, M.Sc. 

1 90S Lect. Hist., Ret. 1909 

Wilson E. Davis 

1902 (Jan.) Asst. Mining, Ret. (June) 

Ellen Scott Davison, Ph.D. 1907 

B.S. Wellesley '87, A.M. Western Re- 
serve '94 
1901 Lect. Hist., Ret. 1903 

Arthur Morgan Day 

A.B., A.M. Harvard '92 

1894 First appointment, 1899 Instr. 

Pol. Econ. and Soc. Sci., Res. 

(Mar.) 1902 

Charles Day 

B.S., E.E. Pennsylvania '99, M.E. 1902 
1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Edward E. C. H. Day 

1866 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1869 

Salisbury Marcus Day, E.E. 

1904 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1906 

William Scofield Day, A.B. '84 

Pli.D. Johns Plopkins '97 
1S97 First appointment, 1903 Lect. 
Physics — 

Bashford Dean, Ph.D. '90 

A.M. '89, A.B. C. C. N. Y. '86 
1891 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Vert. Zool. — 

Rollin Colegrove Dean 

B.S. Wesleyan 1909 

191 1 Asst. Zool., Res. 1912 

Pierre de Bacourt 

B.A., Lyons, '86, B.S., '87, B.L., Paris, 
'92, Licencie en Droit, Nancy, '93 

191 2 Lect. Romance Langs. — 

Andre Beziat de Bordes 

Ph.D. Chicago '99 

1900 Lect. Romance Langs., Ret. 1901 

Pauline Hamilton Dederer, A.M. 

A.B. 1901 

1903 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Michael F. Dee 

A.M., LL.B. 

1910 (Apr.) Lect. Law, Ret. 1910 

Charles Joseph Deghuee, A.B. 

1883 Asst. School of Mines, '88 as Hon- 
orary Fellow, Ret. '92 

Joseph Albert Deghuee, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '90, A.M. '92 
1 89 1 Asst. Demonstr. Chem. and 
Physics, Res. 1896 

Richard Francis Deimel, A.M. 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1902 

1904 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
Physics, Res. (Jan.) 1906 



Edward Delafield, M.D. '16 

A.B. Yale 1812 

i860 Emer. Prof. Midwifery, Died 1875 

President Coll. P. and S. 1858-75 

Francis Delafield, M.D. '6^ 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Yale '60, LL.D. '90 

1868 Lect. Path. Anat., Ret. 1875, 1876 
Adj. Prof. Path, and Prac. of Med., 
1882 Prof. Prac. of Med., Emer. 1901 — 

William Adams Delano 

A.B. Yale 1895 

Dijjlome, Ecole des Beaux Arts 

1903 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 
Arch., Res. 1910 

David Bryson Delavan, M.D. '75 

A.B. Yale '72 

1897 Instr. Laryngology, Res. 1898 

Daniel De Leon, LL.B. '78 

A.M., Ph.D. Leyden 

1886 Seligman Prize Lect. Latin-Ameri- 
can Diplomacy, Ret. 1891 

J. Ramon del Rio, Mech. E. 1906 

1907 (Jan.) Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 1907 

Irving- Comes Demarest, A.M. 

A.B. 1908 

19 1 1 Instr. Classical Philology — 

Theodore Frelinghuysen Cornell 
Demarest, LL.B. '68 

A.B. '64, A.M. elsewhere 

1869 Tutor Rhetoric, Hist., Res. 1870 

Thomas Denham 

1866 Clerk Sch. of Med., Ret. 1868 

Rudolf C. Denig 

M.D. Wurzburg 'gi 

1909 Prof. Clin. Ophthalmology — 

William Cullen Dennis 

A.B. Earlham '96, A.B. Harvard '97, 

A.M. '98, LL.B. 1901 
1905 Adj. Prof. Law, Res. 1906 

Frederic Warner Denton, C.E. 

1889 Fellow, Asst. Engineering, Res. 1890 

Richard Derby, M.D. 1907 

A.B. Harvard 1903 

1910 First appointment, 1912 Instr. 
Anat. — 

Charles Derleth, Jr., C.E. '96 

B.S., C. C. N. Y. '94 

1896 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1899 

Walter Taubert Derleth, A.M., 
C.E. IQ04 

B.S., C. C. N. Y. 1901 

1904 Asst. Civil Eng., Res. 1906 

Homer Munro Derr, A.M. 1901 

A.B. Stanford '98 

1899 Asst. Physics, Res. 1901 

William Detmold 

M.D. Gottingen '30 

1862 Prof. Military Surg, and Hygiene 

'6s, Prof. Clin, and Milit. Surg., 

Emer. '66, Died 1895 

Walter Bourchier Devereux, 
E.M. '78 

A.B. Princeton '74, A.M. 

1897 Lect. Metallurgy, Ret. 1897 

Edward Thomas Devine 

A.B. Cornell (Iowa) '87, A.M. '90, 
LL.D. 1904, Ph.D. Pennsylvania '95 
1905 Prof. Social Economy — 

John Dewey 

A.B. Vermont '79, LL.D. 1910, Ph.D. 
Johns Hopkins '84, LL.D. Wiscon- 
sin 1904 

1905 (Feb.) Prof. Philos.— 

Melvil Dewey 

A.B. Amherst '74, A.M. '77, LL.D. 

Syracuse, and Alfred 1902 
1884 Prof. Library Economy, Res. 1888 

1883 Librarian, Res. 1889 

Frank Alexander Dickey, A.B. 

191 1 Asst. Registrar — 

George Charles Diekman, M.D. 

Ph.G. N. Y. ColL.Phar. '88 

1904 Prof. Pharmacy, Coll. Pharmacy — 

John Forrest Dillon 

1879 Prof. Real Estate and Equity Jur., 
Res. 1882 

Lloyd L. Dines 

A.B. Northwestern 1906, A.M. 1907, 

Ph.D. Chicago 191 1 
191 1 Instr. Math. — 

Norman Edward Ditman, Ph.D. 

M.D. and A.M. 1900, Ph.B. Yale '96 
1902 First appointment, 1903 Instr. 
Path., Res. 1909 

George Sloan Dixon 

M.D. Bellevue '86 

1904 Instr. Otology, Ret. 1910 

Bernard Ogilvie Dodge, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. Wisconsin 1909 
1909 Asst. Botany — - 

Daniel Kilham Dodge, Ph.D. '86, 

A.B. '84, A.M. '8s 

1884 First appointment, 1889 Tutor 
English '91, Scandinavian Langs., 
Res. 1892 

Francis Despard Dodge, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '88 

1888 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1891 

James M. Dodge 

1908 Assoc. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1909 



Richard Elwood Dodge 

A.B. Harvard 1890, A.M. '94 

1895 I'irst appointment (T. C), 1897 
Prof. Geography (T. C.) — 

Louis Doelling- 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Gustavus Trask Donnell, A.M. 

A.B. '89, LL.B. '92 

1889 First appointment, 1891 Asst. 
Math., Ret. 1892 

Franklin Abbott Dorman, A.M. 
M.D. '98 

A.B. Harvard '94 

1900 Instr. Obstetrics, Res. 1902 

Goldthwaite Higginson Dorr, 
LL.B. 1904 

A.B. Harvard '97 

1906 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Law — 

Katharine Swift Doty, A.M. 

A.B. 1904 

1910 First appointment, 191 1 Sec. 
Barnard Coll. — 

Gaston Douay 

1896 Lect. Romance Langs., Ret. 1897 

Richard Erwin Dougherty, C.E. 
1 90 1 

1901 Asst. Civil Eng., Res. 1902 

Arthur Wesley Dow 

1904 Prof. Fine Arts (T. C.) — 

Edmund LeRoy Dow, M.D. '95 

B.S., M.S. Syracuse '92 
1 90 1 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Med., Ret. 19 10 

Charles North Dowd, M.D. '86 

A.B. Williams '79. A.M. '83 
1898 First appointment, 1910 Prof. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Edgar S. Downs 

A.B. Yale '98, Ph.D. 1901 

1907 Tutor Elec. Eng., Ret. igoS 

George Draper, M.D. 1906 

A.B. Harvard 1903 
1912 Instr. Clin. Med. — • 

William Henry Draper, M.D. '55 

A.B. '51. A.M. '54 

1867 Lect. Dis. of Kidneys, Ret. '70 

1867 also Clin. Lect. Dis. of the Skin, 

'69 Clin. Prof., Ret. '79, 1880 Prof. 

Qin. Med., Emer. '80, Died 1901, 

Trustee 18S0-1901 

William Kinnicutt Draper, ]\LD. 

A.B. Harvard '85 

1896 First appointment, 191 o Prof. 
Clin. Med. — 

Wolfram Emil Dreyfus 

Ph.D. Munich 1900 

1900 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1902 

Frank Drisler, A.B. '74 

A.M. elsewhere 

1876 Tutor Math., Res. 1884, 1889 

Entrance E.xaminer, Law Sch., Ret. 


Henry Drisler, Jr., A.M. '42 

A.B. '39, LL.D. '64 
LL.D. Harvard '86 
1843 First appointment, 1857 Prof. 

Lat. Lang, and Lits., '67, Jay Prof. 

Greek Lang, and Lit., Emer., '94, 

Died 1S97, 1800 Dean Sch. of Arts, 

Res. 1894 

Henry Bernardin Drowne 

C.E. Brown 1903 

191 1 Instr. Highway Eng. — 

S. W. Dudley 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 191 1 

William Alexander Duer 

LL.D. '29 Univ. State N. Y. 
1829 President, Res. 1842 

Cornelius Roosevelt Duffie, A.B. 

A.M. '44, S.T.D. N. Y. Univ. '65 
1857 Chaplain, Emer. '91, Died 1900 

Edward Leonce Dufourcq, E.M. 

1893 Asst. Mining, Ret. 1893 

Louise Brisbin Dunn, A.M. '99, 

A.B. '97 

1900 Tutor Botany, Died 1902 

William Archibald Dunning, 
Ph.D. '85 

A.B. '81, A.M. '84. LL.D. 1904 

1886 F'irst appointment, 1896 Prof. 

Hist., 1903 Prof. Hist, and Polit. 

Philos., 1904 Lieber Prof. — 

Edward Benjamin Durham, E.M. 

1893 Asst. Mining, Ret. '95, 1900 
(Nov.) Lect. Mining, Ret. (Dec.) 

Samuel Train Dutton 

A.B. Yale '73, A.M. 1900 
1900 Prof. Educ. Adminis. and Supt. 
Teachers College Schools — • 

Edward Foote Dwight, LL.B. 

B.L. Wisconsin '87 

1889 Tutor Law, Ret. 1892 

Kirby Dwight, M.D. 1905 

A.B. Princeton 1901 
1910 Asst. Surg. — 



Theodore William Dwight,LL.D 

A.B. Hamilton '40, A.M. '42, LL.B. 
Yale '42, LL.D. Rutgers '59 

1858 Prof. Municip. Law, '78 Prof. 
Law of Contracts, Maritime and Ad- 
miralty Law, Emer. '91, Died 1892 

1864 Warden of Law Sch., Res. '91 

James Garfield Dwyer 

M.D. Queen's 1905 

1 9 10 Instr. Bacteriology — 

Harrison Gray Dyar, Ph.D. '95, 

A.M. '94 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '89 

1895 Asst. Bacteriology, Res. 1897 



Mortimer Lamson Earle, Ph.D. 

A.B. '86, A.M. '87, 1886 Fellow, Asst. 
Greek, Ret. 1S89, 1894 Lect. Greek, 
Ret. 1895, 1900 Prof. Class. Phil., 
Died 1905 

Max [Forrester] Eastman 

A.B. Williams 1905 

1907 Asst. Philos., Ret. 1908, 1909 
Asst. Philos. 

1910 Assoc. Philos., Ret. 191 1 

George Spencer Eastwick, C.E. 

1879 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1880 

Walter Hollis Eddy, Ph.D. 1909, 

A.M. 1908, B.S. Amherst '98, 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Biol Chem. — 

Arthur Edgar 

A.C. Lehigh 1905, M.S. 1908, Ph.D. 

Mass. Inst. Tech. 1912 
1912 Instr. Chem. — 

Dayton James Edwards 

B.S. Maine 1906 

igo8 Asst. Zool., Res. 1909 

James Chidester Egbert, Ph.D. 


A.B. '81, A.M. '82, 

1886 First appointment, igoo Roman 

Archpeol. and Epigraphy, '06 Prof. 

Latin, Director Summer Session 

1902 — , Director Extension Teaching 

1910 — 

Thomas Egleston 

A.B. Yale '54/E.M. Sch. Mines, Paris, 
'60, Ph.D. Princeton '74, LL.D. Trin- 
ity '74 

1864 Prof. Mineralogy and Metallurgy, 
Emer. '97, Died 1900 

Frank R. Elder 

B.S. Amherst 191 1 

191 1 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1912 

Ellsworth Eliot, Jr., M.D. '87 

A.B. Yale '84 

1891 First appointment, 1900 Clin. Lect. 
and Demonstr. Surg., Res. 1904 

Ellsworth Eliot, Sr., M.D. '52 

A.B. Yale '49 

1867 Registrar Coll. P. and S. and Trus- 
tee until 1890 

Charles Henry Ellard, A.M. 

A.B. '97, 

1902 First appointment, 1903 Tutor 
Anal. Chem., Res. (Feb.) 1909 

William Henry Ellet, A.B. '24 

M.D. elsewhere 

1830 First appointment, 1832 Prof. 
Elem. Chem., Ret. 1833 

Arthur Henry Elliott, Ph.D. '83 

Ph.B. '81 

1888 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1889 

1903 Emer. Prof. Chem. and Physics, 
Coll. Pharmacy — 

Edward S. Elliott 

B.P.E., Y. M. C. A. 1904, M.D. Tufts 

1908, S.B. Boston 1912 
1912 Instr. Physical Educ. — 

Louis von Eltz 

Gymnasium, Graz, Austria, Testimonium 

maturitatis '63 
1884 Instr. German, Ret. 1885 

John Slade Ely, M.D. '86 

Ph.B. Yale '8i, M.A. '97 
1887 Asst. Path. ('95 also Curator), 
Res. 1897 

Harrington Emerson 

M.A. Royal Polytechnic, Munich 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Haven Emerson, A.M., M.D. '99 

A.B. Harvard '96 

1902 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Physiol, and (1912) in Med. — 

Henry Clay Eno, M.D. '64 

A.B. Yale '60, A.M. '63 
1869 Curator Museum (Medical), Ret. 

H. F. F. Erben 

1910 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. (Feb.) 

Frank Erdwurm, M.D. 1903 

B.S. N. Y. Univ. '99 

1909 Asst. Clin. Med. — 

William Ernenputsch 

1832 Prof. German Lang., Res. 1832 

Carl August Ernst 

A.B. Northwestern '89, Ph.D. Leipzig 

1903 Tutor Gen. Chem., Res. (Feb.) 1903 

John Erskine, Ph.D. 1903 

A.B. iqoo, A.M. 1901 
1909 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. English — 



William L. Estabrooke 

A.B. New Brunswick igoo, A.M. 1902, 
Ph.D. 1905, A.B. Harvard 1901 

1908 Asst. Indus. Chem., Res. (Sept.) 

Allan Chotard Eustis 

B.S. Tulane '96, Ph.B. Yale '98 

1898 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Ret. 1899 

Evan Morton Evans, M.D. '95 

B.S. Princeton '92 

1899 First appointment, 1900 Prof. 
Clin. Med. — 

William Maxwell Evarts 

A.B. Yale '37 (for otlier degrees see 

Yale record) 
i860 Lect. Law, Ret. 1868 

Duane Shuler Everson, A.B. '64 

A.M. '67 

1876 Tutor Greek and Latin, Res. 1884, 

1S89 Entrance Examiner, Law 

Scliool, Ret. 1891, Died 1905 

Dous^lass Ewell, M.D. '91, A.B. 

189s Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Died 1897 

James Ewing, M.D. '91 

A.B. Amherst '88 

1893 First appointment, 1897 Instr. 
Clin. Microscopy, Ret. 1899 

Thomas Ewing, Jr., A.M. '86, 

A.B. '8s, LL.B. Georgetown '90 
1885 Fellow, Asst. Physics, Ret. 1888 


Frank Diehl Fackenthal, A.B. 

1909 First appointment, 1910 Secretary 
of the University — 

John Archibald Fairlie, Ph.D. '98 

A.B. Harvard '95, A.M. '96 

1899 Lect. Administration, Res. 1900 

Jane Therese Fales, B.S. 1907 

19 10 Asst. Prof. Household Arts (T. C.) — 

Kaufman George Falk, B.S.1901 

Ph.D. Strassburg 1905 
1906 First appointment, 1907 Tutor 
Physics, Res. 1909 

Milton J. Falk, B.S. 1904 

1904 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1905 

Myron Samuel Falk, Ph.D. 1904 

C.E. '99 

1900 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
Civil Eng., Res. (Jan.) 1910 

Charles Hubert Farnsworth 

:9io Assoc. Prof. School Music (T. C.) — 
1900 First appointment (T. C.) 

Livin.^ston Farrand, M.D. '91 

A.B. Princeton '88, A.M. '91 
1893 First appointment, 1903 Prof. 
' Anthro. — 

Frederic Ernest Farrington, 
Ph.D. 1904 

A.M. 1902, A.B. Harvard '94 

191 o Assoc. Prof. Educ. (T. C.) — 

Hermon Waldo Farwell 

A.B. Dartmouth 1902, A.M. '06 
1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Physics — 

Edgar Fauver, M.D. 1909 

A.B. Oberlin '99 

1910 Asst. Prof. Phys. Educ. (T. C), 
Res. 191 1 

Benjamin George Feinberg.A.M. 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1906 

1909 Lab. Asst. Indus. Chem., Ret. 1910 

George Albert Ferguson, Ph.B. 

1904 Prof. Anal. Chem. and Math., 
Coll. Pharmacy, Res. 1906 

Franklin Charles Fette, A.M. 

Ph.B. Oberlin '99, B.P.E. Int. Y. M. 
C. A. Tr. Sell. 1910, 19 10 Instr. 
Phys. Educ. — 

Frank Albert Fetter 

A.B. Indiana '91, Ph.M. Cornell '92, 

Ph.D. Halle '94 
191 3-13 Lect. Economics 

Charles Reinhard Fettke, A.M. 

B.S. Wash. State Univ. 1910 

191 1 Asst. Geol. — 

Cyrus West Field 

M.D. Yale 1900 

1902 Asst. Path., Res. (Nov.) 1902 

James Kip Finch, A.M. 191 1 

C.E. 1906 

1910 Instr. Civil Eng. — 

Ruth S. Finch 

19 1 2 Asst. Chem. — • 

William Findlay 

A.B. McMaster University '96, A.M. 
'98, Ph.D. University of Chicago 1901 
1901 Tutor Math., Res. 1905 

George Irving Finlay, Ph.D. 1903 

A.B. Harvard '98 

1901 Asst. Geol., Res. 1903 

Charles A. Fischer 

A.B. Wheaton Coll. 1905, A.M. Illinois 

1910, Ph.D. Chicago 1912 
1912 Instr. Math. — 

Charles Sumner Fischer, M.D. 

A.M. Trinity (Ct.) '82, M.D., L. I. Coll. 
FIosp. '87, Ph.D. Strassburg '94 

1906 Asst. Med., Ret. 1910 

Ernst Harry Fischer 

1907 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1908 



[Carl Ferdinand] Hermann 
Fischer, M.D. '96 

1909 Instr. Clin. Surg. — 

Nicholas Fish 

1823 Treasurer, Res. 1824 

George Freeman Fisher 

1878 Registrar School of Mines, 1896 
Bursar, Ret. 1907 

Harry Linn Fisher, Ph.D. 1912 

A.M. 1910, A.B. Williams 1909 

1910 Asst. Organic Chem., Res. 191 1, 
1912 Instr. Organic Chem. — 

Henry Fisher, B.S. '99 

1899 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1900 

Thomas Scott Fiske, Ph.D. '88, 

A.B. '85, A.M. '86 „ „ r 

i88s First appointment, 1897 Frof. 
Math. — 

William Benjamin Fite 

Ph.B. Cornell '92, Ph.D. igoi 

1 910 Prof. Math. — • 

John Driscoll Fitz-Gerald, H, 

Ph.D. 1906 
A.B. '95 . ^ , , 

1898 First appointment, 1907 Instr. 
Romance Langs, and Lits., Res. 1909 

Albert Edward Flanagan, B.S. 


191 1 Lect. Drawing, Res. 1912 — 

Walter Lynwood Fleming, A.M. 

B.S. Alabama Polytechnic Inst. '96, 

M.S. '97 
1902 Lect. Hist, Ret. 1903 

Jefferson Butler Fletcher 

A.B. Harvard '87, A.M. '89 
1904 Prof. Comp. lit. — 

Abraham Flexner 

A.B. Johns Hopkins '86, A.M. Harvard 

1908 (Oct.) Asst. Philos., Res. (Dec.) 

Carleton Phillips Flint 

M.D. Harvard '96 

1900 First appointment, 1903 Instr. 
Surgery, Died 1908 

Edgar Martin Flint, A.M. 1910 

B.S. Rochester 1909 

1909 Lab. Asst. Quant. Anal., Ret. 

Frederic Hoole Floy, M.D. '95 

A.B. Wesleyan '92 

1897 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1898 

Frederick William Floyd, E.M., 
C.E. '77 

1877 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1878 

Rolfe Floyd, M.D. '99 

A.B. Harvard '95 

1 90 1 First appointment, 1903 Lect. 
Anat. and (1906) Asst. Med., Res. 

Albert Folke 

1867 Asst. Dravk-ing, Ret. 1871 

Camille Fontaine 

B. es L. Paris '75, Bachelier en Droit 
'77, Licencie en Droit '78 

1909 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Micco Miltiades Achilles Eon- 
trier, A.B. 1905 

igos Asst. Math., Mechanics, Physics, 
Res. 1907 

Edward Milton Foote 

A.B. Rochester '86, M.D. Harvard '90 

1900 Instr. Surg., Res. 1910 

Francis Seeley Foote, Jr., E.M. 

1907 Asst. Civil Eng., Res. 1910 

Charles Forbes, M.D. '71 

B.S. Rochester '64 

1902 First appointment, 1903 Curator 
P'hysics, Ret. 1910 

Charles Savage Forbes, Ph.D. 
1904 ■ 

A.B. 1901, A.M. 1903 

1901 Asst. Math., Ret. 1904 

George Burdett Ford 

191 2 Lect. Arch. — • 

E. Felix Forrestier, LL.B. 

1839 Prof. Italian Lang, and Lit., Res. 


Edward Joseph Fortier 

A.B. Tulane 1904 

1910 Instr. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Nellis Barnes Foster 

M.D. Johns Hopkins '02 
1906 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Biol. Chem. — 

Claude Russell Fountain, Ph.D. 

A.B. Oregon 1901 

1902 Asst. Physics, Res. 1905 

George Bingham Fowler, M.D. 

A.B. (Hon.) C. C. N. Y. 'g± 
1871 Curator Museum (Medical), Ret. 

Dixon Ryan Fox, A.M. 1912 

A.B. 1911 

1 912 Lect. Politics — 

George Henry Fox 

A.M. Rochester '67, M.D. Pennsyl- 
vania '69 

188 1 Clin. Prof. Dis. of Skin, 1904 
Prof. Dermatology, Res. 1907 



Harriet Ruth Fox, A. M. 191 1 

A.B. igio 

19 10 First appointment, 1912 Lect. 
English — 

Andrew Ernest Foye, C.E. '90 

1892 First appointment, 1894 Instr. 
Civil Eng., Res. 1898 

Leo Joachim Frachtenberg, 
Ph.D. 1910 

A.M. 1906 

Test. Maturitatis, Imperial Royal Gym- 
nasium, Austria, 1904 

191 1 Lect. Anthropology — 

George Cutter Fracker 

Ph.B. iowa :894, B.D. '96, A.M. 1900 
1904 Asst. I'sychol., Ret. 1905 

Shepherd Ivory Franz, Ph.D. 

A.B. '94 

1897 Asst. Psychol., Ret. 1900 

John Chfford Frazee, A.M. 1912 

A.B. Coe Coll. 1904 

191 1 Asst. Physics, Res. 1912 

Thomas Bruce Freas 

A.B. Stanford '96, Ph.D. Chicago 191 1 
191 1 Asst. Prof. Chem. and Curator 
Chandler Museum — 

George CorneU Freeborn, M.D. 

1887 Instr. Normal Ilisto., Res. 1903, 
Died 191 1 

Wihiam Horatio Freedman, C.E. 

E.E. '91 

1892 Tutor Elec. Eng., Mechanics, Res. 

Daniel Chester French 

A.M. Dartmouth 

1898 Advisory Committee on Art, 1908 
Prof. Sculpture — 

Claude Augustine Frink, M.D. 

A.B. Williams '98 

1907 Asst. Med., Res. 1909 

Fannie Cornelia Frisbee 

A.B. Rockford (111.) '99 

1903 Tutor Physics, Ret. 1904 

Lewis Fox Frissell, M.D. 1900 

A.B. Yale '95, A.M. '97 

1906 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 

Sven Froeberg, Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. Bethany 1903 

1907 (Jan.) Asst. Psychol., Ret. (:\Iar.) 

Fred Denton Fromme 

B.S. So. Dak. State Coll. 191 1 
191 1 Asst. Botany — 

Halstead Holloway Frost, Jr., 
A.M. '86 

A.B. '83, Ph.B. (p.) '86 
1885 Fellow, Asst. Hist, and Pol. Sci- 
ence, Ret. 1887 

Richard Frothingham 

M.D. Harvard '92 

1898 Instr. Laryngology — 

Paul Fuentes, E.M. '94 

1895 (Jan.) Asst. Mining, Ret. (June) 

George Stuart Fullerton 

A.B. Pennsylvania '79, A.M. '82, B.D. 

Yale '83 Ph.D. (Hon.) Muhlenberg 

'92, LL.D. 1900 
1904 Prof. Philos. — 

Grace Fulmer 

1910 Asst. Prof. Kindergarten Educ. 
(T. O— 

Charles Herman Fulton, E.M. '97 

1897 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1898 

Clyde Furst 

Ph.B. Dickinson 1893, A.M. '95 

1902 Secretary, Teachers Coll., Res. 191 1 


Bern Budd Gallaudet, M.D. '84 

A.B. Trinity '80, A.M. '83 
1891 First appointment, 1905 Asst. 
Prof. Anat. — 

Charles Galwey 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1901 

1906 Asst. English, Ret. 1907 

Edward Hall Gardner,A.M.i9o8 

A.B. Amherst 1905 

1908 Asst. English, Res. 1909 

Harry Francis Gardner 

B.S. Michigan 1912 
1912 Instr. Mineralogy — 

Edward A. Garlock, B.S. 

1908 (July) Asst. Physics, Res. (Oct.) 

James Wilford Garner, Ph.D. 

B.S. Miss. Agric. and Mech. Coll. '92, 

Ph.M. Chicago 1900 
1902 Lect. riist.. Ret. 1903 

Theodora George 

1906 Registrar of Teachers Coll. — 

Frank C. Gephart 

A.B. Kansas 1906 

191 1 Assoc. Clin. Path. — 

John Lawrence Gerig 

A.B. Missouri '98, A.M. '99^ Ph.D. 1902 
1906 F'irst appointment, 1912 Assoc 
Prof. Celtic — 



George Balthazar Germann, 
Ph.D. '99 

A.B. '95 

1895 Asst. Math., Ret. 1898, 1899 Asst. 
Philos. and Educ, Ret. 1900, 1900 
Registrar of University, Res. 1902 

Hercules Wallace Geromanos 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. 1902 
1902 Tutor Metallurgy, Ret. 1903 

Arpad G. Gerster 

M.D. Vienna '72 

1910 (Feb.) Prof. Clin. Surg.— 

Frederick Hutton Getman 

A.B. Virginia '97, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 

1907 Lect. Physics, Ret. 1908 

Virgil Pendleton Gibney 

A.B. Kentucky '69, A.M. '72, LL.D. '99, 

M.D. Bellevue '71 
1895 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 

Orth. Surgery — 

Franklin Henry Giddings 

A.B. Union '77, Ph.D. '97, LL.D. Ober- 

lin 1900 
1892 First appointment, 1894 Prof. 

Sociology, (1906) Sociology and 

Hist. Civilization — 

William John Gies 

B.S. Pennsylvania Coll. '93, M.S. '96, 

Ph.B. Yale '94. Ph.D. '97 
1898 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 

Biol. Chem. — 

James Meacham Gifford, LL.B. 

A.B. Middlebury '77, LL.D. '94 
1883 Tutor Law, Ret. 1885 

Ralph W. Gifford 

A.B. Harvard '94, LL.B. 1902 
1909 Lect. Law, Ret. 1910 

Henry Stimson Gilbertson 

A.B. California 1903 

1908 Asst. Politics, Ret. 1909 

Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve 
Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. '99, A.M. 1900 

1900 Asst. English, Ret. 1907, 1908 
Lect. English, 191 1 Dean Barnard 
Coll. and Prof. English— 

Samuel Giles, A.B. (Hon.) 1764 

1761 Tutor Math., Ret. 1763 

John Glanville Gill 

A.B. Ottawa '96, A.M. Harvard 1905, 

Ph.D. 1906 
1906 Tutor Romance Langs, and Lits., 

Ret. 1908 

I.aura Drake Gill 

A.B. Smith '81, A.M. '85, D.C.L. Univ. 
of the South 1907 

1901 Dean Barnard College, Res. 1907 

Jeannette Bliss Gillespy, A.B. 

1900 Asst. Rhetoric, Res. 1902 

Louis Bliss Gillet, A.B. 1904 

1908 (Feb.) Asst. English, Ret. (June) 

Curtenius Gillette, M.D. 1901 

A.B. Yale '97 

1906 Asst. Clin. Med. — 

Halbert Power Gillette, E.M. '92 

189s Asst. Physics, Ret. (Mar.) 1896 

Chandler Robbins Gilman 

M.D. Pennsylvania '24 

184 1 Prof. Obstetrics, Dis. Women and 

Children and Medical Jurisprudence, 

Died 1865 

George Houghton Gilman, A.M. 

A.B. '87, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. '02 
1887 Fellow, Asst. Physics, Ret. 1888 

Farley Brewer Goddard 

A.B. Harvard '81, A.M. and Ph.D. '83 
1891 Instr. Greek, Ret. 1892 

Frederick Arthur Goetze, M.Sc. 

1899 Supt. Buildings and Grounds, 
1907 Dean Fac. of App. Sci. and 
Consulting Engineer — 

Charles Buxton Going, Ph.B. '82 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Lect. 
Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Alexander Goldenweiser, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1902, A.M. 1904 
1910 First appointment, 1911 Lect. 
Anthropology — 

Grace Harriet Goodale, A.B. '99 

191 First appointment, 1912 Lect. 
Classical Philology — 

George Arthur Goodell, A.M. 

A.B. Amherst '94 

1900 Tutor Chem., Ret. 1904 

Frank Johnson Goodnow, LL.B. 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Amherst '79, A.M. 
'86, LL.D. 1908, LL.D. Harvard 1909 

1883 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 
Admin. Law, 1903 Eaton Prof. Ad- 
min. Law and Munic. Sci. — 

Hubert Baker Goodrich 

B.S. Amherst 1909 
1912 Asst. Zool. — 

Frederic Grosvenor Goodridge 
M.D. 1901 

A.B. Harvard, '97 

1912 Asst. Biol. Chem. — 



Malcolm Goodridge, M.D. '98 

1907 (Feb.) Asst. Dis. of Children, 
Res. 1909 

Willystine Goodsell, Ph.D. 1910 

B.S. 1905, A.M. 1906 

191 1 Asst. Prof, of Hist, of Educ. 
(T. O— 

Edward Goodwin, E.M. '89 

1891 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1892 

Jasper Tillerous Goodwin, A.M. 

A.B. '76, LL.B. '78 

1876 First appointment, 1887 Adj. 
Prof. Math., Res. 1895 

Ralph Edward Goodwin 

A.B. Yale 1908, Ph.B. 1909, C.E. 1912 

1912 Asst. Civil Eng. — 

Donald Gordon, M.D, 1906 

19 11 Instr. Physiol. — 

Reginald Gordon, A.B. '88 

1889 First appointment, 1896 Instr. 
Physics, Res. (Jan.) 1902 

Richard John Horatio Gottheil, 
A.B. '81 

Ph.D. Leipsic '86 

1886 First appointment, '92 Prof. Rab- 
binical Lit. and Semitic Langs. — 

Daniel Gorren, C.E. 1907 

1907 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1908 

Frederick Shand Goucher 

A.B. Acadia 1909, B.Sc. 1910, A.B. 
Yale 191 1, A.M 19 12 

191 2 Asst. Physics — 

Elgin Ralston Lovell Gould 

A.B. Victoria (Ont.) '81, Ph.D. Johns 

Fiopkins '86 
1901 Lect. Polit. Econ., Res. (Feb.) 


" Amadeus William Grabau 

S.B. Mass. Inst. Tech. '96, M.S. Harvard 

'98, S.D. 1900 
190 1 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 


Walter C. Graetz 

B.S. Wisconsin 1912 
1912 Asst. Elec. Eng. — 

Appleton Grannis, A.M. '98 

A.B. '93 

1905 Chaplain pro tent. Res. (Jan.) 1906 

Gordon Harwood Graves, A.M. 

B.S. Earlham 1905, A.B. Haverford 

191 1 Instr. Math. — 

Frank Pierrepont Graves, Ph.D. 

A.B. 'go, A.M. '91, Ph.D. Boston '92, 
Litt.D. Heidelberg (O.) '96, LL.D. 
Flanover '97 

iSgo Asst. (5reek Lang, and Lit., Ret. 

Clifford Gray, A.M. 1903 

E.E. 1902, C.E. .1909 

1903 Tutor Math., Ret. 1905 

James Eakins Gray, A.M. 191 1 

A.B. 1909 

1909 Asst. Math., Ret. 191 1 

Louis Herbert Gray, Ph.D. 1900 

A.M. '98, A.B. Princeton '96 
1901 (Jan.) Lect. Oriental Langs., Ret. 
(June) 1901 

Herbert Green 

LL.B. Harvard '78 

1893 Lect. Code, Ret. 1894 

Joseph C. Green 

A.B. Princeton 1908, A.M. 1909 
191 1 Instr. History — 

Nathan Williams Green, M.D. 

A.M. '98, A.B. Yale '94 
1900 Asst. Demonstr. Physiol., Res. 
1902, 1912 Instr. Surg. — 

David Joy Greene, C.E. '94 

M.E. Cornell '95 

1898 (Tan.) Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. 
(Feb.) 1898 

John Greene, LL.B. '79 

A.M. St. Francis (Bklyn.) '86, L.H.D. 

1883 First appointment, 1884 Instr. 

Hist., Ret. 1885 

James Leal Greenleaf, C.E. '80 

1881 First appointment, 1891 Adj. 
Prof. Civil Eng., Res. 1895 

Isidor Greenwald, Ph.D. 1911 

B.S. Michigan 1909 

1909 Asst. Biol. (Zhem., Res. 191 1 

James Cowan Greenway, M.D. 

A.B. Y^ale 1900 

1906 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Biol. Chem., Ret. 1908 

Louise Hoyt Gregory, Ph.D. 1909 

A.M. 1907, A.B. \'assar 1903 
1908 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Zool. — 

Luther Elwood Gregory, C.E. '93 

1893 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. 1897 

Menas S. Gregory 

M.D. Albany Med. Coll. '98 

191 1 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Psychiatry — 

William King Gregory, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1900, A.M. 1905 
1905 First appointment 

1 912 Assoc. Zool. — 

Victor Raphael Greiff, E.E. 1907 

1907 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1908 



Henry Arthur Griffin, M.D. '89 

A.B. Harvard '86 

i8q6 Lect. Materia Medica, Ret. 1897 
1901 Instr. Med. Diag. Res. (Dec.) 

John Griscom 

1813 Prof. Chem., Ret. 1820 

F. M. Griswold 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Abraham Gross, A.M. 1910 

Ph.B. Pittsburgh '98, Ph.M. 1900 
1910 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1912 

John Daniel Gross, S.T.D. 
(Hon.) 1789 

1784 Prof. German Lang., also Prof. 
Geog., Res. 1705, 1787 Prof. Moral 
Philos., Res. 1795, 1787 Trustee, 
Res. 1787, Died 1812 

Gerald Harrison Grout, M.D. 

191 2 Instr. Ophthalmology — 

Charles C. Grove 

A.B. Penn. State Coll. 1900, A.M. 1903- 

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1906 
1909 First appointnjent, 1910 Asst. 

Vroi. Math. — 

N. C. Grover 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 191 1 

Charles Edward Gudewill, C.E. 

1890 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1891 

Roscoe Guernsey 

A.B. Union '96, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 

1903 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Clas. Philo.— 

Alfred Hermann Gumaer, B.S. 

1903 Instr. Arch. Design, Res. 1906 

Charles A. Gunn 


1896 Asst. Arch., Ret. 1897 

James Newton Gunn 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Thomas McCheyne Gunn 

A.B. Univ. of Washington '99, A.M. 
1900, B.S. Mass. Inst Tech. 1905 

1909 Instr. Mech. Eng., Res. 1912 

William Dameron Guthrie 

A.M. (Hon.) Yale 1904 
1909 Prof. Law — 



Sidney Valentine Haas,M.D. '95 

1907 Asst. Dis. of Children, Res. 1912 

Jules Victor Haberman, M:D. 

A.B. 1902 

1909 Instr. Neurology and (1910) Appl. 
Therapeutics — 

Frank Sutliff Hackett, A.B. '99 

1899 Asst. Rhet. and English Comp., 
Ret. 1900 

Charles L. Hackley 

U.S.M.A. 1829 

1843 Prof. Math., Astron., Died 1891 

Paul C. Haeseler 

S.B. Chicago 191 1 
191 1 Asst. Chem. — 

Charles A. Hague 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Fritz Felix Hahn 

Ph.D. Ludwig Maximilian Univ. (Mu- 
nich) 1910 

191 1 Curator Palaeontology, Ret. 1912 

Robert Murray Haig 

A.B. Ohio Wesleyan, 1908, A.M. 
Illinois, 1909 

1912 Instr. Economics — 

Frank Eugene Hale 

A.B. Yale 1900, Ph.D. '02 

1902 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1903 

Henry Ewing Hale, Jr., M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '92, A.M. 96 
igoo First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Appl. Therapeutics — 

Charles Cuthbert Hall 

A.B. Williams '72, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 

'90, Harvard '97, Yale 1901, LL.D. 

Union 'os 
1897 President, Union Theol. Sem., 

with seat in Univ. Council, Died 1908 

Everett J. Hall 

1 90 1 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Assaying — 

G. Stanley Hall 

Ph.D. LL.D. 

Pres't Clark University — 
1912 Non-resident Lect. Psychol., Ret. 

Percy Foster Hall, A.M. '89, 

1888 Tutorial Fellow Math., Ret. 1891 

Richard John Hall, M.D. '78 

A.B. Princeton '75 
1883 First appointment 
1883 Adj. Prof. Anat. and ('87) Surg., 
Ret. 1889 

Walter Henry Hall 

1910 Conductor Univ. Chorus — 

William A. Haller, A.M. 1911 

A.B. Amherst 1908 

1909 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
English — 



Edward John Hallock, A.M. '72, 

A.B. '69 Ph.D. Heidelberg '78 
187 1 Asst. Gen. Chem., Ret. 1877 

William Hallock, A.B. '79 

Ph.D. Wurzburg '8i, Phar.D. (Hon.) 

National Coll. Phar. '92 
1892 First appointment, 1902 Prof. 

Physics, 1906 Dean Pure Sci., Res. 


Frederick Arthur Halsey 

B.M.E. Cornell '78 

191 1 Assoc. Mech. Eng. — 

William Stewart Halsted, M.D. 


Sc.D. 1904, A.B. Yale '74, LL.D. 

1904, F.R.C.S. (Hon.) Edinburgh 

1905, LL.D. 190S 

1885 Lect. Surg., Ret. 1887 

William Hamersley 

M.D. Edinburgh 

1792 Prof. Institutes of Med., 1795 
Prof. Theory and Prac. of Med., 
1808 Prof. Prac. Med., Ret. 1813 

(Coll. P. and S., Prof. Clin. Med. 

Clayton Meeker Hamilton, A.M. 

A.B. Brooklyn Polytechnic 1901 
1901 Tutor English, Ret. 1904 

Francis Merriam Hamilton 

A.B. Indiana '97, A.M. 1901 
1905 Asst. Psychol, Ret. 1906 

Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin 

A.B. Amherst '75, A.M. '85, L.II.D. 

St. John's (Md.)' 1912 
:887 First appointment 
1904 Prof. Hist, of Arch. — 

Frederic Moir Hanes 

A.B. No. Carolina 1903, A.M. Harvard 
1904, M.D. Johns Hopkins 1908 

1909 First appointment, igio Assoc. 
Path., Res. 1912 

George Byron Hanna, E.M. '68 

A.B. Brown '65 

1867 Asst. Gen. Chem., Mineralogy, 
Ret. 1868 

Henry Winthrop Hardon 

A.B. Harvard '82, LL.B. and A.M. 1885 

1896 Prof, of Law, Ret. 1899 

Charles Asbury Harper 

Ph.B. Berlin '96 

1897 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1899 

Robert Aimer Harper 

A.B. Oberlin '86, A.M. '91, Ph.D. Bonn 

191 1 Torrey Prof. Botany — ■ 

Flora Ellen Harpham 

A.B. Carlcton College '88, A.M. '92 
1896 Computor Dept. Astron., Res. 

Robert Harpur, A.M. (Hon.) 

A.B. Glasgow 

1762 Prof. Math, and Nat. History, 

1765 Prof. Math., Res. 1767, 1787 

Trustee, Res. 1795 

Charles Alonzo Harriman 

189 1 First appointment 

191 1 Asst. Prof. Arch. — ' 

Nathan Russell Harrington 

A.B. Williams '93, A.M. '95 
1 895 Asst. Biol. Zool., Ret. 1897, Died 

Thomas Henry Harrington, C.E. 

1894 Asst. Drawing, Mech. Eng., Res. 


1901 Asst. Mech. Eng. 

191 2 Asst. Prof. Drawing — 

William Harris, S.T.D. 1811 

A.B. Harvard 1786, A.M. 1789, S.T.D. 

181 1 President, Died 1829 

Theodore Stuart Hart, M.D. '95 

A.B. Yale '91, A.M. '93 

1904 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 

Frank Hartley, M^D. '80 

A.B. Princeton '77, LL.D. 1909 
1888 First appointment, 1900 Prof. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Henry Gottlieb Hartmann 

A.B. Bklyn. Polytechnic Inst. 1900 

191 1 Lect. Philos., Ret. 1912 

Samuel Clark Harvey 

1912 Instr. Path. — 

George Wilber Hartwell, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1906, Ph.B. Wesleyan 1903 
1906 First appointment, 1907 Lect. 
Math., Ret. 1908 

Alice Haskell, A.M. 1908 

A.B. 1906 

1906 First appointment, 191 1 Lect. 
English, Res. 191 1 

Juliana Haskell (Mrs. Henry S. 
Haskell), Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. 1904, A.M. 1 90s 
1908 First appointment, 19 lo Instr. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits. — 

Thomas Hastings 

Diplome de I'Ecole des Beaux-Arts '84 

1905 Director of Atelier, Res. 1912 

Thomas Samuel Hastings 

A.B. Hamilton '48, L.H.D. '97, B.D. 

Union Theol. '51, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 

'65, LL.D. Princeton '88 
1890 [1S88] President, Union Theol. 

Sem., with seat in Univ. Council, 

Res. 1897 



Charles Montgomery Hathaway, 

Ph.D. Yale 1902 

1903 Tutor English, Ret. 1905 

Frank Randel Hathaway, A.M. 

A.B. '88 

1890 First appointment, 1891 Asst. Pol. 
Econ., Social Sci., Ret. 1892 

George Wilham Hau, A.M. 1909 

B.Pd. Ohio Normal '99, A.M. Ohio 

Northern 1905 
1908 (Oct.) Asst. Germanic Langs, and 

Lits., Res. (Nov.) 1908 

PhiHp Bouvier Hawk, Ph.D. 1903 

B.S. Wesleyan '98, M.S. Yale 1902 

1901 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Res. 1903 

Forbes Hawkes, M.D. '91 

A.B. Yale '87 

1903 Instr. Surg., Res. 1908 

Herbert Edwin Flawkes 

A.B. Yale '96, Ph.D. 1900 

1910 Prof. Math. — 

B. Waterhouse Hawkins 

1871 Lect. ZooL, Ret. 1871 

Paul Leland Haworth, Ph.D. 

A.B. Indiana '99, A.M. 1901 

1906 Lect. Hist., Res. (Feb.) 1907 

James Raynor Hayden, M.D. '84 

1896 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Genito-Urinary Dis.- — • 

Alfred Hayes, Jr., LL.B. '98 

A.B. Princeton '95, A.M. '98 

1902 First appointment, 1906 Lect. 
Law, Ret. 1907 

Carlton Huntley Hayes, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1904, A.M. 190S 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Hist.— 

Charles Harris Hayes, A.M. '91, 

A.B. '90 
B.D. Gen. Theol. Sem. '94 
1890 Tutorial Fellow German, Ret. 1891 

Rowland Haynes 

A.B. Williams 1902 

1905 Asst. Philos., Res. 1906 

Royal Storrs Haynes, M.D. 1903 

Ph.B. Cornell '99 

191 1 Instr. Dis. Children — 

Edward K. Hayt 

1906 Asst. Bursar and (1909) Asst. 
Registrar (Medical School) — 

Harold Dexter Hazeltine 

A.B. Brown '94, LL.B. Harvard '98, 

J.U.D. Berlin 1905 
1912-13 Lect. Hist. English Law 

Charles Downer Hazen, 

Ph.D. 1900, A.M. '99 

1910 Lect. Hist., Ret. 191 1 

Tracy Elliot Hazen, Ph.D. 1900, 

A.M. 1909, A.B. Vermont '97 
1962 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Botany — 

William Patrick Healy 

Ph.B. Yale '96, M.D. Johns Hopkins 

1904 Instr. Gynaecology, Res. 1908 

William Hehre, E.E. 


1909 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Elec. Eng. — 

Linville Laurentine Hendren, 
Ph.D. 1905 

A.B. Trinity (N. C.) 1900, A.M. 1901 

1902 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1905 

Vivian Allen Charles Henmon, 
Ph.D. 1905 

A.B. Bethany '95, A.M. '99 

1904 (April) Asst. Psychol., Ret. 

(June) 1904, 1 90s Lect. Psychol., 

Res. 1907 

Otto Hensel, M.D. 1900 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Thar. '95 

1910 Instr. Clin. Med. — 

H. Hensoldt, Ph.D. 

1888 Asst. Nat. Hist., Ret. 1891 

C. E. Herrington, A.B. 

189s Asst. Biol., Ret. 1896 

Arthur Lowell Herrick 

B.S. Dartmouth 1909, C.E. Wisconsin 

19 10 Instr. Mech. Eng. — 

William W. Herrick 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Charles Herrman, M.D. '95 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '90 
1910 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Dis. of Children — 

Christian Archibald Herter,M.D. 

1903 Prof. Pharmacology and Thera- 
peutics, Died 1910 

William Addison Hervey, A.M. 

A.B. '93 

1896 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 

Prof. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 

1908 Registrar — 

Henry Hess 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Res. 1909 



Frederick William Justus Heu- 
ser, A.M. 1902 

A.B. 1901 

1902 Asst. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 
'03 Lect., Ret. 1904, 1905 Tutor, 
1910 Instr., 1912 Asst. Prof. Ger- 
manic Langs, and Lits. — 

Frederick Charles Hicks 

Fh.B. Colgate '98, A.M. Brown 1907, 

LL.B. Georgetown 1901 
191 1 Asst. Librarian — 

Henry Harold Higbie, E.E. 1904 

1904 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. (Feb.) 

Eric Higgins 

B.Sc. Victoria (Manchester, Eng.) 1906 
1907 Asst. Physical Chem., Ret. 1908 

David Jayne Hill 

A.B. Bucknell, '74, A.M. 'yy, LL.D. 

Colgate, '83, Penn. 1902, Union, 

1902, Litt.D., Geneva, 1906 
1910-11 Lect. on Carpentier Foundation 

George William Hill, LL.D. 
(Hon.) '94 

Ph.D. Rutgers '72,'Sc.D. Cambridge '92, 
LL.D. Princeton '96 

1898 Lect. Celestial Mechanics, Res. 1901 

John Ethan Hill 

Ph.B. Yale '85, Ph.D. Clark '95 
189s Tutor Math., Ret. 1897 

Patty Smith Hill 

1910 Asst. Prof. Kindergarten Educ. 
(T. O— 

Milo Burdette Hillegas 
Ph.D. 1912 

Ph.B. Rochester '97 

191 1 Asst. Prof. Elem. Educ. (T. C.) — 

Julian Colgate Hines, Jr. 

S.B. No. Carolina 1905, S.M. 1909 

1910 Asst. Physics, Res. 191 2 

Gustav Hinrichs 

1899 Conductor Music, Res. 1905 

Ferdinand Friis Hintze 

B.S. Utah, M.A. 191 1 

191 1 Asst. Palaeontology — 

Gertrude Mary Hirst, Ph.D. 
1902 • 

A.M. 1900, A.B. Newnham (Cam- 
bridge Eng.) 1890 

1901 First appointment, 1912 Asst. 
Prof. Classical Philology — 

Friedrich Hirth 

Ph.D. and A.M. Rostock '69 

1902 Dean Lung Prof. Chinese — 

Philip Hanson Hiss, Jr., M.D. 

A.B. Johns Hopkins '95 
1896 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
Bacteriology — 

Charles Knap Hitchcock, A.M. 

A.B. '97, E.M. 1900 

1900 Asst. Mining, Ret. 1901 

Harwood Hoadley, Ph.D. 1909 

A.B. 1900 

1905 Lect. Classical Philology, Ret. 1907 

John Albert Hoag, C.E. 1909 

1909 Asst. Drawing, Res. 1910 

Eugene Hodenpyl, M.D. '85 

1887 First appointment, 1904 Adj. 
Prof. Path. Anat., Path., Died 1910 

Percy Hodge 

A.B. Western Reserve '92, B.S. Case 
School of Appl. Sci. '94, Ph.D. Cor- 
nell 1908 

19 10 Asst. Prof. Mechanics, Res. 191 1 

John Hamilton Potter Hodgson, 
M.D. '89 

M.D. Virginia '87 

1908 Instr. Dermatology — 

Alfred Hoffman, A.M. 1904 

A.B. 1903, Ph.D. Berlin 1907 

1907 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1910 

Eugene Augustus Hoffman,D.D. 

A.B. Rutgers 1847 and D.D. 1864, A.B. 
Harvard 1848, Grad. Gen. Theol. 
Sem. 1851 and D.D. 1885, D.D. Ra- 
cine Coll. 1882, D.D. O.xford 1896, 
D.C.L. King's Coll. N.S. 1890. LL.D. 
Univ. South i8gi and Trinity To- 
ronto i8q3, and Trinity 1895 

1890 [1879] Dean, General Theol. Sem., 
with seat in Univ. Council, Died 1902 

Heinrich O. Hofman 


1902 Lect. Metallurgy, Ret. 1904 

Barry Hogarty 


1899 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1901 

Francis Newberry Holbrook, 
C.E. '76 

1877 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1880, Died 

Frederick Montgomery Hol- 
brook, E.E. '97 

1897 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. (Jan.) 

Richard Thayer Holbrook, Ph.D. 

A.B. Yale '93 

1903 Tutor Romance Langs, and Lits., 
Res. 1906 

Henry Van Velsor Holcomb, 
M.D. 1903 

Phar.D. N. Y. CoIl.'Phar. '98 

1906 Asst. Surg., Res. 1909 



Ernest Selah Holcombe 

M.E. Cornell Univ. 1901 

iqo6 Lect. Elec. Eng., Ret. (Mar.) 1907 

Edwin Chapin Holden, E.M. '96 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '93 
1897 Asst. Anal. Cliem., Res. (Sept.) 

Ward Andrews Holden 

A.B. Marietta '84, A.M. '88, M.D. Med. 

Coll. Ohio '87 
1903 Instr. Ophthalmology — 

Alexander Lyman Holley 

Ph.B. Brown '53, LL.D. '78 
1878 Lect. Metallurgy, Iron and Steel, 
Died 1882 

Charles Arthur Rollick, Ph.B. 

1890 First appointment, 1893 Tutor 
Geology, Res. 1901, (1901 Asst. 
Curator N. Y. Botanical Garden — ) 

Harry Levi Hollingworth, Ph.D. 

A.B. Nebraska 1906 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Psychol. — 

Austin Wilkinson Hollis, M.D. 

1909 Assoc. Clin. Med. — 

Georg-e Chandler Holt, LL.B. 

A.B. Yale '66. LL.D. 1904 

1890 Lect. Federal Juris., Ret. 1890 

19 1 2-1 3 Lect. Patent Law 

Luther Emmett Holt, M.D. '80 

Sc.D. 1904, A.B. Rochester '75, A.M. 

iqoi Clin. Prof. Dis. Children, 02 

Prof, of same, '04 Carpentier Prof. 

of Pediatrics, '05 Carpentier Prof. 

Dis. of Children — 

Edward Alfred Hook 

B.S. Univ. of Wis. 1900, M.S. 1901, 

A.M. Harvard 1903 
1903 Tutor Math., Ret. 1901; 

Ransom Spafard Hooker, M.D. 

B.L. Hobart '95 
1909 Asst. Surg. — 

William Augustus Hooker, A.M. 

A.B. '66, E.M. '69 

1877 Asst. Geol., Ret. 1878 

William Brian Hooker 

A.B. Yale 1902, A.M. 1904 
1903 Asst. English, Ret. 1905 

Frank Cyrus Hooper, Met.E. '90 

i897_ First appointment, 1900 Instr. 
Mining, Res. 1901 

Louis Mosher Hooper, C.E., 
E.M. '80 

1880 Asst. Drawing, Res. 1881 

Edward Washburn Hopkins, 
A.B. '78 

LL.D. 1902, Ph.D. Leipsic '81 

1881 Tutor Latin and Zend., Res. 1885 

Joseph Gardner Hopkins, A.B. 

M.D. Johns Hopkins 1907 

1910 Asst. Clin. Path. — 

Henrv Frederick Hornbostel, 
Ph.B. '91 

1897 First appointment, 1900 Lect. 
Arch. Design, Ret. 1903 

David Hosack 

A.B. Princeton 1789, M.D. Coll. of 

Phila. 1791, LL.D. Union 1818 
179s Prof. Botany, 1796 also Prof. 

Mat. Medic, Res. both 181 1, (Coll. 

P. and S. Prof. Midwifery and 

Surgery, 1807-26) 

Lucius Wales Hotchkiss, M.D. 

A.B. '81 

1891 First appointment, 1910 Prof. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Homer Doliver House, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1904, B.S. Syracuse 1902 

1903 Asst. Botany, Ret. 1904 

John Wesley Houston 

A.B. Harvard '80, LL.B. and A.M. '86 
1899 Prof. Law, Res. 1901 

Richard Hovey 

A.B. Dartmouth '85 

1898 Lect. English Lit., Died 1900 

Clare Macllelen Howard, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

191 1 Lect. English — 

Henry Marion Howe 

B.S. Harvard '69, A.M. '72, LL.D. 1905, 
B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '71 LL.D. Le- 
high '05, LL.D. Lafayette 

1897 Prof. Metallurgy — 

Marshall Avery Howe, Ph.D. '98 

Ph.B. Vermont '90 

1899 (Jan.) Curator Herbarium, Res. 

(1904 Asst. Curator, N. Y. Bot. Gard. — ) 

Paul Edward Howe 

B.S. Illinois 1906, A.M. 1907, Ph.D. 

191 2 Asst. Prof. Biol. Chem. — 

John Howland 

A.B. Yale '94. M.D. New York Uni- 
versity '97, M.D. Cornell '98 

1904 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Dis. of Children, Res. 191 1 

John William Stanhope Hows 

1844 Prof. Elocution, Ret. 1857 



Ernest Valentine Hubbard, M.D. 
'98 ^ 

A.B. '94, A.M. '96 

1900 Asst. Patli., Ret. 1902 

George Canning Hubbard, B.S. 

190 1 Asst. Anal. Chem. and Assaying, 
Died 1902 

Grace Amanda Hubbard 

A.B. Smith '87, A.M. Cornell '93 
1905 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Proi. English — 

Prevost Hubbard 

1912 Lect. Engineering Chem., Ret. 1912 

Francis Huber, M.D. 'yy 
B.S. c. c. N. Y. '73 

1897 Instr. Dis. of Children, Res. 1902 

1907 Prof. Clin. Med. — • 

Wilbur Gregory Hudson 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '95, Mech.E. Cornell 

1898 (Feb.) Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. 

Otto von Huffman, M.D. 1903 

1912 Instr. Clin. Path., Res. 1913 

Charles Evans Hughes, LL.B. 

LL.D. 1907, A.B. Brown '81, A.M. '84 
1884 Tutor Law, Ret. 1887 

Percy Hughes, Ph.D. 1904 

A.M. 1902, A.B. Alfred '99 
1903 Asst. Philos., Res. 1905 

Christian K. F. Htilsen 

Litt.D. (Oxon) 

Professor in the German Archa:ological 

Inst, at Rome — 
1908 Lect. Roman Archaeology, Ret. 1909 

Edward Frank Humphrey, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1909, A.B. Minnesota 1903 
191 1 Instr. Hist. — 

Frederick Brown Humphreys, 
M.D. 1903 

Ph.B. Yale '99 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Edward Livingston Hunt, I\I.D. 

A.B. Harvard '93 

1905 Instr. Neurology — 

J. Ramsay Hunt 

M.D. Pennsylvania '93 

1910 Assoc. Prof. Neurology — 

Reid Hunt 

A.B. Johns Hopkins '91, Ph.D. '96, 
M.D. Coll. Physicians and Surgeons 
Balto. '96 

1896 Tutor Physiol., Ret. 1898 

Francis Cleaveland Huntington 

A.B. Harvard '87, LL.B., A.M. '91 
1903 Lect. Law, Ret. 1904 

George Sumner Huntington, 
M.D. 1884 

Sc.D. 1904, A.B. Trinity '81, A.M. 

'84, LL.D. Jefferson Med. Coll. 1907 
1886 First appointment, 1890 Prof. 


Stephen Augustus Hurlburt 

A.B. Wisconsin 1901 

1903 Lect. Classical Philology, Ret. 1905 

Elisha Denison Hurlbut, Jr.,C.E. 

1891 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1892 

Emilie Josephine Hutchinson, 
A.M. 1908 

A.B. 1905 

191 1 Asst. Hist., Res. 1912 

Carl Frederick L. Huth 

A.B. Wisconsin 1904, A.M. 1005 

1909 Lect. Hist., Ret. 1910 

Maude Aline Huttmann, A.M. 

B.S. 1904 

1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Arthur Lefferts Hutton, M.D. 

A.B. 1 90s 

1910 Asst. Appl. Therapeutics — 

Frederick Remsen Hutton, Ph.D. 

A.B. 'y3, A.M., E.M., C.E. '76, 

Sc.D., 1904 
1876 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 
Mech. Eng., 1907 Enter. — , 1899 
Dean Fac. Appl. Sci., Res. 1905 

Frederic Sackett Hyde, Ph.B. '93 

1898 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1899 

Jesse Earl Hyde, Ph.D. 1912 

A.M. 1907, A.B. Ohio State, 1906 
1909 Asst. Paleontology, Ret. 191 1 

James Hervey Hyslop 

A.B. Wooster '77, LL.D. 1902, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins '87 
1889 First appointment 
1895 Prof. Logic and Ethics, Res. 1902 


Asa Stewart Iglehart, A.B. '91 

1 89 1 Asst. Physics, Res. 1896 

Magnus C. Ihlseng. Ph.D. '77 

E.M. '75 

1875 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1881 



Malvern Wells lies, Ph.D. '76, 

Ph.B. '75 

187s Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1876 

Louis Imbert 

A.B. Missouri 1906, A.M. 1907 

1911 Instr. Romance Langs, and Lits., 
1912 Instr. Spanish — 

William Halsey Ingersoll, E.M. 

A.B. '67, LL.B. '69 

1873 Asst. Engineering, Mechanics, As- 
tron., Ret. 1881 

Peter Irving, M.D. 1903 

A.B. '98 

1906 Asst. Clin. Path. — 

Charles Applewhite Isaacs, A.M. 

A.B. Indiana 1905 

1907 Asst. Math., Ret. 1909 

Helen Isham 

A.B. Cornell '03 

1903 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1904 

Robert Melyne Isham 

B.A. Nebraska Wesleyan 1909, A.M. 
Univ. Nebraska 1910 

19 1 2 Instr. Anal. Chem. — 

Abraham Valentine Williams 
Jackson, Ph.D. '86 

A.B. '83, A.M. '84, L.H.D. '85, LL.D. 

1886 First appointment, 1895 Prof. 

Indo-Iranian Langs. — 

Andrew Warren Jackson 

A.B. Oregon 1907, A.M. 1909 
1909 Asst. Physics, Ret. 191 1 

Daniel Dana Jackson 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '93; M.S. 

New York Univ. 1Q08 
1912 Lect. Sanitary Eng. — 

Frank Watson Jackson, M.D. 

1897 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
Clin. Med.— 

George Thomas Jackson, M.D. 

1897 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 
Dermatology, Res. 1913 

Henry Askew Jackson, A.M. 

B.S. Princeton '99 

1902 Asst. Physical Chem., Res. 1905 

Holmes C. Jackson 


1901 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Res. (Oct.) 

Abraham Jacobi, LL.D. 1900 

M.D. Bonn '51, LL.D. Michigan '98, 

Yale 1905 
1870 Clin. Prof. Dis. of Children, 1900 

Prof., Emer. '02 — 

[L.] Harold Jacoby, Ph.D. '95, 

A.B. '85 

1888 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Astron., 1906 Rutherford Prof. — 

Charles Hope Jaeger, M.D. '96 

1906 Instr. Orth. Surg. — 

Henry James, M.D. 1907 

A.B. Yale 1903 
1910 Asst. Med. — 

Walter Belknap James, M.D.'Ss, 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Yale '79, A.M. 
(Hon.) 1906 

1889 First appointment, 1902 Prof. 
Pract. of Med., 1904 Bard Prof. 
1909 Prof. Clin. Med. — 

William James 

M.D. Harvard '70 (for other degrees 
see Harvard record), Prof. P'hilos. 
Harvard Univ. — 

1906 Lect. (non-res.) Psychol., Ret. '07 

Henry Harrington Janeway, 
M.D. '98 

A.B. Rutgers '93 , 

1909 Instr. Surg., Ret. 1912 

Theodore Caldwell Janeway, 
M.D. '95 

Ph.B. Yale '92 

1895 Asst. Bacteriology, Ret. 1896, 1907 
Assoc. Med., 1909 Bard Prof. Pract. 
of Med. — 

Benjamin M. Jaquish 


1896 First appointment, 1897 Asst. 
Gen. Chem., Ret. 1898 

George Wallace Jarman 

M.D. Belle vue '88 

1896 Instr. Gynecology, Ret. 1903 

Joseph Jastrow 


Prof. Psychol. Univ. of Wisconsin — 

1909 Lect. (non-res.) Psychol., Ret. 1910 

Smith Ely Jellifife, M.D. '89, 

Ph.D. '99, A.M. 1900, A.B. Bklyn. 
Polytechnic Inst. '96 

1903 Instr. Materia Medica, Res. 1907 

1904 Prof. Pharmacognosy and Tech- 
nical Microscopy, Coll. of Phar- 
macy — ■ 

C. N. Jeppson 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Otto Jespersen, Litt.D. 1910 

M.A. Copenhagen '87, Ph.D. '91 
Prof. English Philology Univ. of Copen- 
hagen — 
1909 Prof. English Philology, Ret. 1910 



David Stuart Dodge Jessup,M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '91, A.M. 94 
1898 First appointment, igog Instr. 
Clin. Path.—, 191 1, Prof. Bact., 
Coll. of Phar. — , 1903 Medical Visitor 
of the University — - 

Judali A. Joffe. A.B. '93 

Grad. Gym. Yekaterinoslaw, Russia 'gi 
1909 Lect. Russian, Ret. igio 

Solomon Achillowitz Joffe 


1897 (Jan.) Asst. Math., Ret. (June) 

Alexander Bryan Johnson, M.D. 

Fh.B. Yale '82 

1896 Instr. ('97) CTin. Lect. Surg., 
Res. 1900, igoS Prof. Clin. Surgery — 

Alvin Saunders Johnson, Ph.D. 

A.B. Nebraska 'g7, A.M. '98 
1902 First appointment, 1905 Adj. 
Prof. Economics, Res. 1906 

Douglas Wilson Johnson, Ph.D. 

B.S. New Mexico iqoi 

19 1 2 Assoc. Prof. Physiography — 

Henry Johnson, A.M. 1902 

B.L. Minnesota '89 

igo6 Prof. Hist. (T. C.) — 

Samuel Johnson 

A.B. Yale 1714, A.M. Oxford 1723, 
B.D. 1743. S.T.D. 1743 

1754 President, Res. 1763 

President Johnson was at first sole in- 

William Johnson 

A.M., LL.D. 

1824 Treasurer, Res. 1833 

William Johnson 

A.B. Yale 1748, A.M. Oxford and Cam- 
bridge 1756 

1755 Tutor, Res. 1756 

William Samuel Johnson, A.M. 

A.B. Yale 1744, A.M. 1747. LL.D. 1788, 

A.M. Harvard 1747, J. CD. Oxford 1766 
1787 President, Res. 1800, Died 1819 

Winfield Johnson 

Ph.G. Coll. of Pharmacy '91 
1893 First appointment, 1896 Asst. 
Demonstr. Chem. and Physics, Died 

Woolsey Johnson, M.D. 

A.B. '60 


1870 Lect. Dis. of Larynx and Laryn- 
goscopy, Ret. 1871 

William Dawson Johnston 

A.B. Brown '93, A.M. Harvard '98, 

Litt.D. Rutgers 191 1 
1909 Librarian — 

William Bard Johnstone, C.E. 

1899 (Jan.) Asst. Pliysics, Res. 1902 

Adam Leroy Jones, Ph.D. '98 

A.B. Williams '95 

1898 First appointment, '02 Tutor Philos. 
Res. 1905, 1909 Chmn. Com. on 
Undergraduate Admissions — , 191 1 
Assoc. Prof. Philos. — 

John Jones, M.D. (Hon.) 1768 

M.D. Rheims Univ. 

1767 Prof. Surg., Ret. 1776 

William Jones, Ph.D. 1904 

A.M. 1901, A.B. Harvard igoo 
igo3 Asst. Anthropology, Ret. 1904 

William Alfred Jones, A.B. '36, 


1851 Librarian, Res. 1883 

Daniel Jordan 

B.S. Univ. of France '88, Pd.B. Univ. 

State N. Y. 'g3 
i8g8 First appointment, 1907^ Asst. 

Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Farel Louis Jouard, Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. 1904 

igo8 Asst. Electro-Chem., Ret. igio 

Cavalier Hargrave Joiiet, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '82 

1897 First appointment, igio Instr. 
Anal. Chem., Res. 1912 

Charles Arad Joy 

A.B. Union '44, LL.B. Harvard '47, 

Ph.D. Gottingen '52 
1857 Prof. Chem., Ret. '77, 1864 Lect. 

Gen. Chem., '65 Prof. (Sch. of 

Mines), Ret. '77 

Douglas Arad Joy, E.M. '75 

1870 Asst. Gen. Chem., Ret. 1871, 
Died 1888 

Edward Knight Judd, E.M. 1904 

A.B. Williams 1901 
1 90S Instr. Mining- 
Alexis Anastay Julien 

A.B. Union '59. A.M. '64, Ph.D. Univ. 

New York '82 
1865 First appointment, 1897 Curator 

Geol., Ret. 1909 

Max Kahn, Ph.D. 191 2 

A.M. 1911, M.D. Cornell igio 
1912 Instr. Biol. Chem. — 

John Daniel Kaps, LL.B. '98 

1903 Tutor Law, Ret. 1904 

Frederick Kammerer 

M.D. Freiburg '80 

1910 (Feb.) Prof. Clin. Surg. — 

Edward Kasner. Ph.D. '99 

A.M. '97, B.S. C. C. N. Y. '96 

1900 First appointment, igio Prof. 





Jacob Kaufmann 

M.D. Strassburg '85 
1909 Prof. Clin. Med. — 

Thomas Henry Kearney, Jr. 

1894 (Apr.) Curator Herbarium, Res. 
(Dec.) 1894 

Lindley Miller Keasbey, Ph.D. 

A.M. '89, A.B. Harvard '88 
1892 Asst. Pol. Econ., Soc. Sci., Ret. 

Harry Mayham Keator, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '97 

1904 First appointment, 1911 Instr. 
Physiol., Ret. 1912 

William Albert Keener 

A.B. Emory '74, A.M. '77, LL.B. Har- 
vard '77, LL.D. West. Univ. Pd. '95 

1890 Prof. Private Law, '91 Prof. Law, 
'92 Kent Prof., Res. 1903, 1891 Dean 

Law, Res. 1901 

Eleanor Keller, A.M. 1910 

A.B. 1900 

1900 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Cliem. — 

Frederick Rowe Keller, E.E. 
191 1 

191 1 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1912 

William Erskine Kellicott. 
Ph.D. IQ04 

Ph.B. Ohio State '98 

1901 First appointment, 1905 Instr. 
ZooL, Res. 1906 

Edmond Kelly, LL.B. '77 

A.B. '70, A.M. '77 

1895 Lect. Pol. Hist. State and City 
N. Y., Munic. Gov't, Ret. 1898 

Charles Boyd Kelsey, M.D. '72 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '70 

1874 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. 1879 

James Furman Kemp, E.M. '84 

A.B. Amherst '8i, Sc.D. 1906 

1 89 1 First appointment, 1892 Prof. 

John Kemp 

A.M. Univ. of Aberdeen 1781; F.R.S. 

Edinburgh 1783 
1785 First appointment, 1786-1812 

FYof. Math., Geog., Nat. Hist., Died 


Burton Warren Kendall 

S.B. Mass. Inst. Tech. 1906 
1909 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Experimental Physics, Res. 1913 

Benjamin Burks Kendrick 
A.M. 191 1 

B.S., Mercer, 1905 

191 2 Instr. Hist. — 

Thaddeus Davis Kenneson 

A.B. Harvard '80, LL.B. and A.M. '83, 
LL.M. New York Univ. '98, J.D. '03 

1904 Lect. Law, Ret. 1905 

James Kent, LL.D. 1797 

A.B. Yale 1781, A.M. 1784, LL.D. Har- 
vard 1810, Dartmouth 1819, Pennsyl- 
vania 1819 

1793 Prof. Law, Res. 1798, 1823 Prof. 
Law, Died 1847, Trustee 1823, Res. 
same year 

James Manning Kent, M.D. 1903 

A.B. Brown '99 

1906 Asst. Materia Medica and Thera- 
peutics, Res. 1909 

James Henry Kenyon, M.D. '98 

B.S. Princeton '9<j 

1905 First appomtment, 1908 Instr. 
Surg. — 

Frederick Paul Keppel, A.B. '98 

Litt.D. Pittsburgh 1912 
1900 First appointment, 1910 Dean of 
Columbia College — 

Emil Alexander Charles Kep- 
pler, A.M. '97 

Ph.B. '95 

1900 Asst. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 
Res. (Feb.) 1904 

Edward Frank Kern, Ph.D. 1901 

B.S. Tennessee '97 

1905 First appointment, igii Asst. 
Prof. Metallurgy — 

Leo Kessel, M.D. 1903 

1907 Asst. Biol. Chem., Ret. 1908 

Henry Elmo Keyes 


1896 Asst. Physics, Res. (Feb.) 1898 

Cassius Jackson Keyser, Ph.D. 

A.M. '96, B.S. Missouri, '92 

1897 First appointment, 1904 Adrain 
Prof. Math. — 

Otto G. T. Kiliani 

M.D. Halle '88 

1909 Prof. Clin. Surg. — 

William Heard Kilpatrick 
Ph.D. 1912 

A.B. Mercer '91, A.M. '92 

191 1 Asst. Prof. Hist, of Educ. (T. C.)— 

John Louis Kind, Ph.D. 1906 

A.B. Nebraska '99, A.M. 1901 
1904 (Feb.) Asst. Germanic Langs, and 
Lits., Ret. 1905 

Charles King 

LL.D. Harvard and Princeton 1830 
1849 President, Res. 1864 

Charles Arthur King, Mech.E. 

191 1 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 



Margaret Appleton Kingsley, 
A.M. 1910 

A.n. Smith 1908 

J908 Asst. Botany, Ret. 191 1 

Rolfe Kingsley, M.D. 1906 

Ph.B. Yale 1902 

1912 Instr. Genito-Urinary Diseases — 

Helen Kinne 

1891 First appointment (T. C.) 

1897 Prof. Domestic Science (T. C.) — 

Francis Parker Kinnicntt, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard '68, A.M. '72 

1893 Prof. Clin. Med.— 

George Washington Kirchwey 

A.B. Yale '77, LL.D. 1908, LL.D. Cin- 
cinnati 1908, New York Univ. 1908 

1891 Prof. Law, '98 Nash Prof., 1903 
Kent Prof. — , 1901 Dean Law 
School, Res. 19 10 

Edwin Kirk, Ph.D. 19 ii 

A.B. 1907 

1907 Asst. Palaeontology, Ret. 1909 

Benjamin Kissam, A.B. 1775 

1785 Prof. Institutes of Med., Res. 1792 
1787 Trustee, Died 1803 

Richard Sharpe Kissam 

M.D. 1789 Edinburgh 

1792 Prof. Botany, Res. 1793 

Edwin Matthews Kitchel, M.D. 

1894 Asst. Histology, Died 1897 

Robert J. H. Kliene 

1902 Asst. Chinese, Ret. 1906 

Arnold [Herman] Knapp, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard '89 

1903 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Ophthalmology — 

Charles Knapp, Ph.D. '90 

A.B. '87, A.M. '88 

1896 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
Classical Philology — 

Clinton Beecham Knapp, M.D. 

A.B. Ohio Wesleyan '98 

1904 Asst. Bacteriol. and Hygiene, 
Res. 191 1, 1907 Prof. Bacteriol. 
Coll. of Phar.— 

Herman Knapp 

M.D. Giessen '54 

1 888 Prof. Ophthalmology, Eincr. 1902, 
Died 191 1 

Alice Adelaide Knox, A.M. 1906 

A.R. Smith '99 

1903 Asst. Botany, Ret. 1905 

Charles Sigourney Knox, A.M. 

A.B. '62 

1869-70 Discharged duties of Prof. 
Nairne's Department 

Raymond CoUyer Knox 

B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 

1908 Chaplain — 

Arthur Knudson 

A.B., Missouri, 1912, 1912 Asst. Biol. 
Chem. — - 

Nicholas August Koenig, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1903, A.M. 1904 

19 10 Gottheil Lect. Sem. Langs. — 

George Philip Krapp 

A.B. Wittenberg '94, A.M. '97, Ph.D. 
Johns Hopkins '99 

1900 Lect. English, (1907) Prof., Res. 
1908, 191 o Prof. English — 

William C. Krathwohl, A.M. 

A.B. Harvard 1907 

1907 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Math., Res. 191 1 

Maxmilian K. Kress 

A.M. (Hon.) Rutgers '95 
1889 First appointment, 1904 Adj. 
Prof. Arch., Died 1908 

Otto Kress, Ph.D. 1909 

B.S. 1906, A.M. 1907 
1906 F'irst appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Chem. — 

Walter Coluzzi Kretz, Ph.D. '99, 

A.B. '96 A.M. '97, Mech.E. 1902 

1901 (Feb.) Lect. Astron., Rat. (June) 

Alfred Louis Kroeber, Ph.D. 

A.B. '96, A.M. '97 

1897 Asst. Rhet. and English Comp., 
Ret. 1899 

Milos Krolikowski, C.E. 

1865 Asst. Drawing, Ret. 1866 

Felix Krueger, Ph.D. 

Prof Psychol, in Univ. of Halle — 
19 1 2-13 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 
History and Institutions 

Arthur Kline Kuhn, Ph.D. 1912 

A.B. '95, LL.B. '97, A.M. '96 

1909 (Feb.) Lect. Conflict of Laws, Ret. 
(June) 1909 

Otto Kunkel 

B.S. Missouri 1909, A.B. 1910, A.M. 

191 1 
19 1 2 Asst. Botany — 

Edward J. Kunze 

B.S. Cooper Union '99, M.E. Cornell 

1 90 1 
1907 Tutor Mech. Eng., Ret. 1908 



Johann Christoff Kunze 

A.M. Pennsylvania 1780, D.D. 1783 
1784 Prof. Oriental Langs., Res. 1787, 

1792 Prof. Oriental Langs., Ret. 

1799, 1787 Trustee, Res. 1792, 1804 

Trustee, Died 1807 

Edward Lawrence Kurtz, E.M. 

1 90 1 First appointment, 1908 Asst. 
Prof. Mining — 


Charles Frederick Lacombe, 
E.M. '85 

1886 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1888 

John LaFarge 

igo8 (Jan.) Prof. Decorative Arts, Died 

Linnaeus Edford La Fetra, M.D. 

A.B. Wesleyan '91 

1902 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Dis. of Children — 

Albert Richard Lamb, M.D. 1907 

A.B. Yale 1903 

191 1 Asst. Pathology — 

Adrian Van Sinderen Lambert, 
M.D. '96 

A.B. Yale '93 

1900 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Surg. — 

Robert A. Lambert 

M.D. Tulane 1907 

19 10 First appointment, 191 2 Assoc. 

Samuel Waldron Lambert, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '80, Ph.B. '82, A.M. (Hon.) 

1903 Prof. Appl. Therapeutics — , Dean, 
Medicine 1904 — 

Maurice Allison Lamme, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1904, B.S. Montana Agric. Coll. 

1904 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Mineralogy, Res. 1912 

Wendell Lamoroux 


1868 Tutor Rhet., Hist., Ret. 1869 

Alexander Lampen 

Mech.E. and Chem.E. Helsingfors 1903 

1905 (Dec.) Asst. Electro-Chem., Ret. 
(June) 1906 

Grace Langford 

B.S. Mass. Inst, of Technology 1900 

1906 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Physics — • 

Gustave Lanson, Litt.D. 1911 

Prof, of French Literature in Univ. of 

Paris — 
1911-1912 Visiting French Professor 

Esther Everett Lape 

B.A. Wellesley 1905 
igi2 Asst. English — 

C. B. Lara way 

1887 Asst. Nat. Hist., Ret. 1888 

John Henry Larkin, M.D. '94 

A.B. Manhattan Coll. '91 

i8g6 First appointment, 1906 Asst. 

Prof. Pathol. Anat., 1908 Asst. 

Prof. Pathol. — 

Joseph Larmor 

D.Sc, LL.D., D.C.L. 

Lucasian Prof. Math. Univ. of Cam- 
bridge — 

igo6 Lect. (non-res.) Math. Physics, 
Ret. 1907 

Augustus Jerome Lartigau 

M.D. California 'ps 

i8gg First appointment, igo2 Instr. 
Pathol., Ret. igo3 

Azubah Julia Latham 

B.A. Boston Univ. '80 

1910 Asst. Prof. Oral English (T. C.) — 

Marion Elizabeth Latham, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1905 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Botany — - 

Robert Julius Lau, Ph.D. 1905 

A.M. igoi, A.B. Central Penn. Coll. 

1905 Gustav Gottheil Lect. Semitic 

Langs., Ret. 1908 

Samuel Townsend Laubach 

B.S. Lehigh 1901 

1904 Tutor Mech. Eng., Ret. 190S 

Louis Hyacinth Laudy 

D.V.S., Ph.D. N. Y. Veterinary College 

1877 First appointment, 1891 Tutor 
Chem., Died 1905 

Berthold Laufer 

Ph.D. Leipzig '97 

1904 Lect. Anthropology, Res. 1907, 
igo6 Asst. Chinese, Res. igo7 

Cecil Fairfield Lavell, Ph.D.1911 

M.A. Queen's (Can.) 'g4 

1912 Asst. Prof. Hist, of Educ. (T. C.)— 

Charles L. Lawrence 

1894 Registrar School of Arts, Ret. 1895 

Eugene Lawrence 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1841, A.M. 1844, A.M. 

Princeton 1891 
1863 First appointment, 1865 Tutor 

Engl. Lit., Rhetoric, History, Res. 


John L. Lawrence, A.B. 1803 

1833 Treasurer, Died 1849 



LilHe Maria Lawrence, B.S.1905 

1905 Asst. Classical Philology, Ret. 1906 

William Witherly Lawrence 

A.B. Bowdoin '98, A.M. Harvard 1900, 
Ph.D. '03 

1905 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. English — 

Charles Francis Lawson, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1907 Asst. English, Ret. 1908 

William Cranston Lawton 

1894 Lect. Greek, Ret. 1895 

Charles Downing- Lay 

1910 Lect. Landscape Arch., Ret. 191 1 

Edward Leaming, M.D. '92 

189^ First appointment, 1895 Instr. 
Photography, Ret. 1909 

Charles Wellford Leavitt, Jr. 

191 1 Lect. Landscape Arch., Ret. 1912 

Clemens Lebling, Ph.D. 

1912 Cur. Pal?eontology — 

Llewellyn Le Count, C.E. 1900 

1900 Asst. Civil Eng., Died 1900 

Benjamin Franklin Lee, LL.B. 

A.B. Williams, '58, LL.D. '87 
1883 Prof. Real Est. and Equity Jur., 
Res. 1892 

FVederic Schiller Lee 

A.B. St. Lawrence '78, A.M. '81, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins '85 
1891 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Physiol., 191 1 Dalton Prof. — ■ 

George Morewood LetTerts, 
M.D. '70 

M.Sc. (Hon.) 1901, A.B., C. C. N. Y. 
'67, A.M. (Hon.) Dickinson '69 

1874 Clin. Prof. Laryngoscopy and Dis. 
Throat, '96 Clin. Prof. Laryngology 
and Rhinology, Enter. 1904 (Laryn- 
gology only) — 

Noel Bleecker Leggett, M.D. 

1908 (Jan.) Asst. Surg., Ret. 1909 

Victor Lenher 

A.B. Univ. of Penn. '93, Ph.D. '98 
1898 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1900 

Nels Johann Lennes 

S.B. Chicago '98, S.M. 1903, Ph.D. 1907 
1910 Instr. Math. — 

K. G. Rudolf Leonhard 

J.U.D. Berlin '74, Prof. Legal Science, 

Univ. of Breslau — 
1907-8 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 

Hist, and Institutions 

George Leroux 

1869 Instr. French, Ret. 1870 

Peter V. Leroy 

1883 Asst. Herbarium, Ret. 1885 

Alexander Leslie, A.M. 1765 

A.B. 1762 

1763 Headmaster Gram. Sch., Ret. 
1776 (?) 

Isaac Levin 

M.D. St. Petersburg '90 

1909 Assoc. Pathol. — 

Leonard Julian Lewinson, E.E. 

1904 Asst. Elec. Eng., Res. 1905 

Edward Morgan Lewis 

A.B. Williams '96, A.M. '99 
1901 Lect. Elocution, Res. 1903 

Robert Lewis, Jr., M.D. '85 

1896 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 
Clin. Otology — 

Emanuel Libman, M.D. '94 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '91 

1910 Prof. Clin. Med. — 

Charles Christian Lieb, M.D. 

A.B. 1902 

1909 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Pharmacology and Therapeutics — 

Francis Lieber 

Jena '20, Halle '24, LL.D. Harvard '50 
1857 Prof. Hist, and Pol. Sci., '65 Prof. 
Const. Hist, and Pub. Law, Died 1872 

Mrs. N. W. Liggett, A.B. 

1 89 1 Bursar of Barnard College — 

Francis Church Lincoln, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1906, S.B. Mass. Inst. Tech. 
1900, E.M. New Mexico School 
of Mines 1903 

1905 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1906 

Samuel McCune Lindsay 

Ph.B. Pennsylvania '89, LL.D. 1909, 
Ph.D. Halle '92 

1907 Prof. Social Legislation — 

George Herbert Ling, Ph.D.'96, 

A.M. '94, A.B. Toronto '93 
1895 Asst. Math., Ret. 1896, 1901 
Tutor Math., '95 Instr., Res. 1909 

Richard T. Lingley 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Leonard Lispenard, A.B. 1762 

1775 Treasurer, Res. 1784, Died 1790 

James Lawrence Little. M.D. '6o 

1868 Lect. Operative Surg., Ret. 1879, 
Died 1885 

Thomas Little 

1900 Supt. Bureau Purchases and Sup- 
plies, Ret. 1901 



A[lbert] Arthur Livingston, 
Ph.D. 1910 

A.B. Amherst 1904 

1909 Tutor Romance Langs, and Lits., 

Ret. 1910, 191 1 Asst. Prof. Romance 

Langs, and Lits. — 

Brockholst Livingston, LL.D. 

1784 Treasurer, Died 1823 

Francis Ernest Lloyd 

A.B. Princeton '91, A.M. '95 
1897 Assoc. Prof. Biol. Sci. (T. C), 
Res. 1906 

Ralph Waldo Lobenstine, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '96 

1902 Instr. Obstetrics, Res. 1904 

1909 Instr. Gynecology — 

Dean Putnam Lockwood 

A.B. Harvard 1903, A.M. 1904, Ph.D. 

1910 Asst. Prof. Classical Philology — ■ 

George Roe Lockwood, M.D. '84 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '81 

1896 First appointment, 1910 Prof. 
Clin. Med.— 

Gonzalez Lodge 

A.B. Johns Hopkins '83, Ph.D. '86, 

LL.D. Franklin and Marshall 1901 

1900 Prof. Latin and Greek (T. C.) — 

Louis C. Loewenstein 

A.B. (?) Pennsylvania '97, E.E. 1902, 
Ph.D. Berlin(?) 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Victor LeVan Logo 

B.S. Pennsylvania 1906 
1912 Instr. Anal. Chem. — 

Jules E. Loiseau 


1870 Instr. French, Died 1885 

Louis Auguste Loiseaux 

B.S. Dijon '94 

1892 First appointment, 1904 Asst. 
Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Robert Hamilton Lombard 

S.B. Mass. Inst. Tech. 1910 
1912 Instr. Chem. — 

Warren Plimpton Lombard 

A.B. Harvard '78, M.D. '81 
1888 Asst. Physiol., Ret. 1889 

Gerhard Richard Lomer, Ph.D. 

A.B. McGill 1903, A.M. 1904 
1912 Instr. English — ■ 

Eli Long, M.D. '96 

A.B. Harvard '94 

1899 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1900 

F. V. D. Longacre 

1910 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Mech. Eng. — 

Warfield Theobald Longcope 

A.B. Johns Hopkins 1897, M.D. 1901 

191 1 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Pract. of Med. — _ 

Aladine Cummings Longden, 
Ph.D. 1900 

A.B. DePauw '81, A.M. '84 

1900 Asst. Physics, Res. (Oct.) 1900 

Louise Ropes Loomis, Ph.D. 

A.M. igo2, A.B. VVellesley '97 
1903 First appointment, 1904 Lect. 
Hist., Ret. 1905 

Austin Willard Lord 

1912 Prof. Arch, and Dir. Sch. of Arch. — 

Herbert Gardiner Lord 

A.B. Amherst '71. A.M. (Hon.) 1900 
1900 Prof. Philos. — 

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz 

Professor of Math. Physics University 

of Leyden, Holland — 
1905-06 Lect. (non-res) Math. Physics 

Alfred Peirce Lothrop, Ph.D. 

A.B. Oberlin 1906, A.M. 1907 
1908 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Biol. Chem. — 

Edward Gurley Love, Ph.D. '78, 

Ph.B. 'y6, A.M. Hamilton '72 
1876 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1877 

Arthur O. Love joy 

A.B. California '95, A.M. Harvard '97 

1907 Lect. Philos., Ret. 1908 

Earl Brink Lovell 

C.E. Cornell '91 

1898 First appointment, 1907 Prof. 
Civil Eng.- — ■ 

Seth Low, A.B. '70 

LL.D. Amherst '89, Univ. of State of 
N. Y. '89, Pennsylvania '90, Harvard 
'90, Trinity '90, Princeton '96, Yale 

1890 President, Res. 1901, Trustee 
1881 — 

Alexander Lowy, A.M. 1912 

B.S. 1911 

1912 Lab. Asst. Electro-Chem. — 

Charles Edward Lucke, Ph.D. 

B.S. C. C. N: Y. '95, M.S. N. Y. Univ. 

1902 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 

Mech. Eng. — 

Thomas William Ludlow, A.M. 

B.S. 1903 

1908 Lect. Arch., Ret. 1910 

Otto Lummer 

Prof. Math. Physics, Univ. of Breslau — 
1906-7 Lect. (non-res.) Math. Physics 



Lea Mcllvaine Luquer, Ph.D. 

C.E. '87 . 

1890 First appointment, 1904 Asst. 
Prof. Mineralogy — 

Thatcher Taylor Payne Luquer, 
C.E. '89 

1891 Asst. SurvevinR, Tract. Mining, 
Ret. 1892 

John Balthazar Luther 

Ph.G. Coll. Pharmacy 1903. 1903 
Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1904 

Henry Hamilton Moore Lyle, 
M.D. 1900 

1910 Instr. Surg. — 

John Burgess Lynch 

M.D. N. Y. "Univ. '87 

1893 Asst. Normal Histology, Res. 1893 

Edward Crane Lyon, Jr., M.D. 

A.B. Princeton 1902 

191 1 Instr. Obstetrics — 



Thomas Alexander McBride, 
M.D. '71 

A.B. elsewhere 

1876 Lect. Symptomatology, Ret. 1880, 
1885, Examiner Pathol, and Prac- 
tical Med., Ret. 1886 

Charles McBurney, M.D. 1870 

A.B. Harvard '66, A.M. '69 
1872 First appointment, 1889 Prof. 
Surg., 1907 Eiuer. Prof — 

Richard Stanislaus McCaffery, 
E.M. '96 

1898 Asst. Metallurgy, Res. 1899 

William Henry McCastline,ALD. 

igio Asst. Prof. Physical Educ. (T. C), 
Res. 1912, 1912 Health and Sanitary 
John McChesney 

A.B. Amherst 1908 

1908 Asst. Philos., 7?c'^ 1910 

James Farley McClelland, E.M. 

1902 Lect. Mining, '04 Instr., Res. 1905 
1910 Lect. Mining, Ret. 1911 

Emory McClintock, A.M. '62, 

A.B. 'S9, LL.D. '85, Ph.D. Wisconsin 

'84, Yale '99 
1859 Tutor Math . Res. i860 

Matthew Thompson McClure, 
Jr., Ph.D. 1912 

A.B. Washington and Lee, 1904, M.A. 

\'irginia 1907 
1910 Asst. Philos., Ret. 191 1, 1912 

Instr. Philos. — 

Robert Hall McConnell, M.D. 

1907 Asst. Dis. of Children, Ret. 1908 

Joseph Sing-leton McCord, Jr. 

B.S. Brooklyn I'olytechnic Institute '99 
1901 Asst. Rlincralogy, Ret. 1903 

Andrew James McCosh, M.D. 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Princeton 'yy, A.M. 

1894 First appointment, 1907 Prof. 

Clin. Surg., Died 1908 

Robert Franklin McCrackan, 
Ph.D. 1912 

A.M. 1910, B.S. So. Carolina Military 

Acad. 1903 
1910 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 191 1 

Nelson Glenn McCrea, Ph.D. '88, 

A.B. '85, A.M. '86 

1S85 First appointment, 1903 Prof. 
Latin, 191 1 Anthon Prof. — 

Richard Sears McCulloh 

A.B. Coll. N. J. '36, LL.D. Wash'nand 
Lee '78 

1854 Prof. Nat. Phil, and Chem., 
',S7 Prof. Mechanics and Physics, 
Expelled 1863 (for having "aban- 
doned his post of duty . . . and allied 
himself to those now in rebellion") 

Henry Edwin McDermott 

A.B. Yale '96, A.M. '98 

1898 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Died 1S98 

George Henry McFarland, Jr., 
M.D. 1902 

B.S. Princeton '98 

1907 Instr. Obstetrics, Res. 1909 

Charles T. McFarlane 

B.Pd. N. Y. State Normal Coll. '94, 
D.Pd. 1904. M.Pd. Mich. State Nor- 
mal Coll. 1 90 1 

1910 (Feb.) Controller of Teachers Coll. — 

Edward L'H. McGinnis 

M.D. L. I. Coll. Hosp. '83 
1896 Asst. pis. of Women and Electro- 
Therapeutist, Res. 1903 

James Howard McGregor, Ph.D. 

A.M. 'q6, B.S. Ohio, 1894 
1807 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Prof. Zool.— 

Leslie McHarg 

C.E. Cornell '89 

1899 Asst. Civil Eng., Res. 1900 



Parker Cairns Mcllhiney, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '92, A.M. '93 

1894 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. igoo 

Charles Follett McKim, Litt.D. 

A.M. Bowdoin '92, A.M. Harvard '93 
1898 Advisory Committee on Art 
1905 Director of Atelier, Died 1909 

John Aloysius McKinley, Jr. 

19 1 2 Asst. Drawing — 

Waher Wilbert McKirahan 

A.B. Muskingum Coll. 1905 

191 1 Lab. Asst. Physical Chem. — 

Charles McKnight 


1785 Prof. Anat. and Surg., Died 1792 
1784-7 Regent of University, 1787 
Trustee, Res. 1787 

John McKnight 

1795 Prof. Moral Phil, (and Logic), 

Ret. 1801 (in 1799 Rhetoric and 

Belles Lettres added), 1793 Trustee, 
Res. 1795 

Charles William McKone, A.M. 

B.S. Trinity 1908 

1909 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1910 

James Woods McLane, M.D. '64 

A.B. Yale '6i 

1867 Lect. Materia Medica, '68 Prof. 
Mat. Med. and '69 Therapeutics, '72 
Adj. Prof. Obstetrics, Dis. of Women 
and Child, and Med. Jur., '79 Prof. 
Obst. and Dis. of Ciiild. ((gynaecology- 
added '82-'85 and Dis. of Child, 
dropped '91), Emer. '98, 1891 Dean 
Fac. Med., Res. 1903, Pres. Coll. P. 
and S. 1889-91, Died 1912 

Charles Fraser McLean 

A.B. Yale '64, Ph.D. '66, J.U.D. Berlin 
1873 Lect. International Law, Ret. 1874 

Frank Morton McMurry 

Ph.D. Jena 1889 

1898 Prof. Theory and Pract. Teach- 
ing (T. 0, 1902 Prof. Elem. Educ. 
(T. O— 

Charles Wood McMurtry 

M.D. Harvard '97 

1910 Instr. Dermatology — 

William Augustus McVickar, 
A.M. '50, 

A.B. '46, D.D. '70 

1869 Lect. Evidence of Relig., Ret. 1871 

John McVickars, A.M. 1818 

A.B. 1804, S.T.D. 1825 

1817 Prof. Moral Philos. (in 1818 
Philos. and Pol. Econ. were added), 
'S7 Prof. Evidence Nat. and Rev. 
Relig., Emer. 1864, Died 1868 

Leonard Beecher McWhood, 
A.B. '93 

1898 First appointment, 1904 Adj. 
Prof. Music, Res. 1910 

Clarence Arthur McWilliams, 
M.D. '95 

A.B. Princeton '92, A.M. '95 

1898 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1899 

1903 Instr. Surgery — 

Robert E. MacAlarney 

A.B. Dickinson '93 

1912 Assoc. Prof. Journalism — 

William George MacCallum 

A.B. Toronto '94, M.D. Johns Hopkins 

1909 Prof. Pathol. — 

Edward Alexander MacDowell 

Mus. Doc. (Hon.) Princeton '96 

1896 Prof. Music, Res. 1904, Died 1908 

James S. Macgregor 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. 1902, M.S. 1904 
1905 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Civil Eng. — 

James Buckton Macintosh, E.M, 
C.E. '77 

1879 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1880, Died 

Richard Cockburn Maclaurin 

M.A. Cambridge '97, LL.D. 1904, Sc.D. 
1908, LL.D. Wesleyan 1909, Harvard 
1910, Sc.D. Dartmouth 1909 

1907 (Dec.) Prof. Math. Physics, Res. 

James Maclay, Ph.D. '99 

C.E. '88 

1888 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 
Math. — 

Annie Louise Macleod 

A.B. McGill 1904, M.Sc. 190S 

1908 Asst. Chem., Res. 1909 

Cornelia Page Macy 

1908 Recorder — 

John Angus MacVannel, Ph.D. 

A.B. Toronto '93, A.M. '94 

1896 Asst. Philos., Ret. 1898, 1901 

Lect. Philos., Ret. 1902, 1902 Instr. 

Philos. of Educ. (T. C). 1906 Prof. 

Philos. of Educ. (T. C.) — 

Julius Maier, Ph.D. '64 

1864 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1865 

Cyprien O. Mailloux 

E.E. Bklyn. Polytechnic Inst. 1905, 
M.Sc. 1906 

1909 Assoc. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Margaret Eliza Maltby 

A.B. Oberlin '82, B.S. Mass. Inst. 

Tech. '91, A.M. '91, Ph.D. Gottingen 

iqoo First appointment, 1903 Asst. 

Prof. Physics — 




Matthew Derbyshire Mann, 
M.D. '71 

A.B. Yale '67, A.M. '71 

187S Lect. Clin. Microscopy, Ret. 1878 

William Mansfield, Phar.D. 

1908 Prof. Pharmacognosy, Coll. of 

Villette de Marcelin 

1792 Prof. French Lang., Ret. 1799 

Antonio Marinoni 

A.B. Lyceo di Desenzano (Italy) 1900, 

A.M. Yale 1904 
1904 (Nov.) Lect. Romance Langs, and 

Lits., Ret. 1905 

Charles Blackwell Markham 

A.B. Trinity (N. C.) 1906, A.M. 1907 
1907 Asst. Physics, Res. 1908 

Francis Hartman Markoe, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '76 

1887 First appointment, 1900 Prof. 
Clin. Surg., Died 1907 

Thomas Masters Markoe, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '36 

iS^g First appointment, 1870 Prof. 
Surg., Emer. '91, Died igoi 

William G. Marquette 

Ph.G. Northwestern '99, B.S. Wis- 
consin 1903, Ph.D. 1907 
19H Assoc. Prof. Botany — 

Charles Wells Marsh, Ph.D. '82, 

Ph.B. '79 

1880 Asst. Chem., Res. 1880 

Henry Rutgers Marshall, A.M. 

A.B. '73, L.H.D. Rutgers 1903 
1894 Lect. .(Esthetics, Ret. 1895 

Walton Martin, M.D. '92 

Ph.B. Yale '89 

1896 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Surg. — 

Walter Taylor Marvin, A.B. '93 

Ph.D. Bonn '98 

1898 Asst. Philos., Ret. 1900 

Daniel Gregory Mason 

A.B. Harvard '95 

1909 First appointment 

1910 Asst. Prof. Music — • 

Erskine Mason, M.D. '60 

A.B. '57, A.M. '60 

i860 First appointment, 1866 Dem- 
onstr. Anat., Ret. 1870 

Frank Louis Mason, E.E. 1909 

1909 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Elec. Eng. — 

Howard Harris Mason, M.D. 

A.B. Brown 1900 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

John Mitchell Mason, A.B. 1789 

A.M. Princeton 1794, S.T.D. Pennsyl- 
vania 1804 

181 1 Provost, Res. 18 16, 179s Trustee, 
Res. 1 82 1 

Francis Stuart Mathews, M.D. 

B.S. Washington and Jefferson Coll. '90 
1903 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 

Gynecology, Ret. 191 1, 1912 Instr. 

Surg. — 

Franklin Matthews 

1S83, 1912 Assoc. 

A.B., Cornell, 
Journalism — 

Alexander Mathews, Ph.D. 

A.M. '95, B.S. Washington and Jef- 
ferson Coll. '93, M.S. '96 

1896 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1897, 1898 
Tutor Chem., Ret. 1900 

[ames] Brander Matthews, 
A.M. '74 

A.B. '71. LL.B. '7Z, LL.D. 1904 
Litt.D. Yale 1901, D.C.L. Univ. of the 

South '99, LL.D. Miami 1909 
1892 Prof. Literature, 1900 Prof. Dra- 
matic Lit. — 

Carlotta Joaquina Maury 

Ph.B. Cornell '96, Ph.D. 1902 
1909 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Geol., Res. 1912 

John W. Draper Maury 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. '98 
1905 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Surg., Res. 19 10 

Arthur Ray Maxson, A.M. 1905 

A.B. Rollins 1900 

1905 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Math., Died 191 1 

Charles Henry May, M.D. '83 

1896 Instr. Ophthalmology, Res. 1903 

William Ropes May 

A.B. Harvard 1894, M.D. '98 

1906 Asst. Appl. Therapeutics, Res. 1909 

Ralph Edward Mayer, C.E. '79 

1882 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. Kng'g Draughting — 

Richmond Mayo-Smith 

A.B. Amherst '75. A.M. '78, Ph.D. '90 
1877 First appointment, 1883 Prof. 

Pol. Econ. and Social Sci., Died 


Charles Searing Mead, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1906, B.S. Ohio State 1904 
1906 Asst. Zool., Ret. 1907, 1909 
(Feb.) Asst. Zool., Ret. (June) 1909 



William Rutherford Mead 

loo'g Advisory Com. on Art — 

Frank Sherman Meara, M.D. '95 

A.B. Yale '90, Ph.D. '92 

1903 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Dis. of Children, Res. 1909 

Thomas Mann Randolph Meikle- 
ham, C.E. '90 

1890 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1892 

Augustus Chapman Merriam, 
A.M. '69 

A.B. '66, Ph.D. Hamilton '79 
1868 First appointment, 1890 Prof. 
Greek Archnsol. and Epig. Died 1895 

Charles Edward Merriam, Jr., 
Ph.D. 1900 

A.M. '97, A.B. Lenox Coll. '93. A.B. 
Iowa '95 

1898 Lect. Pol. Theories, Ret. 1899 

Frederick James Hamilton Mer- 
rill, Ph.D. '90 

Ph.B. '8s 

1886 Fellow, Asst. Geol., Res. 1890 

William Stuart Messer, A.M. 

A.B. 1905 

191 1 Instr. Classical Philology — 

John Thomas Metcalfe 

M.D. Univ. of Fenn. 1843 
1866 Prof. Clin. Med., Emer. '75, Died 

Arthur Julius Mettler, B.S. 1905 

1905 First appointment, 1906 Lect. 
Anal. Chem., Res. 1907 

Floyd Jay Metzger, Ph.D. 1902 

Ph.B. Buchtel '99 

1904 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Anal. Chem. — 

Anna Emily Helene Meyer, A.B. 

1899 Sec'y Barnard Coll., Res. 191 1, 
191 1 Registrar — 

Gustave Morris Meyer 

B.S. N. Y. Univ. '96, D.Sc. Geneva 

1903 (April) Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 

(June) 1903, 1904 Asst. Biol. Chem. 
1 90s Tutor, Res. 1907 

John Francis Meyer 

1872 Registrar School of Mines, Ret. 

George Louis Meylan, A.M. 1904 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. '96, B.S. Harvard 
1902 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Prof. Physical Education and Med- 
ical Direc. of the Gymnasium — ■ 

Alfred Michaelis, M.D. '98 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '94 
1 9 10 Instr. Otology — ■ 

Peter Middleton, M.D. (Hon.) 

M.D. St. Andrew's Univ. 
1767 Prof. Path, and Physiol., Ret. 1776 
1770 Prof. Chem. and Mat. Medica, 
Ret. 1776, 1770 Gov. King's Col- 
lege, Ret. subsequently to 1780 

Adam Marion Miller 

A.B. Princeton 1901, A.M. 1902 

1903 Instr. Normal Histology, Embry- 
ology, '09 Instr. Anat. — 

Dickinson Sergeant Miller 

A.B., A.M. Harvard '92, Ph.D. Halle 

1904 First appointment, 1907 Prof, 
of Philos.— 

Edmund Howd Miller, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '91, A.M. '92 

1891 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Anal. Chem., Died 1906 

Edgar Grim Miller, Jr. 

B.S., Gettysburg, 191 1, 1912 Asst. 
Biol. Chem. — 

Fred J. Miller 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

George Mason Miller, A.M. '6^, 

A.B. '60, LL.B. ',62 

1865 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1866 

James Alexander Miller, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '93, A.M. '94 
1901 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1902 
1904 Instr. Physical Diagnosis, 1910 
Asst. Prof. Clin. Med. — 

Samuel Osgood Miller, C.E. '95 

1898 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Drawing — 

William AVhitfield Miller 

M.D. University of Virginia 

1901 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1902 

Edward Norris Milliken, A.M. 

B.S. 1907 

1910 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1912 

Edward Bedinger Mitchell, A.B. 

1 90 1 Asst. Comparative Literature, 
Ret. 1902 

Henry Bedinger Mitchell, A.M. 

E.E. '98 

1898 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 
Math. — 

Samuel Alfred Mitchell 

A.M. Queens '94, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 

1899 First appointment, 1908 Asst. 
Prof. Astron. — 



Walter Alfred Mitchell, A.M. 

A.B. Trinity 1904 

1904 Asst. Physics, Res. 1905, 1909 
Asst. Physics, Ret. 19 10 

Samuel Latham Mitchill, A.M. 
(Hon.) 1788 

M.D. Edinburgh 1786, LL.D. Pennsyl- 
vania 1819 

1-92 Prof. Nat. Hist., Agric. and Arts 
depending thereon, Ret. 1803 also 
1793 Prof. Botany, Kes. 179S 

Harris Moak 

M.D. Albany Med. Coll. '99 
igii Asst. Bacteriol.- — 

Miles Rees Moffatt, A.B. '99, 

B.S. 1901 

1901 Asst. Physics, Res. (Jan.) 1902 

Joseph Thompson Monell, C.E. 

E.E. '91 

1893 Tutor Astron., Ret. 1895 

Paul Monroe 

B.S. Franklin '90, M.S. '95. Ph-D. Chi- 
cago '97 
1897 First appointment (T. C.) 

1902 Prof. Hist, of Educ. (T. C.) — 

William Pepperrell Montague 

A.B. Harvard '96, A.M. '97, Ph.D. '98 

1903 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. Philos. — 

Benjamin Moore, A.M. 1771 

A.B. 1768, S.T.D. 1789 
1784 Prof. Rhet. and Logic, Res. 1787 
1801 President, Res. 181 1, 1802 Trus- 
tee, Res. 18 13 

Frank Gardner Moore 

A.B. Yale '86, Ph.D. '90 

191 Prof. Classical Philology — 

Henry Ludwell Moore 

A.B. Randolph-Macon '92, Ph.D. Johns 

Hopkins '96 
1902 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 

Polit. Econ. — 

John Bassett Moore 

A.B. Virginia '80, LL.D. Yale 1901 
1891 Prof. International Law and 

Diplomacy, '93 Hamilton Fish Prof. 

of same — • 

Nathaniel F. Moore, A.M. 1805 

A.B. 1802, LL.D. 1825 

181 7 Adj. Prof. Greek and Latin Langs., 
'20 Prof., Res. 1835, 1837 Librarian, 
Res. 1839, 1842 President, Res. 
1849, 1842 Trustee, Res. 1851 

William Cabler Moore 

B.S. Peabody Coll. 1903, Ph.D. 
1909 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Chem. — 

Victor Morawetz, A.M. (Hon.) 

LL.B. Harvard '79 

1888 Lect. Private Corporations, Ret. 

J[ohn] Harold Morecroft 

E.E. Syracuse 1904, B.S. 1907 
1909 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Elec. Eng. — • 

John Livingston Rutgers Mor- 

B.S. Rutgers '92, A.M., Ph.D. Leipzig 

1897 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 
Physical Chem. — 

O. S. Morgan 

A.B. Illinois 1905, M.S. A. Cornell 1907, 

Ph.D. 1909 
191 1 Prof. Agriculture^ 

Thomas Hunt Morgan 

B.S. Kentucky '86, Ph.D. Johns Hop- 
kins '91 
1904 Prof. Experimental Zool. — 

Thomas Morong 

A.B. Amherst '48, A.M. '51 

i8go Curator Herbarium, Died 1894 

Charles Virgin Morrill, Jr., 
Ph.D. 191 1, 

A.M. 1906, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1903 
1906 Asst. Zool., Ret. 1908 

Charles Edward Morrison, Ph.D. 

C.E., A.M. 1901, B.S. C. C. N. Y. 


1 90s First appointment, 1909 Instr. 
Civil Eng., Res. 1910 

Leighton B. Morse, Ph.D. 1908 

Ph.B. Iowa 1903 

1906 First appointment, 1909 Instr. 
Physics. — 

Herman Otto Mosenthal, M.D. 

A.B. '99 

1908 tirst appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Biol. Chem. — 

Alfred Joseph Moses, Ph.D. '90, 

E.M. '82 

1882 First appointment, 1897 Prof. 
Mineralogy — 

Lincoln DeGroot Moss 

1909 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Mech. Eng. — 

Valentine Mott, M.D. 1806 

LL.D. N. Y. Univ. 

181 1 Prof. Surg., Res. 1813 

Henry Moyes LL.D. 

1785 Prof. Chem. and Nat. Hist., Res. 

Elisha Mulford 

A.B. Yale '55, A.M. '58, LL.D. '72 
1872 Lect. I'blit. Sci., Ret. 1873 

George Muller 


1896 First appointment 

1897 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1898 

Henri Frangois Muller 

B. es L. Paris '97 

1903 First appointment, 1909 Instr. 
Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Hermann Joseph Muller, A.M. 

A.B. 1910 

1912 Asst. Zool. — 

Paul Fortunatus Munde 

M.D. Harvard '66, LL.D. (Hon.) Dart- 
mouth '97 
1881 Lect. Dis. of Women, Ret. 1882 

Henry Smith Munroe, Ph.D. 'yy, 

E.M. '69, Sc.D. 1904 

1877 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 

Mining — , Dean Fac. App. Sci. 


Hugo Miinsterberg 

Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. 
Professor of Psychol., Harvard Uni- 
versity — 
1903 Lect. Psychol., Ret. 1904 

Robert Kenneth Murphy 
Chem.E. 1910 

1912 Instr. Engineering Chem. — 

William Hunt Murphy 

B.S. McGill 1908 

1912 (Feb.) Asst. Physics — 

Henry Raymond Mussey, Ph.D. 

A.B. Beloit 1900 

1902 (April) Lect. Economics, Ret. 
(June) igo2, 1909 Asst. Prof. Eco- 
nomics, 191 1 Assoc. Prof. — 

David Saville Muzzey Ph.D. 

A.B. Harvard '93, B.D. N. Y. Univ. '97 
19 1 1 First appointment, 19 12 Assoc. 
Prof. Hist.— 

James Myers, A.B. 1904 

1908 Secretary of Earl Hall, Res. 19 13 


John McLean Nash, A.M. '70, 

A.B. '68, LL.B. '70 
1885 Treasurer — 

Harold Nathan, LL.B. '89 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '85, M.S. '88 
1890 Prize Tutor Law, Ret. 1893 

Arthur Edwin Neergaard, M.D. 

A.B. Yale 1904 
1912 Asst. Med. — 

William Allan Neilson 

A.M. Edinburgh '91, A.M. Harvard '96, 

Ph.D. '98 
1904 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 

English, Res. 1906 

Arthur Colon Neish, Ph.D. 1904, 

A.M. 1900, A.B. Queen's '98 

Ehrman Syme Nadal 

A.B. Yale '64 

1892 Lect. Eng. Comp., Ret. 1893, 1895 
Lect. English, Ret. 1896 

Charles Murray Nairne 

Grad. St. Andrews "'^o, A.M., L.H.D., 
Regents of U. of N. Y. '65 

1857 Prof. Moral and Intellectual 
Philos. and Lit._ (1860-78, also Prof. 
Ethics of Jurisprudence, 1865-76, 
also Prof. Hist, and Pol. Econ.), 
Emer. Philos. and Eng. Lit. '81, 
Died 1882 



1900 Asst 

1903 (Feb.) 

Instr. — 

Queen's y„ 

Anal. Chem., Ret. 1902, 

Tutor Chem., 1910 

William Stockton Nelms 

A.B. Southwestern 1903, A.M. 1904 
1908 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1912 

Allen Henry Nelson, A.M. 1903 

A.B. Middlebury 1901 

1903 (Mar.) Asst. Physics, Res. 1906 

Charles Alexander Nelson 

A.B. Harvard '60, A.M. '63 
1 88 1 First appointment, 1900 Head 
Reference Librarian, Ret. 1909 

Francis Augustus Nelson, B.S. 

1906 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Arch., Res. 1912 

John Maurice Nelson, Ph.D. 1907 

B.S. Nebraska 1901 

1908 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Organic Chem. — ■ 

William Frederick Neumann, 
M.D. '92 

1897 Asst. Bacterid, and Hygiene, 
Ret. 1902 

John Strong Newberry 

A.B. Western Reserve '46, LL.D. '67, 

M.D. Cleveland Medical '48 
1866 Prof. Geol. and Palaeontology, 

Enter. '92, Died '92 

Spencer Baird Newberry, Ph.D. 

E.M. '78 

1878 Asst. Geology, Ret. 1879 

Henry Newton, Ph.D. 'yy 

E.M. '69, A.B. C. C. N'. Y. '66 

1870 Asst. Mineralogy and Geol., Ret. 


Ernest Fox Nichols 

B.S. Kansas Ag. '88, M.S. Cornell '93, 
Sc.D. '97, Sc.D. Dartmouth 1903, 
LL.D. Colgate 1909, (Tlark 1909 

1903 Prof. Experimental Physics, Res. 



F. F. Nickel 

igi2 (Feb.) Assoc. Mech. Eng. — 

Samuel Nicoll, M.D. 1774 

1792 Frof. Chem. and Pract. of Med., 
Res. 1794, Trustee 1795, Died 1796 

William Albert Nitze 

A.B. Jolins Hopkins '94, Ph.D. '99 
1899 First appointment, 1901 Tutor 
Romance Langs, and Lits., Res. 1903 

Herbert Noble, LL.B. '93 

A.M. '9S, A.B. St. John's Coll. (Md.) 

1896 Lect. Law, Ret. 1899 

Van Home Norrie, M.D. '89, 

A.B. '8s 

1895 First appointment, 1910 Prof. 
Clin. Med.— 

Charles Norris [Jr.], M.D. '92 

Ph.B. Yale '88 

1S97 First appointment, 1902 Asst. 
Bacteriol. and Hygiene, Res. 1904 

Henry Lee Norris 

E.M. Stevens 1902 

1902 First appointment, 1907 (Jan.) 
Supt. Buildings and Grounds — 

Leonard Drake Norsworthy, 
A.M. 1910 

C.E. 1909 

1909 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1910 
1912 Instr. Civil. Eng. — 

Naomi Norsworthy, Ph.D. 1904, 

B.S. 1902 

1909 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Educ. Psychol. (T. C.) — 

John Isaiah Northrop, Ph.D. '88, 

E.M. '84 

1887 First appointment, 1891 Tutor 
ZooL, Died 1891 

C. H. Norton 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Nathaniel Read Norton, M.D. 

Ph.B. Yale '91 

191 1 Instr. Dis. of Children — 

Frederick Stanley Nowlan 

A.B. Acadia 1908, A.M. Harvard 1909 
191 1 Asst. Math., Ret. 1912 

William Noyes 

A.B. Amherst '84, A.M. 190-5 

1910 Asst. Prof. Indus. Arts (T. C.) — 

William Curtis Noyes 

LL.D. Hamilton '56 

i860 Lect. Law, Ret. 1864 

Mary Adelaide Nutting 

1906 Prof. Domestic Adminis., Nursing 
(T. C.) 

William Bunker Nye 

1880 Registrar School of Arts, Univer- 
sity Faculties, Died 1896 



Frank Richard Oastler, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '91 

1903 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
GyncECology — 

Bernard F. O'Connor 

B. es L. Univ. of France '74, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins '83 
1883 First appointment, 1891 Adj. 

Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits., 

Res. '94 

George Clinton Densmore Odell, 
Ph.D. '93 

A.B. '89, A.M. '90 

1895 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
English — 

John Oehler 

Ph.G. Coll. Pharmacy '79 

1904 Asst. Prof. Chem., Coll. Pharmacy — 

Horst Oertel 

M.D. Yale '94 

1904 Demonstr. Pathological Anat., 
Path., Res. 1908 

Cornells Offerhaus 

Ph.D. Univ. of Zurich 1903 
1906 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1908 

Charles Jones Ogden, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1900, LL.B., A.M. 1903 

1908 Asst. Classical Philology, Ret. 1910 

Gouverneur Morris Ogden, A.B. 

1858 Treasurer, Died 1884 

John David Ogilby, A.M. '33 

A.B. '29 

1829 Master Grammar School, Res. 1830 

Ida Helen Ogilvie, Ph.D. 1903 

A.B. Bryn Mawr igoo 
1903 First appointment, 1912 Asst. 
Prof. Geology — 

George N. Olcott, Ph.D. '99 

A.B. '93 

1898 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Prof. Latin, Died 1912 

George Ashton Oldham 

A.B. Cornell 1902 

1906 (Jan.) Chaplain pro tempore, Ret. 

Archibald E. Olpp 

A.C. Lehigh 1903, M.D. Pennsylvania 

1908 Instr. Biol. Chem., Ret. 1909 

Frederick W. O'Neil 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Res. (Feb.) 
191 1 

Frederick Ophuls 

M.E. Stevens '97 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 



Eugene L. Opie 

M.D. Harvard '97 

1907 Demonstr. Pathological Anat., Pathol., 
Res. 1909 

John Ordronaiix 

A.B. Dartmouth '50 A.M. '53, LL.D. 

'95, LL.B. Harvard '52, M.D. National 

Med. Coll. '59, LL.D. Trinity (Ct.) 

i860 Prof. Medic. Jurispru., Enier. 1898, 

Died 1908 

Henry Fairfield Osborn, LL.D. 

A.B. Princeton '77, Sc.D. '80, LL.D. 

1902, Sc.D. Cantab. '04, LL.D. Trinity 

(Ct.) 1 90 1, Ph.D. (Hon.) Christiania 

1892 Da Costa Prof. Biol., Zool., 191 1 

Research Prof. Zool. — , Dean Pure 

Sci. 1892-95 

John Churchill Osborne, M.D. 
(Hon.) '14 

1808 Prof. Inst, of Medicine, '11 also 
Prof. Mat. Medic, Ret. 181 3, Died 
1819, (Coll. P. and S. 1813-18 ProL 
of Obstetrics, 1814-18 Trustee) 

Raymond Carroll Osburn, Ph.D. 

B.S. Ohio State '98, M.S. 1900 
1907 First appointment, 1910, Asst. 
Prof. Zool.— 

Herbert Levi Osgood, Ph.D. '89 

A.B. Amherst '77, A.M. '80, LL.D. 1907 
1890 First appointment, 1896 Prof. 

Frederick Curry Ostrander 

A.B. Wesleyan 1893 

1904 Lect. Romance Langs, and Lits., 
Ret. 190S 

Wilhelm Ostwald 

Ph.D., LL.D. 

Professor in Univ. Leipzig — 

1905 Lect. (non-res.) Psychol., Ret. 1906 

John Lewis O'Sullivan, A.M. '34 

A.B. ^i 

1831 Tutor, Ret. 1833 

Fessenden Nott Otis, LL.D. '92 

A.B., M.D. Union 1851, M.D. N. Y. 
Medical Coll. 1852 

1867 Lect. Dis. of Genito-Urinary Or- 
gans, Ret. 1873, 1 87 1 Prof. Venereal 
Diseases, '86 Prof. Genito-Urinary 
Diseases, Enter. '91, Died 1899 

Reuben Ottenberg, M.D. 1905 

A.B. 1902 

1910 Asst. Biol. Chem., Ret. 1912 


Charles Packard 

B.S. Syracuse 1907, M.S. 1908 
1910 Asst. Zool. — 

Curtis Hidden Page 

A.B. Harvard '90, A.M. '91, Ph.D. '94 

1895 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 

Romance Langs, and Lits., Res. 1909 

Harry McMahon Painter, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '84, Ph.B. '85 

1904 Prof. Clin. Obstetrics — 

Harry Victor Emmanuel Palm- 
blad, A.M. 1910 

A.B. 1907 

19 1 2 Instr. Germanic Langs. — 

Alwin Max Pappenheimer, 
M.D. 1902 

A.B. Harvard '98 

1908 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 

Edwards Albert Park, M.D. 1905 

A.B. Yale 1900 

1909 Instr. Pathol., Dis. of Children, 
and (191 1 ) Asst. Med. — 

Alexander Forbes Parker, A.B. 

1889 Asst. Physics, Died 1889 

Charles Thorndike Parker, M.D. 

1889 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. 1890 
1892 Asst. Operative Surg., Ret. 1900 

Hershchel Clifford Parker, Ph.B. 

1 89 1 F'irst appointment, 1903 Asst. 
Prof. Physics, Res. 191 1 

Orthy Bradley Parker, E.M. '88 

1889 First appointment, 1891 Asst. 
Metallurgy, Died 1891 

Willard Parker 

A.B. Cambridge Coll. '26, M.D. '30 
i860 Prof. Surg., '70 Prof. Clin. Surg., 
Enter. '81, Died 1884 

William Belmont Parker 

A.B. Harvard '97 

1 90s Lect. English, Ret. 1908 

John Waring Parks, LL.B. 1902 

A.B. '98 

1909 Lect. Law, Res. 1910, Died 1910 

Harry Lilienthal Parr, Mech.E. 

A.B. 1902 

1905 (Feb.) Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1906 
1907 Instr. Mech. Eng., 191 1 Asst. 

Prof. Mech. Eng. — 

Elsie Clews Parsons (Mrs. Her- 
bert Parsons), Ph.D. '99 

A.B. '96, A.M. '97 

1902 Lect. Sociology, Res. 1905 

Harry de Berkeley Parsons, 
B.S. '82 

E.M. Stevens '84 

191 1 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Isaac Dayton Parsons, E.E.1901 

1901 Asst. Elec. Eng., Died 1902 



Edward Lasell Partridge, M.D. 


A.M. (Hon.) Williams '80 

1888 Lect. Obstetrics, Ret. 1889 

1892 Adj. Prof. Obstetrics, Res. 1893 

William T. Partridge 

1897 Lect. Architecture, Res. 1903 

Frank Allen Patterson, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1907, A.B. Syracuse 1904 
19 12 Instr. English — 

Henry Stuart Patterson, M.D. 

A.B. Williams '96 

1903 Asst. Clin. Path., Ret. 190S. 1904 
Tutor Mat. Med. and Therapeutics, 
'06 Instr., 1908 Assoc. Appl. The- 
rapeutics — 

Frederick Clark Panlmier, Ph.D. 

B.S. Princeton '94, M.S. '96 

1899 Asst. Zool., Res. (Jan.) 1901, Died 

George Livingston Peabody, 
M.D. '73 

A.B. '70, A.M. '73 

1884 First appointment, 1887 Frof. 

Mat. Medica and Therapeutics, Res. 

1903, 1884 Trustee, Res. 1899 

Stephen Austen Pearce 

Mus. Bac. Oxford '59, Mus. Doc. '64 
1878 Instr. Vocal Music, Ret. 1879 

Henry Carr Pearson 

A.B. Harvard '92 

1903 Principal Horace Mann Elemen- 
tary School, with rank of Asst. Prof. 
(T. O— 

Charles Howard Peck, M.D. '92 

1900 Asst. Instr. Operative Surg., '04 
Instr. Surg., Res. 1906, 1908 Assoc. 
Clin. Surg., '09 Asst Prof., 1910 
Prof. Clin. Surg. — 

Harry Thurston Peck, A.M. '82, 

A.B. '81, L.H.D. '84 LL.D. 1904 
Ph.D. Cumberland '83, LL.D. Alfred 

1882 First appointment, 1888 Prof. 
Latin Lang, and Lit., 1904 Anthon 

Prof., Ret. 1910 

William Guv Peck 

U. S. M.A. '44, A.M. Trinity (Ct.) 'S3. 
LL.D. '63 

1857 Adj. Prof. Math., '59 Prof. Pure 
Math., '61 Prof. Math, and Astron- 
omy, '90 Prof. Higher Math, and 
Astron., Died 1892 

Victor Cox Pederson, M.D. '98 

A.B. Trinity '91, A.M. '96 

1900 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. igoi 

Robert Peele, E.M. '83 

1892 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Mining — • 

George Braxton Pegram, Ph.D. 

A.B. Trinity (N. C.) '95 

1909 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Physics — 

Charles Ernest Pellew, E.M. '84 

1889 First appointment 

1897 Asst. Prof. Chem., Res. 191 1 

Albrecht F. K. Penck 


Privy Councillor and Prof. Geography' 

and Dir. Geographical Inst, at Univ. 

of Berlin — 
1908-09 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 

History and Institutions 

Leon Evans Pender 

A.B. Trinitv (N. C.) 1907, A.M. 1908 
1908 Asst. Physics, Ret. 191 1 

Frank E. Pendleton, Mech.E. 

1900 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1902 

Annina Periam, Ph.D. 1906, 

A.M. 1 90 1, A.B. Woman's Coll. of 

Balto. '98 
1903 First appointment, 1905 Tutor 

Germanic Langs, and Lits., Res. 1907 

Thomas S. Perkins, Ph.B. '88 

1888 Asst. GeoL, Res. 1889 

Harold Perrine, A.M. 1909 

A.B. 1908, C.E. 1911 

1 910 Asst. Civil Eng. — 

Edward Delavan Perry, A.B. 


LL.D. 1904, A.M.- and Ph.D. Tiibmgen 

1880 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 
Sanskrit, '95 Jay Prof. Greek — , 
Dean Fac. Pliil. 1902, Res. 1909 

William Henry Gustave Peters 

1900 Asst. Bursar (Medical School) 
Died 1906 

E. L. Petersen 

1883 Asst. Nat. Hist., Died 1887 

Frederick Peterson 

M.D. Buffalo '79. Ph.D. (Hon.) Niagara 

1897 First appointment, 1903 Clin. 
Prof. Psychiatry, 1907 Prof. Psy- 
chiatry — 

Robert Davison Petty, LL.B. '85 

A.B. Princeton '82, A.M. '86 
1885 First appointment, 1890 Prof. 
Private Law, Res. 1891 

George Adam Pfeiffer, A.M. 

ALE. Stevens 1910 

191 1 Asst. Math. — 

Joseph Clement Pfister, A.M. 

A.B. '89 

1890 First appointment, 1905 Asst. 
Prof. Mechanics, Res. 191 1 



Reginald James Seymour Pigott, 
Mech.E. 1906 

1912 Asst. Prof. Steam Engineering — 

Frank Henr}^ Pike 

A.B. Indiana 1903, Ph.D. Cliicago 1907 
191 1 Asst. Prof. Physiol. — 

William Pistor, E.M. '68 

1871 First appointment, 1877 Instr. 
Drawing, Res. 1881 

Walter Boughton Pitkin 

A.B. Univ. of Mich. 1900 
1905 Lect. Philos., 1906 Tutor, Res. 
(Feb.) 1907, 1909 Lect. Philos., 191 1 
Assoc, 1912 Assoc. Prof. Philos. — 

John Franklin Plummer, Jr. 

A.B. Yale 1891 

1896 Asst. Secretary of the University, 
Res. (Dec.) 1899 

Albert Theodore Poffenberger, 
Jr., A.M. 1910 

1910 First appointment, 1912 Lect. 
Psychol. — 

David Henry Pollard, A.B. 1900 

1900 Asst. Math., Res. 1903 

Sir Frederick Pollock 

LL.D., D.C.L. 

1911-12 Lecturer on Carpentier Founda- 

Cyrus Hurlbiirt Pomeroy 

1898 Bursar of Teachers College— 

L. R. Pomeroy 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 191 1 

Eugene Hillhouse Pool, M.D. '99 

A.B. Harvard '95 

1901 First appointment, 1904 Instr. 
Surg. — 

Charles Lane Poor 

B.S. C. C. K. Y. '86, M.S. '90, Ph.D. 
Johns Hopkins '92 

1903 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Astron., 1910 Prof. Celestial Me- 
chanics — ■ 

Charles Talbot Poore, M.D. '66 

A.M. (Hon.) Williams '91 

1898 First appointment, 1908 Assoc. 
Clin. Surg., Died 191 1 

Frederick John Pope, Ph.D. '99 

A.M. Queen's '91 

1899 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1900 

John Russell Pope, Ph.B. '94 

1905 Assoc. Dir. Atelier, Res. 1907 

William Popper, Ph.D. '99 

A.B. 'q6, A.M. '97 

1903 Gottheil Lect. Semitic Langs., Ret. 

Henry Hobart Porter, Jr., E.M. 

1886 Asst. Geol., Ret. 1887 

Holbrook Fitz-John Porter 

Mech.E. Lehigh '78 

1886 Supt. Build, and Grounds, Ret. 1890 

Allen Wilson Porterfield, Ph.D. 

A.B. VVest Virginia 1901, A.M. 1902 
1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits. — 

Edward Rudolph Posner, M.D. 

1904 Tutor Physiol. Chem., Ret. 1905 

Wright Post, M.D. (Hon.) '14 

1793 Prof. Anat., Ret. 1813, Pres. 
Coll. Phys. and Surg. 1822-6, 1816 
Trustee, Res. 1828 

Nathaniel Bowditch Potter 

A.B. Harvard '90, M.D. '96 
1901 First appointment, 1910 Asst. 
Prof. Clin. Med.— 

William Appleton Potter 

1864 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1865 

William Bleecker Potter, E.M., 
A.M. '69, 

A.B. '66, Sc.D. 1904 

1869 Asst. Geol., Ret. 1871 

Emery Pottle 

A.B. Amherst 'g() 

1905 Lect. EnghsJi, Ret. 1906 

Chilton Latham Powell, A.M. 
191 1 

A.B. Amherst 1907, A.M. 1908 
19 12 Instr. English — 

Thomas Reed Powell 

A.B. Vermont 1900, LL.B. Harvard 

1907 Lect. Law, Ret. 1908, 191 1 Lect. 

Public Law, 1912 Assoc. Law — 

Henry Power, M.D. '91 

1893 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1895 

Juliet Stuart Poyntz [Points], 
A.M. 1910 

A.B. 1907 

1909 Asst. Hist., Ret. 1910, 1912 Asst. 

Lsabelle Louise Pratt 

1899 Recorder of Teachers College — 

Alfred Carlyle Prentice, M.D. 

A.B. Alfred '97, A.M. '98 

1906 Asst. Surg., Res. (Dec.) 1908 

A. Ira Prettyman 

1909 Tutor Phys. Educ., Ret. 19 10 

Virgil Prettyman 

A.B. Dickinson '92, A.M. '95, Pd.D. 

1895 Principal Horace Mann High 

School with rank of Asst. Prof. 

(T. O— 



Maurice Prevot 

Diplome Ecole des Beaux Arts, 1900 
19 10 Assoc. Arch. — 

Thomas Randolph Price 

A.M. Virginia '58, LL.D. Randolph- 
Macon 'jy 

1882 Prof. English Lang, and lAt., Died 

Frederick Prime, A.M. '68 

A.B. '65, Ph.D. Lafayette '8i 

1869 Asst. Assaying, Ret. 1870 

John Dyneley Prince, A.B. '88 

Ph.D, Johns Hopkins '92 
1902 Prof. Semitic Langs. — 

John Norman Pring 

B.S. Victoria Univ. (Eng.) 1904, M.S. 

IQ06 Asst. Electro-Chem., Ret. 1907 

Charles Ignatius Proben, M.D. 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. '83 
1904 Iiistr. Gynecology — - 

Francis Adolphe Provot, C.E. 

1893 Asst. Drawing, Res. 1894, 1896 
Asst. Math., Res. (Jan.) 1897 

Theophile Mitchell Prudden 

B.S. Yale '72, M.D. '75, LL.D. '96 

1879 First appointment, 1892 Prof. 
Pathol., Enter. 1909 — • 

James Williamson Pryor, A.B. 

LL.B. '81 

1880 Tutor Math., Res. 1882 

Michael Idvorsky Pupin, A.B. 

Sc.D. 1904, Ph.D. Berlin '89 

1889 First appointment, 1901 Prof. 
Electro-Mechanics — 

Charles Russell Lowell Putnam, 

M.D. Harvard '95 

1904 First appointment, 1905 Demonstr. 
Anat., Ret. 191 1 

Harrington Putnam, LL.B. '76 

A.B. Colby '70, LL.D. 1906 

1890 Lect. Proceedings in Rem., Ret. 

Wellington Putnam 

i8q8 Lect. Rhet. and Eng. Comp., 
JEloc, Res. 1901 

Q 9' 

John Duncan Quackenbos, M.D. 

A.B. '68, A.M. '71 

1870 First appointment, 1891 Prof. 
Rhet., Emcr. 1894 — 

Augustine Leo Jean Queneau, 
• A.M. 1902 

E.M. iqoi, B.S. C. C. N. Y. '97 
1 90 1 Tutor Metallurgy, Res. (Apr.) 
1902 2 


Ruth W. Raeder 

1912 Asst. Geol. — 

Charles William Ramsdell 

A.B. Texas '03, A.M. '04 

1905 Asst. Hist., Ret. 1906 

Edwin George Ramsdell, M.D. 

A.B. 1905 

1 91 2 Instr. Surg. — 

Charles Cook Ransom 

M.D. Buffalo '83 

1909 Assoc. Clin. Med., Died 1910 

Charles Lee Raper, Ph.D. 1902 

A.B. Trinity (N. C.) '92 

1900 Lect. Hist., Res. 1901 

Ethel Rather 

A.B. Texas 1902, A.M. 1903, Ph.D. 

Yale 1908 
191 1 Dir. Women's Religious Work, 

Ret. 1912 

Elijah D. Rattoone, S.T.D. 

1792 Prof. Greek and Lat. Langs., Res. 

Walter Rautenstrauch 

B.S. Missouri 1902, M.S. Maine '03 

1906 F'irst appointment, 1908 Prof. 
Mech. Eng. — 

Lefroy Ravenhill, M.D. '49 

A.B. '45, A.M. '49 

1847 Librarian, Dted 1851 

Frederick Ray 

191 1 (Feb.) Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 191 1 

Thomas Thornton Read, Ph.D. 

E.M. 1902 

1905 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1906 

Harry Wilfred Reddick, Ph.D. 

A.B. Indiana 1904, A.M. Illinois 1906 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Math. — 

Henry Stephen Redfield 

A.B. Amherst '77, A.M. '87, LL.D. 1901 

1 90 1 Prof. Law, '05 Nash Prof. — 

Margaret [A.] Reed 

A.B. Woman's Coll. Baltimore 1901 
1905 First appointment, 1906 Tutor 
Zool., Res. 1909 

John Krom Rees. Ph.D. '94 

A.B. '72, A.M. '7=,, E.M. '75 
1873 Asst. Math., Res. 1876, t88i 
Instr. Geodesy, '82 Adj. Prof. 
Geodesy and Pract. Astron., 1884 
Prof. Geodesy, Pract. Astron., '92, 
Prof. Astron., '04 Rutherfurd Prof., 
Emcr. 1906, Died 1907 



1903 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 
Pr( - ~ 

Alfred Gandy Reeves, LL.B. '87 

A.B. Princeton '84, A.M. '87 

1887 First appointment, 1890 Lect. 
Municipal Law, Ret. 1891 

James S. Reid 


1910 (Feb.) Lect. (non-res.) Classical 
Philology, Ret. 1910 

H. G. Reist 

1910 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. (Feb.) 

Marie Reimer 

Ph.D. Bryn Mawr 1904 
13 First appc ' 
^of Chem. — ■ 

Alfred Ernst Rejall, A.M. 1907 

A.B. 1906 

19 12 Asst. Psychol. — 

Arthur Frank Joseph Remy, 
Ph.D. 1901 

A.M. '97, A.B. C. C. N. Y. '90 
1899 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Prof. Germanic Philology — 

James Renwick, A.M. 1810 

A.B. 1807, LL.D. 1829 

1820 Prof. Natural and Experimental 

Philos. and Chem., Emer. '53, Died 

1863, 1817 Trustee, Ret. 1820 

Grace Potter Reynolds, A.M. 

A.B. Smith 1904 

1906 Asst. Chem., Res. 1908 

Jackson Eli Reynolds, LL.B. '99 

A.B. Stanford, '09 

1903 Lect. Law, Res. 1906, 1910 Assoc. 
Law — 

James Bronson Reynolds 

A.B. Yale '84, B.D. '88 

1894 Asst. Sociology, Ret. 1895 

Walter Seymour Reynolds 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. '92 
1906 Instr. Genito-Urinary Dis., Res. 

David Edgar Rice, Ph.D. 1912 

A.B. Gettysburg '96, A.M. '99 
1908 (Dec.) Asst. Philos., Psychol., 
Res. 1910 

Isaac Leopold Rice, LL.B. 'So 

1882 Asst. Libr. Law School, '83 Lec- 
turer Pol. Sci., '84 Instr., Ret. 1887 

R. H. Rice 

1910 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. (Feb.) 

Ernst D. Richard 

Pd.D. N. Y. Univ. '94 

1903 Lect. Hist, of (German Civilization — 

Annabella Elliott Richards 

A.B. Bryn Mawr 1907 

191 1 Asst. Chem., Ret. 191a 

Alfred Newton Richards, Ph.D. 

A.B. Yale '97, A.M. '99 
1898 First appointment, 1904 Instr. 
Pharmacology, Res. 1908 

Charles Russell Richards 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '85 
1898 Prof. Manual Training (T. C), 
Res. 1908 

George Richards, LL.B. '76 

A.B. Yale '72, A.M. '93 

1892 Lect. Insurance, Ret. 1894 

Herbert Maule Richards 

B.S. Harvard '91, Sc.D. '95 

1896 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
Botany — 

Joseph W. Richards 

1903 Lect. Metallurgy, Ret. 1904 

Pierre de Peyster Ricketts 
Ph.D. '76, 

E.M. '71 

1871 First appointment, 1885 Prof. 
Assaying, '93 Anal. Chem. and Assay- 
ing, Res. 1900 

Emil Justus Riederer, B.S. '97 

1898 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1899 

Heinrich Ries, Ph.D. '96 

Ph.B. '92, A.M. '94 

1897 (Jan.) Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 
(June) 1897 

Austen Fox Riggs, M.D. 1902 

A.B. Harvard '98 

1904 Asst. Pathol., Ret. 1905, 1906 
Asst. Med., Res. 1908 

Ralph Curtis Ringwalt 

A.B. Harvard '95, LL.B. 1901 
1895 Asst. Rhet., Ret. 1898, 1901 Lect. 
Public Speaking, Ret. 1904, 1907 
(Feb.) Tutor English, Ret. (June) 

Fritz Rintelen 

1866 Asst. Gen. Chem., Ret. 1867 

William Zebina Ripley, Ph.D. 

A.M. '92, B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '99 

1893 Lect. Physical Geography and 
Anthropology, Sociology, Res. (Dec.) 

Frank Humphrey Ristine, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1907, A.B. Wabash 1905, A.M. 

191 1 Instr. English, Ret. 1912 

William Lispenard Robb, A.B. 

Ph.D. Berlin '83, LL.D. Trinity 1902 
1884 Fellow, Asst. Math., Res. 1885 



Wilford Lash Robbins 

A.B. Amherst '8i, A.M. '84, B.D. Cam- 
bridge '87, D.D. St. Stephens '91, 
Amherst 1903 

1903 Dean, General Theol. Sem., with 
seat in Univ. Council — 

Gracie Sayre Roberts, C.E.,E.M. 

1874 Asst. Eng., Drawmg, Ret. 1877, 
Died 1898 

James Harvev Robinson 

A.B. Harvard '87, 'A.M. '88, Ph.D. Frei- 
burg '90 

1895 Prof. History — • 

Bertha L. Rockwell 

191 1 Librarian of Barnard College — 

William Hayden Rockwell, [Jr.], 
M.D. '92 

A.B. Yale '89 

1896 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. 1901 

Austin Flint Rogers, Ph.D. 1902 

A.B. Kansas '99, A.M. 1900 

1902 Tutor Mineralogy, Res. 1905 

Gaillard Sherburne Rogers, 
Ph.D. 191 1 

A.B. 1908, A.M. 1909 

1908 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 19 11 

James Dennison Rogers, Ph.D. 

A.M. '93, A.B. Hamilton '89 
1896 First appointment, 1900 Lect. 
Greek, Res. 1903 

John Rogers [Jr.], M.D. '91 

A.B. Yale '87, Ph.B. '88 
1895 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Res. (Jan.) 

John R. B. Rogers, M.D. 

1792 Prof. Midwifery, Res. 1808 

Oscar H. Rogers, M.D. '83 

C.E. Union '77 

191 1 Lect. Life Insurance Exam. — 

Daniel G. Rollins, LL.D. 

1890 Lect. Wills, Ret. 1891 

Nicholas Romayne (entered 

M.D. Edinburgh 1780 

1785 Prof. Pract. of Medicine, Res. 
1787. 1791 Lect., Ret. 1792, 1784 
Regent of Univ., 1787 Trustee, Res. 

Ogden Nicholas Rood 

A.B. Princeton '52, LL.D. Yale 1901 
1863 Prof. Mechanics, Physics, Died 

James West Roosevelt, M.D. '80 

1886 Clin. Lect. Med., Died 1896 

Edward Walstein Root 

A.B. Hamilton '62 

1865 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1868 

Anton R. Rose 

B.S. Minnesota 1904 

1910 Asst. Biol. Chem., Res. 1912 

Mary Davis Swartz Rose (Mrs. 
Anton R. Rose), B.S. 1906 

B.L. Denison 1901, Ph.D. Yale 1909 
19 10 Asst. Prof. Household Arts 
(T. O — 

Jacob Rosenbloom, M.D. 1909, 

Ph.D. 1909, B.S. Western Univ. of 

Penn. 1905 
1909 First appointment, 1910 Assoc. 

Biol. Chem., Res. 1912 

Louis Rouillion, A.M. 1900 

B.S. Cornell '91 

1898 First appointment (T. C), 1903 

Adj. Manual Training (T. C), Res. 

(Mar.) 1906 

Ralph Stowell Rounds, LL.B. 

A.B. Amherst '87 

1892 Lect. Law, Ret. 1895 

Cornelius Riibner 

Mus.Doc. (Hon.) George Washington 

Coll. 1907 
1904 Prof. Music — 

William Carl Ruediger, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. Wisconsin '99, Ph.M. 1903 
1906 Asst. Psychol., Ret. 1907 

Henry Alford Ruger, Ph.D.1910 

A.B. Beloit College 1895, A.M. Chicago 

1903 Asst. Psychol., Res. 1904, 1910 
Asst. Prof. Educ. Psychol. (T. C.) — 

Carl Runge, Sc.D. 1910 

Ph.D. Berlin ^88o 

Prof. Appl. Math, in Univ. of Gottingen — - 
1909-10 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 
History and Institutions 

Mary Duncan Runyan 

1896 First appointment (T. C), Prof. 
Kindergarten (T. C.) '97, Died 1905 

Edward W. Runyon 

1909 Asst. Sec'y Coll. of Phar. — 

Henry Hurd Rusby 

M.D. University Medical Coll. N'. Y./84 

1904 Prof. Botany and Mat. Medica, 
Coll. Pharmacy — , Dean Coll. Phar- 
macy 1904 — ■ 

Israel Cook Russell 

B.S. and C.E. New York University '72, 

M.S. '95, LL.D. '96 
1875 Asst. Geol., Ret. 1877 

James Earl Russell 

A.B. Cornell '87, Ph.D. Leipzig '94, 

LL.D. Dickinson '03, Colorado '05, 

McGill '09 
i8q7 Prof. Hist, of Educ. (T. C). 1904 

Barnard Prof. Educ. — , 1898 Dean 

Teachers College — 



James Isaac Russell, M.D. 1901 

A.B. Virginia '97 

1906 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Surg. — 

W. D'a. Ryan 

1910 Lect. Mech. .Eng., Ret. 191 1 

George Hope Ryder, M.D. '99 

A.B. Yale '94 
' r. O 

1904 Instr. Obstetrics, (1907) Gyne- 
cology — 


Philip Schieffelin Sabine, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '94 

1900 Asst. Pathol., Res. (Dec.) 1900 

Thomas Taunton Sabine, M.D. 

A.B. '61, A.M. '64 

1866 First appointment, 1879 Prof. 
Anat., Died 1888 

Julius Sachs, A.M. '71 

A.B. '67, Ph.D. Rostock '71 

1902 Prof. Secondary Educ. (T. C.) — 

Philo Perry Safford, LL.B. '88 

A.B. Oberlin '8s 

1888 Prize Tutor Law, Ret. 1891 

Edward McChesney Sait, Ph.D. 

B.A. Toronto 1902, M.A. 1903 
igog First appointment, 1912 Asst. 
Prof. Politics — 

William Salant, M.D. '99 

B.S. Cornell '94 

1905 Asst. Biol. Chem., Res. 1907 

Albert Jacob Salathe 

A.B. Colgate 19 10 

1911 Lab. Asst. Inorganic Chem., Ret. 

Georg-iana Sandford, A.B. 191 1 

191 1 Asst. Physics, Res. 1912 

Henry Berton Sands. M.D. '54 

i860 Demonstr. Anat. (also Curator 
Museum '6o-'67), '66 Lect., '67 Prof. 
Anat., '79 Prof. Pract. of Surg., Died 

Robert Alfred Sands, M.D. '88 

A.B. Yale '85 

1891 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Res. 1895 

Benjamin Opputt Satterwhite 

A.B. Louisville 1900, A.B. Princeton 

190S Sec'y of Earl Hall, Ret. 1906 

Truman Laurance Saunders, 
M.D. 1904 

A.B. Williams 1900 
1907 Instr. Otology — 

Watson Lewis Savage 

A.B. Amherst '82, A.M. '85, M.D. Long 
Island Coll. Hosp. '85 

1898 Director Gymnasium, Res. 1903 

Marshall Howard Saville 

1903 Loubat Prof. Amer. Archaeology — 

Adolphe Monell Sayre 

A.B. Harvard '98 

1906 Asst. English, Res. (Feb.) 1908 

Mortimer Freeman Sayre, E.M. 

1907 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Edna Rebecca Scales, A.M.1911, 

A.B. 1909 

1909 Asst. Math., Ret. 1910 

George C. Schaeffer, A.M. 
(Hon.) '42 

M.D. elsewhere 

1839 Librarian, Res. '47, Died 1847 

Emilius William Scherr, Jr., 
A.M. '98 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '96 

1899 Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 1900 

Josef Schick, Litt.D. 1912 


Prof. English Philology in Univ. of 

Munich — 
1911-12 Kaiser Wilhelm Prof. German 

History and Institutions 

Henry Immanuel Schmidt 

D.D. Penn. Coll. Gettysburg '50, S.T.D. 
1847 Gebhard Prof. German Lang, and 

Lit., 'S7 also Anc. Hist, and Geog. 

and Greek and Roman Antiq., Enter. 

'80, Died 1889 

Adam Emil Schmitt, M.D. '95 

1902 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 

Herman J. Schmitz 

A.M. Worcester Univ. '75 
1893 Lect. German, Ret. 1896 

Carl Albert Schneider, E.E.1904 

1905 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1906 

Frank Charles Schroeder 

B.S. Wisconsin 1907, C.E. 1910 
19 12 Instr. Mechanics — 

Max Schulman, M.D. 1905 

1909 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Appl. Therapeutics — 

Hermann von Wechlinger 
Schulte, M.D. 1902 

A.B. Trinity '97 

1904 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Prof. Anat. — 

Henry Hermann Louis Schulze, 
A.M. 1905, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1903 
1909 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits. — 



Hermann A. Schumacher 

Dir. Jur. Jena '90 

Ordinary Professor Polit. Economy Univ. 

Bonn — 
1906-07 Kaiser Wilhclm Professor Ger- 

iran History and Institutions 

Charles Henry Schumann, C.E. 

1891 Asst. Engineering, Ret. 1891 

Robert Livingston Schuyler, 
Ph.D. 1909 

A. p. 1903, A.M. 1904 
19 10 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Hist.— 

Frederick William Schwartz, 
Ph.D. 191 1 

B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. 1905 

19 10 Lab. Asst. Physical Cheni., Ret. 
191 1 

Carl Alois Schwarze, A.M. 1911 

B.S. Missouri 1909 

191 1 Asst. Botany, Ret. 191 2 

[Johann] Paul Schweitzer 

Ph.D. Gottingen '69, LL.D. Univ. of 

Missouri '96 
1866 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1873 

Otto M. Schwerdtfeger 

M.D. L. I. Coll. Hospital '98 

1909 Instr. Clin. Med. — 

Charles Payson Gurley Scott 

A.B. Lafayette '78, A.M., Ph.'D. '81 
1879 Instr. Anglo-Saxon, Res. 1884 

Ernest Lyman Scott 

S.B. Ohio Wcsleyan 1902, S.M. 191 1 

1912 Instr. Physiol. — 

George A. Scott 

B.S. Wisconsin 1902 

1 910 Asst. Physics — 

George Winfield Scott 

A.B. Stamford '96, LL.B. Pennsylvania 
1901, Ph.D. 1902 

1908 (Feb.) First appointment, 1909 
Prof. International Law, Ret. 191 o 

James Brown Scott 

A.B. Harvard '90, A.M. '91, J.U.D. 

Heidelberg '94 
1903 Prof. Law, Res. 1906 

Guillaume Alexandre Scribner 

B. es L., L. es D. 

1884 Instr. French, Ret. 1889 

Edward W. Scripture 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '84, Ph.D. Leipsic '91, 
M.D. Munich 1906 

1909 Assoc. Psychiatry — 

Henry Rogers Seager 

Ph.B. Michigan '90, Ph.D. Pennsyl- 
vania '94 

1902 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 
Polit. Economy — 

Edward Constant Seguin, M.D. 

1869 F'irst appointment, 1874 Clin. 
Prof. Dis. Mind and Nerv. Syst., 
Ret. 1887, Died 1898 

Philipp Seiberth 

A.M. Indiana '98 

1903 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
Germanic Langs, and Lits., Ret. 1906 

Edwin Robert Anderson Selig- 
man, Ph.D. '85 

A.B. '79, A.M. '84, LL.B. '84, LL.D. 

1885 F'irst appointment, 1891 Prof. Pol. 

Econ. and Finance, 1904 McVickar 

Prof. Polit. Econ. — 

Robert Senftner, LL.B. '76 

1870 Secretary School of Law, '91 
Registrar of same, 1894 position dis- 
continued. Died 1905 

George Francis Sever, M.S. 
(Hon.) 1905 

1893 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 
Elec. Eng., Ret. 191 1 

Willard Lesly Severinghaus 

A.B. German Wallace Coll. 1904, A.M. 

1907 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 

Physics — ■ 

Frank Houghton Sewall, C.E. 

A.B. 1902 

1906 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1907 

Samuel Swavze Seward, Jr., 
A.M. '97 

A.B. '96 

1897 Asst. Literature, Ret. 1899 

Frederick G. Shaeffer, S.T.D. 

1830 Prof. German Lang., Died 1831 

William W. Share, Ph.D. '84 

Ph.B. '81 

1 88 1 Asst. Physics, Res. 1889 

James Clayton Sharp, M.D. 

19 12 Instr. Anat. — 

Walter Robert Shaw 

A.B. Stanford '92, A.M. '94, Ph.D. '97 

1898 Tutor Botany, Ret. 1899 

Theodore Leslie Shear 

A.B. New York Univ. 1900, A.M. '03, 

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins '04 
1906 First a]5pointment, 1910 Assoc. 

Classical Philology — 

Leander Howard Shearer, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '97 

1903 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Clin. Med. and (191 1) Physiol. — 



John Sanford Shearer 

Prof. Physics, Cornell Univ. — 
B.S. Cornell '93, Ph.D. 1900 
1910 (Feb.) Assoc. Physics, Ret. (June) 

Wilmon Henry Sheldon 

A.B. Harvard '95, A.M. '96, Ph.D. '99 
1901 First appointment, 1903 Tutor 
Philos., Res. 1905 

Herbert N. Shenton 

Ph.B. Dickinson 1906, A.M. 1909, B.D. 

Drew 1910 
1912 Asst. Sociology — 

William Robert Shepherd, Ph.D. 

A.B. '93, A.M. '94 

1896 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 

Frank Dempster Sherman, Ph.B. 

1887 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Graphics — 

Henry Clapp Sherman, Ph.D. 

A.M. '96, B.S. Maryland Agric. Coll. 

1897 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1S98, 
1899 Lect. Anal. Chem., 1907 Prof. 
Organic Analysis (191 1) Prof. Food 
Chem. — • 

Ralph H. Sherry 

A.B. Stanford 1904, A.M. 1905 
1909 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1910 

Hervey Woodburn Shimer,Ph.D. 

A.B. Lafayette '99, A.M. 1901 

1 90 1 Asst. Palaeontology, Res. 1903 

Charles Short 

A.B. Harvard '46, LL.D. Kenyon '68 
1868 Prof. Latin Lang, and Lit., Died 

Henry Alford Short, A.B. '80 

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins '85 
1885 First appointment, 1887 Tutor 
Latin, Ret. 1888 

James Thomson Shotwell, Ph.D. 

A.B. Toronto '98 

1900 First appointment, 1908 Prof. 

Arthur Melville Shrady, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '90, A.M. '93 

1902 Instr. Physical Diagnosis (1908) 
Instr. Hydrotherapy — 

Aaron Franklin Shnll, Ph.D. 

A.B. Michigan 1908 

1909 Asst. Zool., Res. 191 1 

Montgomery Hunt Sicard, M.D. 

B.S. Princeton '94 

191 1 Asst. Clin. Obstetrics — 

Lewis Parker Siceloff, Ph.D. 

A.B. Central College 1900 

1906 First appointment, 1912 Asst. 
Prof. Math. — 

Cecilia Minna Sillcox, A.M. 

A.B. 1908 

1909 Asst. Chem., Ret. 191 1 

Kenneth Charles Morton Sills 

A.B. Bowdoin 1901, A.M. Harvard 1903 
1904 First appointment, 1905 Lect. 
English, Res. (Oct.) 1905 

Lewis Mann Silver 

A.B. Yale '82, M.D. Bellevue '85 

1908 Asst. Dis. of Children — 

Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch 
(Mrs. Vladimir G. Simkho- 

B.A. Boston Univ. '90 

1907 Asst. Prof. Social Econ., Ret. 1910 

Vladimir Gr. Simkhovitch 

Ph.D. Halle '98 ' 

1904 First appointment, 191 Assoc. 
Prof. Economic Hist. — • 

Francis May Simonds, Ph.D. '89 

E.M. '87 

18S8 Fellow, Asst. Assaying, Res. 1891 

Charles Gamble Simpson 

Ph.B. Cornell Coll. (Iowa) '95, A.M. 

1912 (Feb.) Assoc. Mechanics, Ret. 19 12 

Walter B. Simpson 

1909 Clerk, Coll. of Pliar. — 

William Kelley Simpson, M.D. 

1898 First appointment, 1904 Prof. 
Laryngology — 

J. Edwin Sinclair, A.M. 1907 

B.S. igo6 

1906 Asst. Mineralogy, (1907) Anal. 
Chem., Res. (Mar.) 1908 

William Skarstrom 

M.D. Harvard 1901 

1903 Instr. Physical Educ, Res. 1912 

Elmer Skinner, C.E. '91 

1892 Asst. Engineering, Ret. 1893 

Henry John Skipp 

A.B. Denison 1904 

1908 Asst. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 
Ret. 1909 

Charles Conrad Sleffel 

1898 First appointment (T. C.) 

igia Asst. Prof. Indus. Arts (T. C.) — 



Walter Irvine Slichter, E.E. '96 

1910 Prof. Elec. Eng. — 

Thomas O'Conor Sloane, Jr. 
E.E. 1903 

1903 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1904 

William Milligan Sloane, A.B. 

L.H.D. '87, A.M. and Ph.D. Leipsic 
'76, LL.D. Rutgers '98, Princeton 
1903, Union, 1912 

1896 Seth Low Prof. Hist. — 

Edwin Emery Slosson 

B.S. Kansas '90, M.S. '92, Ph.D. Chi- 
cago 1902 
19 1 2 Assoc. Journalism — 

Steward Slosson, A.B. 1905 

1905 Asst. English, Ret. 1906 

John Kunkel Small, Ph.D. '95 

A.B. Franklin and Marshall '92 
1895 Curator Herbarium, Res. (Jan.) 
1899, (Asst. Curator N. Y. Bot. Gar- 
den — ) 

Julian Chase Smallwood,Mech.E. 

1904 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. (Nov.) 1905 

James Hudson Smart, M.D. '91 

B.S. Howard Coll. (Ala.) '87 

1892 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1893 

Alexander Smith 

B.S. Edinburgh '86, Ph.D. Munich '89 

191 1 Prof. Chem. — 

Arthur L. Smith 


Jowctt Fellow and Senior Dean of Bal- 

liol College, Oxford 
1909-10 Lect. on Carpentier Foundation 

Charles Hendee Smith, M.D. 

B.S. Cornell '97 

1903 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Anat., Ret. 1912 

Charles Sprague Smith 

A.B. Amherst '74, A.M. '80, 1880 Instr. 
Italian and Spanish, also Gebhard 
Prof. German, 82 Prof. Mod. Langs, 
and Foreign Lits. '86, also Lect. Nor- 
man-French '90, Prof. Romance 
Langs, and Lits., Res. 1891, Died 

Clayton S. Smith 

B.S. Rutgers 1909 

1910 Asst. Biol. Chem., 1912 Instr., 
Res. 1912 

David Eugene Smith 

Ph.B. Syracuse '81, Ph.M. '84, Ph.D. 

'87, LL.D. 190=;, M.Pd. Mich. State 

Normal Coll. '98 
1901 Prof. Math. (T. C.) — 

Edward R. Smith 

A.B. Amherst '76 

189'; Reference Librarian, Avery Li- 
brary — 

Emma Peters Smith, A.M. 1909 

A.B. Woman's Coll. of Balto. 1904 

191 1 Sec'y for Women Grad. Students — 

Emily James Smith (1899, Mrs. 
Geo. Haven Putnam) 

A.B. Bryn Mawr '89 

1894 Dean Barnard College, Res. 1900 

Francis Pitt Smith, Ph.B. '88 

1897 Tutor Gen. Chem., Ret. 1898 

Harmon Smith, M.D. 

1907 Instr. Clin. Laryngology, Ret. 191 1 

James Smith, M.D. 

1767 Prof. Chem. and Mat. Medica, 

Ret. 1770 
Coll. P. and S. Trustee 1807-11 

Joseph Mather Smith, M.D. '15 

i860 Prof. Mat. Medica and Clin. Med., 
Died 1866 (Coll. P. and S. Prof. 
Theory and Pract. Med. 1826-55, 
Prof. Mat. Medica and Clin. Med. 

Lucian Easter Smith. B.S. 1901 

igii Lect. Arch., Res. 1912 

[Edmund] Munroe Smith,LL.B. 


LL.D. 1904, A.B. Amherst '74, A.M. 

'80, J.U.D. Gottingen '80, J.D. 

Louvain 1909 
1880 First appointment 
1 80 1 Prof. Rom. Law and Comp. 

Jurispr. — - 

Stevenson Smith 

A.B. Univ. of Pa. 1904, Ph.D. 1909 

1905 Asst. Psychol., Res. 1906 

William P. Smith, M.D. 

1792 Lect. Med., Ret. 1795, 1792 Prof. 
Mat. Medica, Died 1795 

William Roy Smith, Ph.D. 1903 

A.B. Texas '97, A.M. '98 
1901 Lect. Hist., Ret. 1902 

David Samuel Snedden, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1 90 1, A.B. St. Vincent's Coll. 
'90, A.B. Stanford '97 

1906 Adj. Prof. Educ. Adminis. (T. 
C), Res. (Dec.) igog , 

Grenville Temple Snelling 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '82 
1889 First appointment, 1892 Instr. 
Arch., Ret. 1907 

R[obert] Garfield Snyder 

RLD. Toronto 1904 

igio First appointment, igi2 Instr. 
Clin. Med.— 

Fred Palmer Solley, M.D. '92 

A.B. Yale '88, Ph.B. '8g 
1901 First appointment, 1905 Instr. 
Med., Ret. 1910 

Willard Burr Soper, M.D. 1908 

A.B. Yale 1904 
191 1 Asst. Path. — 



Charles Barzillai Spahr, Ph.D. 

A.B. Amherst '8i 

1889 Seligman Prize Lect. Taxation, 
Ret. 1893 

Henry James Spencer 

A.B. Syracuse 1907, A.M. Williams igo8 

1908 Asst. Zool., Ret. 1910 

[William] Creighton Spencer, 
A.B. '84 

1884 Fellow, Asst. English (1885 reap. 
Tutorial Fellow), Ret. 1886 

Carlo Leonardo Speranza, A.M. 
(Hon.) '87 

J.D. University of Padua '66 

1885 First appointment, 1902 Prof. 
Italian, Died 191 1 

Joel Elias Spingarn, Ph.D. '99, 
A.B. '95 ^ , 

1899 First appointment, 1909 Prof. 
Comp. Lit., Ret. 191 1 

Edward Anthony Spitzka, M.D. 

1904 First appointment, 1905 Demonstr. 
Anat., Res. 1906 

Arnon Lyon Squiers, A.B. '93 

1893 Asst. Math., Ret. 1895 

Edward Lincoln Stabler, Ph.D. 

A.B. '8s, A.M. '86 

1885 Fellow, Asst. Math., Res. 1888 

Norbert Stadtmiiller 

M.D. Munich '89 

1909 First appointment, 1910 (Feb.) 
Prof. Clin. Med.— 

Henry Pease Starbuck 

A.B. Harvard '71, LL.B. '77 
1893 First appointment, 1894 Prof. 
Law, Res. 1896 

Moses Allen Starr, M.D. '80, 

Sc.D. 1904, A.B. Princeton '76, A.M. 

'79, Ph.D. '84, LL.D. '99 
1887 First appointment, 1889 Prof. 

Dis. of Mind and Nervous System, 

1903 Prof. Neurology — • 

Earl B. Stavely 

B.S. Fenn. State Coll. 1912 
19 12 Asst. Elec. Eng. — 

Edmund Clarence Stedman, 
L.H.D. (Hon.) '92 

A.B. Yale '53, A.M. '71, LL.D. '94. 

A.M. Dartmouth '73 
1 89 1 Lect. Poetry, Ret. 1891, Died 1908 

Matthew Steel, Ph.D. 1908 

B.S. New Mexico Coll. Agric. and Me- 
chanic Arts 1901, M.S. 1902 

1907 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Biol. Chem., Res. 1910 

James Dallas Steele 

A.B. Univ. of Pa. '84, LL.B. '86, A.M., 

B.D. '91 
1891 Lect. Hebrew, Ret. 1892 

Harrison Ross Steeves, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1905 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Alexis William Stein, A.B. '91 

1906 Chaplain, Res. 1906 (before taking 
up the duties of the position) 

John Bethune Stein, M.D. '92 

191 1 (Nov.) Instr. Genito-Urinary Dis., 
Res. (Dec.) 1911 

Charles Probens Steinmetz 

1902 (l"cb.) Lect. Elec. Eng., Ret. 
(June) 1902 

Frederic Stengel, A.M. 'y^ 

1870 Instr. German, Ret. 1885 

Franklin Moore Stephens 

M.D. Univ. of Pa. '85 

1904 Instr. Otology, Ret. 1907 

De Witt Stetten, M.D. 1901 

1009 Instr. Clin. Surg. — 

Alexander Hodgdon Stevens 

M.D. Univ. of Pa. 'ii, LL.D. 

i860 Emcr. Prof. Surg., Died 1869 

Edward Stevens, A.B. *I774 

M.D. elsewhere 

1794 Prof. Pract. of Med., Res. 1795 

Romiett Stevens, Ph.D. 1912 

B.S. 1907, A.M. 1908 

1912 Asst. Prof. Secondary Educ. 
(T. O— 

Edward Luther Stevenson 

A.B. Franklin (Ind.) '8i, Ph.D. Heidel- 
berg '90 

1906 Lect. Geography, Ret. 1907 

Charles Arthur Stewart, A.M. 

A.B. 1906 

1907 Asst. Mineralogy, Ret. 1908 

Colin Campbell Stewart 

A.B. Toronto '94, Ph.D. Clark '97 
1898 Tutor Physiol., Res. 1900 

Howard Race Stewart, E.M. 

1903 Lect. Mining, Ret. 1904 

Hugh Angus Stewart 

M.B., Ch.B. Edinburgh 1904, M.R.C.P. 

1906, M.D. 1907 
1909 Asst. Prof. Pathol. — 

William Warren Stifler 

A.B. Shurtleff 1902, A.M. Illinois 1908, 

Ph.D. igii 
191 1 First appointment, 1913 Instr. 

Physics — 


Alfred Stillman, M.D. 1907 

A.B. Harvard 1903 

1909 First appointment, 19 12 Instr. 
Clin. Surg. — 

Ralph Griffiths Stillman, M.D. 

A.B. Yale 1903 „ . , , , s 

1909 Demonstr. Physiol, and (igio) 

Asst. Appl. Therapeutics, Ret. 19 ii 

H. F. Stimpson 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Ancel St. John 

Ph.B. Rochester 1906 

1909 Asst. Physics, Res. 19 10 

Fordyce Barker St. John, M.D. 

B.S. Princeton 05 

1912 Instr. Anat., Clin. Surg. — 

Samuel St. John, M.D. '57 

i860 Prof. Chem., Died 1876 
(Med. Jurisprudence added 1870) 

Samuel Benedict St. John, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '66, A.M. '69 

1871 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., Ret. 1873 

C. W. Stone 

1909 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

Harlan Fiske Stone, LL.B. '98 

B.S. Amherst 1894, A.M. 1900 

1899 First appointment, 1903 Adj. 

Prof. Law, Res. 1905, 1910 Prof. 

Law — , 19 10 Dean Law School — 

William Steven Stone, M.D. '91 

A.B. Yale '88 

1896 Instr. Gynajcology, Ret. 1907 

Bradley Stoughton 

Ph.B. Yale '93, B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '96 
1902 First appointment, 1904 Adj. 
Prof. Metallurgy, Res. (Dec.) 1908 

George Drayton Strayer, Ph.D. 

A.B. Johns Hopkins 1903 
1907 First appointment, 1910 Prof. 
Educ. Admin. (T. C.) — • 

James S. Stringham, A.B. 1793 

A.M. 1797, M.D. Edinburgh 1799 
1892 Prof. Chem., Res. 181 3 

Archibald Mclntyre Strong, 
M.D. 1908 

A.B. Princeton 1904 
191 1 Asst. Med. — ■ 

Charles Augustus Strong 

A.B. Rochester "^S^, A.B. Harvard '85 
1896 First appointment, 1903 Prof. 
Psychol. — 

Oliver Smith Strong. Ph.D. '96, 

A.:NL '92, A.B. Princeton '86 

1892 Asst. Biol., Ret. '93, 1895 Tutor 

Biol., Comp. Nevirology, 1904 Instr. 

Normal Histology (1905) Histology 

and Embyrology, 1909 Instr. Anat. — 

Robert Marquis Strong, Mech.E. 

1905 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. (Dec.) 1906 

Joseph Struthers, Ph.B. '85 

1885 First appointment, 1900 Lect. 
Metallurgy, Ret. 1901 

William Henry Stuart, C.E. '86 

1887 Fellow Asst. Drawing, Ret. iSSg 

Russell Sturgis 

A.B. C. C. K. Y. '56, A.M. Yale '72 
18S9 Lect. Arch., Ret. 1890 

Ethel Sturtevant 

B.A. Wellesley 1906 
191 1 Lect. English- 
Edgar Howard Sturtevant 

A.B. Indiana '98, Ph.D. Chicago 1901 
1907 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
Classical Philology — 

Albert Earl Sumner, M.D. '94, 

A.M. 1903, A.B. Amherst '89 
1900 First appointment, 1912 Assoc. 
Qin. Med.— 

[Anthony] Henry Suzzallo, 
Ph.D. 1905 

A.M. 1902, A.B. Stanford '99 
1907 First appointment, 1909 Prof. 
Philos. of Educ. (T. O— 

Arthur Warton Swann, M.D. 

A.B. Harvard 1903 

1910 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Med. and Clin. Path.— 

Clifford Townsend Swart, 
Mech.E. 1904 

1904 First appointment, 1905 Tutor 
Mech. Eng., Ret. 1907 

David Ferdinand Swenson 

B.S. Univ. of Minn. '98 
1901; Asst. Philos., Ret. 1906 

John August Swenson, A.B. 1903 

1903 Asst. Matli., Res. 1905 

George Montague Swift, M.D. 

A.B. Amherst '76, A.M. '79 
1898 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 
Clin. Med.— 

Frederick Henry Sykes 

A.B. Toronto '85, A.M. '86, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins '94 
1903 Prof. English and Dir. Teachers 

College Extension Dept., 1905 Dir. 

Col. Univ. Extension Teaching, Res. 

1910, igio Prof. English and Dir. of 

Technical Educ. (T. C.) — 

Brandreth Symonds, M.D. '84 

A.B. Hobart;8i, A.M. '8s 
1909 Lect. Life. Insurance Exam., Res. 
191 1 




Philip Hyatt Tarr, A.M. 1904 

Fh.B. Western Reserve 1902 
1903 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1904 

Algernon De Vivier Tassin 

A.B. Harvard '92, A.M. '93 

1905 First appointment, 1910 Asst.- 
Prof. English — 

Guy Allan Tawney 

A.B. Princeton '93, A.M. '94, Ph.D. 
Leipzig '96 

1906 (Feb.) Lect. Philos., Res. 1907 

Alfred Simpson Taylor, M.D.'95 

Ph.B. Brown '91, A.M. '92 
1900 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Surg., Ret. 1910 

Charles Edward Taylor, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1907, B.S. Case Sch. Appl. Sci. 

1907 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. (Dec.) 

Henry Osborn Taylor, LL.B. '8i 

A.B. Harvard '78 

1897 Lect. Literature, Ret. 1899 

Howard Canning Taylor, M.D. 

Ph.B. Yale '88 

1903 Instr. Gynecology, Res. 191 1 

[John] Warner Taylor, A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
English, Ret. 191 1 

Robert William Taylor, M.D. 

1891 Clin. Prof. Venereal Dis., 1902 
Clin. Prof. Gen.-Urinary Dis., Res. 

John Louis [Johann Ludwig] 


1843 Gebhard Prof. German Lang, and 
Lit., Res. 1847 

John V. B. Tennent, M.D. 

1767 Prof. Midwifery, Died 1770 

Alvan Alonzo Tenney, Ph.D. 

A.B. '98, A.M. '99 

1905 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Sociology — 

William Kenney Terriberry, 
M.D. 1907 

A.B. Yale 1903 

1909 First appointment, 191 1 Instr. 
Physiol. — 

Charles Thaddeus Terry, LL.B. 

A.B. Williams '89 

1893 First appointment, 1902 Prof. 
Law — • 

John p. Tetard 

1784 Prof. French Lang., Ret. 1787 

Henry C. Thacher 

A.B. Yale 1902, M.S. 1902, M.D. Johns 

Hopkins 1906 
1910 First appointment, 1912 Instr. 


John Seymour Thacher, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '77 

1896 First appointment, 1903 Prof. 
Clin. Med. — 

Arthur Waldorf S. Thomas, 
Chemist 1912 

1912 Instr. Food Chem. — • 

Calvin Thomas 

A.B. Michigan '74, A.M. '77, LL.D. 

1896 Prof. Germanic Langs, and Lits., 

•^98 Gebhard Prof.— 

Charles W. Thomas 

Mech.E. Stevens Inst. Tech. '84 
1908 First appointment, 191 1 Asst. 
Prof. Mech. Eng. — 

Theodore Gaillard Thomas 

M.D. Charleston Med. Coll. '52 
1863 Adj. Prof. Obstetrics, Dis. Women 
and Child, and Medic. Juris., '65 
Prof., "79 Prof. Gynaecology, '82 
Prof. Clin. Gynecology, Emer. '89 
as Prof. Obst. and Gynaecology, Died 

Elizabeth Ilsley Thompson,A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1906 Asst. Botany, Ret. 1908 

J. David Thompson 

B.Sc. Victoria (Eng.) 'p2, B.Sc. Lon- 
don '93, B.A. Cambridge '95, M.A. 

191 1 Law Librarian, Res. 1913 (Feb.) 

John Fairfield Thompson,Ph.D. 

B.S. 1903 

1903 Asst. Metallurgy, Ret. 1906 

Maurice Joseph Thompson 

A.B. Rutgers '89 

1903 (Jan.) Asst. Math., Ret. (June) 

Edgar George Thomssen, Ph.D. 

B.S. 1907, A.M. 1908 _ 
1909 Lab. Asst. Physical Chem., Ret. 



Ashley Horace Thorndike 

A.B. W'esleyan '93, A.M. Harvard '96, 
Ph.D. '98, L.H.D. VVesIeyan 1909 

1906 Prof. English — 

Edward Lee Thorndike, Ph.D. 

A.B. W'esleyan '95, A.B. Harvard '96, 
A.M. '97 

1899 First appointment (T. C), 1904 
Prof. Genetic Psychol. (1906) 
Prof. Educ. Psychol. (T. C.)— 

Robert Thorne, LL.B. '91 

A.B. Trinity (Ct.) '85, A.M. '88 
1891 Tutor Law, Ret. 1894 

Samuel Wood Thurber, M.D.'94 

B.S. Princeton '90 

1904 Instr. Laryngology — 

Edward Day Thurston, Jr., 
Mech.E. 1907 

A.B. 1905 

1907 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Mech. Eng. — 

Frederick Tilnev, Ph.D. 1912 

A.B. Yale '97, M.D. "L. I. Coll. Hosp. 

1908 First appointment, 1900 Assoc. 
Anat. — 

Alfred Tingle 

B.S. Aberdeen '96, London Univ. '97, 
Ph.D. Univ. of Pa. '99 

1900 Asst. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1902 

Alexander Tison 

1896 Lect. Law, Ret. 1897 

Edward Bradford Titchener, 

Ph.D., LL.D., D.Litt., D.Sc. 

Sage Prof. Psychol. Cornell Univ. — 

1907-08 Lect. (non-res.) Psychol. 

Henry Alfred Todd 

A.B. Princeton '76, Ph.D. Johns Hop- 
kins '85 
1893 Prof. Romance Philology — 

John Welhoff Todd, Ph.D. 19 12 

A.B. Indiana 1905, A.M. 1910 
1910 Asst. Psychol., Ret. 1912 

Gilbert Tolman, A.M. 1901 

B.M.E. Maine '96 

1901 Asst. Physics, Res. 1903 

Rudolf Tombo, Jr., Ph.D. 1901, 

A.M. '98, B.S. C. C. N. Y. '95, M.S. 

1900 First appointment, igii Assoc. 

Prof. Germanic Langs, and Lits. — •, 

1902 Registrar of the University, 

Res. 1908 

Rudolf Tombo, Sr. 

Ph.D. Rostock '70 

1898 Tutor Germanic Langs, and Lits., 
Res. 1905 

Oliver Samuel Tonks 

A.B. Harvard '98, A.M. '99, Ph.D. 1902 
1904 Lect. Greek, Ret. 1905 

Charles Herbert Torrey, Ph.B. 

1880 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1883 

John Torrey, M.D. 'i8 

A.M. (Hon.) Yale '23, LL.D. Williams 

'25, Amherst '45 
i860 Einer. Prof. Chem. and Botany, 
Died 1873, Trustee 1856-73 

George Oakley Totten, Jr., A.M. 

Ph.B. '91 

1892 Asst. Arch., Ret. 1893 

Camille Auguste Toussaint,A.M. 

A.B. 1903 

1904 Asst. Math., Ret. 1907 

James Towart, C.E. '92 

1892 Asst. Engineering, Ret. 1893 

F. M. Towl 

1910 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. igii 

Charles Orrin Townsend 

B.S. Michigan '88, M.S. '91, Ph.D. 

Leipzig '97 
1898 Tutor Botany, Res. (Oct.) 1898 

Samuel George Fitzhugh 
Townsend, E.E. '96 

A.B. '93 

1897 tirst appointment, 1905 Instr. 
Elec. Eng., Died 1906 

Daniel Treadwell, A.M. (Hon.) 

A.B. Harvard 1754, A.M. 1757 
1757 Prof. Math, and Nat. Hist., 
Died 1760 

William Peterfield Trent 

A.M. Virginia '84, LL.D. Wake Forest 

'99, D.C.L. Univ. of the South 1905 
1900 Prof. English Lit. — 

Amasa Trowbridge 

Ph.B. Yale '91 

1903 Adj. Prof. Mech. Eng., Res. (Jan.) 

Charles Christopher Trowbridge 

B.S. Trinity '92, M.S. 1903, Sc.D. 1908 
1892 First appointment, 1903 Instr. 
Physics — - 

William Petit Trowbridge 

U. S. M. A. '48, A.M. Rochester '56, 
Yale '70, Ph.D. Princeton '79, LL.D. 
Trinity '80, Michigan '87 

1877 Prof. Engineering, Died 1892 

Ervin Alden Tucker, M.D. '89 

B.S. Amherst '85, A.M. '88 

1890 First appointment, 1895 Tutor 

Obstetrics and Gynrecology, Res. 


Samuel Auchmuty Tucker,Ph.B. 


395 I'irst appointment, 
Prof. Electro-Chem. — 

1905 Asst. 



Frank Leo Tufts, Ph.D. '97, 

A.M. '96, B.S. Antioch '91, A.B. 

Harvard '94 
1897 First appointment, 1905 Adj. 

Prof. Physics, Died 1909 

Wilbur Drake Tupper, C.E.1911 

191 1 Asst. Drawing, Res. 1912 

Samuel Hulbert Turner 

A.B. Univ. of Fa. 1807, D.D., S.T.D. 
1830 Prof. Hebrew Lang, and Lit., 
Died i860 

Percy Rivington Turnure, A.M., 
M.D. '98 

A.B. Harvard '94 
1904 Instr. Surg. — 

Gustav Robitscher Tuska, C.E. 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. '88, M.S. '91 
1893 First appointment, 1894 Tutor 
Civil Eng., Res. 1896 

George Albert Tuttle, M.D. '86 

A.B. Amherst '83 

190^ First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Clin. Med.— 

George Montgomery Tuttle, 
M.D. '80 

A.B. Yale '77 

1884 First appointment, 1885 Prof. 
Gynecology, Res. 1903 

Henry Hawkins Tyson 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. '87 

1903 Instr. of Ophthalmology — 



William Cullen Uhlig, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '96 

1901 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1910 

John Garrett Underbill, Ph.D. 

A.M. '96, A.B. Bklyn. Polytechnic 
Inst. '94 

1899 Asst. Comp. Lit., Res. (Jan.) 1901 

Lucien Marcus Underwood 

Ph.B. Syracuse '77, Ph.M. '78, Ph.D. 

'79, LL.D. 1906 
1896 Prof. Botany, 1904 Torrey Prof., 

Died 1907 

Harlan Updegraff, A.M. '98 

Ph.B. Cornell '94 

1900 Asst. Philos. and Educ., Ret. 1902 

Clifford Brewster Upton, A.M. 

A.B. Michigan 1902 
19 10 Asst. Prof. Math, and (191 1) Sec. 
of Teachers Coll.— 

Edwin Carleton Upton, A.M. '02 

B.S. Maine '97 

1902 Asst. English, R^t. 1903 



Clarence Walton Vail, A.M. '93, 

A.B. '92 

1893 Asst. Rhet., Ret. 1894 

John Howard Van Amringe, 
A.M. 1863 

A.B. '60, L.H.d' '00, LL.D. Union '95, 
Ph.D. Univ. of State of N. Y. '77 

i860 First appointment, '65 Prof. 
Math., Emcr. 1910 — '94 Dean Sch. 
Arts, Res. 1910 

May Belle Van Arsdale, B.S. 

1910 Asst. Prof. Household Arts 
(T. O— 

Frederick Theodore Van Beuren, 
Jr., M.D. 1902 

A.B. Yale '98 

1905 First appointment, 1909 Instr. 
Surg. — 

Frederick Augustus Vander- 
burgh, Ph.D. 1908 

A.B. Rochester '76 

1910 Lect. Semitic Langs. — 

Aaron J. Vanderpoel 

1863 Lect. Law, Ret. 1866 

George Roe Van De Water 

B.S. Cornell '74, D.D. Nashotah '86 

1892 Chaplain, Res. 1905 

Carl Van Doren, Ph.D. 191 1 

A.B. Illinois 1906, A.M. 1907 

191 1 (Jan.) Instr. English — 

Arthur Pine Van Gelder, Ph.B. 

1896 First appointment, 1897 Tutor 
Gen. Chem., Ret. 1898 

Ira Thompson Van Gieson, M.D. 

1887 First appointment, 1894 Instr. 
Pathol, and Histology Nervous Sys- 
tem, Ret. 1900 

La Rue Van Hook 

A.B. Michigan '99, Ph.D. Chicago 1904 
1910 Assoc. Prof. Classical Philology — 

Gilbert Van Ingen 

1893 First appointment, 1894 Curator 
Geological Collections, Res. 1901 

Philip Van Ingen, M.D. 1901 

A.B. Yale '97 

1906 Asst. Med., Res. 1907 



John Vredenburgh Van Pelt 

Diplome, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 

'95 . . 

J905 First appointment, 1909 Assoc. 
Arch. — , Res. 1912 

Gerrit G. Van Wagenen, A.B. 

1849 Treasurer, Died 1858 

John Vardill, A.M. 1769 

A.B. 1766 ^ ^ ^. 

1773 Tutor, Res. 1776, i773 Prof. ^at. 

Law (1775 Hist, and Languages 

added). Ret. 1776. Died 181 1 

John Cohn Vaughan, M.D. 1907 

19:0 First appointment, 1912 Instr. 
Anat. and Asst. Surg. — 

Margaret Van Zandt 

1884 Asst. Librarian, Ret. 1909 

Robert George Vermilye, A.M. 

A.B. '31, D.D. '51 

1835 First appointment, 1837 Adj. 

Prof. Greek and Latin Langs., Res. 

1S43, Died 1875 

Antoine Verren, A.M. (Hon.) 

A.B. Geneva, S.T.D. Hobart '60 
1792 Prof. French Lang., Res. 1839 

Henri Vigier 

Licencie-es-Lettres, Paris, 1907 
1908 (Dec.) Lect. Romance Langs, and 
Lits., Ret. 1909 

Francis Laurens Vinton 

U.S. M.A. '56, E.M. Ecole des Mines, 

Paris '60 
1864 Prof. Mining Eng., '70 Prof. 

Civil and Mining Eng., Ret. 1877 

Ferruccio Vitale 

1910 Lect. Landscape Arch., Res. 1912 

Karl Max Vogel, M.D. 1900 

Ph.G. K. Y. Coll. Phar. '96 
1903 First appointment, 1909 Asst. 
Prof. Clin. Pathol.— 

Gustav JuHus Volckening, 
Met.E. '88 

E.M. '89 

1891 Asst. Metallurgy, Civil Eng., Res. 

Clarke Greenwood Voorhees, 
A.M. '93 

Ph.B. Yale '91 

1894 Asst. Assaying, Res. 1896 

James Ditmars Voorhees, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '90, A.M. '93 
1897 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Prof. Obstetrics — 

Anton Vorisek 

I'h.G. Coll. Phar. '98, Phar.D. 1902 

1906 Professor Anal. Chem. Coll. Phar. — 

Arthur Seymour Vosburgh,M.D. 

A.B. '90 

1897 Asst. Demonstr. Anat., 1905 

Demonstr., Res. 1906, 1908 Instr. 


Hermann Theodore Vulte, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '81 

1883 First appointment, 1904 Asst. 

Prof. Domestic Science, (1909) 

Household Chem. (T. C.) — 



Herbert Treadwell Wade, A.B. 

1893 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1899 

Helen Clark Wadelton 

1908 Recorder — 

Augustus Baldwin Wadsworth, 
M.D. '96 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '93 
1 899 First appointment, 1909 Asst. 
Prof. Bacteriol. — 

Leonard Waldo 

A.B. Marietta '72, Sc.D. Harvard '79, 

A.M. Yale '80 
1873 Asst. Math, and Astron., Ret. 1875 

Arthur Lucien Walker, E.M. '83 

1908 Prof. Metallurgy — 

John Baldwin Walker 

A.B. Harvard '84, M.D. '88 

1S97 Asst. Instr. Oper. Surg., Ret. 
1900, 1904 Clin. Lect. Surg., 1908 
Assoc. Clin. Surg., 1909 Asst. Prof. 
Clin. Surgery — 

Charlton Wallace, M.D. '98 

A.B. Transylvania 'ge, 

1912 Instr. Clin. Orth. Surg. — 

Elwyn Waller, Ph.D. '75 

E.M. '70, A.B. Harvard '67, A.M. '70 
1871 First appointment, 1885 Prof. 
Anal. Chem., Res. 1893 

William Henry Walter, Mus. 
Doc. (Hon.) '65 

1856 Organist 

1879 Instr. Vocal Music, Etner. '91, as 
Prof, of Music, Died 1893 

Hugo Julius Walther, Ph.D. '86, 

A.B. '83, A.M. '8s 
i88s Tutorial Fellow Asst. Math., Ret. 



DeLancey Walton Ward, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '88 

1890 Fellow Asst. Organic Chem., Ret. 

Frank Edwin Ward 

1904 Organist and (1909) Assoc. Music — 

Frederick Spaulding Ward 

M.D. Dartmouth '95 

1897 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1898 

Samuel Baklwin Ward, A.M. '64 

A.B. '61, Ph.D. Union '82, M.D. 

Georgetown '64 
1867 Curator Museum (Medical), Ret. 


Wilbur Ward, M.D. 1904 

A.B. Williams 1900 

1909 First appointment, 191 1 Assoc. 
Gyna:cology — 

Arthur Ware 

1912 Assoc. Arch. — 

William Robert Ware 

A.B. Harvard '52, B.S. '56, LL.D. '96 
1881 Prof. Arch., Emer. 1903 — 

La Mont A. Warner 

1910 Asst. Prof. Household Arts 
(T. O — 

Charles Peck Warren, A.M. '92, 

Ph.B. '90 

1893 First appointment, 1909 Asst. 
Prof. Arch. — 

George William Warren, Mus. 

1875 Organist, '91 Prof. Music, '95 Or- 
ganist and Lect. Music, Died 1902 

Richard Henry Warren 

1902 (Apr.) Organist, Ret. (June) 1902 

Edmund Atwill Wasson, Ph.D. 

A.B. '85, A.M. '87 

1888 Tutorial Fellow English, Ret. 1890 

George Baker Waterhouse 

B.S. London 1903 

1905 Asst. Metallurgy, Res. (Jan.) 1906 

Rossiter Lester Waters, Mech.E. 

1902 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. 1903 

Samuel Shelton Watkins, E.E. 

1906 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1907 

John B. Watson 

Prof. Psychol. Johns Hopkins Univ. 
1912-13 Lect. (Non-res.) Psychol. 

Leon Laizer Watters, A.M. '98 

B.S. Utah '97 

1898 Asst. Chem., Ret. 1900 

Ada Watterson, A.M. 1900 

A.B. '98 

1900 Asst. Botany and Zool., Res. 1902 

Robert Watts, A.B. 1803 

i860 Prof. Anat., Died '67 

Harold Worthington Webb, 
Ph.D. 1909 

A.B. 1905 

1909 Instr. Physics — 

Mabel Foote Weeks 

A.B. Radclii?e '94 

1907 Asst. Prof. English, 1910 Assoc. 
English — 

Raymond [Leslie] Weeks 

A.B. Harvard '90, A.M. '91, Ph.D. '97 

1909 Prof. Romance Langs, and Lits. — 

Stephen Roe Weeks 

1849 Asst. Librarian, Ret. 18S6 
1886 Proctor, Died 1890 
(1840-86 Janitor) 

Charles William Weick 

B.S. Ohio State '98 

1899 First appointment (T. C.) 

1912 Asst. Prof. Indus. Arts ^T. C.) — 

William Weinberger 

M.D. Vienna '94, M.S. N. Y. Univ. 

1 90 1 
1907 Asst. Biol. Chem., Ret. 1908 

Morris Francis Weinrich, Ph.D. 

A.M. 1907, Mecii.E. 1904 

1906 (Jan.) Asst. Drawing, Ret. 1908 

191 1 Instr. Physics — 

Robert Fulton Weir, M.D. '59 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. '54, A.M. '57 
1873 Lect. Dis. Male Pelvic Organs, 
Ret. 1880, 1883 Lect. Surg., 1884 
Prof. Clin. Surg., '92 Prof. Surg., 
1903 Clin. Surg., Emer. 1907 — 

William Henry Welker, Ph.D. 

A.C. Lehigh 1904 

1904 Asst. Physiol. Chem., Ret. 1908, 

1910 Assoc. Biol. Chem., 1911 Asst. 

Prof. Biol Chem., Res. 1912 

Dana Clemmer Wells, E.E. '96, 

A.B. '92 

1896 Asst. Physics, Res. (Jan.) 1899 

Frederic Lyman Wells, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1903, A.M. 1904 
1904 First appointment, 1910 Lect. 
Psychol., Res. 1912 

James Simpson Chester Wells, 
Ph.D. 'yy 

Ph.B. '75 

1875 First appointment, 1905 Adj. 
Prof. Anal. Chem., Ret. 1909 

George Vincent Wendell 

B.S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '92," Ph.D. Leip- 
sic '98 

1910 Prof. Physics — 



Max West, Ph.D. '93 

A.M. '92, B.S. Minnesota '90 
1902 (Feb.) Lect. Polit. Econ., Ret. 
(June) 1912 

Allan Ferguson Westcott, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. Brown 1903, A.M. '04 

1906 First appointment, 19 10 Instr. 
English, Res. 191 1 

Charles Partridge Weston, A.M. 

C.E. Maine '99 

1902 Asst. Mechanics, Res. 1904 

Stephen Francis Weston, Ph.D. 

A.B. Antioch '79, A.M. '84 
j8o2 (Dec.) Asst. Polit. Econ., Social 
Sci., Ret. 1894 

Reinhard August Wetzel 

B.S. Minnesota 1901 

1907 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1909 

Charles Henry Wharton, S.T.D. 

1801 President, Res. 1801 

Hugh M. Wharton 

1908 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Edwin Bennett Wheeler 

B.S. Missouri '99 

1903 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1906, 1907 
Asst. Physics, Ret. 1908 

Elizabeth H. Wheeler 

1 910 Recorder of Medical Faculty — 

James Rignall Wheeler 

A.B. Vermont '80, LL.D. 1909, Ph.D. 

Harvard '85 
1895 Prof. Greek, 1906 Prof. Greek 

ArchiEology and Art — , 1910 Dean 

Fine Arts, Res. 191 1 

George Gill Wheelock, M.D. '64 

A.B. Harvard '60, A.M. '63 

1868 Lect. Physical Diagnosis, Ret. 

1880, Died 1907 
Trustee 1891 — 

Allen Oldfather Whipple, M.D. 

B.S. Princeton 1904 
1910 Instr. Clin. Surg. — - 

Dorris William Whipple, B.S. 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1901 

1908 Asst. Anal. Chem., Res. 1909 

Albert Conser Whitaker, Ph.D. 

A.B. Stanford '99 

1906 Lect. Economics and Social Sci., 
Ret. 1907 

Frederick Prescott Whitaker, 
LL.B. 1908 

A.B. Stanford 1905 

1909 Asst. Law — " 

Milton Clarence Whitaker 

B.S. Univ. of Colorado '98, M.S. 1900 

1898 Tutor Chem., Res. 1902, 1910 
Prof. Indus. Chem. — , (191 1) En- 
gineering Chem. — 

Francis Joseph White, E.E.1902 

1902 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1903 

Theodore Greely White, Ph.D. 

Ph.B. '94, A.M. '95 
1896 Asst. Mechanics, Physics, Ret. 

William P. White 

1008 Lect. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1910 

E[rnest] Stagg Whitin, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1904 

1910 Asst. Social Legislation — 

Charles Allen Whiting, M.D. '96 

A.B. Harvard '91 

1900 Tutor Gynecology, Ret. 1903 

James Raynor Whiting, M.D. '96 

A.B. Harvard '(^z 

1904 Instr. Genito-Urinary Diseases — 

Herbert Percy Whitlock, C.E. 

1 89 1 Asst. Mineralogy, Res. igoo 

Roval Whitman 

M.D'. Harvard '82 

1896 First appointment, 1907 Asst. 
Prof. Orth. Surg.— 

David Day Whitney, Ph.D. 1909 

A.M. igo6, A.B. Wesleyan 1904 
1907 Asst. Zool., Ret. 1908 

Louis Charles Whiton, Jr. 

Ph.B. Yale 1912 

igi2 Lab. Asst. Eng. Chem. — 

Frederick Wallingford Whit- 
ridge. LL.B. '78 

A.B. Amherst '74, A.M. '77 

1883 Lect. Adminis. Law U. S., 1888 

Lect. Const, and Political History 

N. Y., Ret. 1894 

Herbert L. Whittemore 

B.S. Wisconsin 1903, Mech.E. 1910 
1912 Instr. Mechanics — 

Ferdinand Gerhard Wiechmann, 
Ph.D. '82 

Ph.B. '81 

18S3 First appointment, 1886 Instr. 

Chem. Philos. and Chem. Physics, 

Res. 1897 

George Fergus Wieser 

Ph.B. Marietta 1907, M.E. Cornell igio 
1912 Instr. Mech. Eng. — • 

Ernest Nash Wilcox, M.D. '96 

A.B. Williams '93 

1899 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1901 



Herbert Budington Wilcox, M.D. 

A.B. Yale '98 

1904 Asst. Clin. Pathol., Ret. 1905, 

1907 Asst. Clin. Path., 1910 Dis. of 

Children — 

Norman Wilde, Ph.D. '94 

A.B. '89, A.M. '90 

1894 Asst. Philos., Ret. 1898 

Arthur Willey 

B.S. London Univ. '90 

1892 Tutor Biol., Res. 1894 

Horatio Burt Williams 

A.B. Syracuse 1900, M.D. 1905 

191 1 Assoc. Physiol. — 

John Paul Jones Williams 

B.S. Pennsylvania '98, M.S. '99, C.E. 

1910 Asst. Prof. Civil Eng. — 

Linsly Rudd Williams, A.M. '99 
M.D. '99 

A.B. Princeton '95 

1902 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1903, 
1906, Asst. Med., 1908 Assoc. Med. — 

Percy Herbert Williams, M.D. 

A.B. Princeton '97 

1908 Instr. Gynaecology — 

Samuel Robinson Williams, 
Ph.D. '06 

Ph.B. Iowa 1901, M.A. Nebraska 1903 
1906 First appointment, 1907 Tutor 
Physics, Res. 1908 

Talcott Williams 

A.B. Amherst '83, L.H.D. '96, A.M. 
(Hon.) Pennsylvania '91, LL.D. '95, 
L.H.D. Western Reserve '97, LL.D. 
1909, LL.D. Hobart '99 

1912 (Apr.) Prof. Journalism and Dir. 
Sch. Journalism — 

William Robert Williams, M.D. 

A.B. Williams '89, A.M. '92 
1897 Asst. Normal Histology, Ret. 1899 
1904 Tutor Mat. Med. and Therapeu- 
tics., '06 Instr., igo8 Asst. Prof. 
Pharmacology and Therapeutics — 

George Faxon Williamson 

A.B., Univ. Nebraska, 1907; A.M. 1912 
1912 Asst. Psychol. — 

Albert Potter Wills 

B.E.E. Tufts '94, Ph.D. Clark '97, Sc.D. 
191 1 

1903 First appointment, 1909 Prof. 
Math. Physics — 

Edmund Beecher Wilson 

Ph.B. Yale '78, LL.D. 1901, Ph.D. 
Johns Hopkins '81, LL.D. 1902, 
LL.D. Chicago 1901, Sc.D. Cambridge 
1909, M.D. (Hon.) Leipsic 1909 

1891 First appointment, 1894 Prof. 
Zool., 1911 Da Costa Prof. — , 1905 
Dean Pure Set., Res. 1906 

James Elijah Wilson, E.E. 1908 

Ph.B. Wesleyan 1904 

1908 Asst. Elec. Eng., Ret. 1909 

Levi Thomas Wilson 

A.]?. Washington and Lee 1909, A.M. 

19 1 2 Asst. Math. — 

Oscar Raymond Wilson 


1899 Asst. Mech. Eng., Res. igoi 

Peter Wilson 

A.M. Aberdeen, LL.D. Union 1798 
1789 Prof. Greek and Lat. Lang., i?^5. 

1797 Prof. Greek and Lat. Lang., Enter 

1820, Died 1825 

Curt Paul Wimmer, A.M. 1909 

Phar.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1902, Phar.D. 

1910 Asst. Prof. Phar., Coll. Phar. — 

Clifton Nichols Windecker, C.E. 

1892 Asst. Math., Res. 1893 

Louis Elsberg Wise, Ph.D. 1911 

A.B. 1907 

19 12 Instr. Biol. Chem. — 

Clark Wissler, Ph.D. 1901 

A.B. Indiana '97, A.M. '99 

1899 Asst. Psychol., Ret. 1900, 1903 
Asst. Anthropology, 1904 Lect. An- 
thropology, Res. 1909 

Frederick W. Witherell 

S.B. Mass. Inst. .Tech. 1900 

1910 Lect. Civil Eng., Res. (Mar.) 191 1 

William Henry Woglom, M.D. 

1912 Asst. Prof, engaged in Cancer 
Research — 

Elvira Wood, Ph.D. 1910 

A.M. 1908 

1909 Curator Geol., Ret. 191 1 

Francis Carter Wood, M.D. '94 

B.S. Ohio State 'c)i 

1897 First appointment, 1906 Prof. 
Clin. Path.— 

Thomas Denison Wood, M.D. '91 

A.B. Oberlin '88, A.M. '91 

1901 Prof. Physical Educ. — 

George Edward Woodberry 

A.B. Harvard 'yy 

1 89 1 Prof. Literature, 1900 Prof. Comp. 
Lit., Res. 1904 

Frederick James Eugene Wood- 

A.B. Amherst '89, A.M. '98, LL.D. 1903 

1902 Prof. Philosophy, '04 Johnsonian 
Prof. — , 19 12 Dean Grad. Faculties 
and Fine Arts — 

John Francis Woodhull, Ph.D. 

A.B. Yale '80 

1888 Prof. Physical Science (T. C.) — 

Leon Elmer Woodman 

A.B. Dartmouth '99, A.M. 1902 
1905 Asst. Physics, Ret. 1907 



Herbert Holling-sworth Wood- 
row, Ph.D. 1909 

A.B. Michigan 1904 

1907 Lect. Psychol., Res. 1909 

Isaac Ogden Woodruff, ]\I.D.'o4 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1900 
1906 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 
Clin. Med.— 

Samuel Hamilton Woods 

M.E. Cornell 1906 

igo6 Asst. Mech. Eng., Ret. 1907 

Benjamin Duryea Woodward, 
Ph.D. '91 

A.B. '88, A.M. '89, B. es S. Paris '85, 

B. es L. '86 
1890 First appointment, 1902 Prof. 

Romance Langs, and Lits., Res. 1908 

Robert Simpson Woodward, 
Sc.D. '05 

C.E. Michigan '72, Ph.D. '92, LL.D. 
Wisconsin 1904 

1893 Prof. Mechanics, '99 Prof. Me- 
chanics and Math. Physics, Res. 
1905, Dean Pure Sci. 1895-1905 

Robert Sessions Woodworth, 
Ph.D. '99 

A.B. Amherst '91, A.B. Harvard '96, 

A.M. '97 
1903 First appointment, 1909 Prof. 

Psychol. — 

Mrs. Mary Schenck Woolman 

189s First appointment (T. C), 1903 
Prof. Domestic Art (T. C), Res. 

John Munro Woolsey, LL.B. 

A.B. Yale '98 

1905 Lect. Law, Res. 1906 

Ira Harvey Woolson. E.M. '85 

1886 First appointment, 1903 Asst. 
Prof. Mcch. Eng., Res. 1910 

Ernest Hunter Wright, Ph.D. 

A.B. 1906, A.M. 1907 
1910 Instr. English — 

Withrop Robins Wright 

A.B. Michigan 1909 
igi2 Asst. Physics — 

Charles Rapelyea Wyckoff, Jr., 
C.E. 1902 

B.S. Bklyn. Polytechnic Inst. '99 

1902 Asst. Civil Eng., Ret. 1903 


Andrew Benedict Yard, M.D. 

1910 Asst. Dis. of Children, Ret. 1912 

William Henry Yates, C.E. 1903 

1903 First appointment, 1904 Tutor 
Civil Eng., Res. 1907 

George Helm Yeaman 

1872 Lect. Law, Ret. 1876 

Joseph Grant Yocum, M.D. 1901 

1906 Demonstr. Physiol., Ret. 1908 

Abraham Yohannan, Ph.D. 1902, 

A.M. '94, A.B. Urmiah Coll. Persia '70 
1894 Lect. Oriental Languages — 

Clarence Hoffman Young, Ph.D. 

A.B. '88, A.M. '89 

1892 First appointment, 1905 Prof. 
Greek — 

Sidney Zandstra, Ph.D. 1909 

A.B. Hope 1903, B.D. Princeton 1907 
1909 Gustav Gottheil Lect. Sem. Langs., 
Ret. 19 10 

J. Enrique Zanetti 

B.S. Harvard 1906, A.M. 1907, Ph.D. 

1909 First appointment, 1910 Instr. 

Chem., Res. 19 12 

Hans [William] Zinsser, M.D. 

A.B. '99. A.M. 1Q03 
1905 First appointment, 1908 Instr. 
Bacteriol. and Hygiene, Res. 1910 

Total 1805 




Joshua Bloomer* (Rev.), A.M. 

1761, S.T.D. 1790, Capt. and Major 
Prov. Regt. from Westchester in 1759 
aet. ss *i799 

Isaac Ogden* 

Memb. Prov. Congr. N: J., Judge 
Supr. Ct. Canada 

Samuel Pfovoost* (Rev.), A.M. 

1761, A.B. St. Peter's Coll. England 
176s, S.T.D. Fenn. 1786, Regent 
Univ. N. Y. S. 1784-7, Bishop P. E. 
Ch. N. Y. 1787-181S (see pp. 17, 
19, 23) aet. 73 *i8is 

Joseph Reade* 

Mastery in Chancery N. J. (see p. 16) 

Rudolph Ritzema* 

Lt. Col. H. B. M. Army *i8o3 

Philip Van Cortlatidt,* A.M. 

1761, Major H. B. M. Army 

aet. 75 *i8i4 

Samuel Vexplanck,* A.M. 1763 

(see p. 17) aet. 8i *i82o 


William Hamia* (Rev.), A.M. 

1765, and Yale 1768 

Epenetus Townsend* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1762 *i779 


Samuel Bayard,* A.M. 1763, 

Dep. Sec. of Colony, Dep. Reg. of 
the Ordin. and Prerog. Ct., Major 
H. B. M. Army aet. 76*18/6 

Anthony Hoffman,* A.M. 1763, 

Mem. of Legis, 1783, Sec. of Gov. of 
the Province, Regent Univ. N. Y. S. 
1784-7 (see p. 18) 

Philip Livingston,* A.M. 1763, 

Memb. N. Y. Prov. Congr. (see p. 20) 

aet. 64 *i8o8 

John Marston,* A.M. 1763 
Robert Watts,* A.M. 1763 

Isaac Wilkins* (Rev.), A.M. 

1763, S.T.D. 181 1, Memb. Genl. As- 
semb. of N. Y. 1772-5 aet. 89 *i830 


Henry Holland,* A.M. 1764, 

Memb. N. Y. Legis. 1761-9 

Anthony Lispenard,* 

Pres. Elector 1800 aet. 64 *i8o6 

Henry Van Dyck* (Rev.), A.M. 

1764, S.T.D. Rutgers Coll. 1792. 

aet. 60 *i8o4 

1762 3 

Edward Antil.l,* A.M. 1765 

Eng. Off. Siege of Quebec, Lt.-Col. 
Canadian Regt. 1779-81, and Contl. 
Infantry, 1781-3 (seep. 17) aet. 47 *i789 

Henry Cuyler,* A.M. 1765 

(see p. 17) 

William Cornelius George,* A.B. 

Yale 1762 

John Grinnell* 

Capt. 3d Regt. N. Y. Contl. Artil- 
lery 1775-6 

Alexander Leslie,* A.M. 

1765, Master Gram. Sch. King's Coll. 
(see p. 60) 

Leonard Lispenard,* 

Del. Prov. Congr. N. Y. 1775, Regent 
Univ. N. Y. S. 1784-7 (see pp. 16, 
18, 19, 24, 60) aet. 47 *i790 

William Benjamin Nicoll Mave- 
Daniel Robert,* 

H. B. M. Atty.-Gen. for St. Christo- 


Barent Cuyler,* A.M. 1766 

Abraham De Peyster,* A.M. 

1766, Capt. H.B.M. Army, Treas. 
Colony of New Brunswick (see p. 

16) aet. SS *i798 




: 1764-68 

Richard Harison,* A.M. 

Sec. Regents of the Univ. 1784-90, 
D.C.L. Univ. Oxford, Del. to N. Y. 
Constitut. Conv. 1788, Memb. N. Y. 
Assenib. 1788-9. U. S. Dist. Atty. N. 
Y. 1 789- 1 80 1, Recorder N. Y. City 
1798-1801 (see pp. 19, 23) aet. 82 *i829 

John Jay,* A.M. 1767, LL.D. 

Harvard 1790, Brown 1794, and 
Edinburgh 1792, Del. to Congr. 
1774-1775, Memb. Prov. Conv. N. Y. 
1776, Ch.-.Tust. N. Y. 1777, Pres. Na- 
tional Congr. 1778, Min. Plenipo. to 
Spain, 1779, U. S. Peace Commr. 
1781-3, U. S. Sec. For. Aff. 1784, 
Del. to Congr. 1784, Regent Univ. 
N. Y. S. 1784-90, Del. to Fed. Con- 
stit. Conv. 1787, Del. to N. Y. S. 
Constit. Conv. 17S8, Ch.-Just. U. S. 
1789-94, U. S. Envoy Ex. to Gt. 
Britain 1794, Governor N. Y. 1795- 
i8oi (seep. 18) aet. 84 *i829 


Egbert Benson,* A.M. 1768, 

LL.D. Union 1779, Harvard 1808 and 
Dartmouth 181 1. Memb. Prov. Conv. 
N. Y. 1776, Atty. -Gen. N. Y. 1777- 
87, Del. to Contl. Congr. 178 1-4, Re- 
gent Univ. N. Y. S. 1782-1802, 
Bound. Commr. bet. N. Y. and Mass. 
1784, and bet. N. Y. and Conn. 1790, 
Rep. in Congr. 1789-92, 18 13, N. Y. 
Assemb. 1788, judge Supr. Ct. 
N. Y. 1794-1801,' Ch. Judge U. S. 
Circ. Ct. N. Y. 1801-2 (see pp. 17, 
20) aet. 87 *] 

Richard Grant* 

Garrison Chaplain, St. Johns 

Robert R. Livingston,* A.M. 

1768, and Princeton, LL.D. Univ. 
N. Y. S. 1792, Recorder N. Y. City 
I773i l^el. to Contl. Congr. 1775-7, 
1779-81, Memb. N. Y. Constit. Conv. 
1777, Chanc. N. Y. 1777-1801, LT. S. 
Sec For. Aff. 178 1-3, Regent Univ. 
N'. Y. S. 1784-7, Del. to Fed. Constit. 
Conv. 1787, U. S. Min. Plenipo. to 
France 180 1-4 aet. 65 * 

Henry Lloyd,* A.M. 1769 

aet. 82 * 

Arent Schuyler* 




James Barclay,* A.M. 1769 

H. B. M. Army 

Gerard Beekman,* A.M. 1769 

Lieut. Ind. N. Y. Militia 1776 aet. 73 *i822 

Richard Nicholls Golden,* 

Ensign 42d Royal Highlanders 1767- 

72, Surv. of Customs, N. Y. aet. 31 *i777 

Richard D'Ollier* 

Edward Nicoll,* A.M. 1769 

Lieut. N. Y. Militia 1776 

John Ray,* A.M. 1773 
TIenry Rutgers* 

Lt. N. Y. Militia 1775, Lt. Malcolm's 
Regt. N. Y. Vol. Infry. 1776, Memb. 
Assemb. N. \^. 1784, 1800-5, 1807-8, 
Regent Univ. N. Y. S. 1802-26, Trus- 
tee Princeton 1804-17, Pres. Elector 
iSoS, 1816 1820, Pres. of Electors 
1816 and 1820 aet. 85 *i830 

John Troup,* A.M. 1769 


John Troup, Jr.,* A.M. 1769 

aet. 70 *i8i7 

John Vardill* (Rev.), A.M. 1769 

(see p. 84) *i8ii 

John Watts,* A.M. 1769 

Memb. Assemb. N. Y. 1788-9 and 
Speaker 1791-2-3, Judge Westches- 
ter Co. N. Y., Recorder N. Y. City, 
1774-6 (see pp. 16, 19) aet. 87 *i836 


William Laight.* A.M. 1770 

Asst. Brigade ^Maj. H. B. M. A. 

aet. S3 •1804 

Peter Van Schaack,* A.M. 

1773, LL.D. 1826, Commr. for Re- 
vising Colonial Statutes N'. Y. 1773 

aet. 85 *i832 


Charles Doughty.* A.M. 1771, 

M.D. 1772, Surg, in British Regt. 
Loyal Vols, in N. Y. 

James Ludlow,* A.M. 1771 
Benjamin Moore* (Rev.), A.M. 

1771. S.T.D. 1789, Regent Univ. N. 
Y. S. 1787-1802, Bishop P. E. Ch. 
N. Y. 1801-16 (see pp. 20, 24, 66) 

aet. 68 *i8i6 

Gouverneur Morris,* A.M. 

1771, Memb. Prov. Conv. N. Y. 177S, 
Del. to Contl. Congr. 1777-80, Asst. 
Supt. Finance 1781-5, Del. to Fed. 
Constit. Conv. 1787, U. S. Special 
Commr. to Eng. 1789-92, U. S. Min. 
to France 1792-4, U. S. Sen. 1800-3, 
Canal Commissioner of N. Y. 1810-5 
(see p. 20) aet. 65 *i8i6 

John Stevens,* A.M. 1771 

Treas. New Jersey 1776-9, Builder of 

the first locomotive aet. 89 *i838 

Gulian Verplanck* 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1788-91, 1796-7 
and Speaker 1790, 1796-7, Regent 
Univ. N. Y. S. 1790-9, Pres. Bank 
of N. Y. 1 79 1 -9 aet. 48 *i79t) 





Caleb Cooper,* A.M. 1771 

and Princeton 1771 


James Creighton,* A.M. 1773 
John Doughty* (Rev.) 

aet. 96 *i84i 

Jonathan Graham,* A.B. 

Yale 1770 

Richard Harris,* A.M. 


WilHam Hubbard,* A.M. 1773, 

Memb. Prov. Assemb., Ch.-Just. Ct. 
Com. Pleas and Judge Ct. Claims, 
Nova Scotia ''iSia 

Stephen Lush,* A.M. 1773 

Capt. N. Y. Vols. 1776, Actg. Judge 
Adv. Contl. Army 1777, N. Y. As. 
semb. 1792-3, 1803-6, N. Y. Sen. 
1801-2 *i825 

John Rutgers Marshall* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1773 

Philip Pell,* A.M. 1773 

Lieut. N. Y. Vols. 1776, Depy. Judge 
Adv. Contl. Army 1777, N. V. As- 
semb. 1779-81, 1784-6, Judge Adv. 
Gen. U. S. A. 1781-3, Regent Univ. 
N. Y. S. 1784-7, Surrogate West- 
chester Co. 1787-1.S00, Memb. Con- 
gress 1788 (see p. 18) aet. 51 *i9ii 

Ichabod Best Barnet,*A.M. 1774 

Clement Cooke Clarke,* A.M. 

John Copp,* A.M. 1774 

ist Lieut, ist Regt. N. Y. Contl. 
Infy. 1775, Capt. Nicholson's Contl. 
Regt. at Quebec 1776. Capt. ist 
Regt. N. Y: Contl. Infy. 1776-9 

Henry De Wint,* A.M. 1774 

Thomas Knox* 

John Searle,* A.M. 1774 

Thomas Barclay* 

Maj. H. B. M. Army 1777, Speaker 
Assembly Kova Scotia, Adj. Gen. 
Nova Scotia, British Commr. under 
"Jay's Treaty" and under Treaty of 
Ghent, British Consul Gen. at N. Y. 
1799-1812 aet. 77 *i83o 

John Bowden* (Rev.), A.M. 

177s, S. T. D. 1797 (see p. 32) 

aet. 66 *i8i7 

John King* 

Conisary. H. B. M. Army 1799, 
Commr. of Police, N. Y. 

Nicholas Ogden* 

Adj. H. B. M. Army aet. 58 •1812 

Peter Roebuck,* A.M. 1775 
Andrew Skeene* 

Subaltern H. B. M. 6th Dragroons 
and Capt. 9th Dragoons aet. 73 *i826 


Cornelius Bogert* 

Lt. N. Y. Lid. Forces 1776 aet. 78 *i832 

Frederick Philipse* 

Capt. Dragoons British Army *i785 

Nathaniel Philipse* 

Ensign H. B. M. Army 'aet. 21 *i777 

Beverley Robinson* 

Lt.-Col.'n. B. M. Army aet. 65 *i8i6 

Thomas Shreve* (Rev.) 

aet. 64 *i8i6 
1774 ^ 

Isaac Abrahams* 

Robert Nicholls Auchmuty, 

Officer H. B. M. Army *i8i3 

William Chandler* 

Capt. H. B. M. Army aet. 28 * 1784 

Edward Dunscomb,* 

Lieut, ist Regt. N. Y. Militia Vol. 
Infy. 1775-6, Lt. 4th Regt. N. Y. 
Militia Vol. Infy. 1775-6, Lt. 4th 
Regt. N. Y. Contl. Infy. 1776 and 
Capt. -Lieut. 1778 and Capt. 1780-1, 
Sheriff N. Y. City 1810-1 (see p. 20) 

aet. 68 *i8i4 

Nicholas Heyliger* 

John Jauncey* 

Henry Nicoll* 

George Ogilvie* (Rev.), A.M. 

Princeton 1788 aet. 59 *i797 

John Rapelje* 
Benjamin Seaman* 
Edward Stevens,* M.D. 

elsewhere, Special Commr. to San 
Domingo 1793 (see p. 79) 

Robert Troup,* LL.D. 

el'iewhere, 2d Lt. ist Regt. N. Y. 
Militia Vol. Infy. 1775, Capt. -Lieut. 
2d Regt. Contl. Corps Art'y 1777, 
Maj. and Aide to Maj. -Gen. Gates 
1777, Lt.-Col. and Depy. Muster 
Alaster-Gen. 1777, Secy, to Board of 
War 1778-9, Judge U. S. Dist. Ct. 
N. Y. 1796 (see p. 20) aet. 75 ^1832 





William Amory* 
Richard Auchmuty* 

Surgeon li. B. M. Army * 

Samuel Auchmuty* 

G. C. B. Adj. -Gen. szd Regt. H. B. 
M. Army, Gov. of Isle of Thanet 
1802, Brig.-Gen. Comm. British 
Forces at Capture of Montevideo 
1806. Maj-Gen. Comm. at Madras, 
Lt.-Gen. in command at capture of 
Java, Gen. Comm. the Forces in 
Ireland in 1822 aet. 64 *: 

William Cock,* A.M. 1790 

Joseph Griswold* 

John William Livingston* 

Lt. N. Y. Independ. Forces 1776 

aet. 75 *: 

Jacobus Remsen* 
Samuel Bayard* 
James Devereux* 
Peter Kissam* 
Matthias Nicholl* 

Peter Ogden* 
Marinus Willett* 


On April 6, 1776, the College build- 
ings were occupied for military pur- 
poses. The College did not fully re- 
sume its functions until the close of the 
war, and no degrees were conferred 
until 1786. The following candidates 
had been admitted, but did not com- 
plete their course on account of the 
disturbed state of public affairs. 

In 1774 

Thomas Atwood* 
John Brickell* 
David Clarkson* 

(see p. 16) 

Samuel Deall* 
James De Peyster,* 

Lt. and Capt. H. B. M. Army aet. 36 *i793 

John Gaine* 

aet. 26 *i787 

Alexander Hamilton,* A.M. 

(Hon.) 1788 and Harvard 1792, 
LL.D. Dartmouth Coll. 1790, Prince- 
ton 1 79 1, Harvard 1792, and Rutgers 
Coll. I7QI, Capt. U. S. A. 1776. Lt.- 
Col. staff of Washington 1777, Memb. 
Congress 1782, Regent Univ. N. Y. 
S. 1784-7, N._ Y. Leg. 1786, Del. to 
U. S. Constit. Conven. 1787, Sec. 
Treasury U. S. 1789-95, Maj.-Gen. 
U. S. A. 1798 (see pp. 18, 19) aet. 47 *i8o4 

Tristrim Lowther* 
Schuyler Lupton* 
Edward Cornwallis Moncrieff* 
Daniel Moore,* 

Ensign i6th N. Y. Regt. 1778 

Paul Randall* 
Nicholas Romayne* 

(see pp. 18, 19, 74) 

Jacob Shaw* 
Horatio Smith* 
James Stiles* 
John Whitaker,"^ 

Ensign Goshen Regt. Militia 1776, 
Capt. 1783 


In 1775 
Benjamin Kissam,* M.D. 

elsewhere (see pp. 19, 58) aet. 44 *i8o3 

Thomas Groesbeck Lynch* 
Thomas Lambert Moore* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1790 *i799 

Jacob Morris,* 

A. D. C. to Genl. Greene, Memb. N. 
Y. Senate and Assembly 

Augustus Nicoll* 
Marinus Oudenaarde* 
Peter Oudenaarde* 
Edward Therin* 



James Delancy Walton,* 

Admiral H. B. M. Navy aet. 73 *i834 

William Walton* 

aet. 47 *i8o6 


John Bassett* (Rev.), A.B. 

Yale 1786, A.M. 1789, S.T.D. Wil- 
liams Coll. 1804, Prof. Rutgers Coll. 
1797-1815, and Trustee 1788-1824 

aet. 60 *i824 

De Witt Clinton,* A.M. 1789, 

LL.D. 1826, Rutgers Coll. 1812, and 
Ohio 1825, K. Y. Assemb. 1797, N. 
Y. Sen. 1798-1802, 1805-IT, Memb. 
Constit. Conv. N. Y. 1801. U. S. Sen. 
1802-4, Mayor N. Y. City 1803-7, 
1809-10, 1811-5, Regent Univ. N. Y. 
S. 1808-25, Lt.-Gov. 181 1-3, N. Y. 
Canal Commr. 1816-24, Gov. N. Y. 
1817-21, 1825-8 aet. 59*1828 




Abraham Hun,* A.M. 1789 

George Livingston* 

Philip H. Livingston,* A.M. 

1789 aet. 62 *i83i 

Samuel Smith, Jr.,* A.M. 
Peter Steddiford* (Rev.), A.M. 

1789, Trustee Rutgers Coll. 1788- 



Francis Sylvester,* A.M. 1789 

Samuel Boyd* 

(see p. 21) 

Nicholas Fonda* 

John Cary Ludlow,* A.M. 

Henry Cruger Van Schaack* 

aet. 28 *i797 

John W. Yates* 

act. 58 *i828 


James Cochran,* A.M. 1791, 

Repr. in Congr. 1797-9, Regent Univ. 
N. Y. S. 1796-1820, N. Y. Senate 
1814-8 *i848 

John Eccles* 

Peter Schuyler Livingston,*A.B. 

Yale and Princeton 1788, and Har- 
vard 1790, A.M. 1791 aet. 35 *i8o7 

Brandt Schuyler Lupton*(Rev.) 


Daniel Crommelin Verplanck,* 

A.M. 1788, Repr. in Congr. 1803-9 

aet. 79 *i844 


John T. Bainbridge* 
James Chatham Duane,* 

Trustee Union 1805-43 

William Hurst* 
Henry Izard* 
William Lupton, Jr.* 



John Mitchell Mason* (Rev.) 

A.M. Princeton 1794, S.T.D. Penn. 
1804, Pres. Dickinson 1821-4 (see 
pp. 19, 25, 64) aet. 60 *i829 

Matthew Mesier* 

Memb. N. Y. Assembly 1820 

Peter Mesier* 

John Remsen* 

John Peter Van Ness,* A.M. 

184s, Repr. in Congr. 1801-3, Mayor 
City of Washington 1830-4 aet. 76 *i846 


David Schuyler Bogart* (Rev.), 

A.B. Princeton 1791 aet. 69 *i839 

Marmaduke Earle* (Rev.) 

aet. 63 *i832 

Jonathan Freeman* (Rev.), A.M. 

(Hon.) 1800 and Princeton 1809 *i822 

George Graham,* 

Capt. U. S. A. i8i2. Chief Clerk U. 
S. War Dept. 1813-5 and Actg. Sec. 
1815-7, Commr. U. S. Land Office 
1823-30 aet. 56 *i830 

John Graham* 

Member Ky. Leg., Sec. Territory of 
Orleans, Sec. Am. Legation to 
Spain, Chief Clerk U. S. State Dept. 
1801-9, U. S. Min. to Portugal 1817- 
20 aet. 46 *i820 

Frederick Halsey* 

Peter Anderson,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1795 

Anthony Bleecker,* A.M. 

1797, Examiner in Chancery aet. 57 *i827 

William Bleecker* 

William Temple Broome,* A.M. 

Walter L. Cochran* 

Pierre Edward Fleming,* A.M. 


William Hendell, Jr.* (Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1828 

Cave Jones* (Rev.), A.M. 1794, 

S.T.D. elsewhere aet. 59 * 1829 

Isaac Knevils* 
John Knevils* 
Lancaster Lupton* 


John W. Mulligan,* A.M. 

1834, Surrogate N. Y. City 1810, 
Clerk N. Y. Co. 1813-5, U. S. Con- 
sul at Athens, Greece 1848 aet. 90 *i864 

Charles Ludlow Ogden* 

aet. 51 *i826 

Thomas Ludlow Ogden* 

(see p. 20) aet. 71 *i844 

Daniel Paris,* 

N. Y. Sen. 1810-3 




George Rapelje* 

aet. 64 *i835 

Frederic Van Home* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1795 

William Beekman Verplanck,* 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1796-8, Co. 
Judge Orange Co. N. Y. 1807-23 *i8o4 

Nathan Herrick White,* A.M. 

Jesse Woodhull, Jr.* 

aet. 44 *i8i5 

James Woods,* A.M. 1804 


Gerard Beekman* 
Cornelius Brower* (Rev.) 

aet. 75 *i845 

Alexander Hosack,* M.D. 1797 
John Barent Johnson* (Rev.) 

aet. 34 *i8o3 

James Witter Nicholson* 


John L. Norton* 

Jotham Post, Jr.,* A.M. 1795, 

M.D. 1793, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 
1795, 1805-8, Repr. in Congr. 1813-5 

aet. 46 *i8i7 

AlexanderProudfit* ( Rev. ) , A.M. 

Union 1792. S.T.D. Middlebury Coll. 
181 1, and Williams Coll. 1812, Trus- 
tee Union 1798-1844 aet. 75 *i844 

Jacob Sickles* (Rev.), A.M. 

Union 1797, S.T.D. Rutgers Coll. 1832 

act. 73 *i845 

Samuel Smith* (Rev.), A.M. 

Union 1797, and Trustee 1795-1800 

George Taylor* 

William Taylor* 


John Brower* 
George Clinton, Jr.,* 

Del. Const. Conv. 1801, Memb. N. Y. 
Assembly 1804-5, Repr. in Congr. 

William Cutting,* 

Sheriff N. Y. City 1807-8 aet. 46 *i820 

Cornelius Decker, Jr.* 
George I. Eacker,* A.M. 1797 
Samuel Gilford, Jr.* 
Charles D. Goold,* A.M. 1797 
Robert Heaton, Jr.,* A.M. 1797 

John I. Johnson* 
Samuel Jones, Jr.* LL.D. 

1826, A.B. Yale 1790, LL.D. Union 
1 84 1, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1812-4, 
Recorder N. Y. City 1823, Chancel- 
lor N. Y. S. 1826-8, Ch.-Just. Supr. 
Ct. N. Y. 1828-48, Justice Supreme 
Ct. N. Y. 1847-9 aet. 83 *i853 

Edward William Laight* 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1816 (see pp. 
20, 23) 

Henry William Ludlow* 

Henry Masterson* 

Philip Milledoler* (Rev.), A.M. 

1797, S.T.D. Penn., Pres. Rutgers 
Coll. 1825-40, and Trustee 1815-40 

aet. 77 *i8s2 

John Nicholl,* A.M. 1797 
Robert B. Norton* 
Abraham Ogden* 

aet. 72 *i846 

James Parker,* 

Memb. N. J. Leg., Boundary Commr. 
N. J. 1807, 1827, 1S33. Pres. Elector 
N. J. 1824, U. S. Collector Perth 
Amboy, N. J. 1829-33, Repr. in 
Congr. 1833-7, Member of the Con- 
stit. Conv. N. J. 1844 aet. 92 *i868 

Jonathan Pearsee, Jr.* 
Valentine H. Peters* 
John S. Schermerhorn* 
Gilbert Smith,* M.D. 


Thomas R. Smith* 

James S. Stringham,*A.M. 1797, 

M.D. Edinburgh*" 1799, Prof. Coll. 
Phys. and Surg. N. Y. 1813-7 (see 
P- 80) aet. 42 *i8i7 

Thomas Thompson* 

Cornelius Augustus Van Home* 

Elias Brevoort Woodward* 

1794 ^7 

William. Cocks* 
John E. Fisher* 
John Forbes,* 

Commr. for improving and laying 
out city of N. Y. 1808-24 aet. 53*1824 

Levi P. Graham* 
Montgomery Hunt,* 

Pres. Elector 1816 aet. 60 *i837 

Jacob Jones Janewav* (Rev.), 

A.I\L 1797. S.T.D. elsewhere, V.-Pres. 
Rutgers Coll. 1833-9, Trustee Rut- 
gers Coll. and Princeton, Director 
Princeton Theol. Sem. aet. 84 *i858 




Peter Augustus Jay,* A.M. 

LL.D. 1835, A.M. Yale 1798, LL.D. 
Harvard 1831, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 
1816, Recorder N. Y. C. 1819-20, 
Memb. N. Y. Constit. Conv., Ex- 
Pres. N. Y. Hist. See. (see pp. 20, 
2z) aet. 67 *i843 

Cyrus King,* 

Repr. in Congr. 1813-7 aet. 43 *i8i7 

Leffert Lefferts, Jr.,* 

County Clerk, Kings Co. N. Y. 1800-5, 
Commr. in Chancery 1805-23, Judge 
Ct. Com. Pleas Kings Co. N. Y. 
1823-31 aet. 73 *i847 

Jacob Ogden Mackie* 
Samuel B. Malcolm* 
Gilbert Milligan,* M.D. 


John B. Stringham,* M.D, 


Peter Gerard Stuyvesant,* 

Ex-Pres. N. Y. Hist. Soc. aet. 69 *i847 

Thomas Ustick* 



George Barculoo* (Rev.) 

aet. 57 *i832 

James Bowdoine,*"j" 

Capt. H. B. M. Army aet. 66 *i842 

Philip Duryee* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

Rutgers Coll. 1834 and Trustee 1840- 

50 *i8so 

Bernard Elliott* 
John J. Faesch* 
John Ferguson,* 

Mayor N. Y. City 18 15, U. S. Naval 
Off. N. Y. (see p. 21) *i832 

Thomas Herring,* A.M. 1798 
James Inglis* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

Princeton 1811 aet. 43 *i820 

Nicholas Jones* (Rev.) 

Adolph C. Lent,*A.M. and M.D. 


John Blair Linn* (Rev.), A.M. 

1798 and Union 1797, S.T.D. Penn. 

1803 aet. 27 *i8o4 

John H. Meier* (Rev.), A.M. 

1804 aet. 32 *i8o6 

Silvanus Miller,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1808, Surrogate N. 
Y. City 1801-7, 1808-10, 1811-21, 
Examiner in Chanc. *i86i 

IFormerly James Bowdoine Temple 

John Morrison* 
Alexander Phoenix* (Rev.) 

aet. 86*1863 

Sidney Phoenix* 

aet. 24 *i8o4 

Thomas Phoenix,* 

Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 1835-8 

Robert Remsen* 

John Brodhead Romeyn*(Rev.), 

A.M. Union 1797, S.T.D. Princeton 
1809 and Trustee 1809-25 (see pp. 
20, 24) aet. 48 *i82S 

William Ross* 

Speaker N. J. Assemb. 

Henry Sands,* A.M. 1798 
Benjamin Seaman* 
Daniel D. Tompkins* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1801, Memb. N'; Y. 
Constit. Conv. 1801, Repr. in Congr. 
1805-7, Just. Supr. Ct. N. Y. 1804, 
Gov. N. Y. 1807-17, V.-Pres. U. S. 
1817-25, Pres. Constit. Conv. N. Y. 
1821 aet. 51 *i825 

Pierre Cortlandt Van Wyck,* 

Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 1817-9, Rec. 
N. Y. City 1806, 1808-9, i8ii-2 

Effingham Warner* (Rev.) 

aet. 21 *1799 

Rensselaer Westerlo,* 

Repr. in Cong. 1817-19 aet. 78 *i85i 


David Barclay* 
Henry Cruger, Jr.* 
Philip Fisher* 
Andrew S. Garr* 


David S. Jones,* 

Sec. Bd. of Regents Univ. of N. Y. 
1797-8, LL.D. Allegheny, Corpora- 
tion Counsel N. Y. City 1813-6, 
Trustee Gen. Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch. 
1822-48, Judge Queens Co. N. Y. 
1840-1 (see p. 20) aet. 71 *i848 

Edward P. Livingston,* 

N. Y. Sen. 1809-12, 1823-4, Lt.-Gov. 
N. Y. 1831-3. Regent Univ. N. Y. S. 
1827-31, Pres. Elector 1820 and 1832, 
Pres. Board 1832 aet. 64 *i843 

Samuel Nicholson* 
Gouverneur Ogden* 

aet. 71 *i8si 

William Rattoone* 
Josiah Shippey, Jr.* 
Charles Taylor* 



[1796- I 800 

William Turk,* M.D. 


Lawrence Van Buskirk* 
Adrian C. Van Slyck* 
John Watts* 



William Bard* 

(seep. 21) act. 76*1853 

Robert Boyd* 
Archibald Bruce,* M.D. 

Edinburgh 1800, Prof. Coll. Phys. 
and Surg. N. Y. 1807-8 and Trustee 
1807-11, Prof. Queen's Coll. N. J. 


aet. 41 *i8if 

George William Clinton,* 

Repr. in Congr. 1804-9 

Henry C. Kunze* 
Abraham R. Lawrence,* 

U. S. Appraiser Pt. of N. Y. 1818-22 

William Le Conte* 

Isaac A. Van Hook* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1803 

William Peter Van Ness,* 

Del. Const. Conv. 1801, Judge U. S. 
Dist, Ct. S. Dist. N. Y. 1812-26 

aet. 48 *i826 


Joseph Bainbridge* 
Thomas Bay* 

George Brinckerhoff,* A.M. 
Jacob V. Brower,* A.M. 1801, 

M.D. 1S02 

Rudolph Bunner,* 

Repr. in Congr. 1827-9 aet. 58 *i837 

David Codwise,* LL.D. 

Lafayette Coll. 1855, Mast, in Chanc. 

George Davis,* A.M. iSoi 
Charles Graham* 


John Treat Irving,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1816-7, 1819-20, First 
Judge Ct. Common Pleas N. Y. 1817- 
38 (see p. 20) aet. 60 *i838 

Philip L. Jones* 
William B. Keese* 
Washington McKnight* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1804 

Clement Clarke Moore,* A.M. 

1801, LL.D. 1829, Prof. Gen. Theol. 
Sem. 1821-50 and Prof. Emeritus 
i860 (see p. 20) aet. 84 *i863 

Samuel Moore,* M.D. 


William Ogden* 

William Rhinelander,* A.M. 


Lewis Sands* 
Tames Walsh* 


John Christie* (Rev.) 

aet. 64 *i84S 

Peter Ditmarse Froeligh*(Rev.) 

aet. 45 *i827 

Lewis Le Conte* 

aet. 56 *i838 

James Livingston* 
James Lynch* 

Just. Mar. Ct. N. Y. C. 

Thomas Thornton Mackaness,* 

A.M. 1802 *i8o5 

James R. Manley,* A.M. 1802, 

M.D. 1803, Pres. N. Y. S. Med. Soc. 
1825-6 aet. 69 *i85i 

Philip Frederick Mayer* (Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1837 and Penn. 1823 

aet. 76 *i8s7 

Alexander Murray* 
Stephen Price* 
Samuel Riker, Jr.* 

aet. 32 *i8i I 

Jacob Schoonmaker* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1802, S.T.D. Dickinson 1831 

aet. 75 *i852 

Arthur J. Stansbury* 

aet. 64 *i845 

Peter I. Van Pelt* (Rev.), A.M. 

1803, S.T.D. Rutgers Coll. 1834 

aet. 83 *i86i 

Abraham Varick, Jr.* 


John Vredenburgh Varick* 
Arthur M. Walter,* A.M. 1802 
David Wright* 


John J. De Peyster* 

aet. 47 *i828 

Samuel Halstead* 
Philip Hamilton* 

aet. 20 *i8oi 




Samuel Harris* 

John Henry* 

John Huyler,* A.M. 1803 

Robert Swift Livingston* 


aet. 87 *i872 

John McKinnon,* A.M. 1803 
Nicholas J. Quackenbos,* M.D. 

1802, A.M. 1803 *i847 

Thomas W. Rathbone* 
Sampson Simson* 
Charles Floyd Thomas* 

aet. 24 *i8o2 

Matthew Tillary,* M.D. 


John Y. Ward* 

George Wilson,* A.M. 1803 

Peter Wilson,* A.M. 

John Anthon,* LL.D. 1861 

aet. 79 *i863 

Robert Benson, Jr.* 

Abraham L. Blauvelt* 
Samuel Bogart* 
Thomas Bolton,* 

Mast, in Chanc. 

John Furman* 

John Gosman* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

Rutgers Coll. 1833 

John Nitchie,* A.M. 

Rutgers Coll. 181 3 

Lewis Morris Ogden* 
Henry Schenck* 
Henry H. Schieffelin* 

Gabriel Tichenor* 

Gulian Crommelin Verplanck,* 

A.M. 1821, LL.D. 183s, and Am- 
herst Coll. 1834, and Hobart Coll. 
1835, N. Y. Assemb. 1820-3, Prof. 
Genl. Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch. 1821-4, 
Repr. in Congr. i82t;-33, N. Y. Sen. 
1838-41, Regents Univ. N. Y. S. 
1826-70, and Vice-Chancellor of same 
1858-70, Pres. Commr. Emigr. N. Y. 
1846-70 (see p. 20) aet. 84 *i870 

Samuel Armstrong Walsh,*M.D. 


aet. 83 *i86s 

Gabriel Winter* 




Alexander M. Beebe* 
John Player Crosby,* A.B. 

Yale and Princeton 1802 *i8o6 

John Delafield,* 

Pres. N. Y. State Agrl. Soc. aet. 67 *i8s3 

William Gardner* 
George W. Gosman* 
Francis Ludlow Harison* 

aet. 66 *i8so 

James Jones* 
Henry Laight* 
Leffert Lefferts,* 

Judge Kings Co. N. Y. 

Archibald McVickar* 
James McVickar* 

John W. Macomb* 

Robert Macomb,* A.M. 1805 


Nathaniel F. Moore,* A.M. 1805, 

LL.D. 1825 (see pp. 21, 25, 66) 

aet. 90 *i872 

Isaac Ogden* 

aet. 83 *i867 

William Ogilvie* 
Henry Bate Priest* 
Billopp B. Seaman* 
James Tillary,* M.D. 


Hubert Van Wagenen* 

aet. 67 *i8s2 


George H. Atkinson* 
John Bay* 
John Bowne* 
Thomas Crolius* 
Augustus Fleming* 
Edward R. Jones* 

(see p. 21) 

Gouverneur Kemble,* 

Repr. in Congr. 1837-41, Memb. N. 

Y. S. Constit. Conven. 1846 aet. 90 *i875 

Peter Kemble,* 

U. S. Consul Cadiz, Spain 

Edward Kemeys* 




John L. Lawrence,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1816-7, Memb. Con- 
stit. Conv. N. Y. 1821, N. Y. Sen. 
1848-9, Pres. Elector 1S40, Compt. 
N. Y. City 1849 (see pp. 21, 24, 59) *i84g 

John Le Conte,* M.D. 


George C. Quackenbos,* M^D. 

elsewhere *i858 

WilHam Remsen* 
Henry F. Rogers* 
Alpheus Sherman,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1826-9, N. Y. Sen. 
1830-4 *i866 

John Cox Stevens* 

aet. 72 *i8s7 

Samuel W. Thomson* 
Robert Watts* 

(see p. 8s) 


Samuel Akerly,* A.M. 1807, 

M.D. elsewhere aet. 60 *i845 

John W. Barnum* 
WilHam D. Blackwell* 
George Bryar* 
EHsha Camp,* 

Judge Jefferson Co. N. Y. 1813-5, 
Assist. " U. S. Dist. Atty. N. Dist. 
N. Y. *i866 

Cornelius T. Demarest* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1813 *i862 

Jeremiah I. Drake,* A.M. 1807 
William Edgar* 

act. 37 *i823 

William Gracie,* A.B. 

Princeton 1804 

John T. B, Graham* 
Henry B. Hagerman,* 

Judge Bergen Co., N. J. 

Alexander Hamilton,* 

U. S. Consul at Havana, U. S. 
Boundary Commr., U. S. Dist. Atty. 
Florida ■ aet. 89 *i87S 

Richard Nicholas Harison* 

act. 59 *i846 

James D. Livingston* 

William L. Lytton,* A.M. 1807, 

M.D. 1807 

Thomas McGahagan* 

John McVickars* (Rev.), A.M. 

1818, S.T.D. 1825 (seep. 63) 

aet. 82 *i868 

Edv^ard Manley* 

John Mitchell* 

Joseph Nelson,* A.M. i! 

LL.D. Rutgers Coll. 1825, Prof. Rut- 
gers Coll. 1806-9 aet. 47 *i83o 

William M. Price* 

U. S. Dist. Atty. So. Dist. N. Y. 

Philip Rhinelander* 

Samuel Rogers* 

David Ross Ross,* A.M. 1807 

Robert Seaman* 

John L Sickles,* A.M. 1807 

Thomas D. Smith* 

Charles Stewart* 

John R. Thompson* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1807 

James Talcott Watson,* A.B. 

Yale 1804, and Princeton 1804 

John Watts, Jr.,* M.D. 

Edinburgh 1809, Prof. Rutgers Coll. 
1812-26, Pres. Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
N. Y. 1826-31 *i83i 


Peter Allaire* 
James Bibby* 
Leonard A. Bleecker* 
William Cock* 
Benjamin U. Coles* 

Joab G. Cooper* (Rev.), A.M. 


James L. Fine* 

James Flemming* 

Alexander Gunn* (Rev.), A.B. 

Princeton 1805, A.M. 1808, S.T.D. 
Allegheny *i829 

James Alexander Hamilton,* 

LL.D. Hamilton Coll., Maj. U. S. A. 
1812, U. S. Dist. Atty. South. Dist. 
N. Y. 1829-34 aet. 90*1878 

Richard Hatfield, Jr.* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1812-4 

Robert Jaques,* A.M. 1808 

Thomas Lefferts* 

Henry Ustick Onderdonck* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1808. M.D. 1810, 
S.T.D. 1827 and Hobart Coll. 1827, 
Bishop P. E. Ch. Penn. 1827-45 

aet. 60 'iSsS 




Edmund H. Pendleton,* 

Judge Dutchess Co. N. Y. 1830-40, 
Repr. in Congr. 183 1-3 

Abraham Purdy* (Rev.), A.M. 

1810 aet. 44 *i82S 

Edward Seaman* 
John T. Smith* 
Robert I. Watts* 



John Vanderbih Bartow* (Rev.) , 

A.M. 1809 

George Boyd* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

elsewhere *i85o 

John Chrystie* 

aet. 27 *i8i3 

John Peter DeWint* 

act. 84 *i870 

Wilham Ellsworth Dunscomb* 

act. 85 *i874 

Gilbert Ogden Fowler,* 

Co. Judge Orange Co. N. Y. 1833-6, 

K'. Y. Assemb. 1834-5 *i840 

Jonathan B. Gosman* (Rev.) 

James McCullen* 

Robert B. Anceas McLeod* 

(Rev.), A.M. Princeton 1828 

Cornelius Miller,* 

Judge Columbia Co. N. Y. 1815 *i822 

David Moore* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

Union 1841 *i8s6 

Samuel W. Moore,* M.D. 1810 

aet. 68 *i8s4 

Ferris Pell* 

David Ouackinbush,* M.D. 


Samuel B. Romaine,* 

N'. Y. Assemb. 1 816-9, 1819-22 and 
Speaker 1822 

Frederic Roorbach* 
Cornelius Schermerhorn* 
Philip Schuyler,* 

U. S. Consul at Liverpool, N. Y. As- 
semb. 1825 *i865 

John Augustine Smith* 


John L. Tillinghast,* 

State Librarian N. Y. Co., Judge 
Tioga Co. N. Y. 1818-22 



Egbert Benson, Jr.* 


John L. Bronk,* 

Judge Greene Co. N. Y., N. Y. As- 
semb. 1 81 8-9 

John H. Brouwer* 

William E. Burrell,* M.D. iSii 

George R. Copeland* 

act. 17 *i8o8 

Henry S. Dodge,* A.M. iSio 

Robert Gosman* 

John H. Hill* (Rev.), A.M. 1845, 

LL.D. 186S, S.T.D. elsewhere 

aet. 91 *i882 

Philip M. Holmes* 

Daniel Mack* 

Peter T. Marsells* 

William H. Maxwell,* A.M. 

Simeon Remsen* 

James Renwick,* A.M. 1810, 

LL.D. 1829 (see pp. 20, 73) aet. 71 *i863 

George Paxton Rogers* 


Dirck B. Stockholm* 
Peter V. C. Tappan* 
Cornelius Van Buren* 
James Van Cortlandt* 
Philip Gardiner Van Wyck* 

aet. 84 *i870 

Theodore V. W. Varick,* A.M. 

Charles A. Williamson* 



William Atkinson* 

William Berrian* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

1828, Trustee Hobart Coll. 1848-62 
(seep. 21) aet. 7S *i862 

Lionel Brown* 
Timothy Clowes,* A.M. 

Union 1814, LL.D. elsewhere, Fres. 
Wash. Coll. Md. 1823-9, Pres. Clin- 
ton Lib. Instit., 1838-42 aet. 60 *i847 

Henry M. Francis,* A.M. 1811, 

M.D. Brown 1822 

James Inderwick,* A.M. 





Robert McCartee* (Rev.), A.M. 

1811, S.T.D. 1831 aet. 74*1865 

John McKnight* (Rev.) 
Hugh Maxwell,* A.M. t8i6. 

Asst. Judge Advocate-Genl. U. S. A. 
1 8 14, Dist. Atty. 1 2th Dist. of N. Y. 
i8i6-8, Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 1819- 
29, U. S. Collector of Port of N. Y. 
1849-53 aet. 86 *i873 

Frederick Muzzy* 
John W. Phillips* 
Edward Post,* M.D. 


William C. Rhinelander* 
Henry Howard Ross,* A.M. 

A^ermont 1813, Rcpr. in Congr. 1826- 
27, Mcmb. and Pres. N. Y. Electoral 
Coll. 1848, Tudge Essex Co. N. Y. 
1847-8 aet. 72 *i862 

Gilbert Hunt Say res* (Rev.), 

D.D. 1863, A.M. Union 1814 aet. 80 *i867 

James Alexander Stevens* 

aet. 84 *i873 

William Stuart* 
Daniel Van Mater* 
Henry Vethake,* A.M., 

LL.D. 1836, A.M. Princeton 1808, 
Prof. Queen's Coll. N. J. 1813-7 and 
in Princeton, 1817-21, Dickinson 
1821-9, N. Y. Univ. 1832-5, Pres. 
Wash. Coll. Va. 1835-6, Prof. Univ. 
Penn. 1836-54 and Provost 1854-9, 
Prof. Phila. Polytechnic Coll. 1859- 
66 ■ aet. 75*1866 

Peter Dumont Vroom, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1812, LL.D. 1837 and Prince- 
ton 1850, Trustee Rutgers Coll. 1822- 
73, N. J. Legis. 1826-9, Gov. and 
Chancellor N. J. 1829-36, Repr. in 
Congr. 1838-40, Memb. N. J. State 
Constit. Convent. 1844, U. S. Envoy 
Ex. and Min. Plen. to Prussia 1853-7 

aet. 82 *i873 

Henry Watts* 
John Watts, Jr.* 


Thomas S. Aspinwall* 

Samuel Berrian* 

. aet. 21 *i8i3 


Edward Newenham Bibby 

M.D. Royal Coll. Pliys. and Surg. 
Lond. Eng. 1814 aet. 92 *i882 

John Brady* (Rev.), A.M. 1812 

John Cadle,* A.M. 1812, M.D. 

Gerrit Conrey* 

aet. 88 *i878 

Edward Copland* 

Judge Municipal Ct. Bklyn. 1839-40, 
Mayor Bklyn, 1849-50 aet. 68 *i859 

Cornelius Roosevelt Duffie* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1813 aet. 34 *i827 

Thomas Duggan* 

John Fine.* A.M. 1812, LL.D. 

Hamilton Coll. 1850, Treasr. St. 
Lawrence Co. N. Y. 1821-33 aud 
County Judge 1824-30, 1844-7, Repr. 
in Congr. 1839-41, N. Y. Sen. 1848- 
50 aet. 74 *i867 

Alexander Fleming* 

aet. 77 *i867 

Alfred C. Floyd* 

John Wakefield Francis,* M.D. 

iSii. A.M. 1S12, LL.D. i860 and 
Trinity Coll. 1850, Prof. Coll. Phys. 
and Surg. N. Y. 1813-26, Trustee 
same 1814-26, Prof. Rutgers Med. 
Coll. N. Y. 1826-8, Pres. N. Y. 
Acad. Med. 1848 aet. 72 *i86i 

James N. GiiTord"* 

Henry Green* 

John Church Hamilton* 

aet. 89*1882 

David Murray Hoffman,* 

LL.D. i860 and Union 1840, Asst. 
Vice-Chancellor ist Circuit N. Y. 
City 1839-43, Judge Sup. Ct. N'. Y. 
1853-62 aet. 87*1878 

Samuel Jackson,* M.D. 

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1812 

Ravaud Kearney* (Rev.), A.M. 


Jackson Kemper* (Rev.), S.T.D. 

1829, I^L.D. Cambridge Univ. Eng. 
1868, Bishop of Wisconsin 1854-70 

aet. 81 *i870 

Henry McVickar* 

Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonck* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1816, S.T.D. 1826, 
Trustee Hobart 1838-53, Prof. Genl. 
Theol. Scm. P. E. Ch. K. Y. 1826, 
Bishop P. E. Ch. N. Y. 1830-61 (see 
p. 20) aet. 70 *i86i 

Walter F. Osgood.* AM. 1812 
Robert J. Renwick* 
James Stryker,* AM. 1813 

County Judge Erie Co. N._ Y. 1837- 
41, Commr. to the Six Nations 

aet. 72 *i864 

William Turnbull* 

William Edward Wyatt* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1816, D.D. Univ. Penn. 1836 

aet. 76 *i864 





aet. 79 *i87i 


John Agnew* 

Andrew Anderson,* M.D. 1813 

aet. 94 *i870 

Francis Child,* A.M. 1816 
David A. Clarkson* 
George Codwise* 
WilHam DePeyster* 

Israel D. Disosway* 


Jacob Dyckman,* A.M., M.D. 

1813, Health Comnir. N. Y. 1821 

aet. 34 *i822 

Robert Enimet,* 

Just. Superior Ct. N. Y. City 1852-3, 

N. Y. Assemb. 1828 aet. 81 *i873 

Theodosius Oliver Fowler* 


James C. Garrison,* A.M. 1816, 

M.D. elsewhere 

Joseph Greenleaf* 


Peter F. Hunn* 
Charles J. Kipp* 
Horatio G. Lewis* 
John McGregor* 

John McLain Macdonald* 
Benjamin Moore* 
George William Morton,* 

U. S. Commissioner N. Y. C. aet. 72 *i86s 

John Ludlow Morton* 

aet. 78 *i87i 

Ava Neal* (Rev.), A.M. 1813 


Waldron B. Post* 


John Slidell,* 

U. S. Dist. Atty. for La. 1829-33, U. 
S. Min. to Mexico 1845 and to Cen- 
tral America 1853 aet. 78 *i87i 

Francis B. Stevens* 


Richard Stevens,* M.D. 

elsewhere *i828 

James Stoughton,* A.M. 1813 


Pascal Nelson Strong* (Rev.), 

A.M. Princeton 1818, S.T.D. else- 
where (see p. 20) aet. 32 *i82S 

Jacob Townsend* 


Charles Watts,* 

Judge Dist. Ct. New Orleans 



Gregory Townsend Bedell* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1816, S.T.D. elsewhere 

aet. 41 *i834 

John Brown* (Rev.), A.M. 1815 

S.T.D. elsewhere aet. 93 *i884 

John Campbell* 

aet. 83 *i876 

Ebenezer Close,* A.M. 1815 
John Covert, Jr.* (Rev.) 
George Douglass* 
Jacobus Dyckman,* A.M. 

181 3, Memb. N. Y. Constit. Conv. 

Charles Goadsby Ferris,* A.M. 

18 1 6, LL.D. elsewhere, Repr. in 
Congr. 1834-6, 1841-3, Sec. Utah 
Territory 1852-4 

David Hosack Fraser,* A.M. 

1815, M.D. 1818 aet. 25 *i8i8 

Richard Freeke* 

James Watson Gerard,* A.M. 

1816, LL.D. 1863 aet. 80 *i874 

Benjamin Haight,* A.M. 1816 
William Henry Harison,* 

LL.D. Hobart Coll. 1856 (see p. 21) 

aet. 65 *iS6o 

William Henry Hart* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1828 *i8s2 

William Hogan,* 

Judge Franklin Co. N. Y. 1829-37, 
N. Y. Assemb. 1823, Repr. in Congr. 
1831-3 aet. 83 *i87S 

Peter Van Brugh Livingston,* 

U. S. Minister to Ecuador 1848-51 

Thomas William Ludlow* 

(seep. 21) aet. 84 *i878 

Jackson Odell* 

aet. 59 *i849 

George B. Purdy,* M.D. 1816 

aet. 73 *i865 

Charles Rapelje,* A.M. 1820 
John R. Rhinelander,* M.D. 

1824, Prof. Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
1834-9 and Trustee 1840-8 aet. 66 *i857 

John B. Stevenson,* A.M. 

and M.D. i8i6 aet. 68 * 1863 

John N. Tallman,* A.M. 1815 
George J. Watts* 






Albert Amerman* (Rev.) 

aet. 89 *i88i 

Matthias Bruen, Jr.* (Rev.), 

A.M. 181S aet. 36 ^1829 

John A. Burtis* 

WilHam Creighton* (Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1S30, Pres. Genl. Conv. P. E. 
Lh. 1853, 1856, 1859 (see p. 21) 

aet. 72 *i86s 

James Ferguson De Peyster* 

aet. 80 *i874 

Alexander Duer* 


Richard Duryee, Jr.* 
Lindley Murray Hoffman* 

aet. 68 1861 

Ogden Hoffman,* LL.D. 

Harvard 1842, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 
1826-8, Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 1829- 
35, Repr. in Congr. 1837-41, U. S. 
Dist. Atty. South Dist. N. Y. 1840-5, 
Atty.-Gen. N. Y. 1853-5 (see p. 21) 

aet. 57 *i856 

Benjamin Roosevelt Kissam,* 

M.D. 1819 aet. 68 *i86i 

Augustine N. Lawrence* 
Philip K. Lawrence,* A.M. 1818 
Cornelius F. Low* 
Edward McVickar* 


Peter Mackin, Jr.* 

John W. B. Murray,* A.M.1815, 

M.D. 1816 *i8i8 

Matthew Charles Paterson,* 

A.M. 1819, Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 

Jacob A. Robertson,* A.M. 

John Smyth Rogers,* M.D. 1821, 

A.B. Harvard 1827, M.D. Bowdoin 
1825. Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
N. Y. 1849-51 aet. 57 *iS5i 

John A. Sidell* 
John Swartout* 
Peter Solomon Townsend,*A.M, 

and M.D. 1816 aet. 54 *i849 

Egerton Leigh Winthrop,* M.D. 

1817 *i834 


Henry Anthon* (Rev.), A.M. 

1816, S.T.D. 1S32, Trustee Hobart 
Coll. 1825-36 aet. 67 *i86i 

William Bailey* 

John Broadhead Beck,* M.D. 

1S17, .'V.M. 1818, Union 1816, and 
Princeton 1818, Prof. Coll. Phys. 
and Surg. 1826-51 (see p. 21) aet. 56 *i8si 

James John Bowden* (Rev.) 

aet. 26 *i820 

William Boyd* 

George W. Bruen,* A.M. 1816 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1839 

Richard F. Cadle* (Rev.), A.M. 

Thomas L. Davies* 
Ro1>ert Hyslop* 
William Kemble* 

aet. 86*1881 

Thomas C. Mitchell,* A.M. 1816 
Nicholas Morris, Jr.,* A.M. 1816 
Thomas C. Murray,* A.M. 18 18 
Nathaniel Greene Pendleton,* 

Ohio Sen., Repr. in Congr. 1841-59 

aet. 68 *i86i 

Robert Ray,* A.M. 1817 

(seep. 2i) aet. 8s *i879 

Alexander H. Robertson,* A.M. 


Hugh Smith* (Rev.), A.M., 

S.T.D. 1838, Trustee Trinity Coll. 
1832-4 aet. 54 *i849 

John Varick* 


John H. Ball* 
James Brooks* 

aet. 74 *i868 

Cornelius Davis* 

aet. 54 '1849 

William H. Heyer* 

Benjamin Hilton* 

Allen Jackson,* A.M. 1821 

Henry R. Judah* 

James Murison Pendleton,*A.M. 

1819, M.D. 1818 aet. 33 *i832 

Theophilus Russel* 
George F. Talman,* 

Corporation Counsel N. Y. C. 1838-9 

aet. 88 *i883 

Ferdinand Vandewater* 






Charles Anthon,* LL.D. 

1831 (see p. 28) aet. 70 *i867 

James W. Berrian* 
Archibald R. Bogardus* 
Robert Gilbert Livingston De 

aet. 78 •1873 

Archibald Gracie, Jr.* 

aet. 69 *i86s 

William S. Heyer* (Rev.),A-M. 

aet. 33 *i829 

John Hone, Jr.* 

William Ironsides* 
John Ouentin Jones* 

'" aet. 75*1873 

Leonard William Kip,* A.M. 

1820, and Rutgers Coll. 1827 

aet. 67 *i863 

Philip Mesier Lydig* 

aet. 77 *i872 

John Lefferts Mason,* A.M. 

1818, Judge Supr. Ct. N. Y. 1849-51 
(seep. 21) aet. 66 *i86o 

Francis Morton* 

Frederick William Rhinelander* 

James John Roosevelt, Jr.,* 

N'. Y. Assemb. 183s, 1840, Repr. in 
Congr. 1841-3, Judge Supr. Ct. N. 
Y. 1854-60, U. S. Dist. Atty. South- 
ern Dist. N. Y. i860 aet. 79 *i875 

Robert Charles Sands,* A.M. 

1818 aet. 33 *i832 

Robert Seney* (Rev.), A.M. 

1828 aet. 55 *i854 

Henry Hamlin Van Amringe* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1818 aet. 66 *i862 

James S. Watkins,* M.D. 1817 

aet. 20 *i8i7 

1816 '9 

Abel T. Anderson,* A.M. 

1819 *i862 

John D. Campbell,* A.M. 

1820 *i852 

Richard Codman* 

Frederic De Peyster, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1819, LL.D. 186-7, Milit. Sec. 
to Gov. Clinton 1825-8, Master in 
Chancery 1820-37 aet. 86 *i882 

Maurice William Dw^ight* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1820, and Union 1823, 
S.T.D. Rutgers Coll. 1845 aet. 64*1860 

James Wallis Eastburn* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1819 aet. 22 *i8i9 

Isaac Ferris* (Rev.), A.M.1819, 

LL.D. 1853, S.T.D. Union 1833. 
Trustee Rutgers Coll. 1822-40, Chan- 
cellor N. Y. Univ. 1852-70 and Em- 
eritus Chancellor 1870-3 aet. 72 *i873 

John L. Ireland, Jr.* 

aet. 83 *i879 

John Edgar Mo watt* 

Daniel Levi Medora Peixotto,* 

A.M. 1823, M.D. 1819 aet. 43 *i843 

Samuel G. Raymond,* A.M. 

1819, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1826 *i8so 

John J. Robertson* (Rev.), 

S.T.D. elsewhere 1824-5 aet. 85*1881 

James Romeyn* (Rev.), D.D. 

1838, Trustee Rutgers Coll. 1840-8 

aet. 62 *i859 

John M. Smith* (Rev.), A.M.' 

1819 *i832 

Samuel L. Steer,* 

Speaker Lower House of Louisiana 

Thomas Morris Strong* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1S20, S.T.D. elsewhere aet. 64 *i86i 

Adrian Vanderveer,* A.M. 1819, 

M.D. 1818 aet. 6o*i8s7 

1817 '7 

John M, Cannon* 


James P. F. Clarke* (Rev.) 

Matthias O. Dayton* 

Manton Eastburn* (Rev.), A.M. 

1820, S.T.D. 183s aet. 71 *i872 

Isaac Fisher* (Rev.), A.M.1820 


Seymour P. Funk* (Rev.), A.M. 

1821 *i828 

Samuel L. Gouverneur,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1825, Postmaster 

N. Y. City 1828-36 *i86s 

John Grigg* (Rev.), A.M. 1820 

aet. 72 *i868 

Daniel Phoenix Ingraham,* 

LL.D. i860, and Rutgers Coll. 1859, 
Just. Common Pleas, N. Y. 1837-57, 
Judge Supreme Ct. N. Y. 1857-74 

aet. 81 *i88i 

Benjamin Isherwood,*A.M.i820, 

M.D. 1820 "iSaa 

William Lowerre,* A.M. 1820 

aet. 80 "1877 

Edmund Ludlow* 
William Minturn* 




John Neilson, Jr.,* A.M. 1820, 

M.D. 1821 aet. 52 *i8si 

Meredith Ogden* 
Richard Ray,* A.M. 1820 

Edward N. Rogers,* A.M. 1820 
Samuel D. Rogers* 



Henry James Anderson,* A.M. 

1821. M.D. 1824, LL.D. 1850 (see 

pp. 21, 28) aet. 77 *i87S 

Daniel Bonnett* 

aet. 74 *i87i 

Richard Varick Dey* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1821 and Yale 1823 *i837 

Frederic Fairlie* 

Peter Forrester,* A.M. 1821, 

M.D. 1822 aet. 37 ^1837 

Robert Gracie,* A.B. 

Harvard 1818, and Yale 1825, A.M. 
1821 aet. 77 *i877 

Henry Hone,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1834 aet. 57 *i856 

Richard F. Kemble* 

aet. 88 *i88S 

William Beach Lawrence,* 

A.M. 1823, and Yale 1826, LL.D. 
Brown 1869, J.C.D. Univ. N. Y. S. 
1873, U. S. Charge d'Aff. London 
1827-8, Lt. Govr. and Govr. of R. 
I., Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
1837-55 aet. 81 *i88i 

James Lenox,* A.M. 182 1, LL.D. 

1875, A.M. Princeton 1821, LL.D. 
1867, Trustee Princeton 1823-57 

aet. 80 *i88o 

John H. Lloyd* 
Alexander B. McLeod* 
Gerard Walton Morris* 

(see p. 21) *i86s 

John O'Blenis* 
George D. Post* 

Clarence D. Sackett,* 

N'. Y. Assemb. 1827-9 

William Staley,* A.M. 1821 
Abraham D. Wilson,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1821 


Henry Nicholas Cruger,* 

A.M. 1823 aet. 67 *i867 

Gabriel Poillon Disosway,* 

A.M. 1822, and Wesleyan 1833, 
Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1849 aet. 70 *i868 

Peter Dykers,* M.D. 1823 


Andrew Hamersley,* M.D. 1823 
Edward P. Heyer* 
Walter E. Hyer* 


William Lnptoii Johnson* ( Rev. ) , 

A.M. 1822, S.T.D. Allegheny aet. 70 *i87o 

Charles Jones* 
George Jones* 

aet. 87 *i886 

Henry James Lowerre,* A.M. 

1822 *i83o 

George J. Rogers* 

aet. 76 *i878 

James Henry Roosevelt,* A.M. 

1822 aet. 63 *i863 

James S. Rnmsey,* M.D. 1824 

aet. 73 *i872 

Richard Lawrence Schieffelin,* 

A.M. 1822, Pres. Common Council 

N. Y. City 1844-5 aet. 88*1880 

John Lang Suckley,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1823 *i836 

Samuel Verplanck,* A.M. 1822 
Thomas L. Wells* 

(see p. 21) aet. 87 *i886 

Marinus Willett, Jr.,* M.D. 

1823, Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
1827-40 and Fellow 1827 *i840 

Richard Wynkoop*(Rev.), A.M. 

1821 aet 43 *i842 


William Betts,* A.M. 1823, 

LL.D. 1850 (see pp. 21, 24, 31) 

aet. 83 *i884 

John B. Bleecker* 


Joseph Howland Coit* (Rev.), 

D.D. 1855 aet. 64 *i866 

Cornelius Ryerrs Disosway,* 

A.M. Wesleyan 1838 aet. 88 *i889 

Samuel Roosevelt Johnson* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1823, D.D. 1848 

aet. 70 *i873 


James Johnstone* 


Henry Lawrence* 


Philip Edward Milledoler* 

(Rev.), M.D. 1824, A.M. Rutgers 
Coll. 1827, N. Y. Assemb. 1832, 
Trustee Rutgers Coll. 1833-45 *i8so 

John F. Mitchell,* A.M. 1823 

aet. 79, *i88i 

William Mitchell,* A.M. 1823, 

LL.D. 1863, Master in Chancery N. 
Y. 1840-3, Just. Supr. Ct. N. Y. State 
1850-8 aet. 86*1886 

Archibald G. Rogers* 

aet. 89 '1891 

Rutsen Suckley* 

aet. 75 *i875 

John Richard Townsend* 



William B. Barnes* 

Peter A. Cowdrey,* A.M. 1824, 

N. Y. Assemb. 1836, Corporation 
Counsel N. Y. City 1840-4 *i8s2 

Isaac F, Craft* 

William Dusenbury Craft* 

aet. 85 *i887 

George H. Fisher* (Rev.), A.M. 

Rutgers Coll. 1827, S.T.D. 1845, 
Trustee 1851-5 (see p. 21) aet. 69 *i872 

William Forsyth* 

William N. Gilbert* 
William Post Hawes,* A.M. 

1824 aet. 39 *i842 

William Inglis* 

Judge Ct. Common Pleas N. Y. 
1839-44 aet. 59*1873 

Pierre Munroe Irving* 

aet. 73 *i876 

Thomas Kermit* 
Elisha S. King,* A.M. 1826 
Isaac Low,* A.M. 1824 
Stephen Headley Meeker* ( Rev. ) , 

A.M. 1824 aet. jj *i876 

William Henry Munn,* A.M. 

1824 aet. ^^ *i878 

Samuel Ogden* 

aet. 76 *i879 

Frederic Philipse*f 

aet. 71 *i874 
tFormerly Frederic Philpse Gouverneur. 



aet. 84 *i887 

Edwin Post* 

Henry A. V. Post* 

George Shrady* 

John C. Slack* 

Charles E. Stagg* 

Peter Stagg* 

Junius Thompson,* A.M. 1825, 

M.D. 1825 aet. 31 *i83i 

John Tiebout, Jr.,* A.M. 1824, 

M.D. 1825 

William Turner,* A.M. i824,M.D. 

elsewhere *i8s8 

Gerrit G. Van Wagenen* 

(see pp. 21, 24, 84) *i8s8 

John H. Waddell,* A.M. 1824 
Henry John Whitehouse* (Rev.) , 

A.M. 1824, S.T.D. Hobart Coll. 1834 
and Oxford 1867, LL.D. 1865 and 
Cambridge 1867, Trustee Hobart 
Coll. 1831-40, Bishop P. E. Ch. 111. 
1851-74 aet. 71 *i874 

George Wilkes,* M.D. 1824 

aet. 75 *i876 
1822 ^^ 

George Abeel* 


George W. Dawson* 

Peter F. Dustan* 

John M. Glover,* M.D. 1826, 

A.M. Yale 1825 *i832 

Josiah Dwight Harris,* A.M. 

1825, M.D. 1826 *i833 

Henry Philip Jones* 

aet. 79 *i882 

Theodore F. King,* M.D. 

1827, State Supt. Public Schools N'. J. 

aet. 63 *i868 

Nicholas Gouverneur Kortright* 

aet. 69 *i874 

Anson Livingston,* A.M. 

Union 1825 aet. 6y *i873 

Carrol Livingston* 


Edward Nathaniel Mead* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1833, S.T.D. 1861 aet. 75*1877 

Adrian H. Miiller,* 

Pres. Roosevelt Hosp. N. Y. aet. 83 *i886 

Alexander H. Paterson* 
Alfred Charles Post,* M.D. 

1827. LL.D. N. Y. Univ. 1872, Pres. 

N. Y. Acad. Med. 1867-8 aet. 80*1886 




John Lloyd Stephens,* A.M. 

1827, U. S. Special Agent to Central 
America 1839, Del. to N. Y. S. Con- 
stit. Conven. 1846 aet. 47 *i852 

Thomas Wilham Tucker,* 

A.M. 1826, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 
1837 *i8S4 

Alfred Wagstaff,* M.D. 1826 

aet. 74 *i878 

Alfred Augustus Weeks,* 

A.M. 1S26 *i847 

Hamilton Wilkes* 
Edward M. Willett,* A.M. 

1825 aet. 89 *i894 

William R. Williams* (Rev.), 

A.M. 183s, S.T.D. 1837, LL.D.Union 
1859 (see p. 21) aet. 80 *i885 

Samuel Farmer Wilson,* 

Memb. Leg. of La. 1853-8 aet. 6s'*i87o 


Christopher Allen* 
Horatio Allen,* LL.D. 

elsewhere aet. 87 *i89o 

Edward Anthon* 

William H. Boyd,* A.M. 1826,^° 

M.D. 1826 aet. 34 *i837 

Edward M. Clark* 

Lewis Cruger* 

Edmund B. Elmendorf* 

John T. Ferguson,* A.M. 1826, 

M.D. Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827 

John Brain Foulke,* A.M. 1826, 

and Yale 1827 

Adolphus N. Gouverneur* 
Edmund Dorr Griffin* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1826 aet. 26 *i830 

William Frederick Havemeyer,* 

Mayor N. Y. C._ 1845-6, 1848-9, 1873- 
74, Chairman Citizens' Com. of 1S71, 
Pres. Elector 1844, Commr.. Emig. 
1847-53 aet. 70 *i874 

William D. Henderson,* 

A.M. 1826 

Henry Augustus Heyer* 

John Augustus Hicks* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1830, and Trinity 1852, S.T.D. 
Vermont 1847 aet. 68 *i85g 

James Hosack* 

Mancius Smedes Hutton*(Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1841 (see p. 21) aet. tj *i88o 

William L. Keese* (Rev.), A.M. 


Jonathan Lawrence* 

William Anson Lawrence* 


Adam David Logan* 

aet. 66 *i869 

George B. Ogden* 

John Doughty Ogden,* M.D. 

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827 aet. 84 *i887 

Smith Pyne (Rev.), A.M. 1827, 

S.T.D. Hobart Coll. 1848, Trustee 
Trinity Coll. 1833-8 aet. 73 *i87S 

Andrew K. Robertson* 

Noel Robertson* (Rev.), A.M. 

1826 *i828 

Grenville A. Sackett* 
Charles J. Smith* 

aet. jz *i876 

James H. Titus,* A.M. 1826, 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1846 *i882 


Benjamin Aycrigg,* A.M. 

1839, Ph.D. Penn. Coll. 1869 aet. 91 *i89S 

Robert Barker* 

Alexander Mansfield Burrill* 

aet. 62 *i869 

Edward C. Crary* 

Wilham A. Curtis* (Rev.), A.M. 
1838 ♦1864 

Benjamin Drake,* A.M. 1827, 

M.D. 1828 aet. 66*1871 

William Duer,* 

!Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1840, Repr. in 
Congr. 1849-51, U. S. Consul at Val- 
paraiso 185 1-4, County Clerk San 
Francisco aet. 74 *i879 

William Henry Ellet,* M.D. 

elsewhere. Prof. S. C. Coll. 1835- 
4S(seep.43) aet. 5s'*i8s9 

James T. Gibert,* A.M. 1827, 

IVLD. elsewhere aet. (>z *i868 

Jacob Townsend Gifford,* M.D. 

Coll. Phys. and Surg. Geneva 

aet. 64 *i869 

Timothy R. Green,* A.M. 1834 


John K. Hardenbrook,* A.M. 

1827, INLD. elsewhere aet. 62 *i864 

Dayton Hobart,* A.M. 




William Henry Hobart,* A.M. 

1827, M.D. 1829 (see p. 21) aet. 53 *i857 

Pierre Paris Irving* (Rev.), 

A.M. Hobart Coll. 1837, and Trus- 
tee 1837-43 aet. 72 *i878 

George W. Johnson* 


William Henry Lupp,* A.M. 

1S27 *i874 

Elias Joseph Marsh,* A.M. 1827, 

M.D. 1828 aet. 43 *i8so 

Hamilton Morton,* A.M. 

1834, M.D. Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827 

aet. 92 *i896 

Waddington Ogden* 

aet. 45 '1847 

Henry Perkins,* A.M. 1827, 

M.D. elsewhere 

Alexander Robinson,*A.M.,M.D. 

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1832 

Daniel C. Schermerhorn* 


George Philip Cammann,* M.D. 

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1828 aet. 59 *i863 

James A. M. Gardner,* A.M. 

1828, M.D. 1829 

Nathaniel Marius Graves* 
Robert William Harris* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1828, S.T.D. 1849 aet. 80 *i886 

Jacob Harsen, Jr.,* A.M. and 

M.D. 1829 aet. 55 *i862 

William E. Laight* 


Alexander S. Leonard* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1847, D.D. i8s9 aet. 72*1878 

John McKeon,* A.M. 183 1, 

N. Y. Assemb. 1831, Repr. in Congr. 
1 833-7. 1 84 1 -3, Dist. Atty. N. Y. City 
i84-;-3i, 1882-3, U. S. Dist. Atty. 
N. Y. 1833 aet. 76 *i883 

Isaac T. Minard,* 

Surrogate Otsego Co. N. Y. 

Edward E. Mitchell* 

aet. 80 *i889 

Walter Nichols* 

aet. 21 *i82S 

William Peshine* 

William Phyfe* 

Anthony Lispenard Robertson,* 

Asst. Vice-Chancellor N. Y. S. 1846- 
48, Surrogate N. Y. City 1848, Tust. 
Sup. Ct. N. Y. 1860-3 and Ch.-Just. 
of same 1863-8, Memb. Constit. 
Conven. N. Y. 1867 aet. 69 *i868 



Ferdinand Sands* 

John Jones Schermerhorn* 

John Fletcher Smith* 
Wessell S. Smith,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 

Oliver Smith Strong,* 

Memb. N. J. Leg. 1848 aet. 68 *i874 

Peter Wilson* 

William Wilson,* M.D. 1829 

aet. 66 *i872 

Charles Edward Anderson,* 

Secy. U. S. Legation, Paris 1836-9, 
and Charge d'Aff. 1837 aet. 82 *i889 

William A. Clarke,* M.D. 


John Marshall Guion* (Rev.), 

D.D. 1863 

John William Hamersley,* 

A.M. 1829 *i889 

Edwin Holt* 

Nathaniel Pendleton Hosack,* 

A.B. Harvard- 1826 aet. 71 *i877 

Gabriel Furman Irving* 

aet. 38 *i845 

Robert Kelly, Jr.,* 

City Chamberlain N. Y. City 1836, 
Regent Univ. S. N. Y. 1856-7, Foun- 
der and Pres. Trustees Rochester 
Univ. aet. 33 *i8s7 

Francis Maerschalk Kip* (Rev.), 

D.D. 1837, A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1829, 
Trustee Rutgers Coll. i860 aet. 81 *i888 

John Neil McLeod*(Rev.),A.M. 

1833, S.T.D. elsewhere aet. 68*1874 

Joshua S. Marsh* 
Thomas H. Merry, Jr.* 
William Henry Milnor,* M.D. 

1832 aet. 60 *i862 

Thomas R. Minturn* 

Henry Morris* 

aet. 34 *i834 

Richard Lewis Morris,* M.D. 

1830, Health Commr. N. Y. City 
1848-32, and Health Officer 1852-4 

aet. 75 *i88o 

John B. Norsworthy* 
Hewlett R. Peters* (Rev.), 

S. T. D. elsewhere 

Daniel Phoenix Riker* 

aet. 61 *i868 




Beverley Robinson, Jr.* 

aet. 69 *i876 

William Henry Roosevelt* 
Daniel Seymour* 
Abraham A. Slover, Jr.* 
Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenenjr 

Harris Wilson* 


aet. 29 *i838 


Jonathan Trumbull Backus* 

(Rev.), A.M., Grad. Princeton Theol. 
Sem. 1830, S.T.D. Union 1847, 
LL.D. 1875, Pres. Bd. of Education 
Schenectady, Pres. Bd. Trustees 
Union aet. 83 *i892 

Jacob Sperry Baker* 
William Sperry Baker,* M.D. 

1831 aet. 80 *i889 

Thomas Hazard Barker,* 

U. S. Consul at Antwerp 1S36 

Henry Neilson Brush* 

John Player Crosby* 

aet. 67 *i876 

William Henry Crosby* 

(see p. 39) ' aet. 84*1892 

Henry Augustus DuBois,* M.D. 

1830, LL.D.Vale 1864 aet. 73 *i884 

Edward Dunscomb* 

aet. 01 *i895 

Edward Bristed Eastburn* 


Hamilton Fish,* A.M. 1830, 

LL.D. 1850, Union 1869, and Harvard 
1871, Repr. in Congr. 1843-5, Lt.- 
Gov. N. Y. 1847-9. Gov. N. Y. 1849- 
51, U. S. Sen. 1851-7, Pres. of the 
Gen. Society of the (Tincinnati 1854- 
03, Chn. LInion Defence Com. 1861-5, 
Pres. N. Y. Hist. Soc. :867-9, Sec. 
State U. S. 1869-77, Memb. Joint 
High Commn. to arrange "Treaty of 
Washington" with Great Britain 
1871, U. S. Plenipo. to sign Treaty 
with Great Britain 1871 (see pp. 21, 
23) aet. 85 *i893 

Michael Floy, Jr.,* A.M. 1834 
John Murray Forbes* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1830, LL.D. 1847, Dean Genl. 
Theol. Sem. 1869 aet. 79 *i885 

John Henry Hobart Haws,* 

Repr. in Cong. 1851-3 *i858 

William C. Heyward* 


John Clarkson Jay,* M.D. 1830 

(see p. 22) aet. 83 *i89i 

Joshua Jones* 

aet. 81 * 1888 

Abraham Beakley Labagh* 
Alfred Ludlow* 


Charles McFarlan,* 

N. J. Senate 1846 *i873 

Henry Jackson Morton* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1830, Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 
N. Y. 1830, S.T.D. Penn. 1844, 
Trustee Penn. 1844-90 aet. 83 *i890 

Robert Mott* 


Jonathan Nathan,* 

Master in Chanc. N. Y. 1840-5 *i863 

Henry Onderdonk, Jr.,* A.M. 

1833 aet. 82*1886 

Laughton Osborn* 

aet. 70 *i878 

Samuel Penny, Jr.* (Rev.) 


Minturn Post,* M.D. 

Penn. 1S32 aet. 61 *i869 

James M.. Ouin,* A.M. (Hon.) 

1833, M.D. Rutgers Med. Coll. 

aet. 62*1868 

Charles Rhind [Jr.]* 

aet. 99 *i9o8 

Plenry Rogers, Jr.* 


Edwin Sands* 


John Schermerhorn* 

aet. 33 *i84i 

aet. 74 *i88i 

Theodore A. Swords* 

Joseph Clay Wallace* 

William Winter* 

Grenville Temple Winthrop,* 

A.B. Harvard and Bowdoin Coll. 
1827, Memb. Mass. Leg. 1840 *i852 



Edmund D. Barry, Jr.* 
William Bayley* 

Jonas Butler* 


George Catlin* 

Thomas Witter Chrystie,* 

A.M. 1880 aet. 80 *i888 

Thomas T. Devan*(Rev.), A.M. 

and M.D. 1831 aet. 80 *i890 





Cornelius Dubois, Jr.* 

aet. yz *i88i 

Edmund Embury* (Rev.), A.M. 

1833 aet. 84 *i893 

George Gilford* 

aet. 75 *i883 

Robert Goelet* 


Alexander N. Gunn,* M.D. 1833, 

A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1832, Health Of- 
ficer Port of N'. Y. 1859-64 aet. 61 *i87i 

Benjamin I. Haight* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1831, D.D. 1846, LL.D. Ho- 
bart Coll. 1870, Prof. Genl. Theol. 
Sein. P. E. Ch., Asst. Minister Trin- 
ity Parish N. Y. City 1847-77 (see 
p. 21) aet. 69 *i879 

Henry Sheaff Hoyt* 


Mortimer Livingston* 


Austin L. S. Main,* M.D. 1832 

aet. 58 *i867 

John A. Morrill* 
George B. Neill* 
John M. Ogden* 

Joel B. Post* 


Samuel Sidney St. John,* A.M. 

1834 aet. 75 *i882 

Barzillai Slosson* 

Dist. Atty. Ontario Co. N. Y. 

aet. 64 *i874 

Lewis Thibou* (Rev.), A.M. 

Hobart Coll. 1851 *i876 

John Ledyard Vandervoort,* 

A.M. 1831, M.D. 1832 aet. 82 * 1 89 1 

Robert Boyd Van Kleeck* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1831, and Trinity Coll. 
1847, S.T.D. Hobart Coll. 1851 *i88o 

William Wheeler Van Wagenen,* 

A.M. 1834 

Alexander Robertson Walsh* 


William Walton* (Rev.), A.M. 

1836, D.D. 1852, and Hobart Coll. 
1852, Instr. Genl. Theol. Sem. (see 
p. 17) aet. 59 *i869 

Richard Whiley, Jr.* 
Martin Zborowski*f 

(see pp. 21, 22) *i878 


tFormerly Martin Ryerson Zabriskie. 


George Featherstone Allen* 

(seep. 21) *i863 

Theodore A. Bailey* 
Thomas E. Blanch* 

Dist. Atty. Rockland Co. N. Y. *i879 

James Augustus Carter,* M.D. 


Alfred Winfred Craven,* 

Ch. Eng. Croton Aq. Dept. N. Y. 
City 1850, Pres. Am. Soc. Civil Eng. 
1869-71 aet. 68 *i879 

Robert James Dillon,* 

Coip. Counsel N. Y. City 1853-6 

aet. 63 *i872 

Benjamin S. Downing,* M.D. 

1832 aet. 24 *i834 

WiHiam Edgar* 


James Heyward,* M.D. 


John Treat Irving, Jr.* 

aet. 94 *i9o6 

Richard Harison Osfden* 

Samuel Ogden* 

aet. 47 *i859 
aet. 69 *i879 

Thomas W. Ogden,* 

Trustee St. Stephen's Coll. N'. Y., 
Trustee Genl. Theol. Sem. aet. 91 *i9oi 

John David Ogilby,* A.M. 

1833, Mast. Col. Coll. Gram. Sch. 
1S20-30, Prof. Rutgers Coll. 1832-40, 
Prof. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1841-51 (see 
P- 68) aet. 43 *i85i 

Peter Augustus Schermerhorn,* 

A.M. 1833 *i845 

Theodore Sedgwick, Jr.,* 

U. S. Dist. Atty. N. Y. 1858-9, Trus- 
tee Coll. Phys. and Surg. N. Y. 1842- 
59 aet. 48*1859 

Charles R. Swords,* 

N. Y. Assemb. (see p. 22) *i88i 

Robert Tucker,* M.D. 1832 


John Dash Van Buren,* 

N. Y. Assemb. 1857-63 aet. 74 *i883 

Fanning S. Worth,* A.M. 1835 

John B. Boggs* 
James Bowdoin* 

aet. 86 *i897 

Robert Livingston Cutting* 

aet. 76 *i887 




John Delafield, Jr.,* A.M. 1837 

aet. 54 *i866 

Hugh T. Dickey,* 

Judge Cook Co. 111. and of 7tli Judi- 
cial Circ. Court 111., 1845-53 aet. 80 *i892 

Benjamin T. Ferguson* 


Lewis Carstairs Gunn,* 

U. S. Collector Customs Puget Sound 
Dist. 1863-4, U. S. Assess. Int. Reve- 
nue, San Francisco 1865-8, Depy. 
Collect. Customs San Diego Cal. 
1876-82, and Customs Assess. 1883-6 

aet. 79 *iS92 

Nicholas C. Heyward* 


George Ireland, Jr.* 

aet. 61 *i873 

Edward Jones,* M.D. 1834 

(see p. 21) aet. 58 *i869 

John Taylor Kneeland,* M.D. 

1833 *iS38 

Henry Ledyard,* 

Sec. U. S. Legation at Paris 1839- 
42, and Charge d'Aff. 1842-4, Mayor 
Detroit 1855, Mich. Sen. 1857 *i88o 

Benjamin Franklin Miller* 


Henry Cruse Murphy,* LL.D. 

Rutgers Coll. 1864, Mayor Brooklyn 
1842, Repr. in Congr. 1843-5, 1847-9, 
Memb. N. Y. Constit. Conven. 1846, 
1867, U. S. Min. at The Hague 1858- 
62, N. Y. Sen. 1862-73 aet. 72 *i882 

Henry Nicoll,* LL.D. 1870 

Repr. in Congr. 1847-9, Memb. N'. Y. 
Constit. Conv. 1846 *J879 

Charles Hammond Ogden* 

aet. 62 *i874 

William Steele,* M.D. 1833 

aet. 74 *i887 

William D. Waddington* 

George William Wright* 



James Bolton,* A.M. 1835, M.D. 

Peter Schermerhorn Chauncey* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1836 and Trinity Coll. 
1848, S.T.D. N. Y. Univ. 1858, 
Trustee Trinity 1848-51 aet. 56 *i866 

James Chrystie, Jr.* 

aet. 25 *i836 

Abraham Bogart Conger,* A.M. 

1834, N. Y. Sen., Pres. K. Y. S. 
Agricult. Soc, Memb. N. Y. Constit. 
Conv. 1867 (see p. 37) aet. 73 *i887 


aet. 74 *ii 

William Ernest Eigenbrodt* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1835, D.D. 1855. B.D. 
Gen. Theol. Sem., Prof. Gen. Theol. 
Sem. 1862-89, Emeritus 1889-94 

aet. 82 *i894 

Robert Emory* (Rev.), A.M. 

1834, S.T.D. 1846, Prof. Dickinson 
1S34-9 and Pres. 1842-8 aet. 34 *i848 

Petrus Stuyvesant Fish,* A.M. 

1834 *i834 

John B. Gallagher* (Rev.) 
John Philip Hone* 
Bradish Johnson* 

aet. 81 *i892 

Charles Ray King,* M.D. 

Penn. 1834, LL.D. Trinity Coll. 

aet. 88 *i90i 

James Joseph Macneven* 


James McCready Morgan* 
Gideon Smyth Nichols* 

aet. 84 *i894 

John Louis O'Sullivan,* A.M. 

1S34, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1841-2, 
Regent Univ. N. Y. S. 1846-55, U. S. 
Min. Portugal 1854-63 (see p. 69) 

aet. 81 *i89S 

John Punnett,* A.M. 1834, M.D. 

Penn. 1834 

John B. Purroy,* A.M. 1834 
Richard W. Redfield,* A.M.1838 


Edwin M. Taylor* 
Francis Tomes, Jr.* 

aet. 85 *i898 

Robert George Vermilye*(Rev.), 

A.M. 1836, D.D. 185 1, Prof. Theol. 
Inst. Conn., Trustee Hamilton Coll. 
1850-7 (see p. 84) aet. 62 *i87S 

Lloyd Saxbury Waddell* 
Samuel Ward, Jr.,* A.M. 

1835, Ph.D. Tubingen, Sec. U. S. 
Special Mission to Paraguay 1858 
and to Nicaragua 1863 aet. 70 * 

Robert Watts, Jr.,* A.M. 

1834, M.D. 1835, M.D. Berkshire 
Med. Coll. 1837, Prof. Coll. P'hys. 
and Surg. aet. 55 * 


Henry T. Anthony* 

aet. 70 * 

Walter Titus Avery* 

aet. 90 * 






Horatio Bogart,* A.M. 1836 

aet. 68 *i882 

William L. Boyd,* A.M. 1835 

aet. 90 *i903 

George Carvill, Jr.* 
John Chrystie* 

aet. 43 *i8s6 

Henry S. Dodge,* A.M. 1835 


Daniel G. F. Fanshaw* 


James Heard, Jr.,* A.M. 1836 


Alexander C. Hillman* (Rev.) 


Nicholas W. Hoffman* 


Aaron Jarvis,* A.M. and M.D. 

183s aet. 45 *i8s9 

William Templeton Johnson,* 

A.M. 183s *i869 

Philip Livingston Jones,* M.D. 

183s aet. 70 *i883 

John J. C. Kane* 


Frederick W. Miller* (Rev.) 

Stephen Reed, Jr.,* A.M. 

Thomas A. Richmond,* A.M. 

183s *i8s9 

Henry Joseph Ruggles* 

aet. 92 *i9o6 

William Channing Russel,* 

A.M. 183s, LL.D. 187s, Ex-V.-Pres. 
Cornell aet. 8i *i896 

Erasmus Peshine Smith,* 

LL.B. Harvard 1833, Supt. of Edu- 
cation State of N. Y., U. S. Commr. 
of Emigration, U. S. Examiner of 
Claims, Sec. of Foreign Affairs of 
the Empire of Japan 1870-6 aet. 68 *i882 

John Edwin Stillwell,* M.D. 

1836 aet. 60 *i873 

Frederick L. Talcott* 

aet. 72 *i884 

Philip William Thomas* 

aet. 59 *i87i 

Jonathan Thompson, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1836 aet. 59 *i872 

Frederick Townsend* 

aet. 69 *i883 

Russell Nevins Townsend* 


William Samuel Verplanck* 

aet. 73 *i886 


Stephen D. Allen,* M.D. 

Penn. 1837 '1840 

James Barrow, Jr.* 


John S. Bartlett, Jr.* 
Jackson Bolton,* M.D. 

Penn. 1838 aet. 51 *i866 

James Constable* 

Richard Cox* (Rev.), A.M. 1836 

John Ferris Delaplaine, Jr.,* 

Sec. U. S. Legation Vienna 1861-83 

aet. 68 *i88s 

Pierre Cortlandt DePeyster* 


John M. Gelston* 
Charles Hall,* A.M. 1838 
John Jay Jenkins* 

aet. 8s *i898 

Philip Kearny, Jr.* 

aet. 47 *i862 

Francis P. Lee* (Rev.), A.M. 

1836 *i847 

Samuel Bard McVickar* 


James W. Metcalf,* M.D. 

elsewhere *i856 

Gouverneur Morris Ogden* 

(see pp. 21, 24, 68) aet. 75 *i884 

Henry Brevoort Renwick* 

Examr. U. S. Pat. Off. aet. 78 *i895 

William Rhinelander Renwick* 

aet. 67 *i883 

Bruce Schermerhorn* 

Edward Slosson* 


John G. Smedberg* 

aet. 57 *i873 

Robert Spencer* 
Abraham Gardiner Thompson 
[Jr.]* A.M. 1836, M.D. 

1837 N. Y. Assemb. 1845 and 1857 

aet. 71 *i887 

James A. Williams* (Rev.), A.M. 

1836, D.D. 1863 *i883 


William Mortimer Allen,* 

A.M. 1837 aet. 64 *i878 

James William Beekman,* 

A.M. 1838, N. Y. Assemb. 1848, N. 
Y. Senate 1849-51, Trustee Med. 
Dep. 1860-77 (see p. 22) aet. 62 *i?>77 




Edward K. Bryar,* A.M. 

1838 aet. 76 *i890 

William Bryan Casey,* M.D. 

Penn. 1837 

Tames Michael Cockcroft* 


William Cockcroft,* M.D. 1838 

aet. 72 *i890 

John Conger,* A.M. 1837, M.D. 

1838 *i86o 

Isaac Clason Delaplaine,* 

A.M. 1837, Repr. in Congr. 1861-3 

aet. 48 *i866 

William Demarest* (Rev.),A.M. 

1837 *^^74 

William Dennis* (Rev.) 
William Dodge,* A.M. 1837, 

N. Y. Assemb. 1849 *i88s 

William Mitchell Gillespie,* 

A.M. 1837, LL.D. 1859, Nashville, 
1857 aet. 52 *i886 

John S. Heard,* A.M. and M.D. 

1837 aet. 70 *iS8s 

Henry Heyward,* A.M. 1838 
Benjamin S. Huntington* (Rev.) , 

A.M. 1839 *i882 

William Henry Hyde* 

aet. 81 *i896 

Samuel Evan Johnson,* A.M. 

1837, Judge Kings Co. N. Y. *i870 

William Gracie King* 

aet. 67 *i882 

Alexander Major* 

Richard Edwards Mount, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1837 *i8So 

Philip Rhinelander* 
Robert Smith Swords* 

aet. 65 '1881 

Anthony Ten Broeck* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1837, D.D. 1867 aet. 65*1880 

Lloyd Windsor* (Rev.), A.M. 

1837, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1836, 
S.T.D. Hobart Coll. 1880 aet. 76 *i889 



Jedediah Blakeney Auld,* 

A.M. 1838 aet. 51 *i866 

Romaine Dillon,* 

Sec. U. S. Legation Brazil *i888 

Evert Augustus Duyckinck,* 

A.M. 1838 (see p. 22) aet. 62 *i878 

Benigo Gener* 

Thomas Buchanan Gilford* 

aet. 94 *i9io 

Andrew Stelle Hamersley,* 

A.M. 1839 

Orlando Harriman, Jr.* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1838 aet. 69 *i88i 

William Heard* 


Joshua E. Jones* 

Charles C. Lee* 

John W. C. Leveridge,* A.M. 

1839, Memb. Council N. Y. Univ. 

aet. 76 *i896 

Charles Harrison Lyon,* 

A.M. 1838 

Joseph Mclntyre* 

Charles D. Mead,* A.M. 1839 

William Mulligan,* A.M. 1838 


Alexander Palache* 
George Ouartus Pomeroy* 
John H. Riker* 

aet. 75 *i894 

William H. Taggard* 


Ludlow Thomas* 

aet. 74 *i894 

John Richard Thurman/^ 

Repr. in Congr. 1849-51 '1854 

Russell Trevett* (Rev.), A.M. 

1838, D.D. 1855, S.T.D. Coll. St. 
Tames 1857, Prof. St. James Coll., 
Md. 1844-55 and St. John's Coll., 
Md. 1855-61 aet. 48 *i86s 

William Henry Wilson,* 

A.M. 1S38 aet. 77 *i894 

Christian Zabriskie, Jr.* 



Xewbold Edgar* 

Christodoulos L. M. Evangeles,* 

A.M. 1854 aet. 68 ^1883 

George William Fash* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1840 

John Graham* 

aet. 72 *i894 

Giles Mum ford Hillyer,* A.M. 

1839 *i87i 

John Henrv Llobart* (Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1856', Trustee Hobart Coll. 
1846-54 aet. 71 *i889 


Edward Hoffman* 

John Jay,* A.M. 1839, LL.D. 

1 89 1, and Hobart Coll. 1889, U. S. 
Min. Plen. to Austria 1869-75, Pres. 
N. Y. State Civil Serv. Comm. 
1883-7 aet. 76 *i894 

William Alfred Jones,* A.M. 

(see p. 56) aet. 83 *i9oo 

Edward Huger Laight* 


James Phillips Lake 
George Harrison Lynch* 


Henry McVickar* (Rev.) 
Daniel McLaren Quackenbush* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1839, S.T.D. N. Y. 
Univ. 1863 aet. 81 *i90o 

James Renwick,* A.M. 

1839 aet. 77 *i89S 

Charles Seymour* (Rev.), A.M. 

1839 aet. 76 *i89S 

William Thompson 

Henry Ward, Jr.,* A.M. 1839 

aet. 23 *i840 

George Gilfert Waters,* A.M. 

1839 aet. 56 *i875 

Harvey Augustus Weed,* 

A.M. 1839 *i872 

James Willis Wilson,* A.M. 

1839 aet. 53 *i868 



Charles Aldis* (Rev.), A.M. 1840 


Samuel Blatchford,* LL.D. 

1867, Judge U. S. Dist. Ct. S. Dist. 
N. Y. 1867-78 and Judge U. S. Circ. 
Ct. 2d Jud. Dist. 1878-82, Assoc. 
Just. U. S. Supr. Ct. 1882-93 (see 
p. 22) aet. 73 *i893 

Nathaniel W. Chittenden,* 

A.M. 1846 aet. 69 *i885 

John William Clark* (Rev.) 


Samuel Cockcroft* 

aet. 69 *i889 

J. Wallace Collet,* A.M. 1841 
Stephen Douglas* (Rev.), A.M. 

1840 *i857 

Henry P, Fessenden* 


Anthony Halsey,* A.M. 1840 

(see pp. 22, 24) aet. 60 *i879 

Benjamin Holmes Jarvis* 



William Henry Leggett* 

aet. 66 *i882 

John MacMullen,* A.M. 

1840 aet. 79 *i896 

Charles D. March* 
William J. Masterton* 
George L. Nevius* 

aet. 55 *i873 

Charles Edward Shea,* A.M. 

Jesse Ames Spencer* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1840 and D.D. 1852, A.M. 
Trinity Coll. 1854 and S.T.D. 1872, 
Prof. Coll. City N. Y. 1869-81, Cus- 
todian of the Standard Bible of the 
Church 1883-95 *i898 

David Provost Thomas* 
John Ireland Tucker* (Rev.), 

D.D. 1858 aet. 76*1895 

George Stayley Van Cleef * ( Rev. ) 
John Vanderbilt, Jr.* 

N. Y. Sen., Judge Kings Co. N. Y. 

aet. 58 *i877 

Samuel H. Whitlock* 


Alexander Somerville Wother- 
spoon,* M.D. 1841, 

Asst. Surgeon U. S. A. 1843-54 

aet. 37 *i854 


Frederic Anthon* 


Edward Anthony* 

aet. 69 *i888 

Mancer Mark Backus,* A.M. 

Hobart Coll. 1841 aet. 70 *i887 

Thomas Colden Cooper* 

aet. 49 *i864 

Richard H, Douglass* 

Isaac V. Fowler,* A.M. 


John Hone* 
Philip Hone, Jr.* 

aet. 52 *i869 

aet. 72 *i89i 


Benjamin Tredwell Kissam,* 

A.M. 1851 aet. 88 'igo; 

John Mason Knox,* A.M. 

Pres. Roosevelt Hosp. 1886-94 
T • ^ -r ., ^'^^- 73 *i894 

Jeremiah Larocque* 

aet. 46 *i868 

Alfred Mersan Loutrel* (Rev.) 

aet. 82 *i90Q 




William Brinckerhoff Moffat,* 

A.M. 1841, M.D. 1842 

Benjamin Romaine, Jr.* 


William Edward Snowden* 

aet. 71 *i888 

Charles Spear* 


George Templeton Strong,* 

Treas. U. S. San. Comm. (see p. 21) 

apt. 55 *i875 

William Riggin Travers* 

aet. 68 *i887 

Francis Marion Ward,* A.M. 

1841 aet. 27 *i847 

Henry Hall Ward,* A.M. 

1841 aet. 52 *i872 



Charles Edward Anthon,* 

A.M. 1853, LL.D. N. Y. Univ. 1866 

aet. 61 *i8.33 

George Christian Anthon,* A.M. 

aet. 52 *i877 

John Jacob Astor, Jr.* 

(see p. 22) aet. 67 *i890 

Allen Henry Brown* (Rev.), 

D.D. Princeton 1905 

James C. Roosevelt Brown* 


John Ebenezer Burrill, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1843, Memb. N'. Y. S. Constit. 
Conv. 1867 aet. 71 *i893 

Frederic Augustus Cairns,* 

A.M. 1873 (see p. 34) aet. 59 *i879 

Arthur Carey* (Rev.), A. M. 

1842 *i844 

John Carey, Jr.,* A.M. 1842 

aet. 60 *i88i 

George James Cornell,* A.M. 

1842, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1848 *i857 

Henry Drisler, Jr.,* A.M. 

1842, LL.D. 1864, and Harvard 1886 
(see pp. 25, 42) aet. 79 *i897 

Richard Stockton Emmet* 

aet. 82 *i902 

James Walker Fowler,* A.M. 

1842 *I904 

Harvey Doddridge Ganse,* 

A.M. 1844 aet. 69 *i89i 

Nathaniel Blossom Hoxie,* 

A.M. 1842 

Frederick Hughson* 

aet. 86 *i9o6 

Charles Ingersoll,* LL.B. 

Harvard 1841 

Daniel DeForest Lord,* 

Trustee Med. Dep. 1860-91 aet. 76 *i894 

Joseph Rich Mann* (Rev.), A.M. 

1844, S.T.D. Princeton 1862 aet. 69 *i88i 

Edwin Augustus Nichols* (Rev.) 

aet. 66 *i888 

John Pirnie, Jr.,* A.M. 1842 


Peter B. Pirnie,* A.M. 1842 
George Warner Ouackenbos,* 

A.M. 1842 "^ 

Edward Sabine Renwick,* 

A.M. 1842 aet. 90 *i9i2 

James William Walsh* 



Charles Bancroft* (Rev.), A.M. 

1843, D.D. 1861 and Univ. of 
Bisliops Coll. Canada 1862, LL.D. 
McGill 1870 aet. 58 *i877 

Samuel Bowden* (Rev.), A.M. 

1843, D.D. 1890 aet. 71 *i894 

Gerard Smith Boyse* 

Charles Bulow Bucknor,* 

A.M. 1843 

Anthony Post Campbell* 

James Farley Clark,* A.M. 

Edward Nicoll Crosby* 


William Forrest, Jr.* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1843 *i8s6 

James George Graham,* A.M. 

1843, N. Y. Assem. 1849, 1866, 1877, 
1878 aet. 75 *i896 

Ogden Hoffman, Jr.,* LL.B. 

Harvard 1842, Judge U. S. Dist. Ct. 

N. Dist. Cal. 1851 aet. 68 *i89i 

Lydig Monson Hoyt* 

aet. 48 *i868 

Alfred George Jones,* A.M. 

1843, LL.B. Harvard 1842 aet. 47 *i868 

Robert Lenox Kennedy,* 

A.M. 1843 aet. 64 *i887 

Edward Henry Lawrence* 
Benjamin Chase Leveridge,* 

A.M. 1844 aet. 86 *i907 

Levi Arnold Lockwood,* A.M. 

1843 aet. 61 *i883 

D wight Edwards Lyman* (Rev.) 

A.M. 1847 act. 75 *i893 




John Mitchell Mason,* A.M. 

1843 *i878 

Thomas C. Meyer* 


Alonzo Castle Monson,* A.M. 

1843, Judge Sup. Ct. California 

aet. 80 *i90i 

Obadiah Newcomb, Jr.,* A.M., 

M.D. elsewhere aet. 81 *igo2 

William Nicoll* 


George W. Pell,* A.M. 1852 

aet. 77 *i896 

Jotham Post,* M.D. 1845 

aet. 56 *i877 

Ellis Potter, Jr.* 

aet. 64 *i886 

Worthington Romaine,* A.M. 

1843 *i888 

William Colford Schermerhorn,* 

A.M. 1843 (see pp. 22, 23) aet. 82 *i903 

Peter Shapter, Jr.,* A.M. 1843 
Peter Remsen Strong,* A.M. 

1843 aet. 56 *iS78 

Owen Sweeny,* A.M. i843,M.D. 

Joseph Webb Winans,* A.M. 

1843 aet. 66 *i887 

Van Brunt Wyckoff,* A.M. 1844, 

M.D. 184s aet. 70 *i889 


Daniel Henry Beadel* 

Edward Lewis Chichester,*M.D. 


John Hicks Clark* 

George Washington Collord,* 

A.M. 1844, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 1881 

aet. 79 *i900 

Frederick Cunningham* 
Richard Varick De Peyster* 

_ aet. 54 *i874 

Thomas Bloodgood Dibblee,* 

A.M. 1844 aet. 73 *i89S 

Cornelius Roosevelt Duffie* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1844, S.T.D. N. Y. 
Univ. 1S65, Trustee Genl. Theol. 
Sem. (see p. 42) aet. 78 *i900 

William Ward Duffield,* 

Senator 3d Senatorial Dist. Mich. 
1878-80, Supt. U. S. Coast and Geo- 
detic Survey, 1894-8 aet. 84 * 1907 

James Emott, Jr.,* 

Mayor Poughkeepsie N. Y. 1854-5. 
Just. Supr. Ct. N. Y. 1855-63, Judge 
Ct. Appeals N. Y. 1863 aet. 62 *i884 

Herman Ten Eyck Foster* 

act. 47 *i869 

Oliver Wolcott Gibbs,* A.M. 

1844, M.D. 1845, LL.D. 1873, Har- 
vard. Yale and Penn. 1888 

aet. 86 *i9o8 

Thomas Strong Griffing* 

Jacob Boerum Jewett* 


William Kemble, Jr.,*A.M. 1844 

James Hall Mason Knox* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1S44, D.D. iS6i, LL.D. 
1885, Pres. Lafayette 1883-90 *i903 

Joseph Effingham Lawrence* 
Robert Le Roy, Jr.* 

aet. 41 *i865 

John Hodgson Mortimer* 

aet. 61 *i883 

Israel Moses,* A.M. 1844, M.D. 

184s •1870 

Edward Delevan Nelson,* A.M. 

1844 *i87l 

John Harris Parish,* LL.B. 

Harvard 1844 "1896 

William Lewis Peck* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1857 *i898 

John Rankin [Jr.] (c) 

Jones Rogers* 

George Metcalfe Root,* A.M. 

1844 aet. 86 "1906 

Robert G. Simpson* 

Augustus Lyons Smith* 


William Lyons Smith* 

John Joseph Townsend,* A.M. 

1844, N. Y. Assemb. 1850-1, Memb. 
N. Y. Constit. Conv. 1867 (see p. 22) 

aet. 64 "1889 

Robert Dorlon Van Voorhis* 



Hector Craig Ames,* 

Attache U. S. Legation Madrid, 
Spain, 1842-6, U. S. Consul Aca- 
pulco, Me.xico, 1852-3 aet. 30 *i8s3 

William Gould Banks,* A.M. 

Abraham Smith Brouwer* 

Benjamin Franklin Clark* 

aet. 69 *iS9a 




William Henry Ebbetts* 


Frederick Frye,* A.M. 1845 


William Henry Harison [Jr.]* 

(Rev.), A.M. 184s, S.T.D. elsewhere 


Abram Stevens Hewitt,* A.M. 

1845, LL.D. 1887, U. S. Commr. to 
Univ. Exposition Paris 1867, Repr. 
in Cong. 1875-9, 1881-6, Mayor N. Y. 
City 1887-9 (see p. 22) aet. 80 *i903 

Julius Sleight Hitchcock* 

aet. 66*1888 

Robert Jaffray* 

aet. 78 *i902 

William Seymour Kernochan,* 

LL.B. Harvard 1844 *i904 

Richard Montgomery Lawrence, 

Livingston Kip Miller,* A.M. 

1846 aet. 54 *i877 

Clement Moore,* A.M. 1845 

aet. 68 *i889 

George Lucas Newton,* A.M. 

Robert Morrison Olyphant 

(CO, TR), Chair. Exec. Comm. Del. 
& Hudson R. R. Co. 
760 IV. 59 

Wheelock Hendee Parmly* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1845; S.T.D. Colgate 
1867 aet. 78 *i894 

William Irving Paulding* 

aet. 64 *i890 

James Hunter Phinney* 
Edward Elmer Potter* 

aet. 66 *i88g 

Zebedee Ring, Jr.* 

Oliver Everett Roberts,* A.M. 

1845 aet. 80 *i903 

Washington Rodman* (Rev.), 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1845 

aet. 84 *i907 

Silas Weir Roosevelt* 

aet. 47 *i870 

David Reid Stanford* 

aet. 69 *i892 

John Baker Stevens* 

aet. 68 * 1 89 1 

William Pinckney Stewart,* 

A.M. 1848 *i870 

John Svm* 


Elisha William Teakle* 
David Thomson, Jr.,* A.M. 

1854 3st. 83 *i9o6 


Benjamin Nibbs Aymar* 

aet. 25 *i848 

Samuel Peters Bell,* A.M. 

1846 aet. 69 *i892 

Thomas C. T. Buckley,* A.M. 

1846 *i873 

William Edgar Bunker* 

aet. 52 *i874 

John White Dana,* M.D. 1846 


William Cecil Duncan* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1846, D.D. 1857 aet. 40 *i864 

Benjamin H. Franklin 
Albert Gallatin, Jr.,* A.M. 

1846 aet. 35 *i8s9 

James Watson Gerard, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1846, LL.D. 1890, N. Y. Sen- 
ate 1876-7 aet. 78 *i90o 

William Beach Lawrence, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1846 *i870 

Edward Zechariah Lewis* 

(Rev.), A.I\L 1S46, LL.B. Yale 184s 


William McCune* 
Henry Post McGown,* 

Justice Qth Dist. Ct. N. Y. C. 1876- 
88, Justice City Ct. N. Y. C. 1888- 
1895 *i903 

Matson Meier-Smith* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1857, D.D. 1863, A.M. Will- 
wms Coll. 1857 aet. 61 *i887 

Robert K. Moffet* 

William R. Morgan* 

John Christian Philip,* M.D. 

1847 *i878 

George Pavn Ouackenbos,* 

A.M. 1S46, LL.DT Wesleyan 1868 

aet. 55 *i88i 

Charles Reynolds* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1846, S.T.D. elsewhere ' *i885 

John Henry Ross, M.D. 1847 

661 U\ 1/9 
John B. Stephens* 


John Thomson,* A.M. 1846, 

M.D. 1847 aet. 31 *i856 

Cornelius Van Vorst, Jr.* 

aet. 86 *i9o6 





Clement W. Al Burtis*' 
John Babcock Arden,* A.M. 

1847, M.D. 1848 

Robert Bayard Campbell* 


Jacob Post Giraud Foster,* 

A.M. 1847 aet. 50 *i886 

Samuel Hollingsworth* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1847, D.D. 1868 *i884 

Nicholas Bergasse Labau,* 

N. Y. Sen. 1867-9, N. Y. Assemb. 
1869-71 aet. S3 *i874 

Charles William Lawrence* 

act. 68 *i89S 

Edward McGee (Rev.) 
William Bowne Minturn,* M.D. 

1848 aet. 48 *i87S 

William Taylor Moore* 

aet. 70 *i896 

Peter Martin Pirnie,* A.M. 1850 


Edward Henry Swan,* A.M. 

1847, LL.B. Harvard 1847 aet. 76 *i903 

Otto William Erasmus Van 

Tuyl,* M.D. 1847 
Charles Whipple Whiley,* M.D. 

1848 *i874 


John Knickerbocker Adams* 
James Anderson* 

aet. 69 *i89S 

Francis S. Cottenet* 


John Drake,* A.M. 185 1 


George Barnard Draper* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1848, D.D. 1868 aet. 50 *i876 

George Thomson Elliot, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1849, M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1861 

aet. 44 *i87i 

John Jay Elmendorf* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1848, D.D. 1866 aet. 69 *i896 

William Alexander Falls* 


George Irving* 

aet. 84 *i9o8 

George A. Jones* 

Samuel Thomas Jones,* 

Just. Sup. Ct. N. Y'. •1892 

John Wheeler Leavitt* 


Alexander McCue,* 

Assoc. Judge City Court Bklyn. 1870- 
83, Chief Judge 1883-4, Solicitor 
Treasury U. S., U. S. Asst. Treas. 
N. Y. C. 1888-9 aet. 62 *i889 

Charles Armand Minton* 

aet. 61 *i886 

Samuel B. Romaine Nichols* 
David B. Ogden, Jr.* 


Henry Onderdonk,* A.M. 1848, 

Pres. Md. Agric. Coll. 1861-4 

Lefroy Ravenhill,* A.M. 1849, 

M.D. 1849 (see p. 72) aet. 26*1851 

Aaron B. Reid* 

aet. 54 *i88o 

(8)Stephen K. Stanton 

13-- W. 58 
John A. Taggard 


Frederick Samuel Tallmadge,* 

A.M. 1849 aet. 80 *i904 

Pierre Marston Van Wyck* 


Henry P. Wainwright* 



Richard Smith Garden Abbott,* 

A.M. 1849 *i854 

George Mortimer Belden,* A.M. 

1850 *i873 

Beverley Robinson Betts* 

(Rev.) A.M. 1849 (see p. 31) 

aet. 73 *i899 

Edward C. Bogert* 

Henry A. Bogert,* A.M. 1849 

act. 78 *i90S 

Arthur Bronson, Jr.* 

Elias Galley Brown,* A.M. 

1849 aet. 66 *i893 

William J. Frost* (Rev.). A.M. 

1849, S.T.D. Tennessee, LL.D. Dela- 
ware Coll. aet. 75 *i892 

0William Benjamin Harison 

p/5 Seventh Ave. 
Charles Burrall Hoffman* 

aet. 64 *i892 

William H. Hudson* 

John G. Hyer* 





William M. Johnston* 


John Grenville Kane,* A.M. 

1849 aet. SI *i877 

Edwin Merritt Kellogg,* 

AI.D. N. Y. Med. Coll. 1852 'igos 

John L. Lefferts 

Jeremiah Loder,* A.M. 1849, 

LL.B. Yale 1848 361.63*1890 

Charles Scott McKnight* 

aet. 68 *i89S 

William Augustus McVickar* 

(Rev.), A.M.'^iSso, D.D. 1870 (see 

p. 63) aet. 50 *i877 

Frederick Nash,* A.M. 1849, 

M.D. 1850 aet. 34 *iS6i 

William Whittingham Olssen 

(Rev.), (RET), a'm. 1850, D.D. 
1876, Prof. Enier. St. Stephen's Col. 

Bloomndd. N. T. 
Edward Mills Pecke*t (Rev.). 

A.M. 1840, and Trinity Coll. 1852 

George W. Pell,* A.M. 1852 "^^' 
James Thomson,* A.M. 

1849 aet. 65 •1893 

Alexander Griswold Tyng* 


Cornelius Duffie Blake,* 

A.M. iSso 

John Habersham Bolton* 
Henry Pearsall Campbell,* 

A.M. 1850 *i886 

John Winthrop Chanler,* 

A.M. 1873, N. Y. Assemb. 1858-9, 
Repr. in Cong. 1863-9 aet. 51 *i877 

0William Samuel Coffey (Rev.), 

A.M. 1850 

19 S. 9 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Wilhelmus Bogart Conger 
Carroll Dunham,* M.D. 1850, 

Dean N. Y. Homeopath. Med. Coll. 

aet. 49 *i877 

John Whetten Ehninger* 

aet. 62 *i889 

Robert Holden* (Rev.), A.M. 

1847 aet. 74 *i90i 

Arthur M. Jones* 


John Stearns Lane,* A.M. 1850 
Isaac Lawrence, A.M. 1850, 

LL.B. Harvard 1849 

15 E. go 

tFormerly Peck 

William Simmons Ludlum,* 

A.M. 1850, M.D. 1862 aet. 60 *i890 

John James McLaren* 


Clarence Green Mitchell,* 

A.M. 1850 aet. 66 *i893 

Timothy Gupree Mitchell,* 

A.M. 1850 aet. 28 *i857 

John Moneypenny,* M.D. 1850 


John Wells Moore* (Rev.), 

A.M. i860 *i88s 

Archibald M. Morrison*t 


John Neilson* 
Benjamin Augustus Onder- 

Frederic W. Rhinelander* 

Joseph Kanick Riggs* 

aet. 54 *i883 

James Francis Ruggles* 

aet. 66 *i895 

Israel Leander Townsend* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1850 and Trinity Coll. 
1862, S.T.D. St. Stephen's Coll. 
1877, Chaplain House Repr. U. S. 
44th Congr. aet. 82 *i9o8 

Robert Travis, Jr.* (Rev.), A.M. 

1850 *i866 

Francis Van Rensselaer* 
Tompkins Westervelt,* 

LL.B. Yale 1850, County Judge and 
Surrogate Richmond Co. N. Y. 1876- 
82 aet. 53 *i882 


Theodorus Bailey Bronson,* 

A.M. 1851 aet. 50 *i88i 

Horace W. Carpentier 

(see p. 23) 

Gakvay, N. Y. 
Ralph L. Cook* 

aet. 63 *i892 

Lyman Denison Demaray* 
Richard Mead De Mille,* A.M. 

1851 aet. 77 *i905 

Morgan Dix(Rev.),*A.M. 185 1, 

S.T.D. (Hon.) 1863, D.C.L. Univ. 
of the South, 1885, D.D. Princeton 
1896, O.xford 1900, and Harvard 
1902, Trustee Hobart Coll. i86i-iqo8 
(see p. 22) aet. 8i *i9o8 

tFormerly Archibald M. Stone 




George Clinton Farrar, A.M. 

1851, Pres. Fall Creek Coal and 
Iron Co. 

579 Chauncey, Bklyn. 
Joseph Wesley Harper, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1851 (see p. 22) aet. 66 *i896 

Pierre Leslie Irving* 

aet. 63 *i89i 

Henry Whitlock Johnson* 


Levi Merriam Kellogg* 

aet. 74 1904 

aet. 63 *i893 


Cornelius Low King* 

George Morford Klots 

Edward Leavenworth* 
Theodore Frelinghuysen Lewis,* 

A.M. 1851 *i903 

John Lockwood [Jr.]* 


Lewis Morris, Jr.* 


Peter Wilson Ostrander, A.M. 


12 Woodruff Ave., Bklyn. 
William Cruger Pell* 
Columbus B. Rogers* 

aet. 65 *i894 

Thomas P. St. John* 
Otis Dwight Swan,* LL.B. 

Harvard 1850 *i894 

Isaac Van Winkle,* A.M. 

Benjamin Clark Wetmore (l) 

Joseph Moss White* 


Cornelius Rea Agnew,* M.D. 

1852, A.M. 1880 (see pp. 22, 28) 

aet. 58 *i8S8 

William Edmond Armitage* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1852, D.D. 1866 

aet. 43 *i873 

William Astor* 

aet. 61 '1892 

Edward Courtlandt Babcock* 

(Rev.) *i857 

Norman Adams Beach* 

Charles Hinckley Brown* 

Churchill John Cambreleng* 

Baldwin Dix* 


George Lloyd Freeman,* 

M.D. Cleveland Horn. Hosp. Coll. 

1852 aet. 75 "1904 

Henry DeCosta Hanners* 


William Abel Hardenbrook* 
John Vernon Henry,* A.M. 

1852 aet. 44 *i874 

®William Henry Herriman 
Care J. S. Morgan and Co., Lon- 
don, Eng. 

Lewis Ashurst Kemper* (Rev.), 

B.D. Nashota Theol. Sem. 1852, 
S.T.D. 1868 aet. 57 "iSSe 

William Morrow Knox,* M.D. 

1854, A.M. 1855 *i862 

Joseph Larocque,* LL.D. 

1904, Pres. of the Assoc, of the Bar 
of the City of N. Y. 1895-6 

aet. yy *i9o8 

David Porter Lord* 


Charles A. Magnes, Ir.,* A.M. 

1853 " '1892 

Ebenezer Bowman Miner,*M.D. 

Penn. 1852 , *i869 

Daniel Morrelle* (Rev.), 

A.M. 185s *i899 

Aaron Ogden,* A.M. 1852 

aet. 68 *i896 

Henry Parish (b) 

Pres. N. Y. Life Ins. and Trust Co. 
52 Wall 

John Prince Pemberton,* M.D. 

1864 aet. 64 *i895 

George C. Pollen* 

aet. 39 •1867 

Charles E. Rhinelander 
115 E. 3S 

Saumarez Dobree Routh* 

John Frederick Schroeder, Jr.* 

(Rev.) aet. 68*1896 

Ezra Kellogg Sherwood* 
®Tohn Shrady [Jr.], A.M. 1858, 

M.D. 1861 

140 W. 126 
John Drake Skidmore,* A.M. 

1852 aet. 74 *i903 

Prosper Montgomery Wetmore* 

John Jay White* 

aet. 74 "1902 




aet. 77 1907 


John Martin Gabriel Aims,* 

M.D. Yale 1858 * 

Matthew Marsh Bkmt,* 

A.M. 1853, Brig. Gen. U. S. A. ret 

George Gordon Byron"^ 
Malcohn Campbell* 


Galen Augustus Carter,* 

Senator 12th Sen. Dist. Conn. 1874 

James Starr Clark (Rev.) (ret), 

A.M. 1S53, D.D. 1872 
Salisbury, Conn. 

John Ferris Delaplaine Cornell* 

(Rev.) *i894 

Frederic Rene Coudert,* 

LL.D. 1S87, Seton Hall (N. J.), 1880 
and Fordliam 1887, Commr. Pub. 
Sch. N. Y. C. 1883-4, Counsel Beh- 
ring Sea Commission 1893-5, Mem- 
ber Venezuelan Boundary Com. 
1896-8 (see p. 22) aet. 71 *i903 

Archibald Falconer Cushman,* 

LL.B. Harvard 1852 aet. 71 *i90i 

Edwin Wakeman Edwards* 

aet. 54 *i886 

Thomas Ludlow Harison* 

aet. 68 *i899 

John Sebastian Bach Hodges 

(Rev.), A.M. 1853, S.T.D. Racine 
1867, Rector emer. St. Paul's Ch., 
Bait. 1906- 

Relay, Md. 
Walter R. T. Jones* 

aet. 76 *igo6 

Adolphe Le Moyne, Jr.* 

aet. 44 *i874 

Frederick L. Purroy* 
Erskine M. Rodman* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1853 aet. 78 *i9o8 

Joseph Sands* 

aet. 50 *i889 

George Franklin Seymour* 

(Rev.), A.M. i8s3, LL.D. 1878, 
Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1854, S.T.D. 
Racine 1867, D.C.D. Univ. South 
1905, Dean Theol. Sem. N. Y. 1875- 
79 aet. 77 *i9o6 

Charles Augustus Silliman,* 

A.M. 1853, LL.B. i860 (see p. 22) 

aet. 76 *i9o6 

John Esten Cooke Smedes* 

(Rev.), A.M. 18=;^, B.D. Genl. 
Theol. Sem. 1854, 'S.T.D. Univ. of 
N. C. 1883 *I90S 

William Hazard Terry"^ 
Edward Forbes Travis* 
Evan Thomas Walker* 

aet. 76 *i9os 




John Hone Anthon,* A.M. 

1854, N. Y. Assemb. 1856 aet. 42 *i874 

Henry Moore Bedford,* M.D. 

elsewhere "1880 

Stewart Henry Brown* 

aet. 73 '1905 

Charles Arms Cook,* A.M. 

William T. Cornell* 

James De Koven* (Rev.), A.M. 

1854, S.T.D. Hobart Coll. 1863, 
Pres. Racine 1860-79 aet. 49 *i879 

John De Ruyter,* A.M. 1854 

aet. 65 *i897 

®Leigh Richmond Dickinson 

(Rev.), A.M. 1854 

West Park, N. Y. 
William Henry Draper,* 

A.M. 1854, M.D. 1855 (see pp. 22, 42) 

aet. 71 *i9oi 

Edward Seton Hoffman,* A.M. 

1854, M.D. 185s aet. 47*1876 

Henry B. Johnson* 

Nicholas Frederick Ludlum* 

(Rev.), A.M. i8s4, B.D. Genl. Theol. 
Sem. 1854 aet. 70 *1903 

John Gray McNary,* A.M. 1854 

aet. 64 *i893 

George A. Seaman* 

William R. Smith* 

A. Henry Thurston,* A.M. 1854, 

M.D. elsewhere *i86s 

Charles Henry Ward,* A.M. 

1854 "1905 

William Greene Ward* 

aet. 69 "igoi 

Merritt Hubbell Wellman* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1854, B.D. Genl. Theol. 
Sem. 1854 *i903 

John Walter Wood,* A.M. 1854 

aet. 73 *i905 

David Augustus Wright,* 

LL.B. Yale "^1846 *i887 






John Bennem, Jr.* (Rev.) 


Charles Ludlow Bogert,* 

A.M. 1855 *i874 

James Living-ston Brown,* M.D. 

N. Y. Univ. 1856, A.M. 1868 

aet. 43 *i874 

Henry W. Clark,* A.M. 1855 


John Ward Francis, Jr.,* M.D. 

elsewhere aet. 23 *i8s5 

John Wesley Harper (ret), 

A.M. 1855 

University Club, N. Y. C. 

[George] Howard Hinton,* 

A.M. 1855 

John Augustine Hows,* 

A.M. 1855 aet. 43 *i874 

Ansel Nash Kellogg* 

aet. 55 *i886 

Lea Luquer (Rev.), A.M. 1855, 

S.T.D. 1908 

Bedford, N. Y. 
Archibald Bleecker McDonald, 
Jr.,* A.M. 1855 


Samuel Latham Mitchill, Jr.,* 

A.M. i8ss aet. 49 *i88i 

James Morris,* LL.B. 

Harvard 1854 *i907 

Charles De Gray Mount,* A.M. 

185s *i872 

Washington R. Nichols* 

aet. 51 *i882 

Charles O'Dowd* 

John H. Pell,* A.M. 1855 

aet. 71 *i902 

George C. Pennell*(Rev.), A.M. 

1855, S.T.D. St. Stephen's Coll. 1874 

Robert Ray, Jr.,* A.M. 1855, 

M.D. 1856 aet. 28'*i86o 

James Renwick Smedberg,* 

A.M. 1855 aet. 80 *i9i2 

Richard Fowler Stevens (ac) 
Seattle, Wash. 

Henry A. Tailer,* A.M. 1855 

aet. 45 *i87 

Eugene Thorn* 

OWilliam E. Thorne (l) 
Co hoes, N. Y. 

Eustace Trenor,* A.M. 1855, 

M.D. 1856 

John Trenor, Jr.,* A.M. 1855, 

M.D. 1856 *i867 

Richard H. Tucker* 



Cornelius Van Alen Anderson,* 

A.M. and M.D. 1856 *i862 

®William Irving Clark (ret), 

Vice-Pres. Roosevelt Hosp. N. Y. 
12/ E. 30 

George Washington Dean* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1861, S.T.D. Racine 

aet. 59 *i887 

Joseph Smith Dodge, Jr. (d), 

A.M. and M.D. 1856, D.D.S. Bait. 
Coll. Dentistry 1858, D.D.S. Tufts 
Coll. 1892 
55 W. 52 
Daniel Embury, Jr.,* A.M. 

aet. 34 *i869 

William Emerson, Jr.,* A.M., 

LL.B. Harvard 1856 *i864 

William George Farrington 

(Rev.) (RET), A.M. 1856, D.D. 
William and Mary Coll. 1872 

12 Nezv England Terrace, Orange, 
N. J. 

Isaac John Greenwood,* 

A.M. 1857 »i9ii 

Albert Ward Hale,* A.M. 

1862, E.M. 1867 *i899 

Abraham S. Jackson,* A.M. 


William Allen Johnson* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1857 

John A. Kernochan* 

aet. S3 *i886 

DeLancy W. Knevels,* A.M. 

1857 aet. 38 *i873 

Edward William Laight, Jr.* 

aet. 33 *i867 

Thomas McCarty,* A.M. 

William J. Osborne,* A.M. 

1856 aet. 61 *i897 

St. Clair Smith* 

Washington Irving Tibbitts* 


Archibald Somerville Van 
Duzer,* A.M. 1856 

aet. 36 "1870 





George Washington Bacon* 

(Kev.), A.M. 1857, LL.B. i862,M.D. 
iS6s aet. 41 *i874 

Cullen Lawson Carter* 

Henry Marty n Congdon (arch) 
18 Broadway 

Charles B. Cromwell* 

Francis A. DeWint,* A.M. 
i860 "isee 

(8)Elias Onion Drake, Jr., A.M. 
125 E. 15 

Leicester K. Ely* 

aet. 48 *i89i 

Carleton Moses Herrick,* 

A.M. 1857, LL.B. i860 aet. 65 'igoi 

Edward Kirkland* 

aet. 54 *i889 

George C. Kissam,* M.D. 1857 


John Vaughan Lewis* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1857, D.D. Union 1870 *i9ii 

Cutler C. McAllister,* A.M. 

1857 •1879 

Elias Joseph Marsh,* M.D. 

1858 aet. 74 "1908 

Henry C. Marvin,* A.M. 1857 


James Sheldon Merriam,* 

LL.B. elsewhere aet. 79 *i9o8 

Charles Edwards Morgan,*A.M. 

and M.D. 1857 aet. 34 *iS67 

Orlando H. Morris* 

aet. 29 *i864 

Henry Cruse Murphy, Jr.,* 

A.M. i860 "1904 

Peter J. Neefus* 

James Cortlandt Parker, Jr.,* 

A.M. i8s7 "1863 

Charles Stedman Pomeroy* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1857 aet. 63 "1894 

George V. Pomeroy, Jr.,* 

A.m'. 1857 •1867 

William J. Sayres,* A.M. 1862 

aet. 59 "1890 

Reginald Heber Smith.* 

A.M. 1857, LL.B. 1866 •1880 

Benjamin Strong (ret) 
250 W. 82 

Gardiner Thompson* 

aet. 57 *i893 

John Condit Trippe* 
Marvin Richardson Vincent 

(Rev.), A.M. 1857, D.D. Union 1865, 
Prof. Troy Univ., Prof. Union Theol. 
Sem. N. Y. (see p. 22) 

20 E. 92 
Stewart Lyndon Woodford,* 

A.M. 1866, Yale 1866, and Trinity 
Coll. 1869, LL.D. Trinity Coll. 1870, 
and Dickinson 1S89, D.C.L. Syra- 
cuse 1894, Lt.-Gov. N. Y. S. 1866-8, 
Pres. N. Y. Electoral Coll. 1872, 
Repr. in Congr. 1873-75, U. S. Min- 
ister to Spain 1897-8 *I913 

Jeremiah Lott Zabriskie ( Rev. ) ,* 

A.AL 1857 aet. 75 "1910 


Gunning S. Bedford, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1858, LL.B. Harvard, 1859, 
City Judge N. Y. City 1869-73 

aet. 56 "1894 

Edward Cammann,* A.M. 1858 

aet. 35 *i867 

Benjamin L. Curtis,* A.M. 1858 

aet. 68 "1900 

Charles M. Da Costa,* A.M. 

185S (see pp. 22, 39) aet. 54 *i89o 

William Dean, A.M. 1858, 

Trustee Amer. Inst, of City N. Y. 
188S-94, V.-Pres. 1891-2 

// St. Andrew's PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Lewis Livingston Delafield,* 

A.M. 1858 aet. 49 "iSSs 

Philip A. Embury,* A.M. 1858 
Edward O. Harmon* 
James Ray Hosmer, A.M. 

1858, Sec. of Legation, Consul-Gen. 
and chargi d'affaires C. A., Dep. 
Quartermaster Matanzas, Cuba, 1898 

48 Wall 
Walter Knight,* M.D. 


Charles E. Miller,* A.M. 1858 

aet. 70 •1906 

David Burgess Miller,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1858 aet. 48 •1884 

George Ingraham Murphy,* 

A.M. i860 aet. 64 "igox 

George Augustus Ostrander 

(PH'yS), A.M. and M.D. 1858 
61 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 

William Alfred Perry (ret), 

A.M. i8s8 

7 E. 56 




George Richard Schieffelin,* 

A.M. 1858 aet. 68 *i9io 

Oscar Smedberg,* A.M. 1858 

aet. 41 "1877 

Herbert Beach Turner,* A.M. 

1858, LL.B. Albany Law Sch. 1863 

aet. 68 "1903 

John G. Wendel 

Irz'iiigton, N. Y. 


William Warren Ayres (Rev.), 

(RET), A.M. 1859 

Rossland, British Columbia, Canada 

Edwin S. Babcock (ret), A.M. 
238 High Ave., Nyack, N. Y. 

Charles A. Bacon,* A.M. 1859, 

M.D. N. Y. Med. Coll. 1863 

aet. 55 •1892 

Albert H. Baldwin,* A.M. 1859 

aet. 58 *i894 

Eastburn Benjamin* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1859 aet. 38 *iS7-'i 

Marshall Spring Bidwell, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1859 aet. 42 *i877 

William Pell Bogart 

Abbott Brown (Rev.), A.M. 
. 1863 

Murray Hill Hotel, N. Y. C. 

®Henry Julius Cammann (b), 

A.M. 1863 

45 Broadway 

Charles Nukerck Clark 

(B, RET), A.M. 1859 

San Diego, Cal. 
Edward Clute Clement,* A.M. 

i860 aet. 49 *i887 

Whittingham Cox,* A.M. i860 

Robert Livingston Cutting, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1859, LL.B. Harvard 1859 

aet. 56 '1894 

Maturin Livingston Delafield 

(RET), A.M. i8s9 

Fieldston, Riverdale, N. Y. C. 

Walter Gregory* 

Francis Hendricks,* A.M. 1861 

aet. 76 *i9i2 

William R. Hyslop,* A.M. 1859 

aet. 31 *iS68 

Ambrose C. Kingsland, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1861 •1890 

George Lovett Kingsland,* 

A.M. i86i act. 65 "1893 

Leonard William Kip, Jr.* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1859, S.T.D. Rutgeri 
Coll. 1880 aet. 63 *i90i 

0Peter L Labagh, A.M. 1859 

Fairfield, La. 
Thomas Townsend Lawrence,* 

LL.B. Harvard 1862 aet. 55 •1891 

David Bradley Lee* 

aet. 70 "1903 

Hermon F. Lee* 

Alexis Emerson Mcllvaine 

Joseph Meeks (l), A.M. 1859, 

LL.B. Harvard 1859, Memb. N. J. 
Assembly, 1879-80 

Robert Bowne Minturn, Jr.* 

aet.' 54 "1889 

Richard C. Moore 

Mandeville Mower,* A.M. 1859 


James G. Osborne,* A.M. 1859 
Wendell Prime* (Rev.), 

D.D. Union 1880 aet. 70 '1907 

William Jones Seabury (Rev.), 

A.M. 1859, D.D. Hobart Coll. 1874, 
and Genl. Theol. Sem. 1875, Prof. 
Genl. Theol. Sem. 

S Chelsea Sq. 
William F. Shepard (l) 
©Alexander Macomb Stanton 

(BR), A.M. i8s9 

6go Congress, Detroit, Mich. 

Russel Stebbins, Jr.* 

aet. 60 '1894 

Thomas Suffern, Jr.* 

Charles Crooke Suydam,* 

A.M. 1859 aet. 75*1911 

David Gardiner Thompson, Jr.,* 

A.M. i860 *i89S 

John W. Timpson,* A.M. 1859 

William Gracie Ulshoeffer* 

William T. Van Riper,* A.M. 


John Francis Walton,* A.M. 
James Weeks (br), A.M. 1859 

55 IVall 
Elbert Marinus Willett,* 

A.M. 1859 •187$ 

Howell L. Williams, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1859 






William S. Boardman* 

(Rev.), A.M. i860, B.D. Genl. Theol. 
Sem. 1862 

Morgan L. S. Brovver,* A.M. 
i860 •1864 

Richard S. Dana,* A.M. i860 

aet. 67 *i904 

Henry Eugene Davies,* A.M. 

i860 aet. s8 *i894 

Samuel Ward Francis,* A.M. 

i860, M.D. N. Y. Univ. i86o 

aet. 50 "iSSe 

Elbridge Thomas Gerry (l, co), 

A.M. i860, LL.D. Nashotah igio, 
Mcmb. N. Y. S. Constit. Conv. 1867, 
Trustee Genl. Theol. Sem. 1877-. 
Ch. N. Y. State Com. on Cap. Pun- 
ishment 1886-7, Pres. N. Y. Soc. 
Preven. Cruelty to Children 1876- 
1901, Trustee Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. 
1895-1902, V.-Pres. Amer. Soc. Pre- 
ven. Cruelty to Animals and of 
Amer. Plumane Soc. 1899 

Newport, R. L 
George Griswold Haven,* 

A.M. i860 'igoS 

James Burton Herrick (Rev.)* 

A.M. i860, B.D. Theol. Sem. Va. 

iSfio aet. 75 *I9I2 

Philip Woodruff Holmes,* A.M. 

i860 aet. 70 '1906 

Oliver Phelps Jackson,* A.M. 

Pierre McCarty,* A.M. 

William Hammet Martin,* 

A.M. i860, M.D. 1861 "1904 

Erskine Mason,* A.M. and M.D. 

i860 (see p. 64) aet. 45 *i882 

W. Carey Massett,* A.M. i860 

aet. 23 *i862 

Mytton Maury (Rev.). A.M. 

i860, p.D. N. Y. Univ. 1876 

Hastxngs-on-Hndson, N. Y. 
Henry B. Nott* 


Richard T. Packwood,* A.M. 

i860, M.D. Louisiana i860 *i903 

Theodore Parkman,* A.M., 

Ph.D. Gottingen 1S60 aet. 27 *i862 

Goold Hoyt Redmond* 

act. 69 "1906 

Charles E. Sears,* A.M. i860 
James H. Slipper, A.M. i860 
William Renwick Smedberg,* 

A.M. i860 "1911 

Edgar Pinckney Smith, A.M. 


James T. Tailer,* A.M. i860 


William Richmond Talbot,* 

A.M. i860 aet. 76 *i9i2 

Daniel Sylvester Tuttle (Rev.), 

A.M. i860, S.T.D. 1867, D.D. Univ. 
of South, LL.D. Washington Univ. 
and Cambridge (Eng. ), Presiding 
Bishop P. E. Ch. 1903- 

^4 Vandeventer PI., St. Louis, Mo. 
William B. Winslow,* A.M. 

aet. 89 *i9io 



Wyllys Pomeroy Baxter,* 

A.M. 1861 aet. 33 •187a 

Henrv Woodward Cooper,* 

A.M.' 1861, LL.B. i860 •1873 

Stephen B. M. Cornell,* A.M. 

1861 aet. 50 •1886 

Lewis A. Curtis,* A.M. 1862 

Daniel Sickles Duvall,* LL.B. 


Jacob Augustus Geissenhainer 

(L), A.M. 1861, LL.B. N'. Y. Univ. 
i860, Ph.D. Univ. Berlin 1861, 
Memb. of Congress, 1888-95 
231 IV. 14 

Harmon Hendricks,* A.M. i86i 

aet. 73 •1912 

Henry Lawrence Jones (Rev.), 

A.M. 1861, S.T.D. 1892 

181 S. Franklin, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Henry Clay Kinney (Rev.) 

(RET), A.M. 1861 

711 IV. 47, Chicago, III. 

Nicholas Luquer [Jr.] 

1443 Rhode Island Ave., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Philip Mesier Lydig, Jr.,* 

LL.B. 1861 aet. 31 *i868 

D. Ledyard Mallison* 

aet. 20 "1858 

James R. Alanley,* A.M. 1861 , 
William James Marrin.* A.M. 

1864, LL.B. Albany Law Sch. i860 

Charles Henrv Marshall (ret), 

A.M. 1861 

6 E.77^ 

Benjamin Pell* 





A. G. Richards* 


®Robert K. Richards 

Metropolitan Club, N. Y. C. 

Henry Chauncey Riley* (Rev.) 

James Woodruff Romeyn,* 

A.M. 1861 aet. 52 'iSgi 

Thomas F. Thatcher* 

Gilbert T. Totten,* A.M. and 

M.D. 1861 aet. 33 •1873 

Hubert Gerrit H.VanWagenen* 

aet. 55 *i893 

Francis C. Wainwright* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1861 '1874 

John Ward, Jr.,* LL.B. 

i860, A.M. 1864, M.D. N. Y. Univ. 
1864 aet. 58 •1896 


Edward Henry Anderson,* 

A.M. 1862 aet. 39 '1879 

Richard Smith Bacon,* 

A.M. and LL.B. 1862, M.D. 1865 

aet. 58 '1897 

Thomas J. Benjamin, *A.M. 1862 

John Crosby Brown,* A.M. 

1862 (see p. 22) aet. 71 *i909 

Edward Franklin Browning 

(RET), A.M. 1862, Ex-Pres. E. & 
W. R. R. of Ala., Trustee Amer. 
Sugar Co. 

18 W. 75 
Elisha S. Caldwell,* AM. 1862 
Francis Pharcellus Church,* 

A.M. 1862 aet. 67 "1906 

Gouverneur Cruger (Rev.), 

A.M. 1862, Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 

Moiitrose-oii-Hudson, N. Y. 
William Floyd Cushman,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1862 aet. 65 *i904 

John Duer,* A.M. and LL.B. 

1861 aet. 62 *i90i 

Cortlandt de Peyster Field (m, 

CO), A.M. 1862 

P. O. Box 294, Peekskill, N. Y. 

John Frederic Gesner,* A.M. 

®Irving Grinnell, A.M. 1862 
New Hamburg, N. Y. 

E, Treadwell Hustace* 


Charles Augustus Jackson, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1862 aet. 64 "1906 

William Jay (l), A.M. 

1863, LL.B. 1867 
48 Wall 

James Pierre Lacombe,* A.M. 

1862 aet. 44*1884 

William Lummis (ret), A.M. 


45 IV all 

Emory McClintock (act), A.M. 

1862, LL.D. 1885, Ph.D. Wisconsin 
1884, and Yale 1899, V.-Pres. Mut. 
Life Ins. Co. N. Y. (see p. 52) 

32 Nassau 
George William Maynard (eng), 

A.M. 1864, Prof. Renss. Polytech. 
Instit. 1868-73 

20 Nassau 
James Frederic Moore,* A.M. 

1862, M.D. elsewhere aet. 54 •1893 

Stephen Whitney Phoenix, *A.M. 

1862, LL.B. 1863 aet. 42»i88i 

William Lewis Raymond (l), 

A.M. 1862, U. S. Consul Leeds, Eng. 

77 Broadzvay , 
Stephen Richard Reynolds,* 

A.M. 1862 aet. 26 *i864 

William Tufnell Sabine (Rev.), 

A.M. 1862, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 1890 

960 Madison Ave. 
Oscar Egerton Schmidt,* A.M. 

1862, Pres. N. Y. Orthopedic Disp. 
and Hosp. aet. 72*1911 

Joseph Augustus Slipper,* 

A.M. 1862 aet. 42 *i882 

Gabriel Mead Tooker,* A.M. 

1862, LL.B. 1861 *i9os 

Thomas F. Trenor (ret), A.M. 

1862, Lib. and Treas. Geograph. 
Soc. of the Pacific 1891-05 

1501 Scott, San Francisco, Cal. 
Robert Boyd Van Kleeck, Jr.* 

(Rev.), A.M. and LL.B. 1862 

aet. S3 '1893 

®William David Walker (Rev.), 

A.M. 1863, S.T.D. 1884, and Racine 
Coll. 1883, D.D. Oxford 1804, LL.D. 
Trinity (Dublin), Griswold, D.C.L. 
King's College (Nova Scotia) 1894 

367 Ebnwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Edward N. Whitehouse,* A.M. 

1863 *i904 

Henry Bruen Whitehouse,* 

A.M. 1863, LL.B. elsewhere aet. 51 "1889 




[1860-6 1 


Robert P. Barry* 

act. 74 *igiz 

Richard G. Benjamin,* A.M. 

.863 , ^^^4 

Clarence Stewart Brown,* 

A.M. 1863 ^^a\^t*'^^^ 

T Lorillard Cammann,^ A.M. 

J ,863 aet. .8*1868 

® Howard Clarkson (b) 

44 Wall 
®Walter Livingston Clarkson 

(L), A.M. and LLP.. 1863 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
Edgar Montgomery Cullen (l), 

CU. 1863, LLlD. 1892, Union 1 90s, 
Chief Judge Court of Appeals N. \. 

Capitol, Albany, N. Y. 
Charles De Ruyter,* LL.B. 1862, 

A.M. 1S63 aet. so *i890 

Eugene Du Bois* 

° aet. 51 *i89i 

John Haven Emerson (phys), 

A.M. 1863, M.D. 1865 
131 E. 66 
George Richmond Fearing 

Col. Newport Artillery (RET.) 

Nezvport, R. L 
Robert Goelet, Jr.,* A.M. 

1863, LL.B. 1862 aet. s8 'iSgg 

Joseph Greenleaf, Jr.* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1863 *iS98 

Edward L. Greenwood (l) 
0Laban Gardner Hopkins (l), 

LL.B. 1862, A.M. 1863, LL.M. 1864^ 
S04 Dclaivarc, Leavenworth, kaus. 
Edmund Abdy Hurry,* A.M. 

1863, LL.B. 1862, U.S.N. 

■^' aet. 73 1912 

Tohn William Jenks* 

-' "^ •1861 

Woolsey Johnson, M.D. 1863 

(see p. 56) 

Edward Renshaw Jones* 

aet. 43 *i884 

Herbert Kettell,* A.M. 1863 


Augustus F. King* 

aet. 23 'iSea 

ODavid Lydig, A.M. 1863 

Lenox, Mass. 
Samuel Kuvpers Lyon,* 

A.M. 1863, M.D. 1866 aet. 63 "ipoi 

Thomas Henry Messenger (m), 

A.M. 1863, Dir. Home Life Ins. Co. 
135 Front 

George Mason Miller,* A.M. 

1S63, LL.B. 1S62 (see p. 6s) 

aet. 67 *i9o8 

Augustus Newbold Morris,* 

A^M. 1863, LL.B. 1864 aet. 69 *i9o6 

Richard Lewis Morris, Jr.,*A.M. 
1863 •1883 

Robert Dillon Nesmith,* A.M. 

1863, M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1862 

aet. 40 *i88o 

Thomas Ludlow Ogden,* 

LL.B. 1862, A.M. 1863 aet. S4 "1894 

Robert Troup Pell,* A.M. 

and LL.B. 1863 aet. 27*1868 

Eugene Hall Pomeroy,* A.M. 

1863, LL.B. 1862 aet. 66*1907 

Edward Pelham Robins 
James S. Satterthwaite,* A.M. 

1863 aet. 45 *i884 

John W. Southack, Jr.,* A.M. 

1863, M.D. Bell. Med. Coll. N. Y. 
1865 aet. 30 *i869 

Abraham Suydam,* A.M. 1863 

Frederick A. Tracy* 

aet. 23 *i863 

John Howard Van Amringe 

(RET), A.M. 1863, L.H.D. i8go, 
LL.D. 1910, Ph.D. Univ. State 
N. Y. 1877, LL.D. Union 1895 (see 
pp. 2:;, 83) 
48 IV. 59 

George Waddington (l), 

LL.B. 1862 
37 IVall 
William FitzHugh Whitehouse,* 

A.M. 1863, LL.B. Chicago 1863 '1909 

Pierre Washington Westcott 
Wildev,* A.M. 1863 

and LL.B. 1863, A.M_. Yale 1865 

Egerton Leigh Winthrop, 

A.M. 1863 

23 Union Sq. 

James Benkard, Jr.,* A.M. 1864 

aet. 62 *i902 

William Augustus Boyd (l), 

A.M. 1864 

24 E. 78 

George Herbert Carey,* A.M. 

1864, LL.B. 1863 aet. 37 •1878 

William Halsted Caswell,* 

A.M. 1864, M.D. 1888 (see p. 3S) 

aet. 66 '1908 

Henry Dudley,* A.M. 1864 

aet. 63 *I900 




John Gihon, Jr. (m), A.M. 1864 
12/ Maple Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Langdon Greenwood,* A.M. 

1864 aet. 60 *i900 

Charles CooHdge Haight(ARCH), 

A.M. 1864, and (Hon.) Yale 1906 

Garrison-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Edward Haight (br), A.M. 

43 E- 80 
William Richards Hillyer (c), 

A.M. 1864, LL.R. Natl. Univ. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 1879, LL.M. 1880 
1419 Columbia Rd., IVashin^ton, 
D. C. 
Elisha Horton, Jr.* A.M. 1864 

aet. 46 *i887 

Reuben Wing Howes, Jr. (Rev.), 

A.M. 1864, S.t.D. Racine Coll. 1890 

Care Fanners' Loan and Trust Co., 
22 William 
®Walter Bowne Lawrence (br), 

A.M. 1864 
Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Albert McNulty (br), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1864 

420 W. 130 
Edward Mitchell,* A.M. 

1864, LL.B. 186s, Memb. N. Y. 
Assembly 1880, U. S. Atty. South- 
ern Dist. of N. Y. 1889-94 (see p. 
22) aet. 67 *i909 

Gratz Nathan (l), A.M. 1864, 

Asst. Corp. Counsel N. Y. C. 1866- 

6j W. 71 
Frank Alleyne Otis,* A.M. 

and LL.B. 1864, "Knight Comman- 
der" Order of "St. Gregory the 
Great" by Pope Leo XIII 1897 

aet. 62 "1903 

Richard Cornelius Rav* 

William Alexander Rice,* 

A.M. 1864 aet. 24 "1866 

Erastus Barnes Rudd,* LL.B. 

1863, A.M. 1864 aet. 30*1872 

William Henry Russell, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1864 

Thomas Taunton Sabine,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1864 (see p. 75) *i888 

Henry Augustus Schermerhorn,* 

A.M. 1864, LL.B. 1867 

aet. 29 *i869 

Thomas Henry Sill (Rev.), *A.M. 

1864 aet. 72 *i9io 

George Lansing Taylor* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1864, L.H.D. 1887, S.T.D. 
Syracuse 1876 aet. 68 "1903 

Henry A. Coit Taylor (m), 

A.M. 1864 

3 E. 71 
John Askew Tucker,* A.M. 

1864 aet. 56 "1896 

Stephen Hague Turnbull,* 
A.M. 1S64 "isse 

Joseph Mason Turner* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1864 aet. 47 •1887 

William MansfieldVanWagenen* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1864 aet. 24 *i866 

Luis Puertas Walton,* 

A.M. 1864, M.D. 1870 aet. 43^1903 

Isaac Johnson Ward (l), A.M. 


Samuel Baldwin Ward (phys), 

A.M. 1864, Ph.D. Union 1882, M.D. 
Georgetown 1864, Prof. Alb. Med. 
Coll., Ex-Pres. N. Y. State Med. 
Soc, Sec. and Treas. of Trustees 
N. Y. State Nor. Coll. (see p. 85) 
2S1 State, Albany, N. Y. 

®Edward Walter West (l), A.M. 

1864, LL.B. N. Y. Univ. i86i 

576 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 
Frederic Cope Whitehouse,* 

A.M. 1864 aet. 69 •1911 

Albert Beach Whitnev,* 

A.M. 1864, M.D. Penn. Med. Univ. 
1863, and U. S. Med. Coll. 1883 

aet. 72 "1909 



Edward Robert Atwill* (Rev.), 

A.M., S.T.D. Vermont 1883 "igii 

Francis Babcock,* A.M. 

aet. 24 •1866 

Robert Erskine Bartow,* A.M. 

William Harbert Benjamin,* 

A.M. "ipos 

Henry Carrington Bolton,* 

A.M. 1866, Ph.D. Gottingen 1866, 
Pres. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1893 (see 
p. 32) aet. 60 *i903 

John Thomas Burr (eng) 
42g Kent Ave., Bklyn. 

Robert Bage Canfield (l) 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Leslie Chase 
13 Rue du Chapitre, St. Servan, 
I lie et Vilaine, France 

John Lawrence Churchill,* A.M. 





Charles Ernest Congdon* 

aet. ai "iSea 

Nathaniel Ellsworth Cornwall 

(Rev.). A.M. i86s, and Trinity 1868 

Stratford, Conn. 
John Halsev Curtis,* A.M. 


(2>Walter Cutting (f), A.M. 1865 

PittsHcld, Mass. 
Henrv Annin Dows (Rev.), 

A.M.' (Hon.) 1869 

25 Ft. IVasliington Ave. 

James Gore King Duer* 

aet. 64 *i907 

Peter Forrester (co) 
Charles Dudley Fuller (m), 

A.M. 1863 
139 Greenwich 
George Wolfe Gillespie,* A.M. 

aet. 28 *i870 

Louis Haight,* A.M. 

aet. 51 *i8g4 

William Augustus Ogden 

Hegeman,* LL.B. 1864, 

LL.M. and A.M. 1865 aet. 46*1888 

Burrall Hoffman,* LL.B. 

1S64, LL.M. and A.M. 1865 *i903 

Lawrence Yvonnet Hopkins,* 


William Henry Jackson,* 

A.M. *igi2 

Qiarles Sigourney Knox(EDUc), 

A.M. 1865 

St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. 

William Elliott Laight* 

aet. 33 "1875 

William Gerard Lathrop, Jr.,* 

A.M., LL.B. Harvard 1864 (see p. 22) 

aet. 55 "1896 

George Anderson Lawrence,* 

A.M. 1865 *i909 

William Henry Martin* 

aet. 31 *i872 

Henry Howard Marvin* 


Cornelius Berrien Mitchell,* 

A.M. aet. 67 *i9io 

John Fulton Berrien Mitchell,* 

A.M. aet. 68 *i9io 

Charles Walton Ogden,* 

LL.B. 1864, A.M. 1865 aet. 51 "189s 

David Burr Olyphant* 

Edward Mesnard Pell* 


Richard Varick Pell,* A.M., 

M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. aet. 22, *i866 

Gerardus Post,* LL.B. 1864 

aet. 23 *i864 

Russell Harper Root,* LL.B. 

1S64 "iSga 

Charles Ames Spencer (educ), 


®Foster Thayer (phys), A.M. 

1866, M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 


Riverhead, N. Y. 

C[harles] Rockland Tyng (sec), 


31 Chambers 

John A. Vanderpoel,* A.M., 

LL.B. 1865 aet. 24*1866 

Francis Willis,* A.M. 

aet. 31 •1870 

William Henry Willis (l), 


75 Maple Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Leroy Milton Yale,* A.M. 1865, 

M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1866 

aet. 65 "1906 


James Herman Aldrich (ret), 

A.M. 1S66 
150 W. 59 
Fanning Cobham Tucker Beck, 


I4g Broadway 

William Cornell Binns, A.M. 

Daniel Frederick Boardman,* 

LL.B. 1866 *i877 

William Brevoort Bolmer* 

(Rev.), LL.B. 1865, A.M. 1868 

aet. S3 "1897 

Melville Brown (br) 

330 JV. 77 
Thomas Tileston Bryce,* A.M. 
Charles Frederick Clark,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1866 *i882 

Freeman Clarkson (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1865 

7975 Church Ave., Bklyn. 
William Peshine Douglass (l), 

Judge Dist. Ct. Jersey City 1888-91 

Clifford Faitoute Eagle (f), 

A.M. 1866 

Deer Trail, Colo. 

George Wilson Ferguson* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1866 aet. 65 "igos 




William Redwood Fisher 

(PHYS), A.M. 1866, M.D. 1867 
Swiftwater, Pa. 

Randall Cooke Hall (Rev.), 

A.M. 1866, S.T.D. Racine Coll. 1881 
and (Hon.) Genl. Theol. Sem. 1885, 
Prof. Emer. 

245 W. 48 
Richard Mentor Henrv (l), 

A.M. 1866 
62 William 

Stephen Ferris Holmes (Rev.), 

A.M. 1866 
Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Henry Augustus Hurlbut, Jr.* 


Peter Augustus Jay* (Rev.), 

A.M. aet. 35 *i875 

Emile Henry Lacombe (l), 

LL.B. 1865, LL.D. 1894, U. S. Cir- 
cuit Judge 1887- 

Federal Bldg., N. Y. C. 
William Scott Leggat* 

aet. S3 *i892 

Lewis Henry Lighthipe (Rev.), 

A.M. 1866 

126 S. Parkway, E. Orange, N. J. 

Le Grand Lockwood, Jr.,* 

aet. 44 *i887 

Thomas Morwood McLean, Jr.* 
® James Allan Macdonald (ins), 

A.M., B.S. Yale 1866, Ph.B.(Hon.) 

Yale 1892 

4g Wall 
Rockwood MacQuesten (Rev.), 

A.M. 1866, Ph.D. nT Y. Univ. 1893 
i/'6s Easfburn Ave. 

William Matthews Martin 

(L), A.M., LL.B. 186s 

44 W. 40 
Dan Marvin (Rev.), A.M. 1866 

118 Willet, Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
William Anderson Mitchell (co), 

M.D. Yale 1865, Vice-Fres. Safe 
Deposit Co. of N. Y. 
I4g Broadway 

Stuyvesant Fish Morris (ret), 

A.M. 1866, M.D. 1867 

16 E. 30 
James Murray* (Rev.), A.M. 


Hiram Hunt Nazro,* A.M. 

1866 aet. 57 *i90i 

Thomas Bellamy Newby* 

(Rev.), A.M. aet. 4s *i887 

George Henry Owen (l), A.M. 
James Brinckerhofif Pell* 

aet. 28 *i870 

George Decatur Pond (c) 

Leonia, N. T. 
Robert Emmet Robinson,* 

LL.B. 1865 aet. 60 "1903 

Philip Justice Sands* 

aet. S7 "1900 

Henry Yates Satterlee* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1866, LL.D. 1897, D.D. Union 
1882 and Princeton 1896 aet. 65 *i9o8 

Walter Satterlee* 

aet. 65 "1908 

William Barnewell Schermer- 


Rutherfurd Stuyvesant* 

aet. 69 *i909 

Charles William Terrett,* A.M. 

' *i873 

Stephen Howard Thayer (l), 

LL.B. 1865, A.M. 1866 

12 Windsor Terrace, Yofikers, N. Y, 

Robert Schuyler Tucker, A.M. 

Frank Roe Van Buren,* A.M. 

®Frederick Brinsmade Van 

Kleeck (Rev.), A.M. 1866, 

D.D. St. Stephen's Coll. 1885 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Egbert Ward* 

aet. 52 *i894 

Sylvester L'Hommedieu Ward,* 

LL.B. Union 1864 aet. 63 *i9io 

Ellsworth Westervelt* 

Willard Parker Worster (phys), 

A.M. 1866, M.D. 1867 

621 W. 179 



John Magnus Adams,* 

A.M., E.M. 1867 aet. 47 •1892 

David Wylie Alexander,* 

LL.B. 1866, A.M. 1867 aet. 30*1872 

William Gardiner Appleton, 

A.M. 1882 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Reginald Heber Bartow* 

aet. 46 *i886 

Gerard Beekman (l), A.M., 

LL.B. 1867 (see pp. 22, 24) 
7 E. 42 




John Neilson Beekman,* 

A.M. 1867, M.D. 1868 aet. 68 '1912 

Waltson Hill Brown (b), A.M. 

45 Wall 
Thomas Baird Browning (l), 

LL.B. 1866, A.M. 1867 

// E. 87 
Charles Stedman Bull,* 

A.M. 1867, M.D. 1868 aet. 66*1911 

John Frederick Butterworth 

(Rev.), A.M. 1867, D.D. Rutgers 
Coll. 1909 
3S E. 35 
William Henry Butterworth (l), 

LL.B. 1866, A.M. 1867 
3S E. 35 
Jonathan Ackerman Coles 

(PHYS), A.M. 1867, M.D. 1868, 
LL.D. Hope College 1903 
17 W. 39 
Henry Bedinger Cornwall 

(EDUC), A.M. 1866, E.M. 1867, 
Ph.D. 1888, A.M. (Hon.) Princeton 
1896, Prof. Emer. Princeton (see 
p. 38) 

Princeton, N. J. 
Edmund Dewees Davidson (rr 

CO), A.M. 
Huntington, N. Y. 

Theodore Frelinghuysen Cor- 
nell Demarest (l), LL.B. 

1868, A.M. elsewhere (see p. 41) 
30 Church ■ 

Matthew Brinckerhoff Du Bois 

(PHYS), A.M. and M.D. 1868 

7 W. 56 
Duane Shuler Everson (ret), 

A.M. 1867 (see p. 44) 

131 W. 71 
Henry Floy,* LL.B. 1866 

aet. 23 •1866 

William Newton Goddard,* 

A.M. aet. 28*1873 

Thomas Hays Harmer (eng), 

A.M., E.M. 1867 

517 W. 113 
Hiram Lvman Huston,* 

A.M. ' aet. 58 '1903 

Frederic Wendell Jackson,* 

A.M. aet. 63 *i9o8 

Charles Henry Kaufman* 
Jonas Butler Kissam (ret) 

2160 W. 20, Los Angeles, Cat. 
Joseph Bayley Lawrence,* A.M. 

LL.B. 1866 *i889 

Alfred Perry McClellan 

Isidor Mayer 

John Brainard Morgan* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1864, D.D. Trinity Coll. 1882 

0William Franklin Mott (l), 

LL.B. 1873 

Toms River, N. I. 
Howard Osterhoudt,* A.M., 

LL.B. 1866 aet. 58 *i89o 

Henry Hills Parker,* A.M., 

LL.B. 1866 aet. 42*1886 

Charles Burroughs Rice,* 

A.M. 186s, LL.B. 1867 aet. 47 'iSgi 

Frederic William Stevens (l), 

A.M., LL.D. 1908, Vice Chancellor 
Ct. of Chancery, N. J. 

45 Madison Az'e., Morristoivn, N. J. 
Arthur Pemberton Sturges* 

aet. 24 *i866 

Albert Edward Valentine, A.M., 

M.D. elsewhere 

Isidor Walz.* Ph.D. 

Heidelberg 1867 *i877 

Marinus Willett, Jr.* 



Henry Rutgers Beekman,* 

LL.B. 1867, 'judge Sup. Ct. N. Y. 

aet. 55 *i9oo 

Edward Stelle Brownson (ret), 

E.AL 1867, A.M. 1868 
258 Henry, Bklyn. 

Douglas Williams Burnham,* 

A.M. 1868 aet. 49 *i8g2 

Archibald IMurray Campbell 

(PHYS), A.M. 1868, M.D. 1873. 
Pres. The Mt. Vernon Trust Co. 

36 S. I Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Thomas Cooper Campbell,* 

A.M., N'. Y. Assemb. 1875-6 aet. 31 *i877 

John Henry Caswell 

(see p. 35) 

87 Front 
Jonathan Odell Fowler, Jr.* 


Charles King Oracle,* 

A.M., E.M. 1S67 aet. 47 *i89i 

James Hooker Hamersley,* 

LL.B. 1867, A.M. 1868 ae't. 57 •igoi 

John Moore Heffernan* (Rev.), 

A.M., S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1868 

aet. 33 •1877 




Julian James,* A.M. 

aet. 26 *j8/'o 

®Frederic Rhinelander Jones 

(M), A.M. 

54 Rue de Bassano, Paris, France 
George Goelet Kip (ret), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1867 
Morristown, N. J. 

William Oilman Low (l), LL.B. 

1867, A.M. 1868 

58 Remsen, Bklyn. 

Henry Richard McElligott* 

William Neilson McVickar* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1868 and S.T.D. 1898, 
D.D. Kenyon Coll. 1883 and Penn. 
1898, LL.D. Brown 1904 •1910 

Randolph Brant Martine,* 

A.M. 1868 aet. 50 *i895 

James Fontaine Maury (m), 

A.M. 1868, Treas. N. Y. Cotton 

Cotton Exch. Bldg., N. Y. C. 
George Webster Peck (m), 

A.M. 1868 

iio S. Parsons Ave., Flushing, 

N. Y. C. 

James Lyman Price,* A.M. 

and LL.B. 1868 

Frederick Prime (educ, eng), 

A.M. 1868, Ph.D. Lafayette Coll. 
1881, Prof. Girard Coll. (see p. 72) 

1008 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Arthur Bernard Ross,* A.M. 


Roderick Burt Seymour,* A.M. 

Memb. N. J. Assemb. aet. 53 *i896 

Lenox Smith, A.M. 1868, E.M. 

1868 (see p. 22) 
71 Broadway 

John Edwin Swezey,* LL.B. 

1867, A.M. 1868 " *i873 

Seymour Van Nostrand,* A.M. 

aet. 59 "1899 

Abraham Van Santvoord,* 

A.M. 1866, LL.B. 1867 aet. 60 *i902 

Edward Henry Van Winkle* 

(Rev.), A.M. aet. 67 *I909 

Isaac Van Winkle (Rev.), A.M. 

and St. Stephen's Coll. 1870 

OWilliam Bogert Walker (Rev.), 

A.M., S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1868 
Bennington, Vt. 

®Willard Parker Ward (eng), 

A.M. 1871, Ph.D. N. Y. Univ. 1883 

164 W. 58 

James Lee Wells (re, co), 

A.M. 1868, Memb. Assemb. N. Y. 
1879-80, 1892, Memb. Bd. Alder- 
men 1881-83, Comm. of Taxes and 
Assessments N. Y. 1895-7, Memb. 
N. Y. C. Charter Revision Comm. 
1900, Pres. Dept. of Taxes and 
Assessments 1902-3, 

2/7 Alexander Ave. 
John Visscher Wheeler,* A.M. 

aet. 57 *i903 

Francis French Wilson (educ), 


Columbia Grammar Sch. 


Marshall [Pepoon] Bell (l), 

LL.B. 1868 

Louis Edward Binsse (l), 

LL.B. 1878 
Morristozvn, N. J. 

Thomas Monahan Blossom,* 

A.M. and E.M. 1869 (see p. 32) 


Clarence Brainerd* 



James Manning Bruce (Rev.), 

A.M., Grad. Rochester Theol. Sem. 

201 IV. 55 

Nathan Robins Carter* 

Julien Tappan Davies (l), 

LL.B. 1868, A.M. 1869 
49 E. 51 
Augustus Floyd Delafield,* 

Ph.D. 1879 aet. 57 '1904 

Moses Downs Getty 

Yonkers, N. Y. 
(^William Augustus Hooker 

(ENG), A.M. and E.M. 1869 (see 
P- S3) 
Farmington, Conn. 

Edward Clark Houghton* 

(Rev.), A.M. "ipoS 

Daniel Lord, Jr.,* LL.B. 

1868, A.M. 1869 aet. S3 •1899 

Theodore Holmes McNamee(B), 

A.M. 1868 

80 Broadway 

Edward Ward Malloy* 

Augustus Chapman Merriam,* 

A.M. 1869, Ph.D. Hamilton Coll. 
1879, Director Amer. Sch. of Classi- 
cal Studies, Athens 1887-8 (see p. 65) 

aet. SI *i89S 




Frank Ames Mullany* 
Edward Holland Nicoll,* 

LL.B. 1868, AM. 1869 *i895 

Willard Parker [Jr.],* A.M. 

1869, M.D. 1870, Trustee Med. 

Dept. 1883-91 *i907 

®WilHam Bleecker Potter 

(ENG CO), E.M. and A.M. 1869, 

Sc.D. 1904 (see p. 71) 

1225 Spruce, St. Louis, Mo. 

William Edwin Smalley,* 

LL.B. 1868 

George Pntnam Smith,* A.M., 

LL.B. 1868 aet. 57 *i904 

Stephen Dover Stephens,* 

LL.B. 1868, A.M. 1869, Memb. N.Y. 
Assemb. 1874-5, County Judge and 
Surrogate Richmond Co. N. Y. 1882- 
1911 aet. 66 *i9ii 

Horace Stetson (l, b), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1869 

226 Main, Orange, N. J. 

Augustus Talbot (m), A.M. 
4 Stone 

Richmond Talbot* 

William Jameson Thomson* 


Henry Croswell Tuttle,* 

LL.B. 1868 aet. 35 *i882 

Martin Van Buren* 

aet 43 *i887 

James Moore Wayne,* A.M. 

1 87 1, E.M. elsewhere 

Henry Augustus Whiting 

(PHYS), A.M. 1869, E.M. 1871, 
D.M.T. Coll. Mechanoneural Ther- 
apy, Phil. 1903, N. D. Amer. Coll. 
Neuropathy 1911 

33 W. Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, 

John Fritz Wissmann,* A.M. 

1876 ■ aet. 6^ *i9o6 

Graham Youngs* 


Joseph Halsey Anderson.* A.M. 

aet. 35 *i883 

James Baker, Jr.,* A.I\I. 1870, 

LL.B. 1871 *i9io 

Henry Anthony Waldberg Bar- 


Walton Peckham Bell,* 

LL.B. 1869, A.M. 1870 aet. 34 *i88i 

Jacques Arnold Bernheimer,* 

A.M. 1870 aet. 48 *i895 

Samuel Appleton Blatchford* 

aet. 61 *i90S 

Charles Henry Burtis,* LL.B. 

1869, A.M. 1870 *i884 

Henry Cohn,* A.M. 1870 

(seep. 37) aet. 53*1900 

John Alexander Denniston [Jr.]* 

(Rev.), A.M., S.T.B. Genl. Theol. 
Scm. 1870 *i9i2 

George Gosman De Witt,* 

LL.B. 1869, A.M. 1870 (see p. 22) 


George Duyckinck,* A.M. 1870 

aet. 27 *i873 

Edgar Fawcctt,* A.M. 1870 

aet 57 *i904 

Nicholas Fish,* A.M. 1871, 

LL.B. Harvard 1869, Asst. Sec. 
U. S. Legation Berlin 1871-4 and 
Sec. 1874-7, U. S. Charge d'Aff. 
Switzerland 1877-81, U. S. Minister 
to Belgium 1882-5 "1902 

®Antoine Lentilhon Foster 

Montchanin, Del. 
Giraud Graham, A.M. 1875 

303 IV. 113 
Clarence Melville Hyde,* 

LL.B. 1869, A.M. 1870 ' aet. 62 *i9o8 

William Halsey Ingersoll,* 

LL.B. 1869, E.AL 1870 (see p. 5s) 

aet. 59 *i903 

George Barent Johnson (Rev.), 

A.M. iSro. Master St. Paul's Sch. 
Concord. N. H., 1868-72, 1875-8 

Rock Point, Burlington, Vt. 
John Alsop King 

/// E. 71 
Hobart Lewis* 

aet. 23 *i870 

Henry Demarest Lloyd,* A.M. 

aet. 56 *i903 

James McNamee,* A.M. 1870 

aet. 49 *i896 

Cadwalader Evans Ogden,* 

LL.B. 1S69 aet. 41 'iSSS 

Henry Evelyn Pierrepont,* 

A.M. 1870 ■ 

®Hector Craig Fitz Randolph, 

A.M. 18-0 

303 IV. 85 
Julius Sachs (educ), A.M. 1871 

Ph.D. Rostock 1871 (see p. 75) ' 

149 W. 81 




(SiHenry William Schneeberger 

(Rev.), A.M. 1870, D.D. Rabbinical 
Sem. Berlin 1871 

J014 McCulloh, Baltimore, Md. 
Aaron Ernest Vanderpoel,* 

LL.B. 1869, A.M. 1870 (see p. 22) 

aet. S3 *i898 

Rudolph August Witthaus 

(EDUC), A.M. 1870, M.D. N. Y. 
Univ. 1875, Prof. Emer. Cornell 
Med. Sch. 

2039 Broadway 
James Henry Work (l), LL.B. 

1869, A.M. 1870 
Lawrence, N. Y. 


Isaac Adler (phys), A.M. 1871, 

M.D. Heidelberg 1871, Prof. Emer. 
N. Y. Polyclinic 
22 E. 62 

John William Schmidt Arnold,* 

A.M. 1871, M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. 
Coll. 1871 aet. 42 *i888 

Henry Denison Babcock (ret), 

A.M. 1871 

20 E. 52 
William Preston Beck* 
James Michael Brady,* LL.B. 

1870, A.M. 1871 aet. S5 '1902 

Benjamin Howell Campbell 

(EDUC), A.M. 1871, Headmaster 
Columbia Grammar Sch. 

333 N. Broad, Elisabeth, N. I. 
Walter Ewing Colton 
Frederic de Peyster Foster (l), 

A.M. 1871, LL.B. 1872 

44 Wall 
Tallmadge Woodward Foster 

(L), A.M. 1871 
25y Broadway 

Andrew [Jackson] Gilhooly (l), 

LL.B. 1870, A.M. 1871 
5 Beekman 

®Elmslie Morven Gillett (br), 

A.M. 1871 

158 E. 38 
Joseph Bayley Halsey,* 

A.M. 1871 

John Archibald Macdonald 
Edward Schermerhorn Mead,* 

A.M. 1872 aet. 29 •1877 

William Meikleham,* A.M. 

1871 aet. 49 "iSSg 

William Mitchell (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1871 

44 Wall 
John McLean Nash (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1870 (see pp. 24, 67) 
63 Wall 

Duane Livingston Peabody,* 

LL.B. 1870, A.M. 1871 aet. 39 'iSSe 

John Duncan Quackenbos 

(PHYS), A.M. and M.D. 1871 (sec 

p. 72) 

331 W. 28 
George Lockhart Rives (l), 

A.M. 1872, LL.B. 1873, A.B. Cam- 
bridge (Eng.) 1872 and A.M. 1879, 
LL.I). Amherst Coll. 1910 and 
Princeton 191 1, Asst. Sec. State U. 
S. 1887-9, Corporation Counsel N'. 
Y. C. 1902-3 (see pp. 22, 23) 
69 E. 79 

Ge6rge Nicholas Sanders, Jr.* 

(Rev.), LL.B. 1870, A.M. 1871 

aet. 41 "1890 

Arthur Sloan (Rev.), *A.M. 1871 


William [James] MilliganSloane 

(EDUC), L.H.D. 1887, Ph.D. Leip- 
sic 1876, A.M. Princeton 1894, 
LL.D. Rutgers Coll. 1898 ^ and 
Princeton 1903, Chevalier Legion 
d'Honneur (see p. 78) 

Princeton, N. J. 
0John Steward [Jr.] 

Carlton Curlieu Hall, Leicester, 

®James Prescott Swain, Jr., 

A.M. 1871 

119 Cordova, St. Augustine, Fla. 
Horace Holden Thayer (br) 

S50 Riverside Drive 
Stephen Whittingham Will- 
iams, A.M. 1871 

18 Linden PL, Orange, N. I. 
Lucius Kellogg Wilmerding 

(M), A.M. 1871 

78 Leonard 28 


Charles Gustavus Adams* 

(Rev.), A.M. 1872, B.D. Kenyon Coll. 

Hal Allaire,* A.M. 1872 

aet. 55 *i9oi 

Williard Bartlett (l), LL.D. 

1904, LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 1868, 

LL.D. Hamilton Coll. 1894, and N. 

Y. Univ. 1904, Assoc. Judge Ct. of 
Appeals 1906-08 

21 Pierrepontj Bklyn. 




Evelyn Pierrepont Bartow* 

(Rev.)f A.M. 1872 aet. 56 *igoa 

®Henry Beadel, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1870 

New Brighton, N, Y. City 
Robert Lenox Belknap* (rr), 

A.M. 1872, A.B. Princeton 1869 

aet. 48 *i896 

Jacob Bininger,* A.M. 1872 

aet. 40 *i889 

Thomas Newby Cuthbert (l), 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 
45 Broadway 

William Bayard Cutting,* 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 (see p. 22) 

Henry Drisler, Jr.,* A.M. 1872 

aet. 60 *i9ii 

William Alexander Duer,* 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 aet. 57 "190s 

Hamilton Fish [Jr.] (l), A.M. 

1872, LL.B. 1873, N. Y. Assemb. 
1874, 1876-9, Aqueduct Commr. N. 
Y. City 1886-8, Asst. Treas. U. S. 
in N. Y. C. 
52 Wall 

William Dudley Foulke (j), 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872, LL.D. 
Earlham, U. S. Civil Service Commr. 
Richmond, Ind. 

William Montague Geer (Rev.), 

A.M. 1872, Trustee Genl. Theol. 

Sem., Trinity Sch., and St. Agatha 


60 IV. 84 

Edward John Hallock,* 

A.M. 1872, Ph.D. Heidelberg 1878 

(see p. 50) aet. 38 *i884 

George Webster Heasly* 

aet. 23 "1872 

William Berrian Hooper 

(Rev.), A.M. 1872 
Gettysburg, Pa. 

Robert Henry Hunt* 

aet. 21 "1870 

William E. Iselin (m) 

745 Fifth Ave. 
Harry Madison Jones,* 

LL.B. 1873 '1899 

Shipley Jones (br), A.M. 1872 

g6 Broadzvay 
John Henry Livingston (l), 

LL.B. 1871 

"Clermont," Tivoli, N. Y. 
David B. Ogden(L), LL.B. 1871 
12 E. loi 

John Oven* (Rev.), A.M. 1872 

Charles Augustus Peabody (l), 

LL.B. :87i, A.M. 1872, N. Y. As- 
semb. 1876, Pres. Mut. Life Ins. 

2 Wall 
George Plato Pierce 
Samuel Augustus Purdy, Jr.,* 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 

William Macneven Purdy (l), 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 
.?-? E. 63 
Horace Nelson Seauer (educ), 

A.M. 1872, LL.B. Harvard 1874 

Jalapa, Vera Cruz, Mex. 
Frank Norsworthy Shepard,* 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 aet. 37 »i887 

John Adams Smedberg* 


Edward Bayard Smith (Rev.), 

LL.B. 1 87 1, A.M. 1872 

David Stewart, Jr.* 

Henry Cady Sturges, A.M. 1872 

116 E. 36 
0Edward Tillou (l) ,LL.B. 1871, 

A.M. 1872 
35 Liberty 
Edward Francis Weeks,* 

LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1872 aet. 58 *i90S 

Thenford Woodhull (l), LL.B. 

1871, A.M. 1872 

5 Court Sq., Bklyn. 


Felix Adler (educ), Ph.D. 

Heidelberg 1S73 (see p. 28) 

15-^ W. 77 
Walden Pell Anderson 
Isaac Baker Barrett (l), A.M. 

1873. LL.B. Union 1873 

50 State, Albany, N. Y. 
Richard Berrian,* A.M. 1873 
Towson Caldwell (l), A.M. 1873, 

LL.B. 1879 

Lewis Buffett Carll (educ), 

A.M. 1873 (seep. 35) 

457 Ninth, Bklyn. 
Theodore Hedges Conger 

(PHYS), M.D. Hahnemann Med. 
Coll. 1890 

John Cropper,* LL.B, 1872, 

A.M. 1873 aet. 56 *i9o6 




George Hicks Dibblee* 

Thomas Charles Edward Eccle- 
sme,* LL.B. 1871, A.M. 1873 

aet. 49 *i895 

William Fanning, Jr.,* LL.B. 

1871, A.M. 1877 *i9oo 

Charles Meredith Garth* 


William Erwin Gilhooly (l), 

LL.B. 1873 

155 E. 72 
Henry Waterman Holden,* 

A.M. 1873 aet. 50 *i894 

Arthur Ingraham, A.M. 1873 

S,o Irving Place 
Edmond Kelly,* A.M. and 

LL.B. 1877, Cambridge 1881, Licen. 
en Droit Paris 1883 (see p. 57) 

aet. 58 *i909 

Franklin Butler Lord* 

aet. 57 *i9o8 

Seth Low, LL.D. 

Amherst Coll. 1889, Harvard. N. Y. 
Univ., Penn., and Trinity Coll. i8go, 
Princeton 1896, Yale 1901, Edin- 
burgh iQio, Mayor Bklyn 1882-3, 
1884-S, Commr. to Peace Conference 
at The Hague 1899, Mayor of N. Y. 
C. iqo2-3 (see pp. 22, 25, 61) 
30 E. 64 

John Bartow Montell (m) 

63 Wall 
®Robert Stratton Morison (m), 

A.M. 1873 

501 South West, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Isidor Pierce Oberndorfer,* 

A.M. 1873, M.D. 1874 aet 55 *i907 

Walter Ogden (re) 

46 Cedar 
George Livingston Peabody 

(PHYS), A.M. and M.D. 1873 (see 
pp. 22, 70) 
Newport, R. I. 

Spencer Summerfield Roche 

(Rev.), A.M. 1873, S.T.D. Trinity 
Coll. 1901, Chancellor Cathedral of 
Incarnation, Garden City 

127 Hilton Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. 
®David Alvah Rowe (re), 

A.M. 1873 

Upper Moniclair, N. I. 

®George Starr Scofield, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1872, A.M. 1874 

63 Wall 

Robert [Norsworthy] Fitch 
Shepardt (l), A.M. 1873, 

LL.B. 1876 

1306 Eighteenth, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Deming Beadle Smith* 

Frank Dodge Sturges (l), LL.B. 

1872, A.M. 1873, Alderman N. Y. 
C. 1904-7, Justice Munic. Ct. 1908- 
784 Park Ave. 

William Navler Webbe (Rev.), 

A.M. 1873 

Great River, N. Y. 

Dennistoun Wood,* LL.B. 

1872, A.M. 1873 aet. 51 *i9oa 


Robert Barbour (Rev.), A.M. 

1874, Grad. Princeton Theol. Sem. 

Y. M. C. A., Montclair, N. J. 
®Valentine Alexander Blacque 

116 E. 39 
(8)William Haliburton Bridgham 

IS Avenue d'lena, Paris, France 
Frederic Bronson,* LL.B. 

1873 (see p. 22) *i900 

Clarence Rapelje Conger,* 

LL.B. 1873, A.M. 1874 aet. 60 *i9ii 

William Henry Conover,* 

LL.B. Union 1876 

Robert Fulton Cutting (ret), 

A.M. 1875, LL.D. 1904 

24 E. 67 
0Denning Duer, Jr. (b), 

6gi Whitney Ave., Nezv Haven, 

Moses Henry Epstein 
Stuyvesant Fish (rr), A.M. 

1874, Pres. 111. Cent. R. R. Co. 
52 Wall 
Frank Goddard Haughwout,* 

LL.B. 1875, U. S. Consul at Naples 

aet. 37 *i886 

Jacob Herrick Henry (l), LL.B. 

1873, A.M. 1874 

24 Euclid Ave., Ridgeiield Park, 
N. J. 
Joseph Hooper (Rev.) (educ), 

A.M. 1874 

Durham, Conn. 

tFormerly Bweritt Fitch Shepard 




Francis Hustace (phys), A.M. 

and M.D. 1874 
316 W. 79 

Richard Busteed Kelly (l, co), 

LL.B. 1873, A.M. 1874 

46 W. 72 
Henry Day Loder,-'' LL.B. 

1873, A.M. 1874 aet. 35 *i887 

[James] Brander Matthews (au, 

EDUC), LL.B. 1873 A.M. 1874, 
LL.D. 1904, D.C.L. Univ. of South 
1899, L.H.D. Yale 1903 (see p. 64) 
6E1 West End Ave. 

James Otis Morse (l), A.M. 

1874, LL.B. 1878 
Englcwood, N. J. 

Chester Clark Munroe* 

aet. 57 •1907 

Benjamin Franklin Romaine, Jr. 

(L), LL.B. 1872, J.U.D. Heidelberg 


68 Broad 
John Watts Russell,* LL.B. 

1871, A.M. 1874 aet. 36 *i888 

William Henry Sage (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1874 

156 Broadway 
Henry Mason Smyth (Rev.) 

16 Hamilton Terrace 
Oscar Solomon Straus (m), 

A.M. 1874, LL.B. 1873, LL.D. 1904, 
L.H.D. Brown 1895, LL.D. Wash- 
ington and Lee 1898, Penn. 1900, 
U. S. Minister to Turkey, 1887-90, 
1897-1900, Member Permanent Court 
of Arbitration at The Hague, Sec. 
of Commerce and Labor 1907 

42 Warren 
Robert Swan, Jr.,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1874 

Obadiah Valentine* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1874 *i896 

Joseph Fenelon Vermilye,* 

A.M. 1874, LL.B. 1875 *i884 

Robert Waller, Jr. (b), A.M. 
23 Broad 

George Whitefield Ward* 
Augustus Ward Whiton* 

aet. 24 *i875 

Frank Work, Jr.,*t A.M. 1874 

tFormerly George Francis Work 


Robert Arnold,* A.M. and 

LL.B. 1875 aet. 23 *i87S 

Sidney Gillespie Ashmore,* 

A.M. 1875, L.H.D. Hobart Coll. 
18S7 (see p. 29) aet. 59 *i9ii 

Frederick Augustus Brown,* 

A.M. 1S75 aet. 46 •1898 

Robert Clarence Dorsett (l), 

A.M. 1875, LL.B. 1877 
53 IV. 70 
®Clarence Gushing Edgerton 

(L). LL.B. 1874, A.M. 187s 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Haliburton Fales (l), LL.B. 

1874. A.M. 1875 

103 E. 72 
William Henry Haldane (l), 

LL.B. 1874, A.M. 187s 

Cold S pring-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Edward Fermor Hall,* A.M. 

1875 aet. 53 *i902 

Robert Ray Hamilton,* 

LL.B. 1874, A.M. 1875, N. Y. As- 
semb. 1881, 1886-9 aet. 39 *i890 

Schuyler Hamilton [Jr.],* 

A.M. 187s, E.M. 1876 aet. 54 *i907 

William Edgar Keyes (m), 

LL.B.^ 1874, A.M. 187s 
Providence, R. L 

Charles Henry Knox,* A.M. 

1875, LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 1872, 
Pres. Bd. of Education N. Y. C. 
1894, Pres. Civil Service Comm. 1898-9 

aet. 54 '1906 

Edmund Maccaffil (m) 

Hotel Endicott, N. Y. C. 
John Holme Maghee, A.M. 

1875, C.E. 1876 

30 Macculloch Ave., Morristown, 

N. J. 

Frederick Panet Marshall,* 

A.M. 1875, LL.B. 1876 aet. 36 •1886 

Valentine Mott (phys), A.M. 

1875, A.B. Cambridge, Eng. 1876, 
M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1878 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
0Ludlow Ogden (l), LL.B. 

1874, A.M. 1*875 
37 Liberty 

Richard Ogden (mf), A.M. 


I2g Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

James Lawrence Onderdonk (l), 

LL.B. 1874, A.M. 187s 




Augustus Coe Pirsson,* 

A.M. and LL.B. 1875 aet. 24 *i87S 

John Krom Rees,* A.M. 

and E.M. 1875, Ph.D. 1894. P'res. 
N. Y. Acad. Sci., Chevalier Legion 
d'Honneur (see p. 72) aet. 55 *i907 

Edward Lazarus Rosenfeld* 


Charles Lancaster Short (Rev.), 

A.M. 1875, S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 

^7 Sever, Worcester, Mass. 
John Ruggles Strong (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 187S 

717 St. Nicholas Ave. 

Edmund Grindal Rawson Trim- 
ble(pHYs), A.M. 1875, M.D. 
Arthur Delano Weekes (l), 

LL.B. 1874, A.M. 1875 

56 W. 51 
Robert Henry Wilkinson* 

(Rev.), A.M. 187s 

0Henry Duncan Wood (br) 

66 Broadzuay 
0Henry Edgar Woodward (l), 

LL.B. 1874, AM. 1875 
360 Central Ave., E. Orange, N.I. 



Jose Aymar (l), A.M. 1876, 

LL.B. 1878 

22 E. 31 
Ira Leo Bamberger (l), LL.B. 

1875, Bd. Educ. Bklyn. 

3og Broadivay 
Emilio Ysidoro Del Pino,* 

LL.B. 187s, A.M. 1876 'iSpS 

William Seton Gordon (l), 

A.B. Trinity Coll. (Toronto) 1874, 
A.M. 1886 

402 Upper Montclair Ave., Upper 
Montclair, N. I. 

Frederick Remsen Hutton, 

A.M., E.M. and C.E. 1876, Ph.D. 
1881, Sc.D. 1904. Cons. Ene;. Dept. 
Water Supply, Gas, and Elect., N. 
Y. C. (see p. 54) 

257 W. 86 
Albert Jared Loder [1874] (l), 

LL.B. 1876, A.M. 1877 

36 Walnut, E. Orange, N. J. 

Percy Hamilton McMahon,* 

LL.B. 187s, A.M. 1876 *i9ii 

Henrv Rutgers Marshall 

(ARCH), A.M. 1876, L.H.D. Rut- 
gers Coll. 1903, Sc.D. Hobart 1910 
(see p. 64) 

3 W. 29 
Casimir de Rham Moore (l), 

LL.B. 187s, A.M. 1876 

log E. 38 
Louis St. Amant, A.M. 1876 
Alexander Bethmann Simonds 

(L). LL.B. 187s, A.M. 1876 

59 William '• 

Wvbrants Alonzo Smith,* 

A.M. and LL.B. 1876 aet. 58 "igoS 

Gilbert McMaster Speir, Jr.,* 

LL.B. 1875, A.M. 1876 aet. 58*1910 

Silas Moore Stilwell, Jr.,* 

LL.B. 187s, A.M. 1876 *iZ93 

Lefferts Strebeigh (l), LL.B. 

187?. A.M. 1876 
43 E. 61 
David Thomson,* LL.B. 

:875, A.M. 1876 *I9I2 

®Daniel Babbit Vermilye (l), 

LL.B. T875, A.M. 1876 
Sag Harbor, N. Y. 

0James Montaudevert Water- 
bury, Jr. (m), A.m. 1876 
6g South 
Bache McEvers Whitlock,* 

LL.B. 1875. A.M. 1876 aet. 53 "IQCS 

George Norman Williamson,* 

LL.iB. 1876 aet. 52 "1905 



Spencer Aldrich (l), LL.B. 

1876. A.M. 1877 
2g Broadway 

Walter Scott Allerton (l), 

LL.B. 1877 

T38 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Louis Henri Ayme* [1884] 

Amer. Consul-Gen., Lisbon, 1906-12 

Charles Ramsey Buckley, A.M. 

«nd E.M. 1877 

112 Montague, Bklyn. 

George Forrest Butter worth (l), 

LL.B. 1S76, A.M. 1877 
40 Wall 

Timothy Matlack Cheesmanfjr.] 

(PHYS), A.M. 1877, M.D. 1878 
(see pp. 23, 36) 
Garrison, N. Y. 




Robert Clifford Cornell (l), 

LL.B. 1876, A.M. 1877 
po7 Lexington Ave. 

Frank Drisler,* A.M. 

elsewhere (see p. 42) *i90S 

Otis W. Field, A.M. 1880 
23 Vanderbeck PL, Hackensack, 

®John Hone Foster, A.M. 1877 

18 Wall 
®Pierre Pascal Harrower 

(Rev.), A.M. 1877 

W. Neiv Brighton, N. Y. C. 

Selden T. Scranton Henry 

(RET). LL.B. 1876, A.M. 1877 
2S3 Eighth, Jersey City, N. J. 

Frederic William Hinrichs (l), 

LL.B. 1875. A.M. 1877, Board of 
Ediic. Bklyn 188 1-3 

36/ Henry, Bklyn. 
Jay Humphreys,* A.M. 1877 

aet. 34 *iS83 

William Warner Johnson, A.M. 


612 N. Broadtvay, Yonkers, N. Y. 

®Georo-e Kennedy (educ), A.M. 

1877, D.D. Geneva Coll. 1904 

Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Geors^e Christian Kobbe (l), 

LL.B. 1876, A.M. 1877 
44 Wall 

Alfred Meyer (phys, educ), 

A.M. and M.D. 1877, Prof. Bellevue 
Med. Coll. 

785 Madison Ave. 
Edward Sumner Rapallo (l), 

LL.B. 1876, A.M. 1877 
66 Broadzvay 

Svlvanus Albert Reed (eng), 

A.M. and E.M. 1877, Ph.D. 1880 
University Club, N. Y. C. 

Benjamin Aymar Sands (l), 

LL.B. 1876, A'M. 1877 (see p. 22) 
58 IV. 48 

Henry Townsend Scudder 

(Rev.), A.M. 1877 and Trinity Coll. 


201 W. 85 

Frank Dunlap Shaw (l), A.M. 

1877, LL.B. 1878 

307 W. 83 
Frank Storrs (l), LL.B. 1876, 

A.M. 1877 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Sutherland Tenney [1873] 

(L), LL.B. 1875, A.M. 1876 
Third Ave. and 183 

Thomas De Witt Thompson,* 

A.M. 1877 aet. 39 *i893 



William James Adams,* A.M. 

and E.M. 1878 *i9io 

®William Babcock (ins), LL.B. 

1877, A.M. 1878 
III William 

0Thomas Cummings Bach (l), 

LL.B. 1877, A.M. 1878, Montana 
Leg. 1892 

Helena, Mont. 
Homer Kirtland Flanagan 

aet. 22 *i877 

Harry Tnnes Bodley [Jr.] (Rev.) 
21 Washington, New Britain, Conn. 
John Aaron Browning (educ), 

A.M. 1879 and (Hon.) 1907 (see p. 33) 

/ W. 72 
William Edward Conroy,* A.M. 

and M.D. 1880 *i903 

Henry Churchill De Mille,* A.M. 

1879 aet. 39 *i893 

Howard Gallup,* A.M. 1880 


Evan Philip George, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1877 

Alister Greene (l), LL.B. 1877 
65 E. 72 

Randolph Hurry (l), LL.B. 

1877. A.M. 1878 

242 Lexington Ave. 

William Duncan McKim (ret), 

A.M. and M.D. 1878, Ph.D. Leinsic 

J701 Eighteenth N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Thomas Samuel Ormiston (l), 

LL.B. 1877. A.M. 1878 
BernardsviUe, N. J. 

Edward Delavan Perry (educ), 

LL.D. 1904, Ph.D. Tubingen 1879 
(see p. 70) 

Columbia University 
0Edward Willard Price, LL.B. 

1877, A.M. 1879 
Peconic, N. Y, ^ 




John Henry Purdy, LL.B. 1878 

jyoi Nineteenth N. IV., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Samuel Cady Root* 


George Sherman (b), A.M. 1878 

S W. 55 
Edward Lyman Short,* LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 *i903 

Chah-ners Wood (l), LL.B. 

1877, A.M. 1878 

52 William 21 


Harold Arrowsmith (Rev.), 

A.M. 1880, B.D._ 

230 Seventy-third, Bklyn. 

Richard Theodore Bang (phys), 

A.M. andM.D. 1879 
139 W. II 

Henry Whitney Bates,* LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 *i90i 

David Caiman,* LL.B. 1880, 

Ph.D. Heidelberg 1878 361.48*1906 

^Herman Drisler (educ), LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 

23 E. 41 
Philip Henry Dugro (l), LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879, Justice Supreme 

a. N. Y. 

Hotel Savoy, N. Y. C. 

Richard Theodore Ely (educ), 

A.M. 1879, Ph.D. Heidelberg 1879, 

LL.D. Hobart Coll. 1892, Prof. Univ. 


Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, Wise. 

®Aymar Embury (l), LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 
Demarcst, N. J. 

Jasper Tillerous Goodwin,* 

LL.B. 1878, A.M. 1879 (see p. 48) *i9i3 

Gaspar Griswold,* A.M. 1880 

M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1879, 
Royal Coll. Phys. and Surg. Lon- 
don, Eng. 1883 aet. 23 *i886 

J[ohn] E[dmund] HindonHyde, 

LL.B. 1878, A.M. 1879 *i9i2 

Louis Oliver Ivey (mf), LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 

36 N. Mountain Ave., Montclair, 

N. J. 

Wilmot Johnson, Jr.,* LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879 

Townsend Jones [Jr.] (l), A.M. 

1879, LL.B. 1882 

140 W. 74 
0Edwin Clark Kent (l) 

156 Broadway 
Robert Armstrong Livingston 

(L), LL.B. 1878, A.M. 1879, N. Y. 
Assemb. 1881-85 

27 William 
Theodore Frelinghuysen Lozier 

(L), LL.B. 1878, A.M. 1880 
27 William 

Benjamin Franklin Mayer,* 

Ph.D. Heidelberg aet. 31 •1886 

Cornelius Wortendyke Morrow 

(Rev.) (EDUC), S.T.B. Union Theol. 
Sem. 1879, D.D. Oskaloosa Coll. 
(Iowa) 1910, Prof. Fisk Univ. 

1030 Seventeenth Ave. N., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

Fred[erick] Oakes (br), M.D. 

N. Y. Univ. 1880 
30 Broad 

® Washington Edward Page (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1879 

Niitley, N. J. 
Edward Pratt (Rev.), 

Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 1879 

Louis Christian Raegener (l), 

LL.B. 1878, A.M. 1879 
Hotel Seville, N. Y. C. 

Egbert Guernsey Rankin (phys, 

EDUC), A.M. 1879. M.D. N. Y. 

Univ. 1879, Prof. N. Y. Horn. Med. 


226 W. 59 

® James Armstrong Renwick (l) , 

A.M. and LL.B. 1879 
52 William 

Nathaniel Pendleton Schenck,* 

A.M. 1879 *i898 

Eugene Seligman (l),A.M. 1879, 

LL.B. 1882 

P/o^fl Hotel, N. Y. C. 
George Washington Seligman 

(L), A.M. 1879, LL'b. 1882 

23 W. 95 
Isaac Newton Seligman (co), 

36 W. 54 
Du Bois Smith (l), LL.B. 1878 

500 Madison Ave. 

Irvin Auchincloss Sprague (br) 
109 Front 




William Cleveland Thayer 

(EDUC), A.M. Williams Coll. 1884, 
L.H.D. Hobart Coll. 1900, Prof. 

59 Market, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Monts^omery Hunt Throop [Jr.] 


46 E 14 
Robert Townsend (l), LL.B. 

iS;8, A.M. 1879 
13JS Broadzvay 

William Edward Verplanck (l), 

LL.B. 1878 
Fishkill-'on-Hudson, N. Y. 

William [Francis Augustus] von 
Sachs (l, br), LL.B. 1878, 

A.M. 1879 

I Tegctthofstrasse, 3, Vienna, Aus- 

Leighton Williams (Rev.). LL.B. 

1878, A.M. 1879, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 

Marlborough, N . Y. 


Frederick Stilwell Ackerman* 


Francis Sedgwick Bangs [1878] 

(L), LL.B. 1880 (seep. 22) 

44 IVall 

Charles Bathgate Beck.* LL.B. 

1879, A.M. 1880 aet. 39 *i893 

Theodore Vernon Boynton,* 

A.M. 1880 *igil 

<8>Herbert Padelford Brown {v,) , 

A.M. 1880 

45 IVall 

Marlborough Churchill, Jr. 

(EDUC), LL.B. 1879, A.M. 18S0 

Charles Augustus Clark (l), 

LL.B. 1879, A.M. 1880 

46 Cedar 

Thomas Stafford Drowne, Jr. 

(L), LL.B. 1879 

Channing Ellery (art) 
Lawrence Bunting Fletcher (j), 

A.M. 1S80, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 


134 W. 122 

Clarence Wadsworth Francis 

(L), LL.B. T879, A.M. 1880, Deputy 
Atty.-Gen. State of N. Y. 1893-1902 

27 IViUiam 
Wesley Harper (ret) 
258 Riverside Drive 

John Ramon Martinez Herfiz*, 

LL.B. 1879, A.M. 1880 

Stephen Yates Howell (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1880, M.D. Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll. (Phila.) 1882, 
M. R. C. S. Eng. 1892, Prof. Univ. 
164 Franklin, Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Henry Hyde, Jr. (art) 

66 E. 91 
Leroy King,* LL.B. 1879, A.M. 

1880 aet. 39 *i89S 

Gustav Kobbe (au, j), LL.B. 

1879, A.M. 1880 
A^. F. Herald 

Isidore Kornf (l), LL.B. 1879, 

A.M. 1880 
31 Nassau 

John Murray Mitchell,* LL.B. 

1879, A.M. 1880, Memb. Cong. 1895-9 

aet. 47 *I90S 

Philip Glendbwer-Peabody (ret) , 

A.M. and LL.B. 1880, M.D. elsewhere 
15 Court Sq., Boston, Mass. 

John B. Pine (l), 

(see pp. 22, 24) 

63 Wall 
William Van Vorst Powers (l), 

LL.B. 1879 

219 IV. 45 

John Meyers Shedd (l) 
14S E. 3S 

Robert Tomes* 

aet. 27 "1883 

Wisner Robinson Townsend 

(SURG), A.M. and M.D. 1880 
I-\5 W. 58 
Charles Montague Ward (m), 

A.M. 1880 
58 IV. 47 
Frederic Delano Weekes (ret), 

A.M. 1880 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 27 


Samuel Francis Adams (l), 

LL.B. 1880 

joo Broadzvay 

Charles Slover Allen,* 

M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1881 

aet. 38 *i893 

William Porter Allen (l), LL.B. 


10 Wall 

tFormerly Isidore Saloshinsky. 




William James Gilbert Beams,* 

LL.B. 1880 * aet. 38 *i895 

Edward Mead Bliven (l), 

LL.B. 1880 
140 Nassau 

William Warren Bliven (l), 

LL.B. 1880 
140 Nassau 

Henry Lawrence Bogert (l) 

gg Nassau 
John Lawrence Bogert (eng) 

Room 1619, 165 Broadivay 
James Arthur Booth (phys), 

M.D. 1882, Pres. Medico-Surg. Soc. 
Prof. N. Y. Sch. Clin. Med. 
129 IV. 77 

Charles De Hart Brower (l), 

LL.B. 1880 

S14 W. 91 
Charles Elder Caldwell,* LL.B. 

1880 aet. 26 *i88o 

Louis Montgomery Cheesman,* 

Ph.D. Wiirzburg 1881 aet. 26 •1885 

Charles Hopper Crowe (ins) 
E. Stroudsburg, Pa. 

<8)Joseph Franklin Crowell (l), 

LL.B. 1880 

17 W. 91 
B[enjamin] Farquhar Curtis 

(PHYS), M.D. 1881 
Scarborough, N. Y. 

Holbrook Cushman,* 

(see p. 39) aet. 38 *i89S 

T[homas] Monroe Davis (re) 
424 W. 144 

William Henry De Forest, Jr.* 


Henry Elsworth Gregory (l), 

LL.B. 1880, A.M. 1883 
25 Liberty 

<8>Francis Reynolds Hitchcock 

(L), LL.B. 1880 

8 E. 29 

Charles Frederick Hoffman [Jr.] 
620 Fifth Ave. 

[George] Frederick William 
FIolls*, LL.B. 1880, 

D.C.L. Leipsic 1898, Sec. Am. 
Comm. to Peace Conference at The 
Hague 1899 aet. 46 *i903 

Charles Frederick Holly, Jr.* 

0Edward Washburn Hopkins, 

LL.D. 1902, Ph.D. Leipsic 1881, Prof. 

Yale (see p. 53) 

299 Laivrence, New Haven, Conn. 

Charles Frederick Hurlburt 

(PHAR), LL.B. 1880 
87 Halsey, Bklyn. 

William Kent* 

aet. 52 *i9io 

Ralph Wood Kenyon (Rev.), 

A.M. 1881, S.T.B. Epis. Theol. Sch. 
Camb. Mass. 1881, LL.B. N. Y. 
Univ. and D.D. St. Johns Coll. 1899 
43 Halsey, Bklyn. 

Joseph Mattison Knapp* 

aet. 39 *i895 

Samuel Ferris Lewis,* LL.B. 1881 

aet. 28 *i882 

Edward Allen Low, Jr.,* LL.B. 

1880 aet. 22 *i88o 

Cornwall Kensington Peyton* 

aet. 26. *i882 

James Williamson Pryor (l), 

LL.B. 1881 (see, p. 72) 

99 Nassau 
Thomas Jackson Oakley Rhine- 
lander (l), LL.B. 1880 

27 William 
William Hamilton Russell* 

aet. SI *i907 

Edward Paul Schell,* LL.B. 1880 

aet. 45 *i90i 

Jefferson Seligman (b) 
// E. 69 

(2>Egbert Carll Simonson 
146 Broadivay 

Joseph Wilcox Spalding (b) 

j8 Woodland Ave., Neiv Rochelle, 
N. Y, 

Gilbert Rumsey Underbill (Rev.) 
2012 Appletrce, Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Waller (ret) 
2034 O, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

®Henry Ross Campbell Watson 
99 Franklin 

Mornay Williams (l), LL.B. 

1880, A.M. 1881, Chairman N. Y. 
Child Labor Comm. 
25 Liberty 

©Alexander Woods [Jr.] 
29 Broadway 






Frederick Stone Barnum (l), 

LL.B. 1881, A.M. 1882 
20 S. Broadway, White Plains, 
N. Y. 
Thomas John Brereton(ENG,ED), 

C.E. 1883 

124 Fifth Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. 

Frederick William Browning* 


C[harles] George Bull (thys), 

M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1881 

1361 Park, Alameda, Cal. 
Augustus Imbrie Burton,* M.D. 

Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1887 aet. 34 *i893 

Charles Ezra Cornell, LL.B. 

Albany Law Sch. 1880, Trustee Cor- 
nell Univ. and Cornell Library 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
William Ernest Daw (Rev.) 
Spottswood, N. J. 

Charles Eldredge* 

aet. 50 *igo6 

Theodore Bogert Foster (Rev.), 

S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1882 

P. O. Box F, La Grange, III. 
William Elford Gould, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins 1903 

1^7 Lexington Ave. 
William Hallock (educ), Ph.D. 

Wiirzburg 188 1, Phar. D. (Hon.) 
Natl. Coll. Phar. (D. C.) 1892 (see 
p. 50) 

Columbia University 

George Brooks Halsey (l), A.M. 

David Morgan Hildreth, Jr.* 

aet. 45 *i879 

Henry Graham Hilton* 
Abraham Illch* 


Emil Joseph (l), LL.B. iSSi 
Society for Savings Bldg., Cleve- 
land, O. 

Melville Albert Kellogg* 

aet. 41 *i89i 

Herbert Alan Kingsbury* 

aet. 35 •1891 

Harry Olmstead Lacey* (Rev.) 

aet. 32 *i889 

Charles Henry Lott (l), LL.B. 
206 Broadway 

James Alexander Lynch (l), 

LL.B. 1881 

23 Vcsey 
Charles Edward Moldenke, A.M. 

1883, Ph.D. Strassburg 1885 

IVatchung, N. I. 
John Henshaw Mulchahey (l), 

LL.B. 1881 
22 Vesey 

Edward Arthur Northall,* A.M. 

1891 *i904 

S[olomon] Jay Ohart (l) 

Dcpew, N. Y. 

Samuel Duffield Osborne (au), 

LL.B. 1881, A.M. 1882 

Toiver of Madison Square Garden, 

N. Y. C. 

William Barclay Parsons (eng), 

C.E. 1882, LL.D. St. John's Coll. 
1909, Chief. Eng. Rapid Transit 
Comm. N. Y. C. 1894-1905, Pana- 
ma Canal Comm. 1904-5 (see p. 22) 
60 Wall 

Herbert Dalton Pettit (educ) 

®Sylvanus Billings Pond (Rev.), 

A.M. 1884, S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 


7/00 Vermont Ave., Washington, 

D. C. 

Edward Johnson Runk (Rev.), 

A.M. 1882 

Ferdinand Sands,* Ph.B. 1882 
Alfred Purdy Welsh Seaman (l). 

Judge Mun. Ct. N. Y. C. 

147 W. 87 
Edwin Robert Anderson Selig- 
man (educ), A.M. and LL.B. 

1884, Ph.D. 1885, LL.D. 1904 (see 
p. 76) 

224 W. 86 
Vanderbilt Spader (l) 

Charles Young Van Doren (l) 

1S9 Montague, Bklyn. 

John Chetwood Wetmore (m), 

LL.B. 1 88 1 

12 Elm, Elizabeth, N. J. 


Leon Nathaniel Adler (mf, 

CHEM), A.M. and Ph.D. Heidel- 
berg 1883 

100 William 




Robert Morgan Gibbes Barnwell, 

LL.B. 1884 

Tuxedo Park, N. Y. 

William Graves Bates (l), LL.B. 


43 Cedar 

Charles Samuel Marvin Belden 

(Rev.), S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1885 
Care Union Bank, Geneva, Switz- 

Pelham St. George Bissell(Rev.), 

A.M. 1904, A.K.C. King's Coll. 
(London) 1899 
45 W. II 

George Engs Blackwell (l), 

LL.B. 1882 

63 Wall 
Edgar Stuart Blunt (re) 
3 W. 42 

Robert Maclay Bull 
441 Park Ave. 

James Freeman Bush 
// Battery PI. 

John W. Fenton Carlisle (Rev.) 
Neivburgh, N. Y. 

Howard Coghill (l), LL.B. 1883 
Red House, Morristoivn, N. J. 

James Potter Conover (educ) 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Samuel Victor Constant,* LL.B. 

Frederick William Dibblee,* 

LL.B. 1882 *i884 

Frank B. Draper (Rev.) (educ), 

S.T.B. Genl. Theol Sem. 1883 
New Milford, Conn. 

Herman Peter Gerbert (phys), 

M.D. 1883 

329 Main, Orange, N. J. 

Robert Parkhill Getty [Jr.] 
20 Cedar PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Horatio Root Harper (inv) 
Care N. Y. Yacht Club, 37 W. 44 

Henry Wilson Howell [Jr.] 

(EDUC), A.M. 1883 
2030 Broadway 

William Hustace Hubbard,*M.D. 

1883 *i884 

Landreth Hezekiah King (rr), 

Sec. Exec. Comm. N. Y. C. Lines 

Grand Cent. Terminal, N. Y. C. 

William Guitton Le Boutillier 

(PHYS), M.D. 1883 

50 E. 25 
Milton Emanuel Lehman,* Ph.D. 

Heidelberg 1883 

James Duane Livingston (b), 

LL.B. Transylvania 1893, Vice-Pres. 
and Sec. Troy Trust Co. (see p. 23) 

The Troy Trust Co., Troy, N. Y. 
Jesse Albert Locke [Jr.] (educ), 

A.M. 1899, S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 
1886, LL.D. Seton Hall Coll. 1904, 
Headmaster Newman Sch. 

Newman ScJi., Hackensack, N. J. 
William Bard McVickar,* LL.B. 

1882 aet. 42 *i90i 

Leo Herman Mandel 
Fielding Lewis Marshall (l), 

LL.B. 1882 

Henry Solomon May,* LL.B. 

1882 aet. 29 *i888 

Ross Miller* 


Henry Mihalovitch Millsf 
245 Fourth Ave. N., Nashville, 

Charles Forman Moody (l), 

LL.B. 1882 
206 Broadway 

William Fellowes Morgan, 

E.M. 1884, N. J. Assembly 1906-8 
(see p. 23) 

Arch II, Brooklyn Bridge 
Charles Louis Morganstern* 

aet. 25 *i884 

Philip Alexander Morris, LL.B. 
933 Park Ave. 

William Newbrough(ENG),E.M. 

1884, A.M. i88s 
Evanston, Wyo. 

Charles Augustine O'Neil (l), 

LL.B. 1882 
293 Broadway 

Henry Gallup Paine (ed) 

16 Gramercy Park 
Louis Napoleon Phelps* 


Frederic Dimon Philips (l), 

LL.B. 1882, A.M. 1887 
15 William 

Elbert Stoothoff Porter, Jr.* 

(Rev.) Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 1883 
fFormerly Henry Mihalovitch. 



[1880-8 1 

Henry Laurens Riker* 

aet. 41 *i9oo 

William Lispenard Robb 

(EDUC), Ph.D. Berlin 1883, LL.D. 
Trinity Coll. 1902, Prof. Rensselaer 
Poly. Instit. (see p. 73) 

P. O. Box 592, Troy, N. Y. 
Claudius Monell Roome (Rev.), 

LL.B. 1882, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 


116 Riverside Drive 

William Harris Roome (l), LL.B. 


2030 Broadivay 
Thomas Alexander Rusk (ins), 

A.M. 1883 

William Warburton Scrugham 

(L), LL.B. 1882, Pres. Westchester 
Lighting Co. 1900-5, Pres. First Natl. 

15 Greystone Terrace, Yonkers, 
N. Y. 
Samuel Gormley Shaw (Rev.), 

A.M. Wooster 1893, Ph.D. 1894 
IFest Hebron, N. Y. 
Henry Alford Short, Ph.D. 

Johns Hopkins 1885 (see p. 77) 

Edward Havemeyer Snyder (re), 

N. J. Assembly 

22^' Main, Orange, N. J. 
Perez Mason Stewart, 

N. Y. Leg. 1898-1901 
100 Broadway 
Sidney Barculo Stuart,* LL.B. 

1882 *i89i 

William Hickok Taylor (b) 

P7J Madison Ave. 
Ransford Easman Van Gieson,* 

LL.B. 1882 

Howard St. Clair Wait,* LL.B. 

1882 aet. 36*1895 

Gardiner Howland Waring* 

aet. 29»i888 

Nelson Jarvis Waterbury [Jr.] 

(L), LL.B. 1882 

Manhattan Club, N. Y. C. 
Herbert Augustus Weeks 
24 E. 28 58 

Rufus Greene Angell 
69 Doivning, Bklyn. 

tFrom 1881 to 1895 the degrees of A.B. 
and Ph.B. were also conferred by the School 
of Political Science, and the class-lists of 
the College beginning with this year should 
be supplemented by the names to be found 
under "Graduates of the School of Political 

Richard Allard Anthony (re), 

A.M. 1885 

42 Broadivay 

Frank Wallace Arnold (l), LL.B. 


/// Broadway 

John Bates (phys), M.D. 1890 

Lucius Hart Beers (l), LL.B. 


49 J J 'all 

Arthur Winslow Cabot (mgr) 
193 Grayrock PL, Stamford, Conn. 

Bertrand Clover,Jr.(EDUc),A.M. 

1883 (see p. 37) 

Albert Andrade Cohen, A.M. 


226 W. 14 

Charles Smith Collins,* A.M. 

1884, M.D. 1885 *i900 

Richard Coombes* 

aet. 31 *i89i 

<8)Louis Cunningham 
27 Boulevard Carnot, Algiers, 

William Curtis Demorest (l), 

LL.B. 1883, Pres. Realty Trust 
60 Liberty 

William Archibald Dunning 

(EDUC), A.M. i884_, Ph.D. 1885, 
LL.D. 1904 (see p. 42) 
Columbia University 

James Chidester Egbert (educ), 

A.AL 18S2, Ph.D. 1884 (see p. 43) 
Columbia University 

Edward Stabler Field (m), LL.B. 


69 Pineapple, Bklyn. 

Samuel Stewart Fowler (eng), 

E.M. 1884 

Drawer 1024, Nelson^ B. C, Canada 
George Frederic Garr,* LL.B. 

iSSs *i9io 

Daniel Lewis Gibbens* 

aet. 31 *i89o 

Richard James Horatio Gottheil 

(KDUC), Ph.D. Leipsic 1886 (see p. 48) 
41J Riverside Drive 

James Heard (educ), A.M. 1884, 

Principal Summit Academy 

Summit, N. J. 
Alexander Florian Henriques 
Wendovcr Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. 




(S>James Thurston Horn (eng), 

C.E. 1884 
13 E. 52 
Lucius Wales Hotchkiss(pHYs), 

M.D. 1884 (seep. 53) 

59 W. 48 
Herbert Sewall Kimball,* LL.B. 

1885 *i889 

Henry Manchester Ladd (Rev.), 

A.M. 1884, B. D. Epis. Theol. Sch. 
Cambridge 1884 

Rutherford, N. J. 
Charles Mandred Lum (l) 

Chatham, N. J. 
Howard McDougall* (Rev.) 
Henry Lewis Mills, Jr.* 


Tames Henry Montgomery 

(PHYS),M.D. 1884 
Erie, Pa. 

Hugo Robert Muller (l), LL.B. 


42 Broadway 

Herman Felix Nordeman(pHYs), 

M.D. 1884 
24 IV. 45 
Robert Benjamin Parker (Rev.), 

B.D. Epis. Theol. Sch. Cambridge 1884 

54 Chestnut, Boston, Mass. 
Harry Thurston Peck (ed, au), 

A.M. 1882, L.H.D. 1884, and LL.D. 
1904, Ph.D. Cumberland 1883, LL.D. 
Alfred 1903 (see p. 70) 
468 Riverside Drive 

Thomas Daniel Rambaut (l), 

Ph.B. (p.) 1882, LL.B. 1883, A.M. 
and Ph.D. 1884 

2/ William 
Frederick William Reid 

A''. Hackcnsack, N. J. 
Edward Riggs (Rev.), S.T.B. 

Genl. Theol. Sem. 1884 

434 Riverside Drive 

Erastus Titus Roberts (b) 
Titusville, Pa. 

Reginald Hall Sayre (phys, 

EDUC), M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 
1884, Clin. Prof. N. Y. Univ. and 
Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 
14 W. 48 

Harry Ashton Smedberg,* C.E. 

Job Lewis Smith, Jr.,* M.D. 

Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1884 aet. 28 *i889 

Van Mater Stilwell, LL.B. 1883 
gi6 President, Bklyn. 

Ellarson Stout 
883 CastletOH Ave., W. New Brigh- 
ton, N. Y. C. 

Eugene Talman Stuart,* Ph.B. 

(p.) 1882, LL.B. 1883 *i890 

George Henry Taylor (l) 

40 IV. 39 
Paul Ernest Tiemann (phys), 

M.D. 1884 

346 Broadway 

Franklin Bryant Torrey 
J03 Second PL, Bklyn. 

William Israel Walter (ret), 

Treas. N. Y. Training Sch. for Boys 

52 Broadway 
Lemuel Whitaker (educ), A.M. 

1894 (speciali gratia), Ph.D. Penn. 
1902, Princ. Southern Man. Train- 
ing H. S. 

Broad and Jackson, Philadelphia, 

William Faber Wilcoxson 
33 Norzvood Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Robert Arrowsmith (pub), A.M. 

188^, Ph.D. 1884 (see p. 29) 

253 Highland Ave, Orange, N. J. 

Joseph Edwin Baker 
E. Fish kill, N. Y. 

James Lenox Banks [Jr.] (l), 
ip E. g2 

Harry Ferdinand Barrell (ret), 

Ph.B. 1883, A.M. 1884, LL.B. and 

Ph.D. 1885 

R. F. D. I, Livingston Manor, N. Y. 

Frederic Martin Burr (ret), 

A.M. 1884 
Englewood, N. J. 

Drayton Burrill (br) 

52 Broadway 

tBeginning with the class of 1882, and as 
late as the class of 1889, graduates received 
the degree of Bachelor of Arts (A.B.), 
Bachelor of Letters (L.H.B.), or Bachelor 
of Science (B.S.), according to the char- 
acter of the studies chiefly pursued by them 
during the last two years of their college 
course. Unless otherwise noted, the degree 
of A.B. will be understood. 




Nicholas Murray Butler (educ), 

A.M. 1883, Ph.D. 1884, LL.D. Syra- 
cuse i8g8, Tulane 1901, Johns Hop- 
kins, Princeton, Yale, and F'enn. 
1902, Manchester and St. Andrew's 
190S, Litt.D. O.xford 1905, Pres. 
N. Y. Coll. for the Training of 
Teachers 1887-91, Life Director and 
Pres. (1895) Natl. Educ. Assoc, 
Editor Educational Review 1890-, 
Memb. of Natl. Council of Educ. 
1S91- (see pp. 23, 25, 34) 

Columbia University 
Robert Samuel Carlin* (Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1891 aet. 32 *i9oi 

George Stuart Carter* 


James Carter (Rev.) (educ), 

S.T.B. Union Theol. Sem. 1885, 
Prof. Lincoln Univ. 

Lincoln Univ., Pa. 
®Bainbridge Percy Clark, B.S. 

267 Fifth Ave. 

Othniel De Forest* 

Bernard Drachman( Rev.), Ph.D. 

Heidelberg 1884, Pres. Bd. Jewish 


I2S IV. 121 

Edwin James Gillies (m) 

245 Washington 
Edward Rowland Greene (l), 

LL.B. 1884 
1$ Broad 

Frank Spencer Halsey (piiys), 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1885 

108 IV. 74 
Alexander Harvey,* LL.B. 1884 


Frank Lyon Henry* 

aet. 39 *i899 

Eugene Higgins 

I Madison Ave. 
Rowland Parry Keasbey (mf) 

254 IV. 85 
William Thornton Lawson (l), 

LL.B. 188s 

1613 E. 14, Bklyn. 
(8)Frederick Howard Lee (m) 

27 IV. 43 
0Alfred Morris Leopold (b), 

LL.B. 1884 

7 Wall 
Edward de Peyster Livingston 

(L), LL.B. 1884 
756 Broadway 

William Kilbreth Lowrey (l), 

LL.B. 1884 

David Gale Maclay,* LL.B. 1885 

aet. 45 *i9o6 

Clarkson Seaman Mead (phys), 

M.D. 1885 

Port Chester, N. Y. 

William Arthur Moore (surg), 

M.D. iSSs, Grad. Presb. Hosp. N. Y. 


220 Washington, Binghaniton, N. Y. 

Deas Murphy (phys), M.D. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1897 
165 E. 62 

Thomas Nash (arch) 

1170 Broadway 
James Buchanan Nies (Rev.), 

A.M. 1887, Ph.D. 1888, S.T.B. Genl. 
Theol. Sem. 1885 

Hotel St. George, Clark, Bklyn. 
William Kelly Otis,* M.D. 1885 

aet. 46 *i9o6 

George Burrington Parsons (tr), 

Pres. Delaware Trans. Co. 
615 Delazvare Ave., Wilmington, 
Harry de Berkeley Parsons 

(ENG), B.S., E.M. Stevens Instit. 
Tecli. 1S84, Prof. Emer. Rensselaer 
Polytech. Instit. (see p. 69) 
22 William 

James [Willie] Purdon 

41 Lincoln Ave., Grantwood, N. J. 
Louis Dwight Ray (educ), A.M. 

188s, Ph.D. N. Y. Univ. 1894 
35 IV. 84 

®Reginald William Rives, LL.B. 


New Hamburg, N. Y. 

® Nathaniel Pendleton Rogers, Jr. 
518 E. Front, Plainfield, N. J. 

[Leonce] Girard Romaine 

68 Broad 
Edgar Lee Ryder (l), 

N. Y. Assemb. 1903-04 

195 Main, Ossining, N. Y. 

Charles Harison Simonds (m) 
18 S. William 

Frank Bishop Smidt (sec) 

54 Wall 
John Campbell Spencer [Jr.] 

(SURG, EDUC), M.D. 1885, Asst. 
Prof. Univ. Cal. 

Butle*- Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 




William Riggin Travers, Jr.* 


Robert Bunch Van Cortlandt 
30 Pine 

Marshall Lord Warrin, M.D. 


§0 Franklin PL, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

John Webber [Jr.] (l), LL.B. 


7 Becknian 

William Ogden Wiley (pub), 

A.M. 1887 

43 E- 19 
Marshall Orme Wilson (b) 

3 E. 64 
Newell Bertram Woodworth (l) 

yiS James, Syracuse, N. Y. 


Edward Hedden Apgar,* Ph.B. 

(p.) 1883, A.M. 1884, and LL.B. 1885 

Astley Atkins, L.H.B. 
18 Utica Natl. Bank Bldg., Utica, 
N. Y. 

Augustus Dickerson Baker,* 

A.M. 1884, Ph.D. 1885 aet. 26 *i885 

George Henry Barnes, LL.B. 

I E. 40 

John Thomas Joseph Bird 

(PHYS), B.S., M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1886 

236 W. 123 
J[oseph] Stanford Brown (re), 

Ph.B. (p.) 1883, A.M. 18S4 

16 Belmont Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

®Henry Joseph Bruner (br) 
52g Broadway 

George Hendrick Houghton But- 
ler (Rev.) 

Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Henry Phelps Case (l), LL.B. 
66 W. 51 

James Valentine Chalmers ( Rev. ) , 

B.D. Episcopal Theol. Sch. Cam- 
bridge 1886 

332 E. 88 
John Armstrong Chalonerf (l), 

A.M. 1883 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

tFormerly Chanler. 

John Marshall Chew (Rev.), 

S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1886 
Nezvburgh, N. Y. 

Edward Wight Clark,* A.M. 

1884, M.D. 1887 *i892 

®John Ernest de Ruyter (re) 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Walter Norham Eldridge* 

Devereux Emmet (co), LL.B. 


St. James, N. Y. 

Robert Ferguson 

Rowland Godfrey Freeman 

(PHYS, EDUC), M.D. 1886. Asst. 
Prof. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 
211 IV. 57 

Halstead Holloway Frost,Jr. (l), 

A.M. and Ph.B. (p.) 1886 (see p. 46) 
141 Broadway 

John Kinsey Gore (act, co), 

A.M. 1886, Vice-Pres. Prudential Ins. 


59 High, Orange, N. J. 

Alfred Gudeman (au, ED),Ph.D. 

Berlin 1888, Asst. editor "r/j£?.jai«-M.9 
Linguae Latinac" 1904- 

Franz Josefstrasse 12, Munich, 

Walter Ellison Hallett (ac) 
237 E. 175 

Oliver King Hand (ac) 
526 IV. 122 

William Livingston Hazen 

(EDUC), LL.B. i88s, Headmaster 
Barnard Sch. 

Riverdale, N. Y. C. 
Edward Le Moyne Heydecker, 

A.M. 1884, LL.B. 188s, Asst. Tax 

Comm. N. Y. C. 

300 Central Park W. 

Edwin Babcock Holden* 

aet. 44 *igo6 

Austin Hulshizer,* Ph.B. 1884, 

A.M. and LL.B. 1885 aet. 28 *i89i 

Albert Fillmore Hyde 
Glen Rd., Morristozvn, N. J. 

Frederic Dana Ives (co), 

2J00 Fifth Ave. 

A[braham] V[alentine] Williams 
Jackson (educ), A.M. 1884, 

L.H.D. i88s, Ph.D. 1886, LL.D. 1904 
(see p. 55) 

Coliinihia University 




Taber Knox (Rev,), 

Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 1886 

Warwick, N. Y. 
Francis Effingham Laimbeer(L), 

A.M. 1884, LL.B. 1885, Memb. As- 
semb. N. Y. 1896-8 
Rye, N. Y. 

John Laimbeer, Jr. (build) 

103 Park Ave. 
Arthur Lawrence Lesher (m b)^ 

Trustee Vassar Coll. and Rochester 
Theol. Sem. 

6yo Broadzvay 
Edgar John Levey (l), LL.B. 

1886, Pres. Title Ins. Co. N. Y. C. 
ISS Broadway 
Edward Percy Lyon (l), LL.B. 
g63 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Alfred Lee Manierre* 

*I9I I 

Louis Ambrose Noble (l), LL.B. 


432 Hohoken Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 
George Carnegie Palmer (arch) 

Miller Rd., Morristown, N. J. 
Arthur Webb Persons (ins), 

LL.B. 1885 

Francis Lister Hawks Pott 

(Rev.), L.H.B., B.D. Genl. Theol. 
Sem. 1886, D.D. Trinity Coll. 1900, 
and Edinburgh 1910, Pres. St. John's 
Univ., Pres. Educ. Assoc, China. 
St. John's Univ., Shanghai, China 

William Hawks Pott (Rev.), 

A.M. 1884, Ph.D. 1886 

9 Sterling Ave., White Plains, N.}'. 
Michael Idvorsky Pupin (educ), 

Sc.D. 1904, Ph.D. Berlin 1S89 (see 
P- 72) ^ . . 

Columbia University 

Eberhard Lambert Pupke (mf) 
86 Washington, E. Orange, N. J. 

Alfred Perego Quimby* 

Adam Rosenberg (l) ,LL.B. 1885 

Herbert Livingston Satterlee(L), 

B.S., Ph.B. (p.) 1883, A.M. 1884, 
Ph.D. and LL.B. 1885, Asst. Sec. 
Navv 1908-9 

37 E. 36 
James Henry Schmelzel (m) 
j8 W. 56 

Erit Bartholomew Schmitt 


158 S. Cliff, Ansonia, Conn. 
Eben Hurd Pray Squire (l), 

LL.B. 1885 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Samuel Edgar Stilwell (act), 

A.M. 1S84. Ph.D. 1886 
Capitol Bldg., Columbus, O. 

Giraud Foster Thomson (l) 
141 Broadzvay 

George Green Van Blarcom* 


®T. Henry Walter (br) 
36 Wall 

Hugo Julius Walther,* A.M. 

1885, P'h.D. 1886 (see p. 84) aet. 32 *i896 

Hamilton Fish Webster (l), 

LL.B. 1S86 

Poi Craig Cottage, Newport, R. I. 

John Castree West (l), A.M. 

1884, LL.B. 1885 
206 Broadzvay 

Albert Romeyn Zabriskie* 

aet. 36 *i898 



Edgar Storm Appleby (l),LL.B. 


igj Broadway 

John Conger Baker (co) 
Great Neck, N. Y. 

Walter Gillette Bates,* A.M. 1885 


® Augustus Emil Bechstein (m) 

58 W. 47 
Edward Miller Cameron,* Ph.B. 

(p.) 1884 aet. 32 *i89S 

Charles Madison Cannon (l), 

LL.B. 1SS6 

333 West End Ave. 

Christopher Robert Carter (re) 

Elizabeth, N. J. 

Oliver Edward Coles,* Ph.B. 

(p.) 1884 

Joseph Wood Cushman (re) 
240 W. 23 

William Scofield Day (educ), 

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1897 (see p. 40) 

220 Hobart Ave., Summit, N. J. 




Charles Joseph Deghuee (educ), 

A.M. 188s, L.H.D. 1886 (see p. 40) 
272 State, Bklyn. 

Daniel Kilham Dodge (educ), 

A.M. 1885, Ph.D. 1886, Prof. Univ. 
Illinois (see p. 41) 

R. F. D. No. 2, Champaign, III. 
John William Dowling (phys), 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. and N. Y. Homeo. 
Med. Coll. 1886 
616 Madison Ave. 

Joseph Hart Durkee* 


Arthur Dwight^^ 

^ *i88s 

<8)Duncan Elliot 
Manila, P. I. 

Charles Harvey Genung (au), 

Ph.B. (p.) 1884 

16 Graniercy Park 

Joseph Bloomfield Harriot 
252 IV. 70 

George Washington Harris (l), 

Ph.B. (p.) 1884, LL.B. 1889 

21 Union Lane, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

®Theodore Winfield Harris 

(Rev.), Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 
1887, A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1898 
Oxford, N. Y. 

Henry Skinner Hathaway 

(PHYS), Ph.B. (p.) 1884, M.D. 1890, 
and N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 1891 
220 Central Park W. 

Hasbrouck Haviland* 

Ambrose Dyer Henry (br) 
71 Broadzvay 

William Mitchell Vail Hoffman 

35 W. 51 
George Albert Holden (b) 

186 Riverside Drive 

George BenjaminHussey(EDUc), 

A.M. and Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1887 

142 N. Arlington Ave., E. Orange, 
N. I. 

Obadiah Wilbur Kitchell(EDUc), 

Ph.B. (p.) 1884, A.M. 1886, Sc.D. 

Bucknell 1899 

24 Newark, Nezvark, N. I. 

Barclay Etchebery Ver Planck 

McCarty(L),Ph.B. (p.) 1884, 

A.M. 188s, LL.B. 1886 
2 S. William 

Robert Nelson McLaren* 

aet. 29 *i892 

Norman Fairlie Nelson 
218 Broadway, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Eben William Newton (l) 
loig Ohio Bldg., Toledo, O. 

George William Ogden (f) 
Wilton, Conn. 

Edward Mills Perry (l), A.M. 

188s, LL.B. 1886 

175 Remsen, Bklyn. 

George Willard Plum, Ph.B. 

(P.) 1884 

17 Battery PI. 

Charles Antonio Rapallo, Jr. 
29 Cortlandt 

Frederick Gore Richards,* LL.B. 

1886 *i892 

Jacob Hayward Roberts 

Hempstead, N. Y. 

Winthrop Rutherfurd 
Allamuchy, N. I. 

William Robert Skidmore,*LL.B. 

1888 aet. 26 *i893 

John Ruggles Slack,* M.E. 

Stevens Instit. Tech. 1886 

[William] Creighton Spencer 

(Rev.), Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1887 

(see p. 79) 

P. 0. Box 42, Bishee, Ariz. 

John Bright Stevens (l), LL.B. 

176 Broadway 

Herbert Charles Taylor (br) 

§2 Broadzvay 

Daniel Wade Tears (l) 
624 Foster Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Lincoln Van Cott 

Pequannock, N. I. 

Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright 

(L), Ph.B. (p.) 1884, LL.B. 1886, 
A.M. (Hon.) 1908, Memb. N. Y. As- 
sembly 1902-08, N. Y. Senate 1909-12 
Rye, N. Y. 

John Tempest Walker 

69 Wall 

James Henry Ward, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1886 

Highland Rd., Rye, N. Y. 

William Henry Wetmore (m) 





James Russell White,* LL.B. 

1886 *i886 

Alexander Edward Williams* 

aet. 23 *i884 



Jared Grover Baldwin, Jr. (l), 

A.M. 1886, LL.B. 18S7 
3 S. William 

Henry Anthon Bostwick [Jr.] 

387 Fourth Ave. 
Temple Bowdoin (b) 

104 E. 37 
Odie [Patrick] Brennan* 


Matthew Van Benschoten 
Brinckerhoff [Jr.] (m) 

140 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N. J. 
John Scott Browning (m) 

22 E. 75 
Edward Livingston Burrill (b, 


8 W. 48 
Hamilton Cady* (Rev.), B.D. 

Genl. Theol. Sem. 1SS9 *igo2 

William Francis Chase (educ) 
446 Central Park W. 

Charles Alfred Christian (mgr) 

30 Prospect, E. Orange, N. J. 
Alexander Coles 
0Nicholas Evertson Crosby 

(EDUC), A.M. Princeton 1S86, Ph.D. 

29 IV. 55 
Samuel Derickson, Jr. (phys), 

M.D. 1890 

Bedford Center, N. Y. 

Fletcher Dimick,* LL.B. 1887 

aet. 25 *i888 

Herbert Spencer Dormitzer(MF) 

IVoodbury, Conn. 

George Drew Egbert (Rev.) 

77 Brovune Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Thomas Ewing, Jr. (l), A.M. 

1886, LL.B. Georgetown 1889 (see 
P- 44) 

"Duncraggan," N. Broadzvay, Yon- 
kers, N. Y. 

Thomas Scott Fiske[Tr.] (educ), 

A.M. 1S86, Ph.D. 1888, Pres. Amer. 
Math. See. 1902-4, Sec. Coll. Entr. 
Exam. Board (see p. 45) 

Cohiuibia University 

Samuel Odell Fowler* 

aet. 30 *i893 

John Wesley French* 


Thomas Buchanan Gilford, Jr. 

(L), A.M. 1886, LL.B. 1887 
51 F. 53 
George Mount Gray (m) 

54 Worth 

Arthur Philip Heinze (l), LL.B. 


220 Madison Ave. 

®Charles Lewis Hildreth(pHYs) 

Southampton, N. Y. 

George Hyatt (br) 
7 Wall 

Robert Ingram Brown Illman 

(Rev.). Ph.D. 1892, B.D. Union Theol. 
Sem. 1.888 

Groton, Vt. 
[Levi] Harold Jacoby (educ), 

Ph.D. 1895 (seep. 55) 
Columbia University 

0Austin Price Kelley (br) 

35 Wall 
®Henry Bernard Kellner (m) 

226 Si.vth Ave. 
Robert Coleman Kemp (phys, 

EDUC), M.D. 1889, Prof. N. Y. 
Sch. Clin. Med. 

107 E. 57 

Henry Van Rensselaer Kennedy 

40 E. 52 

Alexander Darwin Keyes (l), 

LL.B. 1887 

1006 Humboldt Bank Bldg., San 

Francisco, Cal. 

Harry Kearsarge Knapp 

30 Broad 

Nelson Glenn McCrea (educ), 

A.M. 1886, Ph.D. 1888 (see p. 62) 

430 W. 119 
Charles Halsted Mapes (mf, 

CHEM), Ph.B. 1889 
143 Liberty 

Everett Masten (l), LL.B. 1887 

333 Central Park W. 
Edward John Milhau (mf), 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Pharmacy 

Robert Dorsey Murray (l), 

LL.B. 1887 
5 Nassau 




Van Home Norrie(pHYs), M.D. 

1889 (seep. 68) 
21 IV. 27 

Guy Dayton Peck 

Plainiield, N. J. 

Robert Randolph Perkins (re) 

457 IV. 153 
Arden Morris Robbins (ret) 

9 E. 36 
George Stillman Robbins (l), 

LL.B. i88g 
Haverford, Pa. 

John Albert Ryerson* 


George Downing Sparks* (Rev.), 

B.D. Camb. Theol. Sch. 1S90 

Grant Squires (l), LL.B. 1887, 

F.R.G.S. England 

40 Wall 
Edward Lincoln Stabler (ins), 

A.M. 1886, Ph.D. 1888 (see p. 79) 
135 Willozv, Bklyn. 

Emil Felix Stoiber,* A.M. 1887 

aet. 23 *i887 

0William Wallace Sturges 

68 Broad 
George Mortimer Thomson (l) 

141 Broadzvay 
George Enos Throop (adv) 

Tribune Bldg., Chicago, III. 
Arthur Bronson Townsend* 

aet. 43 *i907 

Warren Van Kleeck* 

aet. 30 *i894 

Frank Tyng Warburton (l), 

LL.B. 1888 
68 William 

Edmund Atwill Wasson (j), 

A.M. 1887, Ph.D. 1888 (see p. 85) 
London, England 

Robert Weil,* A.M. 1886, Ph.D. 

1888, LL.B. 1891 *i9o6 

®Walter Wheeler 
Stratford, Conn. 

®Henry Hyde Whitman (l) 
67 Wall 

Waldron Williams (ret), LL.B; 


37 W. 48 

Maurice Sonze Wormserf* 

fFormerly Maurice Simon Wormser, 


J. Zabriskie Ackerson* 


Robert Lawrence Allen, A.M. 

1887, E.M. 1888 (seep. 28) 
102 Cambridge PL, Bklyn. 

Guy Ayrault (educ) 
Groton, Mass. 

Alfred Freeman Baldwin (ret) 
8 E. 41 

James Nack Ballantine (ins) 

331 W. 87 
Ellsworth Maltby Barry 

Francis Seguine Bayles (ins) 

404 Main, Orange, N. J. 
John Vernou Bouvier, Jr. (l), 

A.M. 1887, LL.B. 1888 
141 Broadzvay 

Appleton Lesure Clark (l), 

LL.B. 1888 

88 Henderson' Ave., Nezv Brii^hton, 

N. Y. C. 

Richard Cobden (Rev.) 

St. John's Rectory, Larchmont, N.Y. 
Oscar Joseph Cohen* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1887 aet. 45 *i9oi 

Edward Franklin Cole (ret), 

A.M. 1887 

Times Bldg., N. Y. C. 

Lincoln Cromwell (b), A.M. 

1887, LL.B. 1889 
711 Park Ave. 

Edward De Witt (l), LL.B. 1888 

Englezvood, N. J. 

Mortimer Lamson Earle,* A.M. 

1887, Ph.D. 1889 (see p. 43) 

aet. 41 *i90S 

Livingston Emery (l), LL.B. 


Nozvood, N. J. 

Charles Dickens Faber (contr) 

Montgomery, Ala. 

[James] Ruford Franklin [Jr.] 

"(L), A.M. 1887, LL.B. 1888 
34 Nassau 

Percy Henry Fridenberg(suRG), 

M.D. Strassburg 1891 
60 E. 58 

Granville William Garth* 

get. 41 "1903 




Samuel Townsend Gilford,LL.B. 


47S Lexington Ave. 

Joseph Reynolds Guernesy,* 

LL.B. rSSg *i902 

Leon Harrison (Rev.) 

Temple Israel, St. Louis, Mo. 
Elias Burton Hart [Jr.] (m) 

35 Pearl 
Harry Heilbrun (co) 

S46 Broadzi'ay 
Edward William Scudder John- 
ston (l), A.m. 1887, LL.B. 


52 E. 75 
Charles Pinckney Kirkland* 

De Witt Knox* 


Joseph Lawrence* 

aet. 32 *i8q8 

Robert Ferine Lee, Jr. (l), LL.B. 


5-? E. 63 

Lincoln [G.] McCormick, LL.B. 

Medford, Ore. 

Nathaniel L. McCready, A.M. 

4 E. 75 

William Alanice (l), LL.B. 1888 

55 William 
William Arabin Meikleham (br) 

Short Hills, N. J. 
John Alvey I\Iills (Rev.) 

Fort Sam Houston, Tex. 

Theodore Clarence Mitchill 

(EDUC), A.M. 1901, Prin. Jamaica 


3^5 'W. 56 
Caldwell Morrison (phys), M.D. 

N. Y. Horn. Med. Coll. 1889 

37Q Seventh Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

OGrant Notman(L), LL.B. 1888 

54 IVall 
Francis Ulshoeffer Faris (b) 

124 E. 72 

Edward Liddon Fatterson (l), 

LL.B. 1888 

71 Wall 
George Browne Fost, Jr.f (br) 
38 Wall 

tFormerly George Augustus Post. 

Charles Randolph* 

aet. 30 '1895 

Louis Joseph Reckendorfer(co), 

Pres. Am. Lead Pencil Co. 

220 Fifth Ave. 

Irving Schmelzel 

48 W. 59 

Nelson Shipman (l) 
40 Wall 

Gustave Simonson, A.M. 1892, 

M.D. Univ. Med. Col!. i88s_ 

Authors' Chth, Carnegie Hall, N. 
Y. C. 

John Elmer Simpson,* LL.B. 

1S88 *i896 

Samuel Tredwell Skidmore.Fh.B. 

Cfa.) 1889 

P. O. Box 401, Lakezvood, N. J. 

Joseph Gould Snyder (Rev.), 

B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 1889 

9 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 

Erwin Shepard Spink (educ) 

Phoenicia, N. Y. 

Charles Towsend Titus, Jr. (l) 

/ Miller, Utica, N. Y. 

(8)Andrew Malcolmson Todd 

38 Wall 
John Henry Townsend (br) 

Memb. N. Y. Stock E.xch. 

7 W. 87 
Milton Haight Turk (educ), 

A.M. and PTi.D. Leipsic T889. Prof. 
and Dean of William Smith Coll. 

67S S. Main, Geneva, N. Y. 
William Volkel* 


Elwood [Ernest] Worcester, 

A.M. and Ph.D. Leipsic 1889, S.T.D. 
Hobart Coll. 1897, D.D. Penn. 1898 

15 Neivbiiry, Boston, Mass. 


Sidney Abendheim (m) 
2 Stone 

Feter Chauncey Anderson (l) 

25 Broad 
James Frederick Bacon (m) 

g2 Franklin 
William Slocum Barstow (eng), 

Pres. Associated Gas and Elec. Co. 
Great Neck, N. Y. 




George Butterfield Bates (m), 

LL.B. 1889 

24/ Waverly PL 

William Hull Browning (m) 

18 W. 54 
Edward Hale Brush (ed) 

Hollis Ct., Queens, N. Y. C. 

William Ferdinand Byland,* 

A.M. 1888 aet. 33 *i899 

Edward Nicoll Crosby (re, ins) 

(see p. 39) 
118 E. 24 

Atherton Curtis (ret) 
17 rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 
Paris, France 

Charles Seabury Eytinge (m) 

George Henry Finck,* LL.B. 

1889 *i9oi 

Asa Bird Gardiner, Jr. (co) 
524 N. Calvert, Baltimore, Md. 

William Gasten (l), LL.B. 1891 

Norzvich, N. Y. 

Maurice Gottlieb Gennert ( m ) , 

A.M. 1888 

490 Park, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

George Houghton Gilman (l), 

A.M. 1888, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 
1892 (see p. 47) 

67 Wall 
Charles Franc Goddard(L),A.M. 

1888, LL.B. 1889 

182 W. 88 
Maurice Henry Harris (Rev.), 

A.M. 1888, Ph.D. 1889, Grad. He- 
brew Theol. Sem. 

254 W. 103 

Sidney Harris [1888] (l), LL.B. 

I E. 51 

Samuel Cochran Herriman (l) 
30 Broad 

John Henry Holden (br) 
7 Wall 

Frederick William Hunter (l), 

A.M. 1888, LL.B. 1889 

127 E. 37 
Herman Louis Jacot (Rev.)* 


John Barrett Kerfoot (au) 
127 E. 37 

Charles Knapp (educ), A.M. 

1888, Ph.D. 1890 (see p. 58) 
1737 Sedgwick Ave. 

®Stuyvesant Le Roy [Jr.] 

Nczvport, R. I. 
Charles Sellman Mason (ac) 

263 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 

John Mitchel Page (Rev.), 

S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1874 

St. Luke's Rectory, Lebanon, Pa. 
Alfred Duane Pell (Rev.), 


92Q Fifth Ave. 

James Rankin Plum, Jr.* 

aet. 26 *i893 

Louis Rennes (c), LL.B. 1889 
Room 168, General Post OMce, 
N. Y. C. 

Henry Milton Requa, Jr.,* LL.B. 

1889 aet. 31 *i896 

Guy Richards (l), LL.B. 1889 
16 Wall 

(8)Charles Edward Sands 
22 E. 47 

Robert Cornell Sands (l), A.M. 

1888, LL.B. 1889 
140 W. 57 
George Godfrey Saxe, Jr.,* M.D, 

K: Y. Univ. 1892 aet. 36 *i90o 

Edwards Ogden Schuyler* 

George Dundas Scriba (l),A.M. 

1888, LL.B. 1889 
176 Broadivay 

Samuel Sloan, Jr. (b) 

Vice-Pres. Farmers Loan and Trust 

20 William 

Edwin Hall Snyder (co) 
121 Palisade Ave., W. Hohoken, 
N. J. 

Charles Albert Stevens* 

aet. 35 *i90i 

Robert Livingston Stevens* 

aet. 43 *I907 

Harold Strebeigh (re) 

542 Fifth Ave. 
William Frederick Ward 

(RE, BR) 

Care Post and Reese, 7 53 Fifth Ave. 

Leonard Dalton White [Jr.] 

(B, BR) 

52 Broadway 



; 1 887-88 

Edward McKinstry Whiting (l) 

56 Pine 
Richard Thornton Wilson, Jr. 

511 Fifth Ave. 


Mary Parsons Hankey,* L.H.B. 


WilHam Benford Aitken (l, b), 

A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 1890 

312 IV. 7S 
Frederic Brevoort Ahin (ins) 

214 IV. 59 
Arthur De Lancey Ayrault 

Harrison, N. Y. 

Charles Sears Baldwin (educ), 

A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 1894 (see p. 29) 
Columbia University 

Walter Lawrence Bogert (mus), 

A.M. 1889 

130 Clareinont Ave. 

Richard Clarence Bunzl (l) 

207 Broadzi'ay 
Enrique Cirilo de Villaverde 

Intcrlakcn, N. J. 
Henry Bidwell Ely* 

aet. 44 *i9i I 

Douglass Ewell,* M.D. 1891 

(see p. 44) aet. 30 *i897 

Hampton Denman Ewing (l), 

A.M. 1889 
Yonhers, N. Y. 

Jarvis Rose Fairchild (pub) 

100 IVashington Sq. 
John Parkin Gilford 

Laheivood, N. J. 
Robert Goeller,* A.AI. 1889 

aet. 42 *i9io 

Reginald Gordon (au) 

(see p. 48) 
Ncivburgh, N. Y. 

Percy Foster Hall (Rev.), A.M. 

1889 (see p. 49) 

Catonsville, Md. 
Leander Al. Hammer (ret) 

1183 Madison Ave. 
Henry Sleeper Harper (pub) 

Care Harper and Bros. 

Frank Randel Hathaway (fruit- 
grower), A.M. 1889 (see p. 51) 
R. F. D. No. 2, Hudson, N. Y. 

Willard [Cunningham] Hum- 
phreys,* A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 

1890, M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1890 aet. 35 *i902 

Arthur Matthew Kane (phys), 

A.M. 1889, M.D. 1893 
39 W. 39 

George French Little (phys), 

M.D. 1895 

469 Clinton Ave., Bklyn. 

Goodhue Livingston (arch), 

Ph.B. (fa.) 1S92 

3S E. 65 
James J. Mapes,* M.D. 1891 

act. 30 *i896 

Walter Hippeau Merriam,* 

LL.B. Regents, State N. Y. 1895 *i909 

S[amuel] Lewis Moody (l) 
141 Broadzvay 

Edmund Elmendorf Murphy,* 

A.M. 18S9 *i909 

Francis Herbert Palmer,* 


Alexander Forbes Parker* 

(see p. 69) aet. 21 *i889 

William Robinson Powell (m) 

542 Fifth Ave. 
John Dyneley Prince (educ), 

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1892, Dean 
N. Y. Univ. Grad. Sch. 1896-1900, 
Speaker N. J. Assembly 1909, Pres. 
N. .T. Senate 1912 (see p. 72) 

Sterlington, N. Y. 

Graham French Putnam (l) 
Ely, Ncv. 

Laurence Reamer (ed), A.M 


I/O Nassau 

Henry Augustus Sill (educ), 

A.M. 1S89, Ph.D. Halle 1900, Prof. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Benson Bennett Sloan (b, br), 

Memb. N. Y. Stock Exch. 

41 E. 65 
John Shuremean Sutphen [Jr.] 


311 JV. 72 
George Marvine Tuttle (phys), 

M.D. 189:, Prof. Medic. Dept. Wash. 

4917 Maryland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. ' 




Guy Van Amringe (l), LL.B. 
31 Nassau 

Harmon Albert Vedder (phys), 

M.D. 1891 

44 E. 76 
George Flint Warren, Jr. (l), 

A.M. 1889 

236 Broadzvay 

Lloyd Warren (arch), Ph.B. 

(fa.) 1 89 1, Arch. Diplome par le 
Gouvernement, France igoo 

• 104 1 Fifth Ave. 
Gerald Montgomery West (d), 

A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 1890, D.D.S. N. Y. 
Dent. Sch. 1902 

Garnerville, N. Y. 
William Wiener (chem), A.M. 

1889, Ph.B. (s.) 1891 

62V2 Nelson PL, Ncivark, N. J. 

Frank Armitage Wilcox* 

aet. 25 *i894 

® Benjamin Duryea Woodward 

(EDUC), A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 1891, 

B. es S. 1885, B. es L. 1886, Sor- 

bonne Paris (see p. 88) 

25 Ave. des Champs Elysees, Paris, 


Clarence HoffmanYoung(EDUc), 

A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 1891 (see p. 88) 

312 IV. 88 


®Alice Louise Pond, A.B. 
Spring Lake, N. J. 

Harry Curtis Ager* 

aet. 33 *i899 

Louis Curtis Ager (phys), M.D. 

L.I. Coll. Hosp. 1893 

/J7 Clinton, Bklyn. 
Hardy Murfree Banks, Jr. (br) 

Englewood, N. J. 
Walter Jarvis Barlow (phys), 

M.D. 1892, Dean and Prof. Med. 

Dept. Univ. Southern Cal. 

616 Security Bldg., Los Angeles, 


Charles Keller Beekman (l), 

LL.B. 1892 

14 E. 10 
<2)Edward Bright, Jr. 

Walkermuhlenzveg i B, Gottingen, 

Benjamm Nathan Cardozo (l), 

A.M. 1890 

III Broadway 

Gustavus Trask Donnell (br), 

A.M. 1S90, LL.B. 1892 (see p. 42) 
521 W. 112 

Leonard Wheeler Ely (phys), 

M.D. 1895, M.D. N. Y. Homeo. Med. 
Coll. 1892 

^20 Marion, Denver, Colo. 
Elbert Floyd-Jones, Jr. (Rev.), 

A.M. 1S90, S.T.B. Genl. Theol. Sem. 


Cold Spring-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

James Watson Gerard [1890] 

(L), A.M. 1891, LL.B. K. Y. Law 

School 1892, Envoy to Mexico Sp. 

Comm. 19 10, Justice N. Y. Supreme 


N. Y. Supreme Court, N. Y. C. 

Henry Lincoln Glover (Rev.) 

App'leton City, Mo. 
Robert Van Kleeck Harris ( Rev. ) , 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1S92 

Bantam, Conn. 

William Isaac Jacobs (l), LL.B. 


80 Broadway 
Remsen Johnson (l), A.M. 1890, 

LL.B. 1892 

1S7 Broadway 
Willard Vinton King (b), 

Pres. Columbia Knickerbocker Trust 
Co. (see p. 23) 

60 Broadway 
Archibald Eglinton Montgomery 

Tenafly, N. J. 

John Seymour Montgomery (l) 

Riverside, Conn. 
George Dana Mumford(L),A.M. 

Harvard 189 1 

43 E.rchange PI. 
George Clinton Densmore Odell 

(EDUC), A.M. 1890, Ph.D. 1893 
(see p. 68) 

Columbia University 
Hammond Odell,* A.M. 1890 

act. 38 *i9o8 

Joseph Clement Pfister (ret), 

A.M. i8go (see p. 70) 

240 Sixth Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Frederick Phillips (b) 

52/ Fifth Ave. 
Walter James Pratt (pub) 

24/ Audubon Ave. 




Gracie King Richards (c) 
16 Lafayette Sq., lVasliiiigto)i, D. C. 

James Robb* 


Harrison Teller Slosson (l) 

Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 
Mason Romeyn Strong (eng) 

/ Wall 
Thomas Worcester Thacher ( mf) 

86 Lincoln, Boston, Mass. 
Henry Brown Turner, Jr.* 

aet. 37 *i9os 

Frederick Leopold Wachenheim 

(PHYS), M.D. 1892 

/// IV. 85 
Robert Watts, Jr.,* M.D. 1893 


Judah Lewis Weinberg(L), A.M. 
JS^ Nassau 

Horace Pratt Whitney (br), 

LL.B. 1891 elsewhere 
500 W. Ill 

Norman Wilde (educ), A.M. 

1890, Ph.D. 1894, Prof. Univ. Minn. 

(see p. 87) 

Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, 



Caroline Raynolds Hankey* 

L.H.B. Sfeciali gratia 

Sarah Bulklev Rogers,* A.M. 

Cornell 1891, Ph.D. Yale 1894 


Charles Moore Bleecker ( l) , A.M. 

1891, LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 1892 
30 Chureli 

Marston Taylor Bogert (educ), 

Ph.B. 1894, LL.D. Clark 1909 (see 
P- 32) , 

Cohtnibia University 
William Bondy (l), A.M. 1891, 

LL.B. and Ph.D. 1893 
149 Broadway 

Washington [Irving Alphonsus] 
Brauns (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1893 

43 Cedar 

Marvin Dugro Buttles (ins, co) 
Hotel Savoy, N. Y. C. 

Frederic Rene Coudert [Jr.] (l), 

A.M. 1891, Ph.D. 1894 (see p. 23) 
I^4 E. 56 

Frank Warren Crane (j) 

60 IV. 129 
John Sage Fiske (treas, m) 

2T William 
Henry Alger Gildersleeve, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1891 aet. 21 *i89i 

Frank Pierrepont Graves (educ), 

A.M. 1891, Ph.D. 1912, Ph.D. Boston 
1892, Litt.D. Heidelberg (Ohio) 1895, 
LL.D. Hanover 1897, Pres. Univ. 
Wyoming 1896-8, Pres. Univ. Wash- 
ington 1898-1903, Prof. Ohio State 
Univ. (see p. 48) 

Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O. 
Harold Griffing,* Ph.D. 1894 


Frederic Everest Gunnison (co), 

LL.B. and A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1892, 
Pres. Home Trust Co. of N. Y. 
79 Argyle Rd., Bklyn. 
Charles Harris Hayes* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1891, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 
1894 (see p. 51) 

James Edwin Hulshizer [Jr.] (b, 


Ber}iardsvillc, N. J . 
Oswald Nathaniel Jacoby (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1894 
5 Beekman 
Alfred Lauterbach,* LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1892 

Charles Lauriston Livingston (l), 

A.M. 1891, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1892 

149 Broadway 
William Augustus McLaren (l), 

LL.B. Northwestern 1893 

Apartado 1475, Me.vico, Mex. 
Charles Riborg Mann (educ), 

A.M. 1891, Ph.D. Berlin 1895, Assoc. 
Prof. Univ. Chicago 

University of Chicago, Chicago, III. 
Charles Myer Myers (l) 

62 Nelson PL, Newark, N. J. 
John Holcomb Nelden 
Eugene [Joseph] O'Sullivan (j) 

West Bede, Canterbury, Kent, Eng. 
Albert Brace Pattou (mus), 

A.M. 1891 

61 W. 36 
Thornton Bancroft Penfield, 

(SEC), A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1892, 
B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 1893, 
Ph.D. Taylor 1903 

36 Maple, Englewood, N. I. 




Smith Dewey Pierce 

Riverside, Conn. 
Allison Wright Post (l), A.M. 

1891, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1892 
Bernardsville, N. I. 

Henry Montefiore Powell (l) 

31 Chambers 
Joseph A/[amiel Rector (phys), 

M.D. 1893 

453 Jersey Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Wfilliam] Willis Reese (re), 

E.E. 1892 
Bernardsville, N. J. 

Charles Thornton BateRowe(L), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 189S 

27 Wall 
Churchill Satterlee* (Rev.), 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1893 *i904 

Charles Alexander Schluer 
John Perry Seward (phys), M.D. 

N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 1893 
200 W. 70 

Herbert Shipman (Rev.), B.D. 

Genl. Theol. Sem, 1894 

S^. 45 
Richard Stevens (l) 

Castle Point, Hoboken, N. J. 
Arthur Irving Taylor (br) 

52 Broadzvay 
Dudley Hoyt Tenney (d) 

D.D.S. N. Y. Coll. of Dentistry 

44 W. 52 
Theodore Langdon Van Norden 

22 W. 59 
Arthur Sej^mour Vosburgh 

(PHYS), M.D. 1893 (see p. 84) 

85 E. 56 
William John Warburton,* 

A.M. 1891, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 
1892 aet. 28 *i897 

George Whitfield Whittemore 


284 New York Ave., Bklyn. 


0Cornelius Stevenson Abbott, 
Jr. (Rev.) 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1894 

5ogI, Washington, D. C. 
Robert Franklin Adams (mf) 
J06 Grand 

0James Loring Arnold, 

Ph.D. Leipsic 1897 

418 IV. 118 
Charles Bartow,* M.D. 1894 

aet. 26 *i895 

George James Bayles (ed, au), 

A.M. 1892, LL.B. 1893, Ph.D. 1895 

(see p. 30) 

404 Main, Orange, N. J. 

Cortlandt Field Bishop (l), 

A.M. 1892, Ph.D. 1893, LL.B. 1894 
Room 1410, 52 William 

Charles Butler [2nd.] (arch), 

Arch. Dip. par le Gouv. Frangais 1897 
16 E. 23 

William Chesebrough Cammann 

(L), LL.B. 1893 

63 Wall 

Oliver Samuel Campbell (br) 

112 E. 70 

Frederick Woodhull Chesebrough 

57 IV. 58 
Richard Collins (re) 

63 Wall 

Julien Townsend Davies, Jr. (l) 

34 Nassau 
Read Gordon Dil worth (l), 

LL.B. 1893 
238 Broadzvay 

Frank Nelaton Dodd 
150 W. 40 

Victor [Moreau] Kiting (l), 

LL.B. Michigan 1892 

The Rookery, Chicago, III. 
Albert Rolaz Gallatin (br), A.M. 

and E.E. 1898 
III Broadzvay 

Francis Dawson Gallatin 

III Broadzvay 
William Kimball Greene (fin), 

LL.M. N. Y. Univ. 1898 

Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Arthur Cragin Gwynne (br) 
Harrison, N. Y. 

William Harison(L), LL.B. 1893 
62 William 

Montague Howard (m) 
410 West End Ave. 

Edward Hymes (l) 
622 W. 137 




Asa Stewart Iglehart (phys) 

(see p. 54) 

Philip Edwards Johnson,* M.D. 

1894 *i907 

Joseph Chaim Josephson(pHYs), 

M.D. 1S94 

4 N. Broadivay, Baltimore, Md. 

Charles Conover Kalbfleisch (l), 

A.M. 1892, LL.B. 1893 
55 Liberty 

Robert Bootman Kimber (Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1894 

Richmond, S. L, N. Y. C. 
George Gillis Leonard,* A.M. 

1S92 *i907 

Victor Mapes (au, dram) 

Short Hills, N. J. 
Al f red Bernard Moldenke ( Rev. ) , 

Ph.D. 1893 

13^ E. 54 
John Gaspard Neeser (m) 
24/ Fifth Ave. 

A [dam] Gordon Norrie, LL.B. 
26 Washington Sq. 

Richard Snydam Palmer* 

aet. 31 *i899 

Charles Benton Power (l), LL.B. 

1893, A.B. Georgetown 1888, LL.B. 
George Washington 1892 

Helena, Mont. 
John Farr Putnam* 

act. 22 *i893 

Jacob Herbert Shaffer (l) 
97 Marlborough Rd., Bklyn. 

Marcus Simpson, A.M. 1892, 

Ph.D. Munich 1898 

Aullville, Mo. 

Edward Allan Sisson (co) 
2551 Homestead PL, Cincinnati, O. 

Alexis William Stein, Jr.* 

(see p. 79) *i9io 

Dwight Wilcox Taylor (sec), 

A.M. 1893 

500 Madison Ave. 

Henry Richmond Taylor (l), 

LL.B. 1894 
30 Pine 

Herbert Edward Tuttle (met) 
Care Edgar Zinc Co., Cherry Vale, 

Oswald Werner Uhl 

I W. 72 
Franklin Mott Warner (b) 

15 Wall 
Henry Wolcott Warner (br) 

Locust Valley, N. Y. C. 
John Barre Zabriskie 

210S Church Ave., Bklyn. 


Elizabeth Cvnthia Barney (Mrs. 
J. L. Buel) 
Litchfield, Conn. 


Robert Archibald Ashworth 

(Rev.) A.M. 1894. 

6S4 Marshall, Mihvaukee, Wise. 
David Bandler (l), LL.B. 1894 

42 Broadivay 
Samuel Wyllis Bandlerf (phys), 

M.D. 1894, Adj. Prof. N. Y. P. G. 
Med. Sch. and Hosp. 

134 w. 87 
J[ohn] Augustus Barnard (b) 

113 Broadivay 
George Louis Beer, A.M. 1893 

(see p. 11) 

.?-'? W. 71 
Charles James Blewitt (Rev.), 

A.RL Univ. State of N. Y. 1895 
2132 Grand Ave. 

Horace Irving Brightman (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1893 
IIS Broadivay 

Alanson Tuthill Briggs [1893] 
(l, sec) 
113 Broadivay 
Edward Stelle Brownson,Jr. (l), 

A.M. 1893, LL.B. 189s 
50 Pine 

Benjamin Lord Buckley (educ) 

480 Park Ave. 
0Henry Jagoe Burchell [Jr.], 

A.M. 1893 (see p.34) 
49 W. 57 

A[ron] Wright Chapman (eng, 

SEC), E.E. 1894 
II Broadway 

tPormerly Samuel Bandler. 




Harris Robbins Childs (m). 

Vice Consul to Zanzibar, Decorated, 
"Brilliant Star of Zanzibar" 

149 E. 78 
Tfhomas] Ludlow Chrystie (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sell. 1893 
115 Broad-way 

Randall Comfort (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sell. 1895 
1315 Franklin Ave. 

Rufus Billings Cowing, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1894 
49 JVdl 

Henry Skiellman Curtis (educ) 

(see p. 39) 

Boys' H. S., Bklyn. 

Augustine Elmendorf (Rev.) 
145 Arlington Ave., Jersey City, 
N. J. 

Edwin Rodney Fiske (phys), 

M.D. N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 1895 
1172 Dean, Bklyn. 

®Herschel Luther Gardner (l), 

LL.B. 1894 

Opera House Block, Elmira, N. Y. 

George Welling Giddings (co) 
31 Burling Slip 

Theodore Hansen, LL.B. 1894 

35 Nassau 

Arthur Thomas Hewlett 

68 Remsen, Bklyn. 
Frederick Winston Keasbey 

Morristown, N. J. 

Joseph Larocque, Jr. (l), A.M. 

1893, LL.B. 1894 
264 Lexington Ave. 

Charles Warring Leffingwell 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Roland B. Lloyd, A.B. 

speciali gratia 

0George Edgar Morgan 

27 William 
George Stevenson Nicholas, Jr. 

44 Park Ave. 
Alexander Moncrief Proudfit* 

aet. 28 *i899 

Edward Roberts (co) 

10 Washington PI. 
James Burgess Sill (Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. theol. Sem. 1897 
320 W. 83 

Charles Hamilton Sisson 

1S21 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
Everett Pepperell Smith (Rev.), 

B.D. Episcopal Theol. Sch. 1895 
The Deanery, Boise, Id. 

Clarence Walton Vail (educ), 

A.M. 1893 (seep. 83) 

23S Gariield PL, Bklyn. 

Charles Auguste Valadier,* 

A.M. and M.D. 1895 *i909 

Augustus Schwarzwaelder Vat- 
340 Madison Ave. 
Dana Clemmer Wells [1893I 

(EDUC), E.E. 1896 (seep. 8s) 

39 Broad, Neivburyport, Mass. 

William Edward West f 189^1 

(PHYS), M.D. 1895 

I/O W. 85 

Joseph Center Wight, A.M. 1894 

®Edward Bownes Willets, Jr. 
119 Montague, Bklyn. 

Stephen Seymour Wise (Rev.) 

Ph.D. 1901 

23 W. 90 

August Zinsser, Jr. [1893] (lb) 
1513 Third Ave. 


Elizabeth Morton Boyce (Mrs. 
Harlow McMillen) 
Castleton Corners, N. Y. C. 

Zaidee Williams, A.M. 1900 
^09 W. 54 



Floyd Appleton (Rev.), Ph.D. 

1906, Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1896 
230 New Jersey Ave., Bklyn. 

Henry Watterson Bainton (Rev.) 

1970 Dahlia, Denver, Colo. 
Acton Civill Bassett (l), LL.B. 

N'. Y. Law Sch. 1894 
165 Broadzvay 

William Henry Bawden (Rev.) 

Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 1896 

133 Gordon, Perth Amboy, N. I. 
Henry Charles Bernheim (m) 
409 Lafayette 




Max Jacob Bernheim (l), LL.B. 


37 Wall 

Abraham Bijur (m) 

145 Water 
Joseph Bijnr (eng),'E.E. 1895 

1^2 E. 60 
®]Middleton Smith Borland 

157 W. 47 
Charles Chisholm Brainerd (l), 

LL.B. 1895 

134 Broadivay, Bklyn. 

William Ross Brinckerhoff (l) 

6S William 
Elias Galley Brown[Jr.] (educ), 

M.D. 1895 
Allabcn, N. Y. 

®John [Francis] Carew (l), 

LL.B. 1896 

319 E. 57 
Sidney Bernhard Cohn* 

Howard Martin Cook [1894] 

Essex Fells, N. J. 
Peter Grant Cornell (no) 

Cat skill, N. Y. 
Henry Edward Crampton [Jr.] 

(EDUC), Ph.D. 1899. (see p. 38) 
Columbia University 

William Ballon Donnell* 

aet. 32 *i905 

Appleton Grannis (Rev.), A.M. 

1898 (see p. 48) 

8 Kirk, Lozvell, Mass. 
Roland Palmer Gray (educ), 

A.M. Rochester 1908, Prof. Maine 

Maine Univ., Orono, Me. 
Chauncey Boyd Griffiths (phys), 

M.D. 1896 

257 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

Willett Nicoll Hawkins (Rev.) 

Schuylerville, N. Y. . 
George Charles Hayes 
William Addison Hervey (educ), 

A.M. 1894 (see p. 5) 

Columbia University 
Herbert Miiller Hopkins* (Rev.), 

A.M. Harvard 1896, Ph.D. 1898 

aet. 39 *i9io 

Frederick Kaufman* 

Stephen Henry Keating (l) 
34 Nassau 

Harvey Roberts Kingsley (l), 

LL.B. 1896 
Rutland, Vt. 

Arthur Charles Kletzsch (mf), 

LL.B. 1896 

1337 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wilfrid Lay (educ), Ph.D. 1898 
20 Neff Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Leffert Lefferts, A.M. 1897 
770 Fenimore, Bklyn. 

Louis Leslinf*, M.D. 1895 

aet. 32 *i903 

Caspar Levias, A.M. 1894 

157 Chadwick Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
Leonard Beecher McWhood 

(EDUC) (seep. 63) 
Madison, N. J. 

Edward Peale MacMullen* 

aet. 30 *i898 

Walter Taylor Marvin (educ), 

Ph.D. Bonn 1898, Prof. Rutgers Coll. 
(see p. 64) 

Rutgers Coll., Nczv Brunszvick,N.J. 
Walter Herbert Merrall (m), 

135 W. 42 
George Lawrence Myers* 

aet. 31 *i903 

Walter Scott Newhouse (l), 

LL.B. 1895 
37 Liberty 
George N. Olcott,* Ph.D. 

1899 (see p. 68) 

aet. 43 *I9I2 

Thomas Pollock Peters (l), 

LL.B. and J. D. St. Lawrence 
155 Keap, Bklyn. 

Hamilton Bancker Phelps (Rev.), 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sein. 1896 
Nen-iark, Del. 

Charles Louis Pollard (cu- 
rator), A.M. 1894 
Neiv Brighton, N. Y. C. 

John Lovett Rile, Jr. 

Fielding Tecumseh Robeson 

(PHYS), M.D. 189s 
325 Central Park W. 

Edward Grundy Rotter 

Sanford Louis Rotter (j), A.M. 

William Robert Shepherd 

(EDUC), A.M. 1894, Ph.D. 1896 
(see p. 77) 

468 Riverside Drive 
tFormerly Louis Lesinsky. 




Louis Victor Sotithack* 

aet. 33 "1905 

Francis Ferdinand Spies 
242 W. 104 

Arnon Lyon Squiers (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1894 (see p. 79) 
226 New York Ave., Bklyn. 

Andrew Varick Stout (b) 

^^9 E. 53 
Starr Taintor (mf) 

2 Rector 

Albert Payson Terhune (au) 
200 W. 78 

Samuel George Fitzhugh Town- 
send,* E.E. 1896 

(see p. 82) aet. 34 *i9o6 

Sidney Hubbell Treat* (Rev.), 

A.M. 1894, B.D. Episcopal Theol. 
School, Camb. 1897 aet. 32 *i903 

Frederic Edgar Underbill (m) 
170 W. 76 

Herbert Tread well Wade (ed, 

AU) (see p. 84) 
14Q E. 46 

Frederick Newton Whitehorne 

(PHYS), M.D. 1895, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 


22 IV. 123 

William Philip Whyland (br) 
211 IV. 107 

Fred Templeton Zabriskie,* 

M.D. 1895 

aet. 33 *i90S 


David D. Ackerman (l) 
Closter, N. J. 

Paul Armitage (l), LL.B. 1896 
12 Central Park W. 

Lawrence Atterbury (l), LL.B. 
141 IV. 86 

William Hayden Baker (phys), 

M.D. 1896 
Quincy, III. 

John Philip Benkard (br) 

43 E. 31 
James Fuller Berry (educ), A.M. 

1896 (see p. 31) 

601 W. 148 

Francis Hill Bowman (eng) 

269 Walnut, West Lynn, Mass. 
Charles Joseph Breck [Jr.] (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1896 
43 Broadway 

George Henry Broughton, Jr.* 

aet. 29 *i9oi 

®Francis Tillou Buck 

138 W. 48 
Russell Ely Burke (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1896 

37 Liberty 

Spencer Carleton (phys), M.D. 


834 West End Ave. 

George Stanislaus Council, A.M. 


Harold Coburn Cook* 

aet. 30 *i9oi 

Walter Wheeler Cook (educ), 

A.M. 1899, LL.M. 1901, Prof. Univ. 

Chicago (see p. 38) 

6917 Bennett Ave., Chicago, III. 

Eugene Howell Daly (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. ,1896 
Riverside, Cal. 

Alexander White Doolittle (br) 

Utica, N. Y. 
William Coffin Dornin, Jr. (re) 

36 W. 35 

Horace Dowie (eng), E.E. 
180A Madison, Bklyn. 

Harold Sharpe Emerson (l, m) 

Shepherd Ivory Franz (educ), 

Ph.D. 1899, Prof. Washington Univ. 
1906-, Scientific Dir. Gov. Hosp. for 
Insane 191 o- (see p. 46) 

St. Elizabeth's, Washington, D. C. 
Joseph Peter Grace (m), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1895 
7 Hanover Sq. 

Otto Theodore Hess,* 

A.M. 1895, LL.B. 1896 aet. 33 *i9o8 

Philip Redington Mudge Hil- 

aet. 26 *i898 

James Cox Howell (adv), A.M. 

1896, LL.B. 1897 

39 Winthrop, Taunton, Mass. 

Ernest Valentine Hubbard 

(PHYS), A.M. 1896, M.D. 1898 (see 

P- 54) 

449 Park Ave. 

1 62 



David Stewart Iglehart (m) 

University Club, N. Y. C. 
Meir Jaffa 
Herbert Macleod Johnston (l), 

A.M. 1895, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 


1 35 Broadzvay 

Shepherd Knapp [Jr.] (Rev.), 

B.D. Yale 1897, D.D. N. Y. Univ. 


8 Institute Rd., Worcester, Mass. 

George WiUiam Kosmak (phys), 

M.D. 1899 
^3 E. 93 
Horatio Sheafe Krans (pub), 

A.M. 1897, Ph.D. 1903 

31 E. 27 

Medwin Leale (phys), M.D. 


S32 Lexington Ave. 

Prescott Le Breton (phys), M.D. 


23 Irving PI, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Walter Henry Liebmann (l), 

LL.B. 1897, N. Y. Assembly 1908 

55 E. 82 
Campbell Erie Locke (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1896 
165 Broadzvay 

Frederic Ludlow Luqueer 

(EDUC), Ph.D. 1896 

86 Marlborough Rd., Bklyn. 

William Jeremiah Millard (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1898 

7 Cedar Ave., Rockville Center, 

N. Y. 

Frederick Felix Neuman (l), 

LL.B. 1896 
43 Cedar 

George Mitchell Parker (phys), 

M.D. 1896 

41 IV. 52 
Warren Waverley Phelan 

(EDUC), A.M. 1896. Ph.D. George 
Washington 1905, Dean of Summer 
Sch. and Prof. Baylor Univ. 

State Univ., Norman, Okla. 

Albert Capron Phillips (j) 
506 W. Ill 

Theodore Irving Reese (Rev.), 

B.D. Episcopal Theol. School Camb., 
Chairman Ohio State Bd. of Arbitra- 

85 I offer son Ave., Columbus, O. 

Winfred Chesney Rhoades 

(Rev.), B.D. Hartford Theol. Sem. 

Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

Harry Pelham Robbins (build) 

113 E- 54 

Milton Stanley Roth* 


Edward Sandford (l, educ), 

LL.B. Harvard 1897. J-D. N. Y. 
Univ. 1 90s, Counsel to Gov. 
Hughes 1907-8, Prof. N. Y. Law Sch. 
27 William 

George Reese Satterlee (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1898 

125 W. 58 

Oscar Roland Seitz (l), LL.B. 
52 Wall 

Harry Judson Shaw (l, inv) 

30 Pine 
William West Shaw (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1896 
2 Rector 

John Dempster Sherman, Jr. 
335a Decatur, Bklyn. 

Henry Merwin Shrady 

Elmsford, N. Y. 
Clarence Bishop Smith (l),LL.B. 

Harvard 1897 
27 William 

Charles Robert Swords (br) 

52 Broadway 

Guy Hanford Turrell (phys), 

M.D. 1896 

Main Rd., Smithtown, N. Y. 

Henry Ayres Uterhart (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1896 
200 W. 56 

George John Wardenburg 

(PHYS), M.D. 1896 

144 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Edwin Dunning Weed (Rev.) 


St. Alban's Sch., Knoxville, III. 

Frederic DeWitt Wells (l), A.M. 

1895, LL.B. elsewhere, K. Y. As- 
sembly 1906, Justice Munic. Court, 
N. Y. C. 
32 Nassau 

Arthur Donald Williams 


Walnut Ave. and 133 




Louis William Wormser (b) 

836 Fifth Ave. 
Frederick Amaziah Wright 

(Rev.), Grad. Phila. Div. Sch. 1897, 
D.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1905 

144 Westminster Rd., Bklyn. 



Claude Selwyn Beckwith (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1897 
Nivervillc, N. Y. 
Herbert Doty Brown (contr), 

C.E. 1898 

Walnut Ave. and 133 

Charles Frederick Buckley 

(PHYS), M.D. 1898 
802 Carroll, Bklyn 

William L. Cahn (l), LL.B. 

Harvard 1898 

III Broadzvay 
Lewis Nathaniel Chase (au), 

A.M. 1898, Ph.D. 1903 (see p. 36) 
Riverside, Cal. 

Roger Lewis Conant (soc), 

A.M. Cincinnati 1912 

5709 Arnsby PL, Madisonville, O. 

John Hamilton Potter Conover 

(PHYS), M.D. 1898 

70/7 E. Jersey, Elisabeth, N. J. 
Frederick Coykendall, A.M. 

and C.E. 1897, Genl. Mgr. and Sec. 
Cornell Steamboat Co. 

I W. 72 
Frederick Morse Cutler (Rev.), 

B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 1898 
Wenham, Mass. 

Schuyler Emerson Day (l), A.M. 

1896, LL.B. 1898 
45 Broadzvay 

Henry William Egner, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1898 

1013 Broad, Newark, N. J. 

®WilliamSanford Evans (educ), 

A.M. 1896 

43 Edmonton, Winnipeg, Canada 

John Ewen (l)_, LL.B. 1897 

45 Cedar 
John Driscoll Fitz-Gerald, 2nd. 

(EDUC), Ph.D. 1906, Eleve titulaire 
de I'Ecole Pratique des Hautes 
Etudes, Paris 1897, Eleve diplome 
T902, Corresp. Memb. Real Academia 
Espanola, Asst. Prof. Univ. 111. (see 
P- 45) 
57 Liberty, Newark, N. J. 

William Oscar Gennert(L),A.M. 

1896, LL.B. 1899 
149 Broadzvay 

George Balthasar Germann 

(EDUC), Ph.D. 1899 (see p. 47) 
167 Rutland Rd., Bklyn 

Felix Mortimer Gernsheim (l), 

A.M. 1896 

862 West End Ave. 

0Frederick Berg Hartranft 

49 Pearl, Hartford, Conn. 
Henry Eugene Houston (c) 

Paterson, N. I. 

Victor William Hungerford 

[1896] (L), LL.B. N. yV Law Sch. 


Mining Exch. Bldg., Colorado 

Springs, Colo. 

Conrad Saxe Keyes (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1897 

20 Nassau 

Maulsby Kimball (l), LL.B. 


103 Linzvood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Arthur Kline Kuhn (l), A.M. 

1896, LL.B. 1897, Ph.D. 1912 (see p. 58) 

308 W. 92 
Edward Lazansky (l), LL.B. 

1897, Asst. Corporation Counsel N.Y. 
C, Trustee Coll. City N. Y., Secy. 
State, N. Y., Memb. Bd. Educ. N. Y. C. 

44 Court, Bklyn. 
William Thomas Mason,* 

A.M. 1896, LL.B. 1897 aet. 31 *i90S 

Albert O. Miller, Jr., LL.B., 1893 
James Macdonald Mitchell 

(ENG), E.M. Michigan Coll. of 
Mines igog 

207 Whitestone Ave., Flushing, 
N. Y. C. 

Charles Gustave Mourraille (m) 

42 W. 9 
Rudolph Neeser (br) 

29 Wall 
Walter Stephen Newell (educ), 

A.M. Boston 1896, Pli.D. 1905, Prof. 
Coe Coll. 

Coe Coll., Cedar Rapids, la. 
Charles Walton Ogden [Jr.] (m) 

14 E. 79 
Henry Berry Pogson (l), A.M. 

1896, LL.B. 1897 
115 Broadzvay 

1 64 



Frank Judson Pope (ed) 

161 IV. 103 
William Howe Ripley (eng), 

E.E. 1899 

294 Park Ave., Orange, N. J. 

James Naumburg Rosenberg 

(L), LL.B. 1898 

30 Pine 
Isaac Max Rubino 
Frederic White Shepard (l), 

LL.B. 1897 
30 Pine 

Frederick Herbert Sill (Rev.) 

(EDUC), Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1898 

Ke)it School, Kent, Conn. 
Joseph Percy Smyth, Jr. (Rev.) 

Canaan, Conn. 
Joel Elias Spingarn (educ), 

Ph.D. 1899 (see p. 79) 

9 IV. 73 
Clarence Storm (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1897 
100 Broadway 

Joseph Suydam Stout [Jr.] 

(B, BR), A.M. and E.E. 1897 
23 Broad 

William Dana Street (Rev. ),B.D. 

Union Theol. Sem. 1898 

4 Ridgeview Ave., White Plains, 
N. Y. 
David Houghtaling Taylor 

[1896] (L), LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1896 

229 IV. 70 
Stephen Fraser Thayer (l), 

LL.B. 1897 

18 S. Broadway, Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Frederic Oakman Virgin (phys), 

M.D. 1899 

126 W. 121 
Richmond Weed (l), LL.B. 
62 William 

David Everett Wheeler (phys), 

M.D. 1898 

5ig Franklin, Buffalo, N. Y. 

®J. Perry Worden (educ), Ph.D. 

Halle 1900 

Kalamasoo, Mich. 


Elizabeth Frances Nammack 

(EDUC), A.M. 1896 

no Morningside Drive 


Charles Siedler Adams (b) 

60 Broadway 

Bernard Alexander (l), A.M. 

1897, LL.B. 1899 

Carl Lucas Alsberg (chem), 

A.M. and jSLD. 1900 
3443 Fourteenth, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

John Richard Atwill (Rev.) 

Modesto, Cal. 
Rogers Hammond Bacon (l), 

LL.B. Harvard 1899 
30 Broad 

Edwin Atkinson Bayles(L),A.M. 

1897, LL.B. 1899 
113 Broadzvay 

William Fenwick Beekman 


3S E. 76 

Edwin Beer (surg), M.D. 


48 W. 74 
®George Philip Bryant (educ) 

Abet School, Cairo, Egypt 

®Granville Ingraham Burr 

811 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Herbert Louis Celler (phys), 

M.D. 1900 

61 W. 94 

William Samuel Cherry (phys), 

M.D. 1899, A.M. St. Francis Xavier 
Coll. 1897 

logo St. Nicholas Ave. 
David Cohn (l), A.M. 1897, 

LL.B. 1898 

112 Ellison, Patcrson, N. J. 

Afaurice Cohn (l), A.M. 1897, 

LL.B. 1898 

22g Broadzvay, Patcrson, N. J. 

Charles du Pont Coudert (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1898 
53 W. 4S 
Edward Hamilton Daly (l), 

LL.B. 1898 

42 W. g 
Walter Scott Dryfoos (l), A.M. 

1904, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1899 
42 Broadway 

Henry Louis Austin Fick (Rev.) 
Independence, la. 




Wells Hubert Fitch (Rev.), B.D. 

Union Tlicol. Scni. iSgg 

116 Sound Ave., Kiverhcad, N. Y. 
0Harold Carl Geyer, M.D. 1901 

78 Second 
Everett Willoughby Gould 

(PHYS), A.M. and M.D. 1899 
6 W. 121 

Robert Hurtin Halsey (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1900 

165 VV. 58 
William Henry Hays (br), A.M. 

1897, Memb. N. Y. Stock Exch. 
7/ Broadivay 

John Duer Irving (educ), A.M. 

1898, Ph.D. 1899, Prof. Yale 

Yale Univ., Nezv Haven, Conn. 
Edward Thomas Johnston 
Walter Coluzzi Kretz (eng), 

A.M. 1897, Ph.D. 1899, Mech.E. 1902 
(see p. 58) 

Care John A. Roebling's Sons Co., 
Trenton, N. J. 

Alfred Louis Kroeber (educ), 

A.M. 1897, Ph.D. 1901, Assoc. Prof. 
Univ. of Cal. (see p. 58) 

Affiliated Colleges, San Francisco, 
Irving Lehman (l), A.M. 1897, 

LL.B. 1898, Justice Supreme Ct. of 

N. Y. 

37 W. 6g 
Albert Ralph Lesinsky (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1898 
II W. 89 
Julian Clarence Levi (arch), 

Ecole des Beau.x Arts, Paris 1904 

440 West End Ave. 
Frederick Montgomery Living- 
ston (l), A.m. 1897, LL.B. 
iig W. 49 

Robert Glenn McCrea* 

aet. 22 *i897 

Robert Austin McCulloch 

(ARCH), B.S. (fa.) 1899 

540 IV. 136 
Aaron Wager Maddox (Rev.), 

B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 1899 
FailSt, N. Y. 

Leonard Jerome Obermeier (l), 

A.M. 1897, LL.B. 1898 
31 Nassau 

Edward Codman Parish (l) 
52 Wall 

Asa Warren Parker [Jr.] (eng.), 

E.M. 1899 

45 Broadivay 

®Frederick Augustus Peters, 
[Jr.] (EDUC), B.D. 

Union Theol. Sem. 1899 

2166 Crotona Ave. 
0Edwy Guthrie Pitblado(Rev.), 

B.D. Berkeley Div. Sch. 

Trinity Parish House, Pittsburgh, 

William Popper (educ), A.M. 

1897, Ph.D. 1899. Asst. Prof. Univ. 
of Cal. (see p. 71) 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Joseph Mever Proskauer (l), 

LL.B. 1899 

170 Broadivay 

Franklin Edwin Reese (sec) 

84 William 
Isidorus Ross* 
Allan Conn Rowe (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1898 

149 Broadway 

0John Wiethauper Russell (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1899, N. Y. 
State Senate 1903-4 

120 Broadway 
Herman Francis Senftner 

(PHYS). M.D. Cornell 1899 

428 W. 154 
Samuel Swayze Seward, Jr. 

(EDUC), A.M. 1897, Asst. Prof. 
Stanford (see p. 76) 

262 Kingslcy Ave., Palo Alto, Cal, 
Walter Conwell Shoup (mf), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1898 
120 Riverside Drive 

®John Hebard Snyder (l), 

LL.B. 1 90 1 

23 S. William 

John Tilley, Jr. (Rev.) 

Barnesboro, Pa. 
Carl Manfred Uhl* 

John Alfred Valentine (l), 
538 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 

Richard Weil (phys), A.M. and 

M.D. 1900 

163 W. 86 
Edwin Blanchard Woodruff 


1009 Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 






EUerv Oswald Anderson [1898] 

174 E. 64 

Woodward Babcock (b) 

15 Wall 

Philip Bissell,* M.D. 1902 

aet. 27 *i904 

Theodore Lawrence Bogert 
194 Broadzvay 

Arthur Bookman (phys), M.D. 
40 E. 62 

Charles William Boote (l), 

LL.B. 1899 

99 Highland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Philip Ernest Brodt 

(see p. 33) 

10 Chestnut Ave., Dansville, N. Y. 

Frank Hoag Brooks 

R. F. D. No. 2, Ballsfon Lake, 

N. Y. 
William Joseph Clarke (l), A.M. 

1898, LL.B. 1899, Asst. Corp. Coun- 
sel N. Y. C. 

Hall of Records, N. Y. C. 
Frederick Hassard Cluff (ins), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1899 
755 Remsen, Bklyn. 

0William Theobald Dempsey 

Morris Park, N. Y. 
Francis Harold Dike (educ) 

Walter Strong Edwards (j) 
44 North, Grecmvich, Conn. 

Francis Bertram Elgas (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. i"899 
40 Exchange PI. 

Charles Henry EUard (educ, 

INS), A.M. 1900 (see p. 43) 
Great Neck, N. Y. 

Harry Harkness Flagler 

32 Park Ave. 
(2)William Henry Fry (educ), 

A.M. 1898, Ph.D. 1908 
319 Ninth, Bklyn. 

Seymour Keyes Fuller (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1900 
i6s Broadzvay 

Benjamin Thorne Gilbert (mf), 

Pres. Utica Chamber of Commerce 

Greenaway House, Nezv Hartford, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Benedict Griffin (inv) 
Franklin, Englewood, N. J. 

® William Boone Gunton (pub) 
1230 E. Front, PlainReld, N. J. 

Edgar Arnold Hellman (br) 
7/ Broadzvay 

Walter Leon Hess (mgr) 

450 Fourth Ave. 
Charles Knap Hitchcock, Jr. 

(ENG), A.M. and E.M. 1900 (see 

p. 5^) 

Lake Mine, Mich. 

Bernard Michael Kaplan (Rabbi) 

(ED), A.M. 1901, Rabbi Jewish 
Theol. Sem. of Amer. 1897 

267 Eighth Ave., San Francisco, 

Arthur Lee [1898] (f), LL.B. 
Cavctoivn, Md. 

J[ames] Lester Lewine, LL.B. 

I goo 

II2S Lexington Ave. 
Stephen Lindenfelser (educ) 

69 E. 87 
John Henry Hobart Lyon 

(EDUC), A.M. 1898 
Faribault, Minn. 

0Samuel Wilkinson IMaguire 

(L), LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. i'899 

229 IV. 74 
Arthur Lockett Marvin (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1899 

31 Nassau 

Edward Gibbs Merrill (m). 

Consul for Liberia 
249 IV. II 

Nathan Orcutt Petty (l), A.M. 

1898, LL.B. 1S99 
Riverhead, N. Y. 

John Hill Prentice (b, co), A.M. 


23 E. 69 

Reginald William [Grant] Press- 
prich (b) 
Rye, N. Y. 
Albert William Putnam (l), 

LL.B. 1900 

32 Liberty 

Charles Chapin Sargent, Jr. (au, 


-?9 E. 73 
Flenry Hathorne Sawyer 




George Washington Senftner,* 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. '1902 

William Seward Shanahan (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1898, Memb. 
N. Y. State Assembly 1908 

44 Court, Bklyn. 
Robert Willis Shearman (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1901 

400 Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 
(8) Paul Shimmon (educ), B.D.. 

Genl. Theol. Sem. 1909 

Urumia, Persia (via Berlin and 

0Oliver Smith (f) 

Moreland Farm, Easton, Md. 
®Erastus Burrows Soper, Jr. 

(L, B), LL.B. Iowa State 1899 
Emmetsburg, la. 

Eugene Edward Spiegelberg(L)^ 

A.M. 1898, LL.B. 1900 
i/'O Broadivay 

Arthur Barnett Spingarn (l) 

A.M. 1899, LL.B. 1900 

55 Liberty 

Morris Lincoln Strauss, A.M. 

1898, LL.B. 1900 

College Point, N. Y. C. 

Edwin Piatt Tanner (educ), 

A.M. 1898, Ph.D. 1908, Assoc. Prof. 


Syracuse University, Syracuse, 

N. Y. 

Faneuil Suydam Weisse (phys), 

M.D. 1900, Med. Direc. Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. of N. Y. 
32 Nassau 

<S>George Wilson Wharton (sec) 

Care George P. Day, 31 Nassau 
Charles Frederick Wheaton (l), 

LL.B. 1899 

38 Point, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Isaac Yohannan (Rev.) (educ), 

A.M. 1899, Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 

Kearney Military Academy, Kear- 
ney, Nebr. 

Alexander Henry William Zer- 
ban (educ) 
723 Union Ave. 


Julius Alsberg (eng), Mech. E. 


56 W. 95 

Morton Knight Averill (l), 

LL.B. 1901 
55 Liberty 

Lucius Constant Bulkley 

(MED MISS), A.M. and M.D. 1901 
531 Madison Ave. 

Charles Clinton Burke, Jr. (m) 

5 Ravine Rd., Plainiield, N. J. 
Walter Nicholas Clapp (Rev.) 

[1900] Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1903 

358 McKee PL, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Williams Comstock 

(see p. 37) 

Harry Randel Cook* 

aet. 22 "iSgS 

Frank Holmes Curry (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1899 

New Brighton, N. Y. C. 

Ernest Warren Davenport 

39 Claremont Ave. 
John Woodbridge Demarest,* 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1900 

Frank Depew (m) 

70 St. Nicholas PI. 
Arthur [Brill] De Young (br) 

1292 Madison Ave. 
Frank Griggs Dresser 

192 Waterman, Providence, R. L 
Charles Hebard Edwards (l), 

LL.B. 1900 

36 Patterson Ave., Greenwich, 
(8)Lewis David Einstein, A.M. 

1899, Sec. Amer. Deleg. Moroccan 
Conf. 1906, Sec. of Amer. Embassy 

Care State Dept., Washington^ 

D. C. 
Dexter Mason Ferry, Jr. (mf) 

70^0 Woodward Ave., Detroit, 

(^Arnold Winkelried Fismer 

(EDUC), Ph.D. N. Y. Univ. 1899 
302 Belleville Ave., Bloomfield, 
N. J. 
Harry Louis Haas (l), 

LL.B. 1901 

42 Broadzuay 

®Edwin Taylor Iglehart 

(MED MISS), B.D. Drew Theol. 
Sem. 1901 

Tokio, Japan 
Ernest Iselin (b) 
36 Wall 




George Richard Jacobus (m) 

S^i Tuckahoe Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Frederick Paul Keppel (educ), 

Litt.D. (Hon.) Pittsburgh 1913 (see 
P- 57) 
Columbia University 

Ernest Gustave Lemcke (m) 
S6 Fuller Terrace, Orange, N. J. 

Maxwell Lester (m) 
Forest Ave., Lakewood, N. /. 

John Fulton Berrien Alitchell 
[Jr.] (B) 
33 -P'"^ 

Stuyvesant Fish Morris, Jr. (br) 
15 Wall 

Albert Sydney Morrow (surg), 

M.D. Bell Med. Coll. 1901, Adj. 
Prof. N. Y. Polyclin. Med. Sch. 
223 IV. 72 

Robert King Morse (stat) 
31S Plymouth Ct., Chicago, III. 

John Waring Parks,* LL.B. 

1902 (see p. 69) *i9io 

Ferdinand Van Siclen Parr (l) 
150 Sterling, Bklyn. 

Robert Low Pierrepont 

140 Columbia Heights, Bklyn. 
Ralph Brauwer PoiTieroy(Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1903 
Princeton, N. I. 

Charles Joseph Pretzfeld (mf), 

A.M. 1900, Ph.D. 1902 
229 Fourth Ave. 

Henry Thomas Randall (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1900 
14Q Broadicay 

Lothrop Randolph (br) 
Mt. St. Vincent, N. Y. C. 

Gerard Roberts (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1899 
38 Park Rotv 

William Charles Sandy, Jr. 

(PHYS), M.D. 1901 

State Hospital, Trenton, N. J. 

Jacob Smith Schlussel (br) 

37 W. 74 
(8)Arthur Harold Schwarz (m) 

J038 Fifth Ave. 
0Joseph Barnard Solomon (ins) 

Jezvish Tlieol. Son., N. Y. C. 

Nathan Stern (Rabbi), A.M. 

1899, Ph.D. 1901, Rabbi Hebrew Union 
Coll. (Cinn.) 1904 

509 Public, Providence, R. I. 
William Bittle Symmes, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1901 

55 Liberty 

Alvan Alonzo Tenney (educ), 

A.M. 1899, Ph.D. 1907 (see p. 81) 
70 Morningside Drive 

Stallo Vinton (l), A.M. 1899, 

LL.B. 1900 
I4g Broadway 

Martin Heyman Vogel (l) 

56 E. 80 

Jesse Watson [Jr.] (l) 
60 Wall 

William Rogers Westerfield (l) 
4S0 Park, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

^Jonathan Dunham Wilson, Jr. 


NeiK'burgh, N. Y. 

Samuel Copp Worthen(L), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1900 

170 Broadzvay 

Franklin Zeiger (educ), A.M. 


13S Park, Montclair, N. J. 



Charles Adkins Baker (l), A.M. 

1900, LL.B. 1902 
52 Broadzvay 

Hugh [McCulloh] Birckhead 

(Rev.). A.M. (Hon.) 1907, B.D. 
Epis. Theol. Sem. Camb. 1902, D.D. 
Trinity Coll. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Harold Hosford Bowman (l) 

38 Park Row 
William Aspenwall Bradley (au, 

ED), A.M. 1900 

P. O. Box 885, Nezv Canaan, Conn. 

William Warren Bross(L), A.M. 

1900, LL.B. 1901 
76 ]Villiam 

Ernest Abraham Cardozo (l), 

A.M. 1900, LL.B. 1902, LL.M. 1903 
31 W. 6g 

Robert Jermain Cole (t) 
Care N. Y. Sun, N. Y. C. 




William Butler Corning (adv) 

135 William 
®Sumner Deane (re) 

62 E. 78 
Gustav [Carl Ferdinand] Eg- 
gena (m) 

121 E. 21 
George Ehret, Jr. (brewer) 

3 E. 93 
Henry Cameron Eldert (l), 

A.M. 1901, LL.B. 1902 

51 Wall 
Bernard Morris Lee Ernst (l, 

SEC), LL.B. 1903 
31 Liberty 
Norton De Los Lull Fletcher 

(PHYS), M.D. 1902 
556 W. 113 

George Phelps Fort (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sell. 1901 
/77 Montague, Bklyn. 

Arthur Anderson Fowler (m) 

30 Church 
Irving Giffin (b) 

311 Lincoln Ave., Orange, N. J. 
Horace Cutler Graves (j) 
Frank Sutliff Hackett (educ), 

Headmaster Riverdale Country Sch. 
(see p. 49) 

Riverdale, N. Y. C. 
Howard Sawyer Harrington (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1902 

64 Wall 
John Smith Harrison (educ), 

A.M. 1900, Ph.D. 1903, Asst. Prof. 
Kenyon Coll. 

Gambler, O. 
George Sidney Hellman (m), 

A.M. 1900 
309 W. 80 

Otto Hellmuth Hinck (br) 

86 Christopher, Montclair, N. J. 
Frederic William Hinrichs, Jr. 

[1912] (EDUC), Grad. U. S. Mil. 
Academy, West Point 1902, Prof. 
Univ. Rochester 

216 Oxford, Rochester, N. Y. 
George Gallagher Hopkins, Jr. 

(F), Mech.E. 1901 
Ballston Lake, N. Y. 

Darwin Shaw Hudson (eng), 

C.E. 1901 

157 Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Sidney Louis Josephthal (l), 

LL.B. 1901 

19 Cedar 
Walter Guest Kellogg (l) 

Ogdcnsburg, N. Y. 
William Wolfe Lesem,* 

A.M. 1901, M.D. 1903 *i9io 

Oscar Richard Lichtenstein (b) 

171 W. 71 
John Franklin McCann, Jr.,* 

A.M. 1901, LL.B. 1902 aet. 27 *igo7 

Adrian Smith Malsan(L), LL.B. 

Buffalo Law Sch. 1900 
Whitcsboro, N. Y. 

John Marcus (l), LL.B. 1902 
Far Rockaway, N. Y. C. 

George Matthew (educ), A.M. 
Bronxville, N. Y. 

Henry Augustus Miller (l), 

LL.B. Harvard 1902 
2 Rector 

John Purroy Mitchel (l) 

Pres. Bd. of Aldermen 

447 W. 162 
Miles Rees Moffatt (chem), 

B.S. (s.) 1901 (see p. 66) 

Lowell Textile Sch., Lozvell, Mass. 
Charles Moran (b, l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1902 
68 William 

Herman Otto Mosenthal (phys), 

M.D. 1903 (see p. 66) 
157 W. 79 
Geoffrey Parsons (ed), LL.B. 
Milton Rd., Rye, N. Y. 

Theophilus Parsons (l), LL.B. 
Hempstead, N. Y. 

James Duane Pell (br) 

77 E. 55 
Ernest Chapin Ropes (b) 

35 Congress, Boston, Mass. 
Montgomery Schuyler, Jr., A.M. 

1900, Sec. of Legation and Cons. 
Gen. to Roumania and Servia, Sec. 
of Legation, St. Petersburg 

American Legation, St. Petersburg, 

Alexis Eugene Senftner (educ), 

A.M. N. Y. LTniv. 1902, Ph.D. 1904, 
B.D. LTnion Theol. Sem. 1902 

42S W. 154 



[1899- 1 900 

Frederic Kimber Seward (l) 

50 Broad 
Prescott Alfriend Sherer (c), 

LL.B. 1901 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Richard Gordon Simpson* 

aet. 27 *i905 

Davison Heermance Smith,* 

M.D. 1902 aet. 29 *i903 

Henry Capen Staunton (Rev.), 

A.M. 1903, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 


78 Conklin Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Charles Henry Tuttle (l), LL.B. 
10 Hamilton Terrace 

Warren Mersereau Van Name 

(EDUC), A.M. 1905 

1090 Lincoln PL, Bklyn. 

Webster Wagner (adv) 

Towaco, N. J. 
Hans [William] Zinsser (educ), 

A.M. and M.D. 1903, Prof. Stanford 
Univ. (see p. 88) 

Palo Alto, Cat. 


Henry Garfield Alsberg (l), 

LL.B. 1903 

56 IV. 95 
Lee Mansfield Bingham (c) 

46 Norivood Ave., Summit, N. J. 
S[amuel] John Block (l), A.M. 


20^ Broadivay 

Morton Griswold Bogue (l) 

836 Union, Bklyn. 
James Floyd Bowman (phys), 

M.D. 1904 

40 Union Ave., Irvington, N. J. 

Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen [2nd] 

(L). LL.B. 1904 
49 Wall 
Roelif Hasbrouck Brooks (Rev.), 

A.M. (Hon.) 1910 

80 Lancaster, Albany, N. Y. 
(Sijohn Browne 

1264 Lexington Ave. 
Melville Henry Cane (l), LL.B. 


31 Liberty 

Harrison Clark, Jr. (l), A.M. 

1901, LL.B. 1902 
15 William 

William Irving Clark [Jr.] 

(PHYS), M.D. 1904 

33 West, Worcester, Mass. 

Philip Coan (j) 

Care N. Y. Sun, N. Y. C. 
Frederic [Dan Huntington] 
Coerr (surg), M.D. 1904 

55 E. 61 
Rudolph Isaac Coffee, Ph.D. 

Pittsburgh 1908, Rabbi, Jewish 
Theol. Sem. 1904, Supt. Heb. Or- 
phan Asylum 1904-5 

5894 Hobart, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Alfred Einstein Cohn (phys), 

M.D. 1904 

lO/'o Madison Ave. 

Michael Marks Davis, Jr., Ph.D. 


J 36 Academy Hill Rd., Boston, 

William Churchill de Mille(DRA) 

357 W. 118 
Sidney Harry Dixon (Rev.), 

A.M. 1902, B.D. Berkley Div. Sch. 1907 
South River, N. J. 

William Henry Dixon (br) 

29 IV. 49 
Roy Farrel DufTield (Rev.), B.D. 

Genl. Theol. Sem. 1909 

Garden City, N. Y. 
David Owen Dunbar, B.S. 

Cornell Coll. (Iowa) 1899, LL.B. 
Northwestern 1903 

233 S. La Salle, Chicago, III. 
Roger Durham (phys), M.D. 

322 Park PL, Bklyn. 
James Alexander Edwards (l), 

LL.B. 1902 
32 Liberty 

[Wilbur] Bruce Elmore (phys), 

M.D. 1903 

loii Cobb Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Addison Ely, Jr. (l), LL.B. 

Michigan 1900 
Rutherford, N. I. 

John Erskine (educ), A.M. 1901, 

Ph.D. 1903 (see p. 43)_ 

Columbia University 
Joseph Diehl Fackenthal (l), 

A.M. 1902, LL.B. 1903 

71 Brooklyn Ave., Bklyn. 

James Joseph Finnigan (educ) 
494 Vine, Richmond Hill, N. Y. C. 




William Mead Lindsley Fiske 
[Jr.] (b, br), 

Consul for Peru 

234 S. La Salle, Chicago, III. 
Melville Jefferson France (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1902 
17 14 E. 14, Bklyn. 

Goelet Gallatin, LL.B. 1908, 

A.M. 1909, Deputy Atty. Genl. N. Y. 
State 1910 

60 Wall 
Philip Parkhurst Gardiner (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1902 
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

H[enry] Starr Giddings (l), 

A.M. 1902, LL.B. 1903 
315 Bartlett Bldg., Atlantic City, 
N. J. 
John Wesley Gould, 

A.M. 1903 

246 Fourteenth, Bklyn. 

Pierrepont Edwards Grannis 


10 Wall 
William King Gregory (educ), 

A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 1910 (see p. 48) 

760 W. 78 
Henry Sydnor Harrison (ac) 

Charleston, W. Va. 
Everett Merl Hawks (phys), 

M.D. 1903 

I4g Manhattan Ave. 

Harwood Hoadley (educ), 

Ph.D. 1909 (see p. 52) 
133 W. II 

Irving Morehouse Hoffman 


563 E. 3, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Joseph Parkhurst Howe (l), 

LL.B. 1902 

Cortland Ave., Stamford, Conn. 

Robert Chipman Hull (Rev.), 

B.D. Rochester Theol. Sem. 1903 
Summit, N. J. 

Peter [Frederic] Irvingf (phys), 

M.D. 1903 (see p. 55) 
200 W. 57 

John Barent Johnson (f), B.S. 

Colorado 1902 
Littleton, Colo. 

Frederick Vincent Jones (m), 

LL.B. 1902 
53 W. 51 
fFormerly Pierre Frederic Irving 

Harold Kellock (au) 

519 W. 152 
David Frederick Kelly (educ), 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1892 

215 E. 238 
William C. B. Kemp, LL.B. 1896 

Frank Kidde 
78 Elm, Montclair, N. J. 

James Rintoul Knapp (l), LL.B. 


35 W. 75 
Loyal Leale (l), LL.B. 1902 

604 Madison Ave. 
Leo Lesinsky (l), LL.B. 1903 
Oscar Lowenstein (l), A.M. 

1902, LL.B. 1903 

31 Liberty 

Ralph Emerson Lum (l) 

765 Broad, Neivark, N. I. 
James [John] McKenna [Jr.] 

Gloucester, N. J. 
Fred Russell McMurry (eng) 

IVestzvood, N. J. 
Joseph Wild Mackay* 

*i9i I 

Arthur Youle Meeker (sa) 

55/ Valley Rd., Upper Montclair, 
N. J. 

Albert Joseph Mehler (c) 
601 W. 115 

Samuel Erasmus Moffett,* 

A.M. 1901, Ph.D. 1907 aet. 48*1908 

William Underbill Moore (l, 

EDUC), A.M. 1901, LL.B. 1902, 
Prof. Univ. Wisconsin 

20II Monroe, Madison, Wise. 
John Muirheid (educ), A.M. 

1 901, Asst. Prof. Hobart Coll. and 
Smith (Toll, for Women 

Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y. 
Giffard Arthur Nelson* 

aet. 33 •1909 

Abraham Elijah Neugroschl 

(EDUC), A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1902 

1228 Clay Ave. 
Leo David Newborg (br) 

30 W. 95 
Mark Wilber Norman (l) 

Daricn, Conn. 
Thomas Edward O'Brien (l), 

A.M. 1902, LL.B. 1903 ^ 

32 Nassau 




Charles Jones Ogden (lit), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1903, Ph.D. 1909 
(see p. 68) 

250 IV. 8S 

Gordon Parker (forestry), 

M.F. Harvard 191 1 

Second Ave. and 67, Bklyn. 

David Henry Pollard (educ) 

(see p. 71) 

5 Camp, Norivalk, Conn. 
George Payn Quackenbos 

(EDUC), A.M. 1901 

331 IV. 28 
Edward Holman Raymond, Jr. 

(D), D.D.S. K. Y. Coll.'Dent. 1903 
542 Fifth Ave. 

Harry Hull St. Clair [Jr.] (sec), 

A.M. 1903 
138 W. 122 

Algernon Sydney Schafer 

5-' W. 46 
Alexander Godfrey Smith 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902 

57p Garfield Ave., Richmond Hill, 

N. Y. C. 

Charles William Stoddart 

(EDUC), A.M. 1901, Ph.D. Wiscon- 
sin igog, Prof. Penn. State Coll. 

State College, Pa. 
Simeon Strunsky (ed) 
20 Vesey 

Louis Clark Tinker (ins) 
3g Whittier, E. Orange, N. J. 

Wallis Smythe Turner (br) 
634 West End Ave. 

Edwin Joseph Walter (m) 

33 Union Sq. IV. 
Sylvester L'Hommedieu Ward, 
Jr. (l), LL.B. 1902 

100 Broadzvay 

Mayer Joseph Weinstein (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1902 

251 IV. Q2 

Thomas Shirley Whittaker (c) 

44 E. 23 
John Nelson Williams (phys), 

M.D. 1903 
Bedford, N. Y. 

Charles Whitehead Woodson 

(PHYS),M.D. 1904 
Salisbury, N. C. 

Moritz Wormser (eng), A.M. 

and C.E. 1903 
100 IV. So 

]vlartin Wortman (mf) 
126 E. 79 


David Armstrong (l), 

LL.B. 1907 

J20 Seminary Ave., Rahivay, N. J. 

Edward Wood Baker (d), 

D.D.S. Penn. 1904 
Iig IV. 121 

Stephen Barker (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1903 
2/ Cedar 

William Francis Beers (l), A.M. 

1902, A.B. St. Mary's (Tex.) 1898 

J301 Ave. H, Galveston, Tex. 

William Aitken Bensel (mf) 

44 Morningside Drive 

August Abraham Boehm* 
William Henry Boese (phys), 

M.D. 1904 

527 JV. 143 
Victor Fitch Mount Bonsall 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902 

Elliott Williams Boone (Rev.), 

B.D. Epis. Theol. Sch. Cambridge, 1904 

Redding Ridge, Conn. 

Lewis F. Bowdish (educ) 
714 E. 35, Bklyn. 

Samuel Winter Bowne (m) 

JVater Witch. N. I. 
Farrand Dodd Brower (l), 

A.M. 1907 

14Q Broadzvay 

Squire Fred Browne (educ) 

603S Kingsbury PI., St. Louis, Mo. 
Edward Bright Bruce (l), 

LL.B. 1904 
Manila, P. L 

Herbert Washington Bruening- 

Key port, N. J. 
®WiHiam Paul Buchler (l) 

60 Wall 
Joseph Stettenheim Biihler (l), 

LL.B. 1905 

no W. 44 




H[enry] Duncan Bulkley (br) 
531 Madison Ave. 

Waters Field Burrows (phys), 

M.D. 1904 
40 E. 62 

Armour Caldwell [1902] (ed), 

A.M. Harvard (see p. 35) 

S5 Walnut, Montclair, N. J. 

Michael Hart Cardozo, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. 1904 
128 Broadway 

"Raymond Chamberlain (educ), 

A.M. 1902, Ph.B. Illinois Wesleyan 


1330 Prospect PI., Bklyn. 

Victor Ernest de Beaumont 

(EDUC), A.M. 1904, Prof. Univ. 

Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Can. 

Frederick Pearce Delgado (lit) 
Care Morgan Harjes & Co., 31 
Boulevard Houssniann, Paris, 

Chauncey Mitchell Depew, Jr. 


27 IV. 54 
George Laurence Donnellan 

(L), LL.B. 1904 

221 W. 49 
William Bernard Dressier (l), 

LL.B. 1903 
234 W. 104 

Aaron Phinius Drucker (rabbi) 
0Herman Duden [Jr.] (l), 

LL.B. 1903 

15 Park Lane, London W., Eng. 

Knowlton Durham (l), A.M. 

1902, LL.B. 1905 

49 Wall 

Charles Eastmond (phys), M.D. 
641 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Elisha Jay Edwards, Jr. (c) 
Maker Ave., Greemuich, Conn. 

Kenneth Benbow Elliman 
Hermosa Beach, Cal. 

Aden Alnerian English 

Paul Allen English 

Arthur Ogden Ernst (l), LL.B. 
J70 Broadway 

Joseph Henry Esser (l), LL.B. 

Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Bruce McLean Falconer [1902] 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1912 
70/ Madison Ave. 

Charles Savage Forbes (ins), 

A.M. 1903, Ph.D. 1904 (see p. 45) 
Hazvortli, N. J. 

Albert Forsch (l), LL.B. 1903 

21 W. 82 
George Kenyon Foster (educ) 

323 W. Ontario, Oak Park, III. 
Milton Lynde Frank (br) 

10 Wall 
®Sidnev Marsden Fuerst 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902 
21 E. 14 

Henry Roderick Grant 

James Gray (l), A.AL 1903, 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1906 
246 Fourteentli, Bklyn. 

Herbert de Hart Gulick (re) 
160 Broadway 

Harris Harold Gumm(L), LL.B. 


27 Cedar 
Francis Reboul Halsey (c) 

957 Boulevard, Astoria, N. Y. C. 
Hans Olaf Hanson (c) 

Bayshore Terrace, E. Ehnhiirst, 

N. Y. C. 
®Samuel Asbury Harpending 

604 W. 114 
Julian Collier Harrison (l), 

LL.B. 1903 
31 Nassau 

Marshall Lawrence Havev (c) 
Flatiron Bldg., N. Y. C. 

Charles Edward Haydock (b) 

26 Broad 
Walter James Heimann (phys), 

M.D. 1905, Chief of Clinic, Mt. 
Sinai Hosp. Disp. 

136 W. 88 
Frederick William Justus Heuser 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902 (see p. 52) 

239 S. Fifth Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Richard Hogan* 

John Gillespie Jackson (l), 

LL.B. 1903 
71 Broadway 




Harold Huntington Jacocks(RE) 

230 Central Park S. 
George Beckwith Keeler (l), 

AM. igo2, LL. B. 1903 

359 Stuyvesant Ave., Bklyn. 

Achilles Herrman Kohn (l), 

LL.B. 1903 

233 West End Ave. 
Harold Korn (mv), A.M. 1908 

45 E. 74 
Maurice Krickl (c) 

28 Nassau 
Alison Michael Lederer (l), 

A.M. 1903, LL.B. 1904 

Karl Kumler Lorenz (pub) 

390 W. I, Dayton, O. 
John Kenny Lynch 

James Francis McDonnell (co) 

451 West End Ave. 
Peter Joseph McKeon (eng) 

365 St. John PL, Bklyn. 

Harold Allison Mattice (lib) 
Library of Congress, Washington, 
D. C. 

William Henry Maxwell, Jr. 


30 Church 

Rutherford Birchard Meyer (l), 

LL.B. 1904 

5S3 Eleventh, Bklyn. 

Edward Bedinger Mitchell (ed) 

(see p. 65) 

"The Benedict," 80 Washington Sq. 
James Bly Moore 
Walter Joseph Mosenthal (ins), 

B.F. Biltmorc (N. C.) 1905 
j6 W. 85 

Stephen Payn Nash (l), LL.B. 
63 Wall 

Archie Wheeler Palmer (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1902 

74 N. Arlington Ave., E. Orange, 
N. J. 

Robert [de] Bruce Pegram 


6 Haymarket, S. W.. London, Eng. 

David Gould Proctor (actor) 
257 W. 86 

Robert Insall Raiman [1900] 

(EDUC), A.M. 1901 
492 Madison, Bklyn. 

Warren Daub Renninger(EDUc)^ 

A.M. Penn. 1906, Ph.D. 1911 

Central H. S., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Paul Henry Ringer (phys), 

M.D. 1904 

Ash evil le, N. C. 

Alfred Dwight Senftner (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1903 

428 W. 154 , 
James Sheerin (Rev.), B.D. 

Episc. Theol. Sch. Cambridge, 1903 

530 Broadzvay, S. Boston, Mass. 
Woolsey Adams Shepard (l), 

LL.B. 1903 
III Broadzvay 

Herbert Fedor Small, A.M. 1902 

Kcrhonkson, N. Y. 
John Boyce Smith, Jr. (l),A.M. 

1902, LL.B. 1904, LL.M. 1905 
115 Broadzvay 

John W^illiam Southack 
Walter Jesse Spiro [1902] (mf), 

Mech.E. 1903 
37 W. 116 
Vernon Champney Stewart 

(PHYS), M.D. 1904 

16 Summer, Woburn, Mass. 

Eugene Tavenner (educ), A.M. 

1903, A.B. Nashville 1899 
Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

William March Van Cise (pr), 

Mech. E. 1903 

699 Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J. 
Egbert Hammond Pinneo Ward 

Henry Wetherhorn (l) 

149 Broadzvay 
Robert Hooper White (br) 

119 Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 
James Thomas Williams, Jr. (j) 

Henry Morris Wise (l), LL.B. 
40 Exchange Place 

Lorande Loss Woodrufif (educ), 

A.M. 1902, Ph.D. 190S, Asst. Prof. 

Yale University, Nezv Haven, Conn. 
Edgar Allan Woolf (dra, actor) 
832 West End Ave. 






George Chew Atkins (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1904 

P. 0. Box 23, Maplewood, N. J. 
John Norton Atkins (Rev,), 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1907 
331 Convent Ave. 

James Bancroft (Rev.), B.D. 

Genl. Theol. Sem. 1905 

65 Fort Hill Ave., Lowell, Mass. 
Clarence Whittemore Bartow,* 

M.D. 190S act. 25 *i905 

Dino Bigongiari (educ) 

(see p. 31) 

Columbia University 

Allan Beach Arnold Bradley (l), 

LL.B. 190S 
49 Wall 

®Harvey Scott Brown 

De Lamar, Id. 
Ernest Gunton Budington (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1905 

32 Nassau 

Oscar Bullard* 

Ralph Whitney Carey (adv) 

251 IV. 89 
Jarvis Pomeroy Carter (l), 

LL.B. 1905 
890 Park Ave. 

Franklin Mortimer Clark (l), 

LL.B. 190S 
32 Liberty 

Edward Martin Colie, Jr. 

(PHYS),M.D. 1905 
128 W. 59 

William Major Collins (phys), 

M.D. N. Y. Homeopathic Med. Coll. 

695 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Harry Gabriel Cowen(M),LL.B. 


29 E- 74 
Charles Anderson Dana (l), A.M. 

1904, Memb. N. Y. Legislature 
60 Wall 

George Henry Danton (educ), 

Ph.D. 1907, Prof. Butler Coll. (see 

p. 39) 

Butler Coll., Indianapolis, hid. 

^Frederick Henry Duden(ENG), 

Met.E. 1906 

P. O. Box 48, Bronxville. N. Y. 

Joseph Eli Eron (educ), A.M. 
185 E. Broadzvay 

Kenneth Crane Faile 
53 W. 49 

Clinton Earle Fisk (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1904 

15 Exchange PL, Jersey City, N. J. 

Johii Knowles Fitch (pub) 
T7 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Harold Edward Ford (Rev.) 
21 E. Haverhill, Lazvrence, Mass. 

Leon Nathan Futter (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1904 
391 Fulton, Bklyn. 

John Carl Arpad Gerster(suRG), 

M.D. 1905 
34 F. 75 

Walter Lester Glenney(L), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1904 

520 Stelle Ave., PlainReld, N. J. 

John William Goff, Jr. (l) 

Hall of Records, N. Y. C. 
Alexander Goldenweiser, A.M. 

1904, Ph.D. 1910 (see p. 47) 
1308 Union Ave. 

Warner Foote Gookin (Rev.) 

(EDUC), B.D. Episc. Theol. Sch. 
Cambridge, 1905 

Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, 

George Christian Otto Haas 

(EDUC), A.M. 1903, Ph.D. 1909 

254 W. 136 
Jules Victor Haberman [1903] 

(PHYS), M.D. 1905, M.D. Berlin 
1908 (see p. 49) 

60 W. 85 

Harold Van Wyck Halsey 
957 Boulevard, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Kenneth Burt Halstead (l), 

LL.B. 1904 

665 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

James Harper [Jr.] 
312 W. 99 

Henry Samuel Harris (eng), 

B.S. Penn. 1907 
Babylon, N. Y. 

Arthur Garfield Hays (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1905 

244 Circuit Rd., New Rochelle, 

N. Y. 




Harold Melvin Hays (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1905 
II IV. 81 

Alfred Myer Hellman (phys), 

M.D. 190S 

2 IV. 86 
James Harold Heroy (mgr) 

62 Vandain 
Robert Beresford Hincks (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
165 Broadway 

Thomas Hogan (l) 

Longmont, Colo. 
Henry Steers Holland (phys), 

M.D. 1905 

3609 Broadway 

Benjamin IMerrill Holt (mgr) 

Caldzvell, Id. 
Joseph Gardner Hopkins (phys), 

M.D. Johns Hopkins 1907 (see p. 53) 

250 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 
Perry Dexter Hunt* 

aet. 24 *i905 

Georg^e Hammond Huntting 

(EDUC), A.M. California 1903, Dean 
Junior Coll. 

Sequoia Hotel, Fresno, Cal. 
[Arthur] Lefferts Hutton 

[1905], M.D. 190!; 
257 W.86 

Charles Wheeler Iglehart(Rev.), 

B.D. Drew Theol. Sem. 1906 

Burke [Pritchard] Jenkins (au) 

600 IV. 139 
Richard Harry Johnston (co) 

842 E. 79, Cleveland, O. 
Richard Kelly (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1904 
3S3 Riverside Drive 

Charles William Kennedy 

(EDUC), A.M. Princeton 1905, 
Ph.D. 1906, Asst. Prof. Princeton 

Princeton, N. J. 
Charles Krumwiede, Jr. (phys), 

M.D. 1905 

Box 162, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 

John Pierce Langs (l), 

LL.B. Buffalo 1908 
Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Alfred Stratton Lawrence 

(Rev.). A.M. 190S, B.D. Genl. Theol. 
Sem. 1907 

St. Mattheiv's Church, Hillsboro, 
N. C. 

William Wheelock Lawson(MF) 

462 Mott Ave. 

Louis Vernon Ledoux (au, co) 
99 John 

Eliot Lee (br) 

27 W. 43 
Alfred Homes Lewis (educ), 

A.M. 1903 
545 IV. 148 
Harry Alier Lewy(L), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1904 
2 Rector 

Charles Christian Lieb (phys), 

M.D. 1906 (see p. 60) 
50 Central Park IV. 

Robert Jones Littell 
34 Elm, Summit, N. J. 

Edward Vern Lockhart, LL.B. 

Buffalo Law Sch. 1899 

Samuel Pierson Lockwood 

(MUS), A.M. 1903 

800 Oxford Road, Ann Arbor, 


Clifford Burnett Alaclntvre 

(PHYS, MUS), M.D. 1905 

13; IV. 78 

Lyle Evans Mahan (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1904 
11$ Broadivay 

Clive Spencer Mapes (re) 
221 W. 57 

Daniel Ammen Menocal (b) 
Care International Banking Corpo- 
ration, Peking, China 

Iloward Brown Merrell (sa) 
634 Phoenix Blk., Butte, Mont. 

Reuben Alfonso Meyers (c) 

Alton, N. Y. 

George Middleton (dram) 
Players Club, N. Y. C. 

William Marsiglia Nesbit(Rev.), 

A.M. 1907, B.D. Drew Theol. Sem. 

Basking Ridge, N. J. 
Frederic Golding Oppenheimer 

(PHYS), M.D. 1906 

230 JV. 99 
Reuben Ottenberg (phys), A.M. 

and M.D. 1905 (see p. 69) 

164 W. 87 




Harry Lilienthal Parr (eng), 

Mech.E. 1904 (see p. 69) 

Columbia University 
Walden Pell (br) 

77 E. 55 
William Woodward Perrine, Jr.* 


(8)Louis Phillips 
Mascppa, Minn. 
Henry Le Brun Poinier (b) 

14 Wall 

Henry Starr Prince (sa) 
14s Kemnore PL, Bklyn. 

Otto Pullich (arch) 
Potsdomerstrasse 113, Berlin, Ger- 

Lyman Rhoades [Jr.] (b) 

Vice-Pres. Equitable Trust Co. N. Y. 

27 Wall 
Chapman Ropes (l) 

40 W. 69 
Theodore Raymond St. John(L), 

LL.B. 1905 

241 Webster Ave., Long Island 


Edward Schuster (l), LL.B. 

Segnnda Capuchinas 48, Mexico, 

Frank Houghton Sewall (eng), 

C.E. 1906 (see p. 76) 
21 W. 84 

William Brock Shoemaker* 

aet. 23 *i9o6 

<8)Henry Kirkland Smith, A.AL 
38 First, Ilion, N. Y. 

H[arold] Tuthill Spence (br) 

320 W. 75 
Joseph Whittlesey Spencer (l), 

LL.B. 190S 

15 William 

Charles Clyde Spicer (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1904 

800 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Sidney Lehman Spiegelberg 

(PHYS), M.D. 1906 
265 Central Park W. 

Robert Lefferts Strebeigh 

(BUILD), LL.B. 1904 

43 E. 61 

Horace Richmond Sturtevant* 

aet. 24 *i902 

Edward Larocque Tinker (l) 
22 E. 78 

Gilbert Oakley Ward (lib) 
Cleveland Public Library, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Spencer Waters (br) 

A'^. Y. Cotton Exchange 
Arthur Delano Weekes, Jr. (l) 

2 Rector 

Henry James West (eng), E.M. 
Garnervillc, N. Y. 

William Parker Wharton (educ), 

A.M. 1906, Ph.D. N. Y. Univ. 191 1 

155 W. 65 
Reginald Satterlee Willis (br) 

75 Maple Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Stanley Kidder Wilson (lit) 

A.M. Harvard 1903 

Swarthrnore, Pa. 
Archibald Spiers Winslow (Rev.) , 

Grad. Genl. Theol. Sem. 190s 

520 W. J 56 
Floyd Rider Wooster (mf) 

Walden, N. Y. 
Avery Skinner Wright (l) 

51 W. 6, Oswego, N. Y. 
John Parr Wylie (pub) 

37 Arthur, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Malcolm Yohannan (phys), 

M.D. Jefferson Med. Coll. 

557 W. 124 



Clinton Gilbert Abbott (m) 

^53 W. 73 
Almon Edgar Adams 

Frederic Joseph Agate (l) 

65 Central Park W. 
Theodore Henry Allen (phys), 

M.D. 1907 

3905 Broadzvay 

William Fitch Allen (l), LL.B. 
37 Wall 

Martin Charles Ansorge (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
102 W. 132 




David Asch (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1905 

925 West End Ave. 
0John James Bakerman, LL.B. 
Alliance, N. /. 

George Frederick Bambach 

(Rev.) B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 191 1 

291 Sherman, Bklyn. 
Nathaniel Waring Barnes 

(EDUC), A.M. 1905, Prof. De Pauw 

De Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind. 
Robert Bradford Bartholomew 


18 Broadway 

<8)James Bassett, Jr. 
Highland Park Station, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Alexander Otto Bechert (educ), 

A.M. 1904 (see p. 30) 
600 Decatur, Bklyn. 

Fred Jacob Becker (educ), A.M. 


Pasadena, Cal. 
Henry Rutgers Beekman (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
3S IV. 17 

Joseph Stitt Bikle (educ), A.M. 
Bradley Instit., Peoria, III. 

Marco Isser Blank (phys), 

M.D. N. Y. Univ. 1897 

1845 Seventh Ave. 
Yeoman Briggs 

Wiltshire Hotel, San Francisco. Cal. 
Herbert Corlies Brinckerhoff (l) 

43 Cedar 
Benjamin Franklin Butler (f), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1906 

Mt. Morrison, Colo. 
®George Henry Butler, Jr. 

Shanghai, China 
Louis Casamajor (phys), 

A.M. and M.D. 1906 

242 W. 56 
Dayton Colie (arch) 

109 Prospect, E. Orange, N. J. 
William Phillips Comstock (ed, 


23 JVarreii 
John Whiting Crowell, A.M. 
188 Franklin Pi, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Albert Davis,* A.M. 1904 


Marcellus Hartley Dodge 

(M, MF) (seep. 23) 
299 Broadzvay 

Pendleton Dudley (pub) 

34 Pine 
0Harry Hamman Dyrsen (l) 

540 W. 157 
Victor de la Montague Earle 

509 IV. no 
Arthur Frederick Egner (l), 

A.M. 190S, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 
1015 Broad, Newark, N. J. 

Henry Hart Elias (b_, br) 

iS IV. 71 
0Pierce Philip Ferris, A.M. 

Harvard 1904 

13 Garfield Terrace, Plymouth, 

Colin Garfield Fink (chem), 

A.M. and Ph.D. Leipsiz 1907 

General Electric Co., Harrison, 

N. J. 

J[ay] Irving Fort (phys), M.D. 


33 S. 10, Neivark, N. J. 

Leonhard Felix Fuld (l), 

A.M. 1904, LL.B. 1905, LL.M. 1906, 
Ph.D. 1909 

130 E. no 
Enos Throop Geer [1904] (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1908 
60 W. 84 

Emanuel A. Goldenweiser 

(STAT). A.M. Cornell 1905, Ph.D. 

Bureau of the Census, Washington, 

Herbert Joseph Haas (l), LL.B. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Richard Compton Harrison (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1905 

462 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Charles Le Roy Hendrickson 

(BR). A.M. 1905 
Garden City, N. Y. 

Henry Koch Heyman (l), 

A.M. 1904, LL.B. 1905 

130 W. 131 

W^illiam Forrest Hills (br) 
321 W. 116 




Alfred Hoffman (mfg chem), 

A.M. 1904, Ph.D. Berlrn 1907 (see 
p. 52) 

21^ Hewes, Bklyn. 
Stanley Myer Isaacs (l), A.M. 

1904, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 

52 William 
Lewis Iselin (b) 

36 Wall 
Maurice Lamotte Jenks (co) 

Exchange Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 
Ely Jacques Kahn (arch), 

B.Arch. 1912, Arch. Dip. par le 
Gouvernement Frangaise 

50 E. 83 
Howard Allan Keeler (adv, co) 

pjo West End Ave. 
Nicholas August Koenig, A.M. 

1904, Ph.D. 1908 (see p. 58) 
80 W. 12 

Philip Bevan La Roche, Jr. (l) 

704 Madison Ave. 
®Charles Francis Lawson, A.M. 

1904 (see p. 60) 

Friends' Central Sch., Philadelphia, 


Barent Lefferts (re) 

// E. 77 
®Frank Wilson Lindsley (educ) 

2g Clinton Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Herbert Spencer Loveman (b), 

Mech.E. 1905 
210 W. 139 

Harold Chaffee McCollom (l), 

a.m. 1904 
34 Nassau 

Herbert Montgomery McLintock 

Herbert David Mandelbaum 

(PHYS),M.D. 1907 

251 W. 92 
J[ames] Garfield Moses (l), 

LL.B. 1905 
32 William 

Herbert Roe Odell (tr) 

Newburgh, N. Y. 
Louis S. Odell (educ) 

Manual Train. H. S., Bklyn. 
Gerald Stuart O'Loughlin (l), 

A.M. 190S, LL.B. 1906 
702 St. Nicholas Ave. 

Thomas Lockwood Perry 
Asheville, N. C. 

Harry Twyford Peters 

117'E. 37 
Edgar [Dudensing] Pitske[i904] 

(L), LL.B. and A.M. 1905 

255 W. 108 
Robert Lincoln Reid (phys), 

M.D. 1903 

110 Riverside Drive 

Arthur Malcolm Reis (m) 

609 West End Ave. 
Bernard Herman Ridder (pub) 

182 William 
Lawrason Riggs, Jr. (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1906 
27 William 
Arnold Orestes Schramm (l), 

LL.B. Yale 1908 
115 Broadway 

Rudolph Schroeder [Jr.] (l), 

LL.B. 1906 

1310 BloomUeld, Hoboken, N. J. 

Robert Schulman (piiys), 

M.D. 1906 

237 Rutledge, Bklyn. 

Robert Livingston Schuyler 

(EDUC). A.M. 1904, Ph.D. 1909 
(see p. 76) 

616 W. 137 
®Harvey Ambrose Sell (chem), 

Ph.D. 1906 

169 Brighton Ave., Perth Amboy, 
N. J. 
Ralph Louis Shainwald, Jr. 

[1904] (ENG), A.M. 1906 
667 Madison Ave. 

Harold Shields (eng), C.E. 1905 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Jerome Benjamin Shoenfeld(M), 

A.M. 1904 

1239 Madison Ave. 

^Kenneth Miller Simpson 

(ENG), A.M. and E.M. 1906 

Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Walter Scott Spiegelberg (m) 

226 W. 139 
Harry Wilbur Stanley (ins), 

A.B. Baker 1902 

30^ Sedgwick Blk., Wichita, Kans. 

Harrison Ross Steeves (educ), 

A.M. 1904 (see p. 79) 
596 Riverside Drive 
Arthur Lewis Strasser (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 

160 Broadway 




George Augustus Keen Sutton 

(L), LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1906 
37 Wall 
John August Swenson (educ) 

(see p. 80) 

1323 Lincoln PL, Bklyn. 

[John] Warner Taylor, A.M. 

1Q05 (see p. 81) 

Univ. JVisconsin, Madison, IVisc. 
Samuel Abraham Telsey (l), 

LL.B. 1905 

241 Utica Ave., Bklyn. 

William Frederick Thoman 

(ENG), C.E. 1906 

162 E. 23 
Lloyd Brant Thomas (Rev.), 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1902, B.D. Episc. 
Theol. Sch. Camb. Mass. 1906 
Carson City, Nev. 

Benjamin Abner Tintner 

(RABBI), A.M. 1907, Ph-D. N- Y. 
Univ. 191 1 
700 W. 19 

Charles Dos well Tomkies ( educ ) , 

A.M. 1904, A.B. Tulane 1901 
3802 Worth, Dallas, Tex. 

Camille Auguste Toussaint 

(EDUC), A.M. 1904 (see p. 82) 

36SS Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J. 
Henry Clark Townsend, Jr. (sa) 

18 Gramercy Park 
William Fyfe TurnbuU (eng) 

510 W. 124 
Benjamin Rudolph von Sholly 

(CHEM), A.M. 1905 

Elm Point, Great Neck, N. Y. 

Ralph Henry Waddell (inv) 

220 Broadivay 
Leonard Michael Wallstein (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
160 Broadzvay 

George Earle Warren (co) 
20 E. II 

Frederic Lyman Wells, 

A.M. 1904, Ph.D. 1906 (see p. 85) 

McLean Hosp., IVaverley, Mass. 
Gerard Bernard Werner (br), 

E.E. 190S 
216 W. 100 

Edwin Wolff (br) 
229 W. 97 

Christopher Billopp Wyatt (l) 

43 Exchange PI. 
Clarence Johnson Wyckoff (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 
JVhite Plains, N. Y. 

William Anthony Aery (educ), 

A.M. 1905 

Hampton Lnstit., Hampton, Va. 

Albert John Akin [2nd] (m) 

129 Front 
Hubert Banning 

140 Nassau 
Murrav Harold Bass [1903] 

(PHYS), M.D. 1907 
57 W. 91 
0William Stephen Bates (c), 

E.M. 1908 

49 E. 49 
Joseph Louis Beha (educ), 

171 W. 95 
Clinton Hamlin Blake, Jr. (l), 

A.^L 1905, LL.B. 1906 

2 Rector 
Allen J. Bloomfield (ho) 

Richfield Springs, N. Y. 
John Masters Bovey [Jr.] (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
45 Cedar 
Bayard Boyesen 

(see p. 32) 

Royalston, Mass. 
Donald Clifford Brace (pub) 

34 W. 33 
William Sidney Bryant, Jr. (l, 

RE, CO), A.M. 1907, LL.B. 1908 
200 Fifth Ave. 
Henry Daggett Bulkley (l), 

LL.B. 1907 

29 Mt. Morris Park IV. 
Durward Earle Burchell (educ, 

ENG), A.M. 1905 
446 IV. 167 
Howard Augustin Butler (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1906 

351 JV. 114 

Carl Pontius Carlsson 

Care Jolin Wanamaker, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Abraham Moses Davis (l), 

LL.B. 1906 

Singer Bldg., N. Y. C. 




William Pitt Stryker Earle 

546 Fifth Ave. 
Harold Benjamin Elgar (l), 

LL.B. 1906 

109 IV. 78 
Harold Mortimer Elgas* 


George Adams Ellis (l), LL.B. 


i6s Broadway 

Harold Julian Elsworth (mf) 

Irving ton, N. Y . 
Samuel Centennial Fish (Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. T908 

Bridgchampton, N. Y. 

John Redwood Fisher (au) 
Arlington, Vt. 

Francis Bonner Forbes, C.E. 
8 IV. 56 

Fred[erick] Hultman Foucar 

(PHYS), M.D. 1907 

Walter Frank [1903] (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 
25 Broad 

Edward Samson Fried 

47 W. 87 
Merton Layton Funk (phys), 

M.D. 1907 

654 E. 17, Bklyn. 

Frazer Walker Gay (eng), 

E.E. 1906 

39 S. 10, Newark, N. J. 

Louis Bliss Gillet (educ) 

(see p. 47) 

Middletozvn, Conn. 
Norman Samuel Goldberger 


301 First Ave. 

Paul Gerhard Gravenhorst (l), 

LL.B. 1906 

304 Carlton Ave., Bklyn. 

Van Rensselaer Hoff Greene 


6 Clarcmont PL, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Arthur S. Gutman (m) 

12 E. 80 
Rossin Lewis Hammerslough 

1215 Madison Ave. 

Edward Lewis Hanemann (m) 
515 W. no 

Alfred Harcourt (pub) 

34 W. 33 
Herbert Henry Harris (mf), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1906 
308 W. 87 

Carlton Huntley Hayes, A.M. 

1905, Ph.D. 1909 (seep. 51) 
Columbia University 

J[ohn] Harris B. Hedinger(MF) 

14S Maple, Bklyn. 
Emory Hill (phys), M.D. 

Va. Med. Coll. 1907 

22 E. Washington, Chicago, III. 

Oscar Rempel Houston (l), 

LL.B. 1906 
537 IV. 112 

Don Emanuel Hughes (educ) 

Dushore, Pa. 
Thomas Lester Hurley 

447 Ft. Washington Ave. 
Samuel Guy Inman (miss) 

C. Porfirio Dias, Coah., Mex. 

Walter Abraham Jacobs, A.M. 

Meyer Jacobstein, A.M. 1905, 

Ph.D. 1907, Asst. Prof. Univ. N. 

University, N. Dak. 

Farel [Louis] Jouard (educ, 

CHEM). Pli.D. 1908. Prof. N. Y. 

Homeo. Med. Col. (see p. 56) 

3'^5 E- 68 
Albert Louis Kahn (m) 

10 W. 75 
Arthur Thomas Kerr* 

aet. 22 *I90S 

Edwin Patrick Kilroe (l), A.M. 

1905, LL.B. 1906 

5 Beekman 
Grant Knauff (Rev.), A.M. 1905, 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1911 
Pensacola, Fla. 

Jaxon Knox 

®Herman Ernst Kreuder (eng), 

E.E. 1906 

1604 Arch, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henrv Bischoff Krusa (Rev.) 

Redwood, N. Y. 
Harold Benjamin Lance (educ) 

2768 Bainbridge Ave. 
Leo Levy Landauer 




Maxwell Francis Lawton(EDUc) 

2255 Eighty-third, Bklyn. 
Otto Herman Leber (phys), 

M.D. 1908 
^69 IV: 73 
Janvier Whitton Lindsay, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins 1908 

Garfield Memorial Hosp., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Rudolph Rubino Loening (l), 

A.M. 1905, LL.B. 1906 
82 E. 77 

Leonard Gordon McAneny (l) 

55 W. 44 
Francis William McKinney 

(ENG), C.E. 1906 

John Samuel Maeder (phys), 

M.D. N. Y. Horn. Med. Coll. 1908 
I2S ^V. 121 
Yorktown, N. Y. 

Theodore James William Malm- 
berry,* A.M. 1905, LL.B. 

1906 aet. 24 *i9o6 

Philip Moeller, A.M. 1905 

6 W. 75 
®Maurice Jones Munker(pnYs), 

M.D. 1907 

777 West End Ave. 

James Myers 

(see p. dy^ 

309 W. 70 
Harry William Newburger (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 
17 Livingston PI. 

f^Frank Lewis O'Connell (j) 

490 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Edgar Davidson Oppenheimer 

(PHYS), M.D. 1907 
261 Central Park W. 

Walter Gustav Carnes Otto (l), 

A.M. 190S, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 


New Rochclle, N. Y. 

William Bacon Pettus (sec) 

120 Szechiim Rd., Shanghai, China 
Eugene Pitou, Jr., C.E. 1906 

55 Liberty 

David Louis Podell [1905] (l) 

115 Broadway 

James Latimer Robinson (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1906 

309 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Theodore Gardner Robinson 


395 E. 4, Bklyn. 

Charles Reseau Rose 

5. Amboy, N. J. 
Edward Sapir, A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 

1909, Chief of Div. of Anthropology, 
Geol. Sur. of Canada 

Geological Survey, Ottawa, Can. 
Otto Frederick Seggel (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905 

310 Stevens, W. Hoboken, N. J. 
I[rving] Lester Selvage (ins) 
Clinton Ave. and Osborne Terrace, 
Newark, N. J. 

Frank Gouldsmith Speck, A.M. 

190S, Ph.D. Penn. 1908, Asst. Prof. 

Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ernest Stauffen, Jr. (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1905, Vise 
Pres. United Dry (joods Cos. 

119 Fifth Ave. 
Herbert Leo Stein (adv) 

41 John, Far Rockaivay, N. Y. C. 
®Albert Grant Stephenson (l) 

Riverside Drive and no 
Henry Bragdon Swortfiguer 

210 W. no 
Alfred Edward Thurber (b, br) 

Rutherford, N. J. 
Walter Alvin Tice (co) 

1867 Seventh Ave. 
Channing Rust Toy (pub) 

381 Fourth Ave. 
James Patten Troter (phys), 

M.D. 1907 

189 Warbnrton Ave.,Yonkers,N.Y. 

Edwin Hoyt Updike (l), A.M. 

1905, LL.B. 1906 
55 Liberty 

Schuyler Waldron Van Ness (j) 
121 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Neivark, 

John Bayard Rodgers Verplanck 


Fishkill-on-Htidson, N. Y. 
Edwin Chester Vogel (m), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. "1906 
47 W. 85 
Rudolph Ludwig von Bernuth 

[190.1] (L), A.M. 1905, LL.B. 1906 
15 Broad 




K[aufman] Richard Wallach 

(L), A.M. 1906, LL.B. 1907 

53 E. 80 
Jacob Walz (l), LL.B. 1906 

304 W. Ill 
Arthur Dudley Warren (m) 

409 W. 117 
0Clarence Weissman (mf) 

2E. 80 
E[rnest] Stagg Whitin [1905] 

(EDUC), Ph.D. 1910 (see p. 86) 
Columbia University 

Udo Julius Wile (phys), 

M.D. Johns Hopkins 1907 

616 Madison Ave. 
James Ernest Willcox (l), 

LL.B. Albany Law Sch. 1906 

76 Cook Ave., Elmhurst, N. Y. C. 
Randolph Colclough Wilson 


618 W. 138 
0Clifford Ambrose Woodard 


Saugerties, N. Y. 
Raphael Kuhner Wuppermann 

44 W. 34 
Jacob Zeitlin (educ), A.M. 1905, 

Ph.D. 1908 

Urbana, III. jq^ 


0Harry Anspacher 

6q3 Madison Ave. 
[Samuel] Lloyd Barrick (educ) 

243a Summit Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 
William Burnet Barrows, M.F. 

Yale 1907 

Forest Service, Washington, D. C. 

Frederick Elliott Biermann (ed) 
Decorah, la. 

Martin Emerson Blauvelt, A.M. 
3 Rabbins PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Robert Holmes Bradley (br) 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Carl Brands [1906] (educ), 

A.M. 1911 

78 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Stanley Brown-Serman (Rev.), 

A.M. 1908, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 

Genl. Theol. Sem., N. Y. C. 

Duncan Hodge Browne (Rev.), 

Grad. Union Theol. Sem. 1909 

76 Franklin Ave., New Brighton, 
N. Y. C. 
Henry Lawrence Burnett, Jr. 

7 E. 12 

0Thomas Patrick Byron 

Bradford, Pa. 
Norman Montefiore Cohen (mf) 

43 W. 87 
Frederick Linn Cooper [1907] 


746 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Harlow Dunham Curtis (f), 

A.M. Harvard 1907 
Manlius, N . Y . 
Chester Welde Cuthell (l), 

LL.B. 1907 
52 Broadway 
Marshall Mallory Day (Rev.), 

B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 1908 

3620 Fir, Indiana Harbor, Ind. 

Winfred Cornwall Decker 

(EDUC), A.M. 1910 

State Normal Coll., Albany, N. Y. 

Abraham Deixel, Pd.M. : 

N. Y. Univ. 1909 

141 N. 5, Newark, N. J. 

Sidney W. Denzer (m) 

g30 Broadzvay 
Nathan N[athan] Dickler(EDUc) 

1271 Thirty-seventh, Bklyn. 
William Joseph Donovan (l), 

LL.B. 1908 

74 Prospect Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Kerner Easton (l), LL.B. 1909 

24 Broad 

Frederick John Echeverria 

(PHYS), M.D. 1909 

248 W. 76 
Albert Marion Elsberg* 

aet. 27 *i9ii 

George Marcus Falion (educ), 

A.M. 1910 

78 Seventy-second, Bklyn. 

Morris Douw Ferris (l) 

J65 Broadzvay 
0Frank Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr. 

341 Riverside Drive 
Micco Miltiades Achilles 
Fontrier (educ) 

(see p. 45) 

1 84 



Joseph Julius Frank (chem) 

13S IV. 78 
James Packard Gillespie (Rev.), 

A.M. 191 1, B.D. Union Theol. Sem. 

Yorktozvit, N. Y. 
Edward Goldwater (m) 

J07 IV. 125 
Edward Henry Green (l), 

LL.B. Harvard 1908 
4g Wall 

George Russell Hageman(Rev.), 
42 N. Broadivay, Tarry toivn, N. Y. 
Warren Otis Hager (educ), 

Pd.M. N. Y. Univ. 191 1 

5S5 Sandford Ave., Newark, N. J. 

(8)Guy Amisi Hamilton 

Geneva, Ncbr. 
Harold Harper (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 1907 

107 1 St. Nicholas Ave. 

Meyer S. Harrison (c) 

51 E. 129 
Harold William Hastings (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1910 
// E. 87 
James Putnam Heaton (j), 

A.M. 1906 

SSO Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 

John Robbins Higbie (m) 

Babylon, N. Y. 
Ralph Hustace Hubbard (br) 

66 Beaver 
Maurice Hyman (l), LL.B. 1908 

141 Broadivay 
®Irving Samuel Josephs (eng), 

E.M. 1907 
300 IV. 109 

Benjamin Mark Kaye (l), 

LL.B. 1907 
149 Broadivay 

William Klaber (chem), Ph.D. 


5410 Catharine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gordon Saul Philip Kleeberg 

(L), A.M. 1906, LL.B. 1907, LL.M. 
1908, Pli.D. 191 1 
100 Broadway 

Frederic Edward Klein (l), 

LL.B. 1907 
271 Broadivay 

Edgar Raymond Kraetzer (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. igii 

9 Virginia Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Robert Le Roy (l), LL.B. 1908 

24 Broad 
Benjamin Morris Levy (l), 

LL.B. 1907 

143 IV. 140 
®Robert Carpenter Lewis (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1907 

rarf;o, N. Dak. 
Julius Arthur Lewisohn, E.M. 


42 Broadway 
Monte London (l), LL.B. 1907 

Singer Bldg., N. Y. C. 
OCurtis Lublin (ed), A.M. 1906 

2S9 Fourth Ave. 
David Andrew McKenzie (c) 

37 Sherman Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Alexander Mackenzie [1906] 

(EDUC), Headmaster Mackenzie Sch. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
George Zerdin IMedalie (l), 

LL.B. 1907 

5/ E. 129 
William Stuart Messer (educ), 

A.M. 1909 (see p. 65) 

Columbia University 

Elmer Graver Miller (l), LL.B. 
25S Broadway 

Harry Rich Mooney 

234 Fifth Ave. 
Charles Francis Morrall 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dudley Henry Morris, M.D. 


161 IV. 87 
Walter Wesley Mott, M.D. 1909 

'59 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 
William Newell(ENG), Mech.E. 

1907, Eng. N. Y. State Bur. Factory 

3S1 Fourth Ave. 
Clarence Nichols (educ) 

5 Hamilton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Floyd Clarke Noble (br) 

42 Broadway 
Leonard Flagge Otten, 

Mech.E. 1908 

Rochelle Park, New Rochelle,N. Y. 




William F. J. Piel (l) 

Woodmere, N. Y. 
R[utherford] Stuyvesent 
Pierrepont (m), LL.B. 1912 

120 E. 79 
Edwin George Raftisdell, M.D. 


77 Hamilton Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 
Ronald Frank Riblet (sec) 

Fanwood, N. J. 
Bayard Blackwell Rodman [ 1904] 


846 Boulevard, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Harry James Rosenson (l), 

LL.B. 1907 

63 Morton, Bklyn. 

Walter Louis Rothschild (m), 

C.E. 1907 

/ W. 93 
Albert Harrington St. George 

0Charles Emil Joseph Schlachter 

541 Manhattan Ave. 
Henry Schwed (l), LL.B. 1907 

2 Rector 

John Cotes Seymour, Jr. 

Nathan Silberstein (educ),A.M. 
160 Manhattan Ave. 

William Blackall Simonds, Jr. 


207 W. 79 
Steward Slosson 

(see p. 78) 

Leslie Brewster Smith 

Sigmund Spingarn (m) 
5 Burling Slip 

James Albert Taylor (l), LL.B. 
521 W. 123 

Edward Lee Teale (educ) 
HolUs, N. Y. 

Harold Livingston Reed Thomas 


19 E. 4, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Jacob Thompson, Jr. 
Helena, Ark. 

Edward Day Thurston, Jr. (eng) 

Mech.E. 1907 (see p. 82) 

511 IV. 113 

Joseph Tolins (l) 

751 Howard Ave., Bklyn. 
Crenelle Bertram Tompkins, 

M.D. 1908 

Main, Flemington, N. J. \ 

John Luneau Tonnele, Jr. (re) 

149 Broadzvay 
Stillman Dana Townsend(EDUc) 

Fanzvood, N. J. 
Hugh Peters Treat 

542 JV. 124 
George Washington Tucker, Jr. 


50 Chnrck 

John Dash Van Buren, Jr.* 

aet. 21 *i90S 

Norman Wyckoff Van Nostrand 

(RE), LL.B. 1907 

139 ly- S5 
Louis Beach Vreeland (l) 

612 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
J. Laurence Waldron (eng), 

Mech.E. 1907 

6s2a Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 
Harold Worthington Webb 

(EDUC). Ph.D. 1909 (see p. 85) 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Jesse Weil (l), LL.B. 1908 

224 E. 60 
Arthur Livingston Willis (re) 

75 Maple Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 
®Oscar B. Wiren (c) 

Boston, Mass. 
Chalmers Wood, Jr. (br) 

38 Wall 
Gustavus Adolphus Younger 


526 W. 112 
George Vreeland Zeiger 
138 Park, Montclair, N. J. 


®Joshua Louis Amberg (m) 

310 W. 94 
George Ashforth 

10 E. 33 
Edward Cashman Bailly (l), 

LL.B. 1909 

453 W. 149 
Henry McComb Bangs (br) 
55 Wall 

1 86 



Edward Everett Bartlett, Jr.(M) 

301 IV. 91 
®CharIes Bronk Batchelor (sec) 

318 IV. 57 
(giNelson Kingsbury Benton, 

M.D. 1909 

188 N. 9, Newark, N. J. 

Amedeo August Bertini (l), 

LL.B. 1909 
154 Bleecker 

Joseph Peter Blechman (l) 
4 E. 119 

Eugene Lyons Bondy, LL.B. 
553 ^V. 147 

Alexander Samuel Boyd* (Rev.) 


John Neville Boyle (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1908 

156 E. 127 
George Julius Brandau (educ) 

626 E. 29, Bklyn. 
Frank Cornish Brown (sa) 

614 W. 148 

Murray Bruce (sec) 

615 Fifty-second, Bklyn. 

Kenneth Bulkley (phys), M.D. 
531 Madison Ave. 

Grant Burns (m) 

400 Riverside Drive 

Robert Erskine Campbell (Rev.) 

(EDUC), Headmaster St. Andrew's 


Sewanee, Tenn. 

Hyman Caroline 

Wilbur Larremore Caswell 


1 W. 53 

Frank William Chambers (l), 

LL.B. 1909 

2 St. Nicholas PI. 

Albert Bernard Cheadle [1908] 


130 Claremont Ave. 

Abraham Broderick Cohen, A.M. 
1320 Twenty-sixth, Bklyn. 

Belmont Corn (mf) 
122 IV. 121 

Bernard Solomon Denzer, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins 1910 

German Hasp., N. Y. C. 
William Beck Devoe (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1908 

520 Valley Rd., Montclair, N. J. 
Fletcher Gardner Downs (eng), 

E.M. 1908 

75 Fairview Ave., Jersey City, N. J, 

Ralph Watson Dox, A.M. 

and LL.B. 1909 

84 Ontario, Lockport, N. Y. 

Henry Joseph Eckstein (m), 

A.M. 1909 
66 Broad 

August Otto Eimer (re) 

562 W. 113 
Edsall DuBois Elliott, M.D. 1909 
Herbert Waldo Emsheimer, 

M.D. 1909 

Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 
William Leopold Essex (Rev.) 
2; High, Newport, R. L 

0John Hinman Evans, M.D. 


Wentivorth Manor, Montclair, N.J. 
Frank Diehl Fackenthal (sec) 

(see p. 44) 

930 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 
Robert [Anthony] Ferrari 

[1905] (L), A.M. 1907, LL.B. iqii 
327 E. 116 

Sidney [S.] Forsch (m) 

31 IV. 86 
Robert Henry Fowler (phys), 

M.D. 1909 

//'2 Park Ave. 

(2)Melvin Floyd Gearhart 

Portageville, N. Y. 
William Montague Geer, Jr., 

LL.B. 1908 

60 W. 84 

Norman S. Goetz (l), LL.B. 
1323 Madison Ave. 

Clarence Thayer Gordon (miss) 

Midland Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Gerhard Ernest Hugo Greeff 

[1905] (MF), A.M. 1906 

342 W. 72 
Carl Haner, Jr., Chem.E. 191 1 
147 W. 105 




Hugo Heiman (m) 

Little Rock, Ark. 
George Cornelius Hill (educ) 

Mahopac Falls, N. Y. 
0Stuart McAlles Hirschberg 

Grand Ave., Nezvburgh, N. Y. 

®Ken Hoshino (m) 

Blagdon, Bristol, Eng. 
Samuel Stanley Isaacs (l), 

LL.B. 1908 

620 E. 168 
Isya Joseph, A.M. 1907. 

Maxwell Meyer Kahn (chem) 

66 St. Mark's PI. 
Gordon Haym Kaiser (mf) 

214 W. 92 
Floyd Yates Keeler (mf) 

North Salem, N. Y. 
Julius Kendler, LL.B. 1908 

149 Broadway 
Fletcher Irvin Krauss (phys), 

M.D. 1909 
Chatham, N. J. 

Frank Benedict Lippmann (re) 

60 E. 91 
Irving Howard Loder (surv) 

24 Claremont Ave., Portchester, 

N. Y. 

Robert Walker Macbeth (m) 
834 Prospect PL, Bklyn. 

Charles Douglas Macdonald 
41/ Riverside Drive 

Charles Marcus 

®James Philip Marston 
Hallozvell, Me. 

®Robert Hugh Marwick, C.E. 
Petrolia, Out., Canada 

Albert Edward Maves, A.M. 

and LL.B. 1908 
114 E. 81 

Samuel Mendelson (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 

86 W. 119 

George Gelston Moore, Jr. (b) 
832 Madison Ave. 

Eli Morris Nathan (mf) 
35 W. 86 

Edward Joseph O'Connell, A.M. 

191 1 

340 Dean, Bklyn. 

Harold Ensign Bennett Pardee, 

M.D. 1909 
74 IV. 48 

Robert Matson Perry (eng), 

E.M. 1908 

1140 Grant, Denver, Colo. 

William Redfield Porter (l), 

A.M. 1907, LL.B. 1908 
149 W. 73 

Alfred Ernst Rejall (educ), 

A.M. 1907 (see p. 73) 

54 Tompkins PL, Bklyn. 
Stanley Lasker Richter (l), 

68 E. 79 
Leo Brooks Rosenthal (phys), 

M.D. 1909 

1242 Madison Ave. 

Frank Sample 

Nezvcastle, Colo. 
Samuel Schiffman (educ) 

753 Trinity Ave. 
Earle Scott (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 

27 William 
®Pixley ka Isak a Seme 

Inanda, Natal, S. Africa 
Walter Sichel (co) 

122 IV. 121 
Charles O'Conor Sloane, 

Mech.E. 1909 

55 Montrose Ave., S. Orange, N. J. 
Walter Leo Solomon (so), A.M. 

Harvard 1907 

522 W. 150 

Kenneth Monroe Spence, LL.B. 


320 W. 75 
Edward Frederick Spitz, A.M. 

1907, LL.B. 1909 

26s Kosciusko, Bklyn. 

Stanley Harold Steiner (phys), 

M.D. 1909 

2307 Lyon Ave. 

Charles Arthur Stewart (educ), 

A.M. 1907, Ph.D. 1912, Assoc. Prof. 
Univ. Id. (see p. 79) 

Moscozv, IdaJio 
Guy Cadwallader Stockton 

(EDUC), Pd.B. Colo. State Normal 
Sch. 1897, Pd.M. 1907 

Eugene, Ore. 



James Leroy Stockton (educ), 

A.M. 1907 

8 IS IV. Broadtvay, JVinona, Minn. 

Henry Pemberton Sturges (b) 

116 E. 36 
Harold Allen Thomas (educ), 

C.E. 1908 

lois Maple Ave, Terre Haute, Ind. 

®John Northrup Thurlow (c) 
416 Grand Ave., Bklyn. 

®Percy Blackford Tripp (miss) 
Y. M. C. A., Tientsin, China 

Kenneth Seymour Webb (play- 

248 IV. 102 

Charles Laidlaw Williams (l), 

A.M. and LL.B. 1908 

2/ S. Clinton, E. Orange, N. J. 
I[saac] Maurice Wormser 

(EDUC, L), LL.B. 1909, Prof. Univ. 


Univ. Illinois, Urbana, III. 

Howard Henry Worzel (l) 
57S Prospect, IV. New Brighton,S.I. 

Ernest Hunter Wrig-ht [1905] 

(EDUC), A.M. 1907, Ph.D. 1910 

(see p. 88) 

Columbia University 

Benno Maurice Wronker 

(PHYS), M.D. 1909 
296 Central Park JV. 



Ralph Allison Adams (sa) 

JVhitestone, N. Y. C. 
Robert Casamajor (mf) 

403 Wall, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Sydney Bradshaw Jacobs 

6o5 W. 113 
Henry James Kline (educ), 

A.M. 1908 

640 Madison Ave., Patcrson, N. J. 


William Henry Allen, Jr. (educ) 

35 IV. 32 
Waldo Adams Amos [1906] 

(Rev.), B.D. Epis. Theol. Sch. 1909 

157 Montague, Bklyn. 

Horace Thurber Aplington 

(U. S. A.)_ 

Care Adjt.-Genl., Washington,D.C. 

Adolph Bangser, LL.B. 1909 

165 Broadway 
Philip Baum 

J30 E. 115 
Harold Kennedy Bell (phys), 

M.D. 1910 

305 Barclay, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Samuel Cranston Benson 

0Louis Berkowitz (educ), A.M. 
283 Wallabout, Bklyn. 

Henry Carl Betjemann (c) 
230 Third Ave. 

Henry Bierman (educ), A.M. 
431 E. 85 

Julius Blum [1906], M.D. 1910 
Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Henry Blumberg, A.M. 1908 
268 Stockton, Bklyn. 

Walter Joseph Brennan 

^ IV. 75 
Charles Raymond Brodix, Jr. 


30 Cliurch 

John Weedman Brodix 
50 Church 

William Goodman Cane [1908] 
527 W. 121 

Bernard Campbell (Rev.) 
International Falls, Minn. 

William Morgan Carpenter, C.E. 


417 IV. 117 

Henry Eagle Chapin (l), LL.B. 
330 IV. 95 

Harry Joshua Chelimer [1006] 
18 tv'. 123 

(2)Frank Chodorov (educ) 

30S Mercer 
Thomas Fayette Clark (l) 

Edward Trowbridge Collins 
341 Ozven Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 

Kenneth Benedict Collins [1908] 
135 Fifth Ave. 




George Frederick Comstock 

(ENG), Met.E. 1909 

Titanium Alloy Mfg. Co., Niagara 

Falls, N. Y. 
0Charles Floyd Cornell (educ) 

jj Alsop, Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
Frank Alexander Dickey 

(see p. 41) 

Columbia University 

Walter Simon Doernberg (l), 

LL.B. 1909 
231 JV. 96 

Henry Western Eastman (l) 

Roslyn, N. Y. 
Elias Alexander Edelstein (m) 

112 E. 17 
Harry Drew Egbert (eng), 

M.E. igio 
42s IV. 146 

Maurice George Ellenbogen, 

LL.B. Harvard 1910 

808 Wilder Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 

William Morris Feigenbaum(c), 

A.M. 1908 

520 E, N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Emil Emanuel Fischer 

Philip A. Fischer 

Herbert Forsch 

31 W. 86 
Louis David Frohlich (l) 

140 Nassau 
Percy Adolphus Gordon (l), 

LL.B. 1909 

Highzvood Park, Weehawken, N. I. 

John McVickar Haight (Rev.) 

Cody, Wyo. 
Frank Clark Hall (m) 

31 W. II 
Lester Harrisson, A.M. 1908 

397 Gates Ave., Bklyn. 
Robert Henry Haskell (educ), 

M.D. Michigan 1910 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Lewis French Stearns Hawes 
Lawrence Herman Hellenberg 

[1906! (SA) 

241 W. 102 

Edwin Henes, Jr. (phys), M.D. 

Hansa Strasse 9, Freiburg in Bries- 
gas, Germany 

Max John Herzberg [1906] 


20 Ridgezvood Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Ferris Sands Hetherington (br), 

LL.B. Harvard 

589 Watchung Rd., Bound Brook, 

N. J. 

Paul Charles [Henry] Holter 

1475 E. 10, Bklyn. 
Frank Louison Hopkins 

Pleasantville Station, N. Y. 

Allen Tilton Hopping(L), LL.B. 
532 W. 114 

William Jabine, A.M. 1909 
9 Morris Crescent, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Charles [Frederick] Havemeyer 
Westchester, N. Y. C. 

David Herman Joseph [1906] 

601 W. 149 
Walter Edward Kelley (l), 

LL.B. 1910 

19^5 Seventh Ave. 
Edwin Kirk (geol), Ph.D. 191 1 
U. S. Geological Survey, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

William D. Knight [1906] (inv) 

486 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Frederick Adolph Herman 

Leuchs (educ), A.M. 1908 
600 E. 164 

Arthur Saul Levy, Jr. (l), 

A.M. 1909, LL.B. 1910 

545 W. Ill 
Hiram Sidney Lewine (mf) 

116 E. 78 
Benjamin Abraham Lichter 


Far Rockaway, N. Y. C. 
Theodore August Liebler, Jr. 
15 W. 62 

Theodore McCarthy (l), LL.B. 
43 Exchange PI. 

Charles Miles McKinlay (phys), 

M.D. 191 1 
Tenaily, N. J. 

George Miner Mackenzie 
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 


Ralph Martland* 


®Robert Coolidge Masterton 
418 IV. 144 

Charles Mayer, E.E. and A.M. 
41 E. 72 

Donald Herbert Truesdell Mil- 
ler (adv) 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Robert ^'I. Miller 

391 JFcst End Ave. 
Walter Sands Mills (phys, 

EDUC), M.D. N. Y. Horn. Med. Coll. 

324 IV. 89 
Jacob 55amuel Minkin, A.M. 1908 
Cornelius von Erden Mitchell, 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 19 lo 

^4 IV. 10 
Victor William Mori 
Alfred Stuart Myers (educ) 

309 ]V. 70 
George Norris (l), LL.B. 1910 

906 St. Mark's Ave., Bldyn. 
Irving Simon Ottenberg (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. igo8, LL.M. 


206 Broadway 

Harry Victor Emanuel Palmblad 

(EDUC), A.M. 1910 (see p. 69) 
711 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

William Grant Palmer (adv) 
200 W. 109 

J fames] Lewis Parks, Jr., LL.B. 
14 Wall. 

Delwyn Walter Peiser* 


Seth Low Pierrepont 
Dcpt. of State, Washington, D. C. 

Frederic Cozzens Fitz Randolph, 

A.M. 1009 

425 W. 114 
Angus Matthews Raphael, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1909 

13 E. 67 
Charles Plenry Reges (educ) 
304 Grand Ave., Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Charles M. Rolker, Jr.* 

aet. 21 *i9o8 



Edwin Joseph Rosenbaum (l), 

A.M. 1908 

207 Court, Portsmouth, Va. 

Bernard Abraham Rosenblatt 

(L), A.M. 1908, LL.B. 1909 
1820 Clinton Ave. 

Frank Rosenblatt, A.M. 1908 

195 Clinton 
Grover Grauman Sales (j) 
A[braham] Bertram Samuels, 

A.M. 1909 

546 W. 124 
John Egmont Schermerhorn, Jr. 

25 E. 79 
Max Schonberg (educ) 

600 E. 167 
®William Schreiber, A.M. 1908 

292 E. 7 
Walter Max Schwarz, A.M. and 

LL.B. 1909 
141 Broadzvay 

Samson Selig, A.M. and LL.B. 


IIS Broadzvay 

Reuben Shapiro (l), LL.B. 

Western Reserve 1009 

1720 E. 90, Cleveland, O. 
Thomas Elliott Snyder, M.E. 

Yale 1909 

Dept. of Agric., Washington, D. C. 

Michael Solomon, A.M. 1908 

858 Hewitt PI. 
Charles Burr Spencer (eng), 

C.E. 19 10 

1 124 Tinton Ave. 

®Albert Steinfeld 
22 E. 93 

Max Tachna (l), LL.B. 1909 

543 W. 123 
John Henry Taylor 

Harold Edwin Vehslage (eng), 

Mech.E. 1909 

136 W. 70 

Charles Joseph Walsh (educ) 
209 Prospect Ave., Bklyn. 

Carolus Roe Webb (Rev.) 
Bergenfield, N. J. 

Lawrence Albert Wechsler(MF) 
Manhattan Sq. Hotel, N. Y. C. 




Frank Corday Welles, A.M. and 

LL.B. 1908 
Ridgefield, N. J. 

Carl Wicke (l), LL.B. 1909 
309 E. Kingsbridge Rd. 

Byrd Douglas Wise (l), LL.B. 


154 W. 76 
Louis Elsberg Wise (chem), 

Ph.D. 1911 

349 Central Park W. 

Edwin Hess Woarms 

Leonard James Wolf 

2 W.86 

Louis Jacob Wolff (l), LL.B. 
777 Eastern Parkway, Bklyn. 

John Carl York (educ) 
Nezu Cumberland, IV. Va. 
Frederick William Zons(cHEM), 

A.M. 1910, Ph.D. 1911 

526 W. 158 115 


Samuel Alexander Fuchs (l) 

i2g IV. 116 
(8)Mark Raymond Harrington, 

A.M. 1908 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

®Walter Hartman 
Cuba No. 23, Havana, Cuba 

Herbert Sidney Kohlberg, E.M. 
Miami Copper Co., Miami, Ariz. 

John Francis McCall 

0Roy Samuel McElwee 
Magdeburger Hof, Magdeburg, 

Chester Columbus Marshall 

(Rev.), B.D. Drew Theol. Sem. 1910 

Stamford, N. Y. 
Joseph Edward Ridder (pub) 

44 W. 77 
Samuel M. Shack (educ), 

161 1 Washington Ave. 
Edgar George Thomssen 

(CHEM), A.M. 1908, Ph.D. 1911 
(see p. 81) 

P. O. Box 6, Leonia, N. J. 
Percival Leopold Weil [1906] 


57 W.87 II 


Tom Mackenzie Alexander 

764 St. Nicholas Ave. 
George Jardine Bagley 

318 W. 57 
Robert Harold Bagnell 

268 Stuyvcsant Ave., Bklyn. 
Harold Purdy Banks [1910] 

(ENG), E.M. 1911 (see p. 30) 
Columbia University 

Lee Herbert Berliner (l), LL.B. 
43 Cedar 

Abraham Bessie, M.D. 1911 
542 W. 124 

Harry Bijur (l), LL.B. 191 1 
160 IV. 75 

Paul Billingsley (geol), A.M. 

igi I 

526 Hennessey, Butte, Mont. 
Louis Edward Bisch [1907] 

(PHYS), M.D. 1911, Ph.D. 1912 
Manhattan State Hosp., Ward's 
Island, N. Y. C. 

Irving Mortimer Bloom 
Harrisonburg, Va. 

©Isidore Bloom, A.M. 1909 
978 Queen, Toronto, Canada 

Vincent Charles Bonnlander 
1509 DeKalb Ave., Bklyn. 

Kitchell Monckton Boorman 

(E\G), C.E. 1910 

522 W. 148 
William Gage Brady, Jr. (b) 
109 W. 122 

Clement S. Brainin (educ) 

(see p. .32) 

790 Riverside Drive 
Walter George Brandley (l), 

LL.B. 191 o 

Forest Ave., Caldwell, N. I. 

©Abraham Brill, A.M. 1909 
391 E. 157 

Barnard Sawyer Bronson(EDUc), 

A.M. 1912 
Holley, N. Y. 

Frank E. Burkhalter (ed), Ph.B. 

Baylor 1907 

Waco, Tex. 





William Goodman Cane [1908] 

5i'7 W. 121 
Dominick A. Cassetta (Rev.) 

los E. Houston 

Carlo Domenico Cella(L), LL.B. 
206 Hudson, Hahoken, N. J. 

Clarence Orion Cheney (phys), 

M.D. igii 

Manhattan State Hosp. Ward's 

Island, N. Y. C. 

Hyman Cohen, A.M. 1909 

54 E. 116 
Michael Martin Cohn, LL.B. 

Buffalo 1910 

562 Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Richard Genee Conried 

West End Ave. and go 
Harold Augustus Content [1909] 

(L), LL.B. 1911 

II E. 45 
Victor Willard Cutting (l), 

LL.B. 191 1 

356 W. 145 
Irving Comes Demarest (educ), 

A.M. 1909 (see p. 41) 

56 Essex, Hackcnsack, N. J. 
Max Drob (rabbi), A.M. 1910, 

Rabbi Jewish Theol. Seni. 191 1 

S15 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

William Eastman (l), LL.B. 
191 1 
Roslyn, N. Y. 

Maurice Epstein 

931 St. lohn's Ave. 
George Bruce Fine (educ) 

18 Grace, Bloonifield, N. J. 
Harry Potter Fish 

31 W. 90 
Harold Fowler (inv) 

60 E. 68 
Irving Joseph Fox 

127 E. 79 
Harold Milton Goldblatt (l), 

LL.B. 1910 
460 Grand 

Morris Goodkind (eng), C.E. 
1774 Madison Ave. 

Ernest Freeland Griffin (l) 

19 Central Ave., Tarrytown, N. Y. 

0Jacob Bonapart Grossman 

Weissport, Pa. 
Robert Flerman Hagemann, Jr., 

(L), LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1910 
123 Moffat, Bklyn. 
Elvvood Julius Harlam 

J[ohn] Odell Hauser [1909] (j) 

Ralnvay, N. J. 

Alfred Herrmann (educ), A.M. 


234 L. 72 
B[enedick] Russell Herts (au) 

542 W. 112 
Mortimer Henry Hess (l), A.M. 

1910, LL.B. 1911 

24 W. 85 
Fremont Amasa Higgins (l), 

A.M. 1909, LL.B. 191 1 

415 ^V. 146 
Alexander Holtzoff (l), A.M. 

1909, LL.B. 191 1 

160 IV. 127 

Nathaniel Stanislaus Lloyt* 

George Washington Jaques [Jr.] 

(D.'lL.B. 1910 

44 Morningside Ave. W. 
John Leonard Kantor, M.D. and 

Ph.D. 1912 

386 E. 143 
William Alvin Kellog [Jr.] 

48 W. 51 
[Alfred] Joyce Kilmer 

44 E. 23 
Frederick William Kobbe [1907] 

(L), LL.B. 1910 

142 E. 18 
Robert Frederick Lau (Rev.), 

A.M. 1910 

General Theol. Sem. 

Bertram Levy (l), LL.B. 1909 
793 West End Ave. 

Albert Ernst Lobeck (sec) 

Hazvorth, N. J. 

William Bayard Long (phys), 

IVLD. 1910 

12^7 Washington Ave. 
Winfred Scribner MabeeTEDUc) 

172 Atlantic, Patcrson, N. J. 
William John MacGreevy 

Care Wells Fargo Co., Louisville, 





Robert Palmer Marshall (re, 


7/5 Broadzvay 

Edwin Taylor Maynard 

1414 Pacific, Bklyn. 
Walter Bernard Milkman (l), 

LL.B. 191 1 

244 Garfield PL, Bklyn. 

Sandford Lawrence Miller, 

LL.B. 1909 

2 William 
Ralph Whitney Mockridge 

Columbus Ave. and 70 
Austin Philips Montgomery (br) 

232 Lincoln, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Deacon Murphy (l), A.M. 1910, 

LL.B. 1912 

40 E. 49 
William Burgess Osterhout[Jr.], 

A.M. and LL.B. 1910 

Freeport, N. Y. 
Arthur Hamilton Otis (educ) 

Univ. Arizona, Tuscan, Aris. 
Harold Palmer 

344 W. 84 
Joseph Perling (m), B.S. 

Southern Normal Coll. 1906 

319 VV. Baltimore, Baltimore, Md. 
Harold Perrine (eng), A.M. 

1909, C.E. 1910 (see p. 70) 
820 West End Ave. 

Daniel Poll (phys), M.D. 1910 

Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Edward Evelyn Porter 

149 W.73 _ 
James Frederick Prince 

149 N. Broadway, Yonkcrs, N. Y. 
Gerard Alston Reichling 
Marvin Rice 

288 W. 92 
Fred Hamilton Rindge, Jr. 

(SEC), A.M. 1909 
124 E. 28 

Gfaillard] Sherburne Rogers 

(GEOL), a.m. 1909, Ph.D. 191 1 
(see p. 74) 

U . S. Geol. Survey, Washington, 

D. C. 
Anthony Jesse Romagna 

277 Broadway 
Walter Joseph Rose (l), A.M. 

and LL.B. 1910 
115 Broadway 

®Marcus Adolphus Rothschild 

(PHYS), M.D. 1911 

Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Edward Curtis Rouse (l), 

a.m. and LL.B. 1910 

E. Orange, N. J. 

®Louis James San 

104 Franklin Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Alvin Theodore Sapinskyf 

[1907] (L), A.M. and LL.B. 1909 

403 W. 115 
Thomas Gaetan Sessa, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1909 

8or Webster Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Aghasie Malik Shimmon (m) 
Uruiiiia, Persia 

Ira Skutch (l), LL.B. 1910 
998 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 

John Eyre Sloane (mf) 
55 Montrose Ave., S. Orange, N.J. 

Joseph Steiner (l), A.M. 1910, 

LL.B. 191 1 

40 Clay, Nezvark, N. I. 

Frank Robert Swartwout, A.M. 

and LL.B. 1910 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 

®Edward Benjamin Townsend 
JVallingford, Conn. 

®Ludlow Hoffman Van der 

19 Whitehall 

Addison Allen Van Tine (l), 

LL.B. 1910 

567 West End Ave. 

Foster Ware (j) 

1285 Madison Ave. 

®Paul Weaver 

Care Coast and Geodetic Survey, 

Washington, D. C. 
John Neville Wheeler 

Glenzvood Ave., Yonkcrs, N. Y. 
Clarence Edward Winchell(sEc) 

4 Elm, W. Orange, N. J. 
Paul [William Henry] Windels 

(L), LL.B. St. Lawrence 1909, J.D. 1910 
52 Wall 

Louis Ernest Wolferz (educ), 
497 Hart, Bklyn. 

tFormerly Shapinsky. 




Tames Macdonald Wood, Jr. 


I6^ Cleveland, Bklyn. 

William Lawrence Wood 

9^5 Lexington Ave. 
Walter Bligh Woodbury (educ), 

A.M. 1909 ^ 

18 Washington Ave., Oneida, N. Y. 



Edwin Montefiore Borchard 

(LIB), LL.B. N. Y. Law School 1905 
Washington, D. C. 

Linden Wenlzel Bridgeman, 

]\Iech.E. 1909 

Mapletvood, N. J. 
Miles Chester Comstock (l), 

LL.B. 1911 

21 Plant, Utica, N. Y. 

George Frederick Gilbert [Jr.] 

MarshReld, Mo. 

Michael Heidelberger (chem), 

A.M. 1909, Ph.D. 191 1 
3S W. 93 
Frederic Garrabrant Kiser 

(EDUC), Litt.B. Waynesburg Coll. 
1907, Pd.M. N. Y. Univ. 191 1 
Brookside, N. J. 

®Grover Cleveland Loening, 

A.M. 1910, C.E. 1911 
40 W. 59 

Hyman Rudolph Miller (phys), 

M.D. 191 1 

Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Royal Freeman Nash 
, Grand Rapids, Wise. 

John Clement Negus 
140 Water 

Latham Ralston Reed 
156 E. 56 

Harry Riegel 

Marshall Robie (adv) 

®Jacob Winford Stayton 
III Broadway 

0Albert Tortora 
315 E. 53 



Arthur Douglas Alexander, 

LL.B. 1912 

14 St. Nicholas PI. 

David Eugene Amidon 
427 Washington Ave., Belleville, 
N. J. 

(S>William Almon Andrews 
Elba, N. Y. 

Donald Armstrong (U.S.A.), 

A.M. 1910 

Fort Williams, Me. 

Richard Franz Bach [1908] 

(see p. 29) 

Columbia University 
John Gordon Baragwanath 


Ossining, N. Y. 
William Howard Barber 

(PHYS), M.D. 191 1 
210 Rodney, Bklyn. 

Albert Louis Baum, Mech.E. 

191 1 

252 W. 128 

Pelham St. George Bissell, Jr. 

(L), A.M. 1910, LL.B. 1912 
45 W. II 
Oscar Samuel Blinn (l), LL.B. 
191 1 
292 Hancock, Bklyn. 

Harry Beardslee Brainerd 

135 E. 30 
Emil Breitenfeld (l), LL.B, 

191 1 

221 E. 68 
0Louis Alexander Brown 

1840 Madison Ave. 
William Hori Brown, Jr. (tr) 

306 W. 93 
Rhys Carpenter, B.S. 

Oxford (England) 191 1 

417 W. 117 
Charles Rivers Carroll [1910] 


Nyack, N. Y. 
(S)Michael Nelson Chanalis (l), 

LL.B. 191 1 
359 W. 117 
Andrew Middleton Child, Jr., 

A.M. 1911 

85 Fourth PL, Bklyn. 
James Livingston Cobb (phys), 

M.D. iQii 

258 Clifton PL, Bklyn. 




Albert M. Cohn-McMaster 

(EDUC) [1910], A.M. 1912 
30j8 Fifth Ave. 

McAlister Coleman (j) 

16/ IV. 73 
George Brokaw Compton (sec) 

Columbia University 
(S>Ralph Copeland, LL.B. 191 1 

628 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

Joseph Siebert Corbett (educ), 

A.M. 1910 (see p. 38) 
345 E. J5 

Roger Fernandez Criado, LL.B. 

616 IV. 


C[harles] Eustace Dwyer, E.M. 
191 1 
468 Riverside Drive 

Lewis Epstein (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 191 1 

7Q2 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 

Robert Ludlow Fowler, Jr. 
26 W. 10 

Leon Eraser [1910], A.M. 1912 

9 E. 10 
Leon Wells Gibson [1910], 

LL.B. 1912 

320 W. 83 
George Monro Goodwin (phys), 

M.D. 1911 
Tompkinsville, N. Y. C. 

Edward John Grant (c) 
Livingston Hall, Columbia Univ. 

James Eakins Gray (br), A.M. 

191 1 (see p. 48) 

246 Fourteenth, Bklyn. 

Percy Frank Griffin (l), LL.B. 
191 1 
791 St. Nicholas Ave. 

Arthur Gunther (l), LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 

351 Halsey, Bklyn. 

^Raymond Drake Halsey 
S. Hampton, N. Y. 

<S>John George Hanrahan, Jr. 

352 JV. 117 

George Christopher Hanson 


324 Monroe, Bklyn. 

Charles Hershenstein (l), A.M. 

1910, LL.B. 191 1 

117 Oak, Jersey City, N. J. 

Harold Henry Herts (l), A.M. 

1910, LL.B. 1911 
307 W. 79 

Samuel Thomson Hollister 

Charles Warren Hunt, Jr. (sa) 

171 IV. 88 
Carl Fritz Hiittlinger, A.M. and 

Chem.E. 1912 

771 Carroll, Bklyn. 
Edgar Jesse Katz (eng), 

Mech.E. 191 1 
24g E. 68 

Carl Eberhard Kayser 

Eugene Edmund Kelly (l), 

LL.B. 191 1 

108S Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Charles Frederic Kennedy 
(Rev.), B.D. 

Episcopal Theol. Sem. (Cambridge) 

247 E. 87 
Vi Kyuin Wellington Koo[i9o8] 

(SEC), A.M. 1909, Ph.D. 1912, Sec. 
to President, China 

Peking, China 

Bruno Ralph Kudlich 
104 JV. 87 

Harold Strong Latham 
// Pleasant PL, Arlington, N. /. 

Daniel Bell Leary [Jr.] [1910] 


716 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Israel Herbert Levinthal, A.M. 
716 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sidney Liebovitz, A.M. 1912 
31 JV. 89 

Herbert Marks Lippmann 
60 E. 91 

George Edward Loder (pr) 
Port Chester, N. Y. 

Michael Heilprin Loveman,A.M. 
210 JV. 139 

Emmanuel Liihrs 

153 North, Jersey City, N. J. 




Frederic Hewlett McCoun, Jr. 

(L), LL.B. 1911 
39 IV. S4 

James Cameron Mackenzie, Jr. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Leo Mehler 
[John] Ward Melville (m) 

28 Monroe PL, Bklyn. 
Thomas Charles Morgan, E.M. 

191 T 

ii^S Buslnvick Ave., Bklyn. 
Wendell Roderick Morgan (re, 


134 Main, Oneonta, N. Y. 

Arthur Bruce Moss, B.D. 

Drew Theol. Sem. 1912 

23 E. 127 
®James Wheaton Mott 
S23 IV. 123 

Charles Halpin Nammack, M.D. 
42 E. 29 

Berthold Hintz Nye [1910] 


118 Locust Hill Ave., Yonkers,N.Y. 

Thomas Pollock Oakley 

John J. O'Connell, Jr. [1910] 
340 Dean, Bklyn. 

Alfred 02:den, LL.B. 1912 

612 W. 116 
Winston Alexander Paul (re) 

301 Academy, Jersey City, N. J. 

W[illiam] H[enry] Dannat Pell 

(L), LL.B. 191 1 

404 IV. 115 
®Herbert Francis Peyser 

loi W. 80 
Paul Louis Rapp, A.M. 1910 

492 Third Ave. 

Stanley Harned Renton (sec) 
207 Schermerhorn, Bklyn. 

James Poole Rome (ed) 
371 Edgecombe Ave. 

Leopold Opper Rothschild (l), 

LL.B. 191 1 
251 IV. 138 

Malcolm Miller Roy (sec) 
Grand Viczv, Nyack, N. Y. 

Truman Bartlett Sage (br) 
Care Spencer Trask Co., 43 Ex- 
change PI. 

Nathan Salsbury (l), LL.B. 
191 1 
30 IV. 96 

Benton Sanders (m) 

62 W. 83 
Jerome Sandel Schaul 

479 W. 152 

Richard Scheib (educ), A.M. 
922 Melrose Ave. 

Amos Cotting Schermerhorn 

25 E. 79 
Jack Walter Schiffer (mf) 

70^0 Second Ave. 
Harold Seely Schultz [1910] 

(L, SEC). LL.B. 1911 
141 Broadway 

Welles Hamilton Sellew (eng), 

Mech.E. 1911 

78 E. 79 
Herbert Calvin Skinner (educ) 

2766 Briggs Ave. 
Martin DeForest Smith (phys), 

M.D. 1912 

43 P- 25 
Richard Haviland Smythe 

Frederick Carl Steinmetz, M.D. 
352 IV. 19 

0Robert Stephenson 

22 Bank 
Harold Williams Taylor 

156 E. 38 
William Arthur Tripp 

Albert Ernest Turpin 
150 E. 18, Bklyn. 

Burnet Corwin Tuthill, A.M. 


176 W. 86 

Winfield Scott Wardell, Jr. 


191 N. 6, Neivark, N. J. 

Morgan Dix Watson [1910] 


564 IV. 149 
David Weinstein, LL.B. iQii 
1342 Fifty-first, Bklyn. 




Oscar Victor Werner (Rev.) 
Rajahmimdry, India 



J[acob] Jay Alterman (l) 

135 Eighth Ave. 
Alexander Appel (l), A.M. and 

LL.B. 191 1 

82 E. 109 
0Daniel Francis Beckingham 

201 W. 141 
Frederic Otto Berge, A.M. 1910, 

LL.B. 1911 

50 Stuyvesant 

F[rancis] Stuart Chapin(EDUc), 

A.M. 1910, Ph.D. 191 1 

Wellesley Coll., Wellesley, Mass. 

Ira Cohen, M.D. 191 1 

1082 Anderson Ave. 
William Henry Deacy, Jr. 

Ossining, N. Y. 

Herman Golden (chem) 
18S0 Belmont Ave. 

Ray Abner Goldstein (mf) 
8iy Broadzvay 

Melvin Gutman 

1070 Madison Ave. 
Rudolf Hahn* 
[Lloyd] Gregory Kistler [1910] 

(L), LL.B. 191 1 

2079 Cropsey Ave., Bklyn. 

Oscar Levine, LL.B. 191 1 

48 IV. 114 
Charles Lionel Marcus (b, l), 

A.M. 1910, LL.B. 1911 
313 Riverside Drive 

Frederic Stearns Mead, Jr. 


Box 122, Neiv Briinszvick, N. J. 

Samuel Melitzer (eng), E.M. 
246 Rivington 

Theodore Roosevelt Murray* 

Abraham Newman 

M [orris] Lindsay Norden 

(MUS), A.M. and B.M. 191 1 
SOI Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Hickman Price 

R.R. No. 7, Nashville, Tenn. 
Walter Everett Rollins 

William Charles Roux (eng) 

20J7 Hughes Ave. 
Francis Salzano 

40 Doininick 
Daniel Denison Streeter [Jr.] 

113 Hooper, Bklyn. 
0Alvin Louis Virgil Wiehle 

304 IV. 109 
Walter David Wile 

332 IV. 88 


Thomas Alexander (educ) 
Kirksville, Mo. 

Paul William Aschner, M.D. 
III Clark, Bklyn. 

Francis Nathan Bangs 

161 IV. 73 
Ray Foster Barnum 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Abraham Baroff (sa) 

617 E. 181 
Samuel Belinkoff (educ) 

133 IV. 30, Bayonne, N. I. 
Wiley Alexander Bell, Jr. [1911] 

Leonia, N. I. 

Benjamin Berinstein (l), LL.B. 
102 IV. 115 

Max Block (m) 

848 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 
Mortimer Brenner 

26 Court, Bklyn. 
John Benjamin Brittain (sa) 

15 Livingston Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Raymond Shiland Brown 

600 W. 122 
Walter Gerard Buckish (educ) 

Bureau of Educ., Manila, P. I. 

George Oliver Castell (l),LL.B. 


3456 Broadzvay 
Emanuel Celler, LL.B. 1912 

838 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 




Joseph Hertz Cohen 

43 IV. 87 
Frederick Sturges Cooper, M.D. 


14S IV. 5S 

Charles Ryle Dan forth 

175 W. 72 
Henry Vane Beams Darhngton 

321 N. Front, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Harry Thaddeus Davimos (l), 

A.M. 191 1 

236 Harrison Ave., Harrison, N. J. 

Frank Braithwaite Devlin 


Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Rollo Linsmore de Wilton 

(EDUC), A.M. 1911 
Horncll, N. Y. 

Morton Brinckerhoff Doremus 
10 IV. 4, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Earl Vincent Dye (educ) 
R. F. D. No. 5, Zanesville, O. 

Frederick R. Elsasser, LL.B. 


302 IV. 10 1 

Albert Epstein, LL.B. 1912 

792 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 
Bernard Epstein 

931 St. John Ave. 
Robert Scarborough Erskine 

609 IV. 115 
Herbert James Flower 

313 Gregory Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Jonathan Force [Jr.] (educ) 
Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston, N. J. 

William Andrews Ford 
22 S. Broadzvay, White Plains, N.Y. 

Ernest Vivian Frerichs, LL.B. 
1912 ^ 

Tottenville, N. Y. C. 

Sydney Lion Goodman, LL.B. 
21S St. John's PL, Bklyn. 

Harold George Gulliver (f) 
120 Exchange, Portland, Me. 

Ernest William Hartung 

(EDUC), A.M. 1911 

774 E. 169 
Leland Hays 

Thomas Francis Healy (educ) 
141 IV. 90 

Harold Gould Henderson, Jr. 
434 Riverside Drive 

Dudleigh Hill 

323 IV. 87 
Edward Hinman, Jr., E.M. 1912 

no Renisen, Bklyn. 
Alfred Norton Joerg 

531 Beech, Richmond Hill, N. Y. C. 
John Dotha Jones 
Roland Stuart Ketchum, A.M. 

667 Teasdale PI. 
Theodore Kiendl, Jr. 

105 Penn. Ave., Bklyn. 
Leonard Klein, LL.B. 1912 

105 W, 136 
Leopold Klein 

57 E. 7 _ 
Max Louis Krinsky (sa) 

309 Buslnvick Ave., Bklyn. • 
William Langer, LL.B, 

N. Dakota 1906 

Mandan, N. Dak. 

Garibaldi Mario Lapolla (educ) 
De Witt Clinton H. S., N. Y. C. 

®Raymond Lawrence 

Skaneateles, N. Y. 
Leicester Crosby Lewis (Rev.), 

A.M. 191 1, B.D. Genl. Theol. Sem. 

Chelsea Sq., N. Y. C. 
John Joseph Lynch 

801 Union, Bklyn. 
Robert John MacColl (educ) 

616 W. 184 
0Luther Graham MacConnell 

Care Amos Hall, Virginia City, 


Robert Vincent Mahon, LL.B. 


229 W. 138 
John Hamilton Marchmont 

ILartlcy Hall, Columbia University 
Henry Luther Mellen (eng), 

E.E. 1912 

Middlebnry, Vt. 
William Moitrier, Jr. 
454 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 




Alexander Becht Morris (c) 
i6g Warren, Bklytt. 

Eugene Frederic Moses, LL.B. 

222 E. 61 

Herman J. Muller (educ), A.M. 

191 1 (see p. 67) 

562 W. 150 
John Alexander Murray, Jr. 
S920 Broadway 

Melville Nauheim 
96 Neilson Ave., Far Rockaway, 
N. Y. C. 

Ransom Noble 

304 IV. 77 
Earl William Osborne [1911], 

LL.B. 1912 

417 Riverside Drive 

Edgar Howard Osterhout, LL.B. 
422 VV. 115 

Lincoln Paddock 

141 W. 70' 
Royce Paddock 

141 W. 70 
William DeForest Pearson 

(EDUC), A.M. 1911 

604 Christler Ave., Schenectady, 

N. Y. 

Edward Heyman Pfeiffer (j) 
2 W. 94 

Maurice Picard (educ), A.M. 


510 W. 147 
Charles Homer Ramsdell 

242 Convent Ave. 
®Walter Rinck 

127 Quitman, Neivark, N. J. 
Louis Harry Robinson, LL.B. 

and A.M. 1912 

838 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 

N[athanie]] Otis Rockwood 

[191 1], LL.B. 1912 

614 IV. 113 

George Jacob Rosenthal, A.M. 
191 1 
49 St. Nicholas Terrace 

Clarence Schmelzel 

243 Washington 

Robert Paul Schur, LL.B. 1912 
4 Hamilton Terrace 

Andrew J. Graham Sexton 
509 W. 122 

Henry Boothroyd Shaw 
92 Mass. Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Geddes Smith, A.M. 1912 
no Morningside Drive 

James Everitt Sterritt, LL.B. 
31 Ellis PL, Ossining, N. Y. 

Harold Van Vredenburgh Story, 

LL.B. and A.M. 1912 
36 Granicrcy Park 

®Richard Leo Swanton 
124 St. James PL, Bklyn. 
Samuel William Tannenbaum 

(L), A.M. and LL.B. 1912 

58 E. 123 

Thomas Francis Thornton,LL.B. 


229 Hinsdale, Bklyn. 

Dallas Selwyn Townsend 

Raeford, N. C. 
Euen Van Kleeck, M.D. 1912 

4 ^V. 123 
Webb William Weeks [1911] 

(PHYS),M.D. 1912 

46 E. 57 
(2)Paul C. Werner, LL.B. 1912 

202 Riverside Drive 
Henry Valentine Wildman, Jr., 

M.D. 1912 

108 W. 94 
Arthur Yokel (educ) 
68 Kosciusco, Bklyn. 


Norman Hoag Angell 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 
James Alpheus Baker, Jr. (br) 

314 W. 88 
Ffrank] Warner Bishop (phys), 

M.D. 1912 
202 W. 103 

Ernest Philip Boas, A.M. 1912 

230 Franklin Ave., Grantwood, N.J. 
Sidney Born (chem) 

320 W. 139 
®Samuel Meir Cohen, A.M. 1912 
fi622 Fourth Ave., Bklyn. 




Condict Walker Cutler, Jr. 

(FHYS), M.D. 1912 

135 IV. 76 
Leonard Harold Davidow, A.M. 

1911, LL.B. igi2 

55 IV. 87 
Harry Solomon Davidowitz 
[Hadji] Michael Der Gara- 
bedian, C.E. 1912 

Bakdjcdjik, Ismid, Turkey 

McKee Duncan 

Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

August Koelsch Eccles (educ) 

700 Cathedral Parkway 

Daniel Moore Fisk 

Pascal Joseph Fortinash, LL.B. 
191 1 

®W. Austin Galvin 

503 IV. 173 
George Goldberg . 

44 Court, Bklyn. 

Louis Grossbaum 
S47 Hunts Point Ave. 

Warren H. Heins 

Oscar Hochberger, A.M. 1912, 

Chem.E. 191 2 

452 Riverside Drive 

0Russell Thorp Kirby, A.M. 


54 Moruingside Ave. W. 

Philip Kraft, Jr., E.AL 1912 

919 Ogden Ave. 

David Edward Kronman [1911] 

638 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 
®Myron Lawrence Lesser 

[191 1] LL.B. 1912 

308 W. 88 

Alexander Leon Louria 
249 Hezues, Bklyn. 

William Mayer Schlossman, C.E. 
37 IV. 118 

Edward Philip Smith (j) 

180 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Edward Sternberg 
I3~3 Broadivay, Bklyn. 

Harold Cammeyer Todd 
830 IV. 199 

Eli Saul Wolbarst, LL.B. 1912 

Hartley Hall, Columbia University 
0[Virginius] Victor Zipris, 

LL.B. and A.M. 1912 

974 St. Niclwlas Ave. 30 


Alexander Isidore Abrahams 
67 E. 93 

Michael Adelstein 
no IV. 86 

Edgar Altenburg (educ), A.M. 

1912 (see p. 28) 

2803 Third Ave. 

Lawrence Henry Axman 

1229 Park Ave. 
Herbert Peter Baumer 

Paul Morris Beck 
2677 Heath Ave. 

Sidney Bender 
291 Stuyz^esant Ave., Bklyn. 

Augustus Henry Bergman (sa) 
239 Court, Bklyn. 

Henry Berkowitz 

798 Tremont Ave. 
®Shelton Hale Bishop 

217 IV. 133 
Joseph Thomas Blaber 

203 Eiglitcenth, Bklyn. 

Percy Emanuel Boas 

10 )V. 88 
Robert Carl Brandt 

331 JV. 113 

Carmine William Caruso 

11 Garside, Neivark, N. J. 

®William Caspar Dorr 
1081 Rogers Ave., Bklyn. 

George Pennington Egbert 
425 IV. 146 

Meyer Eichmann, A.M. 1912 
370 West, W. Hoboken, N. J. 

Carl Bernard Eiraer (re) 
190 Riverside Drive 

Seba Eldridge, B.E. 

N. Carolina Coll. 1907 

244 E. 105 

Robert LeFevre Fairbairn 
249 McDonough, Bklyn. 



20 1 

Frank Julius Felbel 
Narragansett Hotel, N. Y. C. 

Avelino Vicente Ferreira 

Aaron Boylan Fitz-Gerald 

(Rev.), A.M. 1912 
Dover, N. J. 

Emanuel M. Fleischer 

Dixon Ryan Fox (educ), A.M. 

1912 (see p. 45) 

633 IV. 115 

0Max Frank 

402 E. 7p 

01srael Friedman 
53 Osborn, Bklyn. 

Henry Curt Furstenwalde 

65 E. 53 
Kiliaen van Rensselaer Gibson 

8 Van Sice Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Arthur Nicholas Giegerich (c) 
43 E.rcJiange PI. 

Nelson Burroughs Gildersleeve 
J7 Doivn'mg, Bklyn. 

Edwin Lawrence Gluck 

1041 Madison Ave. 

Herbert Samuel Goldstein 
8 E. 97 

Jones Green Griffith (c) 
Mayfield, Ky. 

Abraham Maurice Grill 
305 W. 114 

Isador Haber, A.M. 1912 

718 Angelique, IV. Hoboken, N. J. 

William Henry Hastings 


II E. 87 

Wayne Darlington Heydecker 
137 Franklin Ave., Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

John Warren Hill 
131 W. 118 

OLester Sanders Hill 

1799 W- 1^7, Cleveland, Ohio 

Joseph Charlap Hyman (educ) 
II IV. 112 

Joseph Klingenstein 
102 E. 79 

Richard Charles Klugescheid 
170 IV. 89 

Leo Koenig 
80 W. 12 

Samuel Seymour Korn 
238 E. 68 

Samuel Oppenheim Kuhn 
2730 Broadway 

Allen Lefferts 

^54 IV. 74 
Maurice Levine (educ) 

87 Taylor, Bklyn. 
Samuel Joshua Levinson 

372 IVallabout, Bklyn. 

®Louis Martin Levy 

1893 Seventh Ave. 
Harold Baxter Liebler 

Riverside, Conn. 
Angelo Lipari, A.M. 1912 

2071 Fifth Ave. 
Llewellyn Lloyd, A.M. 1912 

Armin Kohl Lobeck (educ) 
Hazvorth, N. J. 

William MacRossie (ins), A.M. 


429 IV. 117 
Bernard Kent Marcus 

31S Riverside Drive 
George Milroy Marshall 

Ehnhurst, N. Y. C. 
Charles James William Meisel 

John Joseph Murphy (l) 
12 Goodman PL, Hartford, Conn. 

Robert Clinton Norton 

2 Mott Ave., Far Rockatvay, 

N. Y. C. 
Frank Pascarella 

Emerson, N. J. 
Thomas Bugard Paton, Jr. 

1777 Clay Ave. 
John Michael Pittaro 
Arthur Leo Price 

34 ]V. 14 
William Remsen 

800 Madison Ave. 
William Walter Renwick (pub) 

731 Plymouth Ct., Chicago, III. 




Ernest Spencer Roche 
12/ Hilton Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. 

John Pierre Roche (adv) 
742 Lincoln Parkivay, Chicago, III. 

Milton Benjamin Rosenbliith 

207 Cathedral Parkway 
William Neely Ross, A.M. 191 2 

212 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

Gabriel Rubino 

S4 Carmine 
Arnold Moses Schmidt 

S56 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Frederick William Scholz, A.M. 
1438 Vyse Ave. 

John Andrew Siceloff (Rev.) 

Fayeth, Mo. 
Frederick Burr Spencer 

1 124 Tin ton Ave. 
0Harry Fisher Standerwick, Jr., 

A.M. iqi2 

71 Clinton PI. 
Ralph Randies Stewart (educ) 

467 W. 164 
Lloyd Stickles 

John Andrew Storey, Jr. (b) 
Indianola, la. 

Samuel Myer Strasburger (br) 

i6s Broadivay 
Ernest Harvey Van Fossan 


Thompson Hall, Lisbon, O. 

Harold Van Tine 

567 West End Ave. 
George Henry Warren, Jr. 

024 Fifth Ave. 
William Thomas Webber 

515 IV. 139 
Walter Moses Weis, A.M. 1912 

133 E. 74 
Winfred Hamlin Ziegler (Rev.) 

V aides, Alaska 
Carl Daniel Zigrosser 

Ulster Park, N. Y. 



(2>Sidney Adlman 
56 Croivn, Meriden, Conn. 

Henry Daniel Baker 
325 IV. 108 

G[urnee] Hinman Barrett (c) 
257 IV. 86 

Paul David Bieber [1910] LL.B. 

3S3 E. 8 
Harry Bloch (m) 

35 IV. 36 

Isidor Bernard Blumborg [1910] 
113 E. 2 

Alexandre Bruno 
3200 Broadway 

Sterry Hunt Childs 
362 Riverside Drive 

Abbott Carson Combes, Jr., 

M.D. 191 1 

20 EUnhnrst Ave., Elmhurst, 

N. Y. C. 

Leonard Covello (educ) 

447 E. 116 
Martin Louis Degavre 

36 JVavcrly Ave., Nezvark, N. J, 
Geoffrey [James] Dwyer 

15 Dey 
Louis M. Epstein (Rabbi) 
531 IV. 123 

Joseph Constantine Ferrara (m) 

501 IV. 121 
Alfred Russell Flower 

313 Gregory Ave., Passaic, N. J 
Bonner Frizzell (educ) 

College Station, Tex. 
Samuel Ralph Gerstein 

468 Monroe, Bklyn. \ 

Ismar Ginsberg 
ig32 Findlay Ave. 

Harold Melville Greenebaum 
152 W. 118 

Milton Greenebaum 
gii Park Ave. 

Alfred John Grimm 

®Chen Sheng Huang 
Tientsin, China 

William C. B. Kemp, LL.B. 1896 

George Thurman Keves (sec) 
79 Wall 




Monroe Bradford Kunstler 

465 Central Park W. 
W[illiamJ Murray Lee (b) 

248 IV. 127 
Alexander Lowy, A.M. 1912 

(see p. 61) 

1457 Bryant Ave. 

Edward Hemond Mackenzie 
126 Claremont Ave. 

Cedric Ferris Maguire, Mech.E. 
118 W. 84 

Harry Widdicombe Marsh 
J9/4 Washington Sq. 

Alden Karl Martin 
Reno, Nev. 

<8>Hua-Chuen Mei 
Sunning, Kwantung Prov., China 

Adolph Henry Meyer 

316 W. 116 
Joseph Stewart Michtom 

75g Howard Ave., Bklyn. 

James Henry Mullen 

John Augustine Mullen 

627 W. 113 
Jaroslav Victor Nigrin 

^David Gerson Schechter 

28 Clinton 
Gabriel Schlesinger (j) 

75 W. Tremont Ave. 
®Frank Gillman Schrenkeisen 

2g4 W. 72 
Orville Edgar Schubert (b) 

Isabel, S. D. 
George William Artway Scott 


Tuskegee Inst., Tuskegee, Ala. 

Milton Phineas Springer 

401 Miller Ave., Bklyn. 
James Alexander Steel, B.S. 

N. Mex. Coll. of Agr. 1908 

106 IV. 143 
Richmond Stephens 
204 Richmond Terrace, Neiu 
Brighton, N. Y. C. 

Edwin Wadsworth Stone 

1128 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

Diederick Hanfeld Ward 

Irwin Wheeler 
Nevo Brunswick, N. J. 

William Osterhout Whipps (m) 
Kalispell, Mont. 


William Daniel Ahearn 
755 Eastern Parkzvay, Bklyn. 

James Burke Alley 
233 S. 13. Muskogee, Ala. 

Francis Tuttle Armstrong 
Katonah, N. Y. 

Dudley Jerome Bachrach 
64 E. gi 

William Bancker Bailey 
260 Hancock, Bklyn. 

Walter Ernest Baker 
iSg Broad, Oshkosh, Wise. 

James Thom Beard, Jr. 

36g Waverly Ave., Bklyn. 
Benjamin Bernstein 

162 E. Broadzvay 
Randolph Silliman Bourne 

2go Belleville Ave., Bloomfield, N.J. 
Arthur Beams Brenner 

252 Carroll, Bklyn. 

Isidor Cherniac Brill 
Edward Vincent Broderick 

Edward John Bullwinkel (br) 
533 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

Julius Victor Bunzl 
121 E. 72 

Harold Augustin Calahan 

21S Cumberland, Bklyn. 
Lewis Augustus Cofifin, Jr. 

156 W. 58 
William Coleman (educ), A.B. 

and Pd.B. Valparaiso 

Woodside, N. Y. 
Joseph Aloysius Conway (educ) 

518 Fifty-second, Bklyn. 
Frederick Culman 

476 W. J43 

®Ausley George Davis 

141 W. 76 
Norman McLeod Dingman 

Spring Valley, N. Y. 




Leonard Dinkelspiel (mf) 

Class of 1 913 

46 W. 89 
Russell Arnold Fairbairn 

249 McDonough, Bklyn. 
Lawrence Kelso Frank 

Room 504, 165 Broadway 
Julius Frederick Fries 

William Alexander Gray (br) 

246 Fourteenth, Bklyn. 

James Henry Henle (j) 

423 W. 118 
David Melville Heyman 
Mark McKendree Horton 


Nyack, N. Y. 
Horace Holmes Hunt, A.B. 

Denison 191 1 

Granville, O. 

Alfred Herbert laason 
729K Macon, Bklyn. 

Orrin Castle Isbell 

540 IV. 165 
Samuel Lipstadt Jackson 

ij8 W. 57 
Luther Henry Ketels (Rev.), 

B.D. Drew Theol. Sem. 1912 

267 Chadwick Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Alfred Abraham Knopf 

Egmont Francis Koenig (m) 
^Care O'Neill Adams Co., N. Y. C. 

Joseph Levy 
408 Douglass, Bklyn. 

Chester Luhman 

Richard Joseph Mackey 

243 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Arthur Whittier Macmahon 

Clarence Augustus Manning 

144 E. 74 
George Lane Maurer (adv) 

854 W. 181 
Max David Mayer 

247 E. 71 

Charles Harrison Meyer 

139 W. 86 
Herbert K. Minsky 

228 Second Ave. 

Alexander Parks Moore (educ) 
13s Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Henry Harold Nordlinger 

45 E. 80 

Edmond O'Flanagan (sa) 
1393 Madison Ave. 

Thomas Francis O'Sullivan (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1912 
51 Chambers 

Eugene Hiram Paddock, Jr. 

149 IV. 72 
Joseph Hendershot Park 

Port Murray, N. J. 

Richard Henry Paynter, 3rd. 

Fitz John Porter 

15 E. 10 
®Claus Carl Herrmann Prox 

Paradox, N. Y. 
John William Pulleyn 

/// W. 94 
Henry Sigmund Rade 

70 Morningside Ave. W. 
Robert Jesse Reynolds 

Potsdam, N. Y. 

Guy Hughes Riegel 
368 N. 8, Lebanon, Pa. 

Franklin Willard [Burnett] 

925 Locust Ave., Long Beach, Cal. 
Benjamin Rothenberg 

224 W. 141 
Austin Sherwood Rothwell 

144 IV. 76 
Theodore Michael Sanders 

562 W. 113 
William Vogel Saxe (l) 

75 E. 81^ 
George Kenner Scratchley 

46 iv. 48 

Lambert Armour Shears 

203 IV. 103 
William Ernest Shrewsbury 

148 Van Buren, Bklyn. 
(S>William Stanley Siemon 

423 Ella, IVilkinsburgh, Pa. 
William Philip Smale, Jr. 

470 W. 146 




Albert Lee Smallheiser (educ) 

^5P Hart, Bklyn. 
Augustus Carll Smith, Jr. 

Babylon, N. Y. 
0Allan Paul Springer 

608 IV. 140 

Wilbur Watkins Stearns 

23 Coddington, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Alfred Henry Sturtevant 

Ktishla, Ala. 
Joseph Ward Swain 

Dillon, Mont. 
Edward Scott Swazey 

619 W. 113 
(8)Lewis Kelmond Thurlow, Jr. 

152 Gates Ave., Bklyn. 
Rufus James Trimble 

420 W. 119 
Thomas Henderson Watson, Jr. 

258 W. 93 
John Davidson Wimmer 

Morris Wolf (educ) 
1713 S. 22, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Miles Lowell Yates 
139 Otsego, I lion, N. Y. 

(8>Ralph Howard Young 
35 Poplar, Newport, R. I. 



William Lewis Bainton 

25 Morningside Ave. E. 
Alfred Bernstein 

3875 Broadway 

Ernest Bosch 

Turners Falls, Mass. 

Calvin Blackman Bridges 

Columbia University 
®Hilary Earl Corwin 

Huntington, N. Y. 

Arthur Roland Cummings 
193 Berkeley PL, Bklyn. 

Henry Wolfgang Elsasser 
302 W. 109 

Djevad Eyoub 

13 Hainan Zobak, Djagal Oglou, 
Constantinople, Turkey 

Charles Thorne Faas 

Great Neck, N. Y. 
Frank Lathrop Finlayson 

102 W. 84 
Edward Eugene Fisher 

68 N. Fourth, Aurora, III. 

Henry Samuel Gerstle 
2109 Broadzvay 

William Ranald Grunlow 
15 Roseland Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 

Siegfried H. Hartig 
228 Audubon Ave. 

Louis Judson Hirshleifer 


13 Varet, Bklyn. 

John Michael Holzworth (l), 

LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 

13 W. 8 

Ralph Williams Howell 

612 Seventeenth N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Chen-hua Huang 
Arnhold Karberg and Co., Taku 
Rd., Tientsin, China 

Roscoe Cunningham Ingalls 

153 W. 80 
Pascal L Joseph 

James Taylor Kemp 

211 IV. 139 
Nicholas Kopelofif 
Irving Kunzman ' 

Yan Cho Kwan 
Canton Christian Coll., Canton, 

Nathan H. Levinson 
93 Monroe 

Joseph Lifif 

49 E. 102 

Harry Leon Lobsenz 

33S E. 51 
(2>Carlos Kelly McClatchy 

Bee Oifice, Sacramento, Cal. 

Frank Joseph McMackin 
934 Ruyder Ave. 

James Handforth Alackintosh 
558 W. 113 




(2)Taufik Mufairij 
Bishimirzine, Mt. Lebanon, Syria 

John Howard Northrop 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Kenneth Berkley Norton 


30 E. 55 
Charles William Person (j) 

536 IV. 114 
Andrew Peters, Jr. 

2pi Hancock, Bklyn. 

Alfred Leigh Pitts 
44^ Sterling PL, Bklyn. 

George Weeks Polhemus 
916 Farragut Sq. 

Warner Charles Pyne 
265 IV. 88 

Charles Rogow 

316 IV. 112 
Vincent H. Rothwell 

144 IV. t6 

Samuel Ezekiel Sachs 
38 IV. 117 

David Sapiro 
954 Prospect Ave. 

Solomon Selig 
250 Clinton 

Albert Leon Siff (sa) 
1117 Forest Ave. 

Preston William Slosson 
530 IV. 123 

Allan Hamilton Smith 
Pearl, Kingston, N. Y. 

Weslev Lott Smith 
Baldwin, N. Y. 

Benjamin Bergen Strang 


301 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Bache McEvers Whitlock 

Carolus Sylvester Woodwell 
R. F. D., East Hampton, Conn. 

David Howard Youngerf 
139 S. Orange Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

0Chan Yew Yung 
Hongkoiv, Shanghai, China 

Harold Pindar Zoller 
556 JV. 150 


tFormerly David Henry YontefF. 



0Lulu Grace Farrant (educ), 

A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1896 

62 Montague St., Bklyn. 
Jessica B. Garretson (Mrs. Jas. 
W. Finch) (educ), LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1898 

61 E. 77 
Alice Mapelsden Keys, A.M. 

189;, Ph.D. 1906 

267 W. 90 
Clarita M. Knight (Mrs. Oscar 
Lake Mahopac, N. Y. 
AHce Kohn (Mrs. Sigmund Pol- 
51 E. 60 
Laura Grace Levy (Mrs. Harry 
F. Jackson) 
1631 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Mary Stuart Pullman 

1032 Park Ave. 
Louise Merritt Stabler (Mrs. 
George H. Parker) 
16 Berkeley, Cambridge, Mass. 


Evangeline Rollinson Bridgart 
(Mrs. Arthur R. Bauder) 
North Haven, Conn. 
Ella Fitz Gerald Bryson (Mrs. 
Frank G.) 
New Canaan, Conn. 
Helen Brigham Crocker* 

aet. 24 •189s 
tThe Barnard College graduates are ar- 
ranged alphabetically by maiden names 
(unless the graduate was married while in 
or before entering college), the married 
name being added in parentheses. In sub- 
sequent degrees, the married graduates are 
listed as in the General Index. 

Estella Demarest (c) 

Nanuet, N. Y. 
Agnes Irwin* (Mrs. Charles 
S. Baldwin) 

aet, 26 *i897 

Eliza James Jones (educ) 

182 Madison, Bklyn. 
Laura Landau (educ) 
5^'o IV. 183 

Caroline Garnar Brombacher 
(Mrs. Sidney G. Stacey) 
177 Woodruff Ave., Bklyn. 
Florence Colgate (Mrs. Gino C. 
Irvington, N. Y. 

Antoine Junge [1897] (educ) 
247 New York Ave., Bklyn. 

Louise Benedict Lockwood(Mrs. 
Francis B. Thurber, Jr.) 
12 Rue de I' Assumption, Paris, 

Mabel Parsons, A.M. 1897 
Hotel San Remo, N. Y. C. 
May Hinton Pollock [1896] 

(EDUC), A.M. 1901 
431 Convent Ave. 

Alice Lillie Seligsberg (see) 

549 IV. 113 
Celeste Castalia Swenson(EDUc) 

5 Elm PI, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Jean Willard Tatlock (educ) 

141 E. 16 
Gratia Eaton Whithed (Mrs. 
Charles S. Baldwin) 

448 Riverside Drive 







Alice Goddard Chase (educ) 

jij Schermcrhorn, Bklyn. 
Elsie Worthington Clews (Mrs. 
Herbert Parsons), 

A.M. 1897, Ph.D. 1899 (see p. 69) 

115 E. 72 
Carrie Hammerslough (Mrs. 
Edward Hymes), 

A.M. 1897 

$10 Convent Ave. 

Mary Bradford Harris 
10 Clifton, Taunton, Mass. 

Ada Hinde Hart (Mrs. William 
R. Arnold) 
25 Kirkland, Cambridge, Mass. 

Anna Cole Mellick (educ), 

A.M. 1909 

316 IV. 84 
Clara Meltzer (Mrs. John Auer) 

(PHYS), M.D. Johns Hopkins 1900 
13 W. 121 

Louise Place (Mrs. Martin A. 
Rosanoff), A.M. 1900 
7 Downing, Worcester, Mass. 

Eva Sherwood Potter 
125 Seventh Ave., Bklyn. 

Mary Rogers Roper (educ) 

Pelhant Manor, N. Y. 
Ettie Stettheimer, A.M. 1898, 

Ph.D. Freiburg 1902 
102 W. 76 

Mary Matilda Stone (educ) 

74 Fenimore, Bklyn. 
Anne Janet Sutphen 

64 Elizabeth Ave., Nezmrk, N. J. 
Clementine Tucker (Mrs. A. G. 
igog N. Nciv Jersey, Indianapolis, 
Bertha Steele Van Riper (Mrs. 
Frederick C. Overbury) 
Sherman Sq. Hotel, N. Y. C. 
Jessie May Wendover 

42 Nelson PL, Newark, N. J. 
Gertrude L. Wolff (Mrs. Emil 
306 IV. g4 



Agnes Baldwin, A.M. 1900 

404 IV. 116 
Adelaide Wells Brown (educ) 

22 Monroe, Bklyn. 
Edith Phcebe Bucknam (lib) 

8S4 Pacific, Bklyn. 
Mary Bergmann Dobbs (Mrs. R. 
L. Wadhams) 

72 N. Franklin, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Florence Anderson Dowden 

(LIB), A.M. 1900 

125 Lincoln Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 
Louise Brisbin Dunn,* 

A.M. 1899 (see p. 42) aet. 27 *i902 

Estelle Elkus (Mrs. Clarence G. 

Woodmere, N. Y. 
Grace Lovina Fenton (educ) 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Alice Medora Ferry (educ) 

233 S. 9 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
[Nellie] Priscilla Fletcher 

(EDUC), A.M. Colorado Coll. 
Normal College, N. Y. C. 
Cordelia Alma Hall* aet. 25 •1898 

Anna Mary Locke (educ), A.M. 


jg23 N. Illinois, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Myra Emilie Matthews (educ), 

2g Waverly PL, Orange, N. J. 
Mary Baldwin More (educ) 

Box 274, Chatham, N. J. 
Edith Rice Sackett 

I2ig Madison Ave. 
Louise Shaw (Mrs. Lowell L. 

River, Hackensack, N. J. 
Aline Croquet Stratford (educ), 

A.M. 1899 

163 Clinton Ave., Bklyn. 
Anne Porter Sumner (Mrs. 
Frederic S. Boyd (educ) 

I Convent At>e. 
Mary Lillian Uppercu* 

aet. 25 *i899 

Adaline Caswell Wheelock 

412 W. 115 
Maude Wilcox (Mrs. Edwin 
Van Riper), A.M. 1898 

Pelham, N. Y. 2 1 





Fannie Isabel Alward* 

aet. 44 *i9os 

Clara de Lissa Berg (sec), A.M. 
43 Brighton Ave, E. Orange, N. J . 

Edith Helen Boetzkes (Mrs. Le 
Roy M. Backus) 
IS16 Boren Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Louise Fuller De Hart (Mrs. 
Clement A, Fuller) 
Van Rensselaer Ave., Stamford, 

Julia Hutchins Farwell (educ), 

A.M. 1899, A.B. (Hon.) Mt. Holyoke 

"The Castle," Tarrytozvn, N. Y. 
Anne Richardson Hall (Mrs. 
Robert J. Curdy) 

2544 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Katharine Stockton Hawkins 
Pulaski, N. Y. 

Jessie Wallace Hughan (educ), 

A.M. 1899, PTi.D. 191 1 
61 Quincy, Bklyn. 

Louise Elizabeth Lacey 

Care D. H. Waetjcn & Co., 
Bremen, Germany 

[Ella] Roselle Lathrop (Mrs. 
James Van Allen Shields), 

A.M. 1903 

4 Rue de Chevreuse, Paris, France 

Anna Emily Helene Meyer (sec) 

(see p. 6s) 

Barnard Coll., Columbia University 

Susan Isabella Myers, A.M. 1899 
309 W. 70 

Eleanor Frances Osborne (educ) 
245 W. 104 

Alice Jane Gray Perkins (educ), 

A.M. 1899 

939 Madison Ave. 

Helen St. Clair (Mrs. George 
Vincent Mullan), LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1901 

118 W. 183 

0Jane Isabel Sargent (educ) 
413 Summer Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Stella George Stern (Mrs. 

George H. Perry) (au, sec) 

134 Overlook Ave., Hackensack, 

N. J. 
Anna Irene von Sholly (phys), 

M.D. Cornell 1902, Bacteriologist 
N. Y. C. Health Dept. 

152 E. 35 
Ada Watterson (Mrs. Robert M. 
Yerkes) (educ), A.M. 1900 

(see p. 85) 

3 Fuller PL, Cambridge, Mass. ■ 
Ida Eloise Wells* 

aet. 28 *i902 

Elizabeth Heywood Wyman 


456 Broad, Bloomfield, N. I. 


Rosalie Stanton Bloomingdale 
(Mrs. Eugene E. Spiegel- 
berg), A.M. 1900 
572 Madison Ave. 
Mary Morrell Brackett, A.M. 

1907, A.B. Normal Coll. 1893 

604 IV. 115 
Ida May Demarest (Mrs. George 

166 Clerk, Jersey City, N. J. 
Agnes Lillian Dickson 

52 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Georgie Mary Drew (educ) 

342 Gregory Ave., IV. Orange, N. J. 
Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve 

(EDUC), A.M. 1900, Ph.D. 1908 (see 
P- 47) 

28 IV. 48 
Grace Harriet Goodale (educ) 

(see p. 47) 

Barnard Coll., Columbia University 
Adelaide Camilla Hoffman (Mrs. 
Walter T. Marvin) 
179 Somerset, Neiv Brunswick, N. J. 

Marjorie Jacobi (Mrs. George 
19 E. 47 
Elsie [Mabel] Kupfer (educ), 

A.M. 1901, Ph.D. 1907 
44 IV. 97 
Helen Marion Oakley 
Sailors Snug Harbor, N. Y. C. 



[1899- 1 900 

(glRuth Ceceila Overton (Mrs. V. 
R. Grimwood) 
263 W. 19 
Aurelie Marie Reynaud (Mrs. 
Carlton Chapman) 
5S IV. 57 
Ella Rosina Seligsberg (Mrs. 
Alexander W. Drey f 00s), 

B.L.S. N. Y. S. Lib. Sch. 1903 

110 Hillside Ave., Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 
A[nna] Mabel Smith (Mrs. Wm. 
S. Douglass) 
62 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Alte Stilwell (Mrs. Charles Mat- 
thew Kervan) 
80 Cassilis Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Edith Parker Striker (educ), 

A.M. 1900 

8 S. Maple Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 

(8)Mary Elizabeth Waddington 

126 E. 24 

Amelia Wohlfarth (educ), A.M. 


Asheville, N. C. 



Florence Theodora Baldwin 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902, Ph.D. 1910 

430 W. 119 

William Barrick (educ) 
243a Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Agnes Leonard Bennett (educ) 
355 State, Hackcnsack, N. J. 

Margaret Blossom (educ) 
646 Park Ave. 

Elizabeth Eggleston Bryant 
132 Lincoln PL, Bklyn, 

Valentine Laura Chandor 

(EDUC), A.M. 1902 
99 Madison Ave. 

Helen Cole (Mrs. Robert A. Ste- 
57 High, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Margaret MacLean Crawford 
(Mrs. Bradford Samson), 

Dean Blairsville College (Pa.) 1903-07 

1728 Madison Ave., Dunmore, Pa. 

Florence Dwight Dale (Mrs. 
Champlin Burrage) 
42 Portland Rd., Oxford, Eng. 
Alice Duer (Mrs. Henry W. 
Miller) [1899] 
62 E. 33 
Susan Matilda Germann (educ) 

66 Midzvood, Bklyn. 
Jeannette Bliss Gillespy 

(see p. 47) 

419 W. no 
Mary Loockerman Goldsbor- 
ough (Mrs. Edward J. 

Port JVashuigton, N. Y. 
Mildred Hubbard (Mrs. Abram 
H. Cornish) 

27 De Witt Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Florence Hutchinson (educ) 

70.? Second, S. Orange, N. J. 
Helen Agnes Kane [1901] 

77/ Congress, Bklyn. 
0Louise Karger 

Care Levy & Stern, Cleveland, O. 
Esther Keagey (educ) 

615 IV. 136 
Eleanor Keller (educ), A.M. 

1910 (see p. 57) 

417 W. 114 
Stella Frances Kingsbury (Mrs. 
Leo D. Newborg) 

30 JV. 95 
Florence Leslie Kyte* 


Martha Washington Levy (Mrs, 
Maurice Steinfeld) 
4253 IV. Pine Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 
Florence Lippincott (Mrs. Fred- 
erick C. Bull) 
Gordonhurst Ave., Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

Elizabeth Hoffman Mapelsden 

Plainiield, N. J. 

Hilda Newborg (Mrs. Israel 
70.? IV. 87 
Virginia Newcomb (educ), 

A.M. 1902 

Short Hills, N. J. 




Florence Oppenheimer [1901] 

31 W. 74 
Martha Ornstein [1899] (educ), 

A.M. 1900 

315 Second Ave. 

Evelyn Osborne,* A.M. 1901 

aet. 30 *i905 

Grace Isabel Pollard (educ) 

Box 112, Mapleivood, N. J. 
Ellinor Ten Broeck Reiley (Mrs. 
George Endicott) 
421 W. 118 
Sarah Bertha Rosenstein (Mrs. 
Adolph Blank) 
510 IV. Granite, Butte, Mont. 
Emma Dusinberre Sandford 


493 S. Main, Geneva, N. Y. 

®Cecile Heller Schwed (Mrs. 

Harold H. Nevanas) 

152 E. 35 
Cora Arnot Scott (educ), A.M. 


188 Wadsworth Ave. 

Florence Miller Sill 

320 W. 83 
®Edna Belle Simpson, A.M. 

1902, A.B. Geneva Coll. 1899 

Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Sara Straus (Mrs. Alfred F. 
Hess) . 

154 W. 72 
Mary Brown Sumner (ed) 

/ Convent Ave. 
Katharine Van Home 

so Maple Ave., Morristown, N. J. 
Julia Cooper Watkins (educ) 

II James, Montclair, N. J. 
Mary Caldwell Woodhull (Mrs. 
John A. Overton), A.M. 

1903 . 
Craigville, N. Y. 

Julie Wurzburger (Mrs. Henry 
Haven Ave. and W. 169 


Mary Olive Barrick (educ) 
243a Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Alice Beer (Mrs. Arthur L. 
Cahn ) 
38 IV. 77 
®Edith Berry (Mrs. John Schim- 
mel, Jr.) 
328 Tompkins, Olean, N. Y. 
Lisa Delavan Bloodgood (Mrs. 
George G. Hopkins) 
R. F. D. No. 2, Ballston Lake, 
N. Y. 

Bessie M. Brown (educ) 
98 Ravine Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Margaret Buffington (Mrs. Geo. 
A. Armstrong) 
98 Mohazvk, Cohoes, N. Y. 

Eliza Rhees Butler (sec) 
175 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, N. J. 

Marie Elise Helen Cameron 
(Mrs. Thomas M. Van der 
"Elmside," Hightstozvn, N. J. 

Elizabeth Merle Carhart, A.M. 

1624 Tiventy-ninth, N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Cerise Emily Agnes Carman 
(Mrs. John G. Jack) 
Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

Helen Elizabeth Catlin (Mrs. 
Arthur Russell) 

244 Bement Ave., W. New Brighton, 

N. Y. C. 
Isabella Mitchell Cooper (educ), 

A.M. 1912, B.L.S. N. Y. State Lib. Sch. 

Simmonds Coll., Boston, Mass. 

Harriet Elizabeth Cutting 
38 Hidalgo PL, Riverside, Cat. 

Pauline Hamilton Dederer 

(EDUC), A.M. 1907 (see p. 40) 

549 W. 113 
®Mary Lavinia Eaton (educ) 

Nyack, N. Y. 
Mabel Elting (educ) 

Nezv Paltz, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Hamilton (Mrs. Lind- 
sey Best) 
523 Madison Ave., Plainfleld, N. J. 




Lenda Tracy Hanks (educ), 

A.M. 1902 

425 Nostrand Ave., Bklyn. 

®Madalene Heroy (Mrs. Rob- 
erts Woodward, Jr.) 

3 College Lane, Haverford, Pa. 
Clara Elizabeth Hudson 

757 Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Isabel Estelle Isaacs (Mrs. Edgar 
A. Levy) 
150 IV. 79 
Lillie Friedlander Jacobs (Mrs. 
Louis Miller) 
33 Bartlett Crescent, Brookline, 

Adele Remsen Johnson (educ), 

A.M. 1903 

16S Hancock, Bklyn. 

Euphemia Johnson (educ) 
Littleton, Colo. 

Hilda Emily Josephthal (Mrs. 

George S. Hellman), A.M. 
30Q W. So 

Olive Catharine Kellogg (educ) 
48 IV. 51 

Rose Lois Kraker (educ), A.M. 
Pozvers Hotel, Rochester, N. Y. 

0Eda Flora Kunz (ed) 

Hamilton Park, New Brighton, 
N. Y. C. 

Agnes Crawford Leaycraft(Mrs. 
Thos. S. Donohugh) (miss) 
311 West End Ave. 

Amy Lovemar 
210 W. 139 

Christina Louise McKim 

(EDUC). A.M. 1909 

37 Fairview, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Mary Rathbone Morrison (educ) 

P. S. 159, N. Y. C. 
Bessie May Osborn (Mrs. Al- 
bert G. Brown) 

98 Ravine Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Meta Pollak (Mrs. Paul J. 
21 IV. 85 

Jennie Florence Preston (Mrs. 
Benjamin F. Jones) 
6/ S. Prospect, S. Orange, N. J. 

Rosina Julia Rennert (Mrs. 

Leonard Irving), A.M. 1902 
259 IV. 127 

Elizabeth Carpenter Roberts 
(Mrs. Alfred D. Compton) 
2 St. Nicholas Terrace 

Florence Lucas Sanville, 

Genl. Sec. Consumers' League 
32g Witherspoon Bldg., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Sarah Edwards Schuyler (educ) 
319 E. 7, Plain-Held, N. J. 

Sissie Cecile Straus (Mrs. Irv- 
ing Lehman) 
37 IV. 69 
®Janetta Gordon Studdiford 


43 Union, Montclair, N. J. 

Marian Goodall Townsend(Mrs. 
Craig Colgate) 
Locust Valley, N. Y. 

Marguerite Edith Upton ( Mrs. 
Ernest Brehaut) 
Broad)noor, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Alma Frank Wallach 
/-' E. '62 

May Godfrey Wendell (educ) 
203 Golden Hill, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Cordelia Wendt (educ), A.M. 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

Catherine Elizabeth Whitney 
3604 Broadivay 


Elizabeth Allen (educ), A.M. 
Hotel St. George, Bklyn. 

Georgetta Piatt Aller(Mrs.Win- 
fred L. Potter), M.D. 

N. Y. Med. Coll. 1906 

I20I S. Salina, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Elsa Alsberg 
56 IV. 95 




Katharine Armstrong (Mrs. 
Oscar E. Bloch) 
976 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Frances Elinor Belcher 

126 S. 8 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Elsa [Gubner] Bergen (Mrs. 
Herbert M. Williams) 
218 Fulton 
Frances Campbell Berkeley 
(Mrs. Karl Young), A.M. 

1904, Ph.D. Wise. 191 1 (seep. 31) 

406 N. Henry, Madison, Wise. 

Grace Edith Boote (educ) 
99 Highland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Jessie Louise Preston Brown 

(EDUC), A.M. 1903 
IIQ IV. 84 

Mary Hunt Budd (Mrs. Joseph 

B. Skinner) 
Chester, N. J. 
Harriet Wright Burton (Mrs. 

James L. Laidlaw) (see) 

B.Pd. N. Y. State Normal Coll. 
189s, M. Pd. 1900, Ph.B. 111. Wes- 
leyan 1898 

Port Washington, N. Y. 
(SiElsa Patterson Campbell 

Farmington, Conn. 
Lydia Adele Carll 

469 Garfield Ave., Richmond Hill, 

N. Y. C. 

Edna Cara Chapin (Mrs. George 
Lytton Close) 
47 Clinton PL, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Margaret Elizabeth Clark (Mrs. 
Francis B. Sumner) 
27^6 Hillegass Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Elizabeth Cadmus Coddington 

// Elm, Passaic, N. J. 
Clara Coburn Cook (Mrs. Chas. 
William Stoddart) 
2^3 Pugh, State College, Pa. 
Grace Lucile De Hart (Mrs. 
George M. Greene), 

State Factory Ins. of N. J. 
Plainticld, N. J. 

Rebecca Staunton Donald 
236 Fairfa.v Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Edith Durant (educ) 
603 West End Ave. 

Eva Olive Dutcher (educ) 
675 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Ruth Earle (Mrs. Richard W. 
2Sig Sedgzvick Ave. 
Margaret Grote Elliman (Mrs. 
Buchanan Henry) 
240 Prince George, Annapolis, Md. 
Helen Adelaide Fairchild (Mrs. 
Ralph McKelvey), A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1902 

Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. C. 
Elizabeth Finnegan (Mrs. Wm. 
H. Fain) 

340 W. 86 
Mary Hedges Fisher, LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1907, J.D. 1910 

611 W. 141 
Mary Dederick Hall (Mrs. John 
E. Bates) 

24 Summit Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Eleanore Hari'ison Hunt 

316 W. 95 
Edith Mary Ingalls (educ) 

83 Maple Ave., Neiv Rochclle, N. Y. 

Viola Louise Kimball (educ) 
3129 Broadzvay 

Susan Life La Monte (educ) 

Ozvcgo, N. Y. 
Janet Alexander McCook* (Mrs. 
Malcolm D. Whitman), 

A.M. 1903 *i909 

Annie Pickrell McKenney (Mrs. 
Howard S. Harrington) 
225 W. 86 
Ernestine Julia Molwitz (educ), 

Phar. D. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1900 

88 E. 165 
®Martha Wickham Moore 
(Mrs. Samuel V. S. Muzzy) 
76 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Alice Naumburg (Mrs. Joseph 
M. Proskauer) 
411 West End Ave. 
Ada Blanche Clouse Neiswender 


458 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 

Ethel Leone Newman (sten) 
225 W. 14 




Grace Malvina Peters (educ) 

Park Ridge, N. J. 
Eleanor Phelps (Mrs, Frederick 
H. Clark) 
Care Chas. Henry Phelps, 30 Broad 
Alma J. Rosenstein (Mrs, J. 
Plerman Mathias) 
212 IV. 99 
Jeanette Rowland Seibert 

(EDUC), A.M. 1905 
Teachers Coll., Columbia Univer- 
Anne Leddell Seward (educ), 

A.M. 1903 

Oakxvood, Plainiield, N. J. 

Mary Carolyn Shaen (educ) 
14 Highland Ave., Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Elsie Lloyd Totten (Mrs, Allan 
B. A, Bradley) 
320 W. 114 

Louise Matilda Trimble (educ), 

A.M. 1903, A.B. Nashville 1898 

405 IV. 118 
Eleanor Elizabeth Van Cott 
(Mrs, Orrin L. Brodie) 
240 Fiske Ave., W. Nezu Brighton, 
N. Y. C. 
Alice Marion Waiigh, A,M, 1903 

1360 S. Arch Ave., Alliance, O. 
Marie Louise Wehncke (Mrs. J. 
E. Noeggerath [1.901] 
59 Wall 
Una Adele Winterburn (Mrs, 
Otis Y, Harsen) 
53 Arthur, Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Jessie Alice Addoms (educ) 

2^8 Halsey, Bklyn. 
Gulielma Fell Alsop (miss), 

M.D. Woman's Med. Coll. Philadelphia 
U. S. P. O., Shanghai, China 

Marion Elizabeth Pruyn Ball 

500 W. 121 
Alice Clara Judith Bamberger 

284 Pearl 
Anita Gel la Cahn (Mrs, S. John 
Block) (j) 

Assoc. Ed. N. y. Call 

63 Hamilton Terrace 

^Florence Palmer Cheesman 
(Mrs, John Remer) 

^397 Grand Ave. 
Gertrude Helen Clark 
814 IVcst End Ave. 

Bertha Clough (educ) 
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Helen Louise Cohen (educ), 

A.M. 1905 
38 IV. 93 

®Mary Elizabeth Scovell Colt 

128 W . Franklin, Baltimore, Md. 
0Harriet McDoual Daniels 

Clinton, N. Y. 
Ellice Heaton Fitch (Mrs. J, C. 
Hall, Jr.) B.S, (t) 1905 

Denton, Tex. 
Edna Louise Fry (Mrs, Wm, O. 

Cropsey and 18 Aves., Bklyn. 
Mary Groff (adv) 

193 Claremont Ave., Jersey City, 


Clara Emilie Gruening (educ) 

36 E. 57 
Mary Frederica Harrison (Mrs. 
Walter L, Morse) 

Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Elsa Goldinah Herzfeld (Mrs, 
Bernard Naumburg), A,M. 
261 W. 93 

Sarah Adaline Holt 
HingJiam, Mass. 

Ida May Hope (educ) 
no W. 122 

0Elizabeth Horn 

Belvidere, N. J. 
Clare Macllelen Howard (educ), 

A.M. 1904 

549 Riverside Drive 

®Ruth Bouton Howe, A,M, 1905 

Genesco, N. Y. 
May Amerman Johnson 

Care C. A. Johnson, 55 Franklin 

0Edna Blanche Jones, A.M. 
73 James, Ossining, N. Y. 




Helen Louise King (educ) 
6S Washington Sq. 

Lucile Kohn, A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 
1138 Madison Ave. 

Elsbeth Kroeber (educ) 

151 IV. 80 
Marion Elizabeth Latham 

(EDUC), A.M. 1905 (see p. 59) 
Barnard Coll., Columbia University 

Jean Wallace Miller 

600 W. 113 
Mary Warren Moen (Mrs. Stan- 
ley Brown) [1904] 

114 Liberty 
Ethel Blanchard Newton (educ) 

316 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

Ethel Manter Pool (educ), 

A.M. 1905 

557 West End Ave. 

Katherine Ellen Poole (educ) 

207 W. 85 
Florence Ethel Rauh 

40 Washington Sq. 
(S)Amelia Maude Robinson (sec) 

Sayville, N. Y. 
®Helen Miles Rogers 

Dorchester House, Park Lane, 

London, Eng. 
Ellen Riley Rushmore (Mrs. 
Peter J. McKeon), A.M. 


365 St. John's PL, Bklyn. 

Laura Randolph Seguine 


Rosebank, N. Y. C. 

Maisie Saville Shainwald (Mrs. 
Michael Dreicer) 
1046 Fifth Ave. 
Lucy Fidelia Sherman (educ), 

A.M. 1908 

953 Paulding, Peekskill, N. Y. 

Madeleine Dayrell Skinner 

(Mrs. Thayer McLaren) 

Box 57, Verona, N. J. 

Carita Spencer [1902], A.M. 


200 W. 57 

Helen Henrietta Tanzer (educ) 

Hotel St. Lorenz, 127 E. 72 

Elizabeth Ilsley Thompson 

(EDUC), A.M. 1908 (see p. 8i) 
21 First PL, Bklyn. 

Louise Josephine Colvin Toscano 
(Mrs. Henry J. McKenna) 

113 Fifth, L. L City 
Laura Knowles Van Cise 

701 Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Adele Nettie Wallach (Mrs. 
Louis G. Kaempfer) 
Care M. S. Wallach, 52 William 
Elizabeth Roe Walters (Mrs. 
Joseph J. Wesley) 
Douglaston, N. Y. 
Anna Goodwin Ware (Mrs. 
George Sykes) 
1123 Broadway 
Marie Henrietta Detlef Wede- 
meyer (educ) 
16 S. Elliott PL, Bklyn. 
Ethel Dodge Wilcox (educ), 

A.M. 190S 

155 Nyac Ave., Pelham, N. Y. 


Jessie Blanche Adams (sec), 

A.M. 1906 

134 Clarcmont Ave. 

Mildred Hunt Adey (educ) 

102 W. 93 
Edith May Appell (Mrs. Thomas 
Abbott McKennell) 

105 Overlook, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Clara Marguerite Applegate 

Morristown, N. I. 
Lucy Giulia Arnaud (educ) 

514 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 
Marjorie Kate Bacon (Mrs. 
Clayton W. Nichols, Jr.) 

1036 Bergen, Bklyn. 
Sadie Rose Barker (educ) 

Irvington, N. Y. 
Florence Louise Beeckman 

(EDUC), A.M. 190S 

141 W. 104 
Minnie Margaret Beifeld (Mrs. 
Walter N. Seligsburg) 
Ccdarhiirst, N. Y. 




Minnie Randolph Boulger 

551 W. 157 
Helen Gertrude Buck 

jj/ Monroe Ave, Rochester, N. Y. 

Elsie Grace Bushong (Mrs. 
Robert W. Boyd) 

ijo Clarcmont Ave. 

0Edith Butts (educ) 
66 High, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Elfie Julia Cahen (Mrs. Joseph 
H. Rosenberg) 
P. O. Box 415, Hanford, Cat. 

Flora Campbell (educ) 
21 Morris, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Edith Jessie Caples (Mrs. By- 
ron H.) 

540 IV. 122 
Margaret Loretta Charles Claffy 

24s Carroll, Bklyn. 
Mabel Grace Compton, 

Genl. Sec. Y. VV. C. A. 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, III. 

Sarah Theodora Curtis (educ) 
Walnut Lane Sch., Germantozvn, 

Mabel Denton (educ) 

6/6 Highland Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Katharine Swift Doty (sec), 

A.M. 1905 (see p. 42) 

553 IV. 141 
Jean Dunbar Egleston* 

aet. 27 'igio 

Helen Stickney Elting 

23/ N. Broadzvay, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lucy Bates Emburv (Mrs. Rich- 
ard W. Hubbell) 

Garden City, N. Y. 
Emma Mulford Enright (educ) 

3Q Court, Freehold, N. J. 

Helen Erskine (sec), A.M. 1905 

609 IV. 115 
Helena Marshall Fischer (Mrs. 
J. F. Shafroth, Jr.) 
129 IV. 70 
Charlotte Boyd Fountain (Mrs. 
Thomas Lewis) 
4 Peters PL, Red Bank, N. I. 

Mary Kathryn Frothingham 
(Countess Alexander K. 

Doris Paula Gallert (educ) 
2SS0 Broadzvay 

Edith Adell Granger (educ) 
70 A^. Eulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Edith Joan Haas 
7 E. 69 

Juliana Haskell (Mrs. Henry S.), 

A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 1908 (see p. so) 

624 IV. 139 

Jane Jewett Hawes (nurse) 
13 Leland Ave.,Neiv Rochelle,N.Y. 

Amelia Haydock (educ) 
1545 St. Nicholas Ave. 

^Harriet Newell Hill (Mrs. 
Bennet Puryear, Jr.) 
Care U. S. Marine Corps, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Selma Helen Hirsch (Mrs. Fred. 
W. Kahn) 
Fulton, Lawrence, N. Y. 

Helen Hirschbach (educ) 

154 IV. 75 
Jessie Fenton Hoyt (educ) 

72 E. 77 
Florence Eddy Hubbard (sec) 

217 Madison, Bklyn. 

Ethel Marjorie Hughan (Mrs. 
Fred. F. Rockwell) 
R. F. D. No. 2, Putnam, Conn. 

Martha Marguerita Hunt 
115 Gifford Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

®Rose Johnston (Mrs. W. S. 
Middletown, O. 

Hilma Leers (educ), A.M. 1910 
401 Straight, Paterson, N. J. 

0Grace Levy 
Sea Cliff, N. Y. 

Ida Ethel Lewis (Mrs. Freder- 
ick W. Schaefer) 
Washington Ave., Nyack, N. Y. 

Caroline Lexow (sec) 

Nyack, N. Y. 




Dora Elsie Lichten (Mrs. Kauf- 
man J. Falk) 
131 Central Park W. 

Jean Herring Loomis (Mrs. 
James E. Frame) 
606 W. 122 

Romola Lyon (Mrs. Floyd Y. 
155 ^' Palisade Ave., Englewood, 
N. J. 

Rose Marie McCormick (educ) 
22g High, Perth Amboy, N. J. 

Elizabeth McLean 
31 Highland Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Lizzette Metcalfe (educ) 
612 E. 17, Bklyn. 

Lena Adele Miller (Mrs. John 
F. Krepps) 
y8 N. Broadway, White Plains, 
N. Y. 

Mildred Elsegood Miller (Mrs. 
Floyd Appleton) 
230 Neiv Jersey Ave., Bklyn. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Morgan 

(EDUC), A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 1910, 
A.M. Harvard 1906 

117s Bushzvick Ave., Bklyn. 

Dora Russell Nevins (educ) 
116 Hazvtlwrne, Bklyn. 

Rachel Evans Nutt 
Cliffside, N. J. 

May Appleton Parker 
797 Madison Ave. 

Ella Rebekah Peiffer (educ) 
235 N. 15, Harrisbtirg, Pa. 

Hilda Popper (educ) 
260 W. 93 

Mary Louise Rix (Mrs. Herbert 
144 W. Dudley Ave., WestHeld, 
N. J. 

Izora Scott, A.M. 1905, Ph.D. 
518 Flatbush Ave., Bklyn. 

Josephine Seymour (Mrs. Chas. 
W. Roeder) 
Middletown, N. J. 

Sarah Ellen Shelley (educ), 

A.B. Irving Coll. 1901 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Irma Regina Stern (Baroness 

Leo de Graff enreid) 
Ruth Marjorie Stern (Mrs. Hugo 
N. Schloss) 
2 IV. 89 

Margaret Holmes Stone (Mrs. 
Joseph E. Corrigan) 
122 E. S2 

Bessie Louise Swan (Mrs. Ar- 
thur M. Nelson) 
9-/0 Langdon Ave., Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

Martha Ellen Thomas (educ), 

B.S. (t.) 1912 

157 Glemvood Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Betty Trier (Mrs. Edgar H. 
Berry), A.M. 1905 

106 S. Pullerton Ave., Montclair, 

N. J. 
Edith Gifford Van Ingen (so) 

133 Henry, Bklyn. 

0Alida Margaret Van Slyke 
(Mrs. John Lochhead) 
Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland 

Anna Tallman Waring, B.S. 
(t.) 1906 
Piermont-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Harriet Estelle Werts (c) 
275 Union, Jersey City, N. J. 

Jeannette Magdalen Wick (ed) 
Matawan, N. J. 

Sophie Yudelson* 

aet. 32 *i9o6 


Helen Beatrice Anderson 

400 W. 151 
Elizabeth Waddington Bassett 


116 JV. 123 
Florence Evelyn Beers (educ) 
1288 Dean, Bklyn. 

Georgina Grace Bennett (educ), 

A.M. 1906 

333 State, Hackcnsack, N. J. 




0Florence Irene Biggin 

Middletotvn, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Stanford Sayre Boor- 
man (Mrs. Lucien B. 
Care Adj.-Gcn., Washington, D. C. 

Anna Marie Boss (Mrs. Clar- 
ence L. Campbell) 

14 n\ 95 

(SiLuella Lillian Bovard 
17 Franklin, Ncivark, N. J. 

Ann Eliza Brown (adv) 
igo Park PL, Bklyn. 

Elizabeth Buckingham (Mrs. 
Frederick W. Gentleman) 
20 Whittier, Cambridge, Mass. 

Elizabeth Beardsley Butler* 

*i9i I 

Margaret Cecilia Byrne (educ), 

A.M. 1908 

SS5 Decatttr, Bklyn. 

Emma Shaw Calhoun (Mrs. 

Willis C. Stephens), LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1907 

847 JVest End Ave. 
Mary Edwards Calhoun (educ), 

A.M. 1906 
420 IV. 119 

Lulu Jane Carpenter (Mrs. 
Howard A. Bayles) 
Port Chester, N. Y. 
Gertrude Louise Cathcart(EDUc) 

746 Grant Ave., Plainiield, N. J. 
Helen Nessa Cohen (sculptor) 

51 E. 96 
Grace Morrelle Conover (Mrs. 
Howard V. Ross), A.B. 

Normal Coll. 1902 
Northport, N. Y. 

Helen Wilking Cooley (educ) 

916 Southern Boulevard 
Elizabeth Soonerton Day (Mrs. 

George AL Fowles), A.M. 


7 Chatterton Parkzvay, White 

Plains, N. Y. 
Harriet Day (educ), A.M. 191 1 

248 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Edith Augustus Dietz 

217 W. 105 

Marguerite Kaughran Donnelly 

412 W. 149 
Cecil Inslee Dorrian (j) 

422 W. 120 
Alice Olin Draper (Mrs. E. C. 

7 Clwzvriegliee, Calcutta, India 

Agnes Lacy Durant (Mrs. Chas. 
B. Halsey) 

939 Madison Az'e. 

Mildred Blanche Farmer (Mrs. 
Harvey E. Stahl) 
21 Davis Ave., Neiv Rochelle, N. Y. 
Grace Marie Farrelly, A.M. 

Harvard 1909 

2_^43 Broadivay 
Edith Berrell Fettretch (Mrs. 
Hiram S. Marsh) 

70J Jason, Arlington, Mass. 
Annie Fuller Fisher,* B.S. (t) 

1911 *I9I2 

Sallie Faulkner Fletcher (sec) 
21S Ninety-third, Bklyn. 

Anita Grace Forman (Mrs. Wil- 
lis H. Grant) 
2394 Seventh Ave. 

Marion Franklin (Mrs. Leopold 
32 Kenmore PL, Bklyn. 

Mary Gould Gray (Mrs. Geo. 
O. Tamblyn) 
Sailors Snug Harbor, N. Y. C. 

Anne Dunkin Greene (Mrs. Guy 

49 W. 68 
Edith Berkeley Handy (sec) 

344 Tompkins Ave., Tompkinsville, 

N. Y. C. 

Mary Harriman (Mrs. Chas. C, 
Arden, N. Y. 

Alyne Bendit Heidenheimer 

43 E. 58 
Ethel Hendricks, A.M. 1907 

18 E. 80 

Amelia Leavitt Hill 
335 IV. 84 




Helen Alice Hochheimer, 

1311 Madison Ave. 
Margie Ethel Hoffman 

254 Henry, Bklyn. 
Sarah Fenton Hoyt, B.D. 

Union Theol. Sem. 1908 

1412 Eutazv PL, Baltimore, Md. 
Emilie Josephine Hutchinson, 

A.M. 1908 (see p. 54) 
287 Carroll, Bklyn. 

Marie Louise Johnston (Mrs. 
Charles A. Baker) 
Bound Brook, N. J. 
Carrie Kaplan (Mrs. George Z. 
51 E. 129 
Anna Josephine Kennedy (educ) 

S6i Fourth, Bklyn. 
Mary Day Lee, A.B. 

Women's Coll. (Va.) 

185 Brooklyn Ave., Bklyn. 

Abby Porter Leland (educ), 

A.M. 1906, Ph.D. 191 1 
Meclianicsville, N. Y. 

Fannibelle Leland (Mrs. Oswald 
Brown), A.M. 1908 
943 Lexington Ave. 

Edwina Leah Levy 

57 W. 75 
Mary Lock (Mrs. Charles A. 

515 W. Front, Plainftcld, N. I. 
QFredericka Loew (Mrs. Henri 
A. D. Coussairt) 

245 W. 19 
Pamela Warren Lyall 

41 Prospect, Summit, N. J. 
Clarissa Harben Macavoy (Mrs. 
Wm. C), A.M. 1910 

214 Broadway 
Laura Elizabeth Mathews (mus) 

106 Carnegie Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Florence Alma Meyer (educ), 

A.M. 1909 

15 Cedar PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Isabelle Mott (ed) 

901 Ogden Ave. 
Eleanora Louise Munroe (ed) 

262 W. 122 

Lily Sylvester Murray (Mrs. 
Adam L. Jones), A.M. 1908 
438 W. 116 
Florence Isabelle Nye (Mrs. Cut- 
ler B. Whitwell) 
Nevada City, Cat. 

Helen Letitia Palliser, A.M. 1907 

1397 Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 
Louise Edgar Peters [1904] 

(AU), A.M. 1907 
Engleivood, N. J. 

Josephine Southworth Pratt 

[1907], Bacteriologist Dept. of Health 
N. Y. C. 

64 Mahlsted PL, New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Frances Hope Purdon 

606 IV. 114 
Ruth Angeline Reeder (Mrs. 
Charles N. Arbuckle) 

40 Bruce Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Anna Campbell Reiley (educ) 

423 W. 118 
Blanche Hortense Reitlinger, 

A.M. 1906 
120 W. 70 

Nina Schultz (Mrs. Edgar S. 
515 W. no 
Bessie Trimble Scott (Mrs. 
Frederick B. Conant) 
282 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Margaret Grace Sercomb (educ) 
231 Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wise. 

Mildred Electa Shanley [1906] 

Thomaston, Conn. 
Alice Van Woert Smith (Mrs. 
Wm. S. Thomson) 

230 Parker Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Marguerite Smith (educ) 

Hotel San Rerno, N. Y. C. 
Arrietta Snyder (educ), Pd.B. 

Normal Coll., Albany 

8 Jarvis PL, Trenton, N. J. 

Charlotte Louise Solomon 
409 Harrison, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lydia Holt Sparkman (educ) 
448 Ellison, Paterson, N. J. 




Hilda Staber, A.M. 1909 
455 E. iS, Bklyii. 

Abigail Adams Talbot (Mrs. 
Reuben Hallett) 
218 Franklin PL, Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Anna Sarah Tattershall (Mrs. 
John C. Dean) 
Troy, Pa. 
Martha Thompson, A.M. 1909, 

A.B. N. Y. Normal Coll. 1902 
Morsemere, N. J. 

Anna Frances Muriel Thorp 
4S9 Ellison, Paterson, N. J. 

Ethel Agnes Watson (sec) 
Hackensack, N. J. 

Edith Welle (educ), A.M. 1910 
365 Straight, Paterson, N. J. 

Harriet Leslie Wilcox, 

Bacteriologist Dept. of Health N. Y. C. 
Pelham, N. Y. 

Mabel Pauline Wolff (educ) 
Myerstown, Pa. 


Florence Emily Bell (educ) 
82 5 President, Bklyn. 

Louisa Powell Blackburn 

/pS Terrace Ave., Grand Rapids, 


Virginia Tucker Boyd (c) 

286 West End Ave. 
Elizabeth Elliot Bradford 

237 IV. Biddle, Baltimore, Md. 
Elisabeth Randall Brautigam 


15 Lincoln, E. Orange, N. I. 

Alice Dorothy Brewster, A.M. 

1907 (see p. 33) 

52; IV. 124 
Marjorie Ferguson Brown (Mrs. 
Robert H. Sherwood, Jr.) 
12 Sunset Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

Mabel Emma Browne, A.M. 
1539 Pacific, Bklyn. 

Jean May Bruce (EDUc)t 
500 W. 144 

tEormerly Jennie 

0Emma Augusta Chapman 
3635 Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J. 

Faith Delatour Chipperfield 

35 Rue Boulavard, Paris, France 
®Amelia Cohen 

Aqueduct Ave. and 182 
Jessie Parsons Condit 

24 Lincoln, E. Orange, N. J. 
Nellie Oakes Darling (Mrs. 
Howard E. Dickerson) 

Stony Brook, N. Y. 
Katharine Eliza Darrin (educ) 

Addison, N. Y. 
Lovenia Adele Dorsett (Mrs. 

Herman F. Schmaltz) 
112 N. Jefferson Ave., Richmond 
Hill, N. Y. C. 

Lucy Putnam Eastman 
4 E. 70 

Elsie Margaret Ehrich (Mrs. 
Max Adler) 
20s Barrington, Rochester, N. Y. 

Matilda Ernst (Mrs. Willis R. 

Hanover, N. J. 

Rose Erstein (Mrs. Walter N. 
Kahn ) 
"TJie Wellsmere," Broadway and 77 

Elizabeth Grace Evans (Mrs. 
Clifford H. Easton) 

538 E. 21, Bklyn. 

Ruth D. Fairchild (Mrs. Edward 
C. Hooker) 

Arlington Ave. and 230 
Marie Louise Paule Fontaine 
541 IV. 124 

Florence Elizabeth Foshay (lib) 
34 Summit Ave., Port Chester, N. Y. 

Helen Frankfield (Mrs. Hymen 

539 W. 112 

Edyth Freidenrich (educ) 
Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Willa May Fricke, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins 1912 

Johns Hopkins flosp., Baltimore, 




<2>Rosa Fried (Mrs. Max Car- 
11/ Aisqiiith, Baltimore, Md. 
Marie Gelbach (educ), A.M. 

P°ark Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Evelyn Miriam Goldsmith 

50 W. 75 
Katharine Francis Goodyear 
(Mrs. Nelson Goodyear) 

50 Church 
Eleanor Maud Greenwood 

233 W. 138 
Caroline Dumont Hall (educ) 

138 W. Ill 
^Adelaide Hart 

The Korner, Karlsbad, Austria 

Alice Haskell (Mrs. Williard S. 
Bleyer), A.M. 1908 

(see p. 50) _ 

Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, Wise. 
Jessie Elizabeth Haynes (educ) 

31 Willet, Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
Senta Herrmann, A.M. 1907 

147 W. 103 
Eleanor Sanford Holden 

Madison, N. J. 
®Bertha Clarkson James (educ) 

Railway, N. J. 
Ethel May Knox (lib) 

476Sifth Ave. 
Elsie Kohut (Mrs. Mayer B. 

746 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Anne Lee (Mrs. Robert H. 

1420 Chicago Ave., Evanston, III. 
Bessie Lena Lewis (educ) 

3g North, Stamford, Conn. 
Florence P. Lilienthal (Mrs. 
Maximilian Weinstein) 

605 W. 112 
Florence Louise McMillen 

iS W. 103 
Grace Beatrice MacColl 

17s Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 
Jeanette Montgomery MacColl 

175 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 

Fannie Mayer (Mrs. William 
J. Korn) 
911 Park Ave. 
Lucie Mayo-Smith (Mrs. Ulrich 
B. Phillips) 
705 Cambridge Rd., Ann Arbor, 

Anna May Newland (Mrs. Wm. 
B. Stoughton) 

550 W. 113 
Minnie Antoinette Nies (Mrs. 
Sidney Zandstra) 

Little Falls, N. J. 
Josephine Paddock (artist) 

141 W. 70 
Hazel Hudnall Plate 

3T2 Manhattan Ave. 
Catharine Mary Post (educ) 

Woodside, N. Y. C. 
Elizabeth Smith Post (educ) 

Woodside, N. Y. C. 
Anne Mutch Rae (educ), A.B. 

Normal Coll. 1903 

76 Morningside Drive 

Virginia Ralph (Mrs. J. Walter 
214 Maple Ave., Red Bank, N. J. 
Mabel Elizabeth Weiss Rich 
(Mrs. Claude M. Horton) 
23 E. 2, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Madeline Dorothea Rohr 
7?o6 Havemeyer Ave., Westchester, 
N. Y. C. 
Isabelle Katherine Russell (Mrs. 
W. Esdaile Byles) 
iig Pacific, Bklyn. 
Augusta Salik (Mrs. Louis L 
1727 President, Bklyn. 
Florence Schlageter* 

aet. 23 "1908 

Clara Helene Schmidt (educ) 
31 N. Bleeker, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Irma Scott Seeligman (Mrs. 
Walter L. Jonas) 

Oak PL, Far Rockazvay, N. Y. C. 
Natalie Ida Shinn (educ) 

Highland Ave., Pelham Manor, 

N. Y. 




Marion Loder Simons (educ) 

231 William, Port Chester, N. Y. 
Edith Somborn (Mrs. Stanley 
M. Isaacs) 

77 E. 89 
Florence May Stapf (Mrs. Paul 

8 Taft PL, Dunkirk, N. Y. 
Edna Walmsley Forsythe Stitt 

156 W. 93 
Virginia Taylor 

426 Centre, S. Orange, N. J. 
Elizabeth Iverson Toms (sec) 

18 W. 128 
Mildred Adele Wells (educ) 

508 Park Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 

Helen Isabel Williams (educ) 
1264 Boston Rd. 

Julia Elektra Ludlow Young 
(Mrs. Richard M.) 
Care Morgan Harjcs & Co., 31 
Blvd. Haussmann, Paris, France 


Irene Bennett Adams 

Mount Kisco, N. Y. 
Amalie Louise Althaus (educ) 

2jyo Briggs Ave. 
Anna Genevieve Anthony, 

A.B. Normal College (N. Y. C.) 1904 
2/'89 Valentine Ave. 

Eva Auerbach 

304 W. 87 
Margaret Hart Bailey (miss) 

St. Mary's Sch., Shanghai, China 
®Hannah Mansfield Battell 

853 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 

®Cora Elizabeth Bennett 
Tin ton Falls, N. J. 

Judith Mima Bernays 

301 W. 106 
Beatrice Mollie Bernkopf (educ) 

223 W. 138 

Mabel Louise Boote 
pp Highland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Josephine Brand (educ) 
114 W. 137 

Edna Florence Brown 
114 E. 71 

Alice Louise Bushong (educ) 
442 Ninth, Bklyn. 

Gertrude Louise Cannon (lib), 

A.M. 1909 

17S6 Clay Ave. i 

Anne Carroll (educ) 1 

Warwick, N. Y. 
Helen Carter (Mrs. Edward M. 

5748 E. Michigan, Indianapolis, 


Sabra Carrington Colby (Mrs. 
Walter A. Tice) 
1S67 Seventh Ave. 
Emma Cornelia Cole (Mrs. Mah- 
lon B. Young) 
61 § Elm, San Jose, Cat. 
Evangeline Cole 

7S2 President, Bklyn. 
Helen G. Deacon, B.S. (t.) 1906 

Jean Disbrow (sec) 

Llezi'cllyn Park, W. Orange, N. I. 
Agnes Elizabeth Ernst (Mrs. 
Eugene Meyer, Jr.) 

733 Park Ave. 
Julia Huelat Freed 

no W. 74 
Florence Belle Furth (Mrs. 
Philip T. Dalsimer) 

22 Columbus Ave., Far Rockazvay, 

N. Y. C. 

Cara Leslie Gardiner (educ) 
10 W. 103 

Helen Lehman Goodhart 
21 W. 81 

Florence Gordon 
Highwood Park, Weehaivken, N. I. 

0Lucile Grant 

Hobart, N. Y. 

Lola Belle Hardwick (Mrs. Da- 
vid S. Stuart) 

0Helen Josephine Harvitt 
192 Hooper, Bklyn. 

Edith Heimann (Mrs. Leo 




Lilian Hellin 

9 Columbus Ave. 
®Hazel Van Derzee Henderson 

7 Henry, Bklyn. 
Kathleen Elizabeth Hurty 

360 W. 113 
Marguerite Baer Israel (Mrs. 
David Dessan) 

628 W. 114 
Eva Jacobs (Mrs. Marcus C. 
Rich), A.B. 

Normal Coll. (N. Y. C.) 1902 

92 Morningside Ave. 
Irma Etelka Jellenik (Mrs. Vi- 
vian Green) 

27 E. 95 

®Alma Elsie Joachimson (Mrs. 
Eugene Weiss) 

28 W. 121 

Lucetta Pitney Johnson (educ) 
Care F. V. Pitney, Morristown, 
N. J. 

Sarah Keeney 
48 W. 94 

Blanche Margaret Klein (Mrs. 
Seymour Basch) 

Irene Constance Kohn* 


S[ara] Emma Lay (Mrs. J. Ar- 
thur Harris) 
Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

®Mary Victoria Lipe 

1511 McGavock, Nashville, Tenn. 

Mary Elizabeth Lord (educ) 
77 Gamewell, Hackensack, N. J. 

Amalie Lowenthal (educ) 

$2 Greenpoint Ave., Woodside, 
N. Y. C. 

Elsa DuBois McKee 

303 W. 122 

Fannie Moulton McLane (educ, 

AU), A.M. 1908 

229 W. 126 

Pierina McLaughlin, A.M. 1908 
2040 Seventh Ave. 

Emily Lamont MacEwan(EDUc) 
303 Seventh Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Annie Laurie Manley (Mrs. Al- 
bert A. Livingston), A.M. 


373 IV. 116 
Louise Christine Odencrantz, 

A.M. 1908 

321 W. 116 
Charlotte Rose Oesterlein (Mrs. 
James H. Abraham), A.M. 


339 W. 88 
Juliet Stuart Points, A.M. 1910 

86 a Boyd Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Katherine Louise Rapp (educ) 

764 St. John's PL, Bklyn. 
Ida Charlotte Ray,* A.B. 

Normal Coll. 1904 "1908 

Mary Catherine Ruth Reardon 
Rye, N. Y. 

Ethel [May] Rosemon 
413 Quincy, Bklyn. 

Elizabeth Rusk, A.M. 1908 

310 S. II, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Elsie Schachtel (educ) 

911 Summit Ave. 
Helen Shoninger 

27 W. 89 
Clara Elizabeth Smith (educ) 

10 Rikcr Ave., Woodside, N. Y. C. 
Katherine Augusta Smith (c) 

R. D. No. 39, Gasport, N. Y. 
Mary Edla Tibbits (educ) 

34 Brookside PI, New Rochelle, 

N. Y. 
Helen Abbie Tracy (Mrs. Hor- 
ace W. King) 

12 Cedar Ct., Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Elizabeth- Alden Seabury Tred- 
well Tredwell [1908] (ed), 

A.M. 1909 

2390 Amsterdam Ave. 

Dorothy True (Mrs. Homer L. 
1432 Arthur Ave., Lakezvood, O. 

Grace Clapperton Turnbull 
27 Burnett, E. Orange, N. J. 

Muriel Valentine 

Grafton, Mass. , , 




M[ary] Barbour Walker (educ) 

Natl. Cathedral Sch., Washmg,ton, 

D. C. 
Lilian May Wardell (educ) 

Bayville, N. Y. 
Edna Major Wilkes (educ) 

4g St. Nicholas Terrace 
^Florence Morgenthau Wise 

50 W. 77 
Sophie Parsons Woodman 

South Hall, University Heights, 

N. y. c. 

0Daisy Irene Yale 

Brewster, N. Y. 

®Anne Whittemore Young 
SS07 Bay 15, Bklyn. 


Irma Alexander (Mrs. Walter S. 

9 Hamilton Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
^Elizabeth Allen 

200 IV. 80 
Clairette Papin Armstrong, A.M. 

Katonah, N. 


Laura Julia Armstrong, B.S. 
(t.) 1910 
Katonah, N. Y. 

Leonora Louise xA.rmstrong 
392 Mountain Ave., Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

Alma Ash 
316 IV. 103 

Dora Askovvith (educ), A.M. 
445 W. 124 

Mary Charlotte Axt, A.M. 

Micliigan 1910 

196 Richmond Ave., Port Ricli- 
vwnd, N. Y. C. 

®Elizabeth Mitchell Back, A.M. 

191 1 

57 Cedar PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lura Ella Beam (educ) 

4^^ 3 W. iiS 
Rose Beekman (Mrs. Milton 
Sittenfeld), A.B. 

Normal Coll. 1905 

804 W. 180 

Bessie Andrews Beers 
35 Clinton PL, Jamaica, N. Y. C. 

Martha Tracy Boardman 

17 Washington PL, Bloomfield,N.J. 

®Thorborg Marie Brundin 

112 Clinton, Corona, N. Y. 
Anna Cooley Brush 

113 W. 69 

Mary Horner Budds (c), A.M. 
412 IV. 115 

Edith Maie Burrows (educ) 

26 Hamilton PL, Tarrytoivn, N. Y. 
0Mary Agnes Casey, A.M. 1909 

174 E. 82 
Elsie Ripley Clapp, A.M. 1909 

142 E. 18 
Josephine Sophie Clark Cooke 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Regina Coveney 

87 3S Bay 33, Bklyn. 
Eleanor Woodworth Craig 

Skancatclcs, N. Y. 
Marion Barton Crowell 

103 Maple, Richmond Hill,N. Y. C. 
Mary Eleanor Curran 

13S E. 40 
®Mary Esther Daniels 

104 IV. 90 

Eleanor Agnes Dwyer (educ) 

531 Third, Bklyn. 
Marjorie McClintock Eastman 

504 IV. 143 
Clara Cecilia Eaton, A.M. 191 1 

206 IV. 39 
^Dorothea Eltzner 

418 W. 118 
Florence Cornelia Ernst 

152 W. 122 
Ethel Grace Everett (Mrs. Eric 
V. Smith) 

Park Ridge, N. J. 
Edith Ferns (educ) 

346 Union Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Cornelia Andrews Flack 

458 Central Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Elizabeth Freeman Fox (sec) 

1823 Nagle PL, Seattle, Wash. 




(S)Helen Renwick Glen 

808 Salem Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Margaret Doris Golde 
886 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 

Helen Young Gray (educ) 

Liberty, N. Y. 
®Martha Eleanor Hamil 

Ti'oy, Ala. 
Lillian Heim (Mrs. Lawrence G. 

143 W. 119 
Elsie Winifred Helmrich, A.M. 

1909, Ph.D. 1912 

8 Franklin Ave., Neiv Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Alice Leah Hershfield (Mrs. 
Harry R. Solomon) 
20 E. 55 

Martha Adele Hoermann 
1208 Bloomiield, Hoboken, N. J. 

Jessie Ferguson Houston (educ) 
32 Ward, Orange, N. J. 

Eleanor Huf eland (educ) 
121 N. High, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Marie Augusta Hufeland(EDUc) 
121 N. High, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Eleanor Gary Hunsdon (educ), 

A.M. 191 I 

Mt. Holyoke Coll., S. Hadley,Mass. 

0Helmina Jeidell (Mrs. Edward 


Chester, N. Y. 

Helen B. Loeb Kaufman (Mrs. 
Mortimer J.) 
46 E. 83 
Jeannette Hellman Kaufmann 
(Mrs. Berthold S. Hork- 
Stamford, Conn. 

Anna Mildred Kerner (educ) 
Chester, N. Y. 

®Maude Irene Klein 
Floral Park, N. Y. 

(2)Evelyn Blunt Macdonald 
Cohinibns Ave. and 93 

0Agnes Margaret Marshall 
42 Main Ave., Elmhurst, N. Y. C. 

0Mary Osborn Marshall 

554 W. 148 
Florence Josephine Mastin 

775 Eiglith Ave., Bklyn. 
Mary Maxon (Mrs. Wayland C. 

901 Ogden Ave. 
®Henriette Searing Messenger 
(Mrs. Wilbert J. Sutton) 

534 W. 124 
M[ary] Agnes Miller (sec) 

600 IV. 113 
®Esther Morehouse 

80 Ogden, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Ada Herminie Muller (educ) 

562 W. 150 
Mary Washburn Murtha (Mrs. 
Wm. T. Webb) 

44 Le Roy PL, Newburgh, N. Y. 

Marguerite Corlies Newland 

120 Riverside Drive 
Ellen Kathryn O'Gorman (Mrs. 
Wm. L. J. Duffy) 

207 W. no 
Portia Patten 

77 Etna, Bklyn. 
Mabel Louise Peterson (Mrs. 
George A. Paul) 

1346 Tellar Ave. 
Wilma Vera Pollak 

207 W. 56 
Josephine Anna Prahl (Mrs. 
Charles T. Smith) 

Lancville, W. Va. 
Elsie May Quinby (educ) 

13 Davis Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 
M[ary] Gladys Quinby (lib) 

641 Park Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
May Katherine Quinn, A.M. 


304 E. Walnut, Spring-field, Mo. 
Elsa Rehmann (dr) 
492 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, 
N. J. 

Adelaide Requa (ed) 

536 W. 142^ 
Edith Gushing Richardson (sec) 

2^6 Sterling PL, Bklyn, 




Elizabeth Deveroux Robinson 

(Mrs. William Marriott) 
Olive Leah Roe (Mrs. Leonard 
M. Wallstein) 
508 W. 114 
Lillian Rosanoff (educ), A.M. 
191 1 
Q/i Trinity Ave. 

Annie Rothenberg 

1^20 Tzvcnty-sccond Ave., Meridian, 

Florence Gertrude Sammet (j) 

662 West End Ave. 
Linda Belle Savitz (Mrs. Robert 
C. Thomson) 

570 Lazvrence Ave., Westiield, N. J. 
(EiEthel Belle Schramm 

510 W. 124 
Cecilia Minna Sillcox (educ), 

A.M. 191 1 (see p. ^]^~) 
527 W. 121 

Mabel Frieda Stearn (educ) 

11 Van Corlear PL 
Gertrude Rose Stein (sec) 

12 IV. 90 
®Pauline Steinberg 

5^7 Monroe Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Marguerite Julie Strauss (Mrs. 
Lewis H. Marks) (j) 
Carlton Hotel, Frankfurt a/m, 

®Louise May Tattershall 

White Haven, Pa. 
(8)Louise Traitel (Mrs. David 

58 W. 95 
Annie Grace Turnbull (educ) 

510 W. 124 
Helen Ida Veith (Mrs. William 
E. Rigley) 

S140 Congress, Chicago, III. 

Hilda Elizabeth Welles 

Key port, N. J. 
Gertrude Wells (educ) 

124 W. 77 
Marian Wilson (c) 

707 Spruce, Nezvark, N. J. 

Florence Martha Wolff (Mrs. 
Wihiam Klaber) 

S4W Catherine, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Catharine Buckingham Woolsey 

Engleiuood, N. J. 
Margaret Hall Yates 

677 W. 112 
Jennie Marie Young (Mrs. Fred- 
erick Wilcock) J 

143 Linden Ave., Bklyn. 1 

0Elizabeth Cathryn Zangler 

Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Mathilde Abraham 

46 W. 90 
Helen Louise Aiguier (Mrs. Geo. 
L. Warner) 
12 Bruce Rd., Upper Montclair, 
N. J. 
Lee Frances Alexander (Mrs. 
James C. Auchincloss) 
772 Park Ave. 
Gladys Stokley Arkenburgh(ED) 

233 W. 107 
Beatrice Marguerite Aron 

Engleivood, N. J. 
Winifred Barrows (Mrs. Hamil- 
ton Brush) 
Malier Ave., Greemvich, Conn. 
^Beatrice Beekman(Mrs. Oliver 
719 W. 180 
Una Mirrielees Bernard (Mrs. 
Edw. M. Sait), A.M. 1910 
421 W. 121 
Helene Marie Boas (educ), 

A.M. 191 1 (see p. 32) 

230 Franklin Ave., Grantivood, N. I. 

Marion Alice Boyd (educ) 

7407 Jessup PI. 
Emma Bugbee (j) 

77 Stevens, Methuen, Mass. 
Antoinette Lartique Carroll 

Nyack, N. Y. 
Edna Marie Cassebeer (Mrs. 
Harry J. Sheffield) 

Frankfort, N. Y. ' 




Ruth Childs* [1910] 

aet. 25 *i9i I 

Jessie Isabella Cochran 

120 W. 12 
Margie Elizabeth Dann 

223 Berkeley Ave., Bloomfteld, 

N. J. 

Hazel Lucile Davies (educ) 
126 Belmont Terrace, Scranton, Pa. 

Cecile Catherine Camille Debouy 
880 Lexington Ave. 

Mary Celia Demarest (educ), 

A.M. 1911 
Nanuet, N. Y. 

Josephine Agnes V. Dempsey 

467 Fifty-fifth, Bklyn. 
Hannah Carolyn Falk (educ) 

304 W. 99 
Zoraida Feltns 

Elm hurst, N. Y. C. 
Antoinette Fransioli (educ) 

174 Garfield PL, Bklyn. 
Margaret Huddleston Frink 

Russell, Kans. 

Eleanor Gay (see), B.S. (t) 
205 W. 106 

Mary Frances Godley (educ) 

Bay Side, N. Y. C. 
Julia Goldberg 

402 W. 148 
Ethel Lizzie Goodwin, A.M. 1910 

415 W. 115 
(S>Anna Miriam Gordon (Mrs. 
S. A. Blauner) 

22 Mt. Morris Park W. 
Alice Catherine Grant (educ) 

21 Lawrence, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Charlotte Haithwaite [1910] 

531 Eighty-sixth, Bklyn. 
Theodora Hall* 

aet. 23 *i9io 

Elfrida Harder (lib), A.M. 
5307 Locust, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ruth Gillette Hardy (educ), 

A.M. 1911 

157 Willozv, Bklyn. 

Elinor Isabel Hastings (educ) 
II E. 87 

®Hilda Warren Hedley 

2308 Andrezvs Ave. 
Esther Belle Hellin [1908] 

9 Columbus Ave. 
Rita Hochheimer (educ) 

1311 Madison Ave. 
Ethel Wentworth Hodsdon 

232 Harrison Ave., Jersey City, 


Mary Elizabeth Holland (Mrs. 

Caleb E. Burchenal) 
0Mary Rankin Flollar 

4220 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Anna Sophie Holm (educ) 

219 Rector, Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Evelyn Holt 

14 W. 55 
Helen Sara Hoyt (c) 

Care C. A. Whitney, East River 

Savings Bank, N. Y . C. 
Jennie Fields Warren Hubbard 

129 Harrison, Bloomfield, N. J. 
Frances May Ingalls (Mrs. 
George E. Beggs) 

Nichols, Fla. 
Ethel Marguerite Ivimey (Mrs. 
Dean Langmuir) 

31 University PL, Schenectady,N.Y. 
Alice Granger Jaggard (educ) 

417 Hancock, Bklyn. 
Pauline Dustin Johnson 

32 Waverly PL 

Edith Josephi, A.M. 1910 

321 Riverside Drive 
Margaret Frances Kenney 

25 Sandford Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Lois Kerr 

45 Chestnut, Englewood, N. J. 
Marie Bernadette King 

798 Valley Rd., Upper Montclair, 

N. J. 

Vera Eleanor Kloster 

215 St. John's PL, Bklyn. 
Vere Kupfer (Mrs. Emanuel 

981 Madison Ave. 
Jessie Levy 

792 West End Ave. 




Rose Adelaide Levy [1910] 

700 W. 1/8 
Una Logan 

Crestivood, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Myra McLean (sec) 

622 IV. 137 
Helen McPherson (educ) 

211 W. S5 
Eleanor Marion Martin [1910] 
165 Kearny, Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Eunice Hotaling Aliller (educ) 

73 E. 92 
Hortense Dean Murch (Mrs. 
Herbert A. Owen) 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Helen Newbold, A.M. 191 1 

50S W. 113 
Ethel Nyitray (educ) 

gS3 Lexington Ave. 

Josephine Gertrude O'Brien 

211 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn 
Ella Oppenheim 
13 W. 88 

Edna Phillips (educ), B.S. 
(t.) 1912 
35 Riverside Drive 

Helen Sarah Phillips, A.M. 1912 

J5 Riverside Drive 
Nellie Edna Rich (educ) 

23 E. 2, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Adelaide Agnes Richardson 

839 Jennings 
Olga Emma Rilke (sec) 

334 E. 198 
Antoinette Riordan (educ) 

65 E. 93 
Sara Rome (arch) 

334 Schermerhorn, Bklyn. 
Fannie Rosenfelder 

1469 S. Second, Louisville, Ky. 
Blanche Samek 

567 W. 113 
Edna Rebecca Scales (educ) 

A.M. igii (see p. 75) 

62 Garrison Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Helen Gertrude Scheuer (Mrs. 
Max Wallerstein) 
320 IV. 87 

Mildred Deshon Schlesinger 

[1910] (CHEM), a.m. 1911 

182 N. Broadzvay, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Edith Christine Seguine (educ) 

Rosebank, N. Y. C. 
Byrde Belle Shale (Mrs. John C. 

225 IV. no 
Elsie Smith (educ) 

PleasantviUe, N. Y. 
Maude Catherine Smith (educ) 

124 Midland Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Adelaide Ellen Smithers 

425 JV. 144 
Plerlinda Genoveva Smithers 


425 IV. 144 
May Belle Stark 

38 W. 87 
®Ruth Kate Stowell 

6 W. 90 
Mary Elizabeth Swenson (educ) 

5 Elm PL, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Edith May Talpey (chem) 

112 N. 7 Ave., Whitestone, N. Y. C. 
Lucy Irene Thompson (educ) 

7010 Reynolds, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Laura Shearer TurnbuU (lib) 

510 IV. 124 
Anna L^nderwood (educ) 

10 Stephens, Belleville, N. J. 
G[eorgia] Anna Ver Planck 

14 Court, White Plains, N. Y. 
Eva Elise vom Baur (ed) 

430 W. 118 
Lois Bessie Westaway (educ) 

803 Fifty-eighth, Bklyn. 
Ethel Genevieve Weston [1910] 

22S JV. 141 
Hilda Wood, A.M. 1910 

450 Riverside Drive 
Mildred Woodhull (sec) 

420 JV. 119 
Florence Sims Wyeth 

244 Le.vington Ave. 
Jennie Dwight Wylie 

10 W. 96 






Alta Anderson (educ) 

797 Liberty, Long Branch, N. J. 

Clarice Auerbach, 

Supervisor of Playgrounds, Dept. 
Parks, N. Y. C. 

304 IV. 87 
Mary Witter Bailey (sec) 
g2 Fourth Ave. 

Tessie Barrows (educ) 

203 W. 119 
M[ary] Harriet Bishop (educ) 

State Normal College, Albany, N.Y. 
Lena Bohan (educ) 

441 W. 5, Plaintield, N. I. 
Gladys Alden Bonfils (Mrs. H. 
Lincoln Rogers) 

Clinton Park, Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
0Frances Burger (Mrs. Harold 

430 Saratoga Ave., Bklyn. 

Clarita Frances Crosby (educ) 

2656 Decatur Ave. 
Helen Louise Crossman 

105 Clinton Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
Hetty Anna Dean (Mrs. Ferrin 

Little Silver, N. J. 
Mildred Downs 

75 Fairviczu Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Elise Savoye Eddy (educ) 

ig W. 34, Bayonne, N. J. 
Margery Katherine Eggleston 

34 Central Ave., Tompkinsville, 

N. Y, C. 
Lilian Egleston 

707 N. Broad, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Maude Emma Emery (educ) 

36 Avon Ave., Nezn'ark, N. J. 
Edna Margaret Fancher (educ) 

149 Second, Nezv Brighton, N.Y.C. 
Bertha Harriet Firebaugh 

1709 Pophavi Ave. 
Carrie Orr Fleming (educ) 

430 E. 26, Bklyn. 

Marie Louise Flint (ac) 
17 Candace Ave., Jamaica, N.Y.C. 

Harriet Ruth Fox (educ), A.M. 

191 1 (see p. 46) 

2567 Sedgwick Ave. 

Rachel Moore Frame 

27 S. 13 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Gretchen Malwine Franke 

Bound Brook, N. J. 

Marian Lathrop Gibson (educ), 

A.M. 1911 
61S IV. 114 

Eleanor Lavine Graham* 


Elizabeth Naomi Gray [1911] 

511 W. 186 
Florence Ethel Greene (educ) 

2S0 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City,N. J. 
Nannette Frances Hamburger, 

A.M. 1912 

151 W. 140 
Edna Heller 

21 IV. 90 
Grace Henderson (ed) 

Sooi Eastern Boulevard, West- 
chester, N. Y. C. 
^Nathalie Henderson (Mrs. J. 
R. Swan) 

27 E. 65 
May Therese Herrmann 

112 E. 65 
Antoinette Dyett Hill, A.M. 191 1 

5S9 W. 112 
Bessie Holzman 

149 W. 122 
Florence Isabelle Hopewell 

532 Broadzvay, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Stella Louise Hopewell (educ) 

332 Broadzvay, Flushing. N. Y. C. 
Gertrude Laura Hunter, A.M. 

836 IV'. 4, Plaintield, N. J. 
Anne Huntington (educ) 

Hartsdale, N. Y. 
R[hoda] Muriel Ivimey [1911] 

60 Clinton PL, University Hts. 
Violetta Jackson 

966 E. 167 
Mary Voorhees Jaques 

44 Morningside Ave. W. 




Dorothy Browning Kirchwey 

Soo Riverside Drive 
Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence 

Care Simpson, Park Hill, Yonkers, 

N. Y. 
Adelaide Loehrsen (c) 

389 E. 136 
Doris Long, A.M. 191 1 

42 Lenox Rd., Bklyn. 

Mabel Dorothy McCann (Mrs. 
Henry P. Molloy) 

324 AIcDonough, Bklyn. 
(8)Josephine McGrath 

Livingston Manor, N. Y. 
Christella Frances MacMurray 


S. Nyack, N. Y. 

Lena Mandel [1909] 

190 Bay 23, Bklyn. 
Ellen Naar Maison (Mrs. H. A. 

®Grace Edith Meier 
2263 Aqueduct Ave. 
Virginia May Mollenhaiier, 

LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 1912 
2178 Grand Ave. 

Marion Julia Monteser (educ) 
605 Van Cortlandt Park Ave., 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Rosanna Moses (educ) 

8 W. 91 
Mary Nammack 

42 E. 29 

Elizabeth Nitchie (educ) 

Mountainside, N. J. 
Jessie Ray Nottingham 

2/1 E. 16, N. Portland, Ore. 
Agnes Teresa O'Donnell 

2681 Briggs Ave. 
Margaret Mary Alacoque 

2681 Briggs Ave. 
Edna Adeline Palmer 

656 IV. 178 
Rosetta Frances Piatt 

48 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, 


Elsie Plaut, A.M. 1912 
302 Central Park W. 

Elizabeth Rawcliffe (stat) 
3137 Hull Ave. 

Florence Wallace Read (educ) 

70 Morningside Drive 
Grace Amelia Reader 

Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
(8)Dorothy Reilly 

1036 Post Ave., Port Richmond, 

N. Y. C. 

Margaret Renton (educ) 
207 Schermerhorn, Bklyn. 

Beatrice Alma Ritch (educ) 
112 Mason, Grcenzvich, Conn. 

Florence Estelle Rose (Mrs. G. 
E. Friend) 
365 Lookout Ave., Hacke)isack, N. I. 

®Corinne Ethol Russell 

160 IVadszvorth Ave. 

Helen Elizabeth Savitz (educ) 

loi Ross PL, WestReld, N. J. 
Agnes Gardner Shaw (educ) 

Rockland Lake, N. Y. 
Ethel Lord Shaw 
■ 514 IV. 149 
®Sulamith Silverman 

(Mrs. Joseph Michaelis) 

I V". 93 
Leone F. Spalding (ins br) 

18 JJ'oodlaiid Ave., New Rochelle, 

N. Y. 

Maude Beulah Stimson [1911] 

68 W. 40. 
Olive Thompson (educ) 

92 Union Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. C. 
Agnes de Greive Murdoch 
Thomson, A.B. 

Normal Coll. (N. Y. C.) 1907 
3 W. 92 

Nathalie Thorne(Mrs. Lawrence 
B. Stebbins) 
412 St, Nicholas Ave. 

Julia Anna Wagner (educ) 

243 E. 68 
Hazel Irene Wayt (educ) 

161 Franklin, Astoria, N. Y. C. 
Ad^arion Weinstein (sec) 

// Spencer Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 




Josephine Ray West (Mrs. Mar- 
tin J. Ray) [1909] 

Alma Wiesner 

71 W. 124 
0Helene Benedict Wise (Mrs. 
Walter Rothschild) 
222 Central Park W. 
Hazel Woodhull 

Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ. 
®Helen Darlington Worrall 
(Mrs. Clarence Haight) 
572 W. 141 



Elizabeth Vyse Dunnet (educ) 

E. 8g, cor. Ave. F, Bklyn. 
Johanna Julia Schwarte (educ), 

Pd.B. Albany Normal Coll. 191 1 

210 Nelson Ave., Saratoga Springs, 

N. Y. 



®Helen Lorene Amy 

2614 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, 

Lillian Sophia Anderson 

S18 Forty-third, Bklyn. 
Alice Laura Bennett (educ) 

Georgetoivn, Conn. 
[Fanny] Aurill Bishop (educ) 

500 W. 121 
Stella Bloch 

552 W. 161 
Ida Bokshitzky (sec) 

381 Kosciusko, Bklyn. 
Josephine Adele Bosch 

660 E. 163 
Helen Brown (educ) 

304 William, Boonton, N. J. 
Juanita Brown 

Box 18, White Plains, N. Y. 
Emilie Elizabeth Margaret 
Bruning (educ) 

317 Seventy-third, Bklyn. 

Agnes Madeleine Burke, A.M. 
20 Franklin, Morristown, N. J. 

Eleanor Burne (educ) 

Douglaston, N. Y. C. 
Edith Crowell Burns (educ) 

162 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 
Ruth Augusta Burns (educ) 

27 Sound Vieiv, Port Chester, N. Y. 
Emily Thorp Burr, A.M. 1912 

440 Riverside Drive 

Anna May Callan (educ) 

870 E. 175 

Ruth Carroll [1912] 

Therese Cassel (educ) 

Care Hartzvig Cassel, N. Y. Staats 
Zeitung, N. Y. C. 

Amelia Aurelie Clement 
30 PineJiurst Ave. 

Helen Copeland Coombs (educ) 
Care S. E. Coombs, 70 E. 45 

(8)Mary Sylvester Conroy[i9i2] 
26 Townsend Ave., Staple ton, 
N. Y. C. 

Helen Hopkins Crandell (sec) 

Hempstead, N. Y. 

Harriet Joy Currier (educ) 
9 Prospect, Brewer, Me. 

Edith May Deacon [1912] 

502 W. 143 
Agnes May Denike 

22 Hamilton Terrace 

Evelyn Dewey 
2880 Broadway 

Adele Duncan 

22g W. 97 
0Levanchia Vibbard Eaton 

DansviUe, N. Y. 
(8)Elizabeth English 

521 W. 179 
Vera Amanda Fueslein 

888 E. 176 
Katharine Gay (sec) 

205 W. 106 
Rose Gerstein 

468 Monroe, Bklyn. 
0Grace Gilleaudeau 

Haivthorne Park, Mamaroneck, 

N. Y. 




Elsie Gleason (educ) 

J213 Glcmvood Rd., Bklyn. 
Louise de Forest Greenawalt 

Red Bank, N. J. 
Lottie June Greiff (educ) 

166 W. 79 
Ruth Johnston Hakes 

IlioH, N. Y. 
Margaret Tower Hart (Mrs. 
Edw. K. Strong, Jr.) 

124 Atidubon Ave. 
Irma Fanny Heiden (educ), 

A.M. 1912 

118 E. 74 
JuHa Ryon Henning [1910], 

A.M. 1911 

637 N. 8, Richmond, Va. 
Anna Frances Herreshoff, 

A.M. 1912 
Bristol, R. L 

Anna Louise Herrmann [1910] 

1224 Union Ave. 
Augustina Hess (educ) 

89 Linden Ave., Bklyn. 
Alice Taylor Hill (educ) 

783 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 
Madeleine Hirsh 

25 W. 87 
Margaret Rosalind Hogan 

61 W. 104 

Olga Kathryn Ihlseng 

Joplin, Mo. 
Eugenia Ingerman 

1843 Madison Ave. 
Louie Estelle Johnson 

Care C. A. Johnson & Co., 53 


Anna Augusta Kugler 

441 E. 134 
Ethel Sylvia Leveridge (educ) 

277 E. Broadivay 
Grace Greene Lovell (educ) 

2675 Heath Ave. 
Augusta Lustgarten 

1597 Madison Ave. 
Grace Irene McKee (educ) 

Port Washington, N. Y. 
Edna Josephine McKeever, 

A.M. 19 1 2 
521 W. 149 

Jennie King MacKay, A.M. 


127 Berkeley PL, Bklyn. 

Anna Leila Martin (educ) 
33 Selye Terrace, Rochester, N. Y. 

Marie Ruth Maschmedt (educ) 
62 Orchard, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Theresa Mayer 

41 E. 72 
Eva Cecile Mordecai 

319 W. 105 
Ruth Lillian Moss (educ) 

445 IV. 153 
Agnes Nobis (educ) 

Bryn Mazvr Park, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Marian Oberndorfer (Mrs. A. 

A. Zucker), A.M. 1912 , 

251 IV. 81 
Louise Elizabeth Ockers 

Oakdale, N. Y. 

Alice Margaret O'Gorman 
318 IV. 108 

Mary Bartow Polhemus (educ) 
Hillside Ave., Englezvood, N. J. 

Helen Maud Porter (c) 
94 Maple, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Marion Pratt 

Hotel Schuyler, N. Y. C. 

Ottilie Prochazka (educ) 

138 W. 13 
Frances Maude Fitz Randolph 


425 W. 114 

Mabel Jean Reid (educ) 

26 S. Root, Aurora, III. 
Elizabeth Riordan (educ) 

65 E. 93 
Mamie Erna Rivkin (soc) 

521 JV. 151 
Helen De Mott Runyon (ed) 

W. Summit, N. I. 
Rose Salmowitz [1910] 

23 Broome, Bklyn. 
Mildred Louise Sanborn (educ) 

1477 Lexington Ave. 
Georgiana Sandford (educ) 

(see p. 75) 

Dansville, N. Y. 




Gertrude Elizabeth [Louise] 
Saul (educ) 
429 Ninth Ave., Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Ethel Schlesinger (educ) 

61 W. 74 
Lilian Schoedler (ed) 

249 W. 107 

Caroline Eustis Seely, A.M.1912 

505 W: 122 
Angelina Maria Seveso 

42 Tillary, Bklyn. 

(8>Grace Mary Shaw 

19 IV. 46 
Myrtle Shwitzer 

16 E. 96 
Ruth Hillard Sidell 

220 Harrison Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Luise Maria Sillcox (c) 

527 W. 121 
Gladys Hollingsworth Smith, 

A.B. Columbia, S.C. igio 
Easlcy, S. C. 

Ruth Madeline Stagen (educ) 
459 Bement Ave., W. Brighton, 
N. Y. C. 

Hetta Stapff [1910] 

82 Saratoga Ave., Bklyn. 
Jeannette Amelia Steinecke 
S5y2 Lynch, Bklyn. 

Natalie Stewart 
238 E. 176 

Stella Straus 
S04 Richmond Terrace, Nezv 
Brighton, N. Y. C. 

Gladys Griffith Tallman (mus) 

3603 Broadzvay 
Elizabeth Thomson 

568 W. 161 
Kate Huntington Tiemann 

82 N. Arlington Ave., E. Orange, 

N. J. 

Annie Schmelzel Van Buskirk, 

A.M. 1912 
21 W. 123 

Charlotte Cecile Marie Verlage 

201 W. 79 
Etta Adelaide Waite [1910] 

Haworth, N. J. 

Linda Caroline Weymann 

148 E. 16 
Helen Elizabeth Wilkes (educ) 

49 St. Nicholas Terrace 
®Geraldine Willets 

Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 

Hazel Blackmore Wright 
Hilton, N. J. 


Margaret Avery Augur 
46 Cedar, Chicago, III. 

®Mabel Barrett 
928 E. High, Springfield, O. 

®Georgiana Berrian 

Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. C. 
Sara Lilian Blumgarten 

^^0 Ave. A, Bayonne, N. I. 
Edna Booth (educ) 

601 W. 125 

Gertrude [Seraphine] Borchardt 

352 E. 124 

Bessie Bunzel 
300 Central Park W. 

0Hazel Burkholder 
99 Macon, Bklyn. 

Georgia Angela Cerow 
503 W. 175 

Agnes Young Clark, A.B. 

Woman's Coll. of Mississippi 191 1 

115 S. 60, Birmingham, Ala. 
Molly Brooke Temple Coyle 

457 IV. 123 

Gertrude Cecilia Cusack 

611 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 

ATary Victoria Diehl 
631 Park Ave., West Nezv York, 
N. J. 

Mildred Dodge 
185 Berkeley PL, Bklyn. 

Eleanor Mandeville Doty 

553 W. 141 
Martha Emmons 

21 W. 73 

Alice Belton Evans 

476 W. 143 




Ethel Louise Felch (educ) 

2^4 Morris Ave., Summit, N. J. 
Rebecca Viola Fischel 

118 E. 93 
®Grace Marion Fischer 

138 W. 150 
[Mary] Louise Fitz 

Pe conic, N. Y. 
Henrine Brown Fitzgerald 

Box 226, Middletown, N. Y. 
Elinor Franklin 

32 Kenmore PL, Bklyn. 
Penelope Morgan Girdner 

47 IV. 71 
Shirley Gleason 

121S Glcnzvood Rd., Bklyn. 

Irene Louise Glenn 

365 Edgecomb Ave. 
Elizabeth Ferine Gray 

40g Fourth, Bklyn. 
Kathleen Frances Gray 

36 W. 167 
Grace Barrington Green 

^355 S. Brook, Louisville, Ky. 
Agnes Dorothy [Elisabeth] 

CresskUl, N. /. 
Ruth Alline Guy 

335 Convent Ave. 
Harriet Florence Hale [191 1] 

487 Halsey, Bklyn. 
Anna Cobb Hallock 

36 E. 65 
Mildred Valentine Hamburger 

151 W. 140 
Edith Frances Hardy 

153 E. 150 
Florence Louise Hazel 

10 Terrace Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 
Marion Heilprin 

2620 University PL, Wasliinston, 

D. C. 
Elsa Marian Heller 

108 W. 75 
Mildred Livingston Hodges 

Laureate Hall, Amsterdam Ave. 

and iiQ 

Phebe Edith Hoffman 

307 W. 137 
®Elva Dawson Hoover 

63 E. Catherine, Chambershiirg, Pa. 
^Ernestine Charlotte Isabel 

601 IV. 113 
Irene Grace Johnson 

10 S. 14 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Tompkins Jones 

/ Midland Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 

Caroline Kahn (educ) 

303 Dean, Bklyn. 
Irene Dolores Keenan 

70 Third PL, Bklyn. 
Ethel May Kempton (educ) 

9 Van Cortlandt Park Ave., Yon- 

kers, N. Y. 

Isabel Glen Koss 

628 West End Ave. 
Margaret Kutner 

714 W. 180 
Paula Claire Lambert 

621 W. 135 

Lucy Emilie Landru 
365 Park Ave., Paterson, N. I. 

®Frances Renshaw Latzke 

501 W. Ill 
®Irene Eleanor London 

550 W. 144 
[Mary] Amanda Loughren 

337 Marshall, Elizabeth, N. J. 

®Florence de Loiselle Lowther 

610 Riverside Drive 
Isabel McKenzie 

67 Lenox Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 

Lillian Alma MacDonald 
586 Sumner Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Dorothea Helen Mahon 
229 W. 138 

Alice Craige Martin 

43 Astor PL, Jersey City, N. I. 
Eleanor Allison Mathews 

55 E. 176 
Elsa Sauter Mehler 

322 W. 100 




Alma Ida Misch 

1 123 Clay Ave. 
Lucile Mordecai 

319 W. 105 
Edith Matilda Morris [191 1], 

A.M. 1912 

396 E. 171 
Isabelle Drummond Morrison 

309 W. 86 
Mary Mulqueen 

888 Park Ave. 
0Eleanore Myers 
"The Homestead," Canandaigua, 
N. Y. 

®Margaret Naumburg 

137 W. 74 
Isabelle Flemming Noyes 

Westchester Ave., Port Chester, 

N. Y. 

Louise Nyitray 
983 Lexington Ave. 

Marjorie O'Connell [1911], 

A.M. 1912 

616 W. 182 
Paula Frieda O ell rich 

48 Cambridge, E. Orange, N. I. 
Margaret O'Rourke 

19 Lake, White Plains, N. Y. 
Pamela Poor 

9 W. 9 
Elizabeth Perkins Ready 

42 Kensington Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 

Elizabeth Reardon 

316 Warbnrton Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

Florence duBois Rees 

611 W. no 
Vera Marguerite Rees (educ) 

Westernville, N. Y. 
Clare Hildegarde Reese (educ) 

478 W. 145 
Frances Elizabeth Rogers (Mrs. 
Elmer B. Howell) 

Thompson Ave., Babylon, N. Y. 
Grace J[osephine] Rogers 

1337 Clinton Ave. 
Hester Mary Rusk 

310 S. II, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Dorothy Salwen [191 1] 

1450 Forty-fifth, Bklyn. 
Etta May Schweis 

124 W. 109 
Mary Pyne Scully 

416 Amity, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Gladys Renshaw Segee (soc) 

40s W. 118 
®Philadelphia Masters Sharp 

Mo or head, Minn. 

Mary Braman Shaw 
514 W. 149 

Doris Alarguerite Shelley (Mrs. 
A. R. Burchsted) 
218 Garfield PL, Bklyn. 

Lila Marjorie Sherin 

316 W. 143 
Constance Shook (educ) 

Greencastle, Pa. 

®Abbie Smith 
64 E. 125 

Virginia Smith 
Babylon, N. Y. 

Margaret Southerton 

327 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 
Dorothy Alice Spear 

850 Tinton Ave. 

Elizabeth Myres Stack 

324 Mary, Utica, N. Y. 
Beatrice Clara Stegman 

1041 Bloom-field, Hoboken, N. J. 

Cora Rohde Thees 
271 Lenox Ave. 

Ruberta Thompson 
335 Heberton Ave., Port Richmond, 
N. Y. C. 

Edith Moore Valet 
III W. 127 

Florence Van Vranken 
34 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 

Constance William von Wahl 
22 E. 120 

Catherine Margareta Walther 
201 N. High, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Amy Weaver (educ) 
25 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 




Lucille Weil 

303 IV. 100 
Mary Elizabeth Whelan 

Mondavi, IVisc. 
Annie Stavely Wilson 

10/ Spruce, Nezvark, N. J. 
0Marion Wolff 

231 W. 97 
®Margaret Eloise MacDonald 

162 Cleveland, Bklyn. 
(8>Jennie Estelle Woodruff 

344 Gregory Ave., Passaic, N. I. 
Elsa Pauline Wunderlich 

146 N. Broadway, Tarrytown, 

N. Y. 

Edna Eberly Ziegler 
4S3S Beaufort. Morris Park, N. Y. 



Lena Cohen (chem, educ) 
73 IV. 30, Bayonne, N. J. 

Friedoline Catharine Jud 
iig Franklin, Jersey City, N. J. 

Esther Lewontin 
45S Third Ave. 

Ethel Scarlett Richardson 



Samuel Kiss am* 
Robert Tucker* 

Benjamin Onderdonk^^ 

Michael Sebring* 

aet. 21 *i772 


Charles Doughty,* A.B. 1768 
John Augustus Graham,* A.B. 

Yale 1768, A.M. 1771 

Uzal Johnson* 
James Muirson* 
Richard Udall* 
William Winterton* 

Jabez Doty* 

Samuel Nicoll* 

(see pp. 19, 68) 


Samuel Borrowe* 
John Bowne Hicks* 
Jotham Post, Jr.,* A.B. 1792 
Willett Taylor, Jr.* 
Joseph Youle* 

David G. Abeel* 
Peter Irving* 

Henry Mead* 

aet. 67 *i838 


Peter Anderson,* A.B. 1791 

William Morey Ross* 

Timothy Fletcher Wetmore* 


Alexander Anderson* 

aet. 95 *i870 

Winthrop Saltonstall,* A.B. 

Yale 1793 *i8o2 


William Bay* 


Alexander Hosack,* A.B. 1792 

Adolph C. Lent,* A.B. 1795 

Joseph Bailey* 
Jacob V. Brower,* A.B. 1798 

Nicholas J. Quackenbos,* A.B. 

Richard L. Walker* 


Isaac Foster* 

James R. Manley,* A.B. 1799 

Samuel Scofield* 


William Barrow* 
Ezekiel Ostrander* 
Daniel D. Watters* 







Thomas Cock,* 

V. Pres. Coll. Phys. and Surg. N. Y. 
1827-55 and Pres. 1855-8 aet. 87 *i869 

Benjamin Kissam* 

aet. 50 *i83i 

Valentine Mott,* LL.D. 

N. Y. Univ. (see p. 66) aet. 79 *i86s 


Alire R. Delisle* 
William L. Lytton,* A.B. 1804 

Samuel W. Moore,* A.B. 1806 
Robert Morrell* 
Henry U. Onderdonk* (Rev.), 

A.B. 180S -J 

Theodoric Romeyn Beck,* A.B. 

Union 1807, LL.D. 1842, LL.D. 
Mercersburg 1849, A.M. Rutgers 
Coll. 1849 aet. 64 *i8s5 

William E. Burrell,* A.B. 1807 
Gerardus A. Cooper* 

aet. 44 *i832 

Caspar Wistar Eddy* 

aet. 38*1828 

John W. Francis,* A.B. 1809 
Henry Ravenel, Jr.* 

aet. 77 *i867 

Thomas Edward Steele,* A.B. 


Samuel A. Walsh,* A.B. 1801 

Robert M. Barclay,* A.B. 


Charles Drake,* 
Gideon C. Forsyth'' 

tThe classes of 1811 to 1859, inclusive, 
were not included in the 1900 edition of the 
General Catalogue. A more complete record 
of the P. and S. graduates of these years 
may be found in the 1891 edition of the 
Catalogue of the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons. The Medical Faculty of Columbia 
College was merged in the College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons in 1S13, the latter 
institution becoming the Medical Depart- 
ment of Columbia College in i860. 

aet. 42 *i832 

James Fountain,* 

aet. 80 *i869 

Frederick J. Hill* 
Jabez Wiggins Heustis* 
Richard I. Ludlow* 
Samuel Maxwell* 

aet. 80 •1863 

Isaac Roosevelt,* A.B. 

Princeton 1808 

Dirck G. Salomons,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1812 

Delos White,* A.B. 

Union 1809, A.M. 1812 *i835 


Andrew Anderson,* A.B. 1810 
Henry Bogart,* A.B. 


Jacob Dyckman,* A.B. 1810 

Henry Marshall* 

Elijah Middlebrook,* A.B. 

elsewhere c 


Cornelius E. De Puy* 


Joseph Hanson,* A.B. 

Union 1811, A.M. 1814 aet. 42 *i828 

Cornelius De Witt Hasbrouck,* 

A.B. elsewhere *i824 

Ansel W. Ives,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Yale 1821 aet. 31 *i838 

James Fergus McRea* 
William F. Quitman* 
Ferdinand Schureman Schenck,* 

Mem. Congress 1833-7, Judge Ct. of 
Errors and Appeals, N. J. aet. 70 *i86o 

Abraham D. Spoor* 
William Van Deursen,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1809, A.M. 181 1 

aet. 82 *i873 

Robert H. Wilson,* A.B. 

Princeton 1S07, A.M. 181 1 

Samuel Woodruff* 


Benjamin Parkham Aydelott* 

(Rev.), D.D. Kenyon 1837 

James Cotton Bliss,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Middlebury Coll. 1819 

aet. 64 *i85S 




aet. 64 "1856 

aet. 43 'iSaS 

John Thomas Brodhead* 
Hiram Brown* 
James Cockcroft* 

Peter B. Helme* 

aet. 33 •1826 

Daniel W. Kissam, Jr.* 

Elias Marks* 

John Sciidder,* A.B. 

Princeton iSn *i83S 

Townsend Seely* 
Joseph Mather Smith,* 

Bvt. Surg. 1812, Pres. N. Y. Acad. 
Med. 1854 (see p. 78) aet. 77 *i866 


Josiah Bishop Andrews* (Rev.), 

A.B. Yale 1797 aet. y6 *i8s3 

OHver B. Baldwin* 
Egbert H. Bell* 
Edward Delafield,* A.B. 

Yale 1812 (see p. 41) aet. 81 *i87S 

Charles Dickenson, Jr.* 
Cornelius Dickinson* 

Luke Douglass* 
Joseph S. Ford* 
Augustus R. Griffen* 
Benjamin P. Kissam* 



Killian V. R. Lansing,* A.B. 

Union 1813 aet. 74 *i868 

Jacob Ludlow* 
George B. McKnight* 

aet. 6s •1857 

John W. B. Murray,* A.B. 1812 
James Kent Piatt,* A.B. 

Middlebury Coll. 1812, F.R.C.S. 
London 1818 *i824 

George B. Purdy,* A.B. 1811 

John M. Righton* 

John Kearny Rodgers,* A.B. 

Princeton 181 1 *i85i 

John B. Stevenson,* A.B. 181 1 
Robert M. Sullivan* 
James Sykes, Jr.* 

Samuel Throckmorton* 

aet. 68 *i86i 

Peter S. Townsend,* A.B. 


George Up fold [Jr.],*(Rt.Rev.), 

S.T.D. 1831, A.B. Union 1814, 
D.D. and LL.D. Pittsburgh 1856 

aet. y6 *i872 

James C. Verdier* 

James W. Warburton* 

Gilbert Smith Woodhull,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1823 "iSso 


Nathaniel Allen,* A.B. 

Yale 1813 *i8i8 

John B. Beck,* A.B. 1813 
Louis D. Bevier,* A.B. 

Princeton 1812 

Thomas Windeatt Blatchford,* 

A.M. (Hon.) Union 1815, Pres. Med. 
Soc. State N. Y. 1847. aet. 71 *i866 

Isaac Motte Campbell,* A.M. 


Alexander R, Chisholm, Jr.* 

William N. Clarkson* 
John Colvill, Jr.* 
John Julius Couturier* 
Nicoll Havens Dering,* A.B. 

Yale 1813, A.M. 1816, Commr. 
Health N. Y. C. 1812-20 aet. 74 * 1867 

Charles Doughty* 

Henry William Ducachet* 

(Rev.), A.M. (Hon.) Princeton 1822, 
D.D. elsewhere *i86s 

Samuel P. Dunbar* 

Harvey Elliot,* A.B. Yale 1805, 

A.M. 1810 aet. 39 '1824 

Thomas J. Gibbons* 
James A. Gray* 
Benjamin R. Greenland* 
Ezekiel Hall* 
Jesse Hamor* 
James L. Hannah* 
Ellis C. Harlan* 
Stephen Hasbrouck,* A.B. 

Union 1815 aet. 87 *i88i 





Cornelius P. Heerman* 
John Hill,* A.B. 

North Carolina 18 14 

Asa Hillyer, Jr.,* A.B. 

Princeton 181 2 *i824 

John Jarvis Ingersoll,* A.B. 

Yale 1814 *i837 

Reuben King* 

Jean B. Ricord Madiana* 

William L. Mitchell* 

Roderick Murchison* 

Michael J. O'Brien* 

James Roane* 

Stephen C. Roe* 

James Seaman* 

Zebina Smith* 
Abraham Van Gelder* 

aet. 41 *i837 

Thomas Waties, Jr.,* A.M. 


James S. Watkins,* A.B. 

William Williamson,* A.B. 

Princeton 1813, A.M. 1816 *i870 

Egerton L. Winthrop,* A.B. 

Abner Alden* 
Charles P. Allen* 



John B. Aycrigg* 

Ezekiel Robins Baudouine,*A.B. 


Joseph Baxter,* A.B. 

Harvard 181 5 

Remi Seraphin Bourdages* 
Frederick B. Burnham* 
Joseph Canby* 
Moses J. De Rosset.* A.B. 

North Carolina 1816 aet. 30 *i826 

Stephen C. Farrar* 
Jeremiah Fickling* 
Thomas Fortier* 
David H. Fraser,* A.B. 1811 

John F. Henry'' 

aet. 81 *i873 

Benjamin F. Hickman* 
Herman L. Hoffman* 
Abraham Hopper* 

Abraham T. Hunter* 

aet. 75 *i872 
aet. $2 *i849 

aet. 90 "1872 

Jesse Isler* 

John Gough Lance* 

James C. W. McDonald* 

Thomas Gardner Mower,* A.B. 

Harvard 1810 aet. 63 *i853 

Archibald Nicholson* 
Richard B. Owen* 
James M. Pendleton,* A.B. 1814 
Chauncey F. Perkins* 

William Provines* 

David Ouackenbush,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i832 

Thomas E. Screven* 
Elisha Shelden,* A.B. 

Yale 1800 *i832 

John Torrey,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Yale 1S23, LL.D. Williams Coll. 
1825, Amherst Coll. 1845 (see pp. 21, 
S2)_ aet. 75 *i873 

Daniel H. Trezevant* 

Adrian Vanderveer,* A.B. 1816 

John S. Wiley* 

John O. Wynkoop* 


John W. Abeille* 

George L. G. Bacon* 

William W. Baker* 

Samuel Bass* 

William Boyd,* A.B. 

Princeton 1815 

Wesley Brannan 

James M. Brewer* 

Daniel P. Bush* 

John N. Butt* 

Isaac W. Canfield,* A.B. 

Princeton 1816 *i8s9 




Charles Clement* 
Alexander Clinton* 

aet. 85 *i878 

Belah H. Colgrove* 
George Craighead* 
John Demarest,* 

N. Y. Assembly 1852 aet. 73 *i872 

Simeon A. Dudley* 

Abraham Jacob Duryee,* A.B. 

Yale 181S, A.M. 1819 *i822 

James Eddy* 
Richard Esselstyne* 

aet. 73 *i868 

Joshua Fanning* 
Henry T. Farmer* 
Nathaniel W. Fletcher* 
Charles E. Ford* 
William Forman* 


William P. Foster* 
Edwin Gaillard* 
Theodore S. Gaillard* 


John W. Gloninger, Jr.* 
Robert H. Goodwyn* 
Theodore Gourdine,* A.B. 

South Carolina 1816 

George F. Graham* 
Robert Gray* 
Harvil Harris* 
Nathaniel Harris* 
James C. Harrison* 
John B. Hays* 
Stephen Hedges* 
William Humphrey,* A.B. 

Union 1815 *i826 

John James* 

Benjamin C. Jones* 

Benjamin R. Kissam,* A.B.1812 

D'Jurco V. Knevels* 

Thomas Lesly* 

John W. Lide* 

Harris Loomis* 

Vincent C. Marshall,* A.B. 


Joseph Mauran,* A.B. 

Brown 1816 aet. 77 *i873 

Elam V. Mayhew* 
William C. Norris* 
David W. Olmstead* 
Joseph B. Outlaw* 
Samuel W. Packwood* 

Daniel L. M. Peixotto,* A.B. 


Henry Perrine,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1833 

Robert M. Phillips* 

Edwin Price* 

David A. Reese* 

William L. Reviere* 

Daniel A. Robinson* 

Garvin L. Rose* 

John P. Schenck* 

John A. D. Scott* 

Jesse Smith* 

Matthew Stevenson,* A.B. 

Union 1815 

John Stout* 

Thomas M. Stuart,* A.M. 


Paul Swift* 

Horace B. Thompson* 

Daniel Tompkins* 

George G. Tresse* 

John V. D. Voorhees,* A.B, 

Princeton 1814 

Ashbel S. Webster,* A.B. 

Union 1815 *i84o 

John I. Wheeler* 
Gideon G. Williams* 
Isaac Wilson* 
John W. Withers* 

Isaac Anderson* 

aet. 70 *i86s 

James Anderson,* 

Pres. N. Y. Acad. Med. 1861-7 

Larkin Bass* 


Jesse Batey* 
William R. Bay* 
Cyrenus H. Booth* 
William Booth, Jr.* 
Samuel Breck* 
Albridgton Browne* 
Landon Clauton* 
Charles Davis,* A.B 

Princeton 18 16 

Thomas A. Duffy* 
Andrew B. Ewing* 
David C. Freeman* 


Gerard Bancker* 
Hersey Baylies* 



Shadrach S. Gasque* 
Charles W. Goodwyn* 
Isaac I. Grimball* 
William I. Harris* 
Thomas Wilson Henry* 
Richard Kissam Hoffman* 

aet. 62 *i86o 

Leroy Holt* 

Benjamin Isherwood,* A.B. 


Francis Upton Johnston* 

aet. 61 *i858 

Warner Jones* 
William McCarthy* 
James Murphy* 
Benjamin Ogden* 

aet. 70 *i867 

Ezekiel C. Parks* 
Lackington C. Randle* 
Isaac J. Rapelye* 


Edward G. Rawlings* 
William S. Reddick* 
William B. Rogers* 
Albert Smith* 
John P. Thomas* 
James C. Townsend* 
John S. Westervelt* 

aet. 71 *i869 
182 1 ^^ 

Salmon Augustus Arnold,* A.B. 

Brown 1 81 6 aet. 81 'iS/S 


aet. 47 *i848 

aet. 75 *i874 

William A. L. Collins* 

James Demarest* 

Ralph Emms Elliott,* A.B. 

Harvard 1818, M.D. 1824 "iSss 

Thomas I. Epps* 
William Faulke* 
Edward H. Fisher* 
Robert A. Green* 
Robert Greenhow* 

aet. 54 *i854 

Lana I. Hancock* 
William Hume* 
Thomas R. Lamar* 
William Ley,* A.B. 


James S. McFarlane* 

Elijah Mead* 

Lucco Mitchill* 

Alexander M. Montgomery* 


John Neilson, Jr.,* A.B. 1817 
Richard Pennell* 

aet. 62 *i86i 

John Smyth Rogers,* A.B. 1812 

Jacob Schmidt* 

Jacob S. Swann* 

Henry A. Tatum* 

John Allen Taylor,* A.B. 

Princeton 1813 

Samuel Stringer Treat* 

Abraham D. Wilson,* A.B. 1818 
Robert C. Wood* 

aet. 69 *i869 

Reuben C. Worthington,* A.B. 




Plorace Ames* 
Fitzgerald Bird* 
Rufus Blakeman,* A.B. 

Union 1819 aet. 75 *i870 




Bennet Boddie* 

Samuel Borrowe, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1818, A.M. 1821 *i827 

John Cadle,* A.B. 1809 
John S. Condict,* A.B. 

Princeton 1817 *i848 

William E. Ellerbe* 
John Patten Emmet,* 

Grad. U. S. Milit Acad. 361.46*1842 

Ebenezer Fitzharding* 

Lewis D. Ford* 

Peter Forrester,* A.B. 1818 

Samuel Grier* 

William H. Hunter* 

Nathan S. Jarvis* 

Aaron Lopez* 
Ferdinand Ludlow* 
Robert P. Macomber* 



David L Means* 
Stephen Middlebrook* 
Henry Palmer* 
Edmund C. Park* 
William Porcher,* A.B. 


Jotham William Post* 
David L. Rogers* 

aet. 78 *i877 

Thomas Ludenton Smith,* 

Fleet Surg., and Med. Dir. U. S. N. 

Water S. Smith* 


Lewis Traver* 
Andrew Van Dyck* 

Spencer Wood* 

John W. Bay* 
Walker Booth* 

Edward A. Broddus* 
Thomas C. Brown* 
William B. Brown* 

aet. 71 *i87i 
aet. 65 *i863 

Galen Carter,* A.B. 

Middlebury Coll. 1819 aet. 75 *i870 

Samuel R. Church* 
Charles Cleeve* 
Robert T. Coles* 
John S. Cornell* 
Peter Dykers,* A.B. 1819 
John O. Ewing,* A.B. 


Joseph W. Freiott* 

Thomas Brown Gautier,* M.D. 

Rutgers Coll. 1831 aet. 52 *i85o 

John P. Geddes* 

Jabez Gwinnup Goble,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1819 aet. 60 *i8s9 

Thomas Jefferson Goodwyn,* 

A.M. elsewhere 

Benjamin F. Green* 

John G. Guignard* 

Andrew Hamersley,* A.B. 1819 

George Edward Harral* 

John H. Hart,* 

Commr. of Health N.Y.C. 1838 *i8s9 

Edmund B. Hibbler* 
Abner Hopton* 
George Aston Hughes* 
William Hunt* 
Frederick W. Jenkins* 
Hudson Kinsley* 

aet. 72 *i868 

Robert Kortright,* A.B. 

Yale 1819 ■ *i842 

Enoch L. Lee* 

Edward Greenfield Ludlow* 

aet. 84*1877 

Benjamin McVickar* 
Edward Macomb,* A.B. 

Union 1819 *i844 

William Molenaor* 


Jonathan Norton* 
Cotesworth Pinckney,* A.B. 


David L. Sparks* 
Henry Rutgers Stagg* 




James Stewart,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Amherst Coll. 1840 aet. 65 *i864 

John L. Snckley,* A.B. 1819 
Robert N. Taylor* 
Peter Van Btiren* 

aet. 71 *i873 

John W. Vethake* 
John McClaran Watson* 

aet. 68 *i866 

Marinus Willett, Jr.,* A.B. 1819 
Thomas H. Wright,* A.B. 

North Carolina 1820 *i86i 

Christian Brevoort Zabriskie* 

Augustus Alvey Adee,* A.B. 

Yale 1821 *i844 

Henry J. Anderson,* A.B. 

Joseph C. Arnold* 

De Witt Birch* 


Cornelius Robert Bogert,* A.B. 

Yale 1820 aet. yy *i875 

Lafayette Brown* 
Samuel Carey* 

aet. 68 *i864 

George R. Chetwood* 


John Clapp* 

John Cole* 

Edward Campbell Cooper* 

Hugh Farriar* 
George C. Ferguson* 
Rensselaer Gansevoort,* A.B. 

Union 1819 *i839 

Amos W. Gates* 

Charles F. Godbold,* A.B. 


Robert Marion Gourdine,* A.B. 

Harvard 1821 *i83i 

Buckner Lanier Hill* 
William A. Hunter* 

aet. 67 *i869 

Joseph Bloomfield Jackson* 
William S. Johnson* 

aet. 64 *i866 

Rolling Jones* 

Frederick Gore King,* A.B. 

Harvard 1821 *i829 

Howard Lee* 
William S. Lobdell* 
John S. McLeod* 
Robert H. Maclay* 

aet. 64 *i868 

Philip E. Milledoler,* A.B. 

William R. Minor* 
Washington Murray,* A.B. 

Yale 1820, A.M. 1823 *i828 

James D. Peckham* 

John A. Pool* 

John R. Rhinelander,* A.B. i8ii 

Giles Mumford Richards* 

aet. 21 *i824 

James S. Rumsey,* A.B. 1819 
Archelaus G. Smith* 
Hatfield Smith* 
Jonathan J. Tod* 
Frederick B. Tudor* 
Richard Titus Underbill* 

aet. 70 *i87i 

William Walter Verplanck,* 

A.B. Union 1821 *i87i 

William B. Webster* 
George Wilkes,* A.B. 1821 
Abraham Valentine Williams* 

aet. 60 *i862 

Clark Wright* 

aet. 65 *i864 


Luke Barker* (Rev.) 

aet. 58 *i849 

Oliver Bronson,* A.B. Yale 1818 

aet. 76 *i875 

Richard Charles* 

George Washington Codwise,* 

A.B. Union 1822, ^Surg. U. S. N. 
1825-73, Med. Dir. U. S. N. *i884 

John Mesier Cornelison,* A.B. 

Union 1822, Judge Ct. of Errors and 
Appeals N. J. 1851 aet. 74*1875 

James S. Cromwell* 




Frederick J. Cutler,* A.B. 

North Carolina 1821 

Trezevant De Graffenried* 

Edwin Dey* 

Joseph W. Duvall,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 43*1846 

Edwin A. Ely* 

John C. Fanning,* A.B. 

Princeton 1821 aet. 42 *i846 

Edmund J. Felder,* A.B. 


William H. Glascock* 
John James Graves* 


Benajah Hanson* 

William Collard Flickok,* A.B. 

Vermont 1821 aet. 81 *i883 

Cicero Hunt* 

John R. Hunt* 

Thomas W. Hutson,* A.B. 


Isaac James* 
Stith F. Jones* 
Warmoldus S. Kuypers* 

Bernard McNeil* 
James Macdonald* 

Theodore L. Mason* 
Amos S. Miller* 

James Moran* 

John S. Palmer,* A.B. 


Peter Parks* 
James H. Rogers* 
Henry Rose,* A.B. 


John Jackson Ruton* 

Marcus Sears* 
Archibald B. Simpson* 
James Owen Smith* 
Ebenezer Storer [Jr.]* 


aet. 45 *i849 

aet. 6s *i866 

aet. 39 *i843 

aet. 50 *i8s2 


aet. 37 *i839 

aet. 7S *i879 

Stephen Philip Van Rensselaer 
Ten Broeck* 

aet. 64 *i866 

Philip Ten Eyck,* A.B. 


Junius Thompson,* A.B. 1821 
John Tiebout, Jr.,* A.B. 1821 
Thomas B. Turner* 
Alexander F. Vache* 

aet. 58*1857 

Philip Van Arsdale* 
Field Vermeule* 

aet. 76 *i877 

Edwin Webb* 
John A. Whetstone* 
Alexander Williams,* A.B. 


James M. Williams* 
James B. Yellowley* 


Daniel C. Ambler* 

James Andrews* 
William James Barry* 
John Binsse* 

aet. 74 *i879 

William R. A. Boulware* 
William H. Boyd,* A.B. 1823 
Richard S. Briscoe* 
Amos H. Brown* 
Isaac A. De Lima* 
Henry Gale Dunnel* 

aet. 62 *i866 

James Fitzpatrick* 
James M. Gardiner* 
John M. Glover,* A.B. 1822 
John F. Gray,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Union 1 83 I 

Henry E. Griffith* 
William Grigg* 
Lewis Hallock* 

aet. 93 •1897 

Josiah D. Harris,* A.B. 1822 
Stephen R. Harris* 

William M. Ireland* 

aet. 77 *i879 




Benjamin Franklin Joslin,* 

A.M. elsewhere *i86i 

Reuben Knox* 
Benjamin C. Leveridge* 

aet. 63 *i862 

Matthew Mcllwaine* 
Griffith J. MacRee* 
Samuel Marshall* 
George E. Palmer,* 

Mem. Conn. Legis. 1832, 1858 *i868 

Walter C. Palmer* 


James C. Paul* 


William Power,* A.B. 

and M.D. Dublin aet. 60 *i858 

Mark Stephenson* 

aet. 62 *i865 

Charles Sturges* 
Edward Taylor* 
Alfred Wagstaff,* A.B. 1822 

John A. Anderson* 
Amasa Barrett* 
Eneas S. Gondii* 
James Edward Cornell* 
James H. Dickson,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i863 

William Mitchell Herbert,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i827 

Theodore E. King,* A.B. 1822 
John B. Loring* 
Alfred C. Post,* A.B. 1822 
Alexis Smith* 

aet. 49 *i849 

Charles McKnight Smith* 

aet. 70 *i874 

Charles Stuart Tripler,* A.M 

(Hon.) i860 

aet. 60 *i866 


John Jay Abernethy,* 

Med. Dir. U. S. N'. aet. 74 *i879 

Abraham J. Berry* 


Samuel Boyd, Jr.* 

aet. 54 *i86o 

Benjamin Drake,* A.B. 1824 
David A. Edgar* 

aet. 73 *i878 

George Griswold, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1824, A.M. 1827 •iSae 

William Wilmot Kissam* 

aet. 36 *i842 

Daniel Lake* 

Samuel Sterry Lawrence* 

aet. 72 *i876 

Elias J. Marsh,* A.B. 1824 
John M. Pruyn* 

aet. 59 *iS66 

Israel Randolph* 

aet. 75 •1877 

Samuel R. Smith* 

aet. 50 •1851 

Morris Snedeker* 
Eugene Weld,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1825 *i849 

1829 15 

Edward Langdon Beadle* 

(see p. 21) aet. 73 *i882 

Llorton Bethune,* A.B. 

Harvard 1821, A.M. 1824 aet. 40 *i842 

Washington Bostwick* 
Charles A. Briggs* 
Henry Carver* 
Henry Sylvester Dering* 

aet. 66 •1871 

Charles Dickinson, Jr.,* A.B. 

Union 1825, A.M. 1828 aet. 46 *i8s2 

Lynde Catlin Ferris,* A.B. 

Vermont 1824, A.M. 1827 aet. 66 *i874 

James D. Fitch,* A.B. 

Union 1823 *i88i 

James A. M. Gardner,* A.B. 

Jacob Harsen, Jr.,* A.B. 1825 

William H. Hobart,* A.B. 1824 
Harvey Horton* 
Joseph Jauncey, Jr.* 

aet. so *i858 

Tared Linsly,* A.B. 

Yale 1826, A.M. 1829 •1887 

Charles Octavius Livingston* 

A.B. Yale 1825, A.M. 1832 *i832 

George Mcintosh Maclean* 

A.B. Princeton 1824, A.M. 1832 

aet. 57 *i863 

1829-31 GRADUATES 

Edward P. Marcellin* 

John Miller* 

Charles O'Friel* 
Alphonso Perry* 
John Sullivan Thorne,* A.B. 

Union 1826 *i88o 

William Wilson,* A.B. 1825 

1830 23 

John Glover Adams,* A.B. 

Yale 1826, A.M. 1829 aet. 77 *i884 

Joseph W. Bradshaw* 
Gurdon Buck [Jr.]* 

aet. 70 *i877 

William Peter Buel,* A.B. 

Yale 1826, A.M. 1829 *i888 

Henry A. DuBois,* A.B. 1827 
George W. Frost* 

aet. 81 *i887 

Leonard Bunnell Gale,* A.B. 

Union 1825 aet. 84 *i883 

Seymour Halsey* 
Richard T. Horsfield* 

aet. 63 *i87i 

Marcus Hurd* 

aet. 48 *i847 

John C. Jay,* A.B. 1827 

Joseph Jones* 

Richard Sharp Kissam,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Trinity Coll. aet. 53 *i86i 

Richard L. Morris,* A.B. 1826 
Orlando Neely,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1826, A.M. 1829 

aet. 37 *i843 

Edmund Grindal Rawson,* A.B. 

Union 1826, A.M. 1830, Pres. N. 
Y. Coll. Vet. Surg. 

Samuel Irwin Spring* 

aet. 62 *i869 

William Edgar Stillwell* 

aet. 80 •1867 

Reuben P. Tanner* 
John Taylor,* A.B. 

Union 1827 *i8si 

William H. Van Sinderen* 

William A. Walters* 

John S. Wolcott* 




George S. Armstrong* 

aet. 80 *i889 

William S. Baker,* A.B. 


William Baxter,* A.B. 


William Bayard* 

James Jeffray Brownlee* 

Robert S. Bullus,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1828 •1885 

Alonzo Caulkins,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1825 aet. 73 *i878 

John Collett* 

aet. 62 '1866 

James Deane,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Amherst Coll. 1838 aet. 57 *i854 

Thomas T. Devan,* A.B. 

Joshua Sands Feltus* 

aet. 34 *i847 

James Cogswell Fisher,* A.B. 

Yale 1826 ' *i88o 

Ellis Barron Freeman,* A.B. 

Princeton 1827 aet. 70 *i877 

Adams B. Gidney* 
James Harcourt* 

aet. 61 *i870 

Timothy Russ Hibbard* 

aet. 60 *i866 

Edward T. Hitchcock* 


Henry Holmes,* M.D. 

Yale 1825 

Joseph Howard [Jr.],* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1827, A.M. 1830 

aet. 72 *i879 

Lewis Lane* 


John Law,* A.B. 


J. T. Gilman Leach* 
John Betts McEwen* 

aet. 59 •1867 

Jonathan Havens Munsell* 
Gerrit Van Zandt Piatt* 
William J. Powell* 


Alfred Seaman Purdy,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Wesleyan 1859 

Benjamin A. Rousseau* 




John Peter Schermerhorn [Jr.]* 

aet. 70 *i878 

John Robert Van Kleek* 

aet. 66 *i876 

Ambrose Lipscombe White,* 

A.B. George Washington 1825 

aet. 62 *i86s 

George H. White* 


Samuel D. Wilson* 



James A. Carter,* A.B. 1829 

George B. Crane* 

Benjamin S. Downing,* A.B. 

James English Dubois* 

aet. 46 *i856 

Jonathan Halstead* 

William Hornblower* 
John Bowne King* 
Theodore A. Leggett* 
Joseph M. Leon,* A.B. 


Edward Hunter Ludlow* 
Austin L. S. Main,* A.B. 1828 
William Starbuck Mayo* 
William H. Milnor,* A.B. 1826 
Francis M. Potter* 
James Quackenboss* 
William Currie Roberts* 

aet. 63 *i873 

Thomas H. Robison* 
Robert Rosman* 

aet. S3 *i8s9 

James B. Samo* 
William Guthery Sands* 
James Malcolm Smith,* A.B. 

Yale 1826 *i8s3 

William P. Smith* 
Edward Spring* 

aet. 42 *i850 

Robert Tucker,* A.B. 1829 

Alfred Underbill* 

aet. 64 *i873 

John L. Vandervoort,* A.B. 1828 

John Watson* 

Pres. N. Y. Acad. Med. 1859 

aet. 56 *i863 

Herman Wendell* 

Surg. Genl. N. Y. State 1854-6 

Ezra Wood* 


1833 ^9 

Henry Barden* 
John Beatty, Jr.* 
Abraham Bloodgood,* A.B. 

Union 1829 aet. 69 *i88o 

Daniel B. Bradley* (Rev.) 
Edward Bullus* 

aet. so *i8S4 

Robert W. Cairns,* A.M. 

elsewhere aet. S7. 1861 

Ethan B. Carpenter- 

James R. Chilton"^ 

aet. S7 *i866 

Mason Fitch Cogswell,* A.B. 

Yale 1829 aet. S5 *i865 

Richard F. Cooke,* A.B. 

Princeton 1828 

David Cory* 
Willet C. Dorland* 
Henry A. Field* 
Joseph Edward Glover* 
Emile Guillaudeu* 

aet. 48 *i86o 

Alexander N. Gunn,* A.B. 1828 
Jacob L. Hasbrouck* 
John J, Henderson* 
David R. Hibbard* 

aet. 57 *i865 

Henry Ogden Irving* 

John T. Kneeland,* A.B. 1830 

George W. Leach,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Wesleyan 1846 

Lowell S. Lillibridge* 
John Augustus McVickar* 

aet. 80 *i892 

David D. Marvin* 

aet. 40 •1852 

William Ellison Miller* 

Michael Price Moore,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1830 




Lewis F. Nicoll,* A.B. and A.M. 

Princeton 1829 

William J. Olliff* 

aet. 58 *i86s 

William B. Parkinson* 

aet. 45 *i856 

Edgar F. Peck,* M.D. 

(Hon.) Rutgers Coll. 1830 

Franklin S. Rex* 
James Rice* 
Christopher A. Seltzer* 
Henry Slosson* 
Nathaniel Treadwell Smith* 
Henry George Smyth* 
Samuel T. Spear* 
William Steele,* A.B. 1830 
Charles A. Terry* 
Alexander Thompson,* A.B. 

Union 1829, Pres. Med. Soc. N. Y. 
State 1850-1 aet. 60 *i869 

Edward Vanderpool* 
Sidney Phoenix Williams,* 

A.B. Yale 1829 *i845 

Charles Winne,* A.B. 

Union 1828 aet. 65 *i877 

Stephen Wood* 



William Arnold* 

Aaron Bain* 

Charles H. Bibighaus* 


George Brown* 
Jeremiah Daly* 
Thomas B. Downing* 
Henry S. Downs* 

aet. 67 *i879 

Isodore P. L. Dyett,* A.M. 


George Gilfillan 

aet. 82 "1879 

Albert G. Greenly* 

John Condit Halsey,* A.B. 

Union 1830 aet. 84 '1895 

James Hitchcock* 

John Cooper Homeyard* 

aet. 68 *i879 

William Huber* 

Edward Jones,* A.B. 1830 

John Jay Lasher* 

aet. 46 *i856 

Peter Beekman McKelvey* 
Archibald Maclay, Jr.* 
Per Lee Pine* 
Samuel Augustus Purdy* 
James W. Sinckler* 
Thomas Lea Smith,* A.B. 

Yale 1826 *i862 

Abel L Starr* 

John L. Taylor* 

Uriah Upjohn* 

X835 '' 

Robert Samuel Norton Ander- 

aet. 54 *i8ss 

Peter Barnes* 
Patrick J. Brady* 

aet. 42 *i856 

Jeremiah Breitenbach* 
Thomas C. Chalmers,* A.B. 

Union 1831 aet. 74 *i884 

Alonzo Clark,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1828, LL.D. Ver- 
mont 1853, Pres. Med. Soc. State 
N. Y. 1853, Pres. Coll. P. and S. 
1875-84 (see p. 36) aet. 80 *i887 

James William Giffing Clements* 

aet. 67 *i882 

Alfred B. Dayton,* A.M. (Hon.) 

Princeton 1862 aet. 58 *i870 

Alfred K. Dewson* 
Abraham Du Bois,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1830 

James Calvin Forrester,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1829 *i88i 

John Hart* 

aet. 58 *i867 

Abraham Ten Eyck Hilton* 

aet. 70 *i883 

Samuel Thomas Hubbard* 

aet. 86 *i894 

Gilbert W. Hulse* 
George T. Hutton* 
William Henry Jackson* 




Aaron Jarvis,* A.B. 1832 
Philip L. Jones,* A.B. 1832 
Emile L'Estrade* 
Benjamin W. McCready* 
Rufus Wellington Mathewson* 
Nathaniel Sackett* 
Nelson Shook,* A.M. 

Union 1832 aet. 40 *i8s4 

Shear] ashub Spooner* 

Edmund Stewart* 
Erastus N. Upjohn* 
Robert Watts, Jr.,* A.B. 1831 
Daniel Wells* 
William Wright* 

aet. 32 •1836 

Philip Hamilton Zabriskie* 

aet. 63 *i875 


aet. 47 *i8s2 


James W. Andariese* 

John Bates* 

James Bolton,* A.B. 183 1 

Alexander McWhorter Bruen,* 

A.B. and A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1830 

John Murray Carnochan,* 

Prof. Surg. N. Y. Med. Coll. 1851-62 

aet. 70 *i887 

Alexander Cowan Castle* 


Erastus C. Chittenden* 
Abraham Creveling* 

aet. 39 *i8s3 

John Dayton* 
John Doane* 
Edward Earle* 

aet. 37 *i849 

David L. Eigenbrodt,* A.M. 

elsewhere aet. 69 *i88o 

Simon D. Hosley* 
Henry Ray Lott,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1832 •1878 

William A. Mathews* 
William Miner* 

aet. 45 *i8s9 

Chauncey Leeds Mitchell,* A.B. 

Union 1833, A.M. 1836 *i888 

aet. 60 *i869 


William Moore* 
Jetur R. Riggs* 

Alexander W. Rogers* 
David Martin Sayre* 

aet. 70 *i876 

David M. Schoonmaker* 
Joseph Stevermann* 
John E. Stillwell,* A.B. 1832 
Peter Augustus Stoughten- 

Jacob Polhemus Stryker,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1833 *i846 

James Syme* 

Isaac H. Traver* 

Edward Henry Van Winkle* 

John Wilson* 



George Adam* 

Pierre A. Allaire* 


Robert Armistead* 
Philemon Baker,* A.B. 

elsewhere '1839 

William Adolph Butler,* A.B. 

Yale 1833, A.M. 1837 *i843 

Michael Castle* 

Jesse Delano [Jr.]* 

William G. Eadie,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i870 

Peter E. Elmendorff* 

Erasmus D. Fish* 

James W. B. Greenhow,* A.B. 


John S. Heard,* A.B. 1834 
Jedediah Sage Kilbourne* 

aet. 71 *i877 

James Barnes Nelson* 

aet. 61 *i874 

George Rex* 

Eliphalet S. Sheffield* 

Arthur B. Stout* 

Abraham G. Thompson,* A.B. 




aet. 69 *i879 

William S. Thompson* 
William S. Tompkins* 

aet. 37 *i8s4 

John S. L. Tonelier* 
Lawrence E. Van Buskirk* 
Samuel James Weldon [Jr.]* 


George T. Allen* 
William Cockcroft,* A.B. 1834 
John Conger,* A.B. 1834 
John Dickenson* 
Charles Fitzpatrick* 
James Brewster Gould* 

Alfred T. Green* 

aet. 31 *i84i 

Thaddeus M. Halsted,* A.B. 

Princeton 1835, A.M. 1838 

aet. 55 *i870 

Fenelon Hasbrouck,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1835 aet. 46*1861 

Joseph Hawley* 

Aaron Joseph Henriques* 

aet. 79 *i896 

George Hoffman Kissam,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1830, A.M. 1833 

aet. 55 *i865 

Charles E. Lock* 
John McClelland,* A.B. 

Union 1832 aet. 70 *i87S 

William H. Macneven* 

aet. 38 *i854 

James Manley,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i85i 

William H. Maxwell* 


Henry D. Paine* 
William Sharrock* 
Edmund Smith, Jr.,* A.B. 


William M. Smith* 
Demetrius Stamatiades,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1832 

Samuel M. Valentine* 



George E. Belcher* 

aet. 72 *i890 

Henry W. Bull* 

Cornelius Vermeule Clarkson* 

aet. 64 *i877 

Pinckney Webster Ellsworth* 
Hosea Fountain* 

De Witt Harcourt* 

aet. 82 *i896 
aet. 86 *i88s 
aet. 62 *i866 

Joseph L. Hasbrouck* 
Samuel Hawley* 
William J. Holmes* 
David Parsons Holton,* A.M. 

(Hon.) N. Y. Univ. 1857 aet. 71 *i883 

Thomas W. Horsfield* 

aet. 64 *i868 

Alanson Sylvester Jones* 

aet. 62 *i88i 

Robert N. McLenahan* 
Gilbert C. Monell,* A.B. 

Union 1834 *i88i 

James Henry O'Brien* 
John Osborn,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 64*1882 

Isidore Emile Prevost,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 96 *i904 

Benjamin L Raphael* 

aet. 62 *i88o 

Edward T. Richardson* 
Otto Rotton* 
David Sands* 

aet. 40 *i859 

Frederick S. Weller* 


William Gordon Wood* 


James Stuart Cooper* 

aet. so *i867 

James Drysdale* 
John C. Elmer* 

aet. 46 *i863 

Middleton Goldsmith,* A.B. 

Hanover Coll. 183S, A.M. and LL.D. 
1 84 1, and Pres. Med. Soc. Vermont 

aet. 70 *i887 

James R. Greacen* 

aet. 47 "1864 



[1840-42 i 

Jean Mariiis Julian* 

aet. 67 *i879 

William Murray Layton 
Daniel J. Macgowan 
Benjamin D. Miller* 

aet. 48 *i864 

Charles H. Oakley,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 32 *i8si 

M. D. Potter* 
Johnson Rabineau* 
D. Jerome Sands* 

aet. 73 *iS88 

Nathaniel Smith Saxton 

Daniel Simonson 

Charles Henry Stillman,* A.B. 

Union 1835 *i88i 

James H. Thompson 
Wilson Torrey* 
Norton S. Townshend* 


Nicholas Van Vranken* 



John H. Barnes* 
Charles G. Barney* 
George Curtis Blackman* 

aet. 57 *i87i 

John Butterfield* 


James Henry Clark,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1867 aet. 55 *i869 

Richard Hoflfman Coolidge* 

aet. 46 *r866 

Philip Alien Davenport,* A.B. 

Yale 1837, A.M. 1840 *i8S7 

Benjamin Dunning 
Philander G. Fitch* 
James W. Fitzpatrick* 
Anthony P. Gardner* 
Isaac Greene* 

aet. 38 *i8s4 

John Le Conte,* A.B, 

Georgia 1838, Pres. Univ. Cal. 1876 

aet. 72 *i89i 

Lawrence V. Magaw* 

Thomas Masters Markoe,* A.B. 

Princeton 1836 (see p. 64) *i90i 

Thomas W. Newman* 
Plenry Feltus Quackenbos* 

aet. 71 *i5 

Stephen J. W. Tabor,* A.B. 


George H. Taylor* 

aet. 25 *i842 

Matthew Dikeman Van Doren,* 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1837 

James J. Vere* 

aet. 57 *i859 

William P. Wainwright* 
Hugh Walsh,* A.B. 

Yale 183s, A.M. 1838 aet. 44 *i8s9 

William Mulford Whitehead,* 

A.B. Princeton 1837 *i874 

Alexander S. Wotherspoon,* 

A.B. 1837 


Robert Barfe Baisley* 


William Denison Buck * A.M. 

(Hon.) Dartmouth Coll. 1866, Pres. 
Med. Soc. N. H. aet. 59 *i872 

William Chauncey Butler* 
Edward Rockwell Chapin* 

aet 75 *i886 

William Henry Dudley* 


Joseph Hubbard Graves* 
Panet Marshall Hastings,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1838 

Josiah Hopper* 



Aaron Cook Hull,* A.B 


James Hyslop,* A.B. 

Union 1836 aet. 54 *i870 

William W. Jones,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1832 aet. 78 *i89i 

Henry Hendrickson Longstreet* 

aet. 71 *i890 

Peter I. McLaren* 

John Magee* 

William B. Moffat,* A.B. 1838 

Lewis Albert Sayre,* A.B. 

Translyvania 1839, Pres. Am. Med. 
Assn. 1879-80 *i900 

Thomas Taylor Seelye* 





Robert Sibree* 

William R. Wagstaff,* A.B. 



James Donne Billinge* 


aet. 35 *i85i 



William Pitt Canning* 
Elbert H. Champlin,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1839, A.M. 1842 

Nathaniel Cheever* 
John Cochran* 

Stephen H. Conger,* A.B 

Princeton 1839 aet. 76 *i897 

Augustus Greele Elliot,* A.B. 

Yale 1839, A.M. 1842 aet. 90 *i9ii 

Samuel Wallace Hall* 
Edward Jennings* 
Oliver Lewis* 
Francis Morland Lorett* 


James Nightingale* 
George Peck* 

aet. 60 *i873 

Edward Hart Sands* 
John Schue* 
Henry Weed Sears* 
George E. Shipman,* A.B, 

N. Y. Univ. 1839, A.M. 1842 *i89o 

William Swift* 

aet. 66 *i88s 

James Lucas Van Ingen,* A.B. 

Union 1840 *i88i 

1844 ^9 

James Hart Allen,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1839 *i858 

James Altham* 

John Van Dyke Berier,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1840 

William Blackwood* 
Ira Bronson Blakeman* 
Robert Fulton Brower* 

aet. 39 *i863 

David Tilden Brown* 


John Henry Brush* 
John Jacob Crane,* A.B. 

Princeton 1840 aet. 69 'iSgo 

Thomas White Foster 
Charles Leonard Frost* 

John Lyon Gardiner 

Bridge Hampton, N. Y. 
John Sewall Gardner,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1840, A.M. 1843 

aet. 26 *i847 

Jeremiah Caverno Garland 

Nashua, N. EI. 

Charles Robert Gill* 


Philo Prior Greenly* 
Alexander Greig* 
Samnel Healy* 
John Coleman Hubbard* 


Patrick Augustus McBarron* 

aet. 36 *i8s9 

Samuel Smith Mizener* 


Anthony Denton Morford* 
Francis Judson- Morse* 
Samuel Johnson Osborn* 
Alexander Perry* 


Joel Horton Ross* 
Thomas Ryerson,* A.B. 

Princeton 1840, A.M. 1843 

aet. 66 *i887 

Der Minasian Senakerim,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1840 

John Snowden* 

aet. 32 *iS48 

Josiah Dwight Stickney* 

aet. 35 *i849 

De Witt Tappan* 

aet. 67 *i887 

A^alentine Vermilyea* 


Cyrus Freeman Ward,* A.B. 

Princeton 1840 *i844 

Claudius Buchanan Webster,* 

A.B. Dartmouth Coll. 1836 aet. 86 *i902 

Ferdinand Little Wilsey* 

aet. 62 *i86o 

Joseph Winterbottham* 


John Young* 






Jarvis Mudge Andrews* 

aet. 59 *i878 

Charles Hawley Andrus* 

aet. 82 *i905 

William Atwater* 
Gorham Beals,* A.B. 

Union 1842 aet. 29 *i848 

(8)Alfred Bowlby 

JVaterford, Ontario, Canada 
Charles Burrell* 

^Nicholas Lafayette Campbell 

969 Sixth Ave. 
Nicholas Hallam Chesebrough 
Samuel Porter Church (ret), 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1841 

2og South Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 
®James Guyon Clark 

W. Nezv Brighton, N. Y. C. 
John Parker Connor,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1840, A.M. 1843 *i848 

Justo Maria Del Risco* 

aet. 63 

Alexander N. Dougherty,* A.B, 

Oberlin Coll. 1841, A.M. (Hon.) 
Princeton 1866 *i884 

Oliver W. Gibbs,* A.B. 1841 
Samuel Fisk Green* (Rev.) 


Chauncey Deveaux Griswold* 
Howard Randolph Harrison* 


Samuel R. House* (Rev.), A.B. 

Union 1837 *i899 

Frederic Theodore Hurxthal* 


George Evans Kinne* 
Joseph Le Conte,* A.B. 

Georgia 1841, A.M. 1845, and LL.D. 
1879, B.S. Harvard 1851, LL.D. 
Princeton 1896 aet. 78 *i90i 

Jonathan Edwards Lee,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1841 

Robert Hart Littell* 
John Luckey Mitchell* 
Henry Moreton* 

Israel Moses,* A.B. 1841 
William Neergaard* 

aet. 70 •1880 

William La Rue Perrine* 

aet. 76 

Jotham Post,* A.B. 1840 
Stephen Eleazar Ranney* 




Thomas Robbins,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1840, A.M. 1843 

Clement Francis Shiverick* 
James Rawson Smith* 

Edward Bolles Stimson* 

aet. 36 *i8s8 

Owen Sweeny,* A.B. 1840 
Harvey Taylor* 
Everardus B rower Warner* 
Charles Ellery Washburn,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1838, A.M. 1841 

aet. 49 *i86s 

George Wilson, Jr.* 


Henry William Beck Woodhull,* 

A.B. Princeton 1838 

Van Brunt Wyckoff,* A.B. 1840 


Oscar James Akers* 

aet. 39 *i86i 

®Agustin Annibal Arango 

45 E. 24 
Ira Leonard Babcock* 

aet. 65 *i89i 

James Bathgate* 
Lewis Beach* 

aet. 22 *i846 

James Gridley Belden* 


Alonzo White Bennett* 

aet. 67 *i888 

Charles Pitkin Bissell 
George Bowman Brown 
George Hume Bunyan,* A.B. 

Union 1843 *i8S3 

William Carman,* A.B. 

Yale 1842, A.M. 1845 aet. 70 *i890 

Nathaniel O. Cornwall,* A.M. 

elsewhere *I903 

James Washington Craig 
John Pritchard Crichton 
John W. Dana,* A.B. 1843 




Edward Henry Delafield,* A.M. 

elsewhere *i848 

George Eager [Jr.]* 
De Witt Clinton Enos* 

aet. 49 *i868 

James Henry Fenner* 

act. 78 *i890 

Mina B. Halsted,* A.B. 

Princeton 1843 *i86o 

Ravaud Kearny,* A.B. 

Union 1842 aet. 26 •1849 

John Lawrence Le Conte,* A.B, 

and A.M. Mt. St. Mary's Coll. 1842 

aet. 57 *i883 

Samuel Lynes,* A.B. 

Yale 1842 

John Scott McNaught* 
John Vanderveer Mattison* 
Asa Crandall Messenger* 
Squire Littell Miley* 
Ponce Marie Nichtern* 

aet. 75 *i887 

George Gilman Odiorne* 
Charles C. Parry,* A.B. 

Union 1842 aet. 69 'iSgo 

Alban Smith Payne,* M.D. 

Castleton Med. Coll. 1845 

George Absalom Peters,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Williams Coll. i8so 

Henry William Porter,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1842 *i847 

Christopher Prince* 

aet. 76 *i900 

Robert George Remsen,* A.B. 

Princeton 1842, A.M. 1845 *i896 

William Henry Rice* 
George Dennis Richmond* 
Samuel Rotton,t* A.B. 

Charterhouse 1833 aet. 74 *i890 

William Wallace Sanger* 

aet. 53 *i872 

James J. Stephens* 

aet. 76 *i898 

Richard T. Stoutenburgh* 
Cincinnatus Anthony Taft* 
John B. Van Dyck, A.B. 

Union 1841 

Isaac Fisk Van Vliet* 

aet. 53 *i876 
tFormerly Samuel Rotton Percy. 

Charlton Henry Wells,* A.B. 


Robert John Whitely* 
Lyman Lincoln Wight* 
James D. Wright,* M.D. 

Ohio Med. Coll. 1845 



Moses Anderson* 
Samuel Behm* 

®Arthur Frederick Bissell 

69 E. 56 
William Edward Bloodgood,* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1845 *i897 

David Smith Brandon* 

aet. 56 •1878 

Spencer Hall Brown* 
Henry Wadhams Buel,* A.B. 

Yale 1844, A.M. 1847 aet. 72 *i893 

James Schoolbred Burrill* 

aet. 52 *i877 

William Merritt Campbell,* 

A.B. Vermont 1843 "iSea 

Charles Coatesworth Pinckney 
Clark,* A.B. 

and A.M. Middlebury Coll. 1843 

aet. 75 *i89g 

Isaiah Winds Condict* 

aet. 93 *i9ii 

Jose Antonio Da Cunha,* A.B. 


David Stratton Dayton* 

Charles Delaney* 

Lorenzo Welton Elder 

Levi Wells Flagg,* A.B. 

Yale 1839, A.M. 1842 

John Gallaer* 

Levi Merriman Gaylord* 

William Moulton Gould* 
William McCrea Gray* 
John Nelson Holman* 
Henry Abraham Hopper* 

aet. 54 •1882 

Samuel Clinton Jackson* 

Henry Wyckoff Jones,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1843 *i862 




George King [Jr.]* 
William McKennan* 

aet. 79 "igoa 

Milton McDonough Marcus* 
John Ichabod Merwin* 
Sylvester Frink Mixer* 

aet. 68 *i883 

Albert Morrison* 

aet. 53 *i873 

Otis Mark Oliver* 
Philip Robert O'Reilly* 

act. 49 •1867 

Thaddeus Aubrey Outerbridge* 
George Sullivan Parkin,* A.B. 

Princeton 1843 aet. 24 "1849 

Daniel Albert Patten* 
George Peck* 


William Oilman Perry,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1842 aet. 88 *igio 

John C. Philip,* A.B. 1843 

De Lancev Powell* 


Lewis Adolphus Rosenmiller* 

aet. 68 "187s 

John H. Ross, A.B. 1843 
Jeremiah Hayden Sawyer* 
James William Scribner' 

aet. 59 *i88a 

Isaac Ketchum Snelh 
Charles Henry Stacey* 

aet. 77 *i90i 


Jacob Davis Babcock Stillman,* 

A.B. Union 1843, A.M. 1846 *i888 

Charles Herbert Stillwell* 
Peter Gerard Stuyvesant Ten 


John Thomson,* A.B. 1843 

Jared Wells Tuttle* 

Albert Utter* 

Otto W. E.VanTuyl,* A.B. 1844 

Arthur Ward,* A.B. 

Yale 1844, A.M. 1847 *i902 

Daniel Gilbert Weare, Jr.* 
Henry Love Keag Wiggin* 

Oliver Wolcott* 
Henry Philip Yauney* 




Henry Dawes Appleton* 
John B. Arden,* A.B. 1844 
John Hiram Bacon* 
Richard Aaron Barnes 
Samuel Cyrus Breitenbach* 

aet. 80 *i9o6 

Charles Wesley Brink* 
John Roberts Burton* 

aet. 78 "1903 

Josiah Finlay Cadmus* 

aet. 91 *i909 

William Wirt Gaboon,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i848 

Matthew Joseph Callaghan,* 

A.B. elsewhere 

Richard G. Cobb,* M.D. 

Berkshire Med. Instit. 1847 

Austin Barton Conkling* 
John Richard Conway* 

aet. 63 •1888 

Whitfield Stephen Coursen* 
Greenleaf Dearborn Daggett* 
Nathaniel Reynolds Davis* 

aet. 53 *i878 

Charles Bolivar Dayton* 


William Blake Eager [Jr.]* 

aet. 6s *i89o 

Elisha Ely* 

®John Fellows Ely 

Cedar Rapids, la. 
Leonard Carpenter Green* 
Joseph Sherwood Gregory,*A.B. 

Princeton 1845 aet. 56 *i88i 

George Osgood Gunn* 

aet. 40 *i8ss 

Hampton Harriot,* A.B. 

and A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1844 

aet. 43 •1868 

Alfred Hasbrouck,* A.B. 

Yale 1844, A.M. 1847 aet. 70* 1903 

Charles Rollin Head* 

aet. 86 *i9o6 

Lucien Hensley* 


Richard Seldener Jacobson* 

aet. 31 "iSsi 

0William Louis Jones (educ), 

A.B. Georgia 1845, B.S. Harvard 

226 W. Peachtree, Atlanta, Ga. 
William Kelly,* A.B. 

Union 1841 "1853 

Daniel Embury Kissam* 

aet. 87 "1903 

John Preston Leonard,* M.D. 

Berkshire Med. Instit. 1846 

Stephen Keany Turquand 

Ira Manley, Jr.* 
James Lewis Manney* 
Bezsin Reece Masters* 

act. 33 "1860 

Joseph King Merritt,* A.B. 

Yale 1844, A.M. 1847 

Stephen Moses Miller* 
William B. Minturn,* A.B. 1844 
Moreau Morris,* 

Commr. of Health N. Y. C. 1866 

aet. 79 •1904 

Israel Parsons* 

aet. 82 "1904 

Adoniram Judson Rand* 

aet. 33 *i8s2 

Austin Ledyard Sands, Jr.,* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1844 aet. 52 '1877 

John Peter Sharer* 

aet. 74 *i899 

Jonathan Chamberlain Shat- 
tuck,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1842 aet. 55 *i868 

Charles William Shumway* 

aet. 58 *i885 

Truman Hoffman Squire* 

Walter Stewart,* A.B. 

Union 1845 "1863 

Harvey Putnam Tolman* 

aet. 78 *i90i 

Benjamin Vreeland* 

William Columbus Walker* 

Zephaniah Swift Webb 

Henry Astor Weeks,* A.B. 

Yale 1843, A.M. 1846 

Charles W. Whiley,* A.B. 1844 


John Martin Witherwax^ 

Aurin Nelson Woodman* 


De Witt Clinton Bacon* 
Benjamin Rush Bevier* 




William Burr Bibbins,* A.B. 

Yale 184s, A.M. 1848 aet. 47 *i87i 

Albert Gallatin Bissell* 
Henry Peet Bostwick,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1846 

Ralph Barker Breakell* 

aet. 32 *i849 

Francis Bullock* 

William Henry Church* 

aet. 40 *i866 

Joseph Edwin Clark* 

aet. 80 *i903 

Patrick James Clarke* 

act. 56 * 1 88 1 

Francis Parmalee Colton,* A.M. 

Amherst Coll. 1845 aet. 27 *i8s2 

Henry George Cox,* A.B. 

Devonshire Coll. Bermuda 1838 

aet. 47 "isee 
Job Symmes Crane,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1843 

Thomas Rockwell Crittenden* 

aet. 84 *i9o6 

Joseph Edwin Culver* 

aet. 74 *i897 

John Macintosh Davidson 
Charles Augustus Dusinberre* 

aet. 83 "1907 

Daniel Laurance Everitt 
James Fergusson,* M.D. 

Castleton Med. Coll. 1848 aet. 39 *iZ66 

Horatio Gomez* 

aet. 82 *i9o6 

Henry Guernsey 
Elisha Harris* 

aet. 60 *i884 

James Farquhar Hibberd,* 

Pres. Med. Soc. Ind. 1862-3 

aet. 87 *i903 

William Augustus Huber,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 76 

Edward Sanders Lansing* 


Charles McMillan* 
Joseph Billings Morton* 


William Henry Morton* 

aet. 38 *i866 

Almon Mitchell Orcutt* 

aet. 64 *i889 

Adolph Pierre Preterre* 


Lefroy Ravenhill,* A.B. 1845 
John Alfred Simmons* 
Richard Smith* 
Edwin Miller Snow,* A.B. 

Brown 1845 aet. 68 "1888 

Thomas Snowden* 

Charles William Tallett* 

Julius Stephen Thebaud* 

aet. 49 *i876 

Carlos Philip Tucker* 

aet. 90 *i9i2 

Pierre Cortland Van Wyck,* 

A.B. Princeton 1845 

Franz Conrad Waizenbauer,* 

A.B. Saltzburg 1839 

George Smith Ward* 


William Spencer Ward,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1841 *I900 

Charles Seymour Ware* 
Augustus Clayton Winn* 
William Ely Woodbridge* 



®George Post Bissell 

Cloverdale, Ore. 
William Brodie [Jr.],* 

Pres. Bd. of Health Detroit 1867, 
Pres. Med. Soc. Mich. 1876 "1890 

Pelatiah Brooks* 

aet. 39 *i864 

John Law Campbell,* A.B. 

and A.M. Union 1845 aet. 72 *i893 

Joseph Manning Cleaveland,* 

A.B. Princeton 1846 ^1907 

James Harvey Crain* 

aet. 74* 1902 

Joseph Creamer* 

aet. 63 *i884 

aet. 71 * il 

Isaac Van Deventer Culbertson* 

Frederick Deyns* 

John Doherty* 

Carroll Dunham,* A.B. 1847 

James Dunlap 

James Woodward Elliot* 

Joseph Feeney* 

aet. 53 *i866 

James Thorburn Gibbs,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 25 *i8s2 

Gabriel Grant,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1846, A.M. 1849 

aet. 83 *i909 

Desault Guernsey* 

aet. 56 *i885 

Levant Emery Hackley* 
William Smiley Halsey,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Yale 1858 *i874 

®]dhn Jacob Higgins, A.B. 

Colgate 1846, A.M. 1849 
46 IV. 55 
Arthur Harper Jackson,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1846, A.M. 1849 

aet. 42 *i869 

John Couse Johnson* 

aet. 80 *I907 

James Galloway Junkin* 
Everett Hoffman Kimbark* 

aet. 54 *i872 

Frederick Gebhard Le Roy,*A.B. 

N'. Y. Univ. 1846 *i863 

Oliver Sherwin Love joy* 

aet. 72 *i898 

Henry ]\Tartin Lyons,* A.B. 

Illinois Coll. 1845 

John Jefferson Milhau* 

aet. 63 *i89i 

Isaac Little Millspaugh* 

aet. 81 *i9o8 

George Washington Miner* 
Joseph Augustus IMonell* 

aet. 70 *i896 

John Moneypenny,* A.B. 1847 
Neal Morrison* 

aet. S3 »i858 

Edward Mulliken* 

Frederick Nash,* A.B. 1846 


Isaac A. Nichols* 


aet. 52 *i88o 

Joseph Jerome O'Rielly* 
Moses Pierson* 

Daniel Pratt Putnam* 
Thomas Howe Rice* 


aet. so *i874 



James Rodgers Romeyn,* A.B. 

and A.M. Rvitgers Coll. 1846 *i902 

Samuel Rose* 

aet. 22 *i85o 

Edward Rottonf* 

aet. 57 *i875 

Isaac Jacob Senior,* A.B. 


Spencer Stephen Sloat* 
Stephen Smith, A.M. (Hon.) 

Brown 1876, LL.D. Rochester 1891, 
Prof. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
Ex.-Commr. Health N. Y. C, Memb. 
Natl. Bd. Health 

431 Riverside Drive 
Richard Stebbins,* A.B. 

Harvard 1846 

Hiram Fairchild Stevens,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Vermont 1855 aet. 48 *i866 

Henry Morrill Stone* 


Richard Albert Terhune* 

aet. 74 *i9o6 

Robert Clark Thomson* 
Henry Topping* 


Morris Miller Townsend,* A.B. 

Vermont 1843, A.M. 1850 aet. 70 *i895 

David Uhl* 


Henry Sergeant West* 

aet. so *i876 

John Wellington Wilkin* 

Homer Adams 
James Bemis Adams.* A.B. 

Harvard 1847, A.M. 1850 *i8S3 

Charles Mnason Allin,* A.B. 

Brown 1847, A.M. 1850 aet. 53 *i88o 

Isaac Henry Barber* 

aet. 67 '1896 
tFormerly Edward Rotton Percy 

Robert Alexander Barry* 

aet. 58 *i882 

Alfred Horatio Beers,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1846, A.M. 1849 

aet. 42 *i869 

James Blauvelt* 

aet. 60 "1884 

Melancthon Wheeler Brown 
Robert Ball Campfield 
Thomas Beals Carr 
Artemas Chapel* 


Salmon Stephen Childs,* 

Memb. N. Y. Assembly 

James Uriah Church 
Alfred D. Churchill,* A.B. 

Union 1848 "1853 

James Cooper 

Thompson Francis Craig 

Nathaniel Savage Crowell* 


Aaron Pitney Dalrymple,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1847 aet. 69 *i894 

Frederic Elliot* 

aet. 56 "1884 

Daniel Shipman Evans 

Moses Gray Foster 

Ezra James Fountain,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1847 aet. 33 *i86i 

John Winantz Greene* 

Matthew Griswold 

Charles Frederick Hale,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1847, A.M. 1850 

Theodore F. Heath* 


Charles Lawrence Hogeboom* 

aet. 68 *i8c5 

James Calvin How* 

aet. 56 •1888 

William Hyslop,* A.B. 

Union 1849 aet. 25 "1855 

John Summerfield Jarvis* 


Peter Roosevelt Johnson* 

aet. 78 "190S 

James Leonard La Moree* 


William Law, Jr. 

John Burling Lawrence* 

aet. 69 •1887 



George Lewis* 

John McMillan* 

Hugh McVean 

Henry King Olmsted,* A.B 

Trinity Coll. 1846, A.M. 1849 

William Franklin Osborn 
Alonzo Putnam* 

aet. 39 "1863 

John Barker* 



Hugh Rice Quinn 

Charles Hamilton Rawson* 

aet. 56 •1884 

Richard Searing Seaman* 

aet. 70 "1901 

Humphrey Benjamin Sherman 
Joseph Orth Shindel 
Edward Dorr Grififin Smith, 

A.M. (Hon.) Rutgers Coll. 

Linus Burr Smith,* A.B. 

Yale 1847, A.M. 1850 *i8s4 

George Suckley* 

aet. 38 *i869 

William Douglass Terbell, A.B. 

Union 1848 

George Herriot Tucker* 

aet. 35 •i86a 

James Uglow, Jr.,* A.B. 

and A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1847 *i86s 

Henry Ferdinand Vanderveer* 

aet. 56 *i88s 

Edwin Holmes Van Deusen,* 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1S48 *i9io 

John Washington Van Zandt 

John Knight Wardle* 


Samuel Copp Waring,* A.B. 

Yale 1847 "1854 

Edward Arnold Whaley* 

aet. 58 'iSSs 

Samuel Fowler Valvah Whited* 
Charles Cameron Willard 
®John Paterson Wilson (ret) 

Pontiac, Mich. 
John Westbrook Wilson 

Cornelius R. Agnew,* A.B. 

1849 (see p. 28) 

Henrv C. Austin 


Bradford Le Baron Baylies* 

Mark Blumenthal 

441 Central Park W. 
Abraham Smith Burdett* 

aet. 59 *i890 

William Burns,* A.B. 

Princeton 1S50 

Charles Carle 

Charles Rush Case* 

Charles Sturtevant Chandler* 

aet. 40 *i869 

Frederick Vermeule Clarkson 
George Cochran* 

act. 41 *i873 

William H. Crawford 
Herman Romeyn Davis 
Bethuel Lewis Dodd, A.B. 

Princeton 1849 

Daniel Albert Dodge,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1848 act. 53 *i882 

^Ellsworth Eliot, A.B. 

Yale 1849 (see p. 43) 

48 IV. 36 
Edgar Elting* 

aet. 79 '1907 

William Penick Fleece, A.B. 


John Peter Burchal Foggo* 

aet. 37 *i869 

Carlton Gates,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1849 •1869 

Joseph Borden Goodenough* 

William Henry Harter 

Thomas Heaton* 

Edward Lyman Hill (ret) 

John Henry Hinton* 

aet. 79 "1905 

Samuel Garland Hocker 

William l^.Iason Holton 

New Harmony, Ind. 
James G. Hoyt 
Ezra IMundy Hunt,* A.B. 

Princeton 1849 aet. 64 '1904 

Francis Upton Johnston, Jr.* 

aet. 66 '1893 




Bernard Kelly 

Phys. to Comm. in Lunacy, Lon- 
58 Plough Rd., London, England 

Nathan Sherwood King,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1849, A.M. 1852 

aet. 74 'lEgS 

Oliver Richardson King,* A.B. 

Princeton 1849 *i9io 

Watts Cady Livingston,* A.M. 

elsewhere *i892 

Alfred Lebbeus Loomis,* A.B. 

Union 1851 aet. 63 *i89S 

Thomas McAllister* 

aet. so *i879 

John Charles McComb* 


Samuel Brown Wylie McLeod,* 

A.B. Pennsylvania 1849 aet. 68 *i899 

John Palmer Mapes, A.B. 


Benjamin Marshall 
William Egbert Mattison* 

p' 1 *i9o6 

Jesse Frost Merritt* 

act. 38 *i868 

John Messenger 

®George Le Forest Miller 

Omaha, Nehr. 
®Edward Payson Nichols, A.B. 

Princeton 1848, A.M. 1851 

KUlingivorth, Conn. 
Samuel Benjamin Nicoll [Jr.],* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1848 aet. 74 *i899 

Lewis William Oakley,* A.B. 

Princeton 1849 *i888 

John Hull Olmsted,* A.B. 

Yale 1847 *i8s7 

Samuel Henry Orton,* A.B, 

and A.M. Princeton 1847 

William Browne Penniston* 


Roger Griswold Perkins* 


®William Bennett Pierson 

162 Macon, Bklyn. 
Andrew Tully Pratt,* A.B. 

Yale 1847 aet. 46 *i872 

James Reiley,* A.B. 

Union 1849 aet. 43 *i872 

David Robertson 

William Nehemiah Sayre,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1846 

Henrie Shaw 

Elihu Brittin Silvers 

55 Seminary Ave., Rahzvay, N. J. 
David Ebenezer Smith/* A.B. 

Princeton 1849 aet. 74 "1902 

William Charles Smith,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1842, A.M. 1845 

Jonathan Plumphrey Pettibone 

aet. 55 *i88s 

Heman Sedgwick Swift,* A.B. 

Williams CollT 1848, A.M. 1851 

aet. 30 *i857 

Luther Goble Thomas,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1849 aet. 34 *i864 

0John H. Thompson 

St. James PL, Goshen, N. Y. 
James Hedden Trumbull,* A.B. 

Yale 1848 

Nathaniel Mills Van Duzer* 
William Edward Vermilye,* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1848, A.B. and 
A.M. (Hon.) Williams Coll. 

aet. 60 *i888 

®William Lowndes Wells, A.B. 

Princeton 1850. A.M. 1853 

Nezv Rochelle, N. Y. 
Joseph Edward West 
Franklin Wheeler,* A.B. 

Yale 1847, A.M. 1850 aet. 80 *i907 


Peyton Randolph Baker,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1848 aet. 40 *i873 

Henry Rutgers Baldwin,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1849 aet. 72 *i902 

J. Parkhurst Bloss* 


David Sovereign Bowlby 
William Henry Bronson 
William James Burge 
Waters Burrowes* 

aet. 75 *I904 

Edward Miller Cameron* 

aet. 73 *i902 

Silas Smith Cartwright* 

aet. yj *i9io 

Thomas Frederic Cornell, Jr.,* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1850, A.M. 1853 



Edward Beach Crowell (l) 
56 Wall 

Nelson Samuel Drake,* M.D. 

Vermont Med. Coll. 1851 aet. 49 *i88o 

Edwin Wallace Du Bois, M.D. 

Castleton Med. Coll. 1851 

Franklin Everts* 

aet. 36 *i864 

Enoch Perley Fessenden,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1S44 aet. 61 *i883 

Rufus Henry Gilbert* 

aet. sS ♦iSSs 

0John William Severin Gouley 

97 Central Park W. 
Harvey Holmes Gregory,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1867, A.M. (Hon.) 1867 

aet. 48 *i877 

Charles Hermann Haeseler* 

aet. 73 *i903 

Richard Frederick Halsted 
Henry A. Hart 
Ebenezer Hassell* 

aet. 30 *i862 

Joseph Hedges,* A.B. 

Princeton 1850 aet. 78 *i9o6 

Edwin Downer Helms,* A.B. 

Union 1850 *i893 

Ridley Kent* 

aet. 68*1887 

James Witherspoon Kerr, A.M. 


Martin S. Kittinger* 

aet. 77 *i904 

Joseph Bean Lamb 

James Robinson Macgregor* 

aet. 70 *i903 

Dorance Kirtland Mandeville,* 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1849, A.M. 
1852 aet. 77 *i9o6 

Darius Mason (ret), 

P'res. Med. Soc. Wise. 1877 and 
Wash. 1889 

3406 Grand Boulevard, Spokane, 

Pierre Bowen Mauran,* A.B. 

and A.M. elsewhere, LL.B. Harvard 
1845 aet. 64 *i887 

William Carter Otterson* 

aet. 70 *i898 

Allen Francis Peck* 

aet. 65 *i900 

Charles Hitchcock Pinney* 

aet. 62 *i893 


Alfred Powell* 
Ezra Reed Pulling* 


aet. S3 *i877 

aet. 71 *i899 

George Washington Richards 

George R. Shaw 

Henry Lawrence Sheldon 

John Theodore Harding Slayter* 


Job Lewis Smith,* A.B. 

Yale 1849 aet. 70*1897 

Willis Paine Smith 
Elbert Mortimer Somers* 

aet. 79 *i904 

Jeremiah W. Sovereign 
John Stark,* A.B. 

Union 1849 aet. 50 *i87S 

Michael M. Stimmel 
Sylvester Teats* 

aet. 62 *i887 

Charles Edward Terry,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 185 1 *i86s 

Francis A. Thomas* 

aet. 7i *i899 

William Elijah John Thompson 
William Rockwell Thrall 
Hanford Comstock Todd* 

aet. 37 "1870 

Joseph Holland Vedder,* A.B. 

Union 1851 aet. 33 •1864 

Thomas Robert Walker* 

aet. 73 "1901 

Samuel Morris Weeks* 

aet. 80 "igii 

Thomas B. Wheeler 
Chauncey Adams Wilcox* 

aet. 59 "1885 

Edwin Bradley Wright 



Fillan Arthur* 

John Henry Bartholf 

Plattsbnrg, N. Y. 
Wooster Beach, Jr. 
George Bedell (Rev.) 
Calvin Hasseltine Carpenter 



Algernon Sidney Coe* 


aet. 63 *i893 

William Case Corson,* M.D. 

Victoria, C. W. 1857 aet. 56 *i888 

Isaac Smith Cramer* 

aet. 75 *i9ii 

Thomas Butler Dash,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 55 *i887 

Joseph Dennis* 

aet. 26 *i8S4 

Jose Andres De Piedra, 

M. B. Havana 

Frank Smith Edwards* 

aet. 39 *i865 

Erastus Philo Fairman* 

aet. 74 *i904 

Joseph Francis Finn* 

aet. 77 *i9io 

William Frothingham* 


William Green* 

Rufus White Griswold* 


Abraham Moses Cohen Henri- 
ques, A.B. 


John Morrison Hunter* 


William M. Knox,* A.B. 1849 

(8)Winiam Frisbie Lewis 

481 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, Cal. 
Edward Comio McGrath* 

aet. 35 *i868 

Edward Frost Mathews* 

aet. 68 '1896 

Antoine Joseph Mauran,* A.B. 

Brown 1851 

Henry Barkins Mills,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1S50 aet. 26 *i8s6 

Charles Mudge* 

aet. 73 '1904 

James Bisset Murdoch* 

aet. 66 *i896 

Nelson Luther North* 

aet. 73 *i904 

John Nicholson Reid* 

James Irvine Brown Ribble* 

aet. 69 *i889 

Jesse Story Bowlby Ribble* 
Hiram Timothy Riggs* 

Henry Berton Sands* 

(see p. 75) 

Sylvester J. Sawyer* 
Jarvis Eugene Smith* 

aet. 42 *i87o 

Oscar Gilbert Smith (ret) 

558 W. 181 
Grenville Smith Stevens,* A.B. 

and A.M. Brown 1852 aet. 81 *i909 

Lucius Stevens 

Solomon Taintor 

Seymour Carbray Troutman* 

aet. 83 *i905 

Theron Tuttle* 

aet. 66 *i897 

Henry Van Blarcom* 

aet. 38 *i869 

William Holmes Van Mater,* 

A.B. and A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1851 •1868 

Albert Lothar Voss 

Daniel Wadsworth Wainwright* 

aet. 31 *i863 

Oswald Warner 

Francis Markoe Wright,* A.B. 

and A.M. N. Y. Univ. 1848 *i874 

John Sylvester Young,* A.M. 

elsewhere *i89S 


Thomas Arner* 

John Ashton 

Homer Lyman Bartlett* 

aet. 74 "1905 

Antonio Bastida, A.B. 

Barcelona 1850 

Abijah G. Benedict [Jr.]* 

aet. 72 •1883 

John A. Brodie 

0Peter H. Bruyere, A.B. 

Princeton 1846 

Waco, Texas 

Charles Carroll* 

Alexander Cochran* 

aet. 76 *i9o8 

John T. Conkling* 

aet. 73 "1898 

Charles W. Cooper 
Theodore Crane,* A.B. 

Princeton 1850 aet. 6i "iSpo 




Frederick Cornell De Mund,* 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1851 aet. 70 *i90o 

William H. Draper,* A.B. 185 1 
John Henry Duff* 

aet. 33 •1864 

Shadwell Elliot* 

aet. 29 "1855 

John Ferguson* 

aet. 71 •1901 

Amos K. Fifield* 
John James Galvan* 

aet. 33 *i867 

Joseph Goodlad 

William Henry Gregg (chem) 

Port Chester, N. Y. 
Theodore Francis Hall,* A.B. 

Union 1850 *i86g 

Charles E. Hatheway* 

Samuel C. Haynes 

Homer Owen Hitchcock,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1851, A.M. 1854, 
Pres. Med. Soc. Midi. 1872, Pres. 
Bd. of Health Mich. 1874-7 aet. 57 *i88i 

Edward S. Hoffman,* A.B. 185 1 
William A. Hyde* 

aet. 78 *i9o8 

Henry Janes (educ). 

Prof. Univ. Vt. 

Waterhury, Vt. 
Cyrus Johns* 

aet. 53 "iSes 

Joseph Bainbridge Jones* 

aet. 77 *i905 

Francis J. Kern* 

Henry McClain* 

Nathaniel F. Marsh, A.M. 


®Levi De Witt Miller 

Newton, N. J. 
David W. Moore* 

aet. 83 *i909 

Sylvanus Sanford Mulford,* 

A.B. Yale i8so 

Henry Drury Noyes,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1851, A.M. 1854 

aet. 68 '1900 

Aaron Edgerton Peck* 

aet. 6s *i900 

Manuel R. Silva 

Duane Buckbee Simmons* 

aet. 64 •1889 

Gouverneur Mather Smith,* 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1852 *iSgi 

James Strong* 
Mark Van Winkle 
Alexander M. Vedder* 

aet. 69 *i878 

John McEwen Wetmore,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1852 aet. 76 *i9o8 

Albert Stephen Zabriskie,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1851 *i902 


James M. Allen [Jr.],* A.B. 

elsewhere '1902 

Alfred Heno Ames 

Cornelius Van A. Anderson,* 

A.B. 1853 

George M. Bates* 

John Beach 

Luther Calvin Bowlby* 

Jacob Royal Bresee 

John Bogert Burdett* 

aet. 69 '1903 

John James Campbell* 
Josiah Fisher Day, Jr. 
John Newton Dee* 

aet. 29 *i8s7 

William Scott Denniston,* A.B. 

Yale 1853 •1862 

Joseph S. Dodge, A.B. 1853 

Frederick Perkins Drew* 


Joseph Addison Freeman,* A.B. 

Princeton 1852, A.M. 1855 *i864 

Jose Mauricio Gandolfo 
Charles Augustus Griswold, A.B. 

Yale 1852, A.M. 1855 

Fulton, III. 
®Robert Hall 

60 Cranston, Providence, R. I. 
Benjamin Kirkland Hart 
Isaac Newton Himes, A.B. 

Jefferson 1853 

Israel Horsfield* 
Horace William Hubbard 




George Frederick Hunt* 

George Almarin Hurlbut* 

aet. 49 *i882 

Henry Augustus Jacobs 
Nathaniel Richards James, M.D. 

N. Y. Univ. 1856 

Charles Berry Jaques* 

aet. 33 *i876 

George Edward Sands Keator, 

A.B. elsewhere 

Charles Frederick Jacob Lehl- 

aet. 60 *i89S 

Benjamin Letcher* 

George Washington Lyon,* A.B. 

Yale 1851, A.M. 1854 ' *i87S 

Robert Charles McEwen * A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1853 aet. 60 '1893 

(2)Daniel McL. Miller 

Oconomoivoc, Wise. 
Antonio Navas 
John Bodine Owsley, A.B. 


Dudley Peet,* A.B. 

Yale 1852, A.M. 1855 aet. 31 *i862 

Edward Thomas Perkins 
Robert Ray, Jr.,* A.B. 1852 
Matthew Francis Regan* 

aet. 42 *i878 

James Banks Reynolds* 

aet. 49 *i882 

Charles Young Swan* 


John Campbell Thompson 
Eustace Trenor,* A.B. 1852 
John Trenor, Jr.,* A.B. 1852 
Abraham Little Vail 
William Stewart Webster* 
William Benjamin Wells * A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 36 *i870 

James Barkley Wyckoff* 


Matthias Abel* 

James Lenox Banks* 


aet. SI i^ 

Henry Winston Barron* 

aet. 38 *i872 

Nathan Barrows,* A.B. 

Western Reserve 1850, M.D. Cleve- 
land Med. Coll. *i900 

Roswell Griswold Bogue 

(8)William Batchelor Bradner 

Wanvick, N. Y. 
J. H. Hobart Breitnall, A.M. 


®Charles Kelly Briddon 

107 W. 72 
Ephraim Whiting Buck 
Edward Payson Buffett,* A.B. 

Yale 1854, A.M. 1857 "1904 

Charles H. A. Burgess 
Oscar Otis Burgess* 


Harvey Dudley Burlingham,* 

A.B. Madison 1854, A.M. 1857 

aet. 54 *i886 

Frederick Augustus Burrall 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1850 aet. 75 'igoS 

David R. Cap'riles 

Abdiel Milton Carpenter,* M.D. 

Louisville 184S 

(S)Henry Frost Carriel 

Jacksonville, III. 
Joseph Patrick Colgan, Jr.* 

aet. so *i884 

Henry Gansevoort Cooke, A.B. 

and A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1853 
Nezv Brunszvick , N. J. 

Jabez Mills Cooke,* A.B. 

Princeton 1854, A.M. 1857 

Amos Corning 

0John Davis Covell 

Forreston, III. 
John Taylor Crook* 

aet. 44 *i879 

Teofilo Delima, A.B. 


William Henry Drury 

Tames Lorenzo Farley* 

■^ •1886 

Eldad Holmes Ferris* 

aet. 32 *i86s 

Samuel R. Forman,* A.B. 

Princeton i8s4, A.M. i8s7 aet. 64 *i900 




Josiah Griswold Graves* 


George Preston Greeley* 


George Washington Harris [Jr.]* 

aet. 75 *I9I2 

Seymour John Holley* 

aet. 73 *i9io 

Frederick Hubbard Hooper* 

William Charles Hunter^ 


John George Johnson, A.B. 

Harvard 1854 

153 loralemon, Bklyn. 
John James Kelly 
®Samuel Sherrerd Kennedy, 

A.M. elsewhere 

21 E. Huron, Buffalo, N. Y. 
George Stanley King 
George C. Kissam,* A.B. 1854 
Edward Wilberforce Lambert,* 

A.B. Yale 1854, A.M. 1857 

aet. 73 *i904 

Robert McCurdv Lord,* A.B. 

Yale 1853 

Christopher Mackey 

Miguel Martinez 

Charles Henry Meeker,* A.B. 

Yale 1844 aet. 77 *i902 

William Lawrence Morehead, 

A.B. elsewhere 

Charles E. Morgan,* A.B. 1854 
Nicolaus Oppermann, M.D. 


Domingo Rafael,* M.D. 

elsewhere aet. 52 *i862 

Horace Bascom Ransom* 

George Henry Reed 

Edward Rives 
Thomas Blanch Smith* 

aet. 40 *i87S 

Thomas Bruce Stirling* 

Foster Swift,* A.B. 

Harvard 1854, A.M. 1857 aet. 42. *i875 

Hervey Stow Taft 



0Alexander Taylor Bell, A.M. 


1321 IV. Lanvale, Baltimore, Md. 
®James R. Bird, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1854, A.M. 1857 
247 Gates Ave., Bklyn. 

Henry Bogue, A.B. 


James Gerritt Bradt* 

aet. 30 *i868 

Charles Alfred Brownell 
George R. Brush* 

aet. 58 *i894 

Edmund G. Bryant 
William Chase* 

aet. 58 *i89i 

®Augustus M. Clark, A.M. 


812 Highland Ave., Newark, N. I. 
James Francis Conway 
Edward Barry Dalton,* A.B. 

Harvard 1855 aet. 38 *i872 

®Samuel Wood Dana, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1854, A.M. 1857 

162 JV. 94 
Augustus A. Dunn 
James Forrester, Jr.* 

aet. 36 *i87i 

Samuel Edgar Freeman* 


Hosea W. Fuller 
Stephen Edward Fuller* 

aet. 58 "1895 

Leone Gaburri 

Aaron Walter Gamble, 

M.C.P.S. Ontario 1855 

2248 Thirty-eighth Ave., Oakland, 


Isaac Newton Gofif* 


Charles Edward Halsey* 

aet. 28 *i862 

August Herrmann 

Richard H. Hinman* 

Michael Kelly Hogan* 

aet. 64 *i894 

Benjamin Howard,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Williams Coll. i860 "looo 




Joseph Ambrose Kerrigan,* 

A.B. St. John's Coll. 1852, A.M. 1855 

aet. 46 *i897 

David Little, A.B. 

Union iSss 

Rochester, N. Y. 

William H. Lovejoy* 


Samuel Paul Mcllroy* 


Elias J. Marsh,* A.B. 1854 
David B. Miller,* A.B. 1855 
Patrick Hopkins Nolan* 

aet. 41 *i874 

Charles Plorace Osborne* 

aet. 41 *i878 

George A. Ostrander, A.B. 1855 
Edward Field Parsons, A.B. 

Vk^illiams Coll. 1848 

43 Pearl, Thonipsonville, Conn. 

Eugene Peugnet* 

aet. 42 *i879 

® Charles Phelps, A.B. 

Brown 1855 
114 W. 55 

Edward Augustus Pierson* 

William B. Proctor 

John Adams Robinson,* 

B.S. Dartmouth Coll. 1855, LL.B. 
Yale 187 1 

Charles Porter Russel* 


Daniel Webster Schmidt* 

aet. 47 *i88i 

George Frederick Shrady,*A.M. 

(Hon.) Yale 1869 aet. 70 *i907 

Andrew Heermance Smith,* 

A.M. (Hon.) Union 1889 aet. 73 •1910 

Edgar Selden Smith* 

aet. 34 "1869 

Albert H. Snead* 

aet. 63 *i90i 

Robert Stone* 


John Harry Thompson, A.B. 


Charles F. Touissaint* 
William V. Waldron,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1853 *i86i 

Edward J. Warren 
John L. R. Webster 

James Wilkinson* 

aet. 60 •1898 

Andrew Jackson Willets,* A.B. 

Yale 1855, A.M. 1858 aet. 37 *i870 



John Crothers Acheson,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1853, A.M. 1857 

aet. 68 *i9oo 

James Johnson Allingham* 


Edward Benjamin Barrett,* 

A.M. (Hon.) Amherst Coll. 1859 

aet. 29 *i865 

George Bayles* 

aet. 65 *i90i 

Stephen W. Bowles,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1856 

Arthur Franklin Burdick (ret), 

M.D. Vermont 1858 

Undcrhill, Vt. 
Timothy Matlack Cheesman* 

aet. 64 *i888 

Oliver Smith Copeland 

Stephen Dodge 

William Henry Elliott, A.B. 

Harvard 1857, M.D. Virginia 1858 

717 Ahercorn, Savannah, Ga. 
Ephraim M. Epstein 
Charles E. Goddard 

(g)Tohn Goodell 

Hillsboro, N. H. 
®Thomas Smith Grimke 

50 Laurens, Charleston, S. C. 
Alexander Hadden,* A.B. 

Union 1856 aet. 69 *I912 

Robert De Lancey Hamilton, 

A.M. elsewhere 

(S>Henry Hardenbergh 

21 E. Main, Port lervis, N. Y. 
Charles R. Hart 
William Hartshorne,* A.B. 

Princeton 1856, A.M. 1859 *i87l 

Joseph Hedges* 

aet. 78 *i9o6 

John Hurley* (Rev.) 

Edgar Varick Lawrence 

George Washington Love joy 
(MF), D.D.S., L.b.s. 
444 Guy, Montreal, Canada 




George Washington McCune 
John Wilson McLean* 
Joseph Smith McNeeley* 

Rufiis Osgood Mason,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1854 aet. 72 *i903 

Henry Greggs Moody 
Joseph Davis Osborne* 

aet. 67 *i9oo 

Jacob Outwater Polhemus, 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1854, A.M. 1857 
Nyack, N. Y. 

George Thatcher Porter* 

David T. Potter,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i862 

Henry Harrison Piirdy* 

aet. 53 *i887 

Archibald Craig Rhoades 
James Forsaith Richards* 


Joseph B. Richards* 

aet. 27 *i86o 

Horatio Gates Stickney 
George Lemuel Sutton,* M.D. 

Castleton Med. Coll. 1858 

aet. 63 *i888 

William Francis Swalm* 

aet. 72 *i909 

Samuel Burnet Tuthill* 

aet. 47 

Pedro Mario Valdes, A.B. 


Amos Edward Van Duser 

®Ransford Everett Van Gieson 

94 Kent, Bklyn. 
®Cornelius S. Van Riper 

Pasadena, Cal. 
William Henry Weeks 
Robert Fulton Weir, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1854. A.M. i8s9 (see p. 85) 

30 W. 50 
Joseph Minzo White 
Alexander Duncan Willson* 

aet. 37 *i873 

Orin Witter [Jr.]* 

aet. 69 *i905 


Thomas Henry Allen* 

Galusha Burchard Balch, 

Pres. West. Co. Soc. Prev. Cruelty 
to Children 

Yonkers, N. Y. 
George Burr Banks* 


Phanett Coe Barker,* A.M. 

Princeton 1885 aet. 68 *i903 

William Comstock Bennett,* 

A.B. Yale 1S58 aet. 50 *i886 

John Carruthers Bogardus* 

aet. 51 *i890 

Samuel White Briggs* 


Orlo Myron Bump (ret) 

Salisbury, Vt. 
Charles Carrington* 


Seth Lyman Chase* 
Robert Cooper* 

aet. 44 *i873 

Charles Henry Covell* 

aet. 26 *i86i 

Francis Wadsworth Doolittle* 

aet. 44 * 1 88 1 

0Philo Judson Farnsworth,A.B. 

Vermont 1854, A.M. and M.D. 
1858, Prof. Emer. Univ. of Iowa 

Care W. IV. Orrick, Baton Rouge, 

®William Baldwin Fletcher, 

Prof. Emer. Med. Coll._ of Ind. 

T140 E. Market, Indianapolis, Ind. 
®Edward Irving Ford (ret), 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1849 

Binghamton, N. Y. 
Otis Willard Gibson 
Walter James Hadden, A.M. 


0Joseph Lawrence Hicks 

4g Main, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Courtland Hoppin,* A.B. 

Brown 1855 aet. 42 *i876 

David Kennedy* 

aet. 70 *i90i 

Daniel Avery Langworthy 
©William Whipple Leavitt, 

A.B. (Hon.) Williams Coll. 1859 

Pittsfield, Mass. 
James Lawrence Little* 

(see p. 60) aet. 48 *i88s 

Orrin Porter McDonald* 



James Gifford McKee, LL.B. 

Thomas Knowlton Marcy (ret) 

Windsor, Conn. 
Erskine Mason,* A.B. 1857 
David Matthews* 

aet. 60 *i89i 

Barnett Wisner Morse* 
Archibald Finn Mudie* 

aet. 37 *i879 

George Andrew Mursick* 

aet. 5i *i89S 

®Winiam Sheldon Clark Per- 
30 Broad, Norwich, Conn. 
Howard Pinkney,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1856, A.M. 1859 

aet. SI *i889 

Oren Day Pomeroy* 

aet. 67 *i902 

Juan Bautista Ponce De Leon* 

James Henry Pooley, Jr.* 

Peter Prius* 

®John George Ryerson, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1856, A.M. 1859 

Boonton, N. J. 
Charles Mase Samson* 


Orin Henry Seeds, A.M. 


Benjamin Avery Segur, B.S. 

Racine 1859 

Elbridge Gilbert Seymour* 


Dwight Delavan Stebbins,* A.B. 

Michigan 1856, M.D. 1858 

aet. 27 *i862 

George Miller Sternberg, LL.D. 

Surg.-Gen. U. S. A. 

William Harrison Studley,*A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1850, A.M. 1853 

aet. 55 *i882 

George Edwin Summers,* A.B. 

Princeton 1857, A.M. i860 

Charles James Taggart* 

aet. 50 *i875 

William Faulds Thorns 
Julius Vaughan* 

aet. 72 *i905 

Edmund Carlyle Ver Meulen* 

aet. 64 *i898 


Joel Addington Warren* 


Augustus Purdy Williams* 

aet. 53 *ii 


aet. 42 *i877 
aet. 74 *i9o8 
aet. 70 *i9o8 
aet. 23 •1861 


George Badger* 
William Badger* 
John Conner Barron* 
Thomas Barrow* 
John Philip Benkard* 

aet. 30 *i868 

William Alexander Betts* 

aet. 61 "1895 

®William Blundell 

99 Fair, Paterson, N. J. 
Ryckman D. Bogert* 

aet. 44 *i88a 

Basil B. Brashear* 

Samuel Nelson Brayton* 

aet. 54 *i893 

Asahel Norton Brockway,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1857, A.M. i860 

aet. 74 'igio 

William McQueen Brvce* 


Edmund Shackelford Carew* 

George William Carleton,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1858 

William Henrv Carmalt (educ), 

A.M. (Hon.) Yale 1881, Prof. Emer. 

P59 W. Ronan, Neiv Haven, Conn. 

Charles Carter* 

Matthew Chalmers,* A.B. 

Yale 1858, A.M. 1861 aet. 73 •1909 

John F. H. Chipman 

Titus Munson Coan (au), A.B. 

and A.M. Williams Coll. 1859 
70 Fifth Ave. 

George Rogers Cutter* 

aet. 57 *i89i 

Henry Munson Dean, 

Surg. Chicago, Rock Is. and Pacific 
R. R. Co., Pres. Bd. Pension Ex- 

Muscatine, la. 
®Louis George De Blois 
Bridgetown, N. S., Canada 




David McComb Devendorf* 

aet. 72 *i9io 

John Abbott Douglass [Jr.], 

A.B. Bowdoin Coll. 1854, A.M. 1857 
1(5/ Main, A>nesbnry, Mass. 

Albert Fairfax* 


Benjamin Franklin Fogg 
Winfield Scott Fuller* 

aet. 48 *i888 

Benjamin Franklin Galbraith,* 

M.D. Michigan i860 *i903 

Josiah Hamilton Goddard, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1856 

Orange, Alass. 
James Grange, M.D. 

Victoria Coll. Toronto i860 

OTheodore E. Hamilton 

44 Westminster, Springfield, Mass. 

Ernest Hebersmith* 

aet. 48 *i888 

Terome Hibbard* 

'' aet. 58 "1888 

Henry Martin Hitchcock 

Greenwich, Conn. 
Edgar Holden,* A.B. 

Princeton 1S59, A.M. 1862, and 
Ph.D. 1872 aet. 70 1909 

0John Thomas Kennedy 

107 E. 29 
Charles John Kipp* 

aet. 72 *i9ii 

Thompson Bailey Lewis* 


Seth Stephens Lounsberry* 

aet. 34 *i872 

Henry Munson Lyman,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1858, A.M. 1876 

aet. 69 "1904 

Carrington Macfarlane, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1858, A.M. 1866 

Oswego, N. Y. 

Edward Gardner Marshall* 


Benjamin Ellis Martin* 

aet. 70 *i909 

William H. Martin,* A.B. 

1857 aet. 70*1909 

®Theodore Millspaugh 

Wallkill, N. Y. 
Richard Hofifman Moore* 


Alfred North,* A.B. 

Brown 1858 

• ®James H. Noyes 
Ogden, la. 
Andrew T. Pearsall* 

aet. 66 *i9os 

William B. Pierce 

Henry Sylvanus Plympton,* 

M.D. Harvard i860 *i863 

Alfred Edgar Martindale Purdy 

44g Park Ave. 
Charles H. Reynolds,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1857, A.M. i860 

aet. 42 *i877 

Charles Douglas Rigby* 
John Wilson Robie* 

aet. 71 *i9o8 

John Shrady, A.B. 1849 
Normand Smith, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1858 *i896 

Norman Leslie Snow,* A.B. 

Union 1859, A.M. 1876 

Frederick Dennis Sturges (f) 

Cannon Station, Conn. 
Charles Henry Suydam,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1856 

Gilbert T. Totten,* A.B. 1858 
Garrett Wilhelmus Veeder Van 
Voast,* A.B. 

Union 1857 "1893 

Maus Rosa Vedder 

Caldzvell, N. J. 
Edwin Fletcher Ward 

15 W. 96 
0Robert Watts, Jr. 

45 W. 36 
William Lamont Wheeler* 


John Phillips Payson White,* 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1858, A.M. 1861 

aet. 44 *i88fl 

Charles M. Wight* 
Benjamin Franklin Wilson 


George Pierce Andrews* 

aet. 65 *I903 

Cyrus Ebenezer Baker* 

aet. 67 *i903 


George Page Bassett* 


William Whitfield Bowlby* 

aet. so *i886 

George Marsden Brennan* 

aet. 47 * 1 88 1 

John Weston Brennan* 

aet. 78 *i907 

Sidney Rogers Burnap,* A.B. 

Union 1858 aet. 68 *i90i 

Garabed Caloosdian 

John Ely Gary* 

Thomas Knowlton Chandler* 


Abel Blood Gonant* 

aet. 24 *i864 

®William Arthur Gonover, A.B. 

Princeton 1859, A.M. 1862 

Red Bank, N. J. 
Henry White Gook* 

aet. 26 *i863 

James Russell Gumming* 

aet. 60 *i89i 

William F. Gushman,* A.B. 1859 

®Rem Lefferts Disbrow 

Toms River, N. J. 
Barnard Douglass Eastman* 

aet. 73 *i909 

William Eddy* 


(8)Henry Martyn Field (ret), 

A.B. Harvard 1859, M.D. (Hon.) 
Dartmouth Coll., Prof. Emer. Dart- 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Frank Pierce Foster* 

aet. 69 *i9ii 

Gustavus Scott Franklin.* A.B. 

Marietta Coll. 1859, A.M. 1862 *i9oi 

William James Gilfillan,* LL.B. 

1877 aet. 66 *i9o6 

(8)William Henry Harlin 

9 Borough Hall, Bklyn. 
Solomon E. Hasbrouck* 

aet. 32 *i872 

Jonathan Havens* 

■ aet. 42 *i88i 

Andrew Holtzinger Hershey* 

George Hopkins 

Lewis Slocomb Horton* 

aet. 75 *i9i2 

Numon N. Horton* 



William Malcolm James* 


John Andrew Jaume 

Dan Lee Jewett* 

Eldridge Monroe Johnson* 

aet. 36 *i874 

Joseph Dodson Lomax* 


William S. Ludlum,* A.B. 1847 
Frederick Wentworth Mercer* 

aet. 71 *i9io 

William Thomas Nealis,* A.B. 

St. Joseph's Coll. Ohio 1858, A.M. 
i860 aet. 38* 1879 

Edward Monroe Norwood 

George Herschel Olmsted* 
William Browne Orchard* 


Edmund Morris Pease* (Rev.), 

A.B. Amherst Coll. 1854 *i9o6 

George Porter 

William Ghardavoyne Pryer* 

aet. 54 *i888 

Nathaniel B. Reber* 

Jasper Grosvenor Reynolds 

John A. Robinson* 

aet. 48 *i88s 

®William H. Rockwell, Jr. 

141 W. 76 
Francis H. Roof 

206 Tenth, Hoboken, N. J. 
George Schuyler Rugg* 


Henry Thatcher Sears* 


Samuel Francis Shaw,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1855 aet. 51 *i884 

Franklin Staples,* M.D. 

(Hon.) St. Louis Coll. P. and S. 

aet. 71 *i904 

Thomas Hunt Stilwell* 
John Laken Swift* 

aet. 36 *i874 

Amazias Walter Tryon* 





Edwin Morrison Ward, A.B, 

Pi-inceton 1859 

346 Rosevillc Azr., Newark, N. L 
Richard Halsted Ward, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1858, A.M. 1861, 


5j Fourth, Troy, N. Y. 

James H. Wheeler^^ 

aet. 61 *i893 

Merrit H. Wilson 



William Bruce Almon* 
Wendell Abraham Anderson 
Alonzo Brayton Ball,* A.B. 

Yale i860 (see p. 29) aet. 68 *i9oS 

John Sterling Bird* 


Joseph Bird,* A.B. 

Princeton i860 *i9ii 

Lewis Henry Bodman* 
Wesley Mannen Carpenter* 

aet. ss '1883 

George Augustus Christie, M.D. 

Royal Coll. of Surg. Edinburgh 

Edward Cowles, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. iSsg, A.M. 1861, 
M.D. 1863, and LL.D. 1890 
Plymouth, Mass. 

Albert E. Croucher 

Rezin Pollard Davis* 

Walter De Forest Day,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1859 aet. S5 *i889 

Francis Delafield, LL.D. 1904, 

A.B. Yale i860, LL.D. 1890 (see 
p. 41) 

5 W. 50 
Samuel Demarest, Jr.* 

aet. 28 *i867 

George Clinton Dewev,* A.B. 

and A.M. Williams Coll.' i860 

aet. 23 *i864 

John Elderkin (Rev.),* A.B. 

Yale 1852, A.M. 1863 *i90S 

George M. Engs,* A.B. 

Yale 1S60 aet. 45 *i887 

David Osburn Farrand* 

aet. S3 *i883 

Jacob T. Field,* A.B. 

and A.M. Rutgers Coll. i860 

aet. 57 *i896 

Samuel Almiron Fitch,* A.B. 

Union i860 *i870 

®De Witt Clinton Fowler 
Aberdeen, S. Dak. 

Walter Robarts Gillette,* 

A.B. Colgate 1861, A.M. 1864 

aet. 67 *i9o8 

Frank West Goodall 
5J2 Main, Bennington, Vt. 

Wait Robbins Griswold,* A.B. 

Yale 1S44 aet. 67 *i887 

®Charles Everett Hall, A.B. 

Princeton 1S60 

Freehold, N. J. 
Frank Granger Hasbrouck* 


John Cornelius Hasbrouck 
David Webb Hodgkins* 


Edward Kelly Hogan* 

aet. 35 *i867 

James Hutchison 

St. John, N. B., Canada 
Woolsey Johnson,* A.B. i860 
Charles Stewart Kittredge,* 

Ph.B. Yale 1858, Ph.D. i860, C.E. 
elsewhere i860 *I907 

William Lee* 


Elias Lester 

Pension Examiner 

66 Cayuga, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Irving \'Vhitall Lyon,* M.D. 

Vermont 1S63 *i896 

Henry Emmet McCartin* 

aet. 31 *i869 

Theodore Andrews McGraw 

(EDUC), A.B. Michigan 1859, 
LL.D. 1 90s, Prof. Detroit Med. Coll. 
7J Ca.s-.s-, Detroit, Mich. 

David Magie [Jr.] (ret), A.B. 

Princeton 1S59, A.M. 1862 
Princeton, N. J. 

®George Van Rensselaer Merrill 

Elinira, N. Y. 
Martin Alexander Miller 
Lucius Mills, A.B. 


Sherman Morse* 

John Dowdin Nicoll* 





Wilbur Fisk Nutten* 

aet. 64 *i904 

Patrick Pendergast* 

aet. 39 *i87S 

Charles Leander Pierce 

Peter Van Schaack Pruyn,*A.B. 

Union i860 aet. 50 "iSgi 

®Burr Schermerhorn 

Honesdale, Pa. 
0Abner Orimel Shaw 

153 High, Portland, Me. 
Amos Shaw, Jr. 
Andrew Jackson Smith 

193 Barnum Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
®Joseph George Smith 

Olcta, Okla. 
(8)James Kirke Stockwell, M.D. 

Buffalo 1870 

43 E. Bridge, Oswego, N. Y. 
Thomas Thompson (Rev.), A.M. 

Colgate 1866, A.M. (Hon.) Lafay- 
ette Coll. 1887, Grad. Hamilton 
Theol. Sam. 1866, D.D. Washing- 
ton Coll. Tenn. 1891 

1247 N. Capitol, Washington, D. C. 
®Jacob Francis Tourtellotte 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lewis Arnold Tracy* 

aet. 34 *i873 

Samuel Douglas Wadsworth,* 

A.B. Colgate 1861 

De Witt Webb, LL.D. 

Nashville Coll. 1903, N. Y. Legis. 

1876-7, Fla. Leg. 1903, Ex.-Pres. Fla. 

Med. Soc., Mayor St. Augustine, 


St. Augustine, Fla. 

Walter Henry Wentworth* 

aet. 69 *i9io 

Lewis Westfall* 

aet. 30 *i869 

Benjamin Wilson* 


Gustavus Storrs Winston* 

aet. 63 *i899 

Lockwood De Forest Woodruff,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1859 aet. 38 *i876 


Samson American 

2235 Fifteenth, San Francisco, Cal. 
0Theophilus H. Andress 

Sparta, N. J. 

George W. Baker,* A.B. 

Union 1861, A.M. 1864 aet. 61 *i898 

Philip Hale Barton* 

aet. 70 *i9o6 

William Hunter Birckhead,* 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1861, A.M. 16 

John Bedell Boss* 

aet. 54 *i89S 

Lichard Baxter Brown, A.B, 

Yale i860 
Gaffney, S. C. 

George James Bucknall,* A.B. 

Santa Clara i860 "1907 

John Otis Burt,* A.B. 

Harvard 1858, M.D. 1861 

Adolphe Carit 
Francis P. Casey* 

aet. 69 "igli 

Samuel Fletcher Chapin* 

aet. so *i889 

0Albert Taylor Chapman 
Old Mystic, Conn. 

George Washington Currier 
Nashua, N. H. 

A. Thomas Cuzner 

Gilmore, Fla. 

Henry A. Danker* 

Henry Albert Darby 

Yarinouth, N. S., Canada 

Albert Austin Davis,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1858 aet. 69 *I90S 

Charles De Cockerille* 

Henry Joseph Devlin* 

aet. 25 *i864 

D wight Dudley, 

Pension Examiner 

Afaine, N. Y. 
George H. Dunbar 
Francis Daniels Edgerton,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1861, A.M. 1864, M.D. 
Vermont 1863 

Henry Clay Eno, A.B. 

Yale 'i860, A.M. 1863 (see p. 43) 
8 E. 61 

D. Darwin Everett* 

aet. 41 *i884 

Edward Farrell,* A.B. 

St. Mary's Coll. Halifax i860 *i90i 




Archelaus G. Field, M.D. 

Starling Med. Coll. 1854, LL.B. 
Simpson Centenary Coll. 1879, Ex.- 
Pres. la. State Med. Soc. 

1303 Thirteenth, Des Moines, la. 
Luther P. Fitch,* A.B. 

Beloit Coll. i860, A.M. 1863 

aet. S3 *i889 

John Henry Furman* 

aet. 63 *i896 

Archibald M. Gregory* 

ODavid L. Haight, A.B. 

Yale i860 

University Club, N. Y. C. 

John Calvin Holmes,* A.B. 

Princeton 1863, and A.M. (Hon.) 


John C. Hooper 

®William Warner Hoppin [Jr.] 

(L), LL.B. 1869, A.M. Brown 1861, 
Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. 1877- 

52 William 
0George W. Hosmer 

7 E. 73 
Edward Gamaliel Janeway,* 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Rutgers Coll. 
i860, A.M. 1863 aet. 69 *i9ii 

Joseph Edward Janvrin* 

aet. 72 *i9ii 

William H. Kinney 

Henry M. Knowles (ret) 

New Bedford, Mass. 
William Baldwin Linsly* 

aet. 50 *i8go 

William Augustus Lockwood* 

William M. McKay* 
James Woods McLane, A.B. 

Yale 1861 (see p. 63) 
107 E. 38 

Daniel Edward McSweeny,* 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1861, 
A.M. 1863 aet. 65 *i907 

George J. Northrop* 


George B. Oakes* 

aet. 47 '1886 

Henry Eagle Ogden,* A.B. 

Union 1862 *i884 

Benjamin Maltby Page (ret) 

214 JV. California, Pasadena, Cat. 
John P. Pemberton,* A.B. 1849 

James Liddell Phillips* (Rev.), 

A.M. elsewhere aet. 55 *i89S 

Henry Granger Piffard,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1862, A.M. 1865, and 
LL.D. 1899 *i9io 

^Stephen Cambreleng Powell, 

. M.D. Yale 1864 

Neivport, R. I. 

Alfred Pryor* 

Charles Smith Robert* 

Stephen White Roof* 

act. 51 "1895 

0Allen S. Russell, 

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1875-6 
Hcrsey, Mich. 

Thomas T. Sabine,* A.B. 1861 

John Peter Schenck, Jr.* 


William Frederick Scoresby,* 

Memb. Senate N. Y. State 1873-6 

aet. 45 *i884 

Edward Constant Seguin* 

(see p. 76) aet. 55 *i898 

®Charles E. Simmons, A.B. 

Beloit Coll. 1 86 1 
762 Madison Ave. 

Henry Lyle Smith* 

aet. 60 *i904 

Montross Leslie Smith* 

aet. 31 *i87i 

William R. Stilwell* 


Freman Stoddard 
George W. Stout* 

aet. 40 *i88o 

Edward Wallenstein Thompson* 

aet. 56 *i898 

William Thurman,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. i860 aet. 56 *i897 

OElbert Plumb Tibbals 

Port Huron, Mich. 
John R. Todd* 

aet. 35 *i876 

0Platon M. G. Vallejo 

Italic jo, Cal. 

Augustus Van Cortlandt* 

aet. 59 *i884 

Frederick D. Vanderhoof 

Phelps, N. Y. 
William P. Warren 
Lathrop P. Weaver* 




George Gill Wheelock,* A.B. 

Harvard i860, A.M. 1863 (see 

pp. 22, 86) aet. 69 *I907 

John Elias Whitehead,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1844, A.M. 1846 

aet. 67 *i892 

Thomas Wight* 

aet. 73 *i907 

William S. Willis* 



®Andrew Anderson, A.B. 

Princeton 1861 

St. Augustine, Fla. 
Calvin Anderson* 

aet. 69 *i9io 

(2)Harvey Napoleon Austin, 

M.D. Albany Med. Coll. 1859 
Pendleton, Ark. 

George W. Bacon,* A.B. 1854 

Richard S. Bacon,* A.B. 1859 

James Edgar Barbour* 


George Lewis Beers,* A.B. 

Yale i860, A.M. 1863 . 

Christopher Mildeberger Bell* 

(see p. 31) *i902 

Timothy Bigelow 
Henry Edward Bissett* 

aet. 40 *i882 

Edward Bleecker* 

aet. 56 *i899 

®Sylvester S. Bogert 

Pearl River, N. Y. 
Theodore Dwight Bradford,* 

A.B. Bowdoin Coll. 1861 *i883 

John Boyd Campbell 

2309 Seventh Ave. 
Dexter Selwyn Clark,* A.B. 

Beloit Coll. i860 

Lucian Dean Clarke 
Charles A. Conover* 
T[homas] Vaughan Crandall, 

A.B. Bapt. Acad. (Fredericton. N. 

1824 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Clarence Edward De Wolfe* 
James Andrews De Wolfe, *A.M. 

Brown 1861, formerly Surg.-Gen. 

0Richard Dey 

Roinnlns, N. Y. 
Andrew Jackson Disbrow* 
Alvan Dodge* 


Frank O. Earle* 


John H. Emerson, A.B. i860 
Daniel Hallett Fairweather 
Levi Farrow* 

aet. 6s *i909 

0Edwin Barber Flagg, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. iS6i, A.M. 1864 

168 Institute Rd., Worcester, Mass. 
(8)Horace Smith Fuller, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1858, A.M. 1861 
2^3 TrumhiiU, Hartford, Conn. 

®Charles Frederick George 

Goffstozvn, N. H. 
John Francis Gignoux,* 

A.M. elsewhere aet. 40 *i883 

William Chalk Gouinlock (mf), 

M.B. Toronto 1869 

JVarsazv, N. Y. 
John Ruggles Greenleaf [Jr.] 

12 Cliestnnt, Gardner, Mass. 
Edward Dorr Griffin* 

aet. 47 *i887 

Thomas Haigh,* B.S. 

Michigan State Agrl. Coll. 1862 

aet. 30 *i87i 

®William Henry Hoag 

Manhassct, N. Y. 
Stephen Egbert De Witt Hoorn- 

aet. 56 *i9oo 

David Post Jackson* 

act. 63 *i904 

John Clarkson Jay [Jr.] 

106 E. 79 
Parley H. Johnson 

Pension Examiner 

Adams, N . Y . 
Edgar Keith Kelly 
Daniel Whitehead Kissam* 

aet. 51 "1890 

James Francis Laughlin 

®John Barr Learned 

Northampton, Mass. 

John Lawrence Lee* 

aet. 45 *it 




Thomas W. Loweree* 


®John Oilman McAllaster 
SI lackson, Lazvrence, Alass. 

John Crannell Minor (ret) 
38/ West End Ave. 

Alfred Mitchell (educ), A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1859, A.M. 1862, and 
LL.D. 1907, Prof, and Dean Med. 
Faculty, Bowdoin Coll. 

Brunswick, Me. 

Lawrence O. Morgan* 


Martin Luther Overton* 


Joseph Otis Pinneo* 

aet. 49 *i89i 

John Alexander Purney* 

aet. 37 *i88i 

®Eli Densmore Sargent (f) 

Yorkville, 111. 
Peter Lawrence Schenck, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1862, A.M. 1865, LL.D. 
Washington Coll. Tenn. 1898 

95 Sixth Az'e., Bklyn. 
Tennis Schenck,* A. B. 

and A.M. Union 1859 aet. 58 *i899 

Octavius Barrell Shreve (fin), 

A.B. Harvard 1863, A.M. 1865 

2g Chestnut, Salem, Mass. 
Elijah Herman Smith* 

aet. 29 *i87i 

James Welch Smith 

Albert Leroy White Stephenson 

William George Stevenson* 


Alexander Stewart,* A.B. 

elsewhere '1894 

Stephen Jay Stone* 

David L. Stricklin 

®James Buckley Tweedle 
IVeatherly, Pa. 

Nelson S. Westcott 

759 W. 12 
Alverd E. Winchell,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1857, A.M. i860 

aet. Si *i9I2 

®Russel Withers 

Annapolis, N. S., Canada 

George Powell Wright* 



Lewis Applegate* 

aet. 30 *i870 

David Penfield Austin, 

Grad. N. Y. State Normal Coll. 
1S57, Med. Ex. for Ins. Cos. 
I^ IV. 95 

Edward Woodbridge Avery, 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1863, A.M. 

1866, M.D. Homeo. Aled. Coll. 


16 Hancock, Bklyn. 

James McMillan Ayer,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. i860 aet. 52 *i892 

QSilas Cook Baldwin 

Birta, Ark. 
George Miller Beard,* A.B. 

Yale 1862, A.M. 1867 aet. 43 *i883 

William Graham Bryson, M.D. 

CM. McGill 1867 

Lafayette Bugbee* 


George Owen Burgess* 

aet. 38 •1880 

George Gary,* A.B. 

and A.M. Bowdoin Coll. i860 

aet 62 *i899 

Charles F. Clark,* A.B. 1863 
Thomas Edwards Clark 
John Wordsworth Clemesha,* 

M.D., CM. McGill 1867, M.C Coll. 

P. and S., Ontario aet. 70 *I9I2 

(8)William Sutphen Combs, A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1861 

Freehold, N. J. 
William Augustine Conway* 

aet. S4 *i894 

Adam Clarke Corson,* ALD. 

Victoria, Toronto 1864 aet. 33 *i873 

David Magie Cory* 

aet. 58 "1901 

John Cowan* 


^Patrick W. Cremin 

S56 Lexington Ave. 
Benjamin Frederick Dawson, 

act. 44 •1887 

John J. De Motte 
Laban Dennis (ret), 

N. J. State Board of Health 

49 Ridge, Orange, N, J. 

1 866] 



(8>Marcus Dodd 

Brigg, Ark. 
John William Dooley 

Henry Dusenbury 

252 S. 3, Bklyn. 
Edward Smith Eveleth 

Gloucester, Mass. 

James Anderson Exton 

75 Beech, Arlington, N. J. 
Daniel McLean Forman* 

aet. 65 *i909 

Addison Howard Foster,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1863, A.M. 1883 


David Raitt P'rancis* 

aet. 60 *i903 

Edward Frothingham* 


John Pool Garrish, Jr.,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 35 *i8S2 

Ralph Schuyler Goodwin* 

aet. 48 *i904 

Jay Levins Greene* 


James Romeyn Gregory* 


George Wheelock Grover 

(Rev.) CAU), A.M. 
Dartmouth Coll. 1892 

Sheffield, Mass. 
Orrin Franklin Harris 

ji Broadtvay, Noruich, Conn. 
Samuel Harris* 
George Elias Hawes, A.B. 


Tecumseh Kingsley Holmes, 

M.D. L. I. Coll.'Hosp. 186;;, Vic- 
toria Coll. Canada 1867, Ex-Pres. 
Can. Med. Assn., V.-Pres. Surg. 
Sec. British Med. Assn. 1907 

Chatham, Out., Canada 
Edward Reynolds Hun,* A.B. 

Harvard 1863 *i88o 

Joseph Slater Hunt, 

Memb. Pa. Assemb. and Bd. Health 
1308 Northampton, Easton, Pa. 

James Bradbridge Hunter* 

aet. 52 *i889 

Edward Carroll Huse,* A.B. 

Harvard 1856 *i900 

Edwin Hutchinson,* Ph.B. 

Yale i860 aet. 47 *i887 

James Carmichael Hutchison* 

Stephen Hyde 

Richard Douglas James* 


Joseph Johnson* 

aet. 82 *i90S 

Henry De Witt Joy,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1863, A.M. (Hon.) 

1889 *i907 

Robert Purnell Jump,* M.D. 


Samuel Lisle Kennedy* 
James Suydam Knox,* A.B. 

Princeton i860, A.M. 1863 *i892 

©Mortimer Lampson 

322 Pacific Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
©Archibald Lawson, 

Lake Vieiv Ave., Rockville Centre, 

N. Y. 

©Charles Edward Lee, A.M. 

Lafayette Coll. 1878 
Altadena, Cal. 

Thomas Le Guen 
Algernon Sydney Leonard* 


Walter Lindsay 

Huntington, N. Y. 
Samuel K. Lyon,* A.B. i860 
William Henry McKelvy* 


Edward Macomb,* A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1862, A.M. 1865 

aet. 30 '1873 

Isaac Newton Mead* 


John Calvin Mead* 

aet. 24 •1868 

George Le Roy Menzie 
28 Broad, Oneida, N. Y. 

Hubbard Winslow Mitchell 
166 E. 67 

John Moore 
Sussex, N . J. 

William Morton,* A.B. 

Toronto "iSgg 

George Washington Newcomb* 
Henrv Denton Nicoll,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1863, A.M. 1866 


Joseph O'Dwyer,* LL.D. 

St. John's Coll. 1891 aet. 55 '1898 

John Wright Ostrander 


Edwin Phillips,* M.D. 

Michigan 1861 *i9ii 

Charles Talbot Poore,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Williams Coll. 1S91 (see 
p. 71) act. 71 *i9ii 

Francisco Repetto 

®William Govans Ridout, A.B. 

St. John's Coll. Annapolis 1S56, 
A.M. 1859, LL.B. Albany Coll. 1S59 
Annapolis, Md. 

Charles [Carl Maximilian] 

Roth,* Ph.D. 

Giessen (Germany) 1853 aet y6 *iS97 

Samuel Fowler Rouse* 

aet. 46 *i88 S 

Dayton Wyckoff Searle,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 185s, A.M. 1859 

aet. 62 *i89C 

Thomas Skelding* 

aet. 56 *i89S 

David Augustine Smith* 

aet. 29 *i872 

Samuel St. John Smith* 

aet. 35 *i872 

(8>Whitmer Snively 
524 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Richmond Joseph Southworth,* 

LL.D. 1873 *i9oo 

Richard Henry Stone,* A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. i860 aet. 73 *i9io 

Joseph Stubbs* 

aet. 34 *i874 

James Madison Study,* M.D. 

Cincinnati Med. Coll. 1859 

aet. 31 *iS66 

Ralph Partridge Thatcher 
Walter Ure, A.B. 

Miami 1859, A.M. 1891 

202 W. North Ave, Pittslnirjyh, Pa. 

James D. Van Derveer (ret) 

Henry Clay Van Gieson,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1 86 1, M.D. Georgetown 
1864 aet. 65 *I90S 

Cornelius Van Riper, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1863. A.M. 1866 

i/i Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. .T. 

Frederick Judd Van Wagner 

Henry Freeman Walker, A.B. 

Middlebury Coll. i860, A.M. 1863 
IS W. 55 

Charles Washburn* 
Peter Wheeler 


Samuel Whitall* 


aet. 42 *i882 

Henry Simmons White,* LL.B. 

1879 aet. 56 *i9oi 

James Wright Wilson 
Joseph Sands Winston* 

aet. 24 *i863 

Augustus Wohlfarth* 

act. 34 *i872 

Alfred H. WoodiU* 

®Toel Williston Wright, A.M. 

trinity Coll. 1885 

Lake Placid, N. Y. 
Gerardus Hilles Wynkoop* 

aet. 66 '1909 

George Ludlow Yost 
Charles Young, A.B. 

Princeton 1861, A.M. 1864 

23 E. Kinney, Neivark, N. J. 
William Henry Young* 

aet. 64 *i894 

Thomas Ritchie Almon* 

aet. 63 *i90i 

Theodore Faxton Alverson* 

aet. 45 *i876 

Tohn Williams Baldwin* 

aet. 38*1883 

0Ogilvie De Ville Ball, A.M. 

(Hon.) Union 1876 

Albany, N. Y. 
Frederick Stanley Barclay* 
Willis Jerome Beach* 

aet. 48 *i892 

Herbert Chauncey Belden* 
Charles Morris Billings,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1863, A.M. 1866 

James Augustus Blanchard* 

aet. 55 *i%g6 

Francis Vinton Brush* 

aet. 37 *i882 

Albert Henry Buck, A.B. 

Yale 1864 (see p. 34) 
Hezvlctt, N. Y. 

Charles Cornelius Buckley 

Charles Abram Carle (f) 

Stanton, Mich. 

Frank Carter 

Philo Winchell Clark 




John Wordsworth Clemesha,* 

M.D. CM. McGill 1867, M. C. Coll. 
Phys. and Svirg. Ontario aet. 70 *igi2 

James Dorr Clyde (ret) 
Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

James Eugene Cooper 

Shretvshury, N. J. 

Frederick Stanhope Creehnan 
Samuel Decker* 


(g>John O'Fallon Delany 
2900 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Mosse Des Brisay 
Stephen Morgan Disbrow* 

aet. 48 *i89S 

Francis DuBois, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1863, A.M. 1866 

®Morton William Easton, A.B. 

Yale 1863, Ph.D. 1872 

Univ. of Pa., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jonathan Edwards, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1863 aet. 44 *i886 

^Frederick William Elbreg, 

A.M. St. Louis 1859 
Sandy Spring, Md. 

William Smith Ely,* A.B. 

Rochester 1861, A.M. 1867 

aet. 69 *i9i I 

Bache McEvers Emmet 

535 Park Ave. 
Charles Wesley Ferguson 
David F. Fetter,* M.D. 

Philadelphia Med. Coll. 1853 *i884 

William R. Fisher, A.B. 1863 
0James Nutting Fitch, A.B. 


Doniphan, Nebr. 
Edward Tilson Fuller* 
Robert Burns Oilman, M.D. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1866 

S5 Congress, Jersey City, N. J. 

Zeeb Oilman, Jr., A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1863, A.M. 1866 
Redlands, Cal. 

0Frederick Oilnack 

Rockville, Conn. 
Harry Oove 
(8)Henry Oray 

Greenwich, N. Y. 

Emil Omening 

Equiv. A.B. Bromberg (Prussia) 

36 E. 57 
Martin Hagan,* M.D. 

Starling Med. Coll. (Ohio) 1859 "igoa 

®John Dean Hall, A.B. 

Harvard 1863 
Manila, P. I. 

Henry Ebenezer Handerson 

(RET), A.B. Hobart Coll. 1858, 

A.M. 1865 

1924 E. 66, Cleveland, O. 

Daniel De W. Harrington, A.B. 


Audley Haslett,* A.B. 

Harvard i860, A.M. 1863 •1901 

Henry Henderson, A.M. 


Edward Joseph Hogan* 

aet. 72 *i909 

Oeorge Frederick Hollick 
Charles Harrison Horton 
Erasmus Darwin Hudson, Jr.,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1864 aet. 43*1887 

Stephen James Hutchinson* 
Thomas Livingston Janeway,* 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1863, A.M. 1866 

aet. 43 *i887 

Samuel Johnson 

Asbtiry Park, TV. /. 
Henry Irving Jordan,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1S63 aet. 36 *i870 

0John J. Keator 

Roxhury, N. Y. 
John Jauncey Ketchum 
William Aymar Kissam* 

aet. 32 *i877 

Francis Eustis Langdon,* A.B. 

Harvard 1863 *i890 

William Margrave Lyttleton 
William Crane McFarland* 


Theodore Dwight Martin* 

aet. 78 *i907 

Stuyvesant F. Morris, A.B. 1863 
David H. Muir* 

aet. 65 *i904 

Oeorge Willson Murdock 
John Howard Murfee* 

^et. 6s *i899 




Henry Elijah Owen, A.B. 

Yale 1864 

40 IV. 56 
William Henry Palmer,* A.B. 

Yale 1864 *'87 

James Franklin Peyton 

Stanford, Ky. 
OEdward Rogers Post (ret), 

AB Princeton 1862, and A.M. 

616 IV. 116 
William Hall Brace Pratt, A.B. 

Yale 1864 

Q4 Sixth Ave., Bklyn. 

Albert Richards Randol 

Ira Remsen (educ), LL.D.1893, 

AB. C. C. N. Y. i86s. Ph.D. Got- 
tingen 1870, D.C.L. Univ. South 
1907, LL.D. Princeton 1896, Yale 
iQOi, Toronto 1902. Harvard 1909, 
Penn. Coll. 1910, President Johns 
Hopkins Univ. 

Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, 

Nathan Selleck Roberts 
215 W. 94 

George Washington Robinson 

(RET), A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1863, 

A.M. 1866 

80 Chestnut, Liberty, N. Y. 

John Wesley Robinson* 

•^ aet. 57 *I900 

Charles Frederick Rodenstein,* 1 

A B. Somerville Coll. (Ala.) 1848, 
and A.M. aet. 49 1876 

Albert Stephen Rogers* 
Eugene Beauharnais Sanborn* 
Charles Rollin Sanderson, M.D. 

Cleveland Med. Coll. 

Thomas Edward Satterthwaite 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1864, Prof .and 
Vice-Pres. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch. and Hosp. 
7 E. 80 

Thomas Sidney Scales,* A.B. 

North Carolina 1862, A.M. 1866 

Warren Schoonover, A.B. 

Union 1864, A.M. 1867 

115 E. 59 
(8)Alonzo De Loss Smith 

Ocean Park, Cal. 
(S>Tosiah Pender Sugg 

Kittrell, N. C. 

Thomas Terrill, Jr.* 


Henry Cushman Turner 

332 Clinton, Bklyn. 
James Vanderpool,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1863 aet. 35 '1876 

(2)Nicholas Berdan Van Houten 

Neiv City, N. Y. 
James Van Derveer Van Nest,* 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1862 *i874 

Richard Cornelius Van Wyck* 

aet. 51 *i896 

William Augustus Muhlenberg 
Wainwright,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. i"864, A.M. 1867 

aet. 50 *i894 

Eli Warner* 

aet. 41 *i884 

®George Wells, Jr. 

Annapolis, Md. 
John Winslow,* A.B. 

Harvard i8";9, A.M. 1866, M.D. 
Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1866 aet. 65 *i9oo 

®Silas Offen Witherbee 

Middletoivn, Ky. 
Willard P. Worster, A.B. 1863 

^Frederick Mixer Aitken 

Bristol, hid. 
Philip Edward Arcularius, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1864, A.M. 1867 

52 Chestnut, E. Orange, N. J. 
0William Augustus Avery 

Ulysses, Ncbr. 
John N. Beekman,* A.B. 1864 
Joseph Ritner Benjamin,* A.B. 

Yale 1864, A.M. 1867 aet. 46 *i885 

®Tohn Ferguson Black, A.B. 

kings Coll. Nova Scotia 

Care Bank of British North Amer- 
ica, London, Eng. 
Thomas Sheldon Bond,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1863, A.M. 1866 
M.D. Chicago Med. Coll. 1867 *i886 

Calvin F. Bonney* 

aet. 68 *i886 

George Henrv Bosley,* M.D. 

Alba'ny Med. Coll. 1864 aet. 51 ♦1892 

Benjamin Mills Briggs, B.S. 

C. "C. N. Y. 1861, M.S. 1864 
106 Willotighby, Bklyn 
Charles S. Bull,* A.B. 1864 




John Anthon Callender 
William Jessup Chandler, A.B. 

Yale 1864 

6'. Orange, N. J. 

Henry Waldburg Coleman,* 

A.M. elsewhere aet. 51 *i897 

Jonathan A. Coles, A.B, 1864 
William Albert Corwin* 

aet. 46 *i886 

Samuel Pierce Craig* 

aet. 37 *i882 

Charles Culver* 

aet. 31 *i887 

Byron Cummings* 

aet. 58 *i903 

Henry Nehemiah Dodge (d au), 

D.D.S. Phila. Dental Coll. 1869, 
Litt.D. Tufts Coll. and Buchtel 
Coll. 1902, A.M. St. Lawrence 1902 
Morristown, N. J. 

Matthew B. Du Bois, A.B. 1864 

John Luther Duryee, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1864, A.M. 1867 
436 High, Nezvark, N. J. 

(8)Henry O. Ely, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1864 

62 Front, BingJiamton, N. Y. 

David Combs English (ed) 

P. O. Box 83, New Brunswick, N. J. 
®George Emory Foster, A.M. 


60 Bridge, Spring-field, Mass. 

Edward Frankel 
2iy E. 17 

Karl Heinrich Gustav Frauen- 

aet. 64 *i895 

Samuel Horace Frazer* 

aet. 68 *i9ii 

(S)Charles Dana Townsend 
Gibson, A.B. 

Yale 1864 
55 Williams 

Theodore Giddings* 


James Glynn Gregory, A.B. 

Yale 1865 
Norzvalk, Conn. 

William Edward Griffiths* 

aet. 63 *i90S 

Albert Eugene Ham, A.B. 

Brown 1864, A.M. 1867 

799 Benefit, Providence, R. I. 

Frederick Fanning Harral,* A.B. 

Yale 1863, A.M. 1866 *i88i 

George Fuller Hawley* 
Frederick Porteous Henry 

(EDUC), A.M. (Hon.) Princeton 


114 S. 18, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Neil Jamieson Hepburn 

3iy IV. 23 
Joseph Bassette Holland, A.M. 

Amherst Coll. 1856, A.B. Dartmouth 
Coll. 1858, M.D. 1866 aet. 61 *i902 

Charles Taylor Jewett 

162 IV. 22 
Herschel Vespasian Johnson, 

Adoniram Brown Judson, A.M. 

Brown 1859, M.D. Jefferson Med. 
Sch. 1865 

53 IVashington Sq. 
John Marshall Kellogg (ret), 

A.M. (Hon.) 1876 

24 Brighton Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 

Warren Kemble* 

aet. 57 *i898 

Thomas Holmes Kenan* 

aet. 68 *i9io 

®Frederick Kidder 

Affton, Mo. 
Edwin A. Kilbourne* 

aet. S2 *i8go 

Charles Laight* 

aet. 60 *i907 

A. John Lanterman 

Charles Henry Leonard, A.B. 

Yale 1865, A.M. 1870 

i§4 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

Charles Edward Lockwood,* 

A.B. Yale 1865 *i902 

James Edward Moren Lordly 

145 W. 87 
John Tarleton Luck* 
Robert Louis Lusby 
David Valentine Lynch* 

James Joseph McCarty* 
Daniel McEwan, Jr.* 

Robert James McGay 
61 E. 54 

aet. 26 *i87i 
aet. 33 *i879 




John Hector McKay,* L.R.CS. 

and L.R.C.P. Edinburgh 1871 


Frederick Dey Marshall 

417 S. Central Park Ave., Chicago, 

0Frederick Dampier Rich Mar- 

Dciiisoii, Texas 
John Abner Mead (mf, b), A.B. 

Middlebury Coll 1864, A.M. 1867, 
LL.D. 191 1, and LL.D. Vermont, 
and Norwich 191 1, Ex. State Rep., 
.Senator and Lieut. Gov., Governor 
Vt. 1 9 10 

Rutland, Vt. 
Morris Henry Miesse, B.S. 

Ohio 1864 

Circlevillc, O. 
Henry James Miller 
John Nolan* 


Aggeus Onterbridge 
Julius L. Parke,* A.B. 

Yale 1864, A.M. 1867 *i868 

Charles B. Parkhnrst 
Howard Whited Phillips* 


James Oakley Pingry, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1862, A.M. 1865 

Millbrook, N. Y. 
John Joseph Prcndergast,* LL.B. 

1879 aet. 62 *i90S 

Monroe Traver Pultz* 

aet. 58 *i902 

Robert Morgan Rea* 


Philippe Ricord* 

aet. 68 *i9i2 

Frank Warren Rockwell,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1865, A.M. 1868 

aet. 45 *i889 

Charles Shepard Rodman, 

Pres. Conn. Med. Soc. 1900 
IVafcrbnry, Conn. 

William Chambers Rogers 

William Henry Ross, Jr. 

Wallace Edgar Sabin 
Anna, III. 

Norton Jerome Sands 
Port Chester, N. Y. 

Edward William Schauffler, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1862, A.M. 1875 

3S37 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo. 
Walter Keeler Scofield* 

aet. 71 *i9io 

John Sharp,* A.B. 

Yale 186.S •187s 

Charles Stuart Sheldon, A.B. 

Yale 1863, A.M. 1866, M.D. Bufifalo 
Med. Coll. 1867 
Madiso>i, IVisc. 

®George Flenry Sherman 

7j Windsor PL, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Daniel MacMartin Stimson, A.B. 

Union 1864, A.M. 1867, and LL.D. 
2S IV. 37 

Stephen Van Wickle Stout 
gyg Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Flenry Tunstall Strong,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1865 aet. 33 '1876 

Benjamin Ralph Swan 

Med. Ref. N. Y. Mut. Life Ins. Co. 
223 Sansojiie, San Francisco, Cal. 

Robert William Taylor* 

(see p. 81) aet. 66 '1907 

James Clark Thomas,* A.B. 

Yale 1864, A.M. 1867 aet. 64 '1907 

Charles Henry Thompson,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1864 *i900 

®Samuel William Torrey, A.B. 

Vermont 1865 

106 Cabot, Beverly, Mass. 
Roger Sherman Tracy (ret), 

A.B. Yale 1862 
Ballardvale, Mass. 

Thomas Hall Tripler* 

aet. 63 *i909 

John Bennett Tyler, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1865 

Billcrica, Mass. 

Jerome Walker 
4^2 Third, Bklyn. 

Leslie Dodd Ward* 

aet. 60 *i9io 

John William Warth, Jr.,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1864, A.M. 1867 

aet. 54 *i899 

Francis Henry Weismann 

218 E. 17 
Frank Wilmarth,* A.M. 

Rutgers Coll. 1867 *i88i 




Theodore Frelinghuysen Wolfe 

(AU,ED) Ph.D. and Litt.D. elsewhere 
Succasunna, N. J. 
John Frank Young* 

aet. 69 *i9i I 
1869 102 

Amos Wilson Abbott (educ) 
21 S. 10, Minneapolis, Minn. 

(8)George Henry Aiken 
Fresno, Cal. 

Clinton Atkinson* 

aet. 48 *i890 

Charles Howell Bailey,* M.D. 

Geneva Med. Coll. 1868 *i907 

George Henry Balleray 

115 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. 
®George Wilson Bell 

Kingston Station, N. S., Canada 
Henry M. Bishop,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1858, A.M. elsewhere 


James Augustus Blake, A.B. 

Wisconsin 1866, A.M. 1869, M.D. 
Albany Med. Coll. 1868 
3^2 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 

Hector Seager Bowen* 

aet. 36 *i873 

Edward Bennet Bronson, A.B. 

Yale 1865 

10 W. 49 
Lawton Stickney Brooks 

126 Chestnut, Springfield, Mass. 

L[ucius] Duncan Bulkley, A.B. 

Yale 1866, A.M. 1869 
531 Madison Ave. 

Richard Winthrop Bull* 

Edward Worthington Burnette* 

aet. S3 *iS9S 

Craft Coast Carroll 

216 W. tS 
William Hanford Cartter, M.D. 

Cleveland Med. Coll. 1868 

Charles Hoag Case 

3/^4 Forest, Jersey City, N. J. 
Curtis Chapman* 

aet. 24 *j872 

J[ames] Francis Chapman 

Pension Examiner 

The Terrace, Katonah, N. Y. 
Sherman Hartwell Chapman,* 

A.B. Yale 1866, A.M. 1869 

aet. 58 *iqo3 

®Nelson Henry Claflin, M.D. 

Michigan 1869 
Riverside, Cal. 

®John Ralph Coffman 
I'Vynneivood, Okla. 

G[ustavus] Pierrepont Davis, 

A.B. Yale 1866 
ITartford, Conn. 

Francis E. Doughty* 

F' *i9o6 

John Edwards, 
Gloversville, N. Y. 

Nathaniel Bright Emerson, A.B, 

Williams Coll. 1865, A.M. 1868 

Honolulu, H. I. 

Julius Fehr* 

Ira William Fletcher* 

0Seth Burnham Foster 
Etireka, Cal. 

Alonzo Freeman* 

Charles Lindol French 

Clinton, Alass'. 

Omer Tousey Gillett,* A.B. 

Indiana 1866 

William Joseph Haine (ret) 
Akron, O. 

George Adelbert Hathaway 

Russel Thayer Hayes, M.D. 

Castleton Med. Coll. r847 

George Benedict Hickok, A.B, 

C. C. N. Y. 1863, A.M. 1866 

66 Leno.x Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 

Augustus Yilleroy Hill,* A.B. 

Union 1866 aet. 66*1911 

Urban Gillespie Hitchcock 

rRET), A.B. C. C. N: Y. 1865, 

A.M. 1869 

755 Academy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

0William Mulligan Hodges 

Shady Grove, Ky. 
Charles Barnes Huffman 
John Hurdsfield* 

aet. 41 *i884 

Andrew Jackson Jessup* 

John Henry Korff* 

aet. 66 "igii 

Isadore Perrin Latour,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 49 *i886 




John Howard Lever 

Franklin PL, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Newton Adams Lindley* 


James Cook Lindsly,* A.B. 

Princeton 1867, A.M. 1870 

Joseph Williams McCall, M.D. 

Nashville 1857, Vanderbilt 1882, 
Philadelphia Polyclinic 1897, and 
(Hon.) Tennessee 1S83, Pres. Board 
Pension Examiners 

Huntingdon, Tenn. 
John Cameron McDougall 
Parrsboro, N. S., Canada 

John McGuirk 

Malcolm McLean 
29 E. 126 

Thomas Joseph McLoughlin 
5SS Jersey Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Henry McManus, A.M. 


Justin Martin* 

aet. 73 *i907 

®Forster Jonas Maynard 
Flushing, N. Y. C. 

Augustus Aloysius Molony* 


J [esse] Lee Morrill 
63 E. 80 

Eugene Bernard Murtha,* A.M. 

elsewhere aet. 41 *i886 

James Robert Nelson 
Kingston, N. Y. 

Asbel Griswold Nettleton 

Stephen Pierson,* A.B. 

Yale 1868, A.M. 1893 aet. 67*1911 

Thomas Jefferson Pitner, 

B.S. Illinois Coll. 1862 
Jacksonville, III. 

William Mecklenburg Polk, 

LL.D. 1904, LL.D. Univ. South, Dean 
and Director Cornell Med. Coll. 

®Joseph Howard Raymond, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1866, A.M. 1869, 
M.D. Long Island Coll. Hosp. 1868 
145 JVillotu, Bklyn. 

John Joseph Reid 

853 Lexington Ave. 
Benjamin Clapp Riggs,* A.B. 

Yale i86s *i883 

Orville Forrest Rogers 
46s Washington, Dorchester, Mass. 

Leavitt Sanderson* 


William David Schuyler* 

aet. 52 *i887 

Jefferson Scoonover* 

aet. 78 *i9ii 

(S>Xenophon Christmas Scott, 

A.B. Wash, and Jeff. Coll. 1865, 

A.M. 1868, M.D. Western Reserve 


132^ Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Alexander Grant Sinclair 

(ED,B), LL.D. Arkansas Normal 
Coll. igoi, Prof. Emer. and Dean 
Memphis Hosp. Med. Coll. 1S84-6, 
U.S. Special Exam. Surg. 1890 — ■ 

126 N. Court Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Charles Elihu Slocum (educ), 

M.D. Jefferson Med. Coll. 1876 Ph.D. 
Fenn. 1877, LL.D. Defiance Coll. 
Toledo, O. 

Horatio Nelson Spencer [Jr.], 

A.B. Alabama 1862, LL.D. West- 
minster Coll. 1891 

2/25 Washington Ave., St. Louis, 

Louis D. Sproat* 

aet. 39 *i8S3 

(8)Ralph Edward Starkweather, 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1865, A.M. 1868 

1223 Grove, Evanston, III. 
Charles Sackett Starr, A.B. 

Rochester 1865, A.M. (Hon.) Ham- 
ilton Coll. 1895 
64 Rozvlcy, RocJiestcr, N. Y. 

Darwin Adelbert Stewart, A.M. 


Winona, Minn. 
Charles Stokes, Jr.* 

aet. 37 *i883 

Louis Stoskopf,* A.B. 

Yale 1865, A.M. 1868, M.D. Rush 
Med. Coll. 1871 *i897 

®Erastus Perry Swasey 

N^ezv Britain, Conn. 
David Thompson 
Charles Alonzo Todd, A.B. 

Washington 1S66, A.M. 1869, Prof. 

Mo. Med. Coll. 

3/'23 Dehnar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

William Sheridan Todd,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1864, A.M. 1867, Memb. 
Conn. Leg. 1888 aet. 53 *i893 




Edward Torrey 

136 N. I, Olean, N. Y. 
®Thomas Trenaman, M.D. 

Kings Coll. (N. S.) 1887 

Halifax, N. S., Canada 
William Henry Vail (sec), A.B. 

Princeton 1865, A.M. 1868 

141 Second Ave., Newark, N. I. 
John Van Harlingen* 

aet. 57 *i903 

George Wackerhagen* 

aet. 59 *1905 

Charles Egbert Willard 

Catskill, N. Y. 
William Bull Wright 

Samuel Monell Zabriskie 

Joseph Freeman Atwood* 

aet. 53 *i898 

Daniel Stewart Ayers, Jr.* 
Lewis Balch,* Ph.D. 

Union 1882 aet. 62*1909 

Arthur Arnold Barrows,* A.B. 

Yale 186s aet. 68 *i9o8 

John Aylwin Bevan 

John Milton Bigelow, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1866, A.M. 1869, 

Ph.D. Rutgers Coll. 1892, M.D. 
(Hon.) Albany Med. Coll. 1870, 

Emeritus Prof. Albany Med. Coll. 

I Lancaster, Albany, N. Y. 
Eugene [Philip] Boise, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1867, M.D. Michigan 


605 Ashton Bldg., Grand Rapids, 


0George Perley Bradley 

Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H. 
William Brand* 


Eugene Wentworth Brooks 

63 Washington Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

James Young Bryce* 
Harvey Scott Calderwood* 


Stewart Church* 

aet. 63 *i9io 

Staats Van Deursen Clark* 

aet. 60 *i9o8 

Leartus Connor,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1865, A.M. 1868 *i9ii 

Frederic Colton Curtis, A.B. 

Beloit Coll. 1866, A.M. 1869, Fres. 
N. Y. State Med. Soc. 1907 

Albany, N. Y. 
John Green Curtis (educ), 

LL.D. 1904, A.B. Harvard 1866, 
A.M. 1869 (see p. 39) 
437 W. 59 

<2>Nathaniel Pendleton Dan- 
dridge, A.B. 

Kenyon Coll. i866_, A.M. 1870 

42^ Broadivay, Cincinnati, O. 
Henry Clay Day (ret) 

Bennington, Vt. 
William Jarvis Duffield 
Herbert Morton Eddy,* A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1866, A.M. 1869 *i9io 

Charles Enfield 
Jefferson, la. 

Edwin Evans* 


James Duane Featherstonhaugh, 

Jr.,* A.B.' 

Union 1867, A.M. 1870 *i9os 

Charles Olin Files, A.B. 

Harvard 1868, A.M. 1871 
195 High, Portland, Me. 

Charles Augustus Foster* 

aet. 64 *i9o6 

Bernhard Griinhut,* A.B. and 

A.M. C. C. N. Y. 1867 aet. 43 *i894 

George Marvin Haines* 

aet. 64 *i9ii 

William Edward Hall* 


Allan McLane Hamilton 

950 Madison Ave. 

David Brainerd Hunt,* A.B. 

Princeton 1866, A.M. 1869 

aet. 30 *i876 

Walter Judson,* A.B. 

Yale 1864, A.M. 1867 *i9o6 

Eugene Kingman,* A.B. 

Yale 1866 •1911 

Hugh Sutherland Kinmonth 
Asbury Park, N. I. 

George Morewood Lefferts 

(RET), M.S. (Hon.) 1901, A.M. 
(Hon.) Dickinson Coll. 1869 (see 
p. 60) 

Katonah, N. Y. 



Albert Henry Little* 


Samuel Orr Loughridge, M.D. 

Jefferson Med. Coll. 1866 
Peoria, III. 
Charles McBurney [Jr.], A.B. 

Harvard 1866, A.M. 1869 (see 
p. 62) 

520 Park Ave. 
®William Markham 

Port Augusta, Australia 
George Martin* 

aet. 28 *i870 

Frederic Rowland Marvin (au) 


537 Western Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

(8)Robert Mason 

Exeter, N. H. 
John Vincent Morgan* 

aet. 38 *i879 

Samuel Houpt Morris* 

aet. 45 *i888 

Albert Jasper Murdock 

504 Masonic Temple, Minneapolis, 

Willard Parker. Jr.,* A.B. 1866 
Henrv Thompson Peirce, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1866, A.M. Wesleyan 

272 Leno.v Ave. 
Milton Godfrey Planck,* A.B. 

Union 1867, A.M. 1870 *i907 

Frederic Powers 
JVestport, Conn. 
Robert S. Prentiss* 

aet. 71 *i9i I 

Robert Arnot Ouin 

Vicksbnrg, Miss. 
William Henrv Tohey Rey- 
nolds,* A.B. 

Union 1866, A.M. 1869 aet. 49 *i894 

Joseph Smith Ripley* 
Francis Emory Ross,* 

M.D. Belleviie Med. Coll. 1867 

John Dikeman Rushmore 


(EDUC). A.B. Williams Coll. 
Prof. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 
I2g) Monfagnc, Bklyn. 


Samuel Benedict St. John, *A.B. 

Yale 1866, A.M. 1869 (see p. 80) *i909 

Frank Ford Sanders,* A.B. 

Princeton 1867, A.M. 1873 "1890 

Frank Albert Stanley 

George Matthias Swaim,* Ph.G. 

Philadelphia Coll. P'har. 1867 *i90i 

Robert Edwin Thompson* 
Clayton William Townsend 
David Clark Van Duersen* 

aet. 39 *i8Si 

William Henry Vermilye 

28 Cornell Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Luis P. Walton,* A.B. 1861 

George Henry Whaley 

Craivford, O. 
Francis Arden Wheeler 
Howard Whiting* 

aet. 44 *i89i 

Charles Thomas Whybrew,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1870 aet. 62 *i904 

John Powell Wilson* 

aet. 65 *i9io 

Caleb Huntington Atwater 

JVallingford, Conn. 

William Vestus Balch 

Gak.'ay, N. Y. 
Frank Edwin Beckwith,* A.M. 

Yale 1881 (see p. 30) *i907 

Albert Clark Benedict 

g5 N. Broadzvay, Yonkers, N. Y. 

George Dacre Bleything 
159 E. y8 

©James Peter Boyd, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1867, Prof. Albany Med. 

i^^2 U^ashington Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Richard C. Brandeis,* A.B. 


Walter Abram Brooks* 
©Frederick Samuel Buckingham, 

LL.B. Harvard 1874 and N. Y. 
Univ. 187s 

Laketnood, N. J. 
©Herbert Cutler Bullard, A.M. 

Brown 1866 

North Attleboro, Mass. 
Archibald Campbell 

Sanford Hall, Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Charles Walter Chamberlain,* 

A.B. Brown 1S67 aet. 40 * 1888 




®Edward Baron Chandler 

Moncton, N. B., Canada 
Clement Cleveland, A.B. 

Harvard 1867, A.M. 1870 

g25 Park Ave. 
Henry Cochran 
Fetternian Wein Conn* 


Joseph Felix Corrigan, A.B. 

Mt. St. Mary's Coll. 1865, A.M. 
1867, and Ph.D. 1883 

St. Leo, Fla. 
Henry Miller Cox,* A.B. 

Union 1867 *i904 

Horatio Nelson Crane,* M.D. 

Michigan 1870 aet. 26 *i875 

Ernest Watson Cushing (educ), 

A.B. Harvard 1867, LL.D. Tufts 
Coll. 1889, Prof. Tufts Coll. Med. 

16S Neivhury, Boston, Mass. 
Bennett Franklin Davenport, 

A.B. Harvard 1867, A.M. 1870, and 

M.D. 1871 

67 Coolidge Hill Rd., Watertoivn, 


James Flenry Davenport,* A.B. 

Harvard 1868, A.M. and M.D. 1871 

aet. 32 *i878 

William Burr Dimning,* A.B. 

Yale 1863 

Henry Thiirloe Elliot (f) 

Greene, N. Y. 
Eustace Whipple Fisher,* A.B. 

and A.M. C. C. N. Y. 1863 

aet. 51 *i894 

0Charles Forbes, B.S. 

Rochester 1864 (see p. 45) 

1652 Main, Rochester, N. Y. 
George Bingham Fowler,* A.B. 

(Hon.) C. C. N. Y. 1894 (see p. 4S) 

aet. 60 *i907 

Thomas Rushmore French 

Prof. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1876— 
150 loraleinon, Bklyii. 

John James Friedrich 

Edwin Alonzo Goodridge, A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1869 

Flushing, N. Y. C. 
John Frederic Schiller Gray* 


John Price Harley (phar) 
Theodore Romeyn Hornblower,* 

A.M. and Ph.D. elsewhere 

Jacob Frank Howe 

33^y2 Ninth, Bklyn. 
George Huntington 

Hopewell lunction, N. Y. 
Francis Linsly Ives* 

aet. 62 *i9ia 

Charles Jewett,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1864, A.M. 1867, 
and Sc.D. 1894 aet. 72 *i9io 

Champion Hiram Judson 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Francis Parker Kinnicutt, A.B. 

Harvard 1868, A.M. 1872 (see 
p. 58) 

39 E. 35 
Hugo Kuenstler* 

aet. 37 •1883 

Daniel Lewis, A.B. 

Alfred 1869, A.M. 1872, M.D. 1886, 
and LL.D. 1902, Pres. N. Y. Med. 
Soc. 1890, Prof. Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch. N. Y. 
616 Madison Ave. 

Thomas Alexander McBride,* 

A.B. elsewhere (see p. 62) aet. 40 *i886 

Robert Emmet McCauley 

Apollo, Pa. 
Arthur H. McFarland, A.B. 


Edward Lewis Chichester Mac- 

aet. 27 *i879 

Philip James Maguire* 

aet.54 *i899 

Matthew Derbyshire Mann 

(EDUC), A.B. 'Yale 1867, A.M. 
1870 Prof. LTniv. Buffalo (see p. 64) 

37 Allen, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Joseph Wilkins Marsee, A.B. 


Edward Elias Mather, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1868, A.M. 1871 
WilUvuistoivn, Mass. 

Archibald Mercer, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1868, A.M. 1871 

31 Washington, Nezvark, N. J. 
Cyrus Strong Merrill, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1867, A.M. 1870 
348 State, Albany, N. Y. 

Francis Johnston Metcalfe* 

aet. 42 *i892 

Albert Judson Minor 
William Seth Mitchell, A.M. 





Henry Moeller 

341 W. 57 
Henry Smith Noble, A.B. 

Ttifts Coll. 1869. LL.D. 1905 
Middleio-ivn, Conn. 

Edwin De Witt Nooney* 


John Francis Oaks,* Ph.C. 

Michigan 1869 aet. 60*1911 

®Jackson Brainard Pellet 

Hamburg, N. J. 
0Tohn Edwin Pope, A.B. 

Emory Coll. 1868, A.M. 1871 

Athens, Ga. 
John D. Ouackenbos, A.B. 1868 
William Rankin, Jr.,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1868, A.M. 1874 

aet. so *i904 

John Orlando Roe, M.D. 

Michigan 1870 

44 Clinton Ave. S., Rochester, N. Y. 
Clarence Satterlee* 

aet. 41 *i89i 

William John Scott* 
Marshall Shaw* 

aet. 26 *i873 

Charles Simpson,* A.B. 

and A.M. Hamline 1S69 *i907 

Henry Melville Smith* 

aet. so *i902 

Tames Wesley Smith* 

•' aet. 43*1883 

George Monroe Steele, B.S. 

Ripon Coll. 1869, A.M. 1885, Pres. 
Wise. Med. See. 1886 

Oshkosh, Wise. 
Alexander Strong 

267 W. 52 
(2)Augustus Walter Suiter, A.M. 

(Hon.) Union 1893, Pres. N. Y. 

Med. Soc. 1 89 1 

105 Court, Herkimer, N. Y. 

Henry Storer Swan 

Lakeville, Mass. 
Mahlon Elwin Swartz 

359 W. 4^ -^ ,^ 

William Clark Telford* 

aet. 35 *i884 

®yames Luther Terry, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1868 

4443 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Livingston Trudeau,* 

M.S. (Hon.) 1899. LL.D. McGill^ 
1904 (see p. 23) 1904 

George Alexander Van Wagenen 

A.B. Princeton 1868, A.M. 1871 
Med. Dir. Mut. Benefit Life Ins. 

loi N. 6, Newark, N. J. 
William Barry Wallace* 

aet. S3 *i89S 

Edward Turnbull Ward 
William Hilton Warn,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1869 aet. 36 *i882 

E. Jansen Westfall,* A.B., A.M. 

and Ph.G. elsewhere aet. 59 *i9o6 

Charles Boaz Whitfield,* A.B. 

North Carolina i8s8, A.M. 1861 

aet. 67 "ipoS 

Richard Dewees Wilcox 

Simon Peter Wise 
Millersburg, O. 


Daniel Simmons Adams* 

aet. 60 *i907 

L[emuel] Bolton Bangs (educ), 

Prof. N. Y. Univ. 
40 E. 41 

George Warner Bartow* 

aet. 68 '1907 

Guy Carleton Bayley 

131 Academy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
James William Belvin 

(SiEdward Sherburne Blanchard 

Charlottetozvn, P. E. I., Canada 
Peter Anthony Edward Boetzkes 
Thomas Neylor Bradfield,* 

D.D.S. elsewhere aet. 49 *i 891 

®William Gunton Budington, 

A.B. Yale 1867 
223 JV. 23 

William Tillinghast Bull,* A.B. 

Harvard 1869, A.M. 1872 (see p. 

34) aet. 60 *i909 

William Busse 

Norman Call (ret), A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1869, A.M. 1872 
Brnnszvick, Me. 

®Enrique Caminero, A.B. 


Santiago, Cuba 
Pantaleon Candidus* 

aet. 76 *igo7 

Thomas Augustus Carson 




®Henry Skelton Carter, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1869, A.M. 1872 
130 E. 24 

Harvey Henderson Chase 
Linden, Mich. 

Dennis Church, Jr. 

Franklin Chase Clark, A.B. 

Brown 1869, A.M. 1872 

j8 Baines, Providence, R. I. 

Frederick Halsey Conger* 


Richard Bonnet Coutant 
Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Charles Livingstone Dey 

Crosswicks, N. J. 

Gabriel Rafael Diaz 
Charles Russell Doane* 

aet. 44 •1884 

Coert Du Bois,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1868, A.M. 1871 

aet. 44 *i89i 

William Willis Durden 

Winona, Miss. 
Barnard Ellis 
John Edwin Ensell* 


®Mathias Figueira, A.B. 

Coimbra (Portugal) 1865, M.D. Bell. 

Hosp. Med. Coll. 1874 

14 Stuyvesant Ave., Bklyn. 

Martin Joseph Fleming, A.B. 

Fordham 1868, A.M. 1869 
56 Jerome, Bklyn. 

George Clarence Gage* 

aet. 52 *i903 

James A. Gladstone 

Andes, N. Y. 
William T. Guden* 

aet. 44 *i890 

George Weeks Hale, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1869, A.M. 1872 
Hitchcock Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

Henry Prentiss Harvey,* M.D. 

Mobile Med. Coll. 1871 *i892 

James Joseph Healy* 


®Joseph Solomon Heine, Jr. 

1782 W. 8, Bklyn. 
Jfosephl Julio Henna, 

Grad. St. Raphael Coll. (W.I.) 
Chevalier Legion d'Honneur 

24 IV. 72 

Edward Karck Henschel* 

aet. 39 '1890 

Charles Hitchcock, Ph.B. 

Brown 1869 

61 E. 65 
Wyatt Hollingsworth, M.D. 

Alabama Med. Coll. 

Allan Clark Hutton* 

aet. 67 *i9o8 

Samuel Beach Jones, Jr.,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Princeton 1881 aet. 67 *igio 

0William Rollo Kinmonth 

Farmingdale, N. J. 
John Deare Kline, A.M. 


Louis Griffin Knox, D.V.S. 

elsewhere 1884 
Danbury, Conn. 

0Henry August Kornemann 
263 Fifteenth, Newark, N. J. 

John Stanislaus Martin,* A.M. 


Martin Sims Matheny 

Alfred Walter Maynard 

166 W. 94 
William Patrick Meagher* 

(8) John Arthur Montgomery 

Walton, N. Y. 
William Oliver Moore, LL.B. 

N'. Y. Univ. 1904, Prof. Emer. 
Post Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. 
N. Y. 
616 Madison Ave. 

Joseph Varnum Mott* 

aet. S3 *i904 

David Hutchinson Mount,* A.B. 

Princeton 1868, A.M. 1871 *i902 

Denis Dowling Mulcahy* 

aet. 60 *i9oo 

Thomas Joseph Naughton,* A.B. 

and A.M. Worcester Polytech. In- 
stit., LL.B. Albany Law Sch. 1869 

aet. 52 *i89i 

(^Alfred Emanuel Regensburger 

2ogo Pine, San Francisco, Cal. 
®Joel Henry Rieger, A.B. 

Virginia 1871 

g3o Union Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Achilles Rosef 

Knight Greek Order of Saviour 

173 Lexington Ave. 

tFormerly Carl Heinrich Achilles Weider 




John Henry Seabury* 

aet. 51 *i899 

Wellington Brown Searls 

J4 E. WestHeld Ave., Roselle Park, 

George Law Sinclair, M.D, 


25 Tobin, Halifax, N. S., Can. 

Andrew Bartholomew Somers 

(EDUC), Prof. Nebraska Univ. 
42s N. 40, Omaha, Nebr. 

Marcus Frederic Squier 
4 Pleasant PL, Arlington, N. J. 

Samuel Dillingcourt Stilwell 

Samuel Swift,* Ph.B. 

Yale 1868 aet. 50 *i896 

®Thomas Jackson Thompson, 

A.B. Kenyon Coll. 1869 

13a Higashi, Yamati, Nagasaki, 

®John Ross Thomson 

S12 Seventeenth Ave., Nashville, 

Cornelius Oilman Trow,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1870, A.M. 1873 *i9io 

Charles Prentice Uhle,* A.B^. 

Princeton 1870 aet. 33 *i888 

Charles Diedrich Van Romondt, 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1879 

Pompton Plains, N. J. 
John Stagg Webb* 

aet. 22 *i872 

Henry Bentley Webster, Jr. 

Kentville, N. S., Canada 
Nicholas Williamson,* A.M. 

(Hon.) Rutgers Coll. 1869, M.D. 
N. Y. Univ. 1871, Licentiate Royal 
Coll. P. and S. of Edinburgh 1879 

aet. 54 *i902 

Robert Bruce Wilson* 

act. 59 *i896 

Enoch Day Woodbridge,* A.B. 

-" ■ - '" aet. 39 *i887 

Yale 1868 



Egbert Tilton Andrews 

Gray, Me. 
Frederick William Bennett* 

aet. 36 *i885 

Hermann Berendt* 

Edward John Bermmgham, A.M. 

(Hon.) N. Y. Univ. 1878 
3/6 Fifth Ave. 

Gerrit Franklin Blauvelt, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1868 
Nyack, N. Y. 

Charles Erskine Brayton 

Stonington, Conn. 
James Albert Breakell 

Cross River, N. Y. 
Charles Henry Brockway 

Worcester, Mass. 

Joseph Scribner Burns (ret), 

A.B. Yale 1868, A.M. 1872 
38 River, Braintree, Mass. 

Charles William Burton,* A.B. 

Tufts Coll. 1869, A.M. 1873 

aet. 69 *i907 

William Morris Butler (educ), 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1870, A.M. 
1876, Prof. N. Y. Horn. Med. Coll. 
507 Clinton Ave., Bklyn. 

Thomas Maurice Calnek 

William Murdock Cameron* 


Archibald M. Campbell, A.B. 


Harrie P. Chace* 


Frederic Wilcox Chapin,* A.B. 

Harvard 1870 aet. 61 *i9io 

Frederick E. Clark 

36 EUicott PL, Nezv Brighton, 

N. Y. C. 
Apollos Comstock,* A.B. 

Yale 1859 

423 Fourth Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Richmond Bullock Elliott (sec), 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1859, A.M. 1862 
3120 Broadzvay 

Joseph Peter Couse,* M.D. 

Michigan '1900 

Ernest Cleveland Coxe,* A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1871 aet. 32 *i882 

James Edwin Crisfield* 


John Beverly Crowell,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1870 aet 60*1910 

Charles Benjamin Cutter* 


0Charles Romeyn Dake 
Belleville, III. 




Nathaniel Babcock Darling 

125 St. Felix, Bklyn. 

®Silas Augustus Davenport 

(Rev.), A.B. Yale 1868, S.T.B. 
Princeton, 1870, and Union Theol. 
Sem. 1871 

Okeson, Pa. 

Henry Ganett Voorhees de Hart 
23 Railroad Ave., White Plains, 
N. Y. 

Nelson Henry Drake* 


Elmer Bertly Eddy 
Greenville, R. I. 

Arthur Mead Edwards (ret) 

Edwin Field 
Red Bank, N. J. 

Frederick Forchheimer (educ), 

Prof. Univ. Cincinnati 

2428 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
George Cornell Freeborn* 

(see p. 46) aet. 62 *i9ii 

®Richard Watson Fry, M.D. 

Virginia 1872 

Drazver 777, Roanoke, Va. 
Vivian Pendleton Gaines, M.D. 

Alabama 1872, Memb. Am. State Bd. 

Mobile, Ala. 
Frank F. Gow 
Schuylerville, N. Y. 

Edward Vaughan Granger 

Richardson Gray (Rev.) 

Beattystoivn, N. J. 
0John Ford Hagar 

88 Ferry, Neivark, N. I. 
Philander A. Harris 

45S Park Ave., Paterson, N. J. 
George Hart* 

aet. 35 *i883 

James Augustus Hart (ret) 
Geneva, N. Y. 

Thomas Francis Healy* 


William Henry Hodgman* 


®George Payne Holman, Jr. 
San Saba, Tex. 

Edwin Jenkins Howe,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1870, A.M. 1878 

aet. s6 *i90S 

Henry Hughes, B.S. 

Penn. State Med. Coll. 1869 

Long Branch, N. J. 
Joseph Hill Hunt* 

aet. 63 *i9oi 

James Polk Jackson,* M.D. 

St. Louis Med. Coll. 1868 •1901 

John Wesley Jackson,* M.D. 

St. Louis Med. Coll. aet. 55 *i890 

Charles Boyd Kelsey, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1870, Prof* N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Med. School (see p. 57) 
44 E. 29 

Charles Augustus Kinch, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1870 

74 W. 69 
Julius Koch* 


Landon Rives Longworth,* 

A.B. Harvard 1867 aet. 32 '1879 

Thomas McCosker* 

aet. 41 'iSSe 

Ansil Smith Mclntire* 

Maitland Lorenzo Mallory* 

James Irving Marcley,* A.M. 

elsewhere *i90i 

Francis Martin,* M.D. 

Buffalo 1868 *i894 

Edward Flarvey Maynard 
Nyack, N. Y. 

Albert Merritt* 

aet. 38 *i874 

William Frederick Mittendorf 
140 Madison Ave. 

0Jesse Shivers Montgomery, 

A.B. Mississippi 1868, Miss. Leg. 

Starkville, Miss. 
Charles Hampton Moore,* A.B. 

and A.M. Princeton 1870 aet. 32 *i883 

®Henry Christian Miiller 

Santa Fe, N. Mex. 
Franklin Avery Munson* 


Angel Joseph Navarro, B.M. 


®Robert Fanning Noyes 

53 Jackson, Providence, R. I. 
Wallace Kilbourne Oakes,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1870, A.M. 1874 

aet. 60 *i9io 




Matthew Charles O'Connor, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1869 

S82 State, New Haven, Conn. 

James Francis O'Reilly 

George L. Peabody, A.B. 1870 

John Edward Perry 
Wakefield, R. I. 

David Phillips* 

aet. 39 *i89i 

Andrew Martin Pierce* 

aet. 53 *1905 

Enrique Carlos Rafael 

0William Hewstone Raymenton 
Worcester, Mass. 

Joseph Redfearn, Jr. 
32 W. Main, Marlborough, Mass. 

Charles Augustus Ring,* A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1868, A.M. 1871, 
M.D. Maine Med. Sch. 1872 *i904 

Charles Clark Rublee* 

aet. 53 *i905 

Charles Frederick Schmidt* 

aet. 57 *i907 

James Chester Shafte^ 

(8>Harry Marion [Lucas] Sims 

loi E. 61 
Sidney Isaac Small,* M.D. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1872 *i907 

Daniel H. Smith 

34 W. 37 
Thomas Henry Smith* 
William David Spencer* 


Robert Staehlin* 

aet. 35 •1887 

Vung Piau Suvoong 
Charles Turner Torrey, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1870 

Plympton, Mass. 
John Meeker Townsend 
TruDiansburg, N. Y. 

Edmund Van Wyck* 

Hamilton Berrien Walker* 


William Charles Walser 
New Brighton, N. Y. C. 
Theodore Benjamin Wettling,* 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1867 aet. 69 *i9i2 

Marshall Whiting,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1862, A.M. 1865 

aet. 58 »i898 

J[ames] Manning Winslow 
Cold Spring-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Joseph Coddington Young, Jr. 
964 Broad, Neivark, N. J. 


Robert Abbe, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1870 (see p. 28) 
13 i^. 50 

Frank Anderson, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 187 1. Med. Dir. 
U. S. N. 

1628 Nineteenth, Washington, 

D. C. 

Lehman Preston Ashmead, Jr.* 
James Pervine Atwood, M.D. 

Williamett 1870 

Baker, Ore. 
Walter Clifton Bannard 
1510 Fifth Ave., Ft. Worth, Tex. 

0Joseph W. Battershall 

Attlcboro, Mass. 
Edward Perry Bowles 

Wolfville, N. S., Canada 
Charles Washington Bray 

Portland, Me. 

Henry Gaylord Buckingham* 


William Ebenezer Bullard, M.D. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1872 
Larchinont, N. Y. 

Felix A. Campuzano 

George Francis Carey* 

aet. 66 *i902 

(S)Eduardo Casalduc 
Anasco, Porto Rico 
Isaac B. Cowen* 


Newton Freeman Curtis, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1871, A.M. 1874 

JVhite Plains, N. Y. 
Alfred Sanford Dana* 


Loomis Le Grand Danforth 

(EDUC), Prof. N. Y. Homeo. Med. 

49 ^V- 52 

George A. Davie* 




James Joseph Delany* 

aet. 33 "isse 

Richard George Philip Dieffen- 
i8s Hunterdon, Newark, N. J. 
Edward Talbot Ely,* A.B. 

Rochester 1871 aet. 35 'iSSs 

George Abraham Evans,* 

Grad. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1869 

aet. 65 *i9io 

Porter Farley, A.B. 

Union 1861 

7/79 St. Paul, Rochester, N. Y. 
Joseph Fewsmith [Jr.], A.B. 

Yale 1871 

47 Central Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Thomas Joseph Ingoldsby Ford,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1871 '1887 

Arthur Mott Haight 

Climax, Mich. 
Junius Merwin Hall 

71 Washington PL, Chicago, III. 
Edward Mitchell Harding 

Hotel Pelham, Boston, Mass. 
Henry Newton Heineman,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1871, M.D. Munich 

aet. 55 *i9o8 

John [S.] Van Rensselaer Hoff, 

A.B. Union 1871, A.M. 1874, M.D. 
Albany Med. Coll. 1871, LL.D. 
Buchnell 1897 

2II2 Massachusetts Ave., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Charles Alonzo Flolbrook 

William Bird Hull 

0Leonard Huntress, Jr., A.B. 

Harvard 1870 

46 Ft. Hill Ave., Lowell, Mass. 

Francis Hustace, A.B. 1871 

Nicholas Conover Jobs,* A.B. 

Cornell 1873 aet. 39 *i889 

Wheldon N. Jones 

Charles Montgomery Kellogg 

Kinderhook, N. Y. 

(8>Theodore F. Kerr 

Cooperstown, N. Dak. 
David Francis King 

651 Lexington Ave. 
Charles Huntoon Knight, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1871, A.M. 1878 
55 E 93 

Charles Henry Langdon* 

aet. 47 *I90S 

Walter Elliot Lauderdale [Jr.] 

Gcneseo, N. Y. 
John Willard Lee, A.B. 

Kenyon Coll. 187 1 

® James N. Lewis 

Ashazvay, R. I. 
Burnett Clinton Maclntyre 

137 IV. 7S 
William May 
George Reuben Metcalf,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1872, A.M. 1875 

aet. 57 *i905 

Lewis Miller,* A.B. 

Randolph-Macon Coll. 1849 

Charles Frederic William Myers* 


Alexander Frederic Newman* 


Isidor P. Oberndorfer,* A.B. 

Charles Oscar Olmstead* 
Frederic Samuel Osborn* 

aet. 24 *i876 

George Washington Papen (l) 

26S Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
George William Rachel* 

aet. 53 *i898 

Frank L. Radcliffe* 


Barna Edmond Radeker 

Deposit, N. Y. 
John Augustus Ray* 

aet. 40 *i892 

Samuel D. Rhodes 

Arthur Hopkins Rice 

Starkville, Miss. 
Josiah Clinton Ricker* 
Robert Henry Saunders* 


Thomas Rutherford Savage 

131 IV. 119 
John Cargill Shaw* 

aet. 55 *i900 

Edwin Daniel Simpson* 

aet. 52 *i905 

Charles Peck Smith* 

0Charles Livingston Squire 
4og E. Church, Elmira, N. Y. 




Gustavus Adolphus Frederich 

aet. 37 *i892 

Gustave Mozart Stoeckel,* A.B. 

Yale 1871, A.M. 1874 aet. 51 'igoo 

Douglas Rudd Sutherland* 

Robert Swan, Jr.,* A.B. 1871 

James Russell Taber 

^63 Ryerson, Bklyn. 
Cantine Hasbrouck Ten Eyck* 


Henry Mariano Thorne* 

aet. 34 *i886 

Daniel IMountfort Tolford* 

aet. 37 *i883 

Thomas M. Trego,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1870, A.M. 1873 

aet. 63 *i9i I 

Cornelius Van Keuren* 

aet. 55 *i898 

William Wirt Wendover, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1871, M.D. Roosevelt 
Hosp. 1875 
Wanvick, N. Y. 

John Blake White 

1013 Madison Ave. 

Joseph Wiener* 

aet. 76 *i904 

Cornelius Williams 

136 IV. Fourth, St. Paul, Minn. 

Frederick Newton Winans 
Franklin, N. Y. 

Henry Worthington,* A.M. 

elsewhere aet. 49 *i90i 

Abraham Philip Zemanskv, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1871 

Bay 24, Bklyn. 


Thomas Herbert Allen 

150 W. 59 
<2>Joseph Longworth Anderson 

Manchester, Ky. 

Joseph Daniel Anway 
321 E. 43, Chicago, III. 

Morgan Willcox Ayres 
465 Park, Montclair, N. J. 

Daniel Edmond Barry* 

aet. 60 *i9io 

Burnham Roswell Benner 

Lowell, Mass. 

Albert Osborn Bogert* 

aet. 59 *i9io 

0Alfred Victor Brailly 

2r5 W. nS 
(8>George Edwin Brow^n 

2S5 Alain, Hackensack, N. J. 

Stephen Smith Burt (educ), 

A.M. (Hon.) Yale 1890, Prof. N. Y. 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

2ig IV. 44 
G[onzalo] Edward Buxton, 

M.D. Harvard 1876, L.M. Rotunda 
Hosp. (Ireland) 1883 

14}- 1 Broad, Providence, R. I. 
George Edward Carpenter,* A.B. 

Brown 1873, A.M. 1878 aet. 44 * 1893 

0James Harmer Casey (ret) 

Liberty., Mo. 

Alonzo Gidlev Chadsey* 

aet. 31 *i88i 

James Chasey 

Long Brancli, N'. I. 

Frank Avery Coates,* A.B. 

Brown 1872, A.M. 1875 *i9io 

John Joseph Cochran* 

aet. 38 *i89i 

Edmond DeWitt Converse, M.D. 

Northwestern 1874 

3038 Groveland Ave., Chicago, III. 
Heman Dunbar Copley* 

aet. 45 *i896 

^Michael Aloysius Cremin,* A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1871, A.M. 
187:; L.M. Royal Rotunda Hosp. 
(Ireland) aet. 43 *i895 

George Henry Cummings,* A.B. 

Bowdoin 1782, A.M. 1875 aet. 53 *i903 

D[avid] Bryson Delavan 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1872, Pres. 

Russell Sage Inst. Path., Hon. Pres. 

Continental Anglo-American Med. 
Soc. (see p. 41) 

I E. 33 
Joseph De Vore 

Orange City, Fla. 
George Morris Dillow, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1868 

250 IV. 57 
Francis Duffy. M.D. 

Virginia 1868 

New Bern, N. C. 




George Michael Edebohls,* A.B. 

Fordham 187 1, A.M. 1886, and 
LL.D. 1903 aet. 55 *i9o8 

Richard Biddle Faulkner 
S06 Diamond Bank Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Chauncey Mitchell Field,* A.B. 

Princeton 1871, A.M. 1874 *i89S 

Crawford Ellsworth Fritts* 

aet. 53 *i904 

Jacob Fuhs 

871 Park PI, Bklyn. 

Eugene French Gage* 

aet. 34 *i885 

John Frederick Golding* 

aet. 49 *i903 

Frank Sargent Grant 

300 W. 93 
Edward Gray, A.B. 

Yale 187 1 
Eldridge, Cal. 

G. Harrison Gray* 

aet. 38 *i887 

Frank Bertangue Green* 

aet. 38 •1887 

®Nelson Henry Griffin 

Cairo, N. Y. 
Chester Webb Harvey 
AnaJieim, Cal. 

Ernesto Maximilian Hegewisch 

Samuel Hendrickson 
46 Bergen Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. C. 

Benjamin Leggett Holt, A.B. 

Yale 1872 

770/ Bath, Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Erastus Eugene Holt, M.D. 

Bowdoin CoVl. 1874, A.M. (Hon.) 
Colby Coll. 1897, LL.D. Maine 1904 
Portland, Me. 

Harmon George Howe, M.D. 

Vermont 1873 

137 High, Hartford, Conn. 

Walter Lowrie Hunt 
150 State, Bangor, Me. 

Nathaniel Gerhard Hutchison* 

aet. 24 *i877 

Edward Joseph 111 

700.? Broad, Nezvark, N. J. 

Henry Louis Irish 
Turner, Me. 

Walter Addison Jayne (educ). 

Prof. Colorado Univ., Fres. Colo. 

State Med. Soc. 

416 McPhee Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Charles Garret Johnston* 

aet. 44 *i889 

Lionel Benedict Joseph* 


William Thaddeus Keeler* 

aet. 42 *i89i 

John Calvin Kendall, A.B. 

Yale 1870 

Norfolk, Conn. 
George Luther Kent* 

aet. 35 *i882 

lohn Beach Knapp 

25 ly- 75 
Amos Knight,* M.D. 

Charity Hosp. Med. Coll. (Cleve- 
land) 1867 and Rush Med. Coll. 

Henry Krollpfeiffer* 

aet. 63 *i9ii 

Monroe Budd Long* 

aet. 60 *i9io 

Howard Williams Longyear, 

Ex. Pres. Detroit Bd. Health 
7699 leiferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Robert Knight Lordly* 

aet. 37 *i887 

William Piatt McLaury,* A.B. 

Union 1869, A.M. 1872 *i90i 

William Joseph P. Mackey* 
Albert Warner Mallalieu* 
<8>Luther Orrin Martin, A.B. 


70 Chester, SpringHeld, Mass. 
John DeWitt Nelson 

35S IV. 51 
John Henry Nesbitt* 

aet. 56 *i9io 

Harris Burnett Osborn, M.D. 

Mich. 1861 and Bell. Hosp. Med. 
Coll. 1867, Pension Examiner 
Kalama::oo, Mich. 

George Alexander Oviatt, A.B. 

Yale 1872 

S. Sudbury, Mass. 
Arthur Richards Paine. A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1871, A.M. 1874 
379 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 




Edward Lasell Partridge, A.M. 

(Hon.) Williams Coll. 1880 (see 
p. 70) 

19 Fifth Ave. 
Edward Henry Peaslee (b), A.B. 

Yale 1872, M.D. Bell. Hosp. Med. 
Coll. 1875 

1/ Washington Sq., N. 
John Condit Pennington,* A.B. 

Princeton 1871, A.M. 1874 

aet. 46 *i897 

0Jeremiah D. Phelan 

360 Forty-fifth, Bklyn. 
William Henry Powell 

Kasota, Minn. 
John Warren Rice 

88 Livingston Ave., New Bruns- 

zvick, N. J. 

Harry Edward Richards (mf), 

A.B. and A.M. Princeton 1873 

759 Franklin, Bloomfield, N. J. 
Jacob Irving Roe 

34 N. IVasIiiugton, Wilkes-Barre, 

John Alexander Rogers, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1872 

Charles Bulkley Roof* 

aet. 34 *i88i 

0Philip Marcellus Ryan 

Halifax, N. S., Canada 
®George Schlereth 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Arthur Raymond Simmons,* 

A.B. Amherst Coll. 1871 *i904 

Edward Beardslee Skellenger 
851 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

Henry George Small, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1871 

126 Rcid Ave., Bklyn. 

Edward Phythian Smith 

George Atherton Spalding,* A.B. 

Yale 1872 aet. 57 *i9o6 

Gottlieb Stein, M.D. 

Berlin 1884 

John Edwin Stillwell 

g W. 49 
Cleveland Stuart Stilwell (re) 

Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
Charles Edwin Swasey 

George Brooks Swasey 
Portland, Me. 

John Higgins Swasey* 

aet. 58 "1907 

James Symington, Jr. 
Erederick Coolidge Talcott* 

aet. 28 "1878 

Stanley Davis Terry 

4 ^^. 50 
Edgar Rudolphus Troxell 

Pittston, Pa. 
William Augustus Valentine, 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1872, A.M. 1875 
JI5 iy- 74 

Eernando Forrester Walker 
Newell Perry Warner* 
John Erastus Weaver, B.S. 

Syracuse 1872, M.S. 1875 

i6s Meigs, Rochester, N. Y. 
0William Seward Webb 

5^ E. 44 
William Henry Welch, LL.D. 

1904, A.B. Yale"i870, M.D. (Hon.) 
Penn. 1894, LL.D. Western Reserve 
1894, Yale 1896, Harvard 1900, 
Tororto and Princeton 1903, Prof. 
Johns Hopkins 

'S07 St. Paul, Baltimore, Md. 
Erederick W^eygandt 

Pharmaceut. degree Bd. Phar. Darm- 
stadt (Germany) 1866 

643 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 
William John Whelan, M.D. 

Chicago Med. Coll. 1866 
Youngstown, O. 

Thomas Hastings Wight* 

aet. 34 *i883 

Edward Payson Williams* 


James Little Wilson,* A.B. 

Princeton 1872, A.M. 1875 "iSSs 

Halsey Lathrop Wood, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1870, A.M. 1873 

OJohn Elihu Woodruff, A.B. 

Princeton 1872, A.M. 1875 
34 ^V. 21 


Joseph Alfred Andrews 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Erank Amandus Beck,* 

Grad. N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1872 

aet. 32 •1883 

Russell Eranklin Benson [Jr.], 

M.D. N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 1877 

2 St. Paul's PL, Troy, N. Y. 




William Bogardus Berry,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i896 

OArthur [S.] Bird, A.B. 

Harvard 1872 

//J Madison Ave. 

^Frederick William Bissett 

South River, N. J. 
John Harrison Blanks,* M.D. 

Alabama Med. Coll. 1874 

Alonzo Blauvelt, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1873 

Thomas Blanch Bloomfield* 

aet. 60 *i905 

Algernon Thomas Bristow 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1873, Clin. 
Prof. L. I. Med. Coll. 
234 Clinton, Bklyn. 

Augustus Frederick Biichler 

616 Madison Ave. 
Francis Dudley Buck, Ph.B. 

Yale 1869 
15^ IV. 48 

John Burnett* 
Henry Miller Burns 

328 IV. 45 
Stephen Elijah Churchill 

Stamford, N. Y. 
David Branch Clark* 

aet. 67 *i907 

0Frank Pierce Clark 

34 Main, D anbury, Conn. 
^Alexander Sanford Clarke, 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad. 1864, M.D. 
France 1887 

Newport, R. I. 
Henry Ashland Clay* 


Seth Delbert Close* 

aet. 56 *I907 

John Joseph Crane,* A.B. 

Princeton 1873, A.M. 1876 

aet. 49 *i9oo 

Franz Dastler* 

David Henrv Davison, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. i'873 
1062 Madison Ave. 

LeGrand Norton Denslow 

Benjamin Franklin Dexter* 

<S> James Moore Donnelly 

128 Fifth Ave., Lansingburgh, N. Y. 
George Washington Duryee 

Ellsworth Stiles Ellis 
Manistee, Mich. 

Etienne Evetzky* 


Edward Bond Foote [Jr.] 
120 Lexington Ave. 

Alfred Friedman 
520 W. 139 

Alonzo Marston Garcelon, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1872. Memb. Me. Leg. 
1893-4, State Senate 
Leiviston, Me. 

Henry Bascombe Garner* 

aet. 32 "iSSs 

Frederick Pratt Griswold 
481 Broad, Meriden, Conn. 
William Abbott Hamilton,* A.B. 

Yale 1868 aet. 35 *i88i 

Joseph Brock Harrison, M.D. 

Alabama Med. Coll. 1875 

WestRcld, N. J. 
Joseph Healy, M.D. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1875 

Richard Leopold Hoelger 

4 E. 85 
Adams Clay Hoffman* 


George S. Knickerbocker, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1873 
14s W. 1 28 

Newell Egbert Landon* 

aet. 54 *i9o6 

William Potter Langvvorthy* 


Charles Ward Lewis* 


Daniel Stanley Lyons 
223 E. 30 

Frederick Augustus Lyons,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1873, A.M. 1876 

aet. 56 *i9io 

Michael Allan MacDonald 

Sydney, N. S., Canada 
xA.lfred Masters 

Abraham Mayer 

40 E. 60 
Clarence Clifton Miles 

Greenport. N. Y. 
Theodore Denton Mills, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1874, A.M. 1877 

60 IV. Main, Middlctown, N. Y. 




Lewis Willis Minor* 


William Denison Morgan, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1872, A.M. 1876 

loS Farmington Ave., Hartford, 

Frank Armington Morrill 

Somerset, Mass. 
John James [Martin] Neville 

Midland Park, N. J. 
Russell Henry Nevins 
Henry Simon Oppenheimer 

// E. 43 
Isaac Oppenheimer, A.B. 

c. c. N. Y. 1873 

60 E. 67 

De Loyd Otis* 

aet. 25 *i876 

®William Leroy Paddock, A.B. 

Colgate 1873 

7 North, Pittsfield, Mass. 
Frank Parsons* 

aet. 26 •1878 

Myron Randal Chauncey Peck,* 

B.S. Rutgers Coll. 1873 'iSgo 

Clarence Colgrove Perry 
Edmund Luther Pettingill,* 

A.B. Yale 1S71 *i88i 

Eugene Philippe 

George Byington Pratt (mf) 

William Radloff 

Robert George Remsen,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1873 aet. 44*1898 

William Rhame 

iVantagh, N. Y. 
Thomas P. Ryan* 


®William Rynne. A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1873, A.M. 1876 

^35y2 Congress, Portland, Me. 
Albert Henry Smith 

Camden, N. Y. 
E[dwin] Fayette Smith, A.B. 

Colgate 187 1 
Morristown, N. J. 

George De Forest Smith 

43 E- 2S 
Jared Knapp Smith 
Charles Frederick Stillman,* 

B.S. Rutgers Coll. 1873 aet. 38 •1892 

Philip Taylor 

1811 Monument Ave., Richmond, 

Franklin Townsend, Jr.,* B.S. 

Williams Coll. 1873, A.M. 1882 

aet. 40 *i89S 

Lawrence De Forest Trow- 

aet. 38 *i889 

®George Edward Twiss 

Slwling, Plants (Hampshire) Eng- 

Lachlan Tyler* 

aet. so *i902 

Spencer Van Dalsen* 

aet. 52 *I90S 

Samuel Oakley Vander Poel, 
Jr.,* A.M. 

Rutgers Coll. 1873, M.D. Albany 
Med. Coll. 1880 aet. 59 *i9i2 

Jacob Arthur Van Houten* 

aet. 27 *i88o 

Edward Field Walker 
Providence, R. I. 

John Augustus Walther, B.S. 

C. C. N.'y. 1873 
7969 Seventh Ave. 

David Bovd Ward,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1873, A.M. 1876 

aet. 53 *i907 

0Louis Weigert 
401 U'. sg 

Clarke Albert West,* B.S. 

Georgetown Coll. Ky. 1873 *i899 

William Efner Wheelock (ret), 

LL.B. 1885, A.B. Yale 1873 

5 Morris Ave., Morristoivn, N. J. 

Claude Wilson,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1871 aet. 46 *i896 

Howard Eugene Wilson* 

(^Dwight Sidney Woodworth 
41/ Main, Fitchburg, Mass. 

William George Wright* 

aet. 49 *i9oi 
1877 9^ 

Clovis Adam 

53 South, Jersey City, N. J. 
Benjamin Jarvis Adams, A.B. 


Royal Wells Amidon, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1874, A.M 1877 
Decriield, Mass. 




John Henry Arton 
Frederick Eugene Bassett* 

aet. ss *i909 

Edwin Bentley (educ), M.D. 

N. Y. Univ. 1850, and Bell. Hosp. 
Med. Coll. 1877, Prof. Surg. Ar- 

US E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, 

Elston Hunt Bergen 
2S Mercer, Princeton, N. J. 

WiUiam Randall Birdsall,* M.D. 

Michigan 1876 aet. 41 *i892 

Eugene Blondel,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1867 aet. 37 *i88s 

Rudolph Otto Born 
246 Lexington Ave. 
William Cutler Bowers, A.B. 

Yale 1874, Bd. Pension Exam. 

336 State, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Henry Martyn Bracken, L.R.C.S. 

Edinburgh 1879 

loio FourtJi, S. E., Minneapolis, 

Edward Thomas Bradstreet, 

A.B. Yale 1874 
Meriden, Conn. 

Frank Eugene Brigham 

Salmon Falls, N. H. 
Charles Thomas Buffum, A.B. 

Harvard 1874 

Wainscott, N. Y. 
Henry William Burnard* 

act. 52 *i902 

William Burns,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i8g3 

Wellington Campbell, Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1874 

Short Hills, N. J. 
George Alexander Church* 

aet. 32 *i888 

0Arthur Hyatt Clark 

Worth in g ton, i! linn . 

OWilliam Clarke, M.D. 

Detroit Med. Coll. 1871 

Powers opera Blk., Grand Rapids, 


OJames Gilleland Connell, A.M. 

Wooster 1877 

Forbes Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

John Edward Conway 

Edgar David Coonley, A.B. 

Yale 1871, A.M. 1874 
Port Richmond, N. Y. C. 

Cyrus Ross Cramer (drug) 

Fair port, N. Y. 

Charles Erastus Creal (ret) 
Imperial, Cal. 

Samuel Preston Cropper 
Charles Henry Cumston, A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1870, A.M. 1873 
Briinszvick, Me. 

John William Dalrymple 
Hackettstown, N. J. 

Charles Loomis Dana, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1872, A.M. 187s, 
and LL.D. 1905, Prof Cornell 

53 IV. 53 

Charles Jacob Deitz* 

®George Ansel Edwards 

204 E. Jefferson, Syracuse, A'. Y. 
Harry Lewis Eisner (educ). 

Prof. Syracuse 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Benson Mitchell Feldman 

5T5 Cathedral Parkway 

Henrv Gurdon Fish 

Hope, N. Dak. 

Harlo Adoniram Fiske 

447 Sumner Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Albert Henry Fridenberg 
114 W. 76 

Edward Tinkham Gibson, 

Surg. U. S. Indian Serv. 1889-91, 
and Chief Surg. B. R. T. Co. 1907— 
5/5 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

William Benjamin Goldsmith,* 

A.B. elsewhere aet. 33 *i888 

Joseph Valentine Haberer 

73 West, Utica, N. Y. 

Rodolfo Halsted 
®William Stewart Halsted, 

Sc.D. 1Q04, A.B. Yale 1874, LL.D. 
1904, F.R.C.S. and LL.D. Edin- 
burgh 1 90s (see p. 50) 

I20I Eutazv PL, Baltimore, Md. 
James Wilson Hannum* 

aet. 60 *i9ii 

William Beach Hewett 

227 Clermont Ave., Bklyn. 
John Ten Broeck Hillhouse 

CENG), A.B. Yale 1869, Chief. Eng. 
Yazoo and Miss. Val. R. R. 

23 Broad 




John Remington Hobbie, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1873 

North Adams, Mass. 

Wilfred Hodgson 

Fries, Va. 
Francis Huber, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1873 (see p. 54) 

209 E. 17 
Frederick Childs Jones 
Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Samuel Sigmund Kahn,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1874 "1909 

Samuel George Kerr 
204 E. 60 

James Kossuth King, Ph.D. 

Chicago 1890 

The Glen Springs, IVatkins, N. Y. 
Robert John Kingston, M.D. 

Michigan 1876 

Neiuburgh, N. Y. 

[S.] Henry Kip 

604 E. 25, Paterson, N. J. 

Eugene Berard Laird 

TIaverstraw, N. Y. 

Frank Abner Langworthy,* A.B. 

Yale 1872 aet. 35 *i884 

Charles Eaton Lawton 

Alvah Conant Lewis 
Salt Lake City, U. 

Beverley Livingston,* Ph.B. 

Yale 1874 aet. 31 '1883 

^Robert Logan, M.D. 

Michigan 1876, Ph.B. 1877, L.R.C.P. 

Scotland 1880, M.R.C.S. England 


Ionia, Mich. 

Thomas John Loughlin* 


John Henry Lowman (educ), 

A.B. VVesleyan 1871, A.M. 1874, 
Prof. Western Reserve 

1807 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, 0. 
William Henry Lyons* 

aet. 56 *i900 

Daniel Charles McGuinness 
WiUimantic, Conn. 

John Brady Mclntyre* 


Archibald R. McKellar,* M.D. 

Coll. Med. and Surg. Cincinnati 

Charles Scott McKnight, Jr. 
347 Fifth Ave., Saratoga Springs, 

N. Y. 

John James McNulty 
34 E. 29 

William Wallace MacGregor, 

M.D. Albany Med. Coll. 1874 

Laredo, Tex. 
Daniel ALicIntyre MacMartin* 

aet. 52 *i9o6 

0Elias Dunlevia Maine, A.M. 

Dickinson Coll. 1873 

Sykesville, jV. /. 
Alfred Meyer, A.B. 1874 

0Joseph Meyer 

216 Van Burcn, Bklyn. 
Joseph Gillespie Millspaugh, 

A.M. Hope Coll. 1876, M.D. Mich- 
igan 1876 
Little Falls, Minn. 

John Bacon Moody,* A.B. 


Robert Sylvester Morris, A.B. 

Princeton 1874, A.M. 1877 
149 II'. 88 

®Frank C. Moulding 
JJ'atcrtotvn, Wise. 

George Edmund Munroe, A.B. 

Yale 1874 

126 Madison Ave. 
0George Frederick Newcombe 

Pompton Plains, N. J. 
Richard Cole Newton, A.B. 

Harvard 1874 

42 Church, Montclair, N. J. 
William Kelly Newton* 

aet. 59 *i909 

John Gould Noble, A.B. 

Union 1868, A.M. 1874 
304 IV. 77 

Adolph Julius Nockin 
Frank William Patten,* A.B. 

elsewhere 1874 


John Schoolcraft Perry* 
William Henrv Porter, 

Prof. Emer. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 


Norfolk, Conn. 

Lewis Clover Potter 
109 IV. 138 




Edward C. Prindle (drug), M.D. 

Michigan 1876 

5601 Grove, Oakland, Cal. 

Frank Lee Pufifer (b) 

Bird Island, Minn. 
Charles Nevier Raymond 

147 Reservoir Ave., Providence, 

R. I. 

Edwin Reynolds* 

aet. 58 *i905 

(8>Charles Clarence Rice, 

Dean and Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch. and Hosp. 
81 Irving PI. 

®Montrose Reuben Richard 
114 W. 116 

(2)Huntington Richards, A.B. 

Harvard 1874 

St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. 
John Edward Richardson* 

aet. 51 *i902 

Henry Burnham Savage, M.D. 

L. I. Med. Coll. 1875 
308 IV. 59 
Wilhelm Schelkly 

Henry Berrien Shaw 

16 W. 126 
Horace Preston Sheldon,* A.B. 

Middlebury Coll. 1874 aet. 37 *i89i 

Alexander Odell Snowden 
1058, Main, Peekskill, N. Y. 
Thomas Lathrop Stedman (ed), 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1874, A.M. 1896 
1425 Broadway 

Henry Fowler Stowell 

29 Atkinson, Rochester, N. Y. 
Henry Spring Strickland* 

*igi I 

John Wilson Sutton* 
Robert Bancker Talbot 

73 ^V. 49 
John Oscroft Tansley* 

aet. 60 '1905 

®John Harry Thompson, Jr., 

M.D. Georgetown 1875 

Kansas City, Mo. 
James Bedle Wainwright 

Manasquan, N. J. 
Abraham Guillermo Wendell, 

M.D. elsewhere 

William Asa Wheeler,* A.B. 

Harvard 1874, M.D. Maine Med. 
Sch. 1876 aet. 58 *I9I2 

Homer Harvey White, M.D. 

Michigan 1876 

219 W. Main, Earlville, N. Y. 
John Williams 
Jared Willson, A. B. 


William Hugh Wilson* 
Henry Albert Wolff, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1874, A.M. 1877 

601 IV. 149 
Luther Dana Woodbridge,* 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1872, A.M. 1875 

aet. 48 *i899 

Samuel Stout Wyckoff* 

aet. 35 *i888 

David Zimmerman* 



John Scott Aitkin* 

aet. 41 *i893 

Charles Warrenne Allen* 

aet. SI •1906 

Barnard Arnold 
North Scituate, R. I. 

William Frederick Avemann 

Frederick Ogden Beach 

George Willis Benedict,* A.B. 

Yale 1874 *i907 

John Haskell Billings 

Burton Beach Bloom 

Shokan, N. Y. 
Walter Reeve Bruyere, A.B. 

Princeton 1874, A.M. 1877 

56 E. 59 
John Jay Buckley 

Missoula, Mont. 
(8)John Norris Bull 

Plainville, Conn. 
John Albert Burke 

149 W. 48 
Colonel Bell Burr, 

Pres. Amer. Psychol. Assn. 1906, 
Pres. Mich. State Med. Soc. 191 1 

Flint, Mich. 
Talbot Roland Chambers, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1875 

15 Exchange PL, lersey City, N. I. 




Timothy M. Cheesman, A.B. 

(2>Charles Lamb Clark 

White Bear Lake, Minn. 

0Jacob Bell Cornell, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1872 

Rantan, N. J. 
©Jeremiah Coughlin, Ph.B. 

Michigan 1876, M.D. 1877, A.M. 
St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1878 

Bogota, Colombia, S. A. 
Ellis Wolcott Crater* 


Robert Percy Crookshank 

Rapid City, Manitoba, Canada 
©Walter Demarest, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1874, M.D. Vermont 


Hackensack, N. J. 

Charles Henry Dickinson, Jr. 

Northampton, Mass. 
Addison Soper Diossy, Jr.* 

aet. 36 *i889 

George Arthur Dixon 

15 IV. 49 
©Frederick Bradley Downs 

go6 Lafayette, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Henry Arnold Fairbairn, A.B. 

St. Stephen's Coll. 1875, A.M. 1878, 
and L.H.D. 1910, M-D. Virginia 1877 

24g McDonotigh, Bklyn. 
LeRoy Dwight Farnham 

Binghamton, N. Y. 
Alexander Ming Fisher* 

aet. 25 *i883 

George Hadley Fisher* 

aet. 29 *i883 

Edward Fridenberg* 

aet. 48 *i903 

Flenry Dwight Gardner,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1875 

William Herbert Gerrish,* B.S. 

Maine 1874 

Robert Winning Glassford* 

aet. 52 *i905 

William Frank Greene, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1875 

23 S. I Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Richard John Hall,* A.B. 

Princeton 1875 (see p. 49) aet. 41 *i897 

Thomas William Harvey, A.B. 

Princeton 1875, A.M. 1878 

463 Main, Orange, N. J. 

James Adams Hathaway* 

Edgar Martindale Hermance 
21/ Warburton Ave., Yonkers,N. Y. 

Ellsworth Eliot Hunt,* A.B. 

Princeton 1875 aet. 31 *i886 

©Charles Henry Hunter, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1874, A.M. 1877 

319 First Az'e. S., Minneapolis, 

George Thomas Jackson [Jr.] 

(see p. 55) 
// E. 48 

Walter Buckley Johnson 

I/O Broadzvay, Fatcrson, N. J. 

Flenry Jesse Kenyon 
84 Fleasant, Worcester, Mass. 

Theodore Keune 
70 W. 120 

Gideon Lee Knapp* 

aet. 39 *i895 

William Tell Kudlich 
40S Hudson, Hoboken, N. J. 

William James Farmer* 

aet. 57 *i902 

Charles Henry Lent* 


Alexis Marcy Leon, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1875, A.M. 1878 

79 £■ 56 
©Frank Watlington Lester 

Cascade, Colo. 
William Jerauld Lewis, A.M. 

Olivet Coll. 1883 

no St. Nicholas Ave. 
William Breakey Lewitt, ALD. 

Detroit Med. Coll. 1877, Prof. Univ. 

2yo2 California, San Francisco, 

John Francis Luby, Ph.B. 

Yale 1876 

1210 Chapel, Nezo Haven, Conn. 

William D. McKim, A.B. 

Francis Hector McNaught, 

Prof. Univ. Colorado 
Denver, Colo. 

Chancellor Martin 

Edward Griffith Maupin, M.D. 

Virginia 1877 

151 E. 127 




Charles Phelps Williams Merritt, 

M.S. elsewhere 

®Martiii Van Buren Miller, M.D. 

Alabama Med. Coll. 1872 
Meridian, Miss. 

Samuel Roseburgh Morrow 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1870, A.M. 
1874, Prof. Albany Med. Coll. 
2g S. Hawk, Albany, N. Y. 

Samuel Irving Myers 
/^o Ave. C, Bayonne, N. J. 

George Wheaton Nickerson 
Stoneham, Mass. 

William Perry Northrup 

(EDUC), A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1872, 
A.M. 1875, Prof. N. y. Univ. 

57 E- 79 
Henry Augustus Oaks,* A.B. 

Yale 1875 aet. 33 *i88s 

E. Spencer Pratt 

Thomas Freeman Quinby 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Francis Joseph Quinlan, A.M. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1890 
66 IV. 52 

0James Thomas Reilly 

309 W. 116 
William Guy Richards 

Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Waldo Henry Richardson, B.S. 

Norwich 1876 
122 IV. 13 

John [Frederick] Ridlon 

(EDUC), A.B. Chicago 187s, A.M. 
1878, A.M. (Hon.) Tufts Coll. 1899. 
Prof. Rush Med. Coll. 

7 IV. Madison, Chicago, III. 
George Kerr Roberts, B.S. 

Hobart Coll. 1876 

3S Bank, Attleboro, Mass. 
®Justus Miller Rouse 

5. Cairo, N. Y. 
Frank Eugene Russell 

Tarrytoivn, N . Y. 
Charles Oliver Sahler 

Kingston, N. Y. 
Charles Walton Sanders, Jr. 

53 E. 53 
Charles Davies Scudder,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1875 aet. 36 *i892 

Charles John Sharretts* 

aet. 54 *i9Q9 

William Watts Sherman 
George Mulford Silvers* 

aet. 43 *i903 

Anson Parker Smith* 

aet. 50 *i9o8 

Homer Erastus Smith 

Norwich, N. Y. 
Robert William Steger,* M.D. 

Vanderbilt 1877 aet. 48 "1906 

Frank Halleck Stephenson 
yoS James, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Robert Jonathan Stoddard 
Justin Morrill Swan* 


Edward Swasey, M.D. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1877 

390 Main, Worcester, Mass. 
Lawrence Chew Swift* 

aet. 53 "igos 

William Jonathan Swift, A.B, 

Amherst Coll. 1873, A.M. 1876 

301 W. 106 
Joseph Tomlinson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1875 

Bridge ton, N. J. 

Edmund G. R. Trimble, A.B. 


Abram Harvey Van Riper 

Nutley, N. J. 

Daniel Waldo* 

0Le Roy Pope Walker, Jr. 

26 IV. 91 
Everett Seymour Warner (ret) 

Niantic, Conn. 
William Perry Watson, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1875, A.M. 1878 

812 Montgomery, Jersey City, N. J. 

®Alfred James Weed 

Granbv, Conn. 
Isaac Weil (m),B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1875 

57 IV. 87 
George Kellogg Welch 

144 Garden, Hartford, Conn. 
William Henry Weston 

400 W. 22 
Hamilton Dox Wey* 

aet. 54 '1909 

Albion Stinson Whitmore, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1875, A.M. 1878 

aet. 59 *\<j\\ 




Richard George Wiener, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1875, A.M. 1878 
4S E. 65 
Charles Horton Wilkin* 


William Braxton Winn, A.B 

Wash, and Lee 1875 

Lansing Betts Winne* 

aet. 51 *i907 

Christopher Sumner Wither- 
stine, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 187s, M.S. 1878 
55/7 Greene, Gerniantozvu, Pa. 

Alfred Silas Wright 
(^Marlborough Churchill Wyeth 

Fort Wadsworth, N. Y. C. 

1879 '""^ 

Alpheus Eli Adams 

44 Grand, Neivbiirgh, N. Y. 
Charles Wisner Adams,* A.B. 

Rochester 1876, A.M. 1881 aet. 44 •1899 

Harlan Preston Allen* 


John Bancker Aycrigg (f), 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1876, A.M. 


JValden, N. Y. 

^Robert Hall Babcock, M.D. 

Chicago Med. Coll. 1878, A.M. West- 
ern Reserve 1888 

pj State, Chicago, III. 
Richard T. Bang, A.B. 1876 

Havens Brewster Bayles 

123 Seventh Ave.. Bklyn. 
William Joseph Brickelmaier 

59 ^V. 46 
® Frank Wilmot Brown, M.D. 

Detroit Med. Coll. 
Detroit, Mich. 

George Washington Brown. Jr.* 

aet. 36 *i894 

William Henry Bunnell, Jr. 

106S Stratford Ave., Bridgeport, 

Leo Burgheim* 

aet. 6s *I9I2 

0Domingo Cabrera, A.B. 


Porto Rico, JV. I. 
Donald Muhlenberg Cammann 

(RET), A.B. Oxford 1876 

Merrick, N. Y. 

(K)William Cammett, Jr. 

2g6 Congress, Portland, Me. 
Franklin Pierce Capron, A.B. 

Brown 1877 

iiS Angell, Providence, R. I. 
Charles Milbank Cauldwell 

16 IV. 54 
Edwin Ruthvin Chadbourne* 

aet. 52 '1909 

William Sanderson Cheesman 
[Jr.],* A.B. 

Princeton 1875, A.M. 1878 

aet. 60 *i9ia 

William Brewster Clark, B.S. 

Amherst Coll. 1876 

4S IV. 51 
Roswell Park Collin,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1876 aet. 39 *i89i 

Isaac Lewis Compton 
Baldwin Gardiner Cooke, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1876 

531 IV. 141 
Appleton Kelley Corbin 

New Albany, Pa. 
Theodore Wellington Corwin 

146 Second Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Luis Fernandez Criado, A.B. 

St. Louis Coll. 1875 

616 IV. 116 
Isaac Burnett Davenport, 

Pres. Am. Dental Soc. Europe 1801, 
Chevalier I'Ordre Royal de St. 
Michel de Baviere 

30 Avenue dc I'Opera, Paris, France 

Justo Del Risco, Jr. 

Frederick Lewis Dolbeare 

John Golden Dorrance 

<8)Jeremiah Dewey Eggleston 
132 IV. Main. Meriden, Conn. 

®Robert Lionel Faithfull, 

L.R.C.P. England and L.S.A. Lon- 
don 1880 

5 Lyons Terrace, Hyde Park, Syd- 
ney, N. S. IV., Australia 

Jose Maria Ferrer, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1876, A.M. 1879 
24 E. 60 

Albert Kenrick Fisher 

Dept. Agriculture, lVashi)igton, 
D. C. 

George Henry Franklin 
Hightstoivn, N. J. 




Thomas Neptune Gray 
20 Halsted, E. Orange, N. J. 

J. Albert Field Groves 
Brainerd, Minn. 

William Henry Harison, Jr. 
Augusta, Ga. 

John Talbot Harrison 

181 W. 10 
Stephen Decatnr Harrison 

A.B. Yale 1876 

2q6 St. James PL, Bklyn. 

®Robert Newton Hawley 
323 Knapp, Milwaukee, IVisc. 

John Aycrigg Hegeman,* 

B.S. Princeton 1876 aet. 58 •1908 

Nelson Herrick Henry, 

N. Y. Assemb 1899 
59 ^'- 9 
Arthur Francis Hoag, 

Div. Surg. N. Y. Central and 
H. R. R. R. 
Millerton, N. Y. 

John Ward Hopper,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1876 aet. 33 *i89o 

Robert Thomas Howe 

2g First Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Dwight Williams Hunter, A.B. 

Yale 1876 

80 W. 40 
Augustus Moen Hurlbutt, A.B. 

Yale 1876 

33 Forest, Stamford, Conn. 

(S)Singleton Husted, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1876 

873c Valencia, San Francisco, Cal. 

William Augustus Huston 

Edward Avery Isbell, B.S. 


Frank Watson Jackson 

(see p. 55) 

SS5 Madison Ave. 
John Harvey Jewett, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1876 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 
John Thomas Aloysius Keegan* 


Elisha Frederick Lanphear,* 

A.M. Brown 1877 •1880 

Arthur Henry Leary 
107 W. 119 

Charles Abbott Limeburner, 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1876, A.M. 1879 

7g Da)iforth Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Charles Lutellus Lindley 

Lakezvood, N. J. 
August Ernest Lowenthal* 

aet. 29 *i886 

®Everett James McKnight, A.B. 

Yale 1876 

110 High, Hartford, Conn. 
John Bernard McMahon, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1873, A.M. 1878, 

and Ph.D. 1891 

32$ Lexington Ave. 

Francis Hartman Markoe,* A.B. 

Princeton 1876 (see p. 64) 

aet. 52 *i907 

Earl Mathewson* 

aet. 55 *i905 

Walter Mendelson 

159 IV. 74 
C[linton] Hart Merriam, 

(Thief U. S. Biol. Survey 

iQig Sixteentli, IVasliington, D. C. 

0Julius Edgar Moith 

Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
George Evertson Moore* 

aet. 40 *i89i 

Charles Pemberton Murray,* 

A.B. Princeton 1875, A.M. 1878 

aet. 35 *i890 

Arthur Thomas Muzzy,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1874 aet. 51 *i902 

John Joseph O'Mahony* 


Ernest Palmer 
155 Clinton, Bklyn. 

Theodore Dwight Palmer* 

aet. 23 *i879 

Emerson Bennett Potter 

Newton, N. J. 
John Symonds Radwav (mf) 

58 E. 67 
William Legrange Ralph* 

aet. 56 "1907 

Charles Reed* 

aet. 52 *i907 

George Whiting Ross, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1877, A.M. 1880 
Carrollton, III. 

Charles Irving Simon 
722 Washington, Hoboken, N. J. 




Joseph William Stickler, Jr.,* 

B.S. N. Y. Univ. 1876, A.B. 1878 

aet. 44 *i8g9 

George Montague Swift, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1876, A.M. 1879 (see 
p. 80) 

20 IV. 55 
Thomas Delano Swift,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1875, A.M. 1878 

aet. 34 •1888 

Ernest Taylor Tappey (ret), 

A.B. Michigan 1873, A.M. 1876 

1014 Hammond Bldg., Detroit, 
Frederick Meyers Townsend, 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1876 

65 IV. 45 
John Frank Valentine* 

aet. 46 *i903 

Waldron Burritt Vanderpoel, 

A.B. Dartmouth Coll. 1876, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1901 

37 IV. 76 
Simon Joseph Walsh 

25 E. 128 
Charles Rudolph Weed 

230 Genesee, Utica, N. Y. 
John Adams Wells,* A.B. 

Yale 1876 *i90i 

Howard Graham Wetmore,* 

B.S. Mass. Agric. Coll. 1876 

aet. so *i9o6 

John Wiggins,* A.B. 

Harvard 1876 *i894 

Charles Edward Williams, A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1874, Ex-Pres. Me. 
Med. Assoc. 

Auburn, Me. 
Benjamin Wood. Jr (ret) 

1034 IV. 3, Santa Ana, Cal. 
Samuel Augustus Wood 

Ehnhurst, N. Y. C. 
Carl Wormser* 

William Franklin Wright 
55 IV. 10 


Edwin Boardman Adams 
423 Main, Springfield, Mass. 
James Glen Allan, A.B. 

McGill 1872 

Lauren Melville Allen 
6". Norzvalk, Conn. 



John Alsdorf 

2 Barclay 
Theodore Prudden Bailey 

95 Eagle, Albany, N. Y. 
Charles Paul Barney 
John Alfred Benson,* A.M. 

elsewhere *i899 

John Jacob Bissett (ret) 
Coraopolis, Pa. 

Simeon Cole Bradley 

2/02 Marion Ave. 
Washington Jones Brandt 

251 Carroll, Bklyn. 
Frederic Tilden Brown,* A.B. 

Harvard 1877 aet. 55 *i9io 

0Judson Colby Brown (m) 

100 John 
Patrick Maurice Burke 

La Salle, III. 
George Hoyt Galley 

Bristol, N. H. 
William Cunningham Camp- 
bell* A.B. 

Princeton 1877, A.M. 1880 

aet. 4S *i899 

George Alexander Cardwell 

705 E. 18, Bklyn. 
Levi Welts Case, A.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1874 

41 Park, Montclair, N. J. 

William E. Conroy,* A.B. 1875 

Patrick Louis Creedon 

Globe nilagc, Mass. 

Thomas Darlington [Jr.] 

30 Church 
William Adams Dayton 

57 \V. 75 
George Sheldon De Groot - 

Mendham, N. J. 
William Edgar Derry 

Dover, N. J. 
Frank Guy Devereux 

Kesar Falls, Me. 
Frederick Henrv Dillingham 

(EDUC), A.B. Bowdoin Coll. 1877, 
A.M. 1880, Adj. Prof. N. Y. Polyclin. 
148 W. 85 

John Fletcher Duffield,* A.B. 

Princeton 1876, A.M. 1879 *i9i2 




John Frederick Scoresby East- 

aet. 49 *i9o6 

John Tracy Edson, 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad. 187 1 

Peter Ralph Egan (ret) 

Ballymahon, Ireland 
Gustavus Eliot, A.B. 

Yale 1877, A.M. 1882 

2og Church, Nezu Haven, Conn. 

Paul Fitzsimons Eve, M.D. 

Nashville Med. Coll. 1878, Dean 
Med. Dept. Univ. Tenn. 

Church and 7 Ave. N ., Nashville, 

William John Fields 

670 West End Ave. 
John Frank (ret) 

86 W. 40, Bayonne, N. I. 
Charles Warren Selah Frost 

57 Central Ave., Watcrbury, Conn. 

Henry Salvin Gill* 

aet. 38 '189 1 

Charles Green, Jr., M.D. 

Columbus Med. Coll. 1879 

Greenville, Del. 
Gordon Robert Hall, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1872, A.M. 1878, 
Assoc. Prof. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 
164 Clinton, Bklyn. 

George Albert Harris 

Ripley, N. Y. 
Frederick J. Harter 

204 S. Washington, Herkimer, N. Y. 

Frank Hartley, A.B. 

Princeton 1877 (see p. 50) 
61 W. 49 

®John Sanger Flawley, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1877 
346 Broadzvay 

William Coe Holmes* 

aet. 43 *i898 

Luther Emmett Holt, Sc.D. 

1904, A.B. Rochester 1875, A.M. 
1878, and LL.D. 1901 (see p. 53) 
14 W. 55 
®Samuel Augustus Hopkins 

(D), D.D.S. N.'y. Coll. Dent. 1883 
235 Marlborough, Boston, Mass. 

Alfred Swift Houghton* 


Stephen Y. Howell, A.B. 1877 

Joseph Hiiger 

Fort Lee, N. I. 
®Frederic Thomas Hume 

(ARCH), Ph.B. 1893 

82 E. 79 
William Alexander Hume (ret) 

1517 Madison Ave., Toledo, O. 
Harry Hungerford* 

aet. 36 *i893 

Phineas Henry Ingalls, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1877, A.M. 1885 
4g Pearl, Hartford, Conn. 

Cyrus Kay [Jr.] 

Herkimer, N. Y. 
Flenry Judson Kelly* 

aet. 42 *i899 

®Reuel Baker Kimball, A.B. 

Princeton 1877, A.M. 1880 
Runison, N. J. 

0Robert Phelps Knight 
Sharon, Conn. 

David La Bau* 

Louis Philip Lauer,* A.B. 

and A.M. St. John's Coll. 

Henry Fiske Leonard, M.D.V. 

Harvard 1891 

Riitland, Mass. 
David Fletcher Lucas, L.C. 

Toronto 1873 

552 Pacific, Bklyn. 
Andrew James McCosh,* LL.D. 

1904, A.B. Princeton 1877, A.M. 
1880 (see p. 62) aet. 50 *i9o8 

Lewis Hackaliah Miller, A.B. 

Colgate 1874, A.M. 1877 
log Halsey, Bklyn. 

Frank Walton Mitchell, B.S. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1876 
Bakersfield, Cal. 

George Henry Moller, Jr.* 

aet. 39 *i892 

Roscoe Norris Moulton* 

aet. 25 *i883 

Francis Wisner Murray, A.B. 

Yale 1877 

3^ W. 3g 
Jacob Nehrbas, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1877 
421 Grove, Bklyn. 

William James Nelson [Jr.], 

B.S. Rutgers Coll. 1877 

Nczvmarket, N. J. 




®Robert Pettit Newman (m) 
201/ Albemarle Rd., Bklyn. 

Henry Wilfred Norton* 

Thomas Heath Nott,* M.D. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1874 *i905 

Francis Joseph O'Hare, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1874 

Frank W. Olds, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1876 

lyUliamstoivH, Mass. 

Leverett William Olin 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
®John Elba Owen, M.D. 

Evansville Med. Coll. 1879 
Evansville , Ind. 

Benjamin Wood Palmer* 

George DuBois Parmly,* A.B. 

Princeton 1876, A.M. 1879 aet. 33 *i890 

Francis Salmon Quackenbos* 

aet. 38 *i894 

James Almarin Quinn, 

Chief Surg. Great North. Ry. 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles [P.] Remsen, A.B. 

Princeton 1877 

800 Madison Ave. 
James West Roosevelt* 

(see p. 74) aet. 37 *i896 

J[acob] Livingston Roseboom, 

A.B. Yale 1876 

672 E. Main, Rochester, N. Y. 

Henry Emory Rothe* 

aet. 66 *i9o6 

®William Henry Gulliver Rowe, 

M.S. elsewhere 

Fairhope, Ala. 
Theodore DeLos Rupert 

Geneva, N. Y. 
John Francis Russell 

31 W. II 
Ernst Schottky,* Ph.D. 

elsewhere aet. 56 *i90i 

Louis William Schultze 

23g Leno.v Ave. 
Harry Mitchell Sherman 

Cleveland, O. 
Harry Mitchell Sherman 

(EDUC), A.B. Trinity Coll. 1877, 
A.M. 1880, Prof. Univ. Cal. 

2I2S lackson, San Francisco, Cal. 

William Kelly Simpson (educ), 

(see p. yy) 

gS2 Lexington Ave. 
®Edgar Bronson Smith 

13 Greene, Providence, R. I. 
Malek Adhel Southworth* 

Charles Robert Starkweather 

IV. Cummington, Mass. 
Alfred Russell Starr,* 

D.D.S. N. Y. Coll. Dent. 1880 •1907 

M[oses] Allen Starr, Sc.D. 1904, 

A.B. Princeton 1876, A.M. 1879, 
Ph.D. 1884, and LL.D. 1899 (see 
P- 79) 

5 W. 54 

Heydon Starrett 

299 Decatur, Bklyn. 
Robert Shields Stedman, M.E. 


William Stephenson 
Governor's Island, N. Y. C. 

William Peckham Stutson 
Cummington, Mass. 

Arthur Wilson Taylor (ret) 
Nordlwff, Cal. 

Gabriel Wolfgang Teschner, 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1876 
iiSg Lexington Ave. 

John Seymour Thacher, A.B. 

Yale 1877 (see p. Si) 
20 IV. 50 

William Morrison Thallon,* 

A.B. elsewhere 

Allan Mason Thomas, Jr., Ph.B. 

Yale 1877 

35 IV. 54 
Wisner R. Townsend, A.B. 1877 
George Montgomery Tuttle, 

A.B. Yale 1877 (see p. 83) 

35 JV. 52 

0Samuel Houston Van Cleve 

36 Chute Blk., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Andrew Britton Van Home,* 

A.B. Yale 1877 "iSSS 

Frederic Montresor Warner* 

aet. 38 •1895 

Louis Raymond Warren* 


Edmund Charles Wendt,* M.D. 

Strassburg 1877 aet. 45 '1903 

George Rensselaer Westfall* 




Henry Mason Wheeler, M.D. 

Michigan 1877 

Grand Forks, N. Dak. 
(8)Henry Green Wildman 

IVinnctka, III. 
Charles Wesley Wilkins 
Edgar Campbell Wilkinson 

Henry Howard Wynne 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Stanton Allen (educ), 

Prof. Wisconsin Coll. P. and S. 

Hood River, Ore. 
William Allen Bartlett 

38 W. 67 
Joshua Lindley Barton 

117 E. 61 
Willard Parker Beach (ret) 

Clason PL, N. Y. C. 
Gustave Albert Becker 

16 Court, Morristoivn, N. J. 
Charles Day Bennett, B.S. 

Princeton 1878 

167 Clinton Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Henry Hudson Bennett 

P7 Euclid Ave., Allenhiirst, N. J. 
Henry Woolfe Berg, A.B. 

C. C N. Y. 1878 (see p. 31) 
g2S Madison Ave. 

Thomas Wotton Bickerton 

656 West End Ave. 
William Hassert Biggam [Jr.] 

216 Brooklyn Ave., Bklyii. 
Harry Martin Brace* 


®Arthur Bacon Breese 
310 lames, Syracuse, N. Y. 

William Robert Bross* 

aet. 58 *i9io 

Josiah Carter Cable 

Sgg Monroe, Bklyn. 
Augustus [George] Caille, Ph.G. 

N'. Y. Coll. Phar. 1872, M.D. Wiirz- 
burg 1877 

753 Madison Ave. 
John Andrew Callaway, A.B. 

Mercer 1877, A.M. 1880 

(SiAmory Chapin 
27 W. 51 

Henry Dwight Chapin (educ), 

B.S. Princeton 1877. A.M. 1884, 
Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

51 IV. 51 
Charles William Chastain, M.D. 

Missouri i88o 

Plattsburg, Mo. 
J fames] Henry Clark, A.M. 

Williams Coll. 

12 Walnut, Newark, N. J. 
John Alexander Cochran 
79 St. Marks Ave., Bklyn. 

George Henry Codding 

Amenta, N. Y. 

Thomas Benton Columbia 
148 W. So 

Edward Thomas Cornwall* 


Reuben Melville Cramer, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1877 
122 IV. 73 

Frank Dwight Crim, B.S. 

Cornell 1877 

Utica, N. Y. 
®Everett Mallory Culver, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1878 

Neiv Marlborough, Mass. 

Andrew Fay Currier, A.B. 

Yale 1878 

173 E. Lincoln Ave., Mt. Vernon, 

N. Y. 
B. Farquhar Curtis, A.B. 1878 
Charles Erastus Darrow, A.B. 

Rochester 1877, A.M. 1880, Pres. 
Roch. Acad, and Med. Instit. 

116 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Robert Hugh MacKay Dawbarn 

105 W. 74 
Robert John Devlin, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1878 

156 W. 13 
Henry Wells Dewey 

P. 0. Box 737, Tacoma, Wash. 
Alexander Duane, A.B. 

Union 1878 

139 E. 37 
Frank Albert Durgin* 

FF- •1886 

Cyrus Edson* 

aet. 46 *i903 

William Green Eggleston, A.B. 





Daniel Elliott 
84 Washington, Nervark, N. J. 

George Robert Elliott 
136 Madison Ave. 

Charles Sebastian Fischer [Jr.], 

A.M. Trinity Coll. 1882 (see p. 44) 
Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Frederick William Flagge 

Rockazvay, N. J. 
James Stephen Foote, A.B. 

Yale 1877 

McCayne Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. 
Clarence Edward Foster* 


Charles Anson Fox* 

Thomas Townsend Gaunt 

53 ^V. 50 
Charles Parsons Gildersleeve 

75 ScJierincrhorn. Bklyn. 
Charles Harvey Glidden 

Little Falls, N. Y. 
Albert Caleb Griffin, M.D. 

Albany Med. Coll. 1880 

Fifth Ave. and 61, Whitcstone, 
N. Y. C. 

Judson Worthington Hastings, 

A.B. Brown 1876 
Agazvan, Mass. 

William Beardsley Hawkins* 

aet. ze *i893 

John Powell Henry* 

aet. 48 *T9o6 

Jose Victor Hernandez,* A.B. 

elsewhere *i88i 

Purdy Leander Hitchcock 

Croton Falls, N. Y. 
Lucius Wallace How 

Bronxwood Park, N. Y. C. 
Alonzo Clark Hunt, A.B. 

Princeton 1878, A.M. 1881, Asst. 
Sec. N. J. State Bd. Health 
Metuchen, N. J. 

Charles Abram Jersey* 


Carlton Rogers Jewett, A.B. 

Yale 1878 

I2gg Main, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Morris Lee King, 

Med. Dir. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 
346 Broadway 

Joseph Moses Ward Kitchen 
94 Prospect, E. Orange, N. J. 

Henrv Koplik, A.B. 

C. Cr N. Y. 1878 

30 E. 62 
James Little Kortright,* B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1878 aet. 39 *i899 

B. Abbott Lindsey* 

aet. 42 *i898 

Robert Campbell Lumsden* 

aet. 44 "1904 

James Walter Lyman 

483 W. 145 
George Barclay McCallum, M.D. 

Michigan 1880 

Monroe, Mich. 
Harry Bruce McCarroll,* A.B. 

Yale 1878 *i904 

®Joseph McChesney, A.B. 

ilamilton Coll. 1880 
Qu'uicy, Cal. 

William Carnahan McGiffert.* 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1878 aet. 35 "1893 

Henry Addison Mandeville* 

aet. 44 "igos 

James William Martin 
Hotel San Rcmo, N. Y. C. 

®Edgar Alexander Mearns 
Manila, P. I. , 

James Nelson Miller 

Nezvton, N. J. 
Henry Moffat, A.B. 

Princeton 1875, A.M. 1878 

139 Park Ave., Yonkers. N. Y. 
James Atwater Moors* 


Edward Munson. A.B., 

Hobart Coll. 1878, A.M. 1881 
Medina, N. Y. 

William Haughton Murray, B.S. 

Princeton 1878, A.M. 1886 
Plain-Held, N. J. 

Jonas Rein Nilsen 
18 W. 90 

Arthur Nolte, M.D. 

Virginia 1880 

7505 State, Nezu Orleans, La. 
Michael Charles Noonan 

George O'Gorman 

986 Broad, Newark, N. J. 
Edmund Janes Palmer, A.B. 

Wcslevan 1878, A.M. 1881 
70? JF. 86 




Samuel Pierson 

Stamford, Conn. 
William Logan Piatt 

Torrington, Conn. 
William Cranston Post 

Maquoketa, la. 
Harden De Valson Pratt, Jr.,* 

A.B. and A.M. elsewhere act. 42 *i89g 

William Rice Pryor* 

aet. 46 *i904 

®Reber Floyd Quigley, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1874'^ 

Vermilion, O. 
Everett Menzies Raynor. 

Surgeon to N. Y. N. H. and H. R. R. 

464 E. 138 

Stuart Hanckel Reed,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 49 *1904 

Joseph Mayer Rice (au) 
g Chester, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

DeWitt Clinton Romaine, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1877 
473 Hudson 

Harry Hartshorne Seabrook 
118 E. 72 

Richard Franklin Beattie 

Locust Valley, N . Y. 
William Shepard Seamans, A.B. 

Harvard 1877 

315 Madison Ave. 
Frederic Smith Sellew 

78 E. 79 
David Beattie Smiley* 


Lee Herbert Smith, M.D. 

Buflfalo 1877, Ex. Pres. N. Y. State 
Bd. Med. Exam. 

224 Elmivood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Asa Frye Speicher 
3005 Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, 

Edward Hamilton Squibb, B.S. 

Harvard 1878 

148 Columbia Heights, Bklyn. 

®Frank Eugene Stevens 

Bridgton. Me. 

Frank Oakley Stockton 
77 Harrison, E. Orange. N. J. 

0John Edward Summers, Jr. 
314 McCague Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. 

George Pearce Swords* 

aet. 25 *i885 

Henry Ling Taylor (educ), 

Ph.B. Yale 1877, Prof. N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Hosp. 

J^5 IV. 58 
Jacob Teschner, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1877 
134 E. 61 

William Oilman Thompson 

(EDUC), Ph.B. Yale 1877, Prof. 

34 E. 31 
Byron Vincent Tompkins, Ph.B. 

Wesleyan 1878 

Sheffield, Mass. 
George Trowbridge,* A.B. 

Yale 1878 aet. 43 *i898 

Thomas Butler Van Alstyne, 

M.D. Albany Med. Coll. 1879 
JO Virgil, BinghamtoH, N. Y. 

John Van der Poel, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1878 

56 IV. 52 
John Letson Van Deventer 
William Townsend Van Vreden- 
burgh [Jr.] (ins) 

346 Broadivay 

Sheldon Voorhees, M.D. 

Albany Med. Coll. 1879 

Auburn, N. Y. 
John Warren 

616 Madison Ave. 
Edgar Theodore Weed, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1877 

117 IV. 121 
Stephen Edward Whitman 

Woodhavcn, N. Y. 
Henry Hamilton Williams* 

aet. 27 "iSSs 

J[ohn] Walter Wood. A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1878, A.M. 1881 
21 10 Richmond Ave., Port Rich- 
mond, N. Y. C. 

Jonathan Henry Woods 
167 Salisbury Rd., Brookline, 

William Henry Wright 


Charles Smith Allaben 
Margaretville, N. Y. 




Anson Willis Anderson 
Frank Edwin Baker* 

aet. 48 "1904 

Abram Van Nest Baldwin,* A.B. 

and A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1879 

aet. 39 *i^97 

Calvin Fremyre Barber 
57 5". Oxford, Bklyn. 

Charles Coffin Beach, Ph.B, 

Yale 1877 

^4 Woodland, Hartford, Conn. 
Herman Scofield Beahan 
William Francis Becker (educ), 

Prof. Wise. Med. Coll. 

604 Goldsmith Bldg., Milwaukee, 


Charles Ogilvie Belden* 

aet. 46 *i904 

Thomas Noyes Birnie,* A.B. 

Yale 1876 '1906 

Arthur Brown Bisbee, 

Med. Dir. Natl. Life Ins. Co. 
Montpelier, Vt. 

James A. Booth, A.B. 1878 
Robert Bowne, Jr. 
®Charles Dodd Brewer 

74 ly. 69 
®Rush Montgomery Brown, 

A.B. elsewhere 

Cor dele, Ga. 

Edson Card [Jr.] 
JVhite Plains, N. Y. 

Albert Bradley Carter 

De Lancy Carter 

1030 Park Ave. 
William Lang Chapman,* M.D. 

Willamette 1881 

James Samuel Clark 
WestRcld, Mass. 

Henry Clarke Coe (educ), A.B. 

Yale"i878, A.M. 1881, M.D. Harvard 
1881, M.R.C.S.. L.R.C.P. Eng. 1884, 
Prof. N. Y. Univ. 

8 W. 76 
Ellsworth Earl Colton* 


Walter Jerome Corcoran,* A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1878 aet. 52 "igoS 

Charles Fisher Cripps 

0William Dorr Crosby, Ph.B. 

Belloit Coll. 1879 

Medical Corps, U. S. A., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Condict Walker Cutler, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1879, M.S. 1882 

135 IV. 76 
Edwin Lord Danielson 
Lebanon, Conn. 

William Daniel Dietz,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879 •1891 

George Henry Donahue, A.B, 

Rochester 1877 

Northport, N. Y. 

Arthur Coles Dougherty 

13S Washington, Newark, N. J. 

®Walter Israel Ducie, M.D. 

Texas Med. Coll. and Hosp. 1881 

Galveston, Te.v. 
Francis Edwin Dwight,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1878 aet. 27 *i88s 

John Duncan Emmet, M.D. 

Virginia 1880 

103 Madison Ave. 

David Eugene English 
3og Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Thomas Legare Fenn [Jr.] 
306 E. 43, Chicago, III. 

Albert Warren Ferris (ed), A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1878, A.M. 1885, Pres. 
N. Y. State Com. of Lunacy 1907-11 

Watkins, N. Y. 
®Edward Matthew Fleming 

115 W. i2g 
Alpheus Freeman [Jr.] 

P75 Lexington Ave. 
Charles Mason Frissell 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Eraser Chisholm Fuller* 

aet. 32 *i892 

John Edward Gallagher 

William Delano Garlock 

Little Falls, N. Y. 
John Blair Gibbs.* A.B. 

and M.D. elsewhere "1898 

William James Gibson,* A.B. 

Princeton 1880 *i893 

Richard Giles 

Cold Spring-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Charles Humphrey Goodwin 




William Samuel Gottheil 

(EDUC), M.D. Cornell 1878, Prof. 
Fordham and Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

154 W/. 77 
William Edgar Graham* 

Joseph Francis Gray,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879 aet. 47*1907 

Frank Edward Greenleaf* 

aet. 37 *i889 

William Charles Hands 

205 W. 130 
Algernon John Harris* 


James Burr Harris* 

aet. 37 *i896 

Theodore Wilbur Harris* 


Frank Hanson Harrison, Ph.B. 

Yale 1879 

Thomas John Hillis 
^5 Charlton 

OWilliam Griffin Hoyt 

Hilton Ave., Garden City, N. Y. 

Charles Hunter,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 41 *i899 

George Quincy Johnson 
Ardsley, N. Y. 

William Pratt Kendall 

Care the Adjutant-Genl., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Michael Hamilton Kerwin,* 

M.D. Michigan 1878 

aet. 35 *i89i 

Frederick Adrian Kinch [Jr.] 
Broad and Mountain Ave. S., West- 
Held, N. J. 

George Henry Kirwan* 

aet. 41 *i89S 

®Charles George Koehler 

204 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 

(8)Albert Edward Little 

205 W. 85 

Robert McFate McAdoo 
Samuel Adelbert MacBride 
Hugo Frederick Mayer* 

(8> Julius Isaac Metzger 
133 E. 60 

Norman Rogers Miller* 



William Forsyth Milroy, 

Pres. Med. Sch. Univ. Nebraska, 
1895-7, Prof. Univ. Nebr. 
Omalia, Nehr. 

Douglass William Montgomery 
2419 California, San Francisco, 

Robert Tuttle Morris, A.M. 

Center Coll. (Ky.) 1891, Prof. N. 
Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch., Trustee 

616 Madison Ave. 
George Edgar Mulford 

24 JVetinore Ave., Morristoivn, N.J. 
Albert William Neufield,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1875 aet. 53 *i909 

Marvin Reed Palmer 

5.?d W. Ill 
William Everett Palmer 

9 Hakes Ave., Hornell, N. Y. 
Henry Parke 

Pater son, N. J. 

Charles Augustus Peters* 

aet. 26*1887 

John Leighton Phillips, 

Asst. Chief Sanitary Officer Isth- 

manian Canal Com. 

Care Surg. Gen!.. Washington, D. C. 

Louis Fellows Root* 

aet. 38 *i897 

Richard Wilkins Saylor 

Leopold Schiller 

602 Caszvell Elk., Mihvaukce, Wise. 
Hermann Julius Schirmer 

ITQ E. II, Davevport, la. 
®William Benton Scranton, A.B. 

Yale 1878 
Seoul, Korea 

Hiram Henry Seelye, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1879, A.M. 1882, 
M.D. N. Y. Univ. i88i 
Tampa, Fla. 

Gideon Cross Segur 
67 Farmi-ngton Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Edward Marland Senter* 


Henry De Lacy Sherwood* 

James Logan Shiland, A.M. 

Lafayette Coll. 1883 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 
James Young Simpson 
3633 Charlotte, Kansas City, Mo. 




Lee Balfour Slauter 
600 Main, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Edwards Montrose Smith 
867 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

James Frederick Smith 
58 E. 86 

Newton Phineas Smith 
24 Park, Norivich, Conn. 

Warren Clark Sneden 
Edward Southworth,* A.B. 

Yale 1879 *i882 

Henry William Stevens,* A.B. 

and A.M. Williams Coll. 1879 

aet. 33 *i89i 

Doug-las Hunt Stewart 
128 IV. 86 

®John Patrick Sweeney 
Hotel Seattle, Seattle, Wash. 

Isaac Montrose Taylor, Ph.B. 

North Carolina 1879 
Morganton, N. C. 

James Branch Taylor, A.B. 

111. Wesleyan 1869, A.M. 1871 

Eugene, Ore. 
John Clarendon Todd, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1879, A.M. 1882 

Tarrytown, N. Y. 

William W. Tompkins 

Charleston, W. Va. 
Ira Otis Tracy [Jr.], LL.B. 

Bklyn. Law Sch. 1906 

Long Island State flosp., Bklyn. 
Henry Cone Van Dolsen,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1878 aet. 30 *i887 

Charles Gray Wagner, B.S. 

Cornell 1880 

Binghamton, N. Y. 

®Walter James Walsh 
346 Broadcvay 

Charles Nott Willis* 

aet. 24 *i883 

Ezra Herbert Wilson* 

aet. 48 *i90S 

®Wolrad Winterberg 

/9i'5 Broadivay, San Francisco, 

Albert Wolven* 

Charles Thurston Wood* 

aet. 27 *i884 

Julius Hayden Woodward 

(EDUC), B.S. Cornell 1879, M.D. 
Vermont 1882, Prof. N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. 

58 IV. 40 
Guilliam Arthur Zabriskie* 


Peter John Zeglio 

48 Sonicrsct, Plainficld, N. J. 



Onofrio Abruzzo 

3811 Sixteenth Ave., Bklyn. 

Edward Paul Bailey 
6 Stone, Oneida, N. Y. 

Robert Barclay, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1880, A.M. 1883 

3Sg4 Washington Boulevard, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Walter Milo Barnum 
Kent, Conn. 

Joseph Bidleman Bissell, Ph.B. 

Yale 1879 

76 W. 55 
Robert Alexander Black 

Hot Springs, Va. 
George Street Bond 

Washingtonville, N. Y. 

Charles Francis Booth 

149 E. 8s 
Carl Nelson Brandt* 

Rudolph Braun 

iSo Polk, Nczvark, N. J. 
George Artemas Brown, A.B. 

Yale" 1S80 

Barre, Mass. 
John Hammell Brower Brown- 

aet. 46 *i903 

Albert Ferdinand Brugman, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1879 (see 

163 W. 85 
(Sijames Buckley (m) 
Tjoo Bergen, Bklyn. 

®Thomas Stapleton Bullock, 

A.B. Central 1880 
Lexmgton, Ky. 

Frank Benton Carpenter (educ), 
?9d6 Washington, San Francisco, 




Charles Elmer Chandler 

Montpelier, Vt. 

Walter Henry Chapin, A.B. 

Yale 1880 

675 State, Springfield, Mass. 

0Arthur Norman Clark 

South Norzvalk, Conn. 

Charles Fremont Clark,* A.M. 

Jefferson 1878 aet. 36 *i892 

Arthur Baylies Coffin, Ph.B. 

Yale 1880 

10 Rosedale, Dorchester Center, 

Boston, Mass. 

Henry Leber Coit, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1876 

.?// Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, 
N. J. 

Philander Collard* 

aet. 60 *i9o6 

George Foster Comstock 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

®Milton C. Conner 
Middletozvn, N. Y. 

John Richard Conway, Jr.* 

aet. 36 *i899 

Hunter Pope Cooper* 

aet. 46 *i9o6 

William Cowen, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1880 (see p. 38) 
35 E. 60 

William Cramer,* A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1879, A.M. 1882 

®Joseph Francis Cronin 
Neiv London, Conn. 

Michael George Cunningham* 

aet. 48 *i90i 

Francis George Curtis, A.B. 

Harvard 1879 

Sgg Hammond, Chestnut Hill, 

Nezvton, Mass. 

0Charles H. Davis 

Canton, N. Y. 
Thomas Dimock* 


Leo Dinkelspiel, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879 

64 W. 91 
Charles Edward Dority* 


Stuart Douglas,* A.B. 

and M.D. Virginia 1881 

aet. 34 *i894 

Joseph Louis Droesch* 

aet. 47 *i897 

0Charles Joseph Duffy 

Olean, N. Y. 

James Robert Embree* 

aet. 33 *i892 

Edward Sebastian Ettinger 
William Finder, Jr., M.D. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1882 
Troy, N. Y. 

Francis Foerster 
926 Madison Ave. 

Jacob Henry Frankenberg, B.S. 


56 E.. 73 
Willis Walton French,* M.S. 

elsewhere *i888 

Edward Samuel Garner* 


Herman P. Gerbert, A.B. 1880 

(8)George Abner Gilbert 

286 Main, Danbury, Conn. 
Eugene Lemuel Grattan,* M.D. "" 

California 1881 aet. 27 *i886 

Bernard Joseph Hammill,* A.B. 

St. John's Coll. 1879 

aet. 36 *i892 

Irwin Howell Hance, A.B. 

Racine Coll. 1880 

Lakeivood, N. J. 
Theodore Frelinghuysen Hance* 


Theodore Francis Heller, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1878 
109 \V. 88 

Henry Alphonso Henriques 

Morristown, N. J. 
OWalter Hitchcock, Ph.B. 

Yale 18S0 
Norivalk, Conn. 

®David Hoatson 

Copper Falls Aline, Mich. 
Philemon Hommell* 
Frederick Walker Houghton 

(EDUC), Prof. Creighton Med. Coll. 

Council Bluffs, la. 

William H. Hubbard,* A.B. 


Arthur William Hurd, A.B. 

Knox. Coll. 1880, A.M. 1883 

State Hosp., Buffalo, N. Y. 




Edward Fowler Hurd 

1853 Anthony Ave. 
Walter Belknap James, LL.D. 

1904, A.B. Yale 1879, A.M. 1905 
(see p. 55) 

17 ly. 54 

Thomas Theodore Janeway* 

aet. 38 *i8g7 

Jotham Clarke Johnson, A.B. 

Princeton 1879, A.M. 1882 

10 Chestnut, Nei^'ark, N. J. 
Charles Noah Dixon Jones, B.S. 

Wesleyan 1880, M.D. L. I. Coll. 
Hosp. 1882 

892 E. 176 
Andrew Victor Jova, A.B. 

Fordham 1880 

I4g Grand, Neivbiirgh, N. Y. 
(8)Marcus Kenyon 

Harlingen, N. J. 
Samuel Thomas King, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1880 

34 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 
James Henry Lancashire (fin) 
Alma, Mich. 

William G. Le Botitillier, A.B. 

Richmond Lennox* 

aet. 35 *i89S 

(8>Edward Pierce Lockart [Jr.] 

Nonvay, Midi. 
Herman Herschel Loveman* 

aet. 34 *i886 

Hugh Copeland AlcCord,* A.B. 

Yale 1879 *i904 

0Archibald AlacLaren, B.S. 

Princeton 1880 

Lowry Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles Samuel Mack (Rev.), 

A.B. Harvard 1879 

23 j3 Maplewood Ave.. Toledo, 0. 

Andrew Manning* 

aet. 37 *i898 

Frederick Mathews, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879 

210 E. 58 
Charles Henry May 

(see p. 64) 

698 Madison Ave. 
Edward Joseph Mealia,* A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1880 

aet. 30 *i89o 

David Magie Miller,* A.B. 

Princeton 1878 aet. 38 *i89S 

Carl Eugene Munger, Ph.B. 

Yale 1880 

81 N. Main, Watcrbtiry, Conn. 
0John Austin Munson 

JVoodbourne, N. Y. 
Samuel Murtland 

40 E. 81 
James Edward Newcomb 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1880, Asst. Prof. 


IlS IV. 69 

0Edwin Hathaway Norton 

Rock Springs, Wyo. 
John Monsell Peacocke* 

aet. 59 *i907 

Ellis Banning Perry 

64 Riverside Drive 
George Benjamin Phelps [Jr.] 

(FIN), Ph.B. Yale 1880 

147 IV. 74 
Alfred Noroton Phillips (mf) 

Glenbrook, Conn. 
Niles James Pierson 
Charles Andrew Powers, 

A.M. (Hon.) Denver 1901, Prof. 
Univ. Colo. 

University Club, Denver, Colo. 
Hamilton Stanislaus Quin 

102 South, Utica, N. Y. 
James Prescott Randall 

Charles Frederick Roberts 

Dover Plains, N. Y. 
Victor Arthur Robertson 

834 Union, Bklyn. 
Oscar H. Rogers (ins). C.E. 

Union 1877, Med. Dir. N. Y. Life 
Ins. Co. (see p. 74) 

346 Broadway 
Joseph Edward Root, B.S. 

Boston 1876 

67 Pearl, Hartford, Conn. 

®Paul Joseph Rosenheim 
I2J E. 5S 

Philo D. St. John,* B.S. 

Lenox Coll. 1877 *i909 

Gustavus Schlegel, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar.' 1879 

151 W. 91 
Frank Louis Sevanoak (educ), 

A.B. Princeton 1879, A.M. 1882, 
Prof. Stevens Instit. 

Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J. 




James Harvey Seymour, 

Prof. Univ. Southern Cal. 

310 Grant Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Henry Augustine Shelley, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1880 

Frederic Joseph Shoop 

230 St. James PL, Bklyn. 
Arthur Elmore Smylie 

132 Penn, Bklyn. 
Alfred Matthias Spalding,* A.B. 

and A.M. Dartmouth Coll. 1879 

aet. so *i9io 

Alfred Henry Stiebeling 
573 Broadway, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Thomas Stone 

353 W- 27 
Stephen Vedder Ten Eyck,*A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1880 *i9ii 

Arthur Hutchinson Terry, A.B. 

Yale 1879 

224 E. Mam, Patchogue, N. Y. 

Edward Harry Thomas 
Argenta, III. 

Gaspar Duarte da Costa Tibau 

<8>Sherman Van Ness, Jr., A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1880 
Chatham Centre, N. Y. 

Jose Eugene Vidal* 


®Ysidro Antonio Vidal 
Htimacao, Porto Rico 

Charles Ware, A.B. 

Harvard 1880 

Conrad Wienges,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1871 aet. 53 *i9oi 

William Payne Wilcox,* M.D. 

Missouri 1882 aet. 39 *i902 

Mortimer Valleau Wilkie* 

aet. 45 *I902 

Charles Emery Williams, A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1874, A.M. 1877 
Houlton, Me. 

John Woodman 

56 W. 56 
Jonathan Wright, A.B. 

Miami 1878 
303 E. 20 

Frank Hunter Zabriskie 
Greenfield, Mass. 



®Charles Andrew Ackerman 

114 JV. 70 

Calvin Thayer Adams 

43 E. 58 
Henry Whitcomb Allen* 

aet. 48 *i903 

John McCaw Allen* 

Charles Loftus Grant Anderson 
University Chib, PVashington, D. C. 

William Leckie Bain 

®George Banks, Jr. 
Patterson, N. Y. 

Wiley Blount Barner, M.D. 

Vanderbilt 1878, Pension Examiner 
JVynne, Ark. 

®George Baxter (drug) 
Nashville, Ark. 

Matthew Beattie 

23S JV. 51 
Joseph Francis Bloodgood 

gS Bowne Ave., Flushing, N. Y. C. 
Charles William Bohmfalk, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1880 
831 Lexington Ave. 

George Wells Brace, 

Pension Examiner 

IV est field, Mass. 
John Hammond Bradshaw 

27 High, Orange, N. J. 
Francis Albert Brodsky [Jr.]* 

aet. 38 *i899 

Abram Brothers,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1881 aet. 48 *i9io 

Arthur Conklin Brush 

2Q S. Portland Ave., Bklyn. 

0John Joseph Callahan 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

William Edward Carroll* 


George Gilfillan Cochran 

8608 Tzventy-Hrst Ave., Bklyn. 

Homer Collins, B.S. 

Cornell 1882 

417 New Jersey Bldg.,Duluth,Minn. 
James Clinton Comstock,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1880 aet. 47 *i90S 

William Clark Cooper,* M.D. 

Albany Med. Coll. 1881 aet. 51 *i9ii 




Silas Rogers Corwith 

Bridgehampton, N. Y. 
Olin Weston Daley 

White River Junction, Vt. 
Frederick Howard Dart 

61 Main, Niantic, Conn. 
William Champion Deming 

Westchester, N. Y. C. 
®Theodore Frelinghuysen De 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

(8)Leo Ettinger, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1881 
III W. 63 
Charles Manning Freeman, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1880, M.S. 1884 
Metuchen, N. J. 

Bern Budd Gallaudet, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1880, A.M. 1883 (see 
p. 46) 

110 E. 16 
Charles Miller Garrison,* A.B. 

Brooklyn Poly. Instit. 1879 *i904 

OCharles Robert Gill, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1881 

San Juan, Porto Rico 
William Benjamin [Strother] 
Gilmer,* A.B. 

Mercer 1878 *i900 

®Spencer Coleman Graves 
3603 Lindell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

John Jay Griffiths* 

aet. 48 *i9o8 

Louis Eugene Hanmore,* Ph.G. 

elsewhere *i905 

®Henry William Harrison, M.D. 

Med. Coll. Virginia 1882 

Roanoke, Va. 
James Raynor Hayden 

(see p. 51) 
121 W. 55 
George Dalton Hays,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1878 *i903 

George William Hazelton 

Littleton, N. H. 
William French Hazelton 

gy Westminster, Bellows Falls, Vt. 
William Isaac Hoag, B.S. 

Cornell 1881 

2627 W. Washington, Indianapolis, 

Lucius W. Hotchkiss, A.B. i88] 

Edward Hazard Hoxsie 

I Hart, Bklyn. 
George Sumner Huntington, 

Sc.D. 1904, A.B. Trinity Coll. 1881, 
A.M. 18S4 (see p. 54) 
437 W. 59 

James Warren Ingalls, A.B. 

Yale 1881 

874 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Atwood E. Jacobus* 

aet. 52 *i9i2 

William Benjamin Jones 
525 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Moses Seligman Kakels, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1881 
71 E. 66 

Nathaniel Clark King 

iig6 Warren Ave., Brockton, Mass. 
Charles Law Lang, M.D. 

Michigan 1883 

Cato, N. Y. 
John Laing Leal. A.B. 

Princeton 1880, A.M. 1883 

Hamilton Club, Paterson, N. J. 
®Philip Theodore Leyendecker, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1880 
13S Second 

George Roe Lockwood [Jr.] 

(EDLTC), A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1881 

(see p. 61) 

iS E. 52 
Walter Drew McCaw, M.D. 

Virginia 1882 

Care Surg. Genl., Washington, 

D. C. 

William Valentine McKenzie, 


®Thomas Curtis McSwain 

Bingham, S. C. 
John Milton Mabbott 

ig Fifth Ave. 
®Antonio Candelario Maden (f) 

P. 0. Box 114, Cardenas, Cuba 
Frederick Arnold Manning,* 

A.B. Yale 1881 *i896 

®Levi Samuel Manson 

152 E. 80 
Simon Marx 

g47 Madison Ave. 

1 884] 



Charles Henry Mersereau* 

aet. 37 *i9oo 

Ansel Irwin Miller, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1881 

25 High, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Frank Ebenezer Miller, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1881, A.M. 1884 
22 W. 31 

Frank Campbell Moller* 


James H. Montgomery, A.B. 

®William Moore 

320 Broadway 
Edward Kirtland Morton 

MattiUick, N. Y. 
Peter Murray 

159 ^V- 71 
Arthur Clark Nason 

166 High, Neivburyport, Mass. 

Herman F. Nordeman, A.B. 

^Frederick Wilkinson Olcott, 

A.B. and A.M. elsewhere 

care Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Charles Allen Peterson, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1879 

James Thomas Pettus, Jr.* 

aet. 46 *i896 

Sigmund Pollitzer (educ), A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879, A.M. 1882, Prof. 
N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
5/ E. 60 
Alexander Barnett Pope* 

aet. 35 *i89S 

Charles Sumner Pratt 

Brattleboro, Vt. 
Timothy Jerome Regan 

312 President, Bklyn. 
Charles Henry Richardson [Jr.] 

336 Lexington Ave. 
Philip Scheu,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharmacy 1880 

aet. 42 *i899 

Herman James Schiff* 


Edgar D. Seaman 

224 Billiard BIk., Los Angeles, Cal. 
William Hazard Sherman,* A.B. 

Yale 1880 

aet. 48 *i9o8 

0Robert Alexander Simpson, 

A.B. elsewhere 

York. Pa. 

Frank Anson Smith 

Lebanon, N. H. 
Russell Brown Smith 

90 High, Westerly, R. I. 

0Ephraim M. Stelle 
Bernardsville, N. J. 

Jeremiah Clark Stewart, B.S. 

and C. E. Minnesota 1875, Prof. 
Univ. Minn. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles Woodbury Stimson 

6S W. 40 

Charles Francis Stokes, Sc.D. 

191 1, LL.D. Washington and Jef- 
ferson Coll. 191 1, A.M. (Hon.) 
Harvard 1912 
Navy Dept., IVashington, D. C. 

James Cowan Story 

Eugene L' Hommedieu Swift 
2010 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles, 

Brandreth Symonds (ins), A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1881, A.M. 1885, Med. 
Dir. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. (see p. 80) 

32 Nassau 
Alfred Edward Thayer (educ) 

Prof. Baylor Univ. 

Baylor University, Dallas, Texas 
Paul E. Tiemann, A.B. 1881 
Henry Swift Upson, A.B. 

Western Reserve 1880, Prof. West- 
ern Reserve 

5/5 New England Bldg., Cleveland, 

Howard Van Rensselaer, Ph.B. 

Yale 1 88 1, Prof. Albany Med. Coll. 
123 State, Albany, N. Y. 

George Gray Van Schaick 

Spencer Arms, Broadzvay and 6g 
Willis Edward Weed* 


® George Washington Weld (d), 

D.D.S. Boston Dent. Sch. 1886 
69 W. 49 

Brooks Hughes Wells, 

Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

§23 Madison Ave. 
®Granville Moss White, LL.B. 

Yale 1877 

Morristozvn, N. J. 
Albert Winn 
San Pedro, Cal. 






John Lincoln Adams (ins) 
8 Baldwin, E. Orange, N. J. 

Frank Edward Agnew 
2g Hamilton, Patcrson, N. J. 

Henry Arnold Alderton 
142 Clinton, Bklyn. 

Asadour Aram Altounyan, A.B. 

elsewhere, M.D. Central Turkey 
Coll. 1 88 1 

Jose Ramon Alvarez 

46 E. 92 
Louis Asta-Buruaga, M.C. 

Chile 1888 

Edward Lucien [Emile] Ayme 

(EDUC), Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 


g47 Lexington Ave. 

®John Elmore Bailey 

64 Washington, Middletozvn, Conn. 
William Llewellyn Baner, A.B. 

Swarthmore Coll. 1882 

40 IV. 68 
Frank Taylor Barwis* 

aet. 38 *i899 

William Horatio Bates 

/// W. 83 
®James Alexander Bean 

Lake George, N. Y. 
George Elihu Bellows, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1882, A.M. 1885 

810 Rialto Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Julius Carl Bierwirth 

253 Henry, Bklyn. 
John Alexander Bosch* 

aet. 30 *i890 

Nathan Gross Bozeman, Ph.B. 

Yale 1882 

162 E. 71 
Cornelius Cole Bradley* 

aet. 48 *i9io 

(SFrank Manson Brown, L.R.C. 

London 1887, L.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. 
Edinburgh 1887, L.F.P. and S. 
Glasgow 1887 
387 Welling, Richmond Hill, N.Y.C. 

James Spencer Brown 

Montclair, N. J. 
Walter Corbett Buchly 

Rosivell, N. Mex. 
Charles Henry Bushong* 

aet. 47 *i903 

Joseph Henry Byrne 

360 W. 51 
Henry Casper (ins), A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1879 

Louis Henry Clarke 

203 Pine, Holyoke, Mass. 
Charles S. Collins,* A.B. 1881 
George Waldo Crary 

(see p. 38) 

333 Park Ave. 

Charles Lee Culpepper* 


John Patrick Davin 

117 W. 76 
0Wilmot Waber Dees 

240 W. 46 
Edward Bradford Dench, Ph.B. 

Yale 1883 
15 E. 53 

^Matthew Francis Dunn, A.B. 

Mt. St. Mary's Coll. 1881 

134 Abercorn, Savannah, Ga. 
Edgar Hart Ellis 

Mattezvan, N. Y. 

Maurice Enright 
go3 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 

Bernard Ernest Fabrega 

Calixtus Alexander Fabrega 

Matthias Lanckton Foster, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1881 

211 Centre Ave., New Rochclle, 

N. Y. 

Walter Jackson Freeman, M.D. 

Pennsylvania 1885, Emer. Prof. Phila. 


1832 Bruce, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Eugene Alexander Freis 

274 Lincoln Rd., Bklyn. 
®Toseph Lucius Gaston, A.B., 

A.M., and M.D. Grant (Tenn.) 
State Senate Ala. 1881-2 

Montgomery, Ala. 
William Cantine Gilley 

176 W. 81 
OBen Barret Griffith, M.D. 

Rush Med. Coll. 1882 

5 Monroe, Springfield, III. 

William Loomis Griswold, Ph.B. 

Yale 1 88 1 

19 W. Elm, Greenzvich, Conn. 
Lawrence Vincent Guerin 




Frank Kirkwood Hallock, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1882, A.M. 1885, Pres. 
Conn. State Med. Soc. 191 1- 

Cro»iwell Hall, Cronnvell, Conn. 
George Robert Harris* 

act. 44 "1909 

Hatton Thompson Harris* 

aet. 43 "190s 

Walter Louis Havens, 

Ex-Pres. Vt. Med. Soc. 

Chester Depot, Vt. 
Louis [Joseph] Heitzmann 

(EDUC), Prof. N. Y. Horn. Med. 

no W. 78 

William Arthur Henna* 

aet. 25 "isse 

Joseph Anthony Herb, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1880 

223 E. 72 
Christian Archibald Herter* 

(see p. si) 

aet. 45 *i9io 

Frederick Cleaver Hickok 

140 Decatur, Bklyn. 
Eugene Hodenpyl* 

(see p. 52) aet. 47 *i9io 

Herman Christopher Hoefling 

241 E. 17 
August Hoerle, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1879 
166 N. 6, Bklyn. 

Bruno Hood 

220 Spring, Nezvton, N. J. 
Alfred Edwards Hooker,* A.B. 

Yale 1880, Ph.B. 1882 *i887 

Frank Tucker Hopkins 

1S2 IV. 5S 
John Taylor Howell 

205 Grand, Neivbnrgh, N. Y. 
Henry West Hughes (co), A.M. 

Virginia 1879 

Union Trust Bldg., Los Angeles, 
Robert Hungerford* 


Frangois Charles Husson* 
Charles Green Rockwood 
Jennings, A.B. 

Harvard 1882, M.D. Vermont 1884 

304 E. Church, Elmira, N. Y. 
Alexander Bryan Johnson, Ph.B. 

Yale 1882 (see p. 56) 
116 E. 57 

Meyer Katzenberg 

1315 Madison Ave. 

Thomas Alphonso Kenefick 
78 E. 54 

James Henry Kingman, A.B. 

Yale 1882 

I5g Broad, Middletozvn, Conn. 

George Knipe 
353 [V. 24 

Abraham Korn 

1857 Madison Ave. 

Samuel Waldron Lambert, A.B, 

Yale 1880, Ph.B. 1882, and A.M. 
(Hon.) 1905 (see p. 59) 
130 E. 35 

James Burnside Wands Lansing 
Tenafly, N. I. 

William Henry Closson Lee 

Max Levy 
709 Bushwick Ave, Bklyn. 

Robert Lewis [Jr.] (educ) 

(see p. 60) 
48 W. 4G 

Nathaniel White Lynde 

51 IV. 91 
Edward Ranson Lyon* 
Michael Francis McGrath* 

aet. 35 *1903 

William Austin Macy 
King's Park, N. Y. 

Philip Arthur [Ormond] 
Malleson,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 38 ^iSgS 

James Wright Markoe 

20 W. 50 
Clarkson S. Mead, A.B. 1882 
Charles Dion Minton* 
Charles Edward Moore, A.B. 

and A.M. Trinity Coll. 

144 W. 85 
William A. Moore, A.B. 1882 
T[haddeus] Halsted Myers, A.B. 

Yale 1 88 1 

59 IV. 50 
Emanuel David Newman 

81 Neiv, Nezvark, N. J. 
James Ephraim Nichols,* A.B. 

Rochester 1878 aet. 41 *i898 




Joseph Jerome Noll 

64 IV. 6q 
Charles Cowan Osborn 
William K. Otis,* A.B. 1882 
®Ed\vin Thomas Painter, B.S. 

\\'orcester Polytechnic Instit. 1874 
Rcdiands, Cal. 

(8)Charles Riggs Parke 
6 via Garibaldi, Florence, Italy 

Felix Pfeiffer, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1882 
c}43 Madison Ave. 

William Henry Pinkney* 


Edward Leicester Plunkett'^ 

aet. 34 *i890 

Frederick Safford Pratt (mf), 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1882 

Bennington, Vt. 
Alexander John Primrose 

89 ]V. 103 
Ogden Rafiferty, A.B. 

Princeton 1882 

Oxnard, Cal. 
Alfonso Atwood Richardson 

24gl Broadzvay 
Walter Jav Richardson, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1881 
Fairmont, Minn. 

Charles Frank Rieger (br), 

Ph.C. Michigan 1883 

1503 E. 9, Kansas City, Mo. 
Harry Price Safford,* A.B. 


Albert Lewis Scott 
White Plains, N. Y. 
Byron Hudson Searing* 


Edwin Stanton Sherrill, A.B. 

Michigan 1880 

2/0 Woodivard Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Alexander Shulman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1882 
78 Irving PI. 

Edward Vernon Silver, A.B. 

Yale 1882 

903 E. 2 S., Salt Lake City, U. 

William Gardner Smith, A.B. 

Cal. State Normal Sch. 1878, State 
R. R. Commr. 

Sidney, S. Dak. 

John C. Spencer, A.B. 1882 
Charles Edward Stammler,* 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1875 

aet. 56 *i9i 1 

George Allen Staples, A.B. 

Harvard 1881, M.D. Northwestern 

144 Fifth, Dubuque, la. 
Julius Stein,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1882 •1910 

Alfred Nathan Strouse 

79 W. 50 
Horatio Bartholomew Sweetser 

(EDUC), Prof. Univ. Minn. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
George Knowles Swinburne, 

A.B, Harvard 1881 
64 E. 56 

William Allan Taltavall 

Redla)ids, Cal. 
Benjamin Lansing Ten Eyck 
George Panton Thomas* 

aet. 33 *i892 

E[lmer] Clark Tracy, A.B. 

Rochester 1882 

46 Banker Ave., White Plains, N .Y. 
George Haines Treadwell, A.B. 

Harvard 1883 

64 S. Portland Ave., Bklyn. 
Sigmund Tynberg, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1882 
1329 Madison Ave. 

®Ira Thompson Van Gieson 

(see p. 83) 
134 E. 57 

Frank Vinsonhaler (educ), 

Prof. Univ. Ark., Pres. Ark. Med. 


Little Rock, Ark. 

Cadwallader Curry Vinton, A.B. 

Princeton 1880 

210 Marquam Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Walter [Joy] Vought,* Ph.B. 

Yale 1882 aet. 31 *i893 

Edward James Ware, A.B. 

Harvard 1881 
121 W. 93 

Horace Seeley Warner, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1881 

319 McDonough, Bklyn. 
Marshall L. Warrin, A.B. 1882 
Claudius Meyer Warsaw, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1882 

169 W. 80 




George Densmore Wheat 
Putney^ Vt. 

Frederick William Williams* 


George Woolsey, A.B. 

Yale 1881, Prof. Cornell 

117 E. 36 
Clark Wright,* Ph.B. 

Yale 1881 aet. 37 *i897 

William Henry Zabriskie 
Glen Cove, N. Y. 

John Lanson Adams, A.B. 

Yale 1883 

38 E. 51 
Robert James Armstrong 

114 W. 118 
Clarence Albert Baker 

Yaphank, N. Y. 
William Stremmell Balken,* 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1883 aet. 42*1904 

Joseph Halleck Ballon 
Solomon Simmons Barnett, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883 

66 W. 92 
John Huestis Barry,* B.S. 

elsewhere *i904 

Edwin Carlin Bennett 
Theologus Azaria Bezzerides, 

A.B. elsewhere 

Joseph Bongartz 

William Clarence Braisted, 

Ph.B. Michigan 1883, Asst. Chief 

Bur. Med. and Surg. U. S. N. 

2158 California, Washington, D. C. 

Edward Broquet, Ph.G. 


267 Alexander Ave. 
Nicholas Buenaventura, Jr. 
Maurice John Burstein, B.S. 

Imperial Gym. (Warsaw) 1880, A.M. 
Pedagogical Instit. Sci. Warsaw 
1882, LL.B. N. Y. Law Sch. 1896 

548 W. 165 
John Cabot 

42 King Ave., Weehawken, N. J. 
Jasper Duncan Cochrane, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1880, A.M. 1883. Pension 


328 Main, Saco, Me 

Harry Jefferson Cowan,* A.B. 

Center Coll. (Ky.) 1881, A.M. 1888 


Edwin Bradford Cragin, A.B. 

Yale 1882, A.M. (Hon.) 1907 (see 


10 IV. 50 
Thomas Adams Curtis* 

aet. 43 *i904 

William Schauffler Dodd (Rev.), 

A.B. Princeton 1881, B.D. Union 
Theol. Sem. 1884 

Konia, Turkey, Asia Minor 
Henry Beaman Douglass 

(EDUC), Prof. Post-Grad. Med. 

432 Riiierside Drive 
Charles North Dowd, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1879, A.M. 1883 (see 
p. 42) 

127 W. 72 
Roscius Youngs Downs,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1883 aet. 48 * 1906 

Louis Drucklieb* 

aet. 54 *i9io 

Albert Walter Durand 

31 Nassau 
OEdmund West Eede, B.S. 

Michigan 1883 

508 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Herman Arthur Ehrmann 

471 Park Ave. 
John Slade Ely,* Ph.B. 

Yale 1881, A.M. 1897 (see p. 43) 

aet. 46 *i9o6 

Francis Patten Emerson 
484 Beacon, Boston, Mass. 
Abram Mills Fanning, Jr.* 

aet. 39 *i902 

®Edwin Forest Farrow 

Peapack, N. J. 
Rowland G. Freeman, A.B. 1883 
William Gordon (ins), A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883, A.M. 1886 
Avon-by-the-Sea, N. J. 

®Harry Woodforde Gregory 

Fredcricton, N. B., Canada 
Otto John Gutsch, 

Pension Examiner 

803 N. 8, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Hickson Field Hart 

Peeks kill, N. Y. 
Hans Haux 

393 Springfield Ave., Newark, N. J. 




Foster Strong Haven, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. ^^883 

115 IV. 64 
Samuel Craig Helm* 


Louis Hess,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pilar. 1881 aet. 38 *i898 

Carl Reisig Hexamer, B.S. 


13s Chester, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
William Norris Hubbard, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1883, A.M. 1884 

180 IV. 59 
Herman Jarecky, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883 
138 IV. 86 

James Bernard Kennedy 

Church, Richmond Hill, N. Y. C. 

Louis Francis Kiefer* 

aet. 45 *i897 

Clarence Eugene Kimball,* 

A.B. elsewhere aet. 39 *i89S 

Ernest Howard Lines, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1882, Med. Dir. 
N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 
346 Broadzvay 

Samuel Lloyd, B.S. 

Princeton 1882, M.D. Vermont 1884, 
Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
12 W. 50 

Edgar Nelson McGiffert, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1880 

416 Providence Bldg., Duliith, Minn. 
John Mclnerny 
Roderick Colin jMcLennan, 

M.S. Alfred 1905 

FayetteviUe, N. Y. 
William Tone McMannis, A.M. 

Manhattan Coll. 1892 

612 IV. i/g 
William Smith McMurdy, A.B. 

Princeton 1881, A.M. 1884 

253 W. 70 
Thomas Joseph MacFarlane 

423 Forty-fifth, Bklyn. 
Francis Mansfield (educ), A.M. 

Brown 1858, M.D. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 

Francis Ferdinand Marshall* 


Joseph Bernhard Mauch,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1871 

John Rogers Merrill (ret), A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1883 

122 Michigan Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

George [Henry] Meyers 
47 E. 61 

John George Moore* 

aet. 29 *i892 

George Thomas Moseley, M.D. 

N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 1884 

202 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lewis Gustavus Nolte, 

Prof. Marquette Univ. 

Chestnut and 3, Mihvaukee, Wise. 

Nelson Luther North [Jr.] 
J50 Hancock, Bklyn. 

Benjamin Franklin Ochs 
IQQO Seventh Ave. 

Luis Felipe Ordoiiez-Guarin 

Edward Osborn* 

aet. 70 *i90S 

Walter Henry Osburn 
0Edward Albert Packard, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1883 

po8 Beacon, Boston, Mass. 
William Hallock Park, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883, LL.D. Queens 
(Kingston) 1910, Prof. Bell. Hosp. 
Med. Coll., Dir. Research Lab. N. 
Y. Dept. Health 

315 JV. 76 
Edward Hubbard Quinn 

108 W. 71 
William Sherman Randall, 

Ph.B. Yale 1S83 

241 Coram Ave., Shelton, Conn. 

Emil Rauth. Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1881 

6g5 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

0George Andrews Richards 

44 W. 44 
(8>Edward Gary Rushmore, B.S. 

Swarthmore Coll. 1S81 

Tuxedo Park, N. Y. 
Plunter St. John,* A.B. 

Princeton 1883 *i902 

John Edward Wallace Sander- 

A.B. elsewhere *1909 

Henry H. Schroeder (ins), 

M.D. Vermont 1885, Med. Dir. Mu- 
tual Life Ins. Co. 
Esse.v' Fells, N. J. 




Max Joseph Schwerd, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883, M.S. 1886, Prof. 
N. Y. Sch. Clin. Med. 

206 Lenox Ave. 
Albert Shunk, 

Adj. Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic and Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. 

N. Y. Athletic Club 
Horace Lee Simpson, Ph.B. 

Yale 1883 

119V2. S. Palafox, Pensacola, Fla. 

William Benham Snow 

329 W. 57 

Lawrence Montgomery Stanton 

207 W. 56 

Henry Solomon Stark. A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883, A.M. 1889 
1309 Madison Ave. 

George Edwin Steel 

256^W. 79 
James Strafford, M.D. 

Vermont 1885 

Frederick Hopkins Strong 


445 W. 153 
Arnold Sturmdorf 

51 W. 74 
John Emil Traub,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1883 aet. 46*1909 

George Albert Ttittle, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1883 (see p. 83) 

49 W. 49 
George W. Vedder 

Philmont, N. Y. 
Luther Lochman von Wedekind 

Navy Dept., Wasliington, D. C. 
®Edward Freeman Walsh, A.B. 


III E. Lehigh Ave., Pliiladelpliia, 

Aaron Condit Ward,* A.B. 

Princeton 1883 aet. 48 *i909 

Charles Ashton Webster 

Yarmouth, N. S., Canada 
George [Louis] Wenner 

353 W. 46 
Charles William Wolfertz,* 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1883 *i889 

Charles Sacramento Wood 
^50 IV. 93 



Merlin Zeno Albro 
1540 IV. 47, Chicago, III. 

Henry Altshul 

903 Main, Hartford, Conn. 
Fred Delmar Andrew, A.B. 

Rochester 1883 

28 S. Union, Rochester, N. Y. 
Andrew Linn Barrett, A.M. 

Princeton 1882 

2162 Aqueduct Ave. 
Oliver Leslie Bartlett, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1883 

Pittsfield, Mass. 
John Jacob Baumann 

126 Mercer, Jersey City, N. J. 
Bennett Sheldon Beach 

144 W. 85 
William Adie Bell* 

aet. 56 *i909 

Frank Allen Benedict 

Seymour, Conn. 
Warren Stone Bickham, Ph.M. 

Louisiana 1886- (see p. 31) 

440 Riversi-de Drive 
George Henrv Bottum, Ph.B. 

Brown 1884, A.M. 1887 

Greenville, S. C. 
Arthur Albert Boyer, A.B. 

Michigan 1883 

II E. 48 
William Brill 

927 S. Hill, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Frederick John Brockway,* A.B. 

Yale 18S2 (see p. 33) aet. 41 *i90i 

Thomas Marcus Bull 

Naugatuck, Conn. 
Theodore Crete Burnett 

Univ. Cal., Berkeley, Cal. 
Allan Macv Butler,* A.B. 

Harvard 1884 aet. 26 *i888 

Hugh Thomas Cassidy* 


Edward W. Clark,* A.B. 1883 

Charles Alexander Clinton 

5 E. 128 
William Schuyler Colfax 

Pomp ton Lakes, N. J. 
Cliarles Farnham Collins, A.B. 

Yale 1883 
50 W. 55 




®Ansel Granville Cook 
i/g Allyn, Hartford, Conn. 

John Leader Corish 

John Mortimer Crawe [Jr.] 
Watertown, N. Y. 

Henry Beeckman Delatour, 

Prof. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 

73 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 

Joseph L. [Jose Lopez] de Vic- 

aet. 43 *i9o8 

Oliver Morse Dewing* 

aet. 47 *i9io 

®Franklin Dexter 

247 Marlboro, Boston, Mass. 
Daniel Joseph Donovan [Jr.] 

46 E. 126 
Edwin Augustus Down, 

Fres. State Bd. of Charities 

Q02 Main, Hartford, Conn. 
Charles Dunning, B.S. 

Princeton 1883 

222y2 S. Summit, Arkansas City, 


Ellsworth Eliot, Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1884 (see p. 43) 
34 E. 67 
Simon Leopold Eisner* 

aet. 45 *i9io 

Edmund Elwood Fall, A.B. 

Michigan 1883 

Adolph Franz [Jr.] 

266 Maple, Holyoke, Mass. 
Alexander Fryer Herrick Gale* 


Daniel Vincent Galvan 
John Nelson Goltra, A.M. 

Oregon 1883 

1612 Hinman Ave., Evanston, III. 
Calvin Linsley Flarrison, Ph.B. 

Yale 1884, Med. Bd. N. Y. Life Ins. 


246 Broadivay 

Sherwood Abel Holcomb 

Palenville, N. Y. 
®Curtiss Clark Hoyt 

i2Sg State, Bridgeport, Conn. 
®Joseph Budd Hulett 

Middletozvn, N. Y. 
John Alexander Jackson 

344 JV. 85 

Edward Augustus Keily 
138 IV. 104 

John Miller Kennedy* 

aet. 49 *igi2 

Paul Thomas Kimball,* A.B. 

Princeton 1884 aet. 48 *i9io 

Herman Koenig 
28 IV. 83 

Louis Julius Ladinski, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1884, Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 
1289 Madison Ave. 

Charles Berry Learoyd, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1884 

2 Vine, Taunton, Mass. 

Albert Henry Leyton,* A.B. 

elsewhere aet. 36 *i899 

Hersev Goodwin Locke (educ), 

A.B. Harvard 1886 

509 E. Genesee, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Averv Long 
R.F.D. No. 2', H unlock Creek, Pa. 

Halleck Hart Look 

1027 Fourth, Sacra)nento, Cal. 

George Stanley Lynde, A.B. 

Yale 1883 

148 IV. 85 
George Elmer Lyon, ALD. 

Union 1882 

Planters' Hotel, Si. Louis, Mo. 
John Francis McEncroe, A.B. 

Union 1884, A.M. 1893 

70Q Union, Schenectady, N. Y. 
James Minor Maghee, Ph.B. 

Yale 1885 

7 Main, IV. Orange, N. J. 

Morris Manges, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1884, A.M. 1887, Prof. 
Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 
72 E. 79 

Wilbur Fisk Alartin 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

David Meeker Marvin, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1884, A.M. 1887 

12 IV. 130 
Charles Bramman Meding 

III IV. 121 
®William Hutchinson Merrill, 

A.B. Yale 1883 

PepperreU, Mass. 

John Adams Miller 
Roscoe, N. Y. 




(S>John Franklin Myers 
Sodus, N. Y. 

0Walter Bernhardt Nagle 
^5^ Third, Milwaukee, Wise. 

Albert Burr Nash, A.B. 

Union 1883 

w S. 13, Newark, N. J. 
Eugene Aloysius O'Brien 
William O'Gorman, Jr.,* A.M. 

Seton Hall Coll. 1876 *i893 

0Clement Dietrich O'Leary 

(RET), A.B. Brown 1884, A.M. 1890 
42S Branch Ave., Providence, R. I. 

George Wakeman Osborn, A.B. 

Yale 1884 

888 Broad, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Charles Thorndike Parker 

(see p. 69) 

John Wells Parrish 

/// Montague, Bklyn. 
Daniel Russell Phillips, A.B. 

Michigan 1884 

Delaivare and 5, Leavemvorth, 
Edward Payson Pond,* B.S. 

Wisconsin aet. 30 '1889 

®Elias Pratt 

Torrington, Conn. 
Edward [Skiddy] Quintard 

145 W. 58 
®Thomas Hawley Rockwell 

120 Broadzvay 
Mefford Runyon 

no Irvington Ave., S. Orange, N.J. 
Philip Rupp, Jr., Ph.B. (s.) 1884 
Adam Schauf 

iq8 Vernon Ave., Bklyn. 
®Frank Mansfield Sharpe 

127 S. Oxford, Bklyn. 
Clarence Wellington Sheldon,* 

Ph.B. Yale 1884 aet. 31*1894 

Paul Shillock, M.D. 

St. Paul Med. Coll. 1886 

®Charles Elihu Slocum, Jr., 

M.D. Pennsylvania 1888 

Bentonville, Ark. 
Clarence Austin Smith, A.B. 

Yale 1882 

719 Cobb Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
J. Gardner Smith 
21 W. 122 

Nathan William Soble 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Thomas Shepard Southworth, 

A.B. Yale 1883 

807 Madison Ave. 

®Oscar William Stark 

//I/2 E. 8, Cincinnati, O. 
(S)Purdy H. Sturges 

212 GarHeld PL, Bklyn. 
George Lyon Tait 
Franz [John Albert] Torek, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1880, A.M. 1887, Adj. 
Prof. N. Y. P'ost-Grad. Med. Sch. 
I02I Madison Ave. 

Alexander Horton Travis, A.B. 

Princeton 1884, A.M. 1887 
/ W. S3 

Isaac Newton Trent, M.D. 

Kentucky Med. Sch. 1881 
Muncie, Ind. 
Jacob Cutwater Van Winkle, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1884 
Oakville, Wash. 
Frank Anderson Votey 
41 Porter Bldg., Grand Rapids, 

Hill Sloane Warwick, B.S. 

Pennsylvania 1888, Ph.D. 1891 

gS Manhattan Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 
Henry De la Pierre White 

820 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 
Albert Victor Widmann, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1884 

611 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
John Smith Wilson 

Poughkecpsie, N. Y. 
William Eaton Wilson 

20 Park PL, Pawtucket, R. I. 
(8>Sebastian Joseph Wimmer, 

A.M. St. Vincent's Coll. 1880 

St. Mary's, Pa. 
Charles Wuest [Jr.] 

1025 Bnslnvick Ave., Bklyn. 
Adolph Zeh, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1884 

243 IV. 52 
Eduardo Zuleta, M.D. 

Bogota Med. Coll. 1885, ex-Pres. 
Natl. Sch. Mines Colombia, ex-Pres. 
Antioquia, Corres. Memb. Real Ac- 
ademia Espanola 

Medellin, Colombia, S. A. 






^Alexander Abrams, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 188s 

600 W. 113 

Dan Putnam Albee 
Rock Creek, Id. 

®George Holcomb Barber, 

B.S. Boston and Mass. State. Coll. 


Nai'y Depf., Washington, D. C. 

Charles Bartels 
iSo Si. Nicholas Ave. 

Frank Hewitt Bartlctt, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1878, A.M. 1881 
40 E. 41 

Frederick William Becker, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1883 

47S Clinton Ave., Ncivark, N. J. 

Ernest LeRoy Bennett 

I/O Court, Binglianiton, N. Y. 

Joseph William Bettingen 
Dowry Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

(8)Benjamin Williams Bizzell, 

M.D. Southern Med. Coll. 1887, 
N. Y. Polyclinic 1889 
Phanix, Ariz. 

Arthur Clay Blain,* B.C.S. 

Georgia 1884 *i9o8 

Nathan Breiter 
302 Central Park W. 

Harris Fenton Brownlee 
342 Main, Daiibury, Conn. 

Percy Bryant 
Rahzvay, N. I. 

(8)Edward William Buckley 
Ernst Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

John Laidlaw Buel, A.B. 

Yale 1885 
DitchHeld, Conn. 

Edward Leonard Bull . 

2 Madison Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Richard Frederick Burke 

"99 Le.ringfon Ave. 
Herbert William Cardwell,* 

M.D. Willamette 1887 aet. 48 *I90S 

William H. Caswell,* A.B. 

Georg-e Henrv Cobb, A.B. 

Amlierst Coll. i'88s, A.M. 1888 

117 Irvington Ave., S. Orange, N. J. 

Daniel William Collins 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
George B. Cowell 

409 Noble Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Joseph John Craven, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1882 
306 Varick, Jersey City, N. J. 

Reuben Cronson, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1882 

133 ]]'. 122 
William Ledlie Culbert, Ph.B. 

Yale 1885, Ph.D. Omaha 1890 
16 E. 54 

Richard Hoope Cunningham, 

M.D. Virginia Med. Coll. 1887 (see 
P- 39) 

236 IF. 55 

John Joseph Curran* 

aet. 37 *i897 

©Arthur Nichols Curtis 

4205 J'^irginia Ave., St. Douis, Mo. 

Richard Randolph Daly 
710 Empire Life Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

©Jose Joaquin de la Roche, B.S. 


Colombia, S. A. 
Luis Fernandez Del Rio, A.B. 


Francis De Revere 

95 Beach, Stapleton, N. Y. C. 
David Robert Dewey* 
William Kinnicutt Draper,* A.B. 

Harvard 1885 (see p. 42) 

Malvern Nicholas Due,* A.B. 

Princeton 1885, A.M. 1888 

©John jMacauley Eager 

'Baltimore, Md. 
Wells Phillips Eagleton 

15 Lombardy, Nezvark, N. J. 
Albert Heman Ely, A.B. 

Yale i88s 

47 IV. 56 
Israel Solomon Feinberg 

310 E. .79 
©Gustav Adolph Fensterer 

Eloral Park, N. Y. C. 
Albert Frey, 

Grad. Royal Gymnas. (Cologne) 

331 S. Orange Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Frederick Abbott Goodwin, M.D. 

\^crmont 1887 

Biiiijhamton. N. Y. 

1 888] 



William Alexander Graham 
Charlotte, N. C. 

George Clark Gross 
250 W. 21 

Hugh Hagan 

Daniel Winfred Harrington 

(EDUC), A.M. 1897, A.B. Leland 
Stanford, Jr. 1896, Frof. Milwaukee 
Med. Coll. 
3316 Cedar, Mihvankee, Wise. 

Norman Darrell Harvey 
112 Waterman, Providence, R. I. 

Jacob Edward Herman 
4§ Linden, Bklyn. 

Henry Allen Higley, Jr. 
5/ Westminster Rd., Bklyn. 

George Rowland Hill 
1312 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 

William Augustus Howe, B.S. 

Hobart Coll. 1885, M.S. 1886, Deputy 
Commr. Health, N. Y. State 

Phelps, N. Y. 
Joseph Huber, Jr.* 

aet. 59 *i909 

Vard Houghton Hulen, A.M. 

Texas Christian Univ. 1897, M.D. 
Chicago Coll. P. and S. 1887 

135 Stockton, San Francisco, Cal. 

<S>Max Jackson 
Macon, Ga. 

(S)Robert Kearns [Jr.] 

Montgomery, N. Y. 

Richard Kuehne, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1874 

1118 Summit Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 

Alexander Lambert, A.B. 

Yale 1884, Ph.B. 1885, Prof. Cornell 

36 E. 31 

Charles F. Lehlbach [Jr.] 
22 Breintnall PL, Newark, N. J. 

®Clarence Linden Lewis, Jr. 
124 E. 81 

George Lindenmeyr 
605 W. 141 

Hanau Wolf Loeb, A.B. 

Missouri 1883, A.M. 1887, M.D. St. 
Joseph's Med. Coll. 1887, Ensworth 
Med. Sch. 1889, Prof. St. Louis 


537 N. Grand Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Edwin Knickerbocker Losee, 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1885, A.M. 1888 
Upper Redhook, N. Y. 

George Birmingham McAuliffe, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. i8Ss 
616 Madison Ave. 

Will McCaw,* A.B. 

Cornell 1884, Lit.B. (Hon.) Endymion 
Coll. 1896 aet. 48 *i9ii 

Forbes Robert McCreery, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1885 

123 E. 40 
Dennis John McDonald (educ), 

Adj. Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 
-fJ7 E. 43 

0James Higgins Mcintosh, A.B. 

Newberry Coll. 1884 

1 301 Lady, Columbia, S. C. 
John Bernard McKenna, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1884, A.M. 1891 

12 Summit, E. Providence, R. I. 

Frank Edward Maginnes 

Hallock Rathbone Maine* 

aet. 47 *i902 

Harry Elijah Matthews 
12 Hillside Ave., Orange, N. J. 

George Longking Meredith 
1926 Fifth Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

George Rayson Newby* 

aet. 31 *i892 

William Edward Newing 
George Lawrence Nicholas 

(Rev.), Med. Insp. Dept. Health 

435 Ninth Ave. 

Leon Edgar Norfleet 

Tarboro, N. C. 
Henry McMahon Painter, A.B. 

Yale 1884, Ph.B. 1885 (see p. 69) 

Century Club, N. Y. C. 
Wesley Hamilton Peck 

132 Sf. Wabash Ave., Chicago, III. 
Francis Rollin Percival 

849 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, 


0Charles Edwin Perkins (ret) 
618 Park PL, Bklyn. 

Thomas De Witt Pinckney 

White Plains Rd. and 212 
Royal Watson Pinney, Ph.B. 

Yale 188s 

Derby, Conn. 




Warren Oscar Plimpton, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1882, A.M. 1885 
19 W. 84 

Manuel Guillermo Ponce de 

M.D. Caracas 1885 

William Evelyn Porter 

149 ly- 73 
^Raymond Beriah Pratt, A.B. 


201 State, Elmira, N. Y. 
Charles William Prettyman 

4139 Indiana Ave., Chicago, III. 
William Ernest Ramsay 

Perth Aiuboy, N. J. 
Joseph Raymond 

16 Barrett, Schenectady, N. Y. 
George Edwin Reed 

737 Putnam Ave., Bklyn. 
James Joline Reed 

Sea Bright, N. I. 
David Robert Rodger, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1882 

88 Union PL, Richmond Hill, 
N. Y. C. 

Francis Fayette Root, A.B. 

Princeton 1882 

William Hugh Ross 

Brcntxvood,"N. Y. 
Efmory] Wood Ruggles, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1885, A.M. 1888 

^48 University Ave, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Robert Alfred Sands, A.B. 

Yale 1885 (see p. 75) 
loi E. 39 

Henry Lawrence Shively, B.S. 

Cornell 1884 

303 Amsterdam Ave. 
®Chandler Holmes Smith [Jr.] 
Madison, Fla. 

®Cornelius Francis Starr 

Manchester, N. H. 
James Albert Edward Steeves,* 

A.M. 1886, A.B. New Brunswick 
(Can.) 1881, M.D. Vermont 1884 

aet. 42 *i903 

Edward Sutton 

German Valley, N. J. 
Sinclair Tousey, A.M. 1885, 

A.B. Bklyn. Poly. Instit. 1884 
140 IV. S7 

Henry Aloysius Towle, A.B. 

Princeton 1883, A.M. 1886 

16 Halsey, Ncivark, N. I. 
Benjamin Randall Tupper, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1884 

208 W. S3 
Bernard Elias Vaug'han* 

aet. 33 *i895 

Alphonse Michael Wallace* 

aet. 27 *i895 

®David Scyrus Warner, A.B. 

Union 18S2 

Centre Moriches, N. Y. 
John Brown Weaver, M.D. 

Iowa 1864 

Asheville, N. C. 
Samuel Louis Weber (educ), 

M.D. Rush Med. Coll. 1897, Prof. 
Chicago Univ. 

4336 Grand Blvd., Chicago, III. 
John Nichols Weston* 


Levi Olmsted Wiggins,* A.B. 

Yale 1885 aet. 26 'iSgi 

Frank Pope Wilson, A.B. 

Kenyon Coll. 1876, A.M. 1888 

Herbert Weight Wootton 

319 Lc.rington Ave. 
J[ohn] Francis Wouters, A.M. 

Louvain 1870 
216 JV. 22 

John Van Doren Young 

167 IV. 71 
Frank Henrv Zitz, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1883, Pension Ex- 

1757 Topping Ave. 


Albyn Lincoln Adams 

Jacksonville, III. 
John Aldrich, A.B. 

Brown 1883 

164 W. 81 
Jcre Augustus AlHs 

12 JV. 60 
Harry Gray Anderson 

JVaterbury, Conn. 
John Lyman Andrews 

45 E. 92 
Edward Avendano 




Pearce Bailey, A.B. 

Princeton 1886, A.M. 1889 (see p. 29) 
52 iV- 53 

Benjamin May Baker 
Norfolk, Va. 

Frank Russell Baker* 

aet. 39 *i9o8 

Frederick Theodore Barber 
Port Richmond, N. Y. C. 

Charles Watson Bartlett 
MarshUcld, Mass. 

Emanuel M. Baruch, Ph.D. 

Tubingen 1887, M.D. 1891 

57 E. 77 
Ward Manktelow Beckwith, 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1880 

I52g Twenty-third Ave., Oakland, 


Morris Norton Bemus, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1885, A.M. 1889 

210 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown, 

N. Y. 

Frederic Bierhoff 
10 W. 61 

Edmund Wallen Bill, B.S. 

Princeton 1885 

616 Madison Ave. 
Louis Faugeres Bishop (educ), 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1885, A.M. 1889, 
Prof. Fordham 

54 W. 55 
Charles Minor Blackford, 2nd, 

M.D. Virginia 1888 

Staunton, Va. 
Edward Giles Blair, A.B. 

Kansas 1887 

404 Bryant Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Augustus Blake, A.B. 

Yale 1885, Ph.B. 1886, and A.M. 
(Hon.) 1910 (see p. 32) 

603 Madison Ave. 
(8)Rezie Owings Blaydes 

Hot Springs, Ark. 
Edward Strong Bogert [Jr.] 

Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 
Reed Brinsmade Bontecou 

82 Fourth, Troy, N. Y. 
Elman Hilts Borst''' 

aet. 32 *i895 

Frank Archer Bottome* 

aet. 32 *i898 

Nevdon Mesrob Boyajian, A.B. 

Robert Coll. (Constantinople) 1881 

Oakland Ave, Lynbrook, N. Y. 

Oliver Otis Howard Bradley 
813 Warren, Hudson, N. Y. 

William Partridge Brandegee,* 

A.B. Yale 1886 aet. 42 * 1906 

(^Erdmann Neumeister Brandt 

Tarrytozvn, N. Y. 

Gustav Weber Bratenahl* 

aet. 27 *i89S 

Frank Thomson Brough, Ph.G. 

London 1882 

35 Court, Hackensack, N. J. 
George Herbert Brown 

(8)James Alexander Browne 
311 Van Houten, Paterson, N. J. 

Frederick Wing Burleigh, A.B. 

Princeton 1885 

82 Walnut, Fitchburg, Mass. 

(8>Charles Moore Burrows 
126 Main, Albion, N. Y. 

Lorenzo Burrows, Jr. 

482 Franklin, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Henry De Haven Cameron* 

aet. 37 *i903 

William Merle [d'Aubigne] 
Carhart, A.B. 

Yale 1 88s 

616 Madison Ave. 

William Chapman, M.D. 

Cooper Med. Coll. (Cal.) 1886 

Walter John Clark* 
James Henry Clarke 
Walter James Clarke, A.B. 

New Brunswick 1885 

224 W. 72 
®Arthur Meeker Collier 

824 Genesee, Utica, N. Y. 
Robert George Cook, A.B. 

Harvard 1886 
Canandaigua, N. Y. 

[Addison] Luzerne Coville, B.S. 

Cornell 1886 

514 E. Buffalo, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Joseph Richard Crofton* 


Colman Ward Cutler, A.B. 

Yale 1885 

8 E. 54 




James Williams Dalbey,* B.S. 

Illinois Coll. 1885 ' *i9o8 

Edward Barzillai Dana, Jr.''' 

aet. 40 *i904 

Asa Barnes Davis 

4^ E. 35 

0Charles Butler Day 
Riverside, Conn. 

Edward Gardiner Day 

27 W. 128 

Eden Vinson Delphey 

400 W. 57 
Fred Robert Driesbach 

Dansville, N. Y. 

Emilio Echeverria 
Liiiion, Costa Rica, C. A. 

Gilbert Molleson Elliott, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1886, A.M. 1890 
Brunszvick, Me. 

Elmer Clay Fahrney, A.B. 

and A.M. Lafayette Coll. 1880 
Hagerstoivn, Md. 

Frederick Gershom Fielding 
70 Ridge, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Charles Edward Joseph Finlay, 

A.B. Havana 1889, M.D. 1900, 
Prof. Univ. Havana 

Galiano ^o, Havana, Cuba 

®Philip Richard Flanagan 
Lebanon Springs, N. Y. 

®George Peter French 
13 Clifton, Rochester, N. Y. 

Andrew J. Fulton 
Pine Lake, N. Y. 

William Sinn Gardner 

983 Tiffany 

Lewis McPhee Gibson 
161 IV. 81 

Patrick Frederick Gildea 
2220 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Eugene Holden Goldberg 

Belgrove Drive, Kearny, N. J. 
Maurice Louis Goodkind 

(EDUC). Prof. Internatl. Med. 
Univ. 111. 

31 N. State, Chicago, III. 
Irving Frederick Graves* 

William Henry Gray 
Mystic, Conn. 

James Sproat Green, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1886, A.M. 1889 

463 N. Broad, Elisabeth, N. J. 

Henry Arthur Griffin, A.B. 

Harvard 1886 (see p. 49) 

53 jy. 54 

Plenry M. Hallock 

Frederick Porter Hammond 

143 IV. 122 

James Cole Hancock 

135 Cambridge PL, Bklyn. 
(E) William Benjamin Hardman, 

A.B. Mercer 1886, A.M. 1890 

Commerce, Ga. 

Charles William Harrison 
Hidalgo, Tex. 

Charles Walker Hayt* 


Henry William Heaton 

^00 Laurel Hill Ave.. Providence, 
R. I. 

Angier Bailey Hobbs, A.B. 

Princeton 1884, A.M. 1886 
346 Broadzi'ay 

John Hamilton Potter Hodgson, 

INI.D. Virginia 1888 (see p. 52) 
2g Washington Sq. 

Henry Martyn Hooper,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. aet. 44 *i894 

Frank [Julius] LeMoyne Hupp, 

A.B. Washinsfton and Jefferson Coll. 

1886, A.M. 1889 

61 Fourteenth, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Morison Thomas Hutchinson,* 

Ph.B. Yale 1886 

Robert Bruce James, 

Grad. Virginia Mil. Instit. 1883, 
M.D. Virginia 1886 

Danville, Va. 
Smith Ely Telliffe, Ph.D. 

1899. A.M. fgoo, A.B. -Bklyn. Poly. 
Instit. 1896 (see p. 55) 

64 IV. 56 
Luther Cromwell Jones* 

Robert C. Kemp, A.B. 1885 
John William Keough, A.B. 

Seton Hall Coll. 1881, A.M. 1883 
121 Livingston, Elizabeth, N. J. 





Herman Gustave Klippert, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Fhar. 1885 

59 E. 124 

®George Frederick Koehler 
365 Tzvelfth, Portland, Ore. 

Samuel Marcus Landsman 
220 E. 19 

Southgate Leigh, M.D. 

Virginia 18S8 

Norfolk, Va. 
David Bigelow Lovell 

2 Whitman Rd., Worcester, Mass. 
Andrew Francis McBride, 

Mayor Paterson 

297 Main, Paterson, N. J. 
Frederick Watson McClere 
John Francis McCusker, B.S. 

Manhattan Coll. 1886, M.S. 1892 

382 Broad, Providence, R. I. 
John Joseph McGrath 

104 W. 71 
William Stevenson MacLaren, 

A.B. Princeton 1886, A.M. 1888 

3S Boudinot, Princeton, N. J. 
Edmund Hood Magee 
William George Mangold,* 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1883 

aet. 47 *i9i I 

Walter Wilton Matson 

Brookville, Pa. 
Hugo Louis [Maria] Metz, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1881 

Valhalla, N. Y. 
Ludwig Mitchel Michaelis* 
Joseph Didier Montmarquet* 


William Moor, 

Grad. Gym. Fiinfkirchen (Austria) 


Josiah William Morris,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1885 

Louis Morris, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1886 

60 E. 118 

Joseph Darwin Nagel, 

Grad. Gym. Budapest 1885 

106 E. 38 
Van Home Norrie, A.B. 1885 
Henry Rutherfurd Overton* 


Stewart Paton. A.B. 

Princeton 1886, A.M. 1889 

Princeton, N. J. 

Morton Roberts Peck 
Cor nival I, N. Y. 

Edward White Perkins, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1886 

210 IV. 131 
August Charles Pfenning, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1886 
52g Elm, W. Hoboken, N. I. 

Charles Robert Phillips 
251 Main, Hornell, N. Y. 

David Becker Pindar 
201 Garden, Hoboken, N. J. 

Eduardcy Jose Pinto [-Fernandez] 
San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. 

George Sawyer Pitcher 

®Herbert Kent Porter, M.D. 

Miami Med. Coll. 1888 

Delta, Colo. 
Buenaventura Higinio Portu- 
Belleville, III. 

Frank Edward Potter, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1885 

Portland, Conn. 
James Spofford Reeve, A.B. 

Lawrence Coll. 1885, A.M. 1888 
Appleton, Wise. 

Joseph Henry Reuss 
Cuero, Tex. 

®Charles Orrin Rice 
Watertozvn, N. Y. 

Henry Adolphe Richy 
162 E. 46 

®Charles David Ripley 
84 Johnson Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Harris Crocker Rodgers 

Frederick Davis Ruland 

Westport, Conn. 
John Sidney Sauvalle 

143 IV. 64 
William Gray Schauffler, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1886, A.M. 1903, 
Pres. N. J. State Bd. Educ. 

400 Madison Ave., Eakezvood, N.J 
Otto Henry Schultze (educ), 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1886, Asst. Prof. 

47 E. 58 




®William McCurdv Scott 
Black Lick, Pa. 

Frank Millard Severson,* A.B. 

Union 1885 aet. 40 *1904 

Edward Richard Sill, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1884 

Oakland, Cal. 

Edwin Dudley Smith 
145 E. 18 

Ernest Herman Smith, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1885 
Redding, Conn. 

John Joseph Smith* 


John Vernon Smith 
Third Ave. and 183 

Samuel Smith, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1883, A.M. 1886 

Ballston Spa, N. Y. 
Shirley Robinson Snow, A.B. 

Harva'rd 1886 

26/ Alexander, Rochester, N. Y. 
William Glassell Somerville, 

A.B. Alabama 1885 

1401 Central Bank Bldg., Memphis. 


Frederic Ewald Sondern 
200 W. 56 

Clinton Stevenson 
I22g Lexington Ave. 

Aaron Longstreet Stillwell, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1886, A.M. 1887 
Somerville, N. J. 

Lewis Hiram Stone 

James Ambrose Stoughton 

Emery Peckham Sweet 

Butler Exchange, Providence, R. I. 
William Warren Talley, A.B. 

Richmond Coll. 1883, U.D. Med. 
Coll. Virginia 1886 
I2g JV. 136 

Percy Hamilton Terhune 

162 Gregory Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

Charles Oscar Thompson, Ph.G. 

Mass. Coll. Phar. 1S87 

58g Beacon, Boston, Mass. 

George Abraham Torrison 

(EDUC), A.B. Luther Coll. (la.) 
1885, Asst. Prof. Chicago Univ. 

2124 Alice PL, Chicago, III. 

Ervin Alden Tucker,* B.S. 

Amherst Coll. 1885, A.M. 1888 (see 

p. 8j) aet. 40 *i902 

John A. Voorhees* 

James Peter Warbasse 

384 JVasIiington Ave., Bklyn. 
James Byers Warden* 

aet. 38 *i90i 

Levi Francis Warner, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1885 

159 ff". 93 
James Sears Waterman 

676 Si. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 
C[harles] Fred Webnerf 

96 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. I. 
Henry Howard Whitehouse, 

Ph.D. Yale 1885 
38 E. 49 _ 

Alfred Wiener 

616 Madison Ave. 
®William Edgar Wirt, 

Grad. U. S. N. Acad. 1884, M.D. 
Wooster 1888, A.M. 1889, Ph.D. 
Ohio 1891 

477 Prospect, Cleveland, O. 
Frederick Hubbard Wolcott,* 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1886 aet. 30 *i895 

Frederick John Jennings Wood 
®Walter Childs Wood, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1886 
1267 Pacific, Bklyn. 

Louis Augustus Zerega di 

Zerega, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1886 
616 Madison Ave. 

1890 ^^5 

Charles Francis Adams, A.B. 

Yale 1886 

104 IV. 73 
Henry Frederick Adams, Ph.B. 

Yale 1887 

32 Palmetto, Bklyn. 

®Louis Akin 

Akin, N. Y. 
0Andrew John Andersen 

28 Stevens, Long Island City, N. Y. 
Milton Ellsworth Artman 

Dansville, N. Y. 
®Adolph Baron, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 
1346 Lexington Ave. 
fFormerly Frederick Charles Webner 




John Henry Richard Barry, B.S. 

Manhattan Coll. 1887, M.S. 1890 

/// Fifth, Long Island City, N. Y. 
Robert Joseph Barry* 


John Bates, A.B. 1881 

Willard DooHttle Becker [Jr.] 
8 Franklin Sq., Rochester, N. Y. 

Clayton Powers Bennett 
^06 W. 71 

Walter Bensel 

(see p. 31) 

355 W. 84 
Elmer Fox Berkele,* A.B. 

Yale 1887 aet.27 *i892 

Constantine Bj erring 
Percival Ranney Bolton, Ph.B. 

Yale 1886 
/ W. 54 

®Allan Blair Bonar, A.B. 

Yale 1887 
Marquette, Mich. 

Nelson Borst 

66 Cannon, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
(8>George Bradley Bradley 

22 Race, Bloomfield, N. J. 
William Coughlin Braislin 

556 IVashington Ave., Bklyn. 
(^Frederick Gretton Brathwaite 

Stamford, Conn. 
Samuel F. Brothers, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1885 

96 Neiv Jersey Ave., Bklyn. 

William Robert Broughton, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1887 

348 Madison Ave. 
H[ezekiah] Beattie Brown 


243 IVarhurton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. 

Henry Babcock Carpenter,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1886 aet. 36 *i900 

Robert Leslie Carson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1886 

54 Gibbs. Rochester, N. Y. 

Iheophilns Ransom Carter,* 

A.B. Yale 1886 *i9o6 

®Jacob Henry Carver 

220 IV. 49 
Charles Francis Chapman 

Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Edmund Denison Chesebro, A.B. 

Brown 1887, A.M. 1890, Med. Dir. 
I'uritan Life Ins. Co. 

2 Hazvthorne, Providence, R. I. 

<S>Frederic Stephens Cole 
Cairo, N. Y. 

Arthur Burr Coleburn, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1884 
Middlctown, Conn. 

®Charles Colhoun 

Rutherford, N. J. 
®Arthur Patrick Coll 

141 Lexington Ave. 

James Joseph Concanon 

130 Claremont Ave. 
Lewis Atterbury Conner, Ph.B. 

Yale 1887 
121 E 62 

(^Salvador Serre Cordova 
Ytiscaran, Honduras, C. A. 

James Lefferts Cornell, M.D. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1889 
Centerville, Md. 

Edward Everett Cornwall 

(EDUC), Ph.B. Wesleyan 1887, Prof. 
Bklyn. Post-Grad. Sch. 

1218 Pacific, Bklyn. 
George Wyckoff Cummins, 

Ph.B. Yale 1884, Ph.D. 1887 
Bclvidere, N. J. 

Frank Caryl Dakin 

1134 Hinman Ave., Evanston, III, 

Jared Waldo Daniels, M.D. 

Rush Med. Coll. 1889 
St. Peter, Minn. 

Morris Jay Davies 
6 Steuben Park, Utica, N. Y. 

Henry Pelouze de Forest, Ph.B. 

Cornell 1884, M.S. 1887 
150 W. 47 

Samuel Derickson, Jr., A.B. 


Francis Louis de Villa 

George Jacob Dirkes 
176 S. g, Bklyn. 

William Francis Donovan, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1887, A.M. 1890 
400 Convent Ave. 

John Joseph Dooley* 

aet. 35 •1902 




®Walter Adams Dunckel 

131 W. 46 
Samuel Robert Dtinlop,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 aet. 42*1909 

Frank Gaylord Eastman* 

act. 37 *i904 

Martin John Echeveria 

60 IV. 71 
Henry Frederic Eichacker, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Fharm. 1887 
776 Seneca Ave., Bklyni. 

0James Robinson English, Jr. 

S30 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
James Seferen Ennis 

338 IV. 56 
William Evans 

411 Freemason, Norfolk, Va. 
(8)William Dominic Finn 

69 Mollis, Halifax, N. S., Canada 
Charles Borromeo Fitzpatrick 
[Jr.] (educ), A.B. 

Seton Hall Coll. 1887, A.M. 1S88, 
Prof. Fordham 

1028 Park Ave. 
(8)William Flitcroft 

510 River, Pater son, N. J . 
Henry Hall Forbes 

g6 Park Ave. 
Marcus Fried 

256 Twelfth, Portland, Ore. 

Albert Ernest Gallant. 

Vice-Pres. and Treas. N. Y. Sch. 

Clin. Med. 

§40 Ufadison Ave. 

Alfred Wild Gardner* 

aet. 37 *i905 

John Thomas Gibbons, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1885 

[308 Buslnvick Ave., Bklyn. 
Bartlett Gilbert. Jr. 
W[illiam] Whitehead Gilfillan 

31 IV. 50 
Larkin White Glazebrook, M.D. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 1890 

2022 P, N. IV., Washington, D. C. 

Clarence Glisan,* A.B. 

Yale 1887 "iSps 

Luther Bell Grandy,* Ph.B. 

North Carolina 1886 *i902 

Frederic Henry Grant 

Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Dagobert Gumpert* 


William Charles Guth, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 
253 E- 71 
Lomax Gwathmey, M.D. 

Virginia 1889 

244 Freemason, Norfolk, Va. 
Charles Freeman Halsted, M.D. 

N. Y. Univ. 1890 

40 Grove, Sovierville, N. J. 

Henry S. Hathaway, A.B. 


®Edward Mathias Zet Hawkes, 

A.B. Union 1887, A.M. 1891 

15 Central Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

John Marshall Hawkes* 

aet. 47 *i895 

Ernest Linwood Hayford 
15 E. Washington, Cliicago, III. 

Joseph Stephen Healy 
3016 Bailey Ave. 

Thomas Bakewell Hegeman 

2603 Newark Ave., Bklyn. 
Henry Heiman. M.D. 

Arkansas 1888, Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

30 W. 88 
®John Tobit Henry, A.B. 

Erskine Coll. 1884 

Chester, S. C. 
®Christopher Joseph Hillis 

165 W. 95 
Austin Wilkinson Hollis 

(see p. S3) 

40 W. 71 
Woolsey Hopkins* 

aet. 32 *i900 

Alston Davis Horah,* M.D. 

Virginia 1887 

John Bessner Huber, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1887, M.D. Bell. Hosp. 
Med. Coll. 1889, Prof. Fordham 

40 E. 41 
®William West Hunt 

95 JVarren Ave., E. Providence, 
R. I. 

George Pierson Jessup, B.S. 

Princeton 1887 

New Dorp, N. Y. C. 
Charles Sherman Jewett, Ph.B. 

Yale 1S87 

892 Main, Buffalo, N. Y. 




Henry Cortlandt Johnston 

24 Central Ave., Tompkinsville, 

N. Y. C. 
®Horace Virchow Jonah 

Eastport, Me. 
Thomas Warburton Jones 

Camden, Ala. 
Carl Ferdinand Klaus 

2312 Marshall Blvd., Chicago, III. 
0Charles Frederick Kraemer 

269 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark,N.I. 
Henry Augustus Kurth, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1887, A.M. Union 1890 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Frank Henry Lammers,* A.M. 

De Pauw 1890 *i900 

Hugo Lange 

iiS^ Dean, Bklyn. 
FrankHn Dana Lawson 

27 VV. 42 
^Dudley Leavitt, A.B. 

Yale 1886 

West Stockbridge, Mass. 

Alexander Shirley Leverty 

707 St. Nicholas Ave. 
David Clarence Levvinthal 
John Clarence Lindsay, A.B. 

Eureka Coll. 1883 

108 N. State, Chicago, III. 
®Bertram Leslie Longenecker 

4gi Fnlton, Bklyn. 
Joseph Wooding Love 

0Hartvvell Nelles Lyon 

Leavenzvortli, Kans. 
Henry Dreer McCormick (ret) 

18 Clinton PL, Newark, N. I. 
Charles McGregor, M.D. 

Michigan 1889 

§14 W. 2, Dayton, O. 
William Henry Mclntyre 

259 IV. II 
James Francis McKernon, 

Prof. N: Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

62 W. 52 
John Mahon Macdonald 

Belleville, N. J. 
Joseph Stevenson James 
Manning, LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1903 

19 Oliver 

William Margulies 
63 McKibben, Bklyn. 

Philip Meirowitz, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 

430 IV 131 

William Menzies, 3rd* 

Francis Daniel Merchant, 

Med. Dir. N. Y. Mut. Life Ins. Co. 
34 Nassau 

Patrick Francis Moylan 
Scranton, Pa. 

Alan Butler Murrav, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1887, A.M. 1893 

Alhanibra, Mont. 
Charles Dwight Napier, A.B. 

Yale 1885 

100 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Jay Odell Nelson 
Hoivard City, Mich. 

Marcus Arthur Newell 
Sheridan, IVyo. 

Joseph Patrick O'Dvvyer* 

aet. 37 *i9o6 

Charles Ithemer Page [Jr.] 
Litchfield, Conn. 

Harold Lucian Palmer 
Utica, N. Y. 

Edward Arthur Parker, A.M. 

Rock Hill Coll. 

262 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Charles Toomer Parrish 

joi Dinwiddie, Portsmouth, Va. 

Ralph Wait Parsons 
Ossining, N. Y. 

Charles Fenner Peckham, 

Surg. Genl. R. I. 

6 Thomas, Providence, R. I. 
James Pedersen, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1884, Adj. Prof. N. Y. 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

40 E. 41 
®Charles Sample Peeke 

Rotterdam, N. Y. 
Edward Wright Peet, A.B. 

Yale 1886 
144 IV. 93 

Boiling Anthony Pope [Jr.], 

B.S. Tulane 188.; 

1403 State, New Orleans, La. 




Charles Ignatius Proben, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1885 (see p. 72) 

160 E. 71 
Harry Lavington Purdy 
g66 Lexington Ave. 

Thomas Henry Rafferty 
John Remer, A.B. 

Allegheny Coll. 1886, A.M. 1889 

77 W. 126 

Herman Clarence Riggs 

/// Montague, Bklyn. 
John William Rockafeller 

Deal, N. J. 
Thomas Weaver Rogers 

Nezv London, Conn. 
Julius Rosenberg 

57 E- 77 
Abraham Rosenthal,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 *i9o6 

James Henry Sanderson 
60 Austin, Worcester, Mass. 

Robert Schlesiger,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1887 

Louis Hermann August 
349 W. 22 

Ernest Charles Schultze 

240 W. 70 
Alwin Hugo Schwab, Ph.G. 

N. Y. ColL^Phar. 1886 
S13 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Charles Hosmer Scribner, B.S. 

Ripon Coll 1886 

674 E. 27, Paterson, N. J. 
(8)George Henry Sexsmith 

Bayonne, N. J. 
James Prestley Shaw, A.B. 

Princeton 1886, A.M. 1889 

1634 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Elton John Sherow* 

aet. 26 '1898 

Charles David Shirmer* 


Matthew Joseph Smith,* A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1881 

aet. 40 "1899 

Samuel Kempton Smith, A.B. 

Arcadia Coll. 1887 
Port Huron, Mich. 


Naman Henry Soble 

462 E. Church, Elmira, N. Y. 
Edward Staehlin, A.B. 

Yale 1887 

15 Lincoln Park, Neivark, N. J. 
Whitmore Steele 
Edwin Sternberger, B.L. 

Cornell 1887 

43 E. 60 
OBenjamin Wolf Stiefel 

127 E. 73 
William Edward Swan* 

®Albert Frederick Taylor 

24 IV. 50 
George Byron Teames, B.S. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1880 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Anders Gustaf Thoren* 


(2>Henry Herbert Thorp 

Southampton, N. Y. 
William Hanford Todd 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Charles Wilmot Townsend* 

aet. 39 *i907 

Willis Adam Turnbull 

264 IV. 57 
Benjamin Franklin Turner 

Mempliis, Tenn. 
Sidney Arthur Twinch 

466 Sumner Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Charles Arthur Van der Veer( j) 
Fernando Ruperto Vasquez 
Feodor von Raitz, A.M. 


Ossining, N. Y. 

John Walters 

Wharton, N. J. 

Otto Albert Weigand* 

William Henry West 

1801 Green, Harrisburg, Pa. 

John Franklin Whitmyer* 

aet. 47 •1911 

Joseph White Williams, A.B. 

Princeton 1887 

401 Ellison, Paterson, N. J. 

Sidney Schenck Willis* 





Harry Percival Woley, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1&87, Asst. Med. Dir. 

N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 

6509 Minerva Ave., Chicago, III. 

Dell Elmyrt Yarnell (sec) 
38s Westford, Lozvell, Mass. 



Robert Abrahams (educ), 

Adj. Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Sch. and 

257 W. 88 
Robert Staunton Adams, A.B. 

Princeton 1888, A.M. 1891 

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, N. Y. C. 
(8)Arthur Nathaniel Ailing, A.B. 

Yale 1886 

igg York, New Haven, Conn. 
Willis Sidney Anderson* 


Charles Lincoln Banks, B.S. 

Lehigh 1888 

306 West Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Carl M. Beebe, M.D. 

Rush Med. Coll. 1889 
Sparta, Wise. 

George Hall Beers 
Ticonderoga, N. Y. 
®Augustns Edward Bieser, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1888 

314 W. 58 
George Bieser 

158 W. 105 
0Francis Lawrence Bosqui, 

Ph.B. California 1888 

care W. S. Noyes, Albany Blk., 

Oaklands, Cal. 

Robert Boyd [Jr.] 

1134 Main Ave., Paterson, N. I. 

Willis Northrup Boynton 

Brewster, N. Y. 
Samuel Max Brickner, A.B. 

Rochester 1888, A.M. 1891 

120 W. 86 
George Livingston Brodhead 

(see p. 33) 

144 W. 58 
John McCarty Brooke,* M.D. 

Virginia 1888 

Walter Brooks Brouner, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1888 

27 W. 9 

(8)Willet Stuart Brown 

56 W. 56 
Philip Dibble Bunce, A.B. 

Yale 1 888 

61 Edwards, Hartford, Conn. 
Edgar Doak Capps (educ), 

Prof. Christian Univ. 

Christian University, Forth Worth, 

Charles Churchill Carmalt,* A.B. 

Harvard 1887 (see p. 35) aet. 39 *i905 

®Jean Fresne Chauveau, Jr., 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1888 and Paris 
64 W. 77 

Walter Cheyne 
Sumter, S. C. 

Edwin Clifford Chipman, A.B. 

Alfred 1887 

232 Williams, New London, Conn. 

Alfred Peters Cole 

Groton Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Joseph Brown Cooke 
Coopcrstown, N. Y. 
Edwin Marion Cox [Jr.], 

L.S.A. London 1903 

32 Clarges, London, W. England 

®Charles Townshend Dade 

25 W. 50 
(8)Philip Joseph Dansereau 

Thibodaux, La. 

(8>Charles Hermance DeLancy 
care Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

George Charles Diekman, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1888 (see p. 41) 
555 E. 23, Bklyii. 

Jay Orleans Downs* 


(8)Carl Elias Dufft (mus) 

30 E. 23 
0David Orr Edson 

42 W. 71 
Thomas Burnham Enders, A.B. 

Yale 1888 

Noank, Conn. 
Paul William Erdtmann 
Douglass Ewell,* A.B. 1888 
James Ewing (educ), A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1888, A.M. 1891, 
Sc.D. (Hon.) Pittsburgh 1912, Prof. 
Cornell (see p. 44) 

477 First Ave. 




Charles Oliver Fairbank 

(OIL OPERATOR), Grad. Royal 

Mil. Coll. Kingston 1880 
Pctrolia, Out., Canada 

Livingston Farrand (educ),A.B. 

Princeton 1888, A.M. 1891 (see p. 44) 

Columbia University 
James Porter Fiske 

76 W. 86 
Howard Truman French 

Deep River, Conn. 
John Minor Gillespie,* A.B. 

Yale 1887 aet. 42 *i9o8 

A[bram] Lawrence Gnichtel 

257 W. 44 
James Douglas Gold, Ph.B. 

Yale 1888 

83g Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Daniel Merritt Griffen* 

aet. 44 *i9io 

John Reveley Guerrant, 

Memb. Va. House Deleg. 1896 

Calaivay, Va. 
<8)Thomas Hightower Hancock 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Daniel Bailey Hardenbergh, A.B. 

Yale 1888 

7 Orchard, Middletown, N. Y. 
Oscar George Harrison,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phaf. 1890 aet. 31 *i894 

Edward Alexander Hatton [Jr.] 

423 Hatton, Portsmouth, Va. 
[Robert] Forbes Hawkes, A.B. 

Yale 1887 (see p. 51) 
124 E. 65 

Henry Comstock Hazen 

66 IV. 56 
Benjamin Van Doren Hedges, 

A.B. Princeton 1888, A.M. 1891 

703 Watchung Ave., Plainfteld,N.I. 

William Robert Henderson 

Alfred Abraham Herzfeld, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1887 

224 W. 24 
(8)William Hermann Hirsch 

52 E. 64 
0Warren Bradford Holden 

59 ^V. 65 
John Freeman Humphrey 

58 Philadelphia, Saratoga Springs, 

N. y. 

Roy Inglis* 

aet. 34 *i9oi 

Edward Benjamin Jones 
William Dickey Kearns,* A.B. 

Princeton 1886 aet. 34 *i9oo 

Louis Philip Knapp,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1890 aet. 40 *i9o8 

Albert Kohn, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1888 
122 E. 58 

Ulysses Mercur Lauman, B.S. 

Corne'l 1888 

Randle, Wash. 
Henry Sabin Leake, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1887 

Williamstozi'n, Mass. 
John Leverett, A.B. 

Yale 1887 

Albemarle PL, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Seelye William Little, A.B. 

Union 1888 

162 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 
Charles Washington Lyman 
0Floy McEwen, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1887 

2g9 Belleville Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Thomas Francis Maguire 

(EDUC), Prof. Fordham 

235 ^V. 139 
William Mahoney* 

aet. 47 "igos 

James J. Mapes,* A.B. 1888 
Sydney Robertson Marvin 

Louis Irving Mason 

121 Fairviezv, IVillijitantic, Conn. 
Flenrv Shillingford Miles, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1888 

417 State, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Edward Everett Moore 

James Patrick Moore [Jr.], A.B. 

Alississippi 1887 
Ya:::oo City, Miss. 

Monroe Morrell 

Seth Mabry Morris, B.S. 

Texas 1888, Prof. Univ. Texas 

Galveston, Tex. 
Alexis Victor Moschcowitz, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1885 

9^5 Madison Ave. 
Mortimer Albert Moses 




William Neer 

^45 Broadway, Paterson, N. I. 

William Bradbury Noyes, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1888, A.M. 1903 
210 W. 57 

Michael Edward O'Donovan, 

B.S. N. Y. Univ. 1888 
471 Hudson 

Andrew O'Malley* 


Nathan Oppenheim, A.B. 

Harvard 1888 

50 E. 79 
Louis Cook Osmun 
Hackettstown, N. J. 

George Augustus Peck 
87 Centre Ave., Nezv Rochelle, N.Y. 

0Frank Diah Peterson 

Cutchogue, N. Y. 
Frederick Smith Pickett, A.B. 

Yale 1887 

204 Arcade Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henry Power 

(seep. 71) 

401 Hyde Elk., Spokane, Wash, 
Thomas Peck Prout 

Summit, N. J. 
0Henry Allston Pulsford, A.B. 

Harvard 1888 

iSg S. Orange Ave., S. Orange,N. I. 
William Wheelock Ouinlan 
2g E. Madison, Chicago, III. 

Charles Hewitt Randall 

50 Third Ave., Neivark, N. J. . 
Thomas Lincoln Richards* 

act. 29 *i893 

John Rogers [Jr.], A.B. 

Yale 1887, Ph.B. 1888 (see p. 74) 
J02 E. 32 

Renwick Robert Ross 

470 Limvood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Fred[erick] Charles Roth 

164 E. 80 
Everett Warner Russell 

146 Chestnut, Bklyn. 
Harry Davison Sarilf 

2020 Broadivay 
Edward Abner Scott* 

aet. 29 *i89S 
fFormerly Harry Davison Schwarzchild. 

George Sherrill [Jr.] A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1888 

Stamford, Conn. 
James Hudson Smart. B.S. 

Howard Coll. 1887 (see p. 78) 

Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 
Bryant Smith, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1887 

Care loivana Farms, Davenport, 

Frank Webster Smith 

Frederick Adams Smith 

Troy, N. Y. 
Isaac Beckett Smith 

127 Noble, Bklyn. 
Sydney Abraham Stein, A.B. 

C. C.'K. Y. 1888 
158 E. 72 
Charles Weaver Stewart, Ph.B. 

Yale 1888 

2 Kay, Nezvport, R. I. 
William Stephen Stone, A.B. 

Yale 1888 (seep. 80) 
IIS E. 62 

Cyrus John Strong, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1886, A.M. 1889 
225 W. 86 

Howard Canning Taylor, Ph.B. 

Yale 1888 (seep. 81) 

32 W. 50 
David Owen Thomas, A.B. 

Bethany Coll. 1878, M.D. Med. Coll. 
Ind. 1884, M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P. 
London 1891 

503 Masonic Temple, Minneapolis, 

Fred William Thum,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1885 aet. 36 * 190-2 

William Austin Tomes 
500 Classon Ave., Bklyn. 

Theodore Irving Townsend 
Binghamton State Hasp., Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 

Frank Landale Tucker 

464 Ninth, Bklyn. 
George M. Tuttle, A.B. 1888 
Henry Van Hummell 
(8)James Casper Plimpton Van 

351 IV. 46 
Harmon A. Vedder, A.B. i{ 




Edward Wagner 
51 E. 96 

Legrand Allen Walker 

S44 West Ave, Rochester, N. Y. 
Yeatman Wardlow, M.D. 

Kenyon Coll. 

106 E. Broad, Columbus, O. 
Archibald Campbell White 
George Reeves White, B.S. 

Cornell 1888 

2 Liberty E., Savannah, Ga. 
Charles Samuel Williamson* 

aet. Z7 *i9o6 

Leslie Montague Winn 
1 51 5 Forty-eighth, Bklyn. 
Thomas Denison Wood. A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1888, A.M. 1891 (see p. 87) 
501 W. 120 

Edward Eli Worl, A.B. 

Princeton 1880, A.M. 1891 

271 High, Newark, N. J. 



Aristides Agramonte (educ), 

M.B. Havana 1899, M.D. 1900, Prof. 
Univ. Havana 

K and 15, Havana, Cuba 
William Frederick Amos, M.D. 

Willamette 1890 

1016 Selling Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Walter J. Barlow, A.B. 1889 
Donald McLean Barstow,* A.B. 

Yale 1889 aet. 40 *i9o6 

Eugene Walker Belknap, A.B. 

Princeton 1889, A.M. 1892 

S2S James, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Frank Everett Benjamin, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1889 
Shelter Island, N. Y. 

Samuel Beyea,* A.B. 

Williams Coll. i888 

Ernest Smith Bishop, A.B. 

Yale 1889 

919 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

William Bascom Bissell, A.B. 

Yale 1888 
Lakez'ille, Conn. 

Bruce Goukl Blackmar 

317 Ovington Ave., Bklyn. 
David Bovaird, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1889 (see p. 32) 
137 E. 60 

Mark Spaulding Bradley, 

Med. Dir. Conn. Mut. Life Ins. Co. 
36 Pearl, Hartford, Conn. 

William Barrett Brinsmade, 

A.B. Yale 1888 

117 Montague, Bklyn. 

John Glover Broughton, Jr.,* 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1889, D.D.S. 

N. Y. Coll. Dent. 1891 aet. 35 '1904 

Robert Curtis Brown, A.B. 

Wisconsin 1889, Prof. Marquette 

1240 JVetls Bldg., Mikvaukee, 
I Vise. 

John Bernard Busteed* 

aet. 32 *i9oi 

Ernest Goodell Carleton,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 *i902 

Matthew Lawrence Carr (educ), 

A.B. Wake Forest Coll. 1889 (sec 
p. 35) 

353 IV- 57 
George Herbert Carter, A.B. 

Princeton 1889 

Huntington, N. Y. 
Frank Warren Chamberlin 
411 Convent Ave. 

Edward Graham Clifton 

205 JV. 103 

John Philip Cooney 

68 Jackson, Providence, R. I. 

Robert Francis Cunnion,* A.B. 

Manahttan Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 *i900 

Edward William Daniels, A.B. 


Joseph Davidson 
173 E. 82 

Herbert Sidney Dixon, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 

141 Lcii'is Ave., Bklyn. 
George Lathrop Douglas* 


John Seymour Emans, A.B, 

Princeton 1889, A.M. 1892 
78 Irving PI. 

®Harry Wyle Emerson 

Ceutcrville, Cal. 
Edward Sherman Farrington,* 

A.B. Yale 1888 aet. 31 *i896 

Frank Sidney Fielder, Ph.B. 

Cornell 1889 
/ JV. 81 




Guslav Grant Fischlowitz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889 
I2g8 Madison Ave. 

James Lindsay France 

woo Washington, Wilmington, Del. 
Pedro Florentine Francke 

550 Park Ave. 
Emil Frei 

77(5 Bushzvick Ave., Bklyn. 
Ventura P. Fuentes(Epuc), A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889, Asst. Prof. C. C. 

N. Y. 

College of the City of New York 

James Thomas Gallagher, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 
449 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Charles Alexander Gilchrist, 

A.B. Lafayette Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 
gi6 Hudson, Hoboken, N. J. 

John Samuel Halsey 

645 Wood, Vincland, N. J. 
Erskine Erasmus Hamilton* 


James Parton Haney (educ), 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1888 
1233 Third Ave. 

Willard Avery Heacock* 

aet. 32 *i899 

John Franklin Heim* 


Joseph John Higgins* 


Frederick Lyman Hills 

Bangor, Me. 
John Hoch, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889 
162 E. 64 

(S>Harrv Bigelow Holmes, A.B. 

Williams Col'l. 1885 

37 Park, Adams, Mass. 
Alfred Elisha Hubbard, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1889 

George Clinton Hubbard* 


Charles Demarest Kline 

3g N. Broadzvay, Nyack, N. Y. 

Arnold [Herman] Knapp, A.B. 

Harvard 1889 (see p. 58) 
10 E. 54 

James Krom 

33 W. Bridge, Saugerties, N. Y. 
William Karl Kubin 

Jesse William Lazear,* A.B. 

Johns Hopkins 1889 *i900 

Edward Leaming 

(see p. 60) 
II E. 48 

Fred Eugene Leonard, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892, Prof. 
Oberlin Coll. 

174 E. College, Oberlin, O. 
Justo Lopez y San Roman, B.S. 

Spring Hill Coll. Ala. 

William Gordon Lyie 
60 W. 58 

John Duff McBarron, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889 

872 West End Ave. 

James Francis McCaw 
Watertown, N. Y. 

John Charles McCoy 

Paterson, N. J. 

Champe Carter McCulloch, Jr., 

A.M. 1904, A.B. Baylor 1885, Ph.D. 
1891. C.E. Texas Coll. 1890, M.D. 
Virginia 1891 

Care War Dept., Washington, 

D. C. 

John Timothy McGillicuddy 
6 Regent, Worcester, Mass. 

(2>William Robert McGuirk 
96 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

William Howard McKenzie, 

A.B. Syracuse 1889, A.M. 1892 
942 Broad, Newark, N. I. 

Porter Robert McMaster, A.B. 

Princeton 1888, A.M. 1891 
. Greenzvich, N. Y. 

Hugo [Frederic] Maetke 
132 Jackson, Dayton, O. 

Alfred Mann, A.B. 

Johns Hopkins 1889 

423 Majestic Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
James Harvey Manny [Jr.], 

M.D. Chicago Coll. P. and S. 1890 

[Kingsley] Walton Martin 

(EDUC), Ph.B. Yale 1889 (see p. 64) 

25 W'. 50 
Julius Morgenstern, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889 

339 E. 7Q 
William Howe Morrison 
167 W. 91 




Carl [George Christian] Mund 

40 E. 41 
William Frederick Neumann 

(see p. 67) 

205 IV. 137 
James Le Grand New 

367 Jamaica Ave., Long Island City, 
N. Y. 

Matthias Nicoll, Jr., A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1889 

124 E. 60 
Charles Norris [Jr.], Ph.B. 

Yale 1888 (seep. 68) 
2131 Broadzvay 

Charles Howard Peck 

(see p. 70) 

30 IV. 50 
Charles Harris Perkins 

Norzvicli, Conn. 
Edward Tolmon Cornelius Perry 

12 Park PL, Avon, N. Y. 
Edward Hamilton Pershing, B.S. 

Princeton i886 

Woodniere, N. Y. 
George Frederick Pope 

Battle Mountain, Nev. 
(^Marshall Ashby Purse, M.D. 

Southern Med. Coll. 1890 

124 Ivy, Atlanta, Ga. 
William Warren Quinton, 

Major U. S. A. (Ret.) 

232 Ehnivood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Hayden Rockwell [Jr.], 

A.B. Yale 1889 (see p. 74) 
43 E. 80 
Edward Holton Rogers, A.B. 

Wisconsin 1889 

51S W. 150 
George Augustus Rogers 

/ Wallace, Ncivark, N. J. 
(8)Max Rosenberg, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1888 
120 E. 61 
Jacob Coby Rosenblueth, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1889, M.D. Berlin 1893 

34S E. 72 
Josef Saxl 

244 E. 72 
C[onstantine] Richard Schaefer, 

M.D. Med. Coll. Ind. 1890, Prof. 
Ind. Univ. Sell, of Med. 

1838 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, 

John Eliot Shrady, B.S. 

Princeton 1889 

78 E. 79 
0FIenry Dorr Sill, B.S. 

Princeton 1889 

64 Chestnut, Cooperstoivn, N. Y. 
Warren Seabury Simmons [Jr.], 

(EDUC), Ph.B. Brown 1889, Adj. 
Prof. L. I. Coll. Hosp. 

216 St. James PL, Bklyn. 
Fred Palmer Solley, A.B. 

Yale 1888, Ph.B. 1889 (seep. 78) 

114 E. 60 
William Laing Somerset, A.M. 

Wesleyan 1881 

107 Lexington Ave. 
John Franklin Southmayd 

803 Madison Ave. 
Henry Spence 

681 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
®John Bethune Stein 

(see p. 79) 
10 1 IV. 80 

Charles Wadhams Stevens, A.B. 

Princeton 1889, A.M. 1892 

40 E. 41 
Horace Sheldon Stokes, A.B. 

Yale 1889 

14 E. 58 
(8)John Charles Storz 

551 Charles, Luzerne, Pa. 
®Allen Greenleaf Terrell 

Riverhead, N. Y. 
®Edmund San ford Thomson 

Belchertoivn, Mass. 
Thomas Dyer Tuttle, B.S. 

Westminster Coll. i88g 
Helena, Mont. 

Washington Irving Van Riper 

Carlos Volio-Jimenez, A.B. 

Collegio de Cartago 1880 

Cartago, Costa Rico, C. A. 

Frederick L. Wachenheim, A.B. 

Brownlee Robertson Ward, A.B. 

Yale 1888, Ph.B. 1889 

231 York, New Haven, Conn. 
Martin Wiener Ware (educ) 

27 E. Si 
Thomas Pinckney Waring, A.B. 

Yale 1889 

10 Taylor IV., Savannah, Ga. 




Royal Phillips Watkins, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 

// IVest, Worcester, Mass. 
Robert Taylor Wheeler, Ph.B. 

Yale 1889 

.pog Hczi'cs, Bklyn. 

Edward Lincoln Williamson, 

A.B. Dartmouth Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 

Reno, Nev. 
Alexander King Winter 

512 Van Biiren, Bklyn. 
Adolphus George Wippern, M.D. 

Missouri Med. Coll. 1890 

Room 310, 100 State, Chicago, III. 



Paul White Abell 
Vanderpoel Adriance, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1890 (see p. 28) 

Williamstotvn, Mass. 

0Oran Purdy Andrews 

E. Liverpool, O. 
William Lucius Armstrong, A.B. 

Yale 1889, Ph.B. 1890 
19 W. 48 

William Seaman Bainbridge 

(EDUC), A.M. (Hon.) Shurtleff 
(Toll. 1899, M.S. Washington and 
Jefferson 1902, Sc.D. Pittsburgh 
1907, Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic Med. 
Sch. and Hosp. 

34 Gramercy Park 

Joseph De Vere Barber 
50 Granite, Westerly, R. I. 

Herbert Luther Barker, Ph.B. 

Cornell 1890 

8 Third, Woodside, N. Y. C. 
Joseph Baum, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1890 

J09 Gibson PL, Far Rockaway, N. 
Y. C. 

William Josiah Blalock (b), A.B. 

Mercer 1887 

Atlanta, Ga. 
William John Bohlk 

William S. Bushnell [Jr.] 

35 N. Mtilberry, Mansfield, O. 
James Green Carson 
Amasa Day Chaffee, A.B. 

Yale 1890 

220 Central Park S. 

Howard Dennis Collins, A.B. 

Yale 1890 (see p. 37) 

50 W. 55 

Justus Lee Cooke 
Fredericksburg, Va. 

John Joseph Cronin, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1890 

317 y^- 55 

George Van Ness Dearborn 

(AU), Ph.D. 1899, B.L. Dartmouth 
Coll. 1890, A.M. Harvard 1896, 
Prof. Tufts 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Nelson Lloyd Deming, Ph.B. 

Yale 1890 
Litchfield, Conn. 

Walter Dodge, Ph.B. 

Yale i8go 

32 Cleveland, Orange, N. J. 
Fernand d'Orbessan, A.B. 

Sorbonne 1878, A.M. St. Francis 
Xavier Coll. 1886 

I2=ig McCormick Ave., Ozone Park, 

n] y. c. 

Jonathan Dwight, Jr., A.B. 

Harvard 1880 

134 IV. 71 
Charles Albert Elsberg, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890, Prof. Univ. and 
Bell. Med. Coll. 

/Oi Madison Ave. 
Albert Franklin Fitch,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 

Simon Gabriel Frank 

30 W. 12/ 
Joseph Edward Fuld 

loi E. 81 

Joshua Brush Gesner,* A.B. 

Princeton 1889 *i897 

Rnlph Schuyler Goodwin [Jr.], 

Ph.B. Yale 1890 

Thoinaston, Conn. 
®William James Greanelle, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1890 

160 W. 92 

John De Lafayette Grissim 

First Natl. Bk^Bldg., Oakland, Cal. 
Frederick William Hagney, B.S. 

Princeton 1890 

69 Pennsylvania Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 
John Taylor Halsey (educ), 

Prof. Tulane 

Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La. 




Varney Bernard Hamlin 

C Union, N. Y. 

Echvard William Hanlon 

Harry Theodore Harding 

148s Columbia Rd., Washington, 

Horace Sedgwick Hart, A.B. 

Yale 1887, Ph.B. 1888 

Cambridge, N. Y. 
Roy Harlan Hawkes* 


William Van Valzah Hayes, 

Ph.B. Bucknell 1888, A.M. 1910, 
Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

34 ^V- 50 
William Avery Hillard 

Westerly, R. I. 
Eduard Sterling Hodgskin 

522 Second, Bklyn. 
Frederick Whitcomb Hornick 
John Jacob Hubschmitt, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1890 

188 Lenox Ave. 
Max Hiihner 

667 Madison Ave. 
Harry Hutchinson, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1890 

Albert Martin Judd 
375 Grand Ave., Bklyn. 

Arthur M. Kane, A.B. 1888 
Edwin Mathews Kitchel* 

(see p. 58) aet. 26 *i897 

Ferdinand x-Xustin Kittinger 
jgo High, Lockport, N. Y. 

Louis Theodore Klinker 
309 W. 51 

Albert Franz Gottfried Kuehn,* 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1873 

James Ralston Lattimore. 

First Vice-Pres. Med. Assoc. Ga. 1909 

4 Liberty, Savannah, Ga. 

A. Lincoln Leatherman 

438 Pythian Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Alfredo Lizanoy-Ulloa, A.B. 

Costa Rica 1883 

Henry Christian Lovis (mf 

CHE'M), Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 
1890, Trustee N. Y. Coll. Phar. 

2139 Seventh Ave. 

Herbert Boyd Masten 

Cimarron, N. Mex. 

Francis Stuart Mathews, B.S. 

Washington and Jefferson Coll. 1890 
(see p. 64) 

62 W. 50 
Henry Smith Mathewson, A.B. 

Yale 1890 

Pub. Health and Marine Hosp. Ser- 
vice, Washington, D. C. 

Giovanni Merenna, 

Grad. Lycee (Naples) 1883 
1465 Fifty-ninth, Bklyn. 

®Frank Denton Merritt 
Forsyth, Mont. 

Alfred Edward Meyer* 


David [Falkner] Monash 
615 E. 36. Chicago, III. 

Francis Patterson Morgan, A.B. 

Harvard 1S90 

3905 Huntington, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C 

John Donaldson Murray 

Selian Neuhof, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 
1275 Madison Ave. 

Carl Osterheld 
249 Warburton Ave., Yonkers,N.Y. 

Frank Overton, A.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1890, A.M. 1893 
Patchogue, N. Y. 

Samuel Barfield Palmer, A.B. 

Mercer 1890 

370 Second, Macon, Ga. 

Ransom Joseph Parker 

755 Lexington Ave. 
Samuel Grey Courtney Pinck- 

aet. 37 *i9o6 

Albert Pittis 

178 E. Front, Plainiield, N. J. 
Charles Clary Rathbone 

1552 W. 49, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Addison Raynor 

639 Flatbush Ave., Bklyn. 
Joseph M. Rector, A.B. 1890 
John Selden Richardson, A.M. 

Randolph-Macon Coll. 1890 
215 W. 4 




0Bernard Samuel Rosenno,t 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1890 
JJ4 Spring 

Frederick Fuller Russell, 

Maj. Med. Dept. U. S. A., Prof. 

Army Med. Sch. 

War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Benjamin Jerome Sands, A.B. 

Harvard 1890 

Port Chester, N. Y. 
Henry William Schlesinger, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 

14 W. 117 
Isaac Poitevent Sessions (b), 

A.B. Southwestern 
Rockdale, Tex. 
Arthur Melville Shrady, A.B. 

Princeton 1890, A.M. 1893 (see 
P- 77) 

135 W. 73 
Louis Percy Smith* 


Langdon Trufant Snipe, A.B, 

Yale 1889 

112 Front, Bath, Me. 

Bernard Sour 

17 W. 88 
Thomas Bray Spence, A.B. 

Cornell 1890 

i3g Seventh Ave., Bklyn. 

^William Barclay Stephens, 

A.M. Georgetown 1890 

Shreve Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Forney Caldwell Stevenson 

5J/ 5". Perry, Montgomery, Ala. 
George David Stevenson* 

aet. 25 *i896 

<8)Frank Crombie Studley, B.S. 

Lawrence Coll. 1890 

The Riverside Sanitarium, Mihvau- 

kee. Wise. 
Benjamin Torrens 

254 W. 102 
Paul Haddock Tracy* 
(8)Harvey Clinton Upchurch,A.B. 

Wake Forest Coll. 1889 

Succasunna, N . J. 
Jefferson Brockner Van Tine 

50 W. 92 
Cornelius Doremus Van Wag- 
enen, A.B. 

Princeton 1889, A.M. 1893 

616 Madison Ave. 

tFormerly Bernard Samuel Roseneau. 

James Ditmars Voorhees, A.B. 

Princeton 1890, A.M. 1893 (see p. 84) 
106 E. 60 

Arthur S. Vosburgh, A.B. 1890 

0George Washington Vreeland 

Athenia, N. J. 
Charles Howard Walker(iNS j), 

A.B. Harvard 1890 

I22I Lyndon, S. Pasadena, Cal. 
Bertram Howard Waters, A.B. 

Princeton 1889, A.M. 1893 
202 W. 103 

Robert Watts, Jr.,* A.B. 1889 

Calvin B. West 

Kings Park, N. Y. 
Arthur Charles Wheeler 

Erie, Pa. 
Rufus Baldwin Whitehead* 


Joseph Wiener [Jr.], A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 

46 E. 78 
Julius Wolff, A.B. 

Harvard 1890 

29 W. 89 
Sidney Yankauer, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 
471 Park Ave. 



Isador Abrahamson, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890, Prof. Fordham 
20 E. 69 

John Frank Waite Allen 
R.F.D. No. 36, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Maxwell H. Allen 
120 Broadway 

Alfred James Andrews 
160 N. Upper, Lexington, Ky. 

Samuel Harbourne Baldwin, 

A.B. Princeton 1891 

479 Clinton Ave., Waverly, N. J. 

Samuel W. Bandler, A.B. 


Charles Bartow,* A.B. 1891 

H[arry] Leach Bender 

362 W. 29 
Albert Ashton Berg, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 (see p. 31) 
923 Madison Ave. 




Frederick Bleil, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 
1350 Lexington Ave. 

Martin Laurence Bodkin 

2go Clinton Ave., Bklyn. 
William Lincoln Bosserman 

Franklin Fleetwood Bowyer 
262 Barroiv, Jersey City, N. J. 

®James Van Wagner Boyd 
7J73^ State, Springfield, Mass. 

Harry Merritt Bradley, B.S. 

Cornell 1891 

212 E. Howard, Mancliester, la. 
Arthur Richard Braunlich, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Fhar. 1886 
J 53 W. 82 

Augustus Homer Brown, A.M. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1887 

262 W. 136 
Edward Wells Brown 

Northampton, Mass. 
(2)[Toseph] Douglas Brown,Ph.B. 

Yale 1 89 1 
/ W. 54 
Barton Wilbur Brush, M.D. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1893 

Woodside, N. Y. C. 
Clarence Whitfield Buckmaster 

80 Ashbiirton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
®William Edward Buist 

213 Eighth Ave. N., Nashville, 

Charles Vincent Burke 

Newark, N. J. 
Edward Michael Burns, B.S. 

Cornell 1891 

283 Mill, Poughkecpsie, N. Y. 
Edward Ward Burns 

Honesdale, Pa. 
John Andrew Calnane 

526S Maple Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Edwin Crosby Chamberlin, A.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1891 

4 W. 84 
Marcus Lerane Clawson, Ph.B. 

Alfred 1890 

420 Park Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Seth Cook Comstock* 

aet. 35 *i9o6 

Samuel James Craig* 

aet. 26 *i897 

®Frank Elihu Crosier, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 189 1 
Lebanon, O. 

Nicholas Robert Dann, A.B. 

c. C. N. Y. 1 89 1 

159 £ 37 
0Henderson Brooke Deady 

Bedford, N. Y. C. 

Edward Francis Denner, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1891, A.M. 


221 Broadzvay, Paterson, N. J. 

® William Lowther Des Fortes 
Columbus, Ga. 

John Milton Dexter 
no W. 91 

Joseph Aloysius Dillon, B.S. 

Manhattan Coll. 1887 

g6/ Lexington Ave. 
Moses Duckman 

761 Buslnvick Ave., Bklyn. 
0William Willcox Dunn 

308 IV. Clay, Richmond, Va. 
George Thomas Dutcher* 

aet. 30 *i8< 

Edward Bronson Finch, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1891, A.M. 1894 

57 IV. 58 
William Young Finch 

124 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 
0Parnell Ellis Fisher, A.B. 

Yale 1891 

349 Smith, Providence, R. I. 

Paul Fitz-Gerald, A.B. 

Syracuse 1891, A.M. 1894 Asst. Med. 
Dir. Prudential Ins. Co. 

214 N. 7, Neivark, N. J. 
OClyde Sinclair Ford, B.S. 

Ohio Wesleyan 1889 
Fort Logan, Colo. 

Eugene Plerbert Fried 
475 Stone Ave., Bklyn. 
Howard Lawrance Gill, A.B. 

Bklyn. Poly. Instit. 1889 

3319 Magazine, New Orleans, La. 
Henry Robert Gledhill, A.B. 

Harvard 1891 

Jerseyville, III. 
James Patrick Glynn. A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1891, A.M. 


474 Ninth, Bklyn. 




Henry Simpson Goddard, A.B. 

Willamette 1886, M.D. 1888, A.M. 
Portland 1894 

R.F.D. No. 5, Vancouver, Wash. 
Charles Howard Goodrich 

280 Park PL, Bklyn. 
0Howard Jerome Goodrich 

Delhi, N. Y. 
William Munson Goodwin 

75 Congress, Newark, N. J. 
Carl Ernst Hermann Graeb 

2iog Lawrence, Denver, Colo. 
Dupree Meriwether Hall, A.B. 

Christian Bros. Coll. (Memphis) 1890, 
A.M. 1893 
Memphis, Tenn. 

David Joseph Hamburg, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 

251 W. 95 
Hugh Macdougal Hart 
300 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, 
N. J. 

Eugene Howe Hartnett, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 

care Surg.-Genl., Washington, D.C. 

James Foster Hasbrouck (d) 

40 E. 41 
Edwin Pelton Hayward 
George Philip Heard, A.B. 

Alabama 1894 

Joseph Henschel, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 

288 E. 161 
®John Augustus Hill 

359 W. 118 
Edward Franklin Horr, A.B. 

Yale 1891 
Barneveld, N. Y. 

Hampton Pierson Howell, A.B. 

Yale 1891 

39 E. 27 
Carl Adolph Huber 

5/ Monroe Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Clarence Edward Ide, A.B. 

St. Stephen's Coll. 1902 

419 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, 

^Frederick William James 
Oriskany, N. Y. 

Schuyler Clinton Jaques 
I W 89 

Seymour Tilford Jarecki* 


David Stuart Dodge Jessup 

(EDUC), A.B. Princeton 1891, 
A.M. 1894 (see p. 56) 

601 W. 113 
Philip E. Johnson,* A.B. 1891 
Joseph C. Josephson, A.B. 1891 

Frederick Conrad Keller 

255 W. 90 
William Vailliant Kellogg, M.D. 

Tulane 1893 

0Edward Cumberland Kershner, 

A.M. Penn. State Coll. 1890 
330 Brook Ave. 

Edward Stephen Kiley, A.B. 

Brown 1891 

23 Park PL, Paivtucket, R. I. 

Ephraim Daniels Klots 

232 W. 70 

Geza Kremer, 

Grad. Catholic Gym. (Budapest) 1890 

233 W. 83 

J[osephl Allen Kyle, B.S.A. 

Agr. and Mech. Coll. (Texas) 1890, 
Dir. Agr. and Mech. Coll. 

Coster Bldg., Houston, Tex. 
Linnjeus Edford La Fetra, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1891 (see p. 59) 

113 E. 61 

William Watson Laing 
195 Greene Ave.. Bklyn. 

George Ludwig Laporte [Jr.] 

154 W. 119 
®Tohn Henry Larkin, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1891 (see p. 59) 

435 W. 59 
®Thomas Sim Lee, A.B. 

Harvard 1891 

131 Conn. Ave. N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Frederick William Lester 

Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Reginald Joseph Moss Lewis (d), 

D.D.S. Pennsylvania 

40 E. 41 
John Oscar Lewright,* M.D. 

Missouri Med. Coll. 1887 aet. 36 *i903 

Emanuel Libman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1 89 1 (see p. 60) 

180 E. 64 




0William Popper Loth 

416/' IVashington Ave., St. Louis, 

®George Davis Lowry, A.B. 

Ohio Vvesleyan 1891 

M. E. Hospital, Peking, China 
William Henry Luckett, B.S.A. 

Agr. and Mech. Coll. Texas 1891 
112 W. 119 

George Eldredge McClellan, 

Ph.B. Yale 1891 
346 Broadivay 

John Butler McCook, B.S. 

Trinity Coll. 1890 

396 Main, Hartford, Conn. 
Joseph Mac McMillan* 

(8) Arthur Lee Macken 

103 E. 16 
Albert David Mayer 

1211 Madison Ave. 

George Mord 

1026 Nezu York Ave., Rosebank, 

N. Y. C. 
Elwood Stokes Morton 

194 Keap, Bklyn. 
Joseph Paul Murphy, B.S. 

Manhattan Coll. 1891 

620 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 
Francis James Murray 

40 E. 31 
Thomas Francis Mylod 

380 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 
Nathaniel Read Norton, Ph.B. 

Yale i8gi (see p. 68) 

113 E. 70 
Frank Richard Oastler, A.B. 

Yale 1 89 1 (see p. 68) 
J26 IV. 59 

Charles Henrv Francis O'Neill, 

A.B. St. Joseph's Coll. (Can.) 1888 
165 W. 97 

® Albert Oppenheim 

63 W. 119 
John Joseph O'Sullivan, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1890 

203 W. 107 
Gist Palmer, B.S. 

Washington and Jefferson Coll. 1891 
Wellsburg, IV. Va. 

[Henry] Russell Pemberton, 

A.B. Randolph-Macon Coll. 1887, B.S. 
Princeton 1889, A.M. 1890 

165 Madison Ave. 
®James Jones Phillips, A.B. 

North Carolina 1890 

Tarboro, N. C. 
Joseph Egbert Pollard 

Chatham, N. J. 
Daniel Warren Poor [Jr.], A.B. 

Princeton 1891 

27 Ridge, Orange, N. J. 
Otto Emil Prellwitz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890, Adj. Prof. N. Y. 


155 E. 49 
Paul Peter Prendergast* 


John Henry Reb 

328 Jay, Bklyn. 
Jacob M. Rich,* E. M. 1883 
Michael Piaczek Rich 
0George Johnson Rittenhouse 

247 W. 138 
William Homan Roe* 

Robert Hastings Rogers 

49 Ninth Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 
Eugene Boutelle Sanger, Ph.B. 

Yale 1891, Surg. Genl. of Maine 

Bangor, Me. 

W[illiam] Carl Schoenijahn 

822 Union, Bklyn. 
Heyward Scudder, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1891, B.S. Mass. Instit. 
Tech. 1898 

38 St. Botolph, Boston, Mass. 
Ludwig [Silverman] Simon, 

Ph.B. Towa 1891 

31 N. State, Chicago, III. 

Alfred Keene Smith, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 

74 JV. 103 
J[ohn] Bentley Squier, Jr. 

(EDUC), Prof. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
49 E. 49 

William Steinach, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 189 1 

239 E. 52 
Solomon Steiner, 

Grad. Prague 




Moses Ashby Stivers 

Middletown, N. Y. 

Casper Stock, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 

126 W. 122 

George Bnrnside Story, M.D. 

Virginia 1893, Prof. Univ. Ore. 

816 Overton, Portland, Ore. 
John Francis Sullivan, A.B. 

Yale 1890 

205 Blatchley Ave., New Haven, 


Albert Earl Sumner, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 (see p. 80) 

127 W. 58 

Martin John Synnott, A.M. 

Yale 1905 

34 S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, 
N. J. 

Stephen Livingston Taylor, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 

644 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

William Gilbert Terwilliger 

616 Hancock, Bklyn. 

William Henry Theban,* A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1891 

Carl Theobald, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 
228 E. 61 

Samuel Wood Thurber, B.S. 

Princeton 1890 (see p. 82) 
104 E. 3Q 

Charles Henry Trowbridge, 

Ph.G. Chicago Coll. Phar. 1884 
Viroqua, Wise. 

Herman Gustave Wahlig 

Sea Cliff, N. Y. 
Freeman Ford Ward 

James Thomas Watkins [Jr.] 

Union Sq. Bldg., San Francisco, 


William Edmund Weber, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 
139 W. I2Q 

®Horace J. Whitacre, B.S. 

Ohio State 1895 

22 W. 7, Cincinnati, O. 

Wallace White 

Augustin Aloysius Wolfe 
603 Lexington Ave. 

Francis Carter Wood, B.S. 

Ohio State 1891 (see p. 87) 

437 IV. 59 
George Hermann Wright, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1891, A.M. 1895 

Neiv Milford, Conn. 

Charles Bellamy Young 

36 Pleasant, Middletown, Conn. 



Burr Reeve Abbe, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1889 *i898 

Edward Gurdon Aldrich 
550 Forest Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Archibald Fowler Alexander 

379 Union Ave., Paterson, N. J. 
Horace Russell Allen [Jr.], A.B. 

Harvard 1892, Prof. Univ. Indiana 

Illinois and 19, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Emil Altman 

746 Fifth 
Lewis Nostrand Anderson 

536 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 
David Fitch Armstrong, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1892 

8 Graver, Auburn, N. Y. 
Thomas Hanlon Atkinson,* A.B. 

Wesleyan 1892 *i898 

James Cook Ayer, A.B. 

Harvard 1886 (see p. 29) 

Glen Cove, N. Y. 
Frederick Randolph Bailey, A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1893 (see p. 29) 
7/65 E. Jersey, Elizabeth, N. J. 

George Wheelock Banning 

Davenport, la. 
Herman Benjamin Baruch, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

71 E. 52 
Arthur Loring Beals, A.B. , 

Brown 1891 

J06 Main, Brockton, Mass. 
Wright Butler Bean 
Rockville, Conn. 

Alfred Bell 

37 Linden, Bklyn. 

James Bishop [Jr.], A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1891, A.M. 1896 

/ IV. 54 




Joseph Wilbur Bourland (educ), 

A.B. Baylor 1892, Prof. Southern 
Methodist Univ. 

Sontlnvcstern Life Bldg., Dallas, 
J[ohn] Newton Boyce 
Stanfordville, N. Y. 

William Augustus Boyd 

346 Willis Ave. 
William Little Bradley, A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1895 

55 IV- 75 
Everett Clifton Brennand 

Elias G. Brown, A.B. 1893 

Samuel Adolph Buchenholz 

^01 W. J12 
Thomas Everett Bullard 

Sclinylcrz'ille, N. Y. 

William Duff Bullard* 

aet. 33 *i9o6 

Martin Francis Burns, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1892 

16/' Beeber Ave., Long Island City, 
N. Y. 
Joseph Byrne, A.B. 

Royal (Ireland) 1890, A.M. St. Fran- 
cis Xavier Coll. 1893. L.L.B. N. Y. 
Law Sch. 1900 

2g JV. 61 
Herbert Swift Carter, A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1895 (see p. 35) 

66 W. 55 
Theodore Chamberlin, A.B. 

Harvard 1891 

Concord, Mass. 
George Fletcher Chandler 

Kingston, N. Y. 
Robert Fendall Chapman, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

167 E. 116 
Thomas Weston Chester, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1892, A.M. 1895 

Hartford, Conn. 
John Rog-ers Clark, A.B. 

Bowdoin"Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 
Ortmann Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Raymond Clark 

310 Clinton Ave., Bklyn. 
Henry Dingee Coe (Rev.) 

3111 Fulton Ave., Richmond Hill, 

N. Y. C. 

Howard Ogle Comegys 
®Charles Frank Connor 

II Orchard, Nezv Bedford, Mass. 
Finlev Ransom Cook, A.B. 

Ohio Wesleyan 1890 

40 E. 41 
David Ryerson Crounse 

S4 Bloomfield Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Willis Hanford Crowe, 

Pres. U. S. Bd. Pension Examiners 

106 Whallcy Ave., Nezu Haven, 

Henry Mortimer Cunningham 

.Marquette, Mich. 
Thomas Maltby Cunningham 

Marquette, Mich. 
Edwin Rue Curry, A.B. 

Centre Coll. Ky. 1891, A.M. 1895 

Dcardorff Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Robert Denniston, A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1895 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Jose Anastasis Diaz yRodriguez, 

A.B. Civil Ynstute San Juan, Pres. 
Bd. Health 

Fa jar do, Porto Rico 
Edmund Le Roy Dow, M.S. 

Syracuse 1891 (see p. 42) 
49 ^V. 57 

William Augustus Downes 

(EDUC), Assoc. Prof. Cornell 

37 JV. 71 
James Walter Dunphy* 

aet. 26 *i90l 

John Franklin Dunseith 

354 W. 42 
Jay Harvey Durkee (b), A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1892, Pension Examiner 

Durkee Bldg.. Jacksonville, Fla. 
John Watson Durkee 

142 Clinton, Bklyn. 
Basil H. Dutcher, Ph.B. (s.), 

Leonard W. Ely, A.B. 1889 

Philip Embury 

250 W. 70 
Evan Morton Evans, B.S. 

Princeton 1892 (see p. 44) 
56 E. 55 

Samuel Morley Evans 
115 E. 39 




Carlisle Franklin Ferrin, A.B. 

Vermont 1891 

jd Huntington, Nezv London, Conn. 
Peter Conover Field, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1892, M.S. 1895, Major 

Medical Corps, U. S. A. 

care War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Alston Fitts, A.B. 

Alabama 1886, LL.B. 1887 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Frederic Hoole Floy, A.B. 

Weslevan 1892 (see p. 45) 
325 W. 77 

®Ernest Wallace Fowler, 

Ph.G. N'. Y. Coll. Fhar. 1890 

155 W. 48 
Russell Story Fowler 
SOI DeKalb Ave., Bklyn. 

Samuel Wallace Fowler, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 

259 W. 52 
Robert Samuel Freedman 
230 W. 113 

Samuel Friedman 
108 E. 81 

Samuel Knapp Frost 

234 Garfield PL, Bklyn. 
Herbert Edmond Gardinor 

115 W. 76 
James Augustus Gardner 

403 Franklin, Buffalo, N. Y. 
William Gauch, Jr. 

177 Ehvood Ave., Nezvark. N. J. 
Ernest Carson Gibney, A.B. 

Princeton 1891, A.M. 1899 
128 W. 34 

Abraham Lincoln Goodman, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 

136 W 87 
Albert Rotild Goodman 
Henry Michael Groehl, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 

275 Rivington 

Sidney Valentine Haas 

(see p 49) 

666 West End Ave. 
Charles Edward Hall, B.S. 

Northern Ind. Norm. Sch. 
I2g Cain, Atlanta, Ga. 

James Schermerhorn Hall 
Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

Whitfield Harral, 

Med. Dir. Southwest. Life Ins. Co. 
Southzucsfeni Life Ins. Co., Dallas 

William Nelson Harrison 

2Tg Bellevue Ave., Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

T[heodore] Stuart Hart (educ), 

A.B. Yale 1891, A.M. 1893 (see p. 50) 

130 W. 59 
John Gael Hathaway 

388 County, Nezu Bedford, Mass. 
Allen Hazen,* A.B. 

Vermont 1888 *i903 

Joseph Heimovitz 
Charles Herrman, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 (see p. 51) 

250 W. 88 

lilip Hanson Hiss, Jr., A.B. 

Johns Hopkins 1891 (see p. 52) 
435 W. S9 

William Grant Hogg 

Henry William [Diedrich] Hol- 

414 W. 42 
Edwin Holmes, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1891 

Englczvood, N. J. 
James Frederick Holmes, A.B. 

Oxford 1876, A.M. Pacific 1880 

Joseph Scripture Holroyd 

T440 Tlwmaston Ave., Waterville, 

Gustavus Adolphus Humphreys, 

A.B. Arkansas 1889 
lOI W. 81 

Lee Maidment Hurd 

15 E. 48 
David Jacob Hyman 

326 E. 4 

Robert Franklin Ives, 

8504 Bay ParJizjuay, Bklyn. 
Theodore Israel Jacobus, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

226 E. 50 
J[ames] Ralph Jacoby, A.B. 

Harvard i8gi 

54 W. 88 
Theodore Caldwell Janewav, 

Ph.B. Yale 1892 (see p. 55) 

131 E. 60 




(2>Charles H. Johnson, A.B. 

' Kansas 1892 

Atchison, Kans. 
(8>William Mudd Jordan 

Binningham, Ala. 
Edgar Collins Joyce 

797/ Clinton Ave. 
Julius Jungmann(cHEM), Ph.G. 

Philadelphia Coll. Phar. 1871 

15 E. 23 
Henry Chrysostom Keenan,* 

A.B. Manhattan Coll. 1892 

Edward Leland Kellogg (educ), 

Assoc. Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

48 W. 51 
Thomas Alexander Kenyon 

216 W. 79 
Edward Loughborough Keyes, 
Jr., A.B. 

Georgetown 1892, Ph.D. 1901, Prof. 

109 E. 34 
Theron Wendell Kilmer 

165 W. 85 
William Thomas Charles Klein 

456 E. 138 
Conrad Piser Kornreich (educ) 

312 E. 87 
John B. Kouwenhoven, A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1895 

4ig Palisade Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
0Edmond John Labbe 

Labbe Bldg.. Portland, Ore. 
George Alfred Lawrence (educ), 

A M. i8q6. Ph.D. 1902, A.B. Leland 

Stanford, Tr. 1892, Adj. Prof. N. Y. 

Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

142 W. 86 
Theodore Alexander Lehmann 

227 Tenth. Astoria, N. Y. C. 
Arnold Gustave Leo 

506 W. 135 
Louis Leslin, A.B. 1893 
Morris Levy, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 
2S W. 112 

Leon Theodore LeWald (educ), 

Grad. U. S. A. Med. Sch. 1903 
338 E. 26 
(8>John Cadwallader Lewis 
Ee.vington, Ky. 

George F. Little, A.B. li 
Walter Frederick McCabe, Ph.B. 

Beloit Coll. 1892 

Fidelity Bldg., Dultith, Minn. 

Robert Hall McConnell 

(see p. 62) 
42 W. 97 

William Thomas McConville 
619 Clnirch, Honesdale, Pa. 

John [Joseph] McCoy 

157 W. 73 
Arthur PVancis McGinn, A.B. 

Brown 1892 

150 Bridghani, Providence, R. I. 

Wharton Bird McLaughlin 

0Frank Harold McLaury 

244 IV. 42 
Clarence Arthur McWilliams, 

A.B. Princeton 1892 (see p. 63) 
32 E. 53 

Henry (Graham MacAdam 

544 )V. 157 
(2)Cecil Laurence MacCoy 

Binghamton, N. Y. 
iNIontefiore Levy Maduro* 


Jeremiah Neil Martin, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892, A.M. Fordham 1902 
95 Prospect Ave., Mainaroneck, 
N. Y. 
Frank Sherman Meara (educ), 

A.B. Yale 1890, Ph.D. 1892, Prof. 
Cornell (see p. 65) 
400 Jl'est End Ave. 

Emery Austin Miller 

459 High, Nezvark, N. J. 
George Swan Mooney 

153 IVarbnrton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. 
Harold James Morgan 

214 Colton Bldg., Toledo, O. 
John Bennett Morrison 

97 Halsey, Nezvark, N. J. 
Paul Morrison, A.B. 

Kenyon Coll. 1892 
Tiltonsville, O. 

Wesley Thomas Mulligan, Ph.B. 

Rochester 1892 

290 JVest Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Michael William O'Gorman, 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1893 
38 Erie, Jersey City, N. J . 




Jacob Hohanness Parsegan, 

A.B. Anatolia Coll., Asia Minor 1888 

323 Geary, San Francisco, Cal. 
® Horace Wilbur Patterson 

Neiv Brighton, N. Y. C. 
0George Stark Pearce 

Pawling, N. Y. 
Guy Shearman Peterkin 

yui Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
William Robert Pfeuffer,* B.S. 

Agri. and Mech. Coll. (Tex.) 1888, 
Ph.G. Phila. Coll. Phar. 1891 

Charles Dickinson Phelps (educ)^ 

A.B. Amherst Coll. 1889, A.M. 1897 
644 Campbell Ave., West Haven, 

Paul Chrysostom Phillips, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 188S, Prof. Amherst 

Amherst, Mass. 
Morris Pollack 

Joseph William Posthauer 

South Ave. and Wave, Weston 
Dist., Boston, Mass. 

®Walter Bonamy Power 

Redlands, Cal. 
Louis Frederick Psotta 
Myles Purvin (l), LL.B. 

St. Lawrence 1905 

166 Brooklyn Ave., Bklyn. 
0George Rauchfuss 

1420 Prospect Ave. 
0Francisco Rivera 

San Juan, Porto Rico 

Frank Wade Robertson 

411 West End Ave. 
Fielding T. Robeson, A.B. 1893 
Charles Thomas Robinson,* A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1892 *i899 

Harry Rodman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1 89 1 

61 W. iig 
Edward Nicholas Roeser, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

103 W. 131 
Leoncio Ros* 


Edwin Leopold Rose 

143 W. 126 
®Louis Rosenwasser 

2630 Curtis, Denver, Colo. 

®Solomon Rottenberg, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 

38 W. 119 
Thomas Eugene Ryan* 
A[dam] Emil Schmitt (educ), 

(see p. 75) 

50 Central Park W. 

Edward Schnaper 

S60 Lexington Ave. 

®Frank Walker Sears 

Binghamton, N. Y. 

James Bernard Shannon, Jr., 

A.B. Holy Cross Coll. 1892 

Peter Owen Shea, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1892, A.M. 1896 
106 Millbury, Worcester, Mass. 

George William Shera, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

44 Gilford Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Percy John Shute* 

aet. 25 *i9oi 

Ernest Frederick Sickenberger, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll: Phar. 1882, Phar. 
n. Natl. Coll. Wash. D. C. 1887 
Carlstadt, N. J. 

®Malcolm Toland Sime, C.E. 

Penn. Milit. Coll. 1888 

166 W. Hortler, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas Allison Smith 

57 W. 75 
William Walter Smith (Rev.), 

A.B. Princeton 1889, A.M. 1892, B.D. 
Genl. Theol. Sem. 1892 
416 Lafayette 

Jacob Sobel, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 
140 W. 122 

Louis John Frederick Staack 

412 W. 44 
Paul Gerald Taddiken 

Ogdcnsburg, N. Y. 

Robert Wood Tate 

Bolivar, Tenn. 

Alfred Simpson Taylor, Ph.B. 

Brown 1891, A.M. 1892 (see p. 81) 
^15 IV. 55 

William Epaphroditus Thomas, 

Ph.D. elsewhere 

223 Sixth Ave., Bklyn. 
Joseph Reynolds Tillinghast. Jr.* 




Walter Dey Trenwith* 

aet. 35 *i907 

Charles A. Valadier, A.B. 1892 
Gilbert Julius Van der Smissen 

jppp Bathgate Ave. 
Arthur Ward Van Riper, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1892 

203 Main Ave, Passaic, N. J. 

Frederick Van Vliet 

128 W. II 
William Remsen Varick 

Concord, N. H. 
®Walter Duval Webb 

Ft. Huachuca, Ariz. 
Henry Goodwin Webster, A.B. 

Yale 1892 

S64 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

OStuart Webster, A.B. 

Yale 1892 

2S21 Prairie Ave., Chicago, III. 

George Oakley Welshman 

205 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, 

William E. West, A.B. 1892 
Frederick N. Whitehorne, A.B. 

Howard Crosby Williams 

116 W. 70 
William Robert Williams, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1889, A.M. 1892 (see 

p. 87) 

146 Central Park, W. 

William Robert Anthony Wilson, 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1892 

Isaac Max Wilzin, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1892 
2412 Seventh Ave. 

Henry Wintsch* 

aet. 25 *i896 

Ferdinand Charles Wolff 

1136 Garden, Hoboken, N. J. 
Goodall Harrison Wooten, B.S. 

and A.M. Texas 1892 

Austin, Tex. 
Joe Sil Wooten, B.S. 

Texas 1892 

Austin, Tex. 
Arthur Brownell Wright, A.B. 

Union Coll. 1890, Med. Dir. Travelers 
Ins. Co. 

124 N. Beacon, Hartford, Conn. 

Vincent Jay Youmans, Ph.B. 

Yale 1892 

42 Clare ill on t Ave., Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

Harry Augustus Young* 


Fred T. Zabriskie,* A.B. 1893 

Charles Cowing Zacharie 
39 Court, White Plains, N. Y. 



Walter Sawyer Adams, A.B. 

Harvard 1893 

130 E. 30 
William Adler 

206 E. 6g 
Isidoro Pablo Agostini, 

Grad. Havana, 1902, Med. Exam. 
N. Y. Life Ins. Co., and Sun Life, 
Preston, Cuba 

Samuel Leo Ansbacher, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 
1S69 Madison Ave. 

William Henry Areson 

153 Bellevue Ave., Upper Mant- 
el air, N. J. 

Oliver Luther Austin 

Tiickahoe, N. Y. 
William H. Baker, A.B. 1894 
Charles Everett Banker, A.B. 

W'illiams Coll. 1893 (see p. 30) 

307 W. 93 
Archibald Henry Barkley 

13S N. Upper, Lexington, Ky. 
John Hendley Barnhart (lib), 

A.B. Wesleyan 1892, A.M 1893 
Tarrytozvn, N- Y. 

Charles Sweetser Benson 

®Charles Sylvester Bentley 
55 Court, Plattsbnrg, N. Y. 

Frederick Leslie Benton 

care Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Charles White Berry 
315 Forty-fifth, Bklyn. 

Horace Bigelow,* A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1893 aet. 28 'igoi 

Arthur Walter Bingham, B.S. 

Cornell 1893 

299 Main, E. Orange, N. J. 




Albert George Bising, A.B. 

St. Peters Coll. 1S88, A.M. 1905 
i^i Lexington Ave. 

Edward Blaise 
88 StanJwpe, Bklyn. 

Jesse Leonti Bliss 
Holyoke, Mass. 

John Henri Blot 

<2)Edward Augustus Blount, Jr. 

Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 
Henry Julius Blumensohn, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

318 W. 143 
Alphonse Michael Bodden, 

A.B. Marquette 1888, A.M. 1895 
201 Eleventh, Milwaukee, Wise. 

Belmont DeForest Bogart 

245 W. 103 
®Charles Herbert Borden 

StajJiford, Conn. 
Leon Bowman 

108 E. 73 

Charles Edward Boynton, A.B. 

Princeton 1893, Prof. Atlanta Coll. 
P. and S. 

707 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Mordecai Robert Bren 

310 Mack Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Walter Max Brickner, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

30 W. g2 
Frank Thomas Budd 

Peckville, Pa. 
William Buermann 

352 Belmont Ave., Newark, N. J. 
(8)Clarence Perciville Bulson, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1886 

252 W. 135 
James Edward Campbell (mf), 

A.B. Yale 1893 
Dexter, N. Y. 

Ransford De Los Canedy 

98y2 Main, North Adams, Mass. 
James Peter Casazza,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1892 ♦1905 

Abram Caspe, A.B. 

St. Petersburg 1889, B.S. 1890 
210 E. Broadzuay 

Douglas Aymar Cater, B.S. 

Mass. Instit. Tech. 1892 

55 Harrison, E. Orange, N. J. 

Albert King Chipp 

Arthur Hutchins Cilley, A.B. 

Princeton 1893 

-f J5 £. 37 
Samuel Cochran (miss), A.B, 

Princeton 1893 

Hivai Yuan, via Nanking, China 
James Cantine Coles, M.D. 

Dunham Med. Coll. 1898 

Ellenville, N. Y. 
James Bronson Conant, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1893 

13 Grove, Amsterdam, N. Y. 
<S)Henry Maclean Crawford 

360 W. 30 
George Mason Creevey, A.B. 

Yale 1893 
40 E. 63 

Frederick Wallace Culler, Ph.G. 

Phila. Coll. Phar. 1881 

IJ4 W. 91 
®Edward Otis Cummings 

61 Heller Parkway, Newark, N. J. 
Harold Hammond Cummings ( m ) 

60 Harrison ■ 
Arthur Ward Cutler 

28 Watkins Ave., Oneonta, N. Y. 
Robert Morris Daley 

43 E. 27 
William Joseph Leo Davis 

2ig N. Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
®Pedro de Obarrio 


William Gordon Dice, A.B. 

Princeton 1893 

2307 Gleiiwood Ave., Toledo, O. 
Joseph Milton Dill, Jr. 

(8)Joseph Smith Dodd 

120 W. 46 
Francis Oswald Dorsey, A.B. 

Yale 1893, Assoc. Prof. Ind. Univ. 
608 Hume-Mansur Bldg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Mortimer Byron Downer 

Woodstock, N. Y. 

Franklin Chace Downing 

Lanesboro, Mass. 
OJohn S. Easton, A.B. 

Princeton 1896 

524 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 




(8)William Gustav Eckstein 

68 W. 85 
Ogden iNIatthias Edwards, Jr., 

B.S. Princeton 1893, Prof. Pittsburgh 

5607 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
®Robert Emmet (re), A.B. 

Harvard 1893 

Moretoii Paddox, JVarwick, Eng- 

Floyd Bonesteel Ennist, M.D. 

Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll. 1896 

248 IV. 105 
Edgar Horace Farr, A.B. 

Vermont 1893 
321 W. 46 

Joseph Whittlesey Fauntleroy, 

M.D. Virginia Med. Coll. 1892 

Saluda, N. C. 
®Burr Ferguson, A.B. 

Alabama 1893 
Birmingham, Ala. 

[Carl Ferdinand] Hermann 
Fischer (educ) 

(see p. 4S) 

1016 Lexington Ave. 
Howard Sinnickson Forman, 

B.S. Princeton 1893 

640 Bergen Ave., lersey City, N. J. 

®Robert Lachlison Fox, M.D. 

South Carolina Med. Coll. 1893 

Mt. Vernon, Ga. 

Joseph Anthony Frasier 

263 Union, Nezv Bedford, Mass. 

Maurice Friedman 

Carlsbad, N. Alex. 

Ennis Ignatius Geraghty 

James Patrick Gilligan 
359 Scott, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

S[idney] Ormond Goldan 

59 JV. 74 
Adolph Goldhammer, B. S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

208 IV. 122 

Carl Goldmark 

131 W. 126 
Charles Augustus Goodrich, B.S. 

Massachusetts Agrl. Coll. 1893 
61 N . Beacon, Hartford, Conn. 

J[ohn] G[erhard] William Greeff 
24 IV. gi 

Charles William Green 
68 Wendell, Battle Creek, Mich. 

0Clarence Albert Greenleaf 

Canoga, N. Y. 
Chauncey B. Griffiths, A. B. 1893 
Samuel Bates Grubbs, A.B. 

Michigan 1893, Chief Quarantine 
Officer for Porto Rico 

U. S. Public Health and Marine 
Hosp. Service, Washington, D. C. 

Charles Alfred Haffner, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

I/O W. 103 
Henry Ewing Hale, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1892, A.M. 1896 (see 
P- 49) 

770 West End Ave. 
Louis Hauswirth, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 

236 W. 113 

Franklin Miller Herman 

William Leo Hetherington 
2C)g Varick, Jersey City, N. J. 

William Cott Hobdy, B.S. 

Transylvania 1893, Pres. Med. Soc. 

1419 Domi)iis, Honolulu, H. I. 

Fenimore Cooper Hoke 

Richfield Springs, N. Y. 

John Horni. Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1893 

272 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 

Charles Huber, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1891 
131 E. 80 

Frederick William Huber 
113 E. Broadway 

Harry Richard Humphries 
40 E. 41 

Edward Livingston Hunt, A.B. 

Harvard 1893 (see p. 54) 

54 IV. 50 
Elon Obed Huntington, B.S. 

Minnesota 1892 

Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 
Augustus Alphonso Hussey. A.B 

Bowdoin Coll. 1893 
167 Hancock, Bklyn. 

Sherwood Bissell Ives, A.B. 

Yale 1893 

50 E. 53 




Charles Hope Jaeger (educ) 

(see p. 55) 

4/1 Park Ave. 

Benjamin Yeager Jaudon 
Palmyra, Mo. 

Homer Thrall Joy, A.B. 

Yale 1893 

49 W. 57 
Aspinwall Judd, 

Adj. Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 

137 IV- 69 
(8)William Lawrence Kantor,A.B. 

Taganrog (Russia) 1885, LL.B. Mos- 
cow 1889 

386 E. 143 

Morris Nathan Karash 
Si I Kelly 

Ernest Kaufman 

55 New, Nezvark, N. J. 
James Edward Keegan* 


Sumner Butler [Banks] Kings- 
512 N. George, Rome, N. Y. 

®Charles Piatt Knowles 

Olean, N. Y. 

Albert Edward Koonz, D.D.S. 

N. Y. Coll. Dent. 1893 

39 Claremoiit Ave. 
Carl Heinrich Kroeber* 

aet. 41 *i9io 

Adrian Van Sinderen Lambert 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1893 (see p. 59) 

168 E. 71 
Edward Rutledge Lampson[Jr.] , 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1891 

17s N . Beacon, Hartford, Conn. 
William Judson Lamson, A.B. 

Yale 1893 

120 Summit Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Sidney Locock Lasell, A.B. 

Yale 1892 

221 Park Ave., Orange, N. J. 
Medwin Leale, A.B. 1894 
Prescott Le Breton, A.B. 1894 

George Boiling Lee 

30 W. 59 
Oscar N. Leiser 

243 IV. 44 

Hugo Adolph Levison'' 


Eli Long [Jr.], A.B. 

Harvard 1894 (see p. 61) 

151 IV. 86 
Arthur Jewett Lougee, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1893, A.M. 1896 
Fryeburg, Me. 

George Floyd Ludlow* 

aet. 29 *i899 

Arthur Thomas McCormack, 

A.B. Ogden (Ky.) 1892, A.M. Bethel 
Coll. (Ky.) 1900 
Bozvling Green, Ky. 

Hugh Farber McGaughey, B.S. 

Michigan 1893 

Winona, Minn. 
Thomas William McManus 
John Dice MacLaren (educ), 

B.D. and B.S. Kansas 1886, M.S. 

761 Lovejoy, Portland, Ore. 
James Wright MacNider* 

aet. 32 *i9o6 

John Silliman Macnie (educ), 

A.B. N. Dakota 1893, Prof. Univ. 
Minn. Med. Dept. 

2113 S. Bryant Ave., Minneapolis, 

Frank Wickham Mallalieu, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1893 

]6 Monticello Ave., Jersey City, 


Edward Robert Maloney 

78 Irving PI. 

Leopold Marcus 

1215 Madison Ave. 

David Trumbull Marshall, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1887 
Mollis, N. Y. 

<8)John Miller Masury 

N. Y. Athletic Club, N. Y. C. 

William Jay Mersereau 
294 IV. 92 

John Izard Middleton [Jr.], 

A.B. Princeton 1887 
University Club, N. Y. C. 

J[esse] -Preston Miller, A.B. 

South Carolina 1890 

516 W. 149 
®Augustine Joseph Molloy 
7508 Fourteenth Ave., Bklyn. 




Adolph B. Mund, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1890 

II E. 87 
John William Nelson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1892 

Jamestoivn, N. Y. 
Denwood Nerval Livingstone 
Fresno, Cal. 

Lorenzo Miller Nickerson 
89 S. 9, Bklyn. 

®Charles Ray Otis 
Dundee, N. Y. 

F[rank] Burton Otis, A.B. 

Yale 1892 

j6g Hancock, Bklyn. 

Frederick Francis Owens, A.B. 

Ottawa 1893 

Cherry Creek, Nev. 

Henry Farrer Owsley, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Pharm. 1893 

Frederic Chauncey Paffard 

2s8 Clinton, Bklyn. 

Frank Elmer Pagett 

Edwin Obadiah Palmer (b) 

104 IV. Holywood Boulevard, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Edward Oliver Parker, A.B. 

Harvard 1891 
Greenicich, Conn. 

George M. Parker, A.B. 1894 

Antonio [Davide] Pisani, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1890 
2 Oliver 

Nelson Asa Pomeroy 
96 Hilside Ave., Waterbiiry, Conn. 

Albert Ward Preston, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1889 

30 Orchard, Middletozvn, N. Y. 
William Stewart Reoch, Ph.B. 

Brown 1893 

Pheni.v, R. I. 
®Strother William Rice, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1892, A.M. 1896 

Genesee, Utica, N . Y . 
Jonathan Manning Roberts 
Joseph Roby, A.B. 

Yale 1893 

234 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

A[lbert] Vincent Rockwell 

931 E. 178 
Harry Heth Rodman''' 


Mariano Rodriguez, A.B. 

Licio (Costa Rica) 

S_an Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. 

John Albert Ronayne, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1893 

800 Crescent, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Malcolm Cameron Rose, Ph.G. 

Coll. of Phar. (Toronto) 1891 
1 153 Boston Rd. 

Clark Green Rossman, C.E. 

Cornell 1893 

Hudson, N. Y. 
Walter Gohring Ryon 

®Trafi:ord Brasee Salisbury 

107 IV. 74 
®Peter Schaeffler, Jr. 

423 E. 87 
Philip Michael Schaffner 

849 Park PL, Bklyn. 
Robert McEwen Schauffler, A.B, 

Williams Coll. 1893 

317 Argyle Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
©Michael Schiller, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

1S06 Lexington Ave. 

Winfield Scott Schley [Jr.], A.B. 

St. Tohn's ColL (Md.) 1893 
^4 IV. 45 

Charles Henry Schlichter, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1893 

1024 E. Jersey, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Alfred Schwab 

178 E. 70 
Samuel Emanuel Schwartz 

Pension Examiner 

Butte, Mont. 
John William Scott, A.B. 

Centre Coll. (Ky.) 1893 

164 Market, Lexington, Ky. 

Ambrose Alfonse Scouler, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1892 
755 Macon, Bklyn. 

Edgar Calvin Seibert 

436 S. Main, Orange, N. J. 
John Conlay Selby* 

George Henry Semken 
I44^^V. 87 




Raymond Wilbur Shattuck* 

aet. 29 *i903 

James Denton Shea 

28 Prospect Ave. W., Bklyn. 

John Lawrence Sheils 
283 E. Broadway 

Walter Aikman Sherwood 
2Sg Garfield PL, Bklyn. 

Daniel Alison [Joseph] Sinclair 

(EDUC), Adj. Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

40 E. 41 
®Paul Frederick Sondern 
52 S. Fitzhugh, Rochester, N. Y. 

Charles Daniel Steenken, A.B. 

Johns Hopkins 1892 

4015 Greenmoimt Ave., Baltimore, 

Victor Steinberger,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 aet. 30 *i904 

Samuel Stern 

2S IV. 70 
Richard Stinson 

517 Broadivay, Paterson, N. I. 
James Graham Phelps Stokes 

(CO), Ph.B. Yale 1892, Pres. Wood- 
bridge Co. 
700 William 

Walter Whitcomb Strang 

236 W. 100 
August Adrian Strasser 

115 Beech, Arlington, N. J. 
Carlyle Edgar Sutphen, Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1893 

181 Roseville Ave., Newark, N. J. 
®Joseph Charles Taylor 

32 W. 36 
0Arthur Henry Temple 

164 Jefferson, Passaic, N. J. 
Arthur Seymour Tenner, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

20 Morningside Ave. 

William Stoutenborough Terri- 
berry, A.B. 

Yale 1893 

57 W. 75 
Joseph Cheesman Thompson 
Josiah Payne Thornley, M.D. 

Virginia 1887 

Broadzvay and 74 
Robert Storer Tracy,* A.B. 

Yale 1893 aet. 27 '1899 

Guy H. Turrell, A.B. 1894 
Sidney Ulfelder, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 

James Samuel Unger 
// E. 126 

Adolph Hermann Urban, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 
1433 E. 10, Bklyn. 

Ignacio Vado [Jr.], A.B. 

Colegio Prep, de Orizaba (Max.) 1892 

E. Morales 37, Vera Cru:;, Mex. 
Herbert Bailey Vail, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1892 

2S0 Washington Ave., Belleville, 
N. J. 

Albert Myers Van Sickle, Ph.G. 

N'. Y. Coll Phar. 1891 
545 Fifty -fourth, Bklyn. 

Augustus Baldwin Wadsworth 

(EDUC), B.S. Mass. Instit. Tech. 
1893 (see p. 84) 

114 W. 55 
Alfred Cole Wallin 
468 W. 145 

George J. Wardenburg, A.B. 


John Sherreaf Waters, A.B. 

Madison 1889 

Howard Rankin Weirick, A.B. 

Washington and Jefferson Coll. 1893 

Stephen Whitaker Wells 

241 N. Main, Liberty, N. Y. 
Elmer George Wherry, A.B. 

Princeton 1893 

325 Clinton Ave., Ncivark, N. J. 
Henry Draper White 

Rome, N. Y. 
Charles Allen Whiting, Jr., A.B. 

Harvard 1891 (see p. 86) 

67 W. 49 
James Raynor Whiting [Jr.], 

A.B. Harvard 1893 (see p. 86) 

203 W. 56 
Ernest Nash Wilcox, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1893 (see p. 86) 
Plcasantville, N. Y. 

Adrian Dorsey Williams* 

[William] Edwin Williams, 

Asst. Prof. Memphis Hosp. Med. 

Memphis, Tenn. 




Edward Temple Willson 
1337 JVatchitiig Ave., Plainiield, 

Edward Darrah Wisely 

igS Richmond Terrace, Port Rich- 
mond, N. Y. C. 

Daniel Woodbury Wynkoop 

Babylon, N. Y. 
^Andrew Benedict Yard 
28 VV 105 



Raoul Arthur Amador 

216 IV. 112 
Joseph Walter Babcock 

949 E. 156 
Thomas William Barrett* 


Louis Albert Sayre Bodine 

Herbert Sutherland Cooley 

50 W. Front, Kcyport, N. J. 
Nicholas Dobkin 

182 Vernon Ave., Bklyn. 
Andrew Suydam Fritts 

162 Court, Binghamton, N. Y. 
0William Francis Fuchs 

509 Third Ave.,. Bklyn. 

Charles James Howard, B.S. 

Hobart Coll. 1892 

I4y Grampian Way, Boston, 


Daniel Herbert Johnson* 


William Cameron Johnston 

Theodore Morse Koupal 

JO/ Lenox Ave. 
Edward Genung Nugent, A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1893, A.M. 1896 

87 S. Fitzhugh, Rochester, N. Y. 

John Hilbert Oberle 

1786 Bathgate Ave. 
(2>Juan Bautista Sacasa 

Leon, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Robert Newhall Smith 
Walter Timme, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893 
15S W. 95 

t The extension of the medical course to 
four years became operative in October, 1894 

Leo Tobias, B.S. 

C. C. N. y. 1891, Med. Insp. Health 

326 E. 52 
Frank M. Van Orden, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1893, A.M. 1897 

660 E. 165 
Henry Palmerston A'aughan, 

A.B. Acadia Coll. 1887 

89 Bay 26, Bklyn. 
Lyman Hall Wheeler 

Lockport, N. Y. 
William Bellamy Young 

100 High, Middletotvn, Conn. 
John Louis Zabala, B.S. 

Santa Clara 1891 



0John Aquaro 

S3 Sullivan 
(giThomas Shaw Arbuthnot, A.B. 

Yale 1894 

Fiftli Ave. and Putnam, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Samuel Barshell 

22 JV. 114 
Maxwell Benjamin* 


Edward John Bero 

58 Seventh 

John Stanton Blackmar 

133 U\ 129 
J[ames] Eddy Blake. B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1894, M.D. Bonn 1902 
1466 Union, Bklyn. 

James Francis Briody 

385 Main, Paterson, N. J. 
Edward IManning Brown, Ph.B. 

Yale 1894 

1S2 State. Springfield, Mass. 
Charles F. Buckley, A.B. 1895 

Maynard Gooding Burgess 
241 N. Main, Herkimer, N. Y. 

Archibald Henry Busby 
55 E. 65 

William Caldwell Calhoun 
205 JV. 107 

Clarence Wellington Campbell 

Dexter, N. Y. 




Spencer Carleton, A.B. 1894 

J[ames] Bayard Clark 

616 Madison Ave. 
Arthur Vernon Clarke 
248 W. 132 

Henry Elisha Clarke 
8 Bacon, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Martin Cohen 

/ IV. 85 
Lewis Gregory Cole, 

Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 

22 Ridgez'iew Ave., White Plains, 
N. Y. 

John James Collins, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1894, A.M. 1904 
7J-/9 Dean, Bklyn. 

John H. P. Conover, A.B. 1895 

Horace Cortelyou Cory 

224 Broad, Neivark, N. J. 
John James Cotter 

164 W. 73 
Rowland Cox, Jr. (educ) 

(see p. 58) 

310 IV. 7, Plainiield, N. J. 

Hughes Dayton, Ph.B. 

Yale 1894 
201 W. 55 

Franklin Abbott Dorman, A.M. 

1898, A.B. Harvard 1894, Adj. Prof. 
N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. (see 
p. 42) 

133 E. 57 
Isaac Linton Doughty [Jr.] 

12 Vine, Corona, N. Y. C. 
John Douglas (educ), B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1894 
51 IV. 54 
®Charles Francis Durning, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1894 

Harts Island, N. Y. C. 
®Joseph Osterman Dyer, Ph.B. 

Yale 1886, LL.B. Tulane 1890 
Galveston, Tex. 

®William Petry Earl 
Little Falls, N. Y. 

Francis Cruger Edgerton, B.S. 

Trinity Coll. 1894 
49 VV. 50 

Eugene Harold Eising, A.M. 

1898, B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1894 
221 W. 78 

Herbert Henry Ellis* 


Charles Francis Fitzgerald,* 

A.M. 1898, A.B. Holy Cross Coll. 
1894 *i9o8 

Joseph Norman Fogarty 

Key J Vest, Fla. 
[George] Howard Fox, A.B. 

Yale 1894 

616 Madison Ave. 

Benjamin Butler Frankle 

Denver, Colo. 
Charles Moore Franklin, A.B. 

Alabama 1893 

Union Springs, Ala. 

Arthur Henry Gardner* 

aet. 37 *I90S 

Henry Goodfriend 
Malcolm Goodridge, A.B. 

Princeton 1894 (see p. 48) 

260 IV. 76 
Herman Rudolph Alexander 
Graeser, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1889 
118 W. Ill . 

Nathan Williams Green, A.M. 

1898, A.B. Yale 1894 (see p. 48) 

152 IV. 57 
Moritz Gross 

133 IV. 77 
Leopold Frederick William Haas, 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1894 
998 Union Ave. 

Henry Clinton Hatton 

Morris Park, N. Y. 
R[euben] Johnson Held 

301 JV. 72 
William Post Herrick, A.B. 

Princeton 1891, A.M. 1894 

56 E. 53 
Harold Edmonds Hewlett, Ph.B, 

Yale 1894 

Babylon, N. Y. 
Roy Seymour Hinsdale, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1894 

567 IV. 113 
Ernest V. Hubbard, A.B. 1894 

Charles Frederick Hunt 

537 W. 149 
®Charles William Ivie, A.M. 

T890, A.B. St. Stephens Coll. 1880 

Bokoshe, Okla. 




Elias Simeon Jackson 

47y2 E. 7 
Henry Harrington Janeway 

(EDUC), A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1893 
(see p. 55) 

Riverdale, N. Y. C. 
Ernest Potter Jenks,* A.B. 

Brown 1889 aet. 37 *i902 

®Edvvard West Johnson 
Madison, Mo. 

Kenneth Evernghim Kellogg 

New Britain, Conn. 

Henry Thomas Kelly 

II Church, White Plains, N. Y. 

James Henry Kenyon, B.S. 

Princeton 1894 (see p. 57) 

231 JV. 92 
Carl Richard Keppler (educ), 

Prof. Fordham 

2 W. 86 
Eugene George Kessler, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1886 

315 E. 87 
Walter Leo Kline, A.B. 

Otterbein 1894 

Walter Carl Klotz 
Pittsford, Vt. 

Samuel Joseph Kopetzky 
616 Madison Ave. 

Henrv Kreuder, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1894 
159 W. 91 

Christian Christoph Andreas 
Lange, B.S. 


67 Hanson PL, Bklyn. 

Daniel Wunderlich Layman, B.S. 

Butler Coll. 1893 

608 Humc-Mansnr Bldg., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Emanuel David Lederman (re) 
241 Montgomery, San Francisco, 

Burton James Lee, Ph.B. 

Yale T894 

128 E. 73 

•SiHarry Mower Lee 
New London, Conn. 

Henry Thomas Lee, Jr. 
54 W. 52 

John Leshure, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1894 
42s Convent Ave. 

George Washington Lindheim* 

aet. 27 *i898 

John Othello Logan 

114 ]V. 130 
William Henry Long 

Sonierville, N. J. 
®Lionel Hartsfield Love 

JVilinington, N. C. 
Joseph Tompkins Low, Jr., B.S. 

Princeton 1894 
Bay Shore, N. Y. 

0Palmer Heath Lyon 

Sam pal oc, Manila, P. I. 
Edward John McCarthy 

322 Seventy-fifth, Bklyn. 
Harlow Comstock McLeod 

John English McWhorter 

203 JV. 107 
Henry Alexander MacGruer 

30S University Blk., Syracuse, N. Y. 

©Walter Fullarton Macklin 

616 Madison Ave. 

©Edward O'Reilly Maguire 

Derby, Conn. 
Howard Valentine Merrell 

364 Argyle Rd., Bklyn. 
Leo Bernard Meyer, A.M. 1898, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1894 
156 W. 85 
Alfred Michaelis, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1894 (see p. 6s) 

15 JV. 88 
Albert Hersey Miller, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1894 

279 Benefit, Providence, R. I. 

Guy Bryan Miller,* A.B. 

Yale 1894 aet. 31 *r903 

William [Elphinstone] Keith 

140 Madison Ave. 

Browne Morgan 
32 Benson, Bloomfield, N. I. 

Henry Perkins Moseley, A.B. 

Yale 1894 

36 JJ^all, Nezv Haven, Conn. 
Emil Alfred Muller 
316 E. 120 




Henry Nolte, 

Grad. N. Y. Aural and Ophthalmic 
Instit. 1900 

16/' Ring, Mihvaiikee, Wise. 
Joseph Henry O'Connell, A.M. 

1898, A.B. Holy Cross Coll. 1894 
24 W. 9 

Victor Cox Pedersen, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1891, A.M. 1896 (see 
p. 70) 

45 ^V- 9 

Henry Hubbard Pelton, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1893, A.M. 1896 
245 IV. 85 

Judson Philbrook Pendleton 
91 Sixth Ave., Bklyn. 

Edgar Burton Probasco 
36 Washington, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Norman Hayes Probasco 
621 Park Ave., Plainfteld, N. J. 

Immanuel Pyle 
61 Monticello Ave., Jersey City, 
N. J. 

Dudley De Vore Roberts 
84 Remsen, Bklyn. 

Joseph Robinson 
West Cornzvall, Conn. 

(2>Augustine Ward Roff 
68 W. 92 

Edward Aaron Rosenberg 
5d W. 120 

Henry Clay Ruhl, A.M. 1898, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1893 
424 E. 157 

Emit Albin Rundquist, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1894 

52 E. 58 
Stanley Owen Sabel 

125 W. 58 
Philip Schieffelin Sabine, A.B. 

Princeton 1894 (see p. 75) 

960 Madison Ave. 
George R. Satterlee, A.B. 1894 
George Alexander [De Santos] 

Herman Schwarz 

50 E. 91 
John Aloysius Shields 

573 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

jMontgomery Hunt Sicard 

(EDUC), B.S. Princeton 1894 
(see p. Ty) 

616 Madison Ave. 
®Letchworth Smith, A.B. 

Yale 1894 

213 Gait Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

John Beach Solley, Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1894 

124 W. 58 
Frank Munson Stagg 

88 Lexington Ave., Passaic, N. I. 
0Henry M. Stock, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1890 
2131 Fifth Ave. 

Israel Strauss, A.M. 1898, A.B. 

Brown 1894 

108 W. 87 
James Robert Swanick 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Samuel Aaron Tannenbaum 

243 Seventh 

John Mortimer Taylor, A.B. 

Rochester 1892 

214 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 
Moses Thorner 

234 Indiana Pythion Bldg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Ralph Tousey, A.B. 

Yale 1894 

42 IV. 83 _ 
Leslie Allin Turner 

2591 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 
Percy Rivington Turnure, A.M. 

1898, A.B. Harvard 1894 (see p. 83) 

55 W. 49 
Philip Schuyler Van Patten 

Nordhoff, Cal. 
William Welsh Vibbert,* A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1894, A.M. 1897 

aet. 26 *i9oo 

Charlton Wallace (educ), A.B. 

Transylvania 1895 (see p. 84) 
601 W. 110 

Ernest Coniston Waterhouse, 

A.B. Princeton 1894 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
Justin Miner Waugh, Jr., Ph.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1894 

44 Knoivles, Cleveland, 0. 
Walter Wettengel 

293 E. 161 
David E. Wheeler, A.B. 1895 




Charles Mallory Williams, A.B. 

Bklyn. Poly. Instit. 1890, Ph.B. Yale 

48 E. 49 
Henry Chrystie Williamson 

255 IV. 104 
Abraham Leo Wolbarst 

112 E. 19 
William Cavan Woolsey 

SS Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 
John Henry Wurthmann, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1894 
245 E. 86 

Roy Demas Young, Pharm.M. 

Michigan 1892, B.S. Harvard 1894 

/SS Mass. Ave., Arlington, Mass. 



Truman Abbe, A.B. 

Harvard 1895 

Stonelcigh Ct., Washington, D. C. 

Lewis Paddock Addoms 

278 Halscy, Bklyn. 
Arthur Rockwell Addy, A.B. 

Marietta Coll. 1892 

SoS Leno.v Rd., Bklyn. 
William Hanford Allee [Jr.] 

RidgeHeld, Conu. 
Charles Leonard Antony 

220 E 122 
Hermann Nehemiah Appel 

2/6 Stanton 
William Buckingham Arm- 
Edward Aaron Aronson 

225 W. 112 
Theodorus Bailev (educ). B.S. 

Princeton 1895, Prof. N. Y. Sch. 
Clin. Med. 
122 JV. 78 

Harold Barclay 

68 E. 56 
George Edward Barnes, A.B. 

Cornell 1894 

125 Mary, Herkimer, N. Y. 
Edward Le Roy Barnett, B. S. 

St. Lavifrence 1895 
1^9 Lexington Ave. 

Thomas Joseph Barry [Jr.] 
137 E. 49 

Walter Arthur Bastedo, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1894 (see p. 30) 

57 W. 58 

Edwin Beer, A.B. 1896 

Reginald Sydney Bennett 
516 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park, 
N. J. 

James Birckhead, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1894, A.M. 1898 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Theodore Edward Bleick 

422 Elisabeth Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

Dominic George Bodkin 
897 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

August Samuel Boyd 

Panama, Republic of Panama 

Frederick Clark Bradner, A.B. 

Princeton 1895 
Englcivood, N. J. 

Frederick Lebrun Brady* 

aet. 30 *i903 

Julian Walter Brandeis, A.M. 

1901, B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1894 

65 W. 126 
Max Bresler 

132 Henry 
Robert Coalter Bryan 

201 W. Grace, Richmond, Va. 

Horace Campbell* 


George Arthur Carhart, B.S. 

Wisconsin 1895 

141 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wise. 
William S. Cherry, A.B. 1896 
A[bram] Schuyler Clark, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1895 

38 E. 49 
William Cogswell Clarke 

(see p. 37) 

435 ^V. 59 

William Barron Crawford 
102 E. Jones, Savannah, Ga. 

John Joseph Cummings 
52 Pleasant, Worcester, Mass. 

John MacBain Davidson 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Fellowes Davis, Jr., A.B. 

Harvard 1895 (see p. 40) 

58 W. 47 




Joseph Dillenberg, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 189s 

817 E. 168 
Patrick George Donovan 

313 S. Main, Elmka, N. Y. 
Augustus Sherman Downs 

139 Circular, Saratoga Springs, 

N. y. 

Arthur David Dryfoos, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 189s 

42 W. 85 
Olin Martin Eakins, 

Vice and Deputy Consul Genl. Cal- 
cutta, Med. Dir. Reliance Life Ins. 

209 Fanners Bank Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Haven Emerson (educ), A.M. 

1899, A.B. Harvard 1896 (see p. 43) 
120 E. 62 

Charles Wilmer Fitch, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1895 
201 W . iiy 

Roife Floyd, A.B. 

Harvard 1895 (see p. 45) 
I2g E. 60 

Sherman Knevals Foote, A.B. 

Yale 189s 

126 W. 103 
Frederick Siebert George 

214 South Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
J. Edgar Getman 

240 W. 139 
Andrew James Gilmour, Ph.B. 

Yale 1895 

133 E 57 
Everett W. Gould, A.B. 1896 
Alfred William Gray, A.B. 

Wisconsin 1895 

694 Summit Ave., Milwaukee, IVisc. 
John Conrad Gross 

Beechford, N. Y. 
OA/lyron Foster Hall 

1219 Lake, Ehnira, N. Y. 
James Taylor Hanan 

II The Crescent, Montclair, N. J. 
Edgar Holden, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1895 

617 Mt. Prospect Ave., Nezvark, 
N. J. 

0Henry Newell Howe 
Greenfield, Mass. 

Frederic John Hughes 

Pla infield, N. J. 

John Laurence Hughes 
21 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

O [liver] Paul Humpstone 

327 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

Benno Hyams 
9 W. 121 

Harry Warrington Ingling 

Freehold, N. J. 

Joseph A/taurice Jackson 
4609 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Reginald Henry Jackson 

Madison, Wise. 

William Ketchum Jacobs 

1509 Eighth Ave., Bklyn. 

John Edward Jennings 
164 Halsey, Bklyn. 

Herman Judkowitz 

67 Tompkins Ave., Bklyn. 
Charles Joseph Kane, A.B. 

Fordham 1895, A.M. 1899 

349 Grand, Paterson, N. J. 
Moses Keschner, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1909 

264 E. 7 

Frank Henry Knight 

59 Seventh Ave., Bklyn. 
George W. Kosmak, A.B. 1894 

John Kurrus 

230 W. 107 
William Henry Lawrence, Jr. 

Morris Ave., Summit, N. J. 
Mozart Monae Lesser 

166 W. 72 

Arthur Maxwell Line,* A.B. 

Harvard 1895 aet. 33 *i904 

Horace Ruthaford Livengood 

1105 E. Jersey, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Robert Livingston Loughran 

(EDUC), A.B. Princeton 1895, Adj. 
Prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 

62 W. 52 
Victor Lowenstein 

551 W. 113 
Henry Stoddard Lyman, A.M. 

1899, A.B. Yale 1892 

3620 Farnham, Omaha, Nebr. 




Charles Willard Lynn 

34S IV. 51 
John Aloysius McCafferty, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1895 
III E. 56 

Robert McCasthne 
54g Riverside Drive 
William McDonald, Jr., A.M. 

1899, Ph.B. Brown 1895 

Butler Hosp., Providence, R. I. 
Frederick Lyman McKee 

Hartford, Conn. 
®William Wallace MacAlister 

S33 Van Houten, Patcrson, N. J. 
Edwin Marcus Mendel, A.B. 

Harvard 1893 
50 W. 1^9 

Edward Ira Miller 

James Alexander Miller, A.B. 

Princeton 1S93, A.M. 1894 (see 
p. 65) 

18 IV. 51 
Frank Worman Myrick 

Frederick Emil Neresf 

^19 Comnionzvcalth Bldg., Denver, 

Robert Henry Nesbitt* 


Robert Ernest Noble, B.S. 

Alabama Poly. Instit. 1890, M.S. 
1891, Major Med. Corps U. S. A. 

care Adjutant Genl., Washington, 
D. C. 
Francis Jeremiah [Vincent] 
O'Brien, A.B. 

Toronto 1895 , ,r i^ 

1159 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Charles George O'Connor, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1895 

980 St. AI ark's Ave., Bklyn. 
James Henry O'Connor, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1895, A.M. 1S99 

James Ogilvie, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1895 
102 tlamiltun PL 
Alfred Townsend Osgood 

(EDUC), A.B. Yale 1895 
40 E. 41 
William Anderson Payne* 

fFormerly Frederick Emil Neresheiraer 

Frederick Harrison Pierson 

B.S. Rutgers Coll. 1895, M.S. 1899 
340 IVestniinster Ave., Elizabeth, 
N. J. 
Charles Whitney Pollard, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1895, Adj. Prof. 
Univ. Kebr. 

2962 Pacific, Omaha, Nebr. 
Eugene Hillhouse Pool, A.B. 

Harvard 1895 (seep. 71) 
lU^ E. 60 

Palmer Augustus Potter, B.S 

Amherst Coll. 1895 

26 Halsted, E. Orange, N. J. 
Tappan Chase Pulsifer, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1895 

Berlin, N. H. 
George Gibier Rambaud, M.S. 

France 1892, Dir. N. Y. Pasteur 

.^61 IV. 23 
William Benjamin Roemer 

31 Oneida, Utica, N. Y. 
Maurice Rosenberg 

1887 Seventh Ave. 
Charles Adolph Rosenwasser 

3^0 Post, San Francisco, Cal. 

Tracy George Russell (educ), 

A.B. Leland Stanford, Jr. 1895 
330 Post, San Francisco, Cal. 

Anthony Alexander Rutz, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1895, A.M. 

2u8 Bergen, Bklyn. 
George Hope Ryder, A.B. 

Yale 1894 (see p. 75) 

43 ^V. 50 
William Salant, B.S. 

Cornell 1894, Prof. Georgetown (see 
P- 75) 

Bureau of Chemistry, Waslnngton, 

D. C. 
©William Augustus Muhlenberg 

62j Lexington Ave. 
Charles Edward Scofield 

72 Lee Ave., Bklyn. 
Daniel Joseph Scully 

1129 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado 

Springs, Colo. 
Frank Rufus Searles, M.D. 

L. 1. Coll. Hosp. 1S92 

I 899-1900] 



®Joseph Minnelli Severino 
1^8 Canielia, Astoria, N. Y. C. 

Alfred Edward Shipley 

111 Halsey, Bklyn. 

Russell Aber Shirrefs 
207 Grier Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Albert Franklin Shrier 

154 E. 79 
Thomas George Sloan 

-?99 Main, S. Manchester, Conn. 

0John Archibald Smith 

555 South, Peekskill, N. Y. 
F[rederick] Hallett Spencer, 

Ins. Inspec. with Provident Life and 
Trust Co., Manhattan Life, and Mu- 
tual Life 
42s Park Ave., Waverly, N. Y. 

Amos Osborne Squire 

S6 S. Highland Ave., Ossining, 
N. Y. 

Meyer Maurice Stark, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1895 

106 E. 81 
® Abram Richard Stern 

112 W. 85 
Robert Stevenson 

Q7 India, Bklyn. 

Squire Wilbert Stone 

247 W. 51 
George Linius Streeter, A.M. 

1899, A.B. Union 1895, Prof. Univ. 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
®Edward Forrester Holden 
Sutton, A.B. 

Princeton 1895 
Castleton, N. Y. C. 

®Myles Joseph Tierney, A.B. 

Georgetown 1895, A.M. St. Francis 
Xavier Coll. 1897 
142 W. 74 

Frank Edward Tompkins 

153 W. 91 
Alfred Trenchard-Wood, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1895, A.M. 

628 Richmond Terrace, New Brigh- 
ton, N. Y. C. 
Albert Eckhardt Ulhnan, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

Central I slip, N. Y. 

Frederic O. Virgin, A.B. 1895 
Raymond Lynde Wadhams, 

A.B. Princeton 1895 

72 N. Franklin, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Adolph [Ludwig] Waechter 
116 E. 2g 

Jonathan May hew Wain w right, 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1895, A.M. 1903 
426 Wyoming Ave., Scran ton, Pa. 

Frederick Symonds Wakefield, 

A.B. Bates Coll. 1895 
242 Main, Lewiston, Me. 

George Linden Warren 

77 Houston, Newark, N. J. 
Oscar Watson, A.B. 

New Brunswick 1888, A.M. 1890, 
Foreign Ed. Assoc. Press. N. Y. 
21 Bay 20, Bklyn. 

Richard Kimble Wheeler, A.B. 

Rochester 1895 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Linsly Rudd Williamis, A.M. 

1S99, A.B. Princeton 1895 (see 

p. 87) 

8S2 Park Ave-. 

(8)Claude Lucas Wilson, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1895 

Middletown, Conn. 


Theodore Jacob Abbot, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 (see p. 28) 
112 E. 78 

Charles Baker Adams, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1896 

421 Main, Springfield, Mass. 
Sigmund Arthur Agatston 

157 IV- 95 
David Esterbrook Alexander 

28 W. 115 
William Thomas Allen 

692 Park PI, Bklyn. 
Carl L. Alsberg, A.B. 1896 
Milton Julius Ballin, Ph.B. 

Yale 1896 
52 E. 58 
Leon [S.] Bandler 
220 W. loi 

Edward Woodruff Banta 
272 W. 120 




Edwin Lorendus Bebee, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1893 

437 Franklin, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Eugene Paul Bernstein, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 

64 IV. 83 
Joseph Bieber 

3S3 E. 8 
Arthur Walker Bingham, A.B. 

Yale 1896 (see p. 31) 

511 West End Ave. 
John Fielding [James] Black 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Jules Leon Blumenthal 

12 E. iig 
Blarry Benjamin Breckwedel 

313 W. 87 
Daniel Bradley Brinsmade, A.B. 

Yale 1896 
30-' W. 83 ■ 

William Wallace Brooke 

915 Ai'e. C, Bayonne, N. J. 
®Thomas Evans Westman 
Brown, B.S. 

North Carolina 1895 

Ashcvillc^ N. C. 
Roderick Byington, B.S. 

Princeton 1896 

139 Bay 17, Bklyn. 
Henry Arthur Cassebeer, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

158 W. 58 
Herbert L. Celler, A.B. 1896 
Guy [Hunt] Cochran, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1896 

Pac. Elec. Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Frank Lawrence Cochrane 

703 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 
Karl [Albert] Connell 

(see p. 38) 
63 W. 49 

C[harles] Ward Crampton 

(EDUC), Dir. Phys. Train., N. Y. 
City Dept. Ed. (see p. 38) 
431 Riverside Drive 

Claude Granville Crane 

121 St. James PL, Bklyn. 
(8>William Daniel Cronin 

Nezv London, Conn. 
Frank ^Bethel Cross 

141 Seventh Ave., Bklyn. 

Everett Field Darling, B.S. 

Worcester Poly. Instit. 1896 

Slater Bldg., Worcester, Mass. 
George Edward Deely, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1896 
133 ]\Iontagne, Bklyn. 

Augustus Fred Dempewolfif 

449 W. 123 
Norman Edward Ditman, A.M. 

1900, Ph.D. 1908, Ph.B. Yale 1896 
(see p. 41) 

780 Madison Ave. 
®Edward Lewis Dodd, A.B. 

Princeton 1896 

ig6 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
Harry Gaylord Dorman, A.B. 

Harvard 1896, Prof. Syrian Protest. 


Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut, 


Daniel Michael Driscoll 
Francis Duffield, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

406 Wash. Arcade, Detroit, Mich. 
(8)Joseph William Dwyer 

Passaic, N. J. 
Chauncey Valentine Everitt, 

Med. Dir. Fidelity and Trust Co. 
38 Boyd Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

(S)Clarence Fahnestock 

437 Madison Ave. 
Ernest Fahnestock 

22 W. 54 
Adam Edward Fendrich 

JVeehaivken, N. J. 
Edmund Prince Fowler 

Elmsford, N. Y. 
Robert Tilden Frank, A.M. 1900, 

A.B. Harvard 1896 

983 Park Ave. 
Lewis Fox Frissell, A.B. 

Yale 1895, A.M. 1897 (see p. 46) 

113 E. 56 
®Tohn Arthur Funk, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1895 _ 
Hainadaii, Persia 

Milton A. Gershel, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 

472 W. 145 
Marcus Leopold Goodman 

328 E. 4 
James Frank Graham, Jr. 




James Edward Grant, B.S. 

Colgate 1897 

Philio Michael Grausman 
Stith Gordon Green, A.B. 

Millsaps Coll. 1896 

Robert H. Halsey, A.B. 1896 
(8)Hovvard Chapin Hanscom,A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1896 

231 IV. g6 

Ralph Augustus Hayt 
Fishkill, N. Y. 

Carlos Louis Henriquez, B.S. 

Seton Hall Coll. 1896 
13 W. 88 

Otto Hensel, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 189S (see p. 51) 
106 E. 81 

George Jenkinson Holmes 
77 Elij:a Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 

Joseph Harry Honnet 

Wihnington, N. C. 

Ransom Spafard Hooker, B.L. 

Hobart Coll. 1895 (see p. 53) 

175 E. 7/ 
Lester Page Hoole, A.B. 

Yale 1896 

974 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Jacob Horowitz 

431 Stone Ave., Bklyn. 
Frederick Charles Horsford, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1893 

247 Belleville Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

Adam Wendell Hubschmitt, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1896 

443 E. 84 
Edward Hyatt Hutton, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1894, Med. Expert 

State Dept. Health 

134 E. I, Coming, N. Y. 

Edward Gibson Hynes, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1896, A.M. 


80 Ocean Parkivay, Bklyn. 

Leo Jacoby 

25 W. 113 

Meyer Jedel 

I2§ Fourth, Newark, N. J. 
Philip Van Kuren Johnson 
Mortimer Dunham Jones 

Samuel Kahn 

406 E. 50 
Aquin[as] Sarsfield Kelly 

163 IV. 71 

Thomas Joyce Lenox Kennedy* 


Leroy Gresham Kirkman, A.B. 

Princeton 1896 

260 Orange, Newark, N. J. 
Frederick Knowles 
106 IV. 122 

^Arthur Sinclair Knudsen, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

Harvard Club, N. Y. C. 

Jacob Koronefsky 
181 Henry 

Maurice Hill Krebs 

Ernst Frederick Krug 

171 W. 71 
Edwin Walter Landes 

Stillwater, N. J. 

Samuel Salisbury Lathrop* 

aet. 39 *i903 

Norman Jacob Lebhar 

63 W. 119 
Edward Levy 

793 West End Ave. 

Ralph Waldo Lobenstine, A.B, 

Yale 1896 (see p. 61) 

162 E. 71 
Leslie Clifford Love, A.B. 

Princeton 1895 

50 6". Fullcrton Ave., Montclair, 
N. J. 

Henry Hamilton Moore Lyle 

(EDUC) (seep. 62) 

50 E. 53 
Andrew Joseph McLaughlin 

56 Stewart, Prozndence, R. I. 
Geoffrey Westropp Macdougall 

Jacob Mantinband 

120 JV. 117 
Irving Margulis 

1712 Madison Ave. 

Jacob Margulis 
65 E. 7 . 

Elias Joseph Marsh [Jr.], A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

24 Church, Pater son, N. J. 




Paul Frederic Martin, M.D. 

Indianapolis 1898, Assoc. Prof. 
Indiana Unir. 

Huiiie-AIansiir Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Thomas Aloysius Martin (educ), 

B.S. C. C. N. y. 1896 
436 Lenox Ave. 

Urban Francis Martin,* B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 *i90S 

Lucius Julius Mason, B.L. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1893 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Paul Ernest [William] Menk, 

Ph.G. N. J. Coll. Phar. 1896 

267 Washington, Nczvark, N. J. 

Franklyn Henry Miller 

1330 Dean, Bklyn. 
Willard Pierrepont Millspaugh, 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1895 

42g Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, 


Walter Clark Montgomery 

253 W. 89 
Clifford Colgate Moore 
Eli Moschcovvitz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 

59 W. 68 
L. Howard Moss 

Orchard, Richmond Hill, N. Y. C. 
Conrad Mund,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 aet. 28 *i902 

James Frank Navoni 

44 Macdougal 

Cornelius James Noonan 

554 Henry, Bklyn. 

Charles Edward North, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1893 

147 Park, Montclair, N. J. 
Joseph O'Dwyer* 

aet. 37 *i9o6 

David Henry Orgel 

277 Rivington 
Maurice Packard, Ph.B. 

Syracuse 1896, Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 
203 W. 79 

Charles [Emonual] Eugene 

Glovcrsville, N. Y. 
William Vincent Pascual 

690 St. Mark's Ave., Bklyn. 

Henry Stuart Patterson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1896 (see p. 70) 
130 E. 62 

Charles Edward Pearson 

55 Central Ave., Tompkinsville, 
iV. y. C. 

Paul Monroe Pilcher (ed_, au), 

A.M. 1900, B.S. Michigan 1898 

405 Grand Ave., Bklyn. 
Frederick Standish Pindar 

West Neiv York, N. J. 
John Green Pittman, A.B. 

Georgia 1896 

Isaac Israel Plotz 
1722 Madison Ave. 
Henry Benjamin Polatsak* 
E[lisha] Pender Porter, A.B. 

Davidson Coll. 1896 

I Glenada PL, Bklyn. 
Barnett Quel 

217 E. Broadzvay 
W^illiam O'Gorman Quinby 

14 James, Nezvark, N. J. 
Meyer Rabinovitz 

243 E. Broadzvay 

George Henry Reichers 

1411 Buslizvick Ave., Bklyn. 
Charles Hermann Reinsberg, 

A.M. Princeton 1891 

36 W. 57 
Flenry Reiss 

811 E. 155 
Harry Badger Reynolds, A.M. 

1901, A.B. Leland Stanford, Jr. 1896 

Lester Laurens Roos 

233 JV- T13 
®William Rosensohn, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1896 

298 Dodd, E. Orange, N. J. 

Norman Leslie Rowe, Jr. 

82S Grand, Jersey City, N. J. 
Henry Suyd^m Satterlee, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

780 Madison Ave. 
Norman Brown Saunders 
148 Stevens Ave., Alt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

Major Gabriel Seelig (educ), 

A.B. Harvard 1896, Prof. St. Louis 

Humboldt Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 




Robert Henderson Shanahan 

201 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

Milton Allison Shangle 
S4 Prince, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Theodore William Simon 
Central Islip, N. Y. 

Fred Willard Smith 
24g Genesee, Utica, N. Y. 

Harry Victor Aloysius Smith 
75 Magnolia Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Philip Smith 

JVard's Island, N. Y. C. 

Alfred Baker Spalding (educ), 

A.B. Leland Stanford, Jr. 1896, Prof. 

Medical Dept., Stanford Univ., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Maximilian Stern 
80 W. 114 

James Fleury Stewart* 


Frank Stradling 
Earlville, N. Y. 

Luther Anson Todd 
512 Cerby-Forsee Bldg., St. Joseph, 

Albert John Toering 
411 Grove, Bklyn. 

Rolland Davis Tomlinson 

2064 Fifth Ave. 

Edward Livingston Trudeaujr.* 

A.B. Yale 1896 aet. 31 *i904 

Cornelius Van der Clock 

70 Hozve Ave., Passaic, N. J. 

George Bickford Van Doren, 

A.B. Brown 1896 
Watertozvn, N. Y. 

Albert Bensen Van Vranken, 

Ph.B. Union 1896, A.M. 1899 
410 Union, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Karl Max Vogel (educ), Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1896 (see p. 84) 
680 Madison Ave. 

Clarence Le Fevre Vreeland 

100 Dan forth Ave., Jersey City, 
N. J. 

Irving Lee Walker 
State Hosp., Rochester, N. Y. 

Philip Carter Washburn, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1896 

Ward's Island, N. Y. C. 

David Boughton Wason 
6g>7 Warren, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Elbert Lycurgus Watson, 

Ex-Vice-Pres. Ark. Med. Soc. 

Nczvport, Ark. 
Leonard Gruner Weber 
10 W. 83 

Ver Nooy Wayland Weed 

123S Halsey, Bklyn. 
Richard Weil, A.B. 1896 

Julius William Weinstein 
71 E. g6 

Louis Weiss 

544 Springtield Ave., Nezvark, N. I. 
Faneuil S. Weisse, A.B, 1897 
John Edgar Welch, A.B. 

HI. Wesleyan 1896 

13S W. 70 
Jonathan Godfrev Wells, 

Adj. Prof. N; Y. Post-Grad. Med. 


109 JV. 82 

William Louis Wheeler, B.S. 

Colgate 1896 

361 W. 23 
John Francis White 

367 IV. 46 
Miller Royal Whitenack, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1896, M.S. 1900 

ig Bathgate PL, Nezvark, N. J. 

Arthur Starkey Wilson 

140 Wadszvorth Ave. 
Edward Earl Wilson 

421 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 
William Caldwell Wilson 

Morris Run, Pa. 
®Walter Henry Winchester 

go6 N. 8, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Allen Lawrence Winter 



®Jonas Adelson 

'238 W. 121 
Herman Maurice Adler (educ), 

A.M. 1901, A.B. Harvard 1897 
Harvard Medical Sch., Boston, 




^Alexander John Aitcheson 
Alexander, A.B. 

Princeton 1897 

1426 Indiana Ave., Chicago, III. 

Julius Elmer Alter 

1617 JJ'asJiington Ave. 

Joseph Hector Bainton, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1897 

166 IV. 85 
Addison Waddell Baird 

239 ^V- 70 
Francis William Barton. B.S. 

Notre Dame 1896 

315 The Temple, Danville, III. 

Louis Bauman 

Howard Alfred Bayles 
Port Chester, N. Y. 

Alfred Chapman Benedict, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1897 

I2g S. Orange Ave., S. Orange, N.J. 

James Wallace Beveridge 
40 E. 41 

Philip Worcester Bill, Ph.B. 

Yale 1897 

411 State, Bridgeport, Conn. 

R[obert] Franklin Bliss 

23 Seventh Ave.. Bklyn. 

John Howard Blue, B.S. 

Alabama 1896 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Oscar Henry Bohm 

115 Palisade Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Bolduan 

601 IV. 135 
Arthur Bookman, A.B. 1897 

Harry Britenstool 

7<?5 Lexington Ave. 

Leo Buerger, A.^L 1901, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1897 
7/ E. g6 

Ralph Edward Bufifington 

(EDUC) (see p. 34'* 
34 E. 40 

Lucius C. Bulkley, A.B. 1898 

Douglas Walker Cairns 

411 West End Ave. 
Herbert Richard Charlton 

Bron.vville, N. Y. 

Walter Frank Cimiotti 
171 Palisade Ave., W.Hohoken,N.J. 

Hermann Cohn 

281 Mulberry, Newark, N. J. 

Joseph Davton Condit, A.B. 

Wabash Coll. 1897, A.M. 1906 

284 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, Cal. 

Albert Samuel Cooke 

328 Ninth, Bklyn. 

George Eversleigh Cram, Ph.B. 

Yale 1897 

87 East Ave., Norivalk, Conn. 
Edward Lawrence Creeden, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1896 

230 IV. 107 
Joseph Atwood Cunningham, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1896 
igi York, Bklyn. 

John Dickinson Curran,* B.S. 

Cornell 1897 *i9o6 

0Philip John Curran 
Portland, Conn. 

William Darrach (educ), A.M. 

1901, A.B. Yale 1897 (see p. 40) 

47 W. 50 
Arthur Winfield Day, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1897 

234 Fifty-secojid, Bklyn. 
Raimundo de Castro y Ba- 
chiller [Jr.], A.B. 

Havana Instit. 1894 

Saliid 36, Havana, Cuba 

Faust Stanfield De Long 

467 Genesee, Utica, N. Y. 

Dudley Brainard Deming, Ph.B. 

Yale 1897 
Waterhury, Conn. 

Frank Bernard Donohue, A.B. 

and A.M. Seton Hall Coll. 1896 
389 Main, Patcrson, N. J. 

James Gracey Dunseith 

354 W. 42 
Walter Frederick Engel 

(D), D.D.S. N. Y. Coll. Dent. 1904 
10 Stuyvesant Ave., Bklyn. 

George John Balleray Flood 

279 Broadzi'ay, Paterson, N. J. 
0Herman P. Foehrenbach, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 
2189 Broadzvay 




H[arvey] Thompson Frazer, B.S, 

Princeton 1897, M.S. 1904 

Asheville, N. C. 

Carl Ftilda 

7775 Buslnvick Ave, Bklyn. 

Charles John Gabriel 
59/ S. II, Newark, N. J. 

Sparrell Simmons Gale, A.B. 

Roanoke Coll. 1897 

Roanoke, Va. 
Harold C. Geyer, A.B. 1896 
James Philip Gibbs, A.M. 

Southwestern 1896 

Houston, Tex. 
Cnrtenius Gillette, A.B. 

Yale 1897 (see p. 47) 
44g Park Ave. 

Charles Goldman 
128 Henry 

Frederic Grosvenor Good ridge, 

A.B. Harvard 1897 (see p. 47) 

Columbia University 
Gaston J. Greil, B.S. 

Alabama Polytech. Instit. 1897 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Bernard Joseph Gretsch, LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1894 

66 W. 119 

Louis William Grossmann 
1668 Lexington Ave. 

Clarence Gunter, 

Asst. Chief Surgeon Sonora and 
Southern Pacific R. R. of Mexico 
Tucson, Avis. 

George Washington Hart 
3111 Ave. J, Bklyn. 

William Lewis Flartman, Ph.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1897 
744 E. 5 
Francis Reynolds Haussling, 

B.S. Princeton 1897 

661 High, Nezvark, N. J. 
Samuel Carruth Haven, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1896 

14 Elm, Morristozvn, N. J. 
Alfred Fabian Hess, A.B. 

Harvard 1897 

154 IV. 72 
Fred[erick] Grady Hodgson 

jip Atlanta Natl. Bank Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Eugene Francis Flune* 

aet. 31 *i903 

Oliver Thompson Hyde, B.S. 

Amherst Coll. 1897 
Silver City, N. Mex. 

Frank Hussy Jackson [Jr.] 

Houlton, Me. 

C[harles] Frederic Jellinghaus 

(EDUC), A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1897 
1161 Park Ave. 

Willis Bryant Jones, B.S. 

Georgia 1896 

Atlanta, Ga. 
James Robert Judd, A.B. 

Yale 1897 

Honolulu, Haivaii 
David Kramer, 

Grad. Mt. Sinai Hosp. 1904 

2 W. 88 

David Heine Levy 

150 W. 79 

Isaac Harris Levy 

57 W. Ill 
James Hoyt Lewis, A.B. 

Yale 1897, Med. Referee Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

186 Linzi'ood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
[Samuel Boughton] Whitman 

98 Third Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Edouard Sanderson Loizeaux 
Joseph Francis McCarthy 

(EDUC), Phar.D. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 


40 E. 41 

Rob Roy McCully, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1896 
Union Springs, N. Y. 

Edward James McEntee 
196 Hancock, Bklyn. 

William Landram McFarland 
S4 Gra mercy Park 

Elisha Leavenworth McGill 
5 S. Market, Petersburg, Va. 

James Percy McKelvy 

519 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, 

Edward Townsend McKenzie, 

A.B. N. Y. Univ. 1896 

353 IV. 58 




John Francis Wallace Meagher 

p6/ St. John's Place, Bklyn. 
Marcius Harold Merchant, Ph.B. 

Brown 1897 

Warren, R. I. 
Robert Jack Mitchell 

150 W. 104 

William Thomas Moynan 

T20 W. 86 
Thomas Aloysius A^^ulcahy 

13J E. 43 
Serenus Lazarus Newman 

26^ Henry 

Bernard Stitro Oppenheimer, 

A.B. Harvard 1897 
Broadzvay and 83 

0George Oscar Pelgram 

Dckuni Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Victor Seymour Pier,* Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coif. Phar. 1896 aet. 37 *igi2 

Edwin Francis Pierce, A.B. 

Bates Coll. 1894 

150 College, Lc-iviston, Me. 

Frank Wilcox Pinneo 
799 Gar side, Newark, N. J. 

®Wilfred Mcllvaine Post, A.B. 

Princeton 1897 

Ainer. Cliristian Hosp., Cacsarea, 

Alfred Carlyle Prentice, A.B. 

Alfred 1897, A.M. 1898 (see p. 71) 

226 W. 78 
Perry Brower Preston 

Gorgona, Canal Zone 
Emanuel Reinhardt, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 
1815 Seventli Ave. 

®Gibson Reynolds, A.B. 

Alabama 1897 

log S. Perry, Montgomery, Ala. 

0Michael Thomas Reynolds 
164 Montaiik Ave., Bklyn. 

Louis Dominick Riggio 
222 E. 116 

Andrews Rogers (educ), Ph.B. 

Ohio State 1896 

151 E. Broad. Columbus, 0. 
John Jay Rogers. B.S. 

Wisconsin 1897 

2302 Blaisdcll Ave., Minneapolis, 

James Isaac Russell (educ), A.B. 

Virginia 1897 (see p. 75) 

603 Madison Ave. 
Philip [Francis] Xavier Ryan, 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1897, 
A.M. 1898 

501 W. 142 
William C. Sandy, Jr., A.B. 1898 

Benjamin Leonard Schaeffer 

748 Prospect Ave. 

Garrett Kouwenhoven Wil- 
liamson Schenck, B.S. 

Maryland Agr. Coll. 1897 
Hollands, N. Y. 

Charles Bushfield Schildecker 

Park Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Francis Alphonse Schneider 

2S0S Cathedral Ave. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Samuel Schulhofer 

972 Fox 
Alfred Paul Schultz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 

242 Broadway, Monticcllo, N. Y. 

Henry William Schwartz 

2gi W. 12 
Henry George Schweitzer 

449 E. 143 
[James] Clayton Sharp 

436 Ninth, Bklyn. 
Leander Howard Shearer, A.B. 

Princeton 1897 (see p. 76) 

449 Park Ave. 
Robert W. Shearman, A.B. 1897 

Harry Britton Slocum 

16S Chelsea Ave, Long Branch, 

N. J. 

Charles Ilendee Smith (educ), 

B.S. Cornell 1897 (see p. 78) 

28S0 Broadzvay 
Leo Spiegel 

241 W. 100 
Alexander Spingarn (ed),A.M. 

1901, B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1897 
623 Willoughby Ave., Bklyn. 

Morris Stark, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 
2S80 Broadzvay 

Nathan Neuville Stark, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 

221 W. 128 




Robert Sythoff Starr, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1897, A.M. 1900 
75 Pratt, Hartford, Conn. 

(8)Benjamin Broadus Steedly 
Gaffney, S. C. 

De Witt Stetten (educ) 

(see p. 79) 

115 W. 87 
Edgar de Mott Stryker, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1897, M.S. 1901 
15 Arlington Pi., Bklyn. 

William [John] Teahan 
24s Maple, Holyoke, Mass. 

0Edward Cameron Thompson, 

A.B. Princeton 1897 
Newburgh, N. Y. 

George Wilson Todd 
225 West End Ave. 

George Wonson Vandegrift, 

A.M. 1901, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1897 
147 E. 18 

Philip Van Ingen, A.B. 

Yale 1897 (see p. 83) 

125 E. 71 

Henry Theodor von Deesten 
618 Garden, Hoboken, N. J. 

William Norbury Vreeland 
2 Park, Jersey City, N. J. 

James Joseph Sebastian Walsh, 

B.S. Manhattan Coll. 1896 
887 Longwood Ave. 

Abraham Hirsch Wechsler 

91 Lewis Ave. 

Frank Henry Weiss, Ph.G. 

Northwestern 1894, Prof. Kansas 

2646 Benton Blvd., Kansas City, 

Clinton Stevens Westcott 
! 2084 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

Frederick George Weygandt 
645 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

Sherwood Volkert Whitbeck 
i 447 Allen, Hudson, N. Y. 

William Rush Whitman, A.B. 

I Roanoke Coll. 1896 
Bramwell, W. Va. 

Henry Tilton Williams 
87 Centre Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Percy Herbert Williams, A.B. 

Princeton 1897 (see p. 87) 

24g W. 72 
Thomas Marion Williams, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1897 

351 Houser Ave., Palo Alto, Cal. 

Orin Russell Witter 

44 High, Hartford, Conn. 
William Henry Woglom 

(see p. 87) 

241 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Eshoo Alkus Yacobs, B.S. 

Urmi Coll. (Persia) 1892 

Joseph Grant Yocum 

(see p. 88) 

128 E. 73 
Herman Fred Lange Ziegel, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 

8 IV. 86 147 


0John King Adams 

475 Main, Orange, N. J. 
Joseph Jefferson Asch [Jr.] 

780 Lexington Ave. 
Max Baff 

62 Providence, Worcester, Mass. 
Charles Frederick Baker 

47 Walnut, Newark, N. J. 
Ralph Munson Beach 

69 Seventh Ave., Bklyn. 
Harold Walsworth Bell 

2201 Aqueduct Ave. 
Leon Stanislaus Betowski 

Wavcrly, N. Y. 
Philip Bissell,* A.B. 1897 
Franklin Hendrickson Booth, 

A.B. Yale 1898 
Elmhurst, N. Y. C. 

Max Henry Bracker, Jr. 

462 W. 153 
Alfred Braun, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 
616 Madison Ave. 

®George Alexander Bridge,A.B, 

Yale 1898 

Bisbee, Ariz. 
Sherman Brown 

Kings Park, N. Y. 
William Tillinghast Bull, Ph.B. 

Yale 1888 
128 W. 59 




Gnnni Julius Busck 
IVestneld, N. Y. 

Arthur Clarkson Butts, Jr. 
2120 Daly Ave. 

Charles Hurst Chancellor 

<8>Lino Sisto Felicisimo Chibas 
Guantaiiaiiio, Cuba 

Isaclore Cohn, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1891 

102 IV. iig 

Daniel Beckel Conklin 
17 E. I, Dayton, O. 

Henry John Cole Corrigan, A.B. 

Brown 1898, A.M. St. Francis Xa- 
vier Coll. 1899 

242 Broadii'ay, Providence, R. I. 

Charles Bartles Cortright 
52s Herkimer, Bklyn. 

Aldo Bliss Coultas 

/ Madison Ave., Madison, N. J. 

Jay Byington Covert, A.B. 

Hobart Coll. 1898 

41S S. Main, Geneva, N. Y. 
William Aloysius Dalton, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1893, M.S. N. Y. Univ. 
1896, Ph.D. 1898 
J4g E. 63 

Edward Danforth 

J. William Davis 

Livingston Manor, N. Y. 
Sigmund Deutsch 

337 E. 87 
Charles Joseph Dillon, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. i8g8 

161 W. 77 
(SiHenry Louis Dollard 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
Willard Foster Doolittle 

SI 5 W. 142 
James Henry Doon 

323 Second Ave. 

Charles Engelke 

50 Leavenzvortli, Waterbury, Conn. 

Seward Erdman, A.B. 

Princeton 1897 
115 E. 80 

R[obert] Julian Estill, A.B. 

Transylvania 1897 

Lexington, Ky. 

John Harry Evans, A.B. 

Conn. Agr. Coll. 1896 

Virgil, N. Y. 
Joseph Livingston Fewsmith, 

A.B. Yale 1898 

76 Central Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Norton D Fletcher, A.B. 1899 

Samuel Robertson Fowler 
1031/2 Onondaga Ave., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Claude Augustine Frink, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1898 (see p. 46) 

457 IV. 144 
Gerard Paul Garrigan 

Stanley D. Giffen 

Gante i, Mexico City, Mex. 

David Halliday Moffat Gillespie, 

A.B. Yale 1896 

28 W. 82 I 

Nathan Good friend 
243 W. 72 

Jacob Montgomery Goldberg 

77 IV. iig 

Gerald Harrison Grout i 

(see p. 49) 

Broadway and 77 j 

xA.rthur Haberstroh I 

5S2 IV. 187 

0George Henry Hahn 

348 Bergen, Neivark, N. J. 

Charles Henry Hall 

2113 Mermaid Ave., Coney Island, 
N. Y. C. 

Allen Hamilton, A.B. 

W'illiams Coll. 1898 I 

337 W. Wayne, Ft. Wayne, Ind. j 

Julius Hammer 

148S JVashington Ave. 

Charles Cotton Harrold, A.M. 

1902, B.S. Georgia 1898 
Macon, Ga. 

®George Graham Hart 

U. S. N. Recruiting Station, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

Winfield Morgan Hartshorn, 

A.B. Yale 1898 "^ 

50 Central Park W. 

Norman Louis Hawkins 
Black River, N. Y. 




David Meriwether Henning, 

M.D. Memphis Hosp. Med. Sch. 1900 
Memphis Trust Bldg., Memphis, 

Edward Herbert 

140 Purchase, Fall River, Mass. 

Arthur J. Herzig 
2040 Seventh Ave. 

Arthur Carl Heublein 

42 High, Hartford, Conn. 

Isaac Seth Hirsch 
56 E. 93 

James Samuel Hyde 

167 N. Main, Fall River, Mass. 

William Henry Jacob 
99 N. Main, Pater son, N. J. 

Frank Dormer Jennings 
53 Woodbine, Bklyn. 

Samuel Fosdick Jones 
Knights of Columbus Bldg., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Harry Mayham Keator, A.B. 

Yale 1897 (see p. 57) 

10/ E. 70 
Albert Joseph Keenan. A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1897, Adj. Prof. 

L. I. Coll. Hosp. 

251 Nevu York Ave., Bklyn. 

Virgil Charles Kinney 

IVellsville, N. Y. 

Clinton Beecham Knapp, A.B. 

Ohio Wesleyan 1898 (see p. 58) 

60 JV. 76 

Robert Knight 

Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Henry Krauskopf 

1133 Lexington Ave. 
Otto Frederick Krehbiel, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 
Summit, N. J. 

Ernestus Otto Kuhr, A.B. 

St. John's Coll. 1897, A.M. 1900 
299 Stuyvesant Ave., Bklyn. 

J[ames] Herbert Lawson 

810 West End Ave. 
Lawrence Lee 

Med. Referee Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
210 Liberty, Savannah, Ga. 

Frank Lehmacher, Jr. 
166 Springfield Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Nathan Lifshutz 

545 Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

Harry Kalman Loew 
Brownsville, Tex. 

Elbert DuBois Loughran 

James Henry Lowrey 
79 Congress, Newark, N. J. 

John McCabe 
348 Central Park W. 

Herman Franklin McChesney, 

B.S. Carleton Coll. 1898 
138 Halsey, Bklyn. 

George Henry McFarland, Jr.,* 

B.S. Princeton 1898 *i9ii 

Theodore Alexander McGraw, 
Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1898 

73 Cass, Detroit, Mich. 

D[aniel] Philip McGuire 

// Phelps Ct., Nezv Brighton, 
N. Y. C. 

Theobald Coleman McSheehy, 

A.B. Holy Cross Coll. 1898, A.M. 
St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1899 

86 Vernon, Worcester, Mass. 
Frank Cameron Matthews, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1897 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

Lewis Durant Mead, A.M. 

1902, B.S. California 1898 
Byron Hot Springs, Cal. 

Harold Denman Meeker (educ), 

A.B. Wesleyan 1898 
220 W. 79 

William Henry Meyer 
1057 Tinton Ave. 

(E>Samuel Ramsay Milliken, 

B.S. Southwestern 1898 

281 Main, Dallas, Tex. 
Seth Minot Milliken (educ), 

A.B. Yale 1898 

951 Madison Ave. 
Parley Williams Monroe, A.B. 

Franklin Coll. 1898 

Gante i, Mexico City, Mex. 
Fred Henry Mosler 

48 W. 89 

Joseph Denis Murphy 
617 IV. 179 




0Hugh Pius O'Neill, A.B. 

St. Joseph (N. B.) 1898 
Kingsbridge, N. Y. C. 

Michael Francis O'Rourke, 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1898, 

A.M. 1903 

7J Seventh Ave. 

Albert William Page 

30 S. Lexington Ave., White 
Plains, N. Y. 

Alwin Max Pappenheimer, A.B. 

Harvard 1898 (see p. 69) 

309 IV. 99 

Victor Howard Pentlarge 
380 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 

Frederic Pfletschinger, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 

557 W. 156 
Frederick George Phillips 
315 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

Alfred William Pollak 
251 IV. 122 

Oran Arnold Province, A.B. 

Indiana 1898 
Franklin, Ind. 

F[rancis] Winthrop Pyle, A.B. 

Yale 1S97 

112 Washington Terrace, Bridge- 
port, Conn. 

John Adam Quell [Jr.] 
47S Decatur, Bklyn. 

Herman Theodore Radin, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 
654 E. 165 

Goodrich Barbour Rhodes, A.B. 

Yale 1898 

4 W. 7, Cincinnati, O. 

James Francis Rice, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1893, A.M. 189s 

551 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
(S> Austen Fox Riggs,- A.B. 

Harvard 1898 (see p. 73) 

435 IV- 59 
Robert Hugh Rose (educ), A.B. 

DePauw 1S9S 

404 W. 145 

Benjamin Rosenblijth 
1326 Madison Ave. 

Michael Rosenbluth 
957 Fox 

(2)Charles Kirkland Roys (miss), 

A.B. Princeton 1897 
Weisein, Shantung, China 

Joseph Frederick Saphir 

118 First 
®David Lawrence Satenstein 

24 W. 126 
Louis Scheinberg 

1654 Bathgate Ave. 
Hermann von Wechlinger 
Schulte (educ), 

A.B. Trinity Coll. 1897 (see p. 75) 
202 IV. S6 

Walter Seckel 
243 W. 99 

Isadore Seff 

loS W. 118 
Ernest Edward Selleck, Ph.B. 

Yale 1897 

Navolato, Sinaloa, Mex. 

Henry Burr Siglar, A.B. 

Yale 1897 
24 State 

Morris Silk,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 aet. 25 •1904 

(8>Andrew Sloan 

142 Columbia, Utica, N. Y. 

Archibald Delap Smith, A.B. 

Yale 1898 

759 Herkimer, Bklyn. 
Davison H. Smith,* A.B. 1899 
Edward Anthony Spitzka(EDuc), 

Dir. and Prof. Jeff. Med. Coll. (see 
p. 79) 

Clinion and 11, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henry Farnum Stoll 

75 Pratt, Hartford, Conn. 
Samuel Meredith Strong 

156 Noble, Bklyn. 
John Jerome Sullivan, A.B. 

Nevada 1898, A.M. St. Francis Xavier 
Coll. 1901, State Bd. Med. Exam. 
1Q06 — , State Bd. Health 1908 — 
Virginia City, Nev. 

®Edward Blair Sutphen 
162 South, Morristozun, N. J. 

Charles Anthony Sylvia 
366 ll^ickcndcn, Providence, R. I. 

0Henry Woodruff Titus, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1898 
175 E. 68 




William Becker Van Alstyne 

13a IV. 106 
Frederick Theodore van Beuren, 
Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1898 (see p. 83) 

8iJ Park Ave. 
Franklin Brush Van Wart 

340 Putnam Ave, Bklyn. 
®Earl Philip Warren 

447 IV. 59 
(8)Henry Edwin Waterhouse 

426 State, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Frank Reed Webb 

554 W. 142 
Charles Edward L. Webster, Jr., 

A.B. Lehigh 1898 
749 Madison Ave. 

®William Henry Wells, C.E. 

Princeton 1895, Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. 

Phar. 1898 

/// Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

(8>William Beverly Westcott 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Alfred Winslow Wheeler 

Norfolk, N. Y. 
George Douglas White (chem) 

416 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City, 


E[dward] Reed Whittemore, 

A.B. Yale 1898 

dp Elm, Nezv Haven, Conn. 

Herbert Budington Wilcox, 

A.B. Yale 1898 

159 E. 70 
Jacob Lewis Wollheim 

338 E. 79 147 


Samuel Abel 

1525 Madison Ave. 
®Paul Allen Adams, A.B. 

Leiand Stanford, Jr. 1898 
DeKalb Ave. and Raymond, Bklyn. 

David Gordon Allen 

(see p. 28) 

Elmer Hempsted Ames 

109 Atlantic, Jersey City, N. J. 

Warren Beecher Andrews 
Newbtirgh, N. Y. 

^Frederick Reuel Baker, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1899 

230 Central Park S. 

Lewis Bama 
952 Simpson 

Henry Barnes 

1 416 Aciishnet Ave., Neiv Bedford, 

William Henry Beattie, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1899 

133 Park Ave., Utica, N. Y. 

Eric Carl [Adolph] Beck(EDuc) 
37 E. 31 

George Henry Bentz 
685 Greene Ave., Bklyn. 

®Mark Block 
/// E. 7 

David Merwin Bloom 
118 W. 112 

Leonard Blumgart 
7.?.? W. 58 

Milton Bodenheimer, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

336 E. 50 
John Harvey Borden,* A.M. 

1901 A.B.Yale 1899 (see p. 32) *i9o8 

[oachim Brennglass, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1897 
2 IV. 120 

Abraham A. Brill, Ph.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1 90 1 

97 Central Park W. 

Alfred Jerome Brown, A.B. 

Yale 1899 (see p. 33) 
550 Park Ave. 

Frank Edwin Brown 
591 Hancock, Bklyn. 

Henry Greenwood Bugbee 
145 E. 35 

Jesse Godfrey Moritz Bullowa, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1899 

62 IV. 87 

Carl Goodwin Burdick 
120 E. 34 

Mortimer Gilbert Burford 

198 Marcy Ave., Bklyn. 

James Rutherford Cannon 

Irvington, N. Y. 

Gustav Benz Capito, A.M. 1905, 

A.B. Washington and Lee 1899 

Charleston, IV. Va. 




Arthur Freeborn Chace, A.M. 

1903, B.S. Earlham 1897, A.B. Har- 
vard 1899, Asst. Prof. N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. 

393 West End Ave. 

Thomas Arthur Clay 
30 Sheridan Ave., Paterson, N. J. 

Gerhard Hutchison Cocks, 

A.B. Yale 1899 (see p. 37) 
137 E. 54 

Frank Cohen 

102/ Union Ave. 
Edwin Arthur Colton, A.B.. 

Amherst Coll. 1899 
Montpclicr, Ft. 

Albert Edward Cook 

Leighton Randolph Corninan 

325 Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

John Joseph Cosgrove 

315 IV. 58 
Henry Clay Cowles, Jr., A.B. 

North Carolina 1900 

g^ Central Park W. 
Frank Haines David 

172 W. 76 
Fred[erick] Augustus Deal, 

M.D. Union 1899 

3g2o Broadway . 
Ralph De Baun 

Congers, N. Y. 
T[oseph] Lawrence Dias 

Shnbert Theatre Bldg., N. Y. C. 
Francis Elbert Du Bois, A.B. 

Princeton 1899 

431 Park Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Roger Durham, A.B. 1900 
Lewis Weimar Ehas. A.B. 

Trinity Coll. (N. C.) 1899 
Biltmore, N. C. 

Bruce Elmore, A.B. 1900 

Don Agard Epler 

82 Congress, Nezvark, N. J. 
Frank Erdwurm, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1899 (see p. 43) 

128 E. 34 
James Pendleton Erskine, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1895 

120 E. 34 
Charles Wager Fairchild 
34 N. Broadway, Tarrytoivn, N. Y. 

® Bryant Sloat Fassett 

Larchniont, N. Y. 
(2)Samuel Thompson Faucett 

33 Grove, Stamford, Conn. 
Lew Henri Finch 
Frederic Aloysius Finn, A.B. 

St. Peter's (Jersey City) 1899, A.M. 

7 57 Dan forth Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 

Louis Franklin 

193 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 

Gustav Adolph Fried, A.B. 

Harvard 1899 

64 W. 85 
0Harry Jacob Friedman 

261 E. 4 
George Henry Gage 

210 Parsells Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

William Van Pelt Garretson, 

Adj. Prof. N. Y. Polyclinic 
112 W. 85 

Charles Zeh Garside (educ). 

Prof. Fordham 

Rockaway, N. J. 
William Creighton Garvin 
Fred Goldfrank, A.B. 

Harvard 1899 

12 E Si 

George Clifford Gould 

Bethel. N. Y. 
Ward Slosson Gregory, Ph.B. 

Yale 1899 

5 ]]"est Ave.. Norzvalk, Conn. 
Joseph Greif 

321 E. 4 
Herman Gross 

Metuchen, N. J. 
Francis Daniel Gulliver 

gS2 St. Nicholas Ave. 
William John Haber, Ph.G. 

California 1896 

Samuel Warren Hamilton, 

A.B. Vermont 1898 

Utica, N. Y. 
0George Patrick Harran 

Schenectadyj N. Y. 
Arthur Perry Hasking 

318 Montgomery, Jersey City, N.J. 




Everett M. Hawks, A.B. 1900 
R.oyal Storrs Haynes, Ph.B. 

Cornell 1899 (seep. 51) 
26/ W. 79 

Max Hazay 

274 E. 10 
S>Carl Alfred Helgeson 

2056 Fairfax, Denver, Colo. 
\lfred Collard Henderson, B.S. 

Amherst Coll. 1899 
155 E. 62 
Louis Herly (educ) 
184 E. 72 

spencer Littlefield Higgins, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1896 

care Navy Dept., JVashington, 

D. C. 

^enry Van Velsor Holcomb, 

Phar.D. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1898 (see 

P- 52) 

Riverside Drive and 72 

Salter Henry Holdridge 

462 W. 145 
srael Horowitz 

1523 Madison Ave. 
Larle Phineas Huff, A.B. 

; Ohio 1898 

ptto V. Huffmanf 

I (see p. 54) 

I 1231 E. McMillan, Cincinnati, O. 

I^rederick Brown Humphreys, 

jPh.B. Yale 1899 fsee p. 54) 

78 IV. 85 
reter Irving, A.B. 1900 
.eopold Jaches, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 1896 

^7 E. 95 
lenry Kirke White Kellogg, 

B.S. Amherst Coll. 1899 

133 E. 56 
ames Manning Kent, A.B. 

Brown 1899 (see p. 57) 

495 IV est End Ave. 
[arold Denison Kenyon 
' High, Westerly, R. I. 
Dhn Devereux Kernan, Jr., 

A.B. Harvard 1900 

561 JV. 147 
eo Kessel 

(see p. 57) 

Hotel San Re mo, N. Y. C. 
t Formerly Otto von Huffman 

Isaac WiUiam Kingsbury, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

4 Atzvood, Hartford, Conn. 
Joseph Bolton Knipe 

83 Franklin 
William H[ugh] Wellington 
Knipe, A.M. 1903, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1899, Adj. Prof. 
N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
59 ^V. 54 

John Radway Le Comte 

41 Pinehurst Ave. 

Horace Louis Leiter, A.B. 

Harvard 1899 

425 S. Warren, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Paul Martin Lennox 

712 Exchange Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

0Malcolm Foster Lent 

Stony JVold Sanitarium, Lake 
Kushaqua, N. Y. 

(8)Arthur James Leonard 

175 E. 68 
William W. Lesem,* A.B. 1899 

Joseph Goodman Levy 
602 JV. 137 

Herman Lorber 

330 E. 4 
William Ogden Lord 

864 Purchase, Neiv Bedford, Mass, 
Frank Farra Lyne, B.L. 

Kentucky 1899 

3041 Ocean Ave., Coney Island 
N. Y. C. 

William Henry McCastline 

(EDUC) (see p. 62) 
Columbia University 

William Ezra McCollom 

736 St. Jolin's PL, Bklyn. 

William [Alistair] Bruce 

291 S. Broadzvay, Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Convas Lane Markham 
Amityville, N. Y. 

Samuel Blackburn Marks, B.S. 

Transylvania 1899 

164 Market, Lexington, Ky. 

Herman O. Mosenthal, A.B. 




William Gibbs Nash, A.B. 

Harvard 1897 ^ ^^ , at 7- 

827 Clinton Ave., Ncivark, N. J. 
(8)Nathan William Nelson 

409 W. Grace, Richmond, Va. 
William Neumann 

62 Ave. D 
Frederick Jacob Newman 

404 E. 141 
Alexander Nicoll 

301 ]V. 108 
Leonard Francis Nicoll* 

aet. 31 *i9o6 

JMorris Lee Ogan 

513 W. 144 
Charles Osgood 

58 Central Park W. 
George Conrad Owens 

2/5 Kingston Az'e., Bklyn. 
Lynn Ransom Palmer 

P5J E. 156 
James McDavid Parkinson 

415 Hope, Providence, R. I. 

Douglas Campbell Paterson 

12 Lazvrence, Yonkers, N. Y. 

James Royden Peabody 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Theodore Normand Pease 
5800 Spruce, Pliiladelphia, Pa. 

0David Cowee Pierpont 

Ironwocd, Mich. 

Henry Morton Pierson 

107 Walnut, Roselle, N. J. 
Edward Rudolph Posner, 

Prof. Drake Univ. Med. Sch. (see 
P- 71) 

Citizens' Natl. Bank Bldg., Des 
Moines, la. 
Philip Sheridan Potter, A.B. 

Yale 1899 

928 University Blk., Syracuse, N .Y . 
Robert Edward Pou 

20 W. 50 
Alfonso Manuel Puente, A.B. 

Havana 1895 
Guantananw, Cuba 

0William Edward Recknagel 

Brunszi'ick, Ga. 
Robert L. Reid, A.B. 1903 

Robert Finley Ringland 
36 Church, Montclair, N. I. 

0Emanuel Marx Robinson 

329 Bradford, Bklyn. 

Aaron Rokeach 
62 McKibben, Bklyn. 

®Isadore Rosen 

368 IV. iiS 
Morris Rosenbaum 

604 E. 5 
Harry Haynes Rowland, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1899 

286 W. 70 
Laurance Phillips Runyon, B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1899, M.S. 1903 
New Brunsimck, N . J. 

0Joseph Patrick Ryan 
44 Church, Hartford, Conn. 

Sebastian Saladino 
381 Broovie 

Otto G. Scheina 

1143 Hoe Ave. 
George Augustus Schnepel 

23S^]V. 106 
Richard Joseph Shannahan, A. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1899 

92s Main, Worcester, Mass. 

Fred Albert Simmons, Ph.B. 

Brown 1899 

Brockton, Mass. 
Joseph John Sinnott 

Sayrc Private Hosp., Mt. Vern 
N. Y. 

(8)Leroy James Smith 

Turner, N. Y. 

Louis Spanier 

103 Cannon 
Adolph Stern, A.B! 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 
1182 lackson Ave. 

Louis Stork, Jr. 

337 Seventy-seventh, Bklyn. 
George Thomas Strodl, A.B 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 
52 E. So 

Antonio Tarditi 

71 Bayard 
Archibald William Taves 

77 IV. 85 







Arthur Russell Tilton 

James Henry Trainor 

13s Elm, Ncivark, N. J. 
Isidor Solomon Tunick 

258 Henry 
David Cushman Twichell, A.B. 

Yale 1898 

Saranac Lake, N. Y. 

Benjamin Smith Van Dyke 

Cranhury, N. J. 
Harvey Judson Vary, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1899 

580 West Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Max Weissman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

34 W. 114 
Brainerd Hunt Whitbeck, A.B. 

Harvard 1899 
40 E. 41 

Neil McLeod Whittaker 

583 Seventy-fifth, Bklyn. 
Joseph Nelson Wickham 
39 N. Mulberry Ave., Corona, 
N. Y. C. 

Henry Rudolph Widmer 
331 Clinton Ave., Nezmrk, N. J. 

Frederic Darby Williams 
326 Broad, Valley Falls, R. I. 

01rving Dewey Williams, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1897, A.M. 1900 

OtisvUle, N. Y. 
John N. Williams, A.B. 1900 

(2)Morris Wolff 

Miincie, Ind. 
Joseph Whitham Young, B.S. 

Cornell 1899, Med. Dir. Niagara Life 
Ins. Co. 

131 Allen, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Hans Zinsser, A.B. 1899 



Robert Albert Adams, A.B. 

C. C. K. Y. 1900 
IVhitcstone, N. Y. C. 

Albert Henry Allen, Ph.B. 

Emory Coll. 1895 

Saranac Lake, N. Y. 
Benjamin Gill Allen, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. N. C. 1900 

Henderson, N. C. 

Herbert Hamlin Armington, 

A.B. Brown 1900 

2/ Sycamore, Providence, R. I. 

<S)Louis Simon Aronson 

1640 Madison Ave. 
Edward Minturn Assenheimer 

3^3 E. 31 
0Oswald Theodore Avery, A.B. 

Colgate 1900 
City Hospital 

Clarence Garfield Bandler 

241 W. 102 
Robert Louis Banister 

313 Sixth Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Cyril Barnert 

67 W. J 19 
William C. Bartram 

II Overlook PL, Newburgh, N. Y. 
Allister MacDonald Bell, A.B. 

Yale 1900 

Titpper Lake Sanitorimn, Tupper 
Lake, N. Y. 

Joseph Zachary Biegeleisen 
®Michael Francis Black, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1900 

Williamstoivn, Mass. 
William Blancard 

(see p. 32) 

55 E. 76 
Samuel Abram Blauner, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

22 Mt. Morris Park W. 

William H. Boese, A.B. 1901 
Julius Bondy 

1266 Boston Rd. 
Walter Frederick Bopp, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

160 W. 97 
James F. Bowman, A.B. 1900 

Adolph Brand 

1431 Madison Ave. 
William Branower 

1803 Seventh Ave. 
Robert Huntington Breed 

Wappingers Falls, N. Y. 
Waters F. Burrows, A.B. 1901 
Norman McLeod Carter,* A.B. 

Princeton 1899 

Robert Williams Carter (miss), 

A.B. Princeton 1900 

Albay, P. I. 




Thomas Harris Cherry 

^55 W. 108 
Frank Newhall Chessman 

loio Cobb Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
William I. Clark, A.B. 1900 
Charles Dalton Cleghorn, B.S. 

Princeton 1900 

Garden City, N. Y. 
Frederic Coerr, A.B. 1900 
Alfred E. Cohn, A.B. 1900 
Leo John Joseph Commiskey 

1S9 Sixth Ave., Bklyn. 
Edward Cook, A.B. 

Harvard 1900 

221 IV. 57 
Robert Anderson Cooke, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1900, A.M. 1904 

24 IV. 50 
James Albert Cowan, Ph.B. 

Rome 1890, Ph.D. 1894 

438 W. 44 
®Henry Augustus Craig 

161 W. 61 
Walter Concemore Cramp, A.B. 

Colgate 1900 

349 West End Ave. 

Edward Cussler 

(see p. 39) 

76 E. 55 
Maurice Jacob Dattelbaum 

1125 Eastern Parkway, Bklyn. 
Isidor Davidson, A.B. 

C. C. K. Y. 1900 

140 W. Ill 
®Bernard DeKoven 

490 S. Hoisted, Chicago, III. 
Richard Hagen Dieffenbach 

570 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, 

N. J. 
John Clarence Dingman 

Spring Valley, N. Y. 
Thomas Alva Dingman 

215 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. 
Benjamin Edward Dolphin 

430 W. 116 
Warren James Duckett 

932 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Benjamin William Dudley (co) 

215 N. Mill, Lexington, Ky. 

Owsley Bennett Duncan 

441 Belmont Ave., Haleden, N. J. 
Charles Eastmond, A.B. 1901 
Herman Eichborn, B.S. 

C. C. K. Y. 1900 

231 E. II 
Ernest Oliver Joseph Eytinge 
Edwin Charles Fassett 

210 W. no 
Louis Fichter 
Harry Finkelstein 

1861 Madison Ave. 
Ary Flaks, 

132 Henry 
Isadore Flatto 

610 JV. 152 
®David [Joseph] Flynn, A.B. 

Georgetown 1900 

24S W. 72 
James Voorhees Freeman, Jr., 

A.B. Harvard 1901 

225 W. Forsytli Ave., Jacksonville, 
David Ingham Frey 
1590 Washington Ave. 

J[ohn] Cameron Gain 

Jeffersonville, N. Y. 

Samuel Gellert 

748 Sixth 
August Joseph Ghiglione, 

Consular Agent of Italy 

401 Lyon Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Hyman Glanz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

no First Ave. 

Karl Harold Goldstone 

245 Palisade Ave, JV. Hoboken, 
N. J. 

Clarence INIinturn Graham 

James Cowan Greenway, A.B. 

Yale 1900 (see p. 48) 
Greenzi'ich, Conn. 

Albert Grussner 

William Francis Gutherson, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1900 

6S4 E. 18, Paterson, N. J. 
Gordon Dyer Hale, Ph.B. 

Brown 1899 

care Navy Dept., Washington, 

D. C. 




Patrick Joseph Paul Hamill, A.B. 

St. Peter's (Jersey City) 1898, A.M. 1899 
Soo Varick, Jersey City, N. J. 

Joseph Campbell Hance* 

aet. 25 *i9o6 

Daniel Sayer Hardenberg [Jr.] 

S47 Cominiinipaw Ave., Jersey 

City, N. J. 
Burton [Seymour] Harris 

47S Greene Ave., Bklyn. 
Alfred John Hart 

118 W. 70 
John Dearborn Hastie, A.M. 

1904, A.B. Nebraska 1899 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

William Davison Hennen 

255 W. 85 
Allan Moore Hervey, A.B. 

Harvard 1896 

George Hunt Hibler* 

aet. 35 *i9o6 

Clarence Albert Holmes, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1900 
1043 Boston Rd. 

William Frederick Holthausen 

Philip Garfield Hood 

350 Clinton Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Harry Lyman Hooker (educ) 

23 E. 33 
®Benjamin Plorowitz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 
944 Union Ave. 

Philip Horowitz 

33 W. 115 
Edward Taylor Hull, B.S. 

Boston 1900 

2420 Seventh Ave. 
Frederic Vinal Hussey, Ph.B. 

Brown 1900 

Virgil Strother Ison 

1790 Washington, Baker, Ore. 
Louis Jacobs 

149 W.' 118 
Julius Jarcho 

88 W. 113 
Stewart Lee Jeffrey 

184 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, 

N. Y. 

David Katz 
70 E. Ill 

Thomas Daniel Keegan 

136 Clinton Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Cleaveland Cady Kimball, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1900 

103 E. 29 

Jacob Siegfried Kreshover 

205 Second Ave. 
Hans Edgar Kudlich, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

104 W. 87 

Harold Wilkinson Lathrop 

146 Central Park W. 

George Haines Lathrope, A.B. 

Princeton 1900 

163 Soutli, Morristown, N. J. 
(8>Emanuel Joseph Leavitt 

177 Second Ave. 
®Noel Bleecker Leggett . - 

(see p. 60) 

W. Nezu Brighton, N. Y. C. 
Julius Levy 

191 Littleton Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Elton Gardiner Littell, A.B. 

Trinity Coll. 1899, A.M. 1904 

147 Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

William Henry Lohman 

616 Nostrand Ave., Bklyn. 
James McMaster Long, A.B. 

Yale 1900 

519 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, 

Frank Alexander Lorenzo 

Pwtxsutaivney, Pa. 
Claude Emmet McNenney, A.B. 

St. Peter's Coll. (Jersey City) 1900 
112 Mercer, Jersey City, N. J. 

Morgan Thomas McSheehy,A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1899 

5405 Fourteenth Ave., Bklyn. 

Joseph Douglas Malcolm 

Howard Harris Mason, A.B. 

Brown 1900 (see p. 64) 
147 E. 62 
George John Mehler, A.B. 

Canisius Coll. 1900 

329 W. 48 
G[uy] Herbert Meyer 

14117 Washington Ave., Houston 

Julian Jacques Meyer, A.M. 

1904, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1898 

156 W. 85 




Lucien Luttrell Miner 

Alfred Derby Mittendorf, A.B. 

Princeton 1900 

140 Madison Ave. 
Henry Nicholas Moeller 

343 W"- 57 
Albert Rowcliffe Moffit, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1898 

l^assar Bros. Hospital, Poiighkccp- 

sic, N. Y. 
Robert Lowry Moorhead [Jr.] 

247 Madison, Bklyn. 
Henry William Morsch 

iVoodhaven, N . Y . 
Edward John Murphy, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1900 
7/3 Carroll, Bklyn. 

Magnus Jacob IMyres 

59 E. 92 
Frederick Emil Neef (educ), 

B.S. Notre Dame 1892, B.L. 1893, 

and M.L. 1895 

1041 Madison Ave. 

Urbane Alexander Noble (m) 
323 Colfax Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

John Charles O'Connor 

28 Cumberland. Rochester, N. Y. 

Clarence Rutherford O'Crowley 
12 Lomhardy, Nezvark, N. J. 

Wilham Joseph O'Leary 

Brace Whitman Paddock, A.B. 

Yale 1900, Asst. Med. Dir. Berkshire 
Life Ins. Co. 

Pittsiicld, Mass. 
James Bolton Pentz 

64 Central Ave., Toutpkinsville, 

N. Y. C. 
John Dodge Peters, A.B. 

Yale 1900 
126 E. 64 

James Taft Pilcher, A.B. 

Michigan 1900 

145 Gates Ave., Bklyn. 
William Pincus 

2071 J^yse Ave. 
Paul H. Ringer, A.B. 1901 
Robert Cornelius Robinson, 

Ph.B. Brown 1900 

352 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

Julius Townsend Rose 
12S Halsey, Bklyn. 

Edward Kingsbury Ross, Ph.G. 

X. Y. Coll. Phar. 1899 
// Charlton 

William Holmes Ross 

Sayville, N. Y. 

Edson Davidge Royall* 

aet. 30 * 1905 

Antonio Joseph Sartori 
2j Rooscz'elt 

Truman Laurance Saunders, 

A.B. Williams Coll. 1900 (see p. 75) 
43 ^V- 50 
George Henry Schenck, Ph.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1900 
Southampton, N. Y. 

Kaufman Schlivek, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 
122 JV. 120 

Traugott John Schiick 

1020 Hudson, Hoboken, N. J. 
Arthur Leigthon Sherman, A.B. 

Yale :goo 

449 Park Ave. 
John Calvin Silliman, A.B. 

\'irginia 1899 
Palestine, Tex. 

®Joseph Daniel Slack 

Litchfield, Conn. 
Ellsworth Johnson Smith, Ph.B. 

Yale 1900 
Larchniont, N'. Y. 

®Charles Harrv Sprague 

Pcterboro, N. H. 
Carol TeiTt Stevens, B.S. 

Iowa State Coll. 1898 

Nezv Rochelle, N. Y. 
A^ernon C. Stewart, A.B. 1901 
Charles Kirtland Stillman, 

Ph.B. Brown 1900 

John Beekman Talmage [Jr.] 

1356 Prospect Ave. 
Max Taschman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 
68 IF 114 

Joseph Simon Thomas, A.B. 

Princeton 1899 

180 Madison Ave., Flushing, 
N. Y. C. 

®Merrick Dowdell Thomas.B.S. 

Alabama Polytech. Instit. 1897 

Gold Hill, Ala. 




Talcott Ostrom Vanamee, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1900, A.M. 1903 

208 Grand, Neivbiirgh, N. Y. 

Joseph Van den Berg 

ji-p E. 10 
Albert Vander Veer, Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1900 
43 IV. 50 
Harold Stearns Vaughan,D.D.S. 

Pennsylvania 1899 

616 Madison Ave. 
John Maxon Brown Wainwright 

j/5 Varick, Jersey City, N . J. 
Carl William Walser 

IV. New Brighton, N. Y. C. 

Albert Hamilton Ward 
404 Totozva Ave., Paterson, N. J. 

0Edwin St. John Ward, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1900 

Diarbcrkir, Turkey, Asia 
Ralph Francis Ward 

S41 West End Ave. 
Wilbur Ward (educ), A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1900 (see p. 85) 

24 W. 50 
[William] Whitney Waterman 

Louis Weinstock 
1386 Prospect Ave. 

Claud Hill Weir 

®James Alexander Van Vleck 

39 W. 9 
Walter Humstone Whiton 

loii E. 15, Bklyn. 

Solomon Wiener, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

67 IV. 89 
Frederic Hart Wilson 

400 Manhattan Ave. 

Fred Wise 

828 Lexington Ave. 

Lester Drummond Wise 

iig Morris Ave., Long Branch, 

N. J. 
Isaac Ogden Woodruff. Jr., 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1900 (see p. 88) 

152 IV. 78 
Charles W. Woodson, A.B. 1900 

Shirley Wilmotte Wynne 

37 W. 61 
Harry Jacob York (mgr), B.S. 

Pennsylvania State Coll. 1900 

761 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

David Zelenko 
igi I'aret, Bklyn. 



Victorian© Diego Agostini, A.B. 

and B.S. Havana 1893 

45 IV. 71 
Charles Lawrence Allers 

34 Fort PL, Nezu Brighton, N.Y.C. 

0Edgar Bond Armstrong 
59 Carroll, Paterson, N. J. 
Hugh Auchincloss, A.B. 

Yale 1901 (see p. 29) 

gSr Madison Ave. 
Julius Auerbach 

62 W. 96 
Percival Martin Barker 

221 IV. 57 
Frederick James Barrett 

(see p. 30) 

119 W. 80 
Frederic Huntington Bartlett, 

A.M 1898, A.B. Harvard 1895 (see. p. 30) 
44 E. 63 

Clarence W. Bartow, A.B. 1902 
Hans George Baumgard, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1901 

144 IV. 95 
Benjamin Joseph Beckf 

548 W. 124 
John Albert Bennett 

666 Park PI., Elmira, N. Y. 
Luis Phillandus Bernstein, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901 

874 Longwood, Ave. 

0Ross Elliot Black 

Huntington, Pa. 
Ellis Bonime 

1356 Madison Ave. 
Henry Arthur Bonynge 

931 Washington, Hoboken, N. J. 
John Francis Bourke 

144 W. 12 

t Formerly Benjamin Joseph Bockshitzky 




Carlisle Storm Boyd 

52 W. 84 
William Ballantine Boyd, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1897 (see p. 32) 
2^ Claremont Ave. 

John Stanislaus Brady, A.B. 

Georgetown igoi 
175 W. 72 

Jacob Braun 

2IC) E. 12 

Robert Merida Brown, A.B. 

Harvard igox (see p. zz) 

Philip Edwin Brundage, A.B. 

Princeton 1900 

Grantwood, N. I. 
Henry Frederick Bruning 
467 Seventy-fifth, Bklyn. 

Mason David Bryant 

Louis Bucans 

Aims Reading Chamberlain, 

A.B. Yale 1901 

25 Lenox PL, Maplewood, N. J. 

John S[wope] Davis Chambers 

S952 S. Park Ave., Chicago, III. 
(8>John Henry Childs 

S39 Totozva Ave., Paterson, N. I. 
Louis Vincent Clarke 

Cornaga Rd., Far Rockaway, 

N. Y. C. 

Herman Cohen 
500 E. 173 

Louis Cohen 
254 Madison 
Edward M. Colie, Jr., A.B. 1902 

David Corcoran 

Central Islip, N. Y. 
(8)Robert Cordner, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1895 
Middletozvn, N. Y. 

George Franklin Cottle, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 

care Navy Dept., Washington, D.C. 

0Eugene John Cronin 

29 Lincoln Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Charles Thomas David 

Charles Campbell De Klyn 
Halcyon Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

David Derow 
153 Suffolk 

Francis McLean Dickinson,Ph,B. 

Yale 1900 
Rockville, Conn. 

Samuel Ward Dodd, A.M. 1907, 

B.S. Princeton 1901, M.S. 1906 

// Southmont Ave., Montclair,N.J. 
®George Cornelius Driscoll 
Stanley, N. Y. 

Kirby D wight (educ), A.B. 

Princeton 1901 (see p. 42) 

1045 Madison Ave. 
George Bache Emory, A.B. 

Harvard 1902 

Archibald Parker Evans 

371 Sterling PL, Bklyn. 
®Piero Fiaschi, D.D.S. 

N. Y. Coll. Dent. 1902 

149 Macquarie, Sydney, Australia 
Edward Frankel, Jr. 

217 E. 17 
Henry Mendel Friedman, LL.B. 

N. Y. Law Sch. 191 1 
736 hlome 

Simon Frucht, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

20s Livonia Ave., Bklyn. 

Edward Alfred Fruchthandler 

502 W. 135 
John Darby Gaskins 

19 E. Duval, Jacksonville, Fla. 
John C. A. Gerster, A.B. 1902 

Edward Lyon Ginsburgh 

106 E. 116 
Samuel Jesse Goldfarb 

57 W. Ill 
Henry Flack Graham 

474 First 
Jules V. Haberman, A.B. 1902 

Orville Reed Hagen 

Paterson, N. J. 
Gabriel Hamburger, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901 

loi E. 116 
Charles John Harbeck, A.B. 

Harvard 1900 

306 Lexington Ave. 
Anthony Hart Harrigan (educ) 

249 W. 102 
Louis Israel Harris 

70 Lenox Ave. 




Francis Bernard Hart 

812 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Moses Harwich 

1365 Intervale Ave. 
Pliny Harold Hayes, A.B. 

Yale 1900 

i2gS Main, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Harold M. Hays, A.B. 1902 

Walter J. Heimann, A.B. 1901 

Theodore Leacraft Hein 
6 W. S7 

Joseph Heine 

W. 17, Coney Island, N. Y. C. 

Alfred M. Hellman, A.B. 1902 

Alexander Hitlin 

376 Wallabout, Bklyn. 
Henry S. Holland, A.B. 1902 

Allen Hull 

1847 Benson Ave., Bklyn. 

Charles Spalding Hunt 

352 W. 51 
Allen Carrington Hutcheon, A.B. 

Virginia 1901 

M. E. Hosp., Bklyn. 
Robert Hamilton Hutchinson, 
Jr. (educ), 

Prof. Fordham 

530 W. 143 
Lefferts Hutton, A.B. 1902 

Joseph Andrew Hyams 
4og E. 118 

Abraham Hyman 

40 E. 41 
Henri Iskowitz, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

58 IV. 58 
®Albert F. Jackson 

S2S Franklin Ave., Nutley, N. J. 

Abraham Ezra Jaffin 

47g Jersey Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
James Walker Jameson, A.B. 

Princeton 1901 

32 E. 53 
Marius Early Johnston, B.S. 

Kentucky State 1900, M.S. 1901 

Edward Raphael Joyce,* A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1901 "igio 

0Louis Gabriel Kaempfer, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

300 Central Park W. 

David John Kaliski 

75 E. 81 
Samuel Henry Kanner, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

445 E. 141 
Joseph Bernard Kanter 

448 Stone Ave., Bklyn. 
Julius Kaunitz 

Jacob Adlai Keller 

771 E. 165 
Sidney Clarence Keller 

166 Washington, Newark, N. J. 
Harry August Keune 

500 W. 143 
®James Jessai Koff 

775 Columbus Ave. 
Bernard Kohn 

31 W. 115 
Charles Krumwiede, Jr., A.B. 


0Conrad Frederick Kurpick, 

A.B. St. Peter's (Jersey City) 1901 
123 W. iS, Paterson, N. J. 

Martin Kutscher 

Q74 Prospect Ave. 
Jefferson Brown Latta 
Charles Thomas Leslie, B.S. 

Mass. Agric. Coll. 1901 

Harry Lazarous Levant 

227 Henry 
Charles Levin 

53 E. 117 
®Harry Levy, A.B. 

Alabama 1901 
Johns, Ala. 

Murney Edward Lewis 

4241 Broadway 
Gordon Lindsay, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1897 
1337 Seventy-first, Bklyn. 

Jacob Maximilian Lipschutz 

g24 Prospect Ave. 
0Thomas Cresap McCoy 

Kirkzvood, Del. 
James Harry McCroskery 

600 Main, E. Orange, N. I. 




Joseph Zimmerman 

Freehold, N. J. 

Arthur Francis JMcDonald 
iSS E. Main, IVaterbury, Conn. 

]. Corwin Mabey 

242 Claremoiit Ave., Montclair, 
N. J. 

Clifford B. Maclntyre, A.B.1902 

Albert Carlyle Margulies 
468 Fifty-sixth, Bklyn. 

Nathan Barnert Martin 

104 IV. 83 

®Harrison Stanford Martland, 

A.B. Western Maryland 1901 
1138 Broad, Nezvark, N. J. 

®Martin Stoetzel Meinzer, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1901 

284 Madison Ave., Perth Amhoy, 

N. J. 

Lester Foye Meloney 

156 Second, Clifton, N. J. 

George Adams Merrill, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1 90 1 

779 Midivood, Bklyn. 

Harry Ahrend Meyer 
66 Perry 

Julius Lawrence Mogulesko 
480 Central Park IV. 

Walter Barclay Mount, A.B. 

Princeton 1901 

William Narins 
309 Henry 

Frank Yeomans Neer 

yoy E. 23, Patcrson, N. J. 
John Francis Nelson 

210 E. 48 

Jacob Nemoitin 
g6 Main, Stamford, Conn. 

Harold Neuhof 
1275 Madison Ave. 

Louis Neuwelt, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1 90 1 
2424 Seventh Ave. 

Reuben Newman 

58 Second Ave. 
Max Nisselson 
P77 Tiffany 

x\lfred Henry Noehren, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1900 

519 E. Utica, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Vincent James Orlando 

234 E. 105 
Reuben Ottenberg, A.B. 1902 
Edwards A. Park, A.B. 

Yale 1900 (see p. 69) 

981 Madison Ave. 
Leo Ambrose Parker, A.B. 

Rock Hill Coll. 1898, A.M. 1903 
77 A^czv York Ave., Bklyn. 

0Robert Walter Pettit, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1900, A.M. Yale 1901 

144 Livingston Ave., New Bruns- 

zuick, N. J. 

Martin Thomas Powers 

®Otto Rudolf Pozdena 

Nezii Prague, Minn. 

Ralph Newbury Prentiss, M.D. 

Baltimore Med. Coll. 1902 

I2I2 Ki)igs Highway, Coney Island, 

N. Y. C. 

Charles Irville Prescott, B.L. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1901 

Aberdeen, Wash. 
P. Clinton Pumyea, B.S. 

Princeton 1901 
139 Jf. 9/ 

Charles Michael Quinn 
Benjamin Radgik, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. igoo 
103 E. 116 

Henry Ernest Ricketts 

Salvatore Crisenza Romano 

Abraham Rosenberg 
603 E. 6 

Charles Rosenheck 

247 W. 135 

Henry Rosenstein 

50 E. 3 
01sidor Rubin 

150 E. 81 

Ralph R. Ryan, A.B. 

Yale 1902 

Sylvester Edward Ryan 

Warren Wallace St. John 

2181 Fifth Ave., Troy, N. Y. 




George Sanders, LL.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1896, LL.M. 1897 
244 E. 61 

Eugene Paul Schaefer 

697 Springfield Ave., Neivark, N.J. 
Joseph Schapiro, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901, Med. Exr. Pru- 
dential Ins. Co. 

142s Bryant Ave. 
Max Schayer 
Maximilian Schulman 

(see p. 7S) 
22g IV. Ill 

Myer Easer Schwartz, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1898 
213 Henry 

Harry Moses Serota 

142 IV. Ill 
Norman Strahan Shenstone, 

A.B. Toronto 1901 

George Milton Smith, A.B. 

Yale 1901 

Joseph Jacob Smith 

32s TJiirteenth Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
0Malcolm Eadie Smith 

450 IV. 34 
Stafford Baker Smith 

268 W. 84 
William Sidney Smith 

373 Washington Ave., Bklyn. 

George Arthur Soden 

462 Central Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Frank Deming Solley 

22 Audubon Ave. 
Isaac Philip Starr 

22 Montgomery 
Harry Harrington Stevens, 

Ph.G. N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1899 
Scarsdale and Reid Aves., Yonkers, 

N. y. 

Milne Barker Swift 

489 Walnut, Fall River, Mass. 
Walter Raymond Terry, A.B. 

Wesleyan 1901 

10S5 Gates Ave., Bklyn. 
William James Tiffany 
Raynham Townshend, Ph.B. 

Yale 1900 

233 Church, Nezv Haven, Conn. 
Louis Tulipan 
304 Second Ave. 

Julius John Valentine 

/// W. 71 
John Veve, A.B. 

Porto Rico 1897 

Pa jar do, Porto Rico 

(8>Pedro Villoldo 

Pciia Pobre 14, Havana, Cuba 
Maxwell Lewis Volk 

Med. Inspec. Dept. Health 

412 E. 140 
Irving Wilson Voorhees, B.S. 

Princeton 1901, M.S. 1905 
14 Central Park W. 

Leopold Leo Wertheim 

Davenport White, Ph.B. 

Yale 1 90 1 

Robert Potts White 
John Robert Wilson 
Jacob Wisansky, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. igoT 
846 Tint on Ave. 

J[acob] Irving Wolf, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1 90 1 
220 Henry 

(8)Harold Walgrove Wright 
451 Morris Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 

0Avrum Herman Zeiler 
Leadville, Colo. 

Maximillian Zigler (educ) 

7097 Porest Ave. 



Samuel Doughty Abrams 

Inzvood, N. Y. 
Edward Taylor Riggs 
Applegate, Jr., B.S. 

Princeton 1902 

IT2') Grcenzvood Ave., Trenton, 

Christopher Johnson Astle, A.B. 

Brown 1902 

278 Broad, Providence, R. I. 

Rollin Oliver Baker 

88 Walnut, Lockport, N. Y. 

Joseph Bakst 
308 E. Broadway 

Sterling Barrows 

Laurence Stewart Bartlett, A.B. 

Princeton 1901 




William Henry Bayles 
igoi Bedford Ave., Bklyn. 

0Max Bernstein 

842 Kelly 
Bertram Samuel Bickelhaupt 

376 E. 162 
Clarence Atherton Birdsall 

44=^ JVest Side Ave., Jersey City, 


Milton Ralph Bookman 

481 E. 141 
® Peter Brancato 

30S IV. 44 
Athel Campbell Burnham 

157 W. 79 
Elliott Cyril Burrows 

64 E. 56 

Eustace Cameron Butler, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1901 

Louis Casamajor, A.B. 1903 
Joseph Casper, B.S. 

Princeton 1902 

Salem, N. J. 

0Emanuel Cohen 
300 E. g 

Dudley Steele Conley, B.L. 

Missouri 1899 (see p. 37) 

342 W. 56 
James Albert Corscaden, Ph.B. 

Wesleyan 1902 

440 West End Ave. 
®Homer Leland Day, A.B. 

Leiand Stanford, Jr. 1901 

Manhattan State Hosp.. Ward's 
Island, N. Y. C. 

Charles Thurston Decker 
178 Elm, Westfield, N. J. 

Willard Joseph Denno, A.B. 

Yale 1903 

14 Central Park W. 

Albert Knecht Detwiller, Ph.B. 

Lafayette Coll. igoi 

567 Park Ave. 
Georo-e Draper, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 (see p. 42) 
162 E. 63 

Westlev Earle Drennen, A.B. 

Alabama 1902 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Eugene Floyd Du Bois, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 
I2g E. 76 

Joseph Alexander Edgar 

335y-> Webster Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 
Charles Frederick Ehrhardt 

146 Maple, Bklyn. 
Abraham David Eisenberg 

572 Leonard, Bklyn. 
[William] Ten-Eyck Elmendorf, 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1902, A.M. 1906 

130 Wadszvorth Ave. 

Joseph Engel Engelson 

131 E. 57 
David Felberbaum 

550 W. 144 
Abraham Fine 

1425 Madison Ave. 

Morris Fink 

274 W 140 
Henry Archbold Fischer 

122 IV. 122 
Charles Frank Fisher 

31S Pennsylvania Ave., Bklyn. 
Edward Albert Flemming 

213 Maple, Richmond Hill,"N. Y. C. 
(S)WilHam Frieder 

80 St. Nicholas Ave. 
Simon Sydney Friedman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

209 E. 72 
William Aloysius Gillen, Jr., 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1902 
2g4 New York Ave., Bklyn. 

Lewis Arthur Goldberger, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

60 Ave. D 

Alexander Goldman, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1897 
i/Sg Fulton Ave. 

Donald Gordon [Jr.] 

(see p. 48) 

61 W. 48 
Abraham Gottesman 

10 1 Attorney 

John Eliott Graham 

386 E. Main, Little Falls, N. Y. 
0Samuel Greenspan 

2g4 E. Third 




Lesser Bernhardt Groeschel 

540 W. 160 
Louis Joseph Grossman 

6/2 Flushing Ave., Bklyn. 
James Taylor Harrington, A.B. 

Harvard 1899 
Poiighkecpsie, N. Y. 

Harry Blatt Harris 

39 Cleveland, Orange, N. J. 
Leonard Hart, B.S. 

Millsaps Coll. 1902 

Morris Walgrove Henry 

658 E. 18. Bklyn. 
®Louis Kaufman Henschel 

Monteiiore Home, N. Y. C. 
Arthur Chester Holzman 

1024 Bushwick Ave., Bklyn. 
Ernest Titus Dean Howell 

866 Sterling PI, Bklyn. 

DeRuyter Hovvland 

Stratford, Conn. 
Ralph Pryne Huyck 

107 Court, Herkimer, N. Y. 
Max S. Ittelson 

4701 Sixth Ave., Bklyn. 

Albert Christopher Jane, A.B. 

Provincial Instit. (Santiago) 1891 

Gnantanamo, Culm 

Morris Samuel Joelson 
122 Paterson, Paterson, N. J. 

Frederick A. Johnson 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Ignatz Kaufman 

Edwin Jackson Kibbe 
Pittsford, Vt. 

Paul Wellington Kimball, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1902 
121 E. 64 

Rolfe Kingsley, Ph.B. 

Yale 1902 (see p. 58) 

Earl Willis Kobler 

Isidore Joseph Landsman, A.M. 

1906, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1901 

815 E. 168 

®Frank Hermance Lasher 
82 Lafayette Ave., Bklyn. 

Michael Joseph Lawlor, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1902 

Emanuel Frederick Lebwith, 

B.S. C. C. N. Y. 1902 

Max Lederer 
191 Hart, Bklyn. 

William Rumfitt Lee [Jr.] 

Northcreek, N. Y. 

Benjamin Meyer Levine 
1427 Madison Ave. 

Howard Taylor Lewis, B.S. 

Alfred 1902 

600 W. 163 
Charles C. Lieb, A.B. 1902 

Howard Edward Lindeman 

I IV. 85 

Tracy Robinson Love, Ph.B. 

Colorado Coll. 1902 

452 Metropolitan Bldg., Denver, 


Edward Crane Lyon, Jr., A.B. 

Princeton 1902 (see p. 62) 

Shane Hosp. for Women, N. Y. C. 

William Gouding McCormack, 


892 E. 176 

0Peter Leo McKallagat 

Lazvrance, Mass. 
Edward Tinney McNulty 
441 McDonough, Bklyn. 

Richard Moncure Macrae 
Upperville, Va. 

Merrit Heminway Merriman, 

A.B. Yale 1901 

42 W. 71 

William Darcy Miningham 

448 High, Newark, N. J. 
Oscar A. Mockridge, B.S. 

Penn. Milit. Coll. 1901 

240 Belleville Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Adelbert Howard Monty 

Attleboro, Mass. 
Henry Moses Moretsky 

145 W. 143 
®Tohn Oberwager, A.B. 

C. C. K. Y. 190 1 
28 St. Mark's PI. 

Frederic G. Oppenheimer, A.B. 

Michael Osnato 
27 Oliver 




Marshall Carleton Pease, Jr., 

B.S. Beloit Coll. 1902 
36 E. 62 

Charles Phillips 

4 W. 115 
Joseph Yates Porter, Jr. 

Key West, Fla. 

C[harles] Howard Pratt 

iiii Putnam Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 

Alfred Raabe 
363 E. 156 

Edgar Thomas Ray, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. igo2 

351 IV. 145 
Mark Seth Reuben, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
igdy Seventh Ave. 

Frederick Walter Rice, A.B. 

Holy Cross Coll. 1902 
I2g E. 62 

Joseph Rosenthal 
572 Fifth, Bklyn. 

Carl x^rtman Ross 

Creed Ave., Queens, N. Y. C. 
Aug-usto Thomas Rossano 

223 E. 116 
Charles Ryttenberg, A.M. 1907, 

A.B. South Carolina 1902, Grad. Mt. 
Sinai Hosp. 1910 

522 JV. 157 
Jesse Fleet Sammis, A.B. 

Princeton 1902 

272 W. go 
Gerard Johan Van Verbeek 
Schott, Jr. 

I2S Lexington Ave., Passaie, N. J. 
Robert Schulman, A.B. 1903 

Henry Schumer 

441 E. 86 
David Barnette Schwartz 

g83 Denver, Pasadena, Cal. 
Peter Schwartz 

261 E. 7 
William Alfred Scruton 

2og JV. iiS 
0Henry Clark Sears 

BingJiamton, N. Y. 
Charles Edwin Selvage 

14 Osborne Terrace, Newark, N. J. 

®lv\\\n Wint Severson 

Pittston, Pa. 
Marks Solomon Shaine, A.M. 

1906, A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1902 

204 IV. 138 
William Albert Shea, A.B. 

Notre Dame 1902 

Corbett Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
William Davies Sherwood 

1047 Clay Ave. 
0Samuel Tilden Silverman 

23g Stone Ave., Bklyn. 
David A. Singer, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

42 JV. 114 
William Irving Sirovich, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
539 P'- 6 
®Arthur Langford Slocum, A.B, 

Brown 1901 

34 Laivji, Rochester, N. Y. 
®Scott Lord Smith, A.B. 

Yale 1902 

Soutli JJ'ilton, Conn. 

Abraham Louis Smolen, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

443 E. 146 
Samuel Paul Sobel 

20 E. 112 
William Spickers [Jr.] 

423 Broadzvay, Paterson, N. J. 
Sidney L. Spiegelberg, A.B. 1902 
Arthur Steere, A.B. 

Brown 1902 

Irving David Steinhardt 

310 ff. gg 
Giovanni Stella 

10 First. Nczv Rochelle. N. Y. 
Edgar Eginton Stewart, 

Prof. \\'ake Forest 
123 JV. II 

®Samuel Stewart 

751 E. 25, Paterson, N. J. 
William Peter Strain 

Charles Francis Stratmann 

?0'5 Sixth Ave., Bklvn. 
(8)Mark Dunklin Sullivan, Ph.G. 

Maryland Coll. Phar. 1898 

Pehcr, S. C. 
Abraham Jacob Sumner 
82 Debevoise, Bklyn. 




William Te Gussinklo 

i43?a Sixtieth, Bklyn. 
Louis Albert Thunig 

4jg Madison, Bklyn. 
Sydney Ross Titsworth, B.S. 

Alfred 1901 

926 Park Ave., Plainiield, N. J. 
Edward Delavan Tniesdell, A.B. 

Princeton 1902 

300 IV. 106 
Henry Herman Unger, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901 
232 Audubon Ave. 

Charles Edward Vail, A.B. 

Princeton 1902 
Miraj, India 

Robert Montgomery Vermilye, 

A.B. Princeton 1902 

Redlands, Cal. 
Howard Crosby Voorhees, A.B. 

Princeton 1902 

43 Bayard, New Brunszvick, N. J. 

®Ralph Doremus Vreeland 

143 Bloomiield Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Lennox Gresham Walling, 

A.B. Brown 1902 

®Edwin Dial Watkins, B.S. 

Virginia 1902 

502 Memphis Trust Bldg., Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Adolph Weizenhoffer, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1898 

log W. 136 
Raymond Robert Westover 

1S4 St. Nicholas Ave., Bklyn. 
Wilson Guyon Wood, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

1326 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Clements Wooldridge, 

A.B. Emory Coll. 1898 

Murrah Bldg., Columbus, Ga. 

Frederick Starr Wright, A.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1902 
Medical Dept., U. S. A., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

1907 ^51 

Theodore H. Allen, A.B. 1903 

(S)Charles Albert Anderson 

Dorchester, Mass. 
Jules Baechler, A.B. 

Amer. Internatl. Coll. 1903 

43/ Sixteenth, WestNeiv York, N.J. 

Murray H. Bass, A.B. 1904 

Harry Waldemar Boice 

30S Taylor Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 
Frederick Sumner Briggs, A.B. 

Vermont 1904 

25 S. Lexington Ave., White Plains, 
N. Y. 

®Sanger Brown 

Bloonifield, Out., Canada 
Theodore Mithoff Cartmell, A.B. 

Kenyon Coll. 1903 

3S S. Perry, Dayton, O. 

Franklin Morris Class, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 (see p. 37) 

~^4 IV. 45 
Royal Morris Cohn 

255 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 
Burrill Bernard Crohn, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
23 E. SS 

James Bailey Cross 

423 Potomac Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Harry Ryerson Decker, A.B. 

Princeton 1903 

1126 Highland Bldg., Pittsburgh, 

[Isaac] Carleton Dederer, A.B. 

Cornell 1904 

6go W. 115 
Richard Derby, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 (see p. 41) 

969 Park Ave. 
(8)John Joseph Dorsey 

70 ]Vashington, Ogdcnsburg, N. Y. 
Carl [Frederick August] Eggers 


113 E. 80 
Eugene William Erler, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1903 

455 Orange, Nezvark, N. J. 

Antonio Espinosa 

Calle 60, No. 461, Mcrida, Yucatan 

Gustavus William Faber, A.B. 

Princeton 1903 
300 W. 49 

Nathan Chandler Foot, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 

Harvard Club, W. 44, N. Y. C. 
(8)Samuel Forstot, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 

31 W. 86 




J. Irving Fort, A.B. 1903 
Fred H. Foucar, A.B. 1904 
Lynn Lyle Fulkerson, A.B. 

Syracuse 1903 

163 Audubon Ave. 
Merton L. Funk, A.B. 1904 
Gil Juvenal Gil (educ), A.B. 

Antioquia 1901 

Medcllin, Antioquia, Colombia, S.A. 

Denis Webb Granberry, A.B. 

Mississippi Coll. 1895, A.M. 1898, 
A.B. Harvard 1899, D.O. Mass. In- 
stit. Osteopathy 1901 

48 Harrison, E. Orange, N. J. 
Simon Charles Grudberg, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 

69 E. 107 
Hubert Vivian Guile, B.S. 

Princeton 1903 

200 W. 86 
Paul Tompkins Harper, Ph.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1903 

255 State, Albany, N. Y. 

Ferdinand Frederick Hedemann 

A.B. Harvard 1903 

Honohilu, H. I. 
Jacob Heiman, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 
210 IV. 110 

Howard Crosby Hoff 

145 VV. 123 
Joseph Pierre Hoguet, A.B. 

Harvard 1904 

40 E. 41 
Roland Gordon Holt 

1116 State, Schenectady, N. Y. 
David Elihu Hyman 

77 E. 96 
Herman Myer Jaffe 

7 Madison Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Henry James, A.B. 

Yale 1903 (see p. 55) 
130 IV. 57 

William Richard Janeway [2d], 

A.B. Princeton 1903 

II St. Mark's PL, New Brighton, 

N. Y. C. 
0Thomas Sebastian Keating 

290 IVilloughby Ave., Bklyn. 
Cadwell Benson Keeney, A.B. 

Princeton 1903 

Summit, N. J. 

Morris David Keller, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 

65 E. 114 
Richard Edward Knapp 

25 Hudson, Hackensack, N. I. 

Henry Frederick Kramer 

262 Jay, Bklyn. 

Edward Sheafe Krans, A.B. 

Bishop's Coll. (Canada) 

920 Park Ave., PlainHeld, N. J. 
Albert Richard Lamb, A.B. 

Yale 1903 (see p. 59) 
146 E. 74 

0William Lamberson 
Bridgeport Hasp., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Arthur Gabriel Larkin, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1902 
319 W. 14 

George Lichtenstein, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

206 E. 104 
Daniel Ralph Lucas, A.M. 1906, 

Ph.D. 1908, Ph.G. Purdue 1901, B.S. 

601 IV. 168 
Richard H. McBaine, A.B. 

Missouri State 1903 

Humboldt Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Robert Lyness McCready, Jr. 
84 E. 77 

Herbert D. Mandelbaum, A.B. 


0George Edmund Miller, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1903, A.M. 1906 

City Hasp., Blackivell's Island, 
N. Y. C. 

Louis Miller, A.B. 

C. C.N. Y. 1903 
76 Rivington 

^William Merrill Mills, A.B. 

Washburn Coll. 1903 

75 W. 55 
^Raymond Boileau Mixsell, 

A.B. Princeton 1903 

Easton, Pa. 

Carl Richard Moeckel 
20 Rhine, Lazvrcnce, Mass. 

David Hubbell More, Ph.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1903 

143 E. 53 
Maurice J. Munker, A.B. 1904 




Charles Joseph Murn, A.B. 

Fordham 1903 

4S Smith, Patcrson, N. J. 

Charles Worth Norton 

Howard Le Roy Norton 
565 Forty-seventh, Bklyn. 

Edgar D. Oppenheimer, A.B. 

Maynard Smith Owen, A.B. 

Ohio Wesleyan 1903 
539 W. 148 

George William Partridge 

(EDUC), A.B. Rochester 1903 

loS IV. 69 
0Gouverneur Morris Phelps, 

B.S. Harvard 1902 
New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Walter Phillips, A.B. 

Princeton 1902, A.M. 1903 
Englezijood, N. J. 

John Brewer Powers (educ), 

A.B. Wake Forest Coll. 1901, A.M. 
1903, Dean Med. Dept. Wake For- 
est Coll. 
Wake Forest, N. C. 

Maurice Edgar Rose, A.B. 


OHenry Louis Ruhl, A.B. 

Fordham 1903, A.M. 1905 

650 E. 164 
A[braham] Noah Schiller, A.B, 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 
195 Lenox Ave. 

Louis Herbert Schwartz, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901 
405 E. 84 

William Harrison Slaughter, 

Ph.B. Hamilton Coll. 1902 
1406 Ave. H, Bklyn. 

®Walter Monty Smith 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 

(2>Arthur Elsworth Soper 
St. John's Hasp., Bklyn. 

®Harry Tucker Spelman 
Bayport, N. Y. 

Alfred Stillman, 2d, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 (see p. 80) 
35 E. 39 

Ralph Griffiths Stillman, A.B. 

Yale 1903 (see p. 80) 
128 W. 59 

Raymond Peter [Augustine] 
Sullivan, A.B. 

Manhattan Coll. 1903, A.M. 1904 
208 Jefferson Ave., Bklyn. 

Walter Stanborough Sutton, 

A.B. Kansas State 1900, A.M. 1901 
650 Everett Ave., Kansas City,Kans. 

Arthur Warton Swann, A.B. 

Harvard 1903 (see p. 80) 
124 E. 61 

0Charles Goodman Taylor 

430 IV. 118 
William Kenney Terriberry, 

A.B. Yale 1903 (see p. 81) 
129 IV. 47 

James P. Trotter, A.B. 1904 

®Francis Tweddell 
Great Neck, N. Y. 
<S>Frederic Brown Utley, 

A.B. Yale 1903 

248 Kingsboroiigh Ave., Glovers- 
ville, N. Y. 
John Colin Vaughan 

(see p. 84) 

0James Percy Wall, A.B. 

Millsaps Coll. 1899 
Jackson, Miss. 

0Charles Abraham Wallenstein 

160 Harrison Ave., Bklyn. 
Frederick Seymour Weingarten, 

Ph.D. 1908, B.S. Chicago 1904 

28 IV. 91 
Abraham Owen Wilensky, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1903 
1200 Madison Ave. 

0Edward Bigelow Woods, B.S. 

Princeton 1903 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 



Jacob Axelrad, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
807 E. 180 

Max Meyer Baegel 
9 Montgomery 

George Baehr 

244 Riverside Drive 
Nathaniel Barnett 

606 W. 113 
Edwin Cassius Bates 

Houlton, Me. 




Stuart Banyar Blakely, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1903, A.M. 1906 
gi Main, BingJiamton, N. Y. 

Aaron Samuel Blumgarten 

4-' ?r. 94 

Wesley Creveling Bowers, A.B. 

rrinceton 1904 

lVashi)igton, N. J. 
Edward Christopher Brenner, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1904 (see p. 33) 
S40 West End Ave. 

Francis Earl Brown (educ), 

B.S. Illinois Wesleyan 1903 
416 Wright and Callender Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Everett Garnsey Brownell, A.B. 

Union Coll. 1900 
J39 W. 69 

Rush Pearson Burke, B.S. 

Alabama Poly. Instit. 1903, M.Sc. 1904 

Montgomery, Ala. 
0Thomas Ward Burnett 

Summit, N. Y. 
®Isidro Herrera Canto, B.S. 

Boston 1900 

Calle 59, No. 508, Merida, Yucatan, 
Gaston Arthur Carlucci 

(see p. 35) 

I9S4 Crotona Parkzvay 

Alfred Frederick Cassebeer 
20 Seneca Parkivay, Rochester, N .Y. 

Herman Csesar Cassini 

259 Essex Ave., Orange, N. J. 

Morris Solomon Coble, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
830 Kelly 

John Ralph Commorato 

262 Montgomery, Jersey City, N. J. 
Lionel Elwood Dudley, A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1903 
Prcsque Isle, Me. 

John Raymond Farrell 

416 E. 158 
Joel William Feldman 

21^ E. 87 
Francisco Maria Fernandez 

(ED), B.S. Havana 1900 

5a y 4, Vedado, Havana, Cuba 
Ralph Parker Folsom, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1897 
Ward's Island, N. Y. C. 

Harry Christian Fulda 
683 Bushivick Ave., Bklyn. 

Sidney Furst, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
5--S W. 175 
Samuel Herbert Geist. A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1904 
911 Park Ave. 

®Louis Gelb 

2S3 Stanton 
Abraham Goldberg 

624 Boitlcvard, Rockazvay Beach, 

N. Y. C. 

Arthur Coon Graves 

John Henry Gray 

86 College. Calcutta, India 
©Louis Greenberg, B.S. 

C. C. X. Y. 1904 

1135 Forty-sixtli, Bklyn. 

Andrew Henry Hangarten, 

A.B. Canisitis Coll. 1904, A.M. 1906 
200 Stagg, Bklyn. 

Vincent Sumner Hayward 

2181 Belmont Ave. 
Charles George Herbermann, Jr., 

A.B. St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1904 

511 IV. 149 
George Hoppin Humphrevs, 

Ph.B. Yale 1898 

510 W. 124 

J. Jay Hunt 

1010 Ave. C, Bayonne, N. J. 

Travis James Augustus Johnson, 

A.B. C." C. N. Y. 1904 

-'03 W. 33 
Samuel Kleinberg 

547 IP. 147 
Isaac Golde Kramer, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 
107 W. 120 

Otto H. Leber, A.B. 1904 
©Isidore Jesse Levy, Ph.B. 

Syracuse 1904 

809 Madison, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Samuel Joshua Littenberg, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1904 

975 ^. 163 
Charles Aloysius McCarthy 

822 Lexington Ave. 
Richard John McCluskey 

246 Methuen, Lozvell, Mass. 




0Cornelius Stafford McLean 

8 E. 9 
Benjamin Michailovsky, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 
146 IV. J2I 

William Wright Mitchell, M.D. 

Memphis Hosp. Med. Coll. 1907 

Tenn. Trust Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

Otho Lee Monroe, B.S. 

O. W'esleyan 1904 

16 E. 54 
Arthur Nilsen, A.B. 

Yale 1904 

27 W. 88 
Cyrus Long Pershing, B.S. 

Princeton 1889 

Stediiian Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Charles Hunt Porter, Jr., A.B. 

Harvard 1892 

Springfield, Mass. 
Edwin G. Ramsdell, A.B. 1905 
Dudley Billings Reed (educ), 

A.B. Oberlin Coll. 1901 

Univ. Chicago, Chicago, III. 

William Hawley Roberts 
449 Eliinuood Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Paul Rockey 
go8 Electric Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Clarence Tyley Roome, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1904 

837 Hinman Ave., Evanston, III. 
^William Cloud Rutledge, A.B. 

O. Wesleyan 1903 

Duncan Falls, 0. 

0Samuel Schaeffer 

18 Shapley, Nezv London, Conn. 

Armin Joseph Sibbel, A.B. 

Fordham 1904 

882 Bushwick Ave., Bklyn. 
Walter Mandeville Silleck, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1904 

ig IV. 122 
Irving Simons, B.S. 

Vanderbilt 1904 

112 Ninth Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn. 
®Francis Johnston Sloane, A.B. 

Princeton 1904 

105 E. 6g 
Willard Burr Soper, A.B. 

Yale 1904 (see p. 78) 

829 Park Ave. 

Archibald Mclntyre Strong, 

A.B. Princeton 1904 (see p. 80) 

250 I'V. 82 
Mills Gove Sturtevant, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1904 
Mint urn Hosp., E. 16 

Frank Washington Tarbell, A.B. 

Colby Coll. 1904 
Smyrna Mills, Me. 

0Glen John Ten Brook 

617 Second ,Ave. N., Great Falls, 

Crenelle B. Tompkins, A.B. 1905 

(8)Maximin DeMouy Touart, 

A.B. Spring Hill Coll. 1903, A.M. 


Spring Hill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Paul Akers Turner, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1904 

3722 E. lohn, Seattle, Wash. 
(8>LeRoy Benjamin Vail, B.S. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1904 

i7g Steuben, Bklyn. 

®William Trulock Ward 
Willard City, U. 

Antonio Johnston Waring, A.B. 

Yale 1903 

3 Perry, W., Savannah, Ga. 

Harry Wessler, A.B. 

C. C. K. Y. 1902 

122 IV. 118 
Allen Oldfather Whipple, B.S. 

Princeton 1904 (see p. 86) 

®George Crosier Whitney, A.B. 

_ Rochester 1904 
40 Hancock, Rochester, N. Y. 

Henry Herbert Yerington 
240 Stockton, San Francisco, Cal. 

(8)Anibal Zelaya 
Managua, Nicaragua, C. A. 


®Harry Abrons 

75 IV. 10 1 
Phineas Hillhouse Adams, A.B. 

Harvard 1905 

706 E. 70 
Alex Eckel Bryan Alford, Ph.G. 

Chicago Internatl. Instit. 1905 

607 Sutnmit Ave., Greensboro, N.C. 




®James Sidney Ames, Ph.B. 

Wesleyan 1905 

B'mghamton, N. Y. 
Daniel Roe Ayres, A.B. 

Harvard 1905 (see p. 29) 
iMontclair, N. J. 

®Arthur Jerome Bendick 

Tompkinsville, N. Y. C. 
Nelson K. Benton, A.B. 1906 
Alvin Phillips Block 

334 W. 145 
Hugo Blum 

6j8 W. 179 
William M. Bradshaw, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

55 E. 72 
Kenneth Bulkley, A.B. 1906 
<S>Sidney Rogers Burnap, A.B. 

Yale 1905 

Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Francis William Campbell, A.B. 

St. John's Coll. 1905, A.M. 1907 
1S8 Hooper, Bklyn. 

John Francis Casey 

84 Franklin, Allston, Mass. 
Frank Samuel Child, Jr., Ph.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1903, Ph.M. 1905 

Otisville, N. Y. 
Sidney Cohn, A.B, 

C. C. N. Y. 1905 
2051 Belmont Ave. 

Joseph Bird Cowherd, B.S. 

Centre Coll. Ky. 1905 

1004 Realto Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Selim Hanna Dik, A.B. 

Syrian Prot. Coll. 

178 Amity, Bklyn. 
Timothy Francis Donovan 

153 Delaivare Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Frederick J. Echererria, A.B. 

(8>Samuel Ehrenreich . 

6g E. loi 
Edsall D. Elliott, A.B. 1906 

Herbert W. Emsheimer, A.B. 


John Theodore English, Ph.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1905 

Edward Richard Evans, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1905, A.M. 1908 

24g Genesee, Utica, N. Y. 

John H. Evans, A.B. 1906 
Edgar Fauver, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1899 

Wesleyan Univ., Middletown,Conn. 
Edwin Fauver, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1899 (see p. 44) 

Simrthmore Coll., Szvarthmore, Pa. 
0William Ernest Findeisen 

165 W. 64 
John Russell Foshay 

/-'/5 Main, Peekskill, N. Y. 
Robert H. Fowler, A.B. 1906 
Clifford Harry Fulton, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1905 

7 55 Lock-ivood Ave., New Rochelle, 

N. Y. 

©Abraham Joseph Gossett 

209 W. 130 
Fraray Hale, Jr., B.S. 

Amherst Coll. 1905 

477 State, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Dwight Ruggles Perry Heaton, 

A.B. Yale 1906 
214 W. 110 

©Ralph Halladay Hewitt, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1905 

Nezv London, Conn. 
Alexander Hofheimer, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1905 

313 W. 106 
©Clarence Elmer Flyde, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1905 
Cupertino, Cat. 

Edmund Randolph Peaslee Jan- 
vrin, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

iQi Madison Ave. 
©William Clinton Johnson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1905 
Siunmit, N. I. 

©Oakford Allan Kells, M.D. 

Hamline 1908 

Sauk Centre, Minn. 

Fletcher I. Krauss, A.B. 1906 

Samuel Kutscher, Ph.C. 1905 

John Joseph Lancer 

434 Fort Washington Ave. 
©Rae Thornton La Vake, A.B. 

Yale 1905 
Crazuford, N. J. 

Miguel Lavandera 




0George Dunlap Lyman, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1905 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

<S>]ohn Oliver McDonald, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

EnglisJitoivn, N. J. 
0Frank Nesler Mandeville, 

Ph.B. Brown 1905 

252 Clinton Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 
Harvey Burleson Matthews, B.S. 

Texas 1905 

109 E. 18, Austin, Texas 
(8>Leo Mayer, A.B. 

Harvard 1905, A.M. 1906 

315 W. 105 
Dudley H. Morris, A.B. 1905 
Walter W. Mott, A.B. 1905 
Hiram Olsan, Ph.B. 

Rochester 1905 

381 Andreivs, Rochester, N. Y. 

Harold E. B. Pardee, A.B. 1906 

Fred Wade Paton, A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 190s 

21 Main, Bradford, Pa. 

Joseph Popper 

y8/ Cauldwell Ave. 
Laurence Frederick Rainsford, 

A.B. Harvard 1904 

®Alonzo Ainsworth Ranson, ' 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. 1901, A.M. 1904 
Havana, III. 

Charles Hyatt Richardson, Jr., 

Ph.B. Emory Coll. 1904 

1^12 Amer. Natl. Bank Bldg., Macon, 

®Jacob Rosenbloom, Ph.D. 1909, 

B.S. Pittsburgh 1905 (see p. 74) 

Braddock, Pa. 
Meyer Rosensohn, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1901 

19 W. 115 
Leo B. Rosenthal, A.B. 1906 
Fordyce Barker St. John, B.S. 

Princeton 1905 (see p. 80) 

Hackensack, N. J. 
Milton Schaie 

Bedford Hills, N. Y. 
(S>Thomas James Bartley Shan- 

New Haven, Conn. 

F[rank] Carlier Smith 

102 Monroe, Bklyn. 
Stanley H. Steiner, A.B. 1906 
®Victor Eytinge Stork, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1905 
Seattle, IV ash. 

®Francis Ignatius Stuart, M.D. 

Creighton Med. Coll. (Neb.) 1908 

Walnut, la. 

Arthur George Sullivan 
28 W. MiMin, Madison, Wise. 

Tomas Antonio Vina y Almazan 
167 W. 64 

Simon Franklin Wade, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

1139 E. Broad, Elizabeth, N. J. 
John Woodward Walther 
i8s9 Sixty-second, Bklyn. 

®Drew Mallon Wardner 
, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

Davenport West, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

71 W. 49 
Maurice Louis Wieselthier, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1905 
233 Sixth 

®Fred Wooten Wilkerson 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Kenway Thomas Williams, 

M.R.C.S. England, L.R.C.P. London 

Benno M. Wronker, A.B. 1906 

Robert Moseley Yergason 

Sage Allen Bldg., Hartford, Conn. 

®Harry Bernard Zimmermann 
St. Paul, Minn. 



John Arena, Ph.G. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1904 

119 E. 106 
<8)Oscar Israel Baumann, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 

336 E. 72 
(8>Solomon Beck 

3136 Broadzvay 
Harold K. Bell, A.B. 1907 
Abraham Jacob Beller, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 

14 E. 103 




Theodore Bender 

12/ Hamburg Ave, Patcrson, N. J. 

(^Harry Lambert Bibby 

Belle Vista, Paferson, N. J. 
Murtha Paul Blaber, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1906 
203 Eighteenth, Bklyn. 

Julius Blum, A.B. 1907 

Frederick Lane Brown, A.B. 

Princeton 1905 

240 George, Nezv Brunswick, N. J. 

Ellis Campus, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 

232 E. 6 
Harold Aaron Cohen, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 
147 W. Ill 

Samuel Cohen, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 
g6s Sivipson 

Philip Gillett Cole 

Helena, Mont. 

Vander Franklin Couch, B.S. 

Wake Forest Coll. 1908 
Jennings, N. C. 

Frederick Henry Dieterich 

German Hosp., Park Ave. and 77 

Joseph Edward Donnelly, A.B. 

St. Francis Xavier Coll. 1903 

27go Marion Ave. 
Eugene Augot Dupin, Phar.D. 

N. Y. Coll. Phar. 1904 
1 1 69 Fox 

(8>Sumner Everingham, A.B. 

Kansas State 1907 

1275 Western Ave., Topeka, Kans. 

Henry Charles Falk 

708 Ninth Ave. 

George Moses Feldstein 
308 Centre, Schenectady, N. Y. 

James Smith Ford 

48y2 Burnet, Neivark, N. I. 
Anthony Curt Freeman, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1906 
211 IV. 57 

Morris Friedson, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 
38 Stuyvesant 

Herman Charles Fuhrman 
1247 Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 

Benjamin Applegate Furman, 

A.B. Princeton 1906 

63 S. 10, Newark, N. J. 
Victor Goldberg, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1906 
214 Second Ave. 

Harry Goodfriend 

-'-/J E. 72 
Abraham Gottlieb 

1201 O'Farrell, San Francisco, Cal. 
Edwin Henes, Jr., A.B. 1907 
[William] Warren Hildreth,A.B. 

Princeton 1906 
Southampton, AL Y. 

®Randall Edward Hoyt, B.S. 

Princeton 1905 

St. Louis, Mo. 
® Thomas Brannon Hubbard, 

A.B. Washington and Lee Coll. 1906 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Edgar Alexander 111, B.S. 

Princeton 1906 

192 Clinton Ave., Neivark, N. J. 

James All^ert Jackson, Jr. 

Madison, Wise. 

Flarold Brown Keyes, A.B. 

Yale 1908 
700 \V 118 

Abraham Lebendig 
203 Joseph Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

William Gladstone Lemmon, 

B.S. Oklahoma 
Nardin, Okla. 

Merrill Kirk Lindsay 
Topeka, Kans. 

William B. Long, A.B. 1908 

Andrew J. Love, M.D. 

Meharry Med. Coll. 1890 
3440 Broadtvay 

Kenneth Rose McAlpin, A.B. 

Princeton 1905, A.M. 1906 
University Club, N. Y. C. 

Malcolm McBurney, A.B. 

Harvard 1906 
320 Park Ave. 

John Alexander McCreery, A.B. 

Harvard 1906, A.M. 1907 
350 Lexington Ave. 

®Harold Ruckman Mixsell, A.B. 

Princeton 1906 

216 Spri)ig Garden, Easton, Pa. 




Francis William Moore [Jr.] 

898 Sterling PI., Bklyn. 
Arthur Edwin Neergaard, A.B. 

Yale 1904 (see p. 67) 

St. Luke's Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Vincenzo Pascale 

7'/3 Charlton 
Edwin Carter Perkins, A.B. 

Yale 1898 

S5 Forest. Hartford, Conn. 

Daniel Poll, A.B. 1908 

Howard Beck Reed, B.S. 

Princeton 1906 

Sea Bright, N. J. 
®Maurice Joseph Reidy 

121 Elm, IVinsted, Conn. 
Francis Isaac Ridge 

Sojg Highland Ave., Kansas City, 


Charles Rosenbaum 

2 18 IV. 112 
Carl Thorburn Ross, A.B. 

Leland Stanford, Jr. 1906 
Astoria, Ore. 

Charles Henry Sanford 
7S3 E. 168 

0Morris Mott Sweeney, B.S. 

Colgate 1903 

Hamilton, N. Y. 
David Aaron Swick, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1899 

131 Edgecombe Ave. 

0Percy Edward Swift 

35 W. 65 

Arthur Hutchinson Terry, Jr., 

A.B. Yale 1906 

Patchogue, N. Y. 
Norman Brown Tooker, A.B. 

Princeon 1906 

28 Evergreen PL, E. Orange, N. J. 
Henry Edwin Utter, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1906 
Westerly, R. I. 

Royal Cornelius Van Etten, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1906 

Rhinebeck, N. Y. 
Edmund Levings Warren 

675 Fairniount Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
David Henry Webster, A.B. 

Acadia 1906 

308 Madison Ave. 

Julius Shaw Weingart, A.B. 

Tarkio Coll. 1905 

Care Genl. Memorial Hasp., N.Y.C. 

Herbert Joseph Wiener, A.B. 

Harvard 1906 

48 E. 65 
Robert Henry Wilds, B.S. 

South Carolina 1904 

Columbia, S. C. 
James Newbegin Worcester, 

A.B. Amherst Coll. 1906 

41 E. 70 


Stephen Hulbert Ackerman, Jr., 

A.B. Harvard 1907 
742 Union, Bklyn. 

®Hugo Alexander, B.S. 

N. Y. Univ. 1907 

Neimrk City Hosp., Newark, N. J. 
Frederic Augustus Ailing, B.S. 

Princeton 1907 

16 Park PL, Newark, N. J. 
Walter Palmer Anderton, A.B. 

Harvard 1908 

8 25 Madison Ave. 
John Rainey Ashe, B.S. 

S. C. Milit. Acad. 1902 

Yorkville, S. C. 
William H. Barber, A.B. 1909 
Abraham Bessie, A.B. 1908 
Louis E. Bisch, A.B. 1908 
®R. Mark Brown, A.B. 

LTtah 1909 

Ogden, U. 
Ralph Monroe Bruckheimer 

Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Arthur Samuel Caiman 

149 E. 103 
Clarence O. Cheney, A.B. 1908 

Stephen A. Chilian 

1238 Third Ave. 
James L. Cobb, A.B. 1909 

Walter Frank Cobb 

236 Park, Attlcboro, Mass. 
Ira Cohen, B.S. (a.) 1909 
Abbott C. Combes, Jr., B.S. 

(a.) 1911 

Amedee Joseph Debon 
109 W. 109 




Alfred Bernard [Camille] De 
865 Els mere PL 
Henry Sage Dunning, D.D.S. 

N. Y. Coll. of Dent. 1904 

17 E. 38 
Edgar Gerald Dustin 

St. Mary's Hosp., Hoboken, N. J. 
Henry Douglas Eaton 

I. IV. 64 
(S>Samuel Eisler 

20 W. 115 
Edward Cranch Ernst 

200 Adams, Chicago, III. 
Maurice Goldman, M.D. 

Baltimore Med. Coll. 1907 
514 E. 121 

George M. Goodwin, A.B. 1909 
Roderick Vincent Grace, A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1904 

415 E. 136 
John Wesley Gray 

St. Luke's Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Leizer Grinberg, B.S. 

Prince Ferdinand Lyceum 1905 

Fairfax Hall, Ph.B. 

Yale 1907 

171 Front, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Harbeck Halsted 

Bellcvtie Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Melvin Gustav Herzfeld 

254 W. 131 
®Nathaniel Barnwell Heyward, 

A.B. South Carolina 1907 

1513 Pendleton, Colnnibia, S. C. 
0James Fitts Hill 

601 IV. 164 
Austin Latting Hobbs, A.B. 

Princeton 1907 

28 Evergreen PL, E. Orange, N. J. 
James Frederick Horn (Rev.), 

B.D. Princeton 1904, A.M. 1905 

Flanders, N. I. 
Robert Phineas Knapp 

Harlem Hasp., N. Y. C. 
Howard Tracy Langworthy 

Oscar Louis Levin 

22 E. 120 
Fred Raymond Lewis, Ph.B. 

Rochester 1907 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Kevin David Lynch, A.B. 

St. Peter's 1907 

340 Greenwood Ave., Richmond 
Hill, N. Y. C. 
Paul Ely McChesney, A.B. 

Yale 1907 

Ely Court, Greenzvich, Conn. 

Charles M. McKinlay, A.B. 

Constantine Joseph MacGuire, 
Jr., A.B. 

Yale 1907 
120 E. 60 

Hyman R. Miller, B.S. 1908 
(8)Guy Mount, A.B. 

Oregon 1907 

City Hosp., Blackivell's Island, 
N. F. C. 
®Vance Bishop Murray 
Southern Pacific Hosp., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Joseph Augustine O'Conor 

go2 West End Ave. 
Harold Blackman Osborn, B.S. 

Rutgers Coll. 1904, M.D. South 
Carolina Med. Coll. 1909 

222 Seaman, Neiv Brunszvick, N. J. 
Howard Thomas PafTard, A.B. 

^^'illiams Coll. 1907 

Southport, Conn. 
Leo Smith Petersen 

112 E. 85 
Howard Morton Phipps, A.B. 

Colgate 1907 

Hempstead, N. Y. 
Edward Leander Pratt, A.B. 

Yale 1907 

35 Frye, Lezviston, Me. 

Daniel Rutgers Robert, Litt.B. 

Princeton 1907 

26T Hicks, Bklyn. 
(S)Lewis Byrne Robinson, A.B. 

Harvard 1907 

5T W. 48 
Marcus A. Rothschild, A.B. 1908 
Clayton Elbert Royce, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1908 
Woodstock, Vt. 

Louis Clausen Schroeder 

Bellevue Hosp., N. Y. C. 
Frederick Wilson Scott, A.B. 

Rutgers Coll. 1907 

Paterson Genl. Hosp., Paterson,N.T, 




Louis Sheinman 
79J7 Madison Ave. 

Homer Waldo Spiers, A.B. 

Oberlin Coll. 1907 

Los Angeles County Hosp., Los 

Angeles, Cal. 

Rufus Edwin Stetson, A.B. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1908 

Damariscotta, Me. 
David Dudley Stowell, A.B. 

Colgate 1907 

Presbyterian Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Nicholas Alfred Sullo 

686 Eagle Ave. 
Cyril Sumner, A.B. 

Yale 1907 

20 Sibley PL, Rochester, N. Y. 
Burton Durrell Thorpe, A.B. 

Dartmouth Coll. 1908 

Hathorne, Mass. 
John Adolf Victor, A.B. 

Yale 1907 

7S7 Fifth Ave. 
Roscoe Walker, B.S. 

Oklahoma 1909 

Post Grad. Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Mark Hopkins Ward, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1906 

755 Forest, Medford, Mass. 
Pearl Caleb West, A.B. 

Ohio Northern 189s, Ph.G. 1896, 
A.M. 1900, M.D. Saginaw Valley 
Med. Coll. 1902 
gi4 Cobb Blag., Seattle, Wash. 

John W. Wurthmann, Phar.D. 

1912 71 

William Byron Agan 

34g Second Ave., Troy, N. Y. 
Donald Budd Armstrong, Ph.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1908 

Gregory Aronowitz 
213 Manhattan Ave. 
Paul W. Aschner, A.B. 1910 
Elmer Wayne Baker, A.M. 1912, 

A.B. Princeton 1908 

76 Harden Brook Ave., Jamaica, 
N. Y. C. 

Paul Sydney Barrett 

123 Beech, Richmond Hill, N. Y. C. 

®David Beck 
9 E. 112 

F. Warner Bishop, B.S. 

(a.) 1910 

Edward Bleier, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1908 
975 Prospect Ave. 

Frank Bortone 
750 BloomAeld Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Charles Jacob Brim 

46 Walker 

Frank Hough Carber 
Charles Stephen Bartholomew 
Cassasa, A.B. 

Fordham 1908 

46 East Ave., Long Island City, 

N. Y. 

Carl Rodney Comstock, A.B. 

Harvard igo8 

540 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. 

Ogden Fethers Conkey, A.B. 

St. Lawrence 1908 

Canton, N. Y. 
Frederick Sturges Cooper, 

A.B. 1910 

Charles George Crane, B.S. 

Wesleyan 1907 

73 Sherman Ave., Nezvark, N. J. 
©Walter Raymond Crane, B.S. 

Occidental Coll. 1908 

360 IV. 15 
Condict W. Cutler, Jr., B.S. 

(a.) 191 

Edward John Davin, A.B. 

Yale 1910 

777 W. 76 
William Samuel Duboff 
708 De Kalb Ave., Bklyn. 

Leon Gabriel Fisher 
275 Lenox Ave. 

Isador Harold Franklin 
ig3 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, 

N. J. 

John Andrew Gildersleeve, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1908 

Mattitnck, N. Y. 

Samuel Gitlow 
104 E. log 

Samuel Goldman 
ly Hart, Bklyn. 




(8>Theodore Halpern, A.B. 

C. C. K. Y. 1908 

ig6s Amsterdam Ave. 

Francis Wenger Heagey, A.B. 

Princeton 1908 
Cochranville, Pa. 

James Worrall Henry, B.S. 

Oklahoma 191 o 

Harold Mandeville Herring 

170 IV. 73 
David Lacy Hibbs, A.B. 

William Jewell Coll. 1907, A.M. 
Brown 1908 

Murfrccsboro, Tenn. 
(8)Frank Mahlon Holcombe, A.B. 

Vermont 1907 

P7 Elliott Ave., Youkers, N. Y. 
Hubert Shatttick Howe, A.B. 

Denver iqo8, A.M. 1909 

University Park, Colo. 
John Shepherd Irvin, A.B. 

Harvard 1908 

0Francis Bates Jennings, A.B. 

Yale 1910 

601 Eleventh, Bklyn. 

®Henry Lincohi Johnson 

346 W. 57 

John L. Kantor, A.B. 1908 

Sidney MiUon Katz 

1613 Pitkin Ave., Bklyn. 

George Wilham Keil 

Sunset Vieiv Park, Nezv Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Robert Hayward Kennedy, A.B. 

Amherst Coll. 1908 

Presbyterian Hosp., N. Y. C. 

®Henry Klaus 

463 Clinton, Hoboken, N. J. 
Charles Whittemore Knapp,A.B. 

Yale 1908 

6 E. 45 . 
George Conde Lawsing, A.B. 

Rutjjers Coll. 1908 

Kiskotom, N. Y. 
®Gilbert Cecil Lechenger 

524 IV. J 40 

Irving Fdward Liss 

1202 Fnlton 

Enrique Alonso Lopez, B.S. 

Salamanca 1904 

®Uriah Fred McCurdy, B.S, 

Washington 1908 

318 ]V. 57 
Edward Huntington McLean, 

A.B. Princeton 1908 

James Douglas Laurance 
McPheeters, A.B. 

Colorado 1909 

Natchez, Miss. 
Perry Jefferson Manheims 

4S4 St. Nicholas Ave. 
®Abraham Mendelson 

943 St^ John's Ave. 
®Frank Reid A'lount, A.B. 

Oregon 1908 
244^ W. 122 

®Clay Ray Murray 

725 Home 
^Harrison Freeling Murray 

431 W. 117 
Charles H. Nammack, A.B. 1909 

Siegfried Johannes Nilson 
Livingston Hall, Columbia Univ. 

James A[loysius] O'Reilly 
18 E. 131 

Vincent Lawrence O'Reilly, A.B. 

Fordham 1908 

0George Girdwood Pearce 

322 W. 57 
Otto Carl Pickhardt, A.B. 

Yale 1 90S 

1042 Madison Ave. 
Willis Eugene Ragan, Jr., A.B. 

Georgia 1904 

Abraham Ravich. A.M. 1912, 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1908 
Aqueduct, N. Y. 

Henry Alsop Riley, A.M. 1912, 

A.B. Yale 1908 

125 W. 92 
Edward James Rogers, B.S. 

S. Carolina Milit. Acad. 1896, M.D. 
S. Carolina Med. Coll. 1908 
Ninety Six, S. C. 

S[amuel] Bernard Rosenzweig 

1823 Topping Ave. 
0Charles Robert Sawyer, Ph.B. 

Weslevan 1906 

147 W. 97 
Alfred Alexander Schwartz 

584 Broome 




®Victor Bayard Seidler 

437 W. 59 
(2)Soloinon Shlimbum 

169 E. 75 

(Sijames Buren Sidbiiry, A.M. 

1912, A.B. Trinity Coll. (N. C.) 1908 

325 IV. 58 
Morris Theodore Siegel, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1902 

58 W. 118 
Morris L. Simon 

206 Main Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Martin D. Smith, A.B. 1909 

Frederick C. Steinmetz, A.B. 

Arthur Purdy Stout, A.B. 

Yale 1907 

574 Madison Ave. 

Laurence Mills Thompson, B.S. 

Princeton 191 1 

Donanceton, Pa. 

Harold Murchison Tovell 
550 Jarvis, Toronto, Ont., Canada 

Abraham Unger, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. 1908 
52 E. 118 

Euen Van Kleeck, A.B. 1910 

Webb W. Weeks, A.B. 1910 

William Crawford White, B.S. 

Wesleyan igo8 

The Roosevelt Hasp., N. Y. C. 
Armitage Whitman, A.B. 

Harvard 1908 

283 Lexington Ave. 

Henry V. Wildman, Jr., A.B. 


John Herman Wylie, A.B. 

Indiana 19 10 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Carl Cossman Yount 



Daniel Pratt Baldwin,* A.B. 

Madison 1856, LL.D. 1872, A.M. 
Hamilton Coll. 1867, LL.D. 1900, 
LL.D. Wabash 1872, Litt.D. 1902, 
LL.D. Colgate 1872, Atty. Gen. Indi- 
ana 1880 aet. 71 'igoS 

George Van Nest Baldwin,* 

A.M. Rutgers Coll. 1856 aet. 70 '1908 

0Robert Henry Boorman 

Catlett, Va. 
Bradbury Chandler Chetwood, 

A.B. Burlington 1857, A.M. i860 
944 Park Ave. 

Henry W. Cooper,* A.B. 1858 

Edward Saltonstall Dakin,* 

A.B. Hamilton Coll. 1858 aet. 48 •1888 

Van Buren Diitton* 

aet. 31 *i86s 

Daniel S. Duvall,* A.B. 1858 
William Sprague Ely* 


Harry Allen Grant,* A.B. 

Hamilton Coll. 1858, A.M. 1861, 

A.M. Yale 1861 aet. 62 •1898 

Carleton M. Herrick,* A.B. 1854 
Robert Chadwick Hutchings,* 

A.B. Princeton 1858, A.M. i86i 

aet. S3 *i89i 

William Henry Ingersoll 
203 Montague, Bklyn. 

Isaac Henry Kirby* 

Charles McLean Knox* 

aet. 57 *i894 

Francis Lewis Lowndes* 


James G. McKee, M.D. i860 
William Creighton Meade,* 

A.M. St. James Coll. 1857 aet. 23 *i863 

William Stevens Newell* 

aet. 57 "1896 

Julius Harris Ranney,* A.B. 

Fenton Rockwell,* 

Walter Seabury Sands,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1858 

John Cornell Schenck* 

aet. 72 *i909 

Charles A. Silliman,* A.B. 1850 
Samuel Farland Simpson 
Theodore Murray Squires* 
John Ward, Jr.,* A.B. 1858 
Philip Lee Wilson* 

aet. 65 *190S 


Smith Bloomfield,* A.M. 

C. C. N. Y. i8s7 

Miles Standish Bromley* 

aet. so "iSgo 

Herman Washington Bruen* 


Nathaniel Barto Cooke,* A.B. 

Yale 1859 aet. si *i89i 

Cornelius Jay Du Bois* 

act. 44 *i88o 

John Duer,* A.B. 1859 

James McLaren Breed Dwight,* 

A.B. Yale 1846, A.M. 1849 aet. 72 '1897 

Sidney Stewart Henop* 


Benjamin Franklin Lee. Jr.,* 

A.B. Williams Coll. i8s8, LL.D. 1887 
(see p. 61) aet. 68 '1907 

Philip M. Lydig, Jr.,* A.B. 1858 
Robert Morris,* A.B. 

Yale 1858 aet. 63 *i90i 





Seth Miller Murdock, A.B. 

Harvard 1858, A.M. 1861 
3S Garden PL, Bklyn. 

William Henry Owen,* A.M. 

Bowdoin Coll. 1854 *i903 

Robert Willets .Pearsall 

Temple Prime 

Henry Everett Russell,* A.B. 

Princeton 1859, A.M. 1862 *i87i 

0Frederick Scoville 

Fort Scott, Kans. 
Gabriel M. Tooker,* A.B. 


Robert Noxon Toppan,* A.B. 

Harvard 1858, A.M. 1861 aet. 64 *i90i 

Prescott Hall Ward* 

aet. 29 *i87o 

fames Raymond Weeks,* A.B. 

Lafayette Coll. 1859, A.M. 1862 

Charles Hornblower Woodruff, 

A.B. Yale 1858. A.M. 1868 
165 Broadway 



George W. Bacon,* A.B. 1854 
Richard S. Bacon,* A.B. 1859 
Charles Wesley Bangs* 


George Alexander Black,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. i860 aet. 56 *i896 

Daniel Webster Bond* 

Justice Superior Ct. Mass. 1890 

Edward Carrington, Jr.,* A.B. 

Yale 1859 aet. 27 *i86s 

John Townsend Conolly* 
William Miller Denman,* A.M. 

C. C. N. Y. 1859 aet. 52 '1899 

Frederic James de Peyster,* 

LL.M. 1864, A.B. C. C. N. Y. i860 

aet. 67 *i90S 

Charles De Ruyter,* A.B. i860 
Robert Thomas Brown Easton, 

A.M. C. C. N. Y. i860 
2g Broadway 

Edward Clarence Eraser 

Robert Goelet, Jr.,* A.B. i860 

Charles Henry Hatch,* A.B. 

Yale 1859 aet. so *i888 

Laban G. Hopkins, A.B. i860 

Edmund A. Hurry,* A.B. i860 
Stephen Burdett Hyatt,* A.M. 

C. C. N. Y. i860 aet. 54 *i896 

Sidmon Thorne Keese,* A.B. 

Yale i860 aet. 40 *i88o 

Edgar Ketchum, Jr.,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. i860 aet. 64 *i90S 

George M. Miller,* A.B. i860 

Bruce Moffat (ret) 
310 W. High, Springfield, O. 

Augustus White Nicoll 

Thomas L. Ogden,* A.B. i860 

William O'Mullen 

John O'Neil, Jr. 

George Percy 

Eugene H. Pomeroy,* A.B. i860 

James Edward Ryan* 

aet. 58 *i894 

John Bailey Storm,* LL.M. 1864 
Robert B. Van Kleeck,*A.B.i859 
George Waddington, A.B. i860 
John Simpson Walker* 
Henry Kirke White, B.S. 

C. C. N. Y. i860, M.S. 1863 
St. Joseph, Mo. 

Albert Wyckoff* 



®James Bruyn Andrews (lit), 

A.B. Yale 1861, A.M. 1864 

Reform Club, Pall Mall, London, 


John Campbell Broderick* 

Willett Bronson, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1861 

16 Exchange PI. 
QWilliam Campbell 

755 Broadway 
George H. Carey,* A.B. 1861 
0George Chalmers, A.B. 

Yale 1 861 

120 Commercial Rd., Bournemouth, 

Paris Garner Clark, Jr.* 
Walter L. Clarkson, A.B. i860 




Andrew Kirkpatrick Cogswell,* 

A.B. Rutgers Coll. i860 aet. 47 *i887 

Richard William Ely,* A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. i860 aet. 36 *i872 

William Henry Fuller,* A.B. 

Yale 1861 aet. 66 *i902 

Edward Douglas Gale* 
(^Frederick Gallatin, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. 1861, A.M. 1864 

670 Fifth Ave. 
®John Lyon Gardiner 

Gardiner's Island Springs, N. Y. 
Eugene Terry Gardner* 

aet. 70 *i909 

Francis Joseph Holahan,* A.B. 

St. John's 1861 

®Edwin Francis Hyde (co), 

A.B. C. C. N. Y. 1861 

36 W. 5S 
Peter Duncan Kenny 
Francis Edward Kernochan,* 

A.B. Yale 1861 

Carleton White Miller 
John Pell 

Robert T. Pell,* A.B. i860 
Charles Osborne Phelps* 


George Dwight Phelps, Jr.,*A.B. 

Yale i860 aet. 43 ^1883 

William Walter Phelps,* A.B. 

Yale i860, A.M. 1863, LL.D. Rutgers 
Coll. 1889 and Yale 1890, Memb. 
43, 48, 49 and 50 Congr., U. S. 
Minister Vienna 1881 and Berlin 
1889-93 aet. 55 *i894 

Stephen W. Phoenix,* A.B. 1859 
William Rounds Potter (ed) 
Josiah Collins Pumpelly (lit), 

A.B. and A.M. Rutgers Coll. i860 

255 IV. 108 
Erastus B. Rudd,* A.B. 1861 
George Washington Sandford 
Eugene Schuyler,* A.B. 

Yale 1859, Ph.D. 1861, and LL.D. 
1885, LL.D. Williams Coll. 1882, 
Sec. U. S. Legation St. Petersburg 
1870-S, Consul-General Bvicharest 
1880-2, Minister and Consul-Gen. 
Roumania, Servia, and Greece 1882-4 

aet. 51 *i890 

Jacob Shrady, A.B. 

N. Y. Univ. i860, A.M. 1864 
^54 W. 93 

Archibald Walker Speir,* A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1861 *i9io 

James R. Steers [Jr.], A.B. 

C. C. N. Y. 1853 

31 Nassau 
James Ayers Taber 
Ernest Tuckerman* 


Morris Ashhurst Tyng, A.B. 

Williams Coll. 1861, A.M. 1869 
3S Franklin PL, Summit, N. J. 

George Edmondson Walker 

Josiah Otis Ward 

Edmund Wetmore, A.B. 

Harvard i860. LL.D. Yale 1906, 
I'res. Amer. Bar Ass'n 
34 Pine